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  1. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES TALK (2018 & Beyond)

    ring ring, it's 2005, hope you modded your PS2

    more important than that, there was a fucking Kawada/Yoji Anjoh Vs. Nakamura/Tanahashi match at the tokyo dome. Like, wtf.

    for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, the difference of the new falcon arrows is that they don't turn, and the new emerald flowsion is on the opposite shoulder.
  4. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES TALK (2018 & Beyond)

    hi i'm here to represent the games no one gives a flying fuck about division here's our top five releases for the year ahead 1. Kentucky Route Zero Act 5/TV Edition, a parallel universe where drama was more influential than action movies on the path video games took as an artform 2. UFO 50, a greatest hits compilation for a purely made-up console 3. Tunic, or, Adorable Fox Zelda 4. Eitr, or, Diablo Souls 5. Into The Breach, a Tactics game about Giant Robots shooting Giant Monsters from the FTL devs and The Guy Who Wrote All The Obsidian Games You All Like

    NIOH [4] WOW I am a big dumb idiot for sleeping on this. It is a Souls game from the Team Ninja people. It is exactly how you think that sounds. It plays like it can crush things in the material world. It will kill you with a breath. It is 60FPS the whole time. They also add in the solution to the Souls Stamina Bar: a ki charge move that functions like the active reload from Gears of War. This might be the one souls game I end up finishing, and it's not even a From Software game. RAINBOW SIX SIEGE [4] WOW I am a big dumb idiot for sleeping on this too. Watching it from afar makes it totally obvious who this game is for, but playing it reveals a second layer of people who benefit from this game: complete paranoid lunatics that see the advantage of an ambush (that's me!). The ways that the individual character's powers interact is way more interesting than it seems like it's going to be. One recommendation though: if you play on PC, you can 100% turn off the text chat function. Usual "Don't Play With Randos" rules apply. If you have a squad of 5, like I luckily do, this game is fucking super cool. It'd be a solid 2 out of 4 if I tried to play it on my own. I HAVE JUST STARTED DRAGON QUEST 6 [n/a] I got a DS Lite for christmas, and what the fuck, why is every button on the DS Lite better to use than every button on the 3DS?

    lol just the other day, I was thinking "do I bump this thread with the spectre/meltdown stuff" and then got distracted or something and didn't post it at all. I learned about this on my way into physical therapy and just spent the whole time going "shit. shit. shit. shit." with every rep. It's also worth noting that Microsoft's updates have already accounted for Meltdown in some respect, and since Meltdown is the easier one to use at the moment that's good news. But really, this is such a huge problem that I'm not capable of freaking out at it simply because of the sheer scope of it. All you can really do is save money for a new PC and hope you're not a tasty enough target. EDIT: Oh, and the fact that google outed this sure puts a different light on "why aren't they taking Krack so seriously?!" I just imagine it like, part of their department probably went "UHH EVERY PROCESSOR EVER MIGHT BE FUCKED, STAND BY" and didn't say anything for like a month while the Krack thing made the rounds.
  7. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    i just came in here to post about this and here's the problem with your take one of the big turning points in the match is Jericho refusing to let go of the crab because a rope break only matters with a threat of DQ, so Omega starts digging for props and comes up with Dramatic Post-Match Spray and gets Jericho in the eyes with it and then ten minutes later there's rope breaks (to be clear: still my favorite match of the night, but, that is a Grade A Plot Hole)

    It's totally well made, it just exists in a place that drives me up the wall. It's only personally vexing. I imagine most people won't feel the same. ANYWAYS Just a friendly reminder for everyone else that you have until New Years Day to submit a record for this whole thing!

    I’m going to be busy for the rest of the week, so I’m gonna knock this out now and see if someone else submits something between now and December 31st. Regardless, this could be the last album of this whole experiment, and I’m pretty damn satisfied with how it’s turned out. 1. "The Order Of Time" by Valerie June 2. “in*ter a*li*a” by At The Drive-In 3. "Screen Memories" by John Maus 4. “Heartless” by Pallbearer 5. "No Dope On Sundays" by CyHi The Prynce 6. "Dark Matter" by Les Friction 7. “A Deeper Understanding” by The War On Drugs 8. "The Dusk In Us" by Converge 9. "Out in the Storm" by Waxahatchee 10. “So You Wannabe An Outlaw” by Steve Earle 11. “Life Is Good” by Flogging Molly 12. “Made Of Breath Only” by sleepmakeswaves 13. "Silenciado" by Diagnosis? Bastard! I remember hearing about Pallbearer in 2012, when I was making a run at being a music critic. I don't remember anything about the record, and it’s not in my personal library, so at the time I guess it didn’t stick with me? Either way, I’m always down for some doom-y stuff, so let’s go. Also- and I know how this is gonna sound but- The Quietus said this was their favorite metal record of the year, and the list of music sources I trust worth anything definitely includes them. Support The Quietus, They Run On Donations, They Are Great.
  10. Funniest wrestling name you have heard?

