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  1. Is there a source for that? I've been unable to dig anything up.
  2. I assume they're an alarm system of some kind? I've been unwilling to touch them. Now that I've had a night to sleep on it, here's the difference between Sekiro and Souls games: with the Souls games, you have a lot of bullshit you can use to get the advantage. Your roll has invincibility frames. You can get loot. You can grind experience or money, because they're both the same stat. You have magic. You have a lot of healing options. You can upgrade your loot. You have loot. You can call in other players to help. Other players can leave hints as to what might be happening around the corner. In Sekiro, you have you, your sword, and your understanding of the combat system, and That's Fucking it. You have to do everything completely honestly. Your side step is for moves you don't know the parry pattern of yet. You only have the one sword, because the point is not doing damage: it's knocking them off balance and landing killing blows. There's nothing in Sekiro but yourself. It is maybe the steepest ask I've ever seen in a From Software game, and I am fascinated by it. I've never beaten a Souls game. I feel compelled to beat this.
  3. a friend got me sekiro i played an hour and a half of sekiro tonight it good i like
  4. As someone with interest in owning games, archival of games, and destroying algorithmic tech bro culture: Fuck All That Shit.
  5. So I don't know who has the Junior Heavyweight storyline DLC (i know it's not on PS4 yet) but if you're on the fence, it has the Flair Flop. Here's the complete list of all the moves in the DLC, compiled by someone else who's name I forgot to grab.
  6. Kakuryu won today by pulling, and it made me feel like some kind of awful Groundhog's Day where now that it's finally worked it's another five years of Kakuryu pulling against thrusters and getting launched off the dohyo. Godspeed, Kakuryu.
  7. I am totally here for a Kotoshogiku revival. He looks like he's in tremendous shape this basho so I have high hopes, although not necessarily championship hopes. I just like to see my guy doin' well. Also, Hakuho almost bringing the Slap & Elbow back is an interesting development, especially against a lower tier opponent that he still almost lost to. I wonder if Hakuho's playing for winning records now just to make it to the olympics like he's stated he wants to. Otherwise it's just a hell of a reflex that he might just occasionally bring back that particular tachi-ai
  8. Look at what I just found: A video no one else will care about because I dont think anyone but me heard this record on here. Even so, Dawson will probably never tour the US and certainly hasn't for the Peasant record so this is about as good as it gets for me getting to see this material live. Oh, backstory: his album Peasant was my vote for the best album of 2017
  9. December 29th I had an enormous fucking breakdown, which is fair because I have been through a massive amount of trauma just recently. It appears that stage two of the breakdown has begun, but at least I'm cognizant of it so I'll get to warn everyone instead of just hiding and then being odd and dark to everyone who asks me any questions. Looking forward to therapy day!
  10. HELL YEAH IT SUMO TIME -Good to see Ishiura back. The small skill guys like him are always a delight. It's a one bout sample but it looks like his defense has improved considerably. -I swear, Ikioi could show up at one basho with tape on every limb and will still get at least 5. -KAKURYU: STOP PULLING. STOP IT. Overall I didn't find a lot to gleam: everyone expected to be in the hunt looks like they're in good form, a lot of the new guys got the "Welcome to Makuuchi" treatment, nothing out of the ordinary. Still, extremely excited for the tournament.
  11. look, i love deathmatches, but ian rotten is The Definition Of Indy Sleaze. if people want to yell at Ian Rotten for being Ian Rotten, I'm not going to stop them. Unless they're going to say he never did anything good in the ring, at which point I am going to point them towards that one match he had with Tarek The Great that's fundamentally a BattlArts match. as for the thread itself, I am interested to see where it goes because I have noooooo attachment to modern wrasslin outside of Puma King and Joey Janela, so if I come away from this liking a few more wrestlers I'll be stoked.
  12. yesssssssssssssssssssssss
  13. Negan is out in Tekken 7. He hits like a truck and has massive wall carry. God help everyone that chooses to play online for the next week.
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