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  1. that was more in reference to "people hate this?" cuz golly I sure don't see what there is to like about it but ok
  2. I am eight hours into The Last Of Us Part 2. I have reached the start of Day 2 and have found myself dreading where this game is going, and not in the "oh no what drama is around the corner I can't wait" way. spoilers ahead
  3. eh, I get the impulse to dump on star ratings and I've got misgivings about them, but star ratings are the same as "roger ebert doesn't know what he's talking about, I thought it was good because ______." that's at least a venue to learn about your own preferences and what other people can see in things. ratings talk in a vaccum is fine and maybe even interesting on occasion but people's treatment of them as like this One True Rating, like the masses have been right about anything in your whole life, can be exhausting. the parallel is only made real by a class of people looking to Metrics like they're the teacher and they're gonna get an A for liking all the stuff the market said was good
  4. Now THIS is a thread I can get into. Chono's got the best G1 final of the 90s don't @ me And here he is being king sized in AJPW against the fukin Danger Zone also I have this in my library and dont feel like uploading it atm but if you want to see some big bully gatekeeping his match against the debuting Kazuki Hashimoto is good times
  5. it's been a horrific month for the FGC. Started with racism callouts, then sexism callouts, and now the exposure of rampant pedophilia problem. what a nightmare.
  6. Two more! More oversights than anything original! Double Powerbomb! Double Powerbomb Whip!
  7. hey! I uploaded a rudimentary move I'm almost certain someone else has put up already! But I'm proud of it so lookit! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2138219777
  8. update #1 of many: i am not enjoying The Last Of Us Part 2.
  9. man I loved the hideo saito gimmick so fucking much, his G1 run was beautiful, and also the G1 tag match with him and Iizuka vs. Ishii and Don Fujii
  10. Yuki Ishikawa vs. Kazunari Murakami I’m going to back off and let other people be the majority of this discussion because I could yell about this match for hours- everything I think is beautiful about professional wrestling appears in this match. Drama, history, violence, logic, monsters, underdogs, danger, power, shittalking, all of it. That it does each of these things excellently is a bonus. That it doesn’t waste a single second of its 9 minutes is art. Also, sorry about the weird quality dailymotion. My first pick disappeared on me and I had to rip that in a hurry so the aspect ratio is all weird. Dan Kroffat vs. Rob Van Dam It’s still weird that we let “Rob Van Dam” be a thing. I wonder if one day there will be a new wrestler named Braden Statham or something. The armwringer kicks from Rob were fucking funny. Made it look like some kind of proto Low Ki/Amazing Red match. Also loved the super uncooperative rollup segment, because it looked like two athletes trying to pin/not get pinned. Super Green RVD fascinates me, because it’s hard to tell if what he’s doing is out of excitement or if the awkward timing is the nerves of the moment. Either way his athleticism carries it the rest of the way and it makes it feel more real in a way you couldn’t make a career out of. Kroffat’s Cavernaria is one of the most fucked up submissions I’ve ever seen. Rob’s float over on the vertical suplex is amazing and a thing I’d like to see someone pick up because wow. The home stretch is largely great, aside from the martial arts strikes in the corner and the Powerbomb/Gutwrench thing?? Rob DIES off the lariat and gets to go out kicking out of shit looking like a bright prospect who’s strong enough to not stay down but not enough to come back. I dont know what the fuck that finishing move was but I buy that landing on your face like that would put you out, so fair enough. Good match!
  11. I don't know if this is the right place to put this but i figure it's safer to go in the omnibus than in some specific thread. There was a Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi match on youtube just recently. It's a fan cam from the 1992 Champion's Carnival. The video has since disappeared. I've tried to look for a copy of it elsewhere and had no luck. Does anyone have a copy, or could point me in a direction where I can buy a copy?
  12. I wrote this about sony's prestige games two years ago, and also I thought the combat was at best Fine, but was rarely "at best".
  13. yeah of course it does because everyone called it the pinnacle of video games as an artform when it was just big budget Manhunt, why wouldn't they double down
  14. short: i found the story to be at irreconcilable odds with the gameplay. you can't talk to me about the value of human life while you're luxuriating in snuff animations. also hold it accountable for the popularization of father stories in big budget games and therefore directly responsible for god of war 2018, a game so bad i didn't play another single player game for the rest of that year.
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