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  1. I will not have the Fashion Police defamed. I WILL NOT HAVE IT!
  2. I'm disappointed that "Eye of the Tiger" didn't play in it's entirety while he left the field. That would've been epic!
  3. I meant the character more than the actual guy. I've never seen him "off character", though.
  4. The problem with Cody is a mirror to the problem with MJF. One is a good guy trying too hard to be a Babyface. The other is an asshole trying too hard to be a heel.
  5. Thanks, I hated it. The show was a mess IMO. Tag matches turning into 6-mans out of nowhere. Guys fighting in title matches losing to guys I've never seen before at the start of the night. Other guys getting taken out of said title match in picture-in-picture, and being replaced by other guys I've never seen before. Can we please get to know some of these new people before we're expected to think they're important? I feel like they might end up with an entire division of 2017 Roman Reigns. The wedding was fun, and I'm happy Ciampa is champ again. And I don't think anyone looked particularly BAD. Bron actually looked good, but Von Wagner looked out of place and sloppy at times. The Creed Brothers look like they might be good, so we'll see.
  6. I particularly like it when they revise their own revisionist history, like what they did with the Ultimate Warrior. That's the good shit.
  7. Holy shit! They're trying to do their own Dark Side of the Ring, aren't they?
  8. I mean, if they apologize for that bullshit it would be nice, albeit 20 years late.
  9. It might be useful to post a link or something when dropping something like this on the board.
  10. I don't think Darby-Punk is going to have a clean finish. They're setting something up with 2.0 and Garcia. I think they're working with someone else, I just don't know who.
  11. Is it possible none of them wanted to have to watch a QT Marshall match?
  12. Wouldn't the WWE get in major trouble if Sasha has covid, possibly spread it to other performers, and didn't tell anyone? They do testing, right? So they'd know?
  13. I really don't think Khan is ever going to fire JR. I think he's too big of a fan, and respects what he used to be too much. He's going to let him decide for himself when to hang it up.
  14. So are we all going to get on Excalibur's ass like this when he starts calling Adam Cole fat?
  15. Re: Page. I so want to them to announce the main event of All Out being the dream match between Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson, then a couple of weeks before the match, have TK awkwardly insert Page into the match as a 3-way. Then have heel Danielson bitch endlessly about it.
  16. Rumored the last SD women's participant is
  17. Even if that's true, is it really shocking that she's that irresponsible? I mean, have you seen her wrestle?
  18. I just saw the first pic and didn't even realize there was more until I gave it a second look. Maybe she didn't realize it was a rabbithole of crazy.
  19. I'm guessing Nikki Cross is going to "rescue" her from this. That's why they're starting to build her up.
  20. That would require them to have hot feuds.
  21. I'm giving JR a temporary pass for his "Why would anyone want to converse with Gallows" line from a couple of weeks ago. Gave me a nice chuckle. I think the AEW booth desperately needs a permanent heel announcer. The self righteous ranting from all three grates on me sometimes, especially when it involves Cody. They need someone who will call them out on their bullshit.
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