    This is more just an absurd one than the jokey gimmicks, but back in the days where hella kids in Japan were ALL CAPS something, I always found Daio QUALLT to be fukin funny, just because what the hell is a quallt and why do you have to be one so hard

    first post it's my favorite to think about and dissect and talk about. my favorite to just put on and listen to is king krule.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS RECORD IS NOT AS BAD AS THIS RANKING IS GOING TO MAKE IT LOOK. I JUST GOT FRUSTRATED. IT'S A FINE RECORD. PLEASE READ THE TEXT TO UNDERSTAND. 1. "The Order Of Time" by Valerie June 2. “in*ter a*li*a” by At The Drive-In 3. "Screen Memories" by John Maus 4. "No Dope On Sundays" by CyHi The Prynce 5. "Dark Matter" by Les Friction 6. “A Deeper Understanding” by The War On Drugs 7. "The Dusk In Us" by Converge 8. "Out in the Storm" by Waxahatchee 9. “So You Wannabe An Outlaw” by Steve Earle 10. “Life Is Good” by Flogging Molly 11. “Made Of Breath Only” by sleepmakeswaves 12. "Silenciado" by Diagnosis? Bastard! While I have not heard of sleepmakeswaves, I have definitely felt a need to expand further into post-rock-y things from Australia, although the reason why is a little circuitous. See, there’s this band called The Drones, and this band called The Drones put out this album called I See Seaweed, and the first track on that album called I See Seaweed (called “I See Seaweed”) is maybe the best intro to a record I’m ever going to hear, and it is opulent and massive and dire and all the things I liked about post-rock when I was an insufferable teenager listening to Isis and Pelican and shit. While my opinions on why post-rock is good have changed dramatically, I can’t front like there’s not a soft spot there, and between that and howmany times I listened to that one Drones song and made conductor motions to it in my bedroom, I am going into this record excited.

    DESTINY 2 CURSE OF OSIRIS [2] I liked everything up until the boss fight of the raid lair. Maybe it's just the group I roll with but I am good on playing Destiny for months now. Completely burned out, and I do not need to clear the raid lair to feel good about myself. Haiku 1: MONSTER HUNTER WORLD BETA Hitting Dinosaurs With Conch-Shell Bagpipes? Confirmed: Is Monster Hunter TACOMA [4] This was half off before the steam sale, which leads me to believe it wont be up during the steam sale, so I snapped it up. It's fantastic. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's the next game from the team behind Gone Home. Where Gone Home focused on a monologue, Tacoma focuses on dialogue. That's all I really want to say about it because for anyone that liked Gone Home, that'll be enough of a pitch. Haiku 2: FIGHTING EX LAYER BETA The monkey paw heard "I'd main Skullomania no matter what game." TIME CLICKERS [imagining that the rating scale is a circle over a long enough distance, where something can start at 4 and wrap back around to one and somehow access both without settling on either] At first, Time Clickers was excellent for my mental health. It's enough of a fidget stone to help me derail negative thought loops, and I need that recently. Then, one day, I noticed I had put 20 hours into it. In like a three week period. I was time clicking more than I was playing stuff or studying stuff or doing stuff. I've never had to uninstall a game for my own safety before, so, I'm glad I got that experience. Haiku 3: STRAFE: MILLENIUM EDITION "Maybe it's better?" "Oh, Monthly Humble Bundle!" "No. No it is not." SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE [3] Okay so I think I got a key for this by mistake, because it awarded it to me for being a "backer" though I was not. Well, fukin watever, it's randomly generated roguelike SUPERHOT, so it's inherently better than every Action Roguelike ever made by being SUPERHOT. I will note, though, that it is VERY early in early access, so stages and setups are repeating each other quite frequently, but they're intending to get that fixed before full release next year.
  14. Random music thoughts

    Hey! I said "might!"
  15. Random music thoughts

    if i have learned anything from this discussion, it's that any subject can turn into ESPN fodder with enough historical preservation, and that archival might be an unnatural and paradoxical process that is slowly destroying everyone's psyche as finding and holding onto Things gets more and more trivial