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  1. Is this somehow relevant? Seems like a matter between Brady and family to me.
  2. Wrestling Observer says the new edict is “no releases”. Dave thinks there may be occasional exceptions, but Tony has made it known he’s not releasing people just so they can go back to WWE. Dave said WWE reached out to a lot of people - virtually everyone who had worked their before - and some want to stay in AEW but a lot would like to go back to WWE. Dave also said AEW contracts permit the company to extend time If the wrestler is hurt or refusing to work. Lol, I’m more interested in this development than anything going on on tv. AEW seems to have a sizable fanbase who bought into the “kindler, gentler” wrestling company that wouldn’t cut talent or hold them to contracts if they wanted to leave. That was probably a good goal on paper - and gave AEW a way to sell itself to that subset of fans - but it was a naive, impractical one. It’d be terrible business to just hand marketable talents back to WWE. I don’t even think guys like Lee or Black would move the needle all that much. Anyway, seems like Khan and the evp’s are finding out is a lot harder than it seems at first glance. Honestly, I think Lee Black, Swerve, etc would fit better in WWE, but contracts are contracts. It will interesting to see how the rosters stack up in a few years. Could be wrong, but my guess is Trips will lure a lot of ex-WWE talent back to the company and poach a few guys like Hangman or Moxley. Miro should defintiely try to get back, though I think he just signed a new contract fairly recently,
  3. Meltzer said locker room morale is higher then it has been in awhile because the people who are there seem to really want to be there and some of the people who don’t want to be there aren’t being used at the moment abd seemed to be on their way out of the company. He wasn’t specific, but the implication seemed to be that not having Black in the locker room was a case of addition by subtraction. Going to be interesting to see what happens if Black starts turning on tv again regularly. At the moment, I am not convinced Tony can get a handle on the locker room issues. Burying malcontents probably isn’t the way to go but rewarding guys like Black and Punk because they complain loudly doesn’t set a good precedent either.
  4. My feeling is Black was angling for an unconditional release that would allow him to return to WWE and he’s realized that’s not going to happen and concluded his best option is to make nice with Tony Khan and continue to get paid.
  5. Walter slimming down and getting jacked still weirds me out. I kinda miss big ole’ beefy boy Walter.
  6. This post proved prophetic.
  7. College-age daughter spent Monday night in the hospital. A couple homeless dudes cornered her in a parking garage and roughed her up a bit, she’s fine, fortunately. Sore and bruised, Police think it might have been premeditated. Daughter has posted a few photos on social media lately of the stuff she sees walking to class. Basically, pics of people doing drugs on busy street corners, groups of people fighting, people harassing/attacking shoppers as they go in and out of businesses. Crime and drugs have always been a problem in our college town, but it’s been out of control the past several years. I feel horrible for the local police. They get no support from city council, so they’re understaffed, underpaid, and demoralized. Same goes for EMS and firefighters. And business owners and taxpayers, really. Our liberal city has some odd priorities. I’m blaming them for my daughter’s situation, so I am expecting to discuss the matter at some length next time I bump into one of the members. We lived in city limits and five min from business district for over 20 years. Finally got bad enough that we moved to the suburbs a couple months ago. Best decision we could have made.
  8. I meant to type $41 million, but left a word out. My bad.
  9. Saw something on Twitter last night that mentioned Chase Daniels has earned $41 million in the NFL (salary and bonuses). Not really familiar with Daniel’s career, so I looked up his stats. Came into the league in 2009. Since then, made five starts and appeared in 70-80 games, Thrown a total of 260 passes through the end of 2021. 8 career td’s, 7 career interceptions. Career passing yardage a hair under 1700. lol. I am gobsmacked. Not sure if I should be appalled or build a temple to Daniels in my basement. That’s just crazy.
  10. Not sure how winning the titles on a ppv only a fraction of your fanbase buys would be better than winning the belts on one of the promotion’s most highly promoted shows. It just occurred to me that I’ve never seen the Acclaimed wrestle. Odd.
  11. Sigh. After being corrected, Sterling says “Stanton just robbed Chapman of a home run”. They’re replaying the catch as he says this, snd it’s fairly obvious the ball was going to hit the fence and stay In play. So he’s 0 fer 2 on this play.
  12. Wrestling Observer folks are speculating Bray Wyatt is the White Rabbit. I imagine that would go over well with a lot of fans. The rest of us will have football, baseball playoffs and the NBA.
  13. I read it as Punk’s legal team discovering they had a way to go after Colt’s mom and using that to bully Cabana/Colton into dropping the lawsuit.
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