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  1. Cosign on Darius Gaiden. It was one one of the like ten Saturn games I owned and it's fucking amazing and I think about the opening stage of it at least once a month. It's just burned into my head in that high of a resolution.
  2. CONTROL [4] I'm not sure what reputation I have around here, and what it's worth when I say things like this, but if my reputation is like good-ish or at least understood, this should have some weight: I just beat Control tonight. I adored it. I don't have a single complaint or criticism about that whole game.
  3. Ruby Yacht crew album? Ruby Yacht crew album.
  4. As someone who also has a torn ACL I can speak on why that is: ligaments like that aren't connected to the blood stream, so they don't heal without surgical intervention. They only get worse until they completely tear. (That's mine, it's so slack that it can like shift around inside my knee cap and get pinched by the bones. FUN!)
  5. Yeah I'm on PC too, I only have it because of a friend giving it to me because they had a key for it with their video card and no intention of playing it. I've only heard rough stuff about the console performance, which is a damn shame because so far I think it's amazing. I literally haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I put it down last night, and I have no time to play it the rest of the weekend so it's gonna drive me up the wall.
  6. i am only two hours in right now so I dont want to like for sure give a rating but yo; if you think you might like Control, go play Control
  7. I'M GOING TO YELL ABOUT TEKKEN 7 SOME MORE [n/a] I want to say how this is probably the best fighting game released this decade, but I'm not sure if I can separate it's quality from my experience with it. Last week, I (Armor King) played a First to 5 match with a friend of mine (King) that I've personally taken under my wing, because homie's got deficits but wants to compete, so we've worked together and broken up all his bad habits and built new, good ones. I took the first four, easily, and then he ran it all the way back on me and beat me. When I turned to him, his face was in his hands because he was overcome with emotion. And like... I'm not a great player, at all, but I'm the 2nd best in my group and kind of this unofficial coach in this group of mine. So it was a huge win for him. Last night, I ended up playing with another friend of mine that's taken up the game. They kind of bottomed out with one of their characters, and so I threw out a wild guess for a character for him to switch to (Jack), based on how I saw him using his old character (Noctis (he liked FF15 and that was his way in)). In the spirit of fairness, I took up a character I've been wanting to learn (Lee (I played him in Tekken 2 & 4 back when I didn't know how the game worked)) and we played for about an hour and a half. When we stopped, the final score was 11-9, and in that period he leveled up considerably. I pointed out moves of his that I knew would patch the holes in his game I was exploiting, and sure enough, he took to it and found himself confident with the new character and set on him for the forseeable future. So what I'm saying is, if my Golden Age of Fighting Games was me buying an X-Arcade and wiring it into my PC to play an emulated copy of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, I am currently in my Silver Age of Fighting Games, and either way, Tekken 7 is very fucking good. FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES [4] Short: this is an answer I would accept to the question "What was the best game that came out in 2019?" Long: I'm 20 hours in. It is basically Persona with tactics battles instead of dungeons. I have no idea where the plot is going but they're doing heavy foreshadowing. The translation is good enough that when characters say shit I react like they're saying the shit (sympathy at self-abusive cases, wanting to stranglemurder arrogant nobles, the whole deal). I don't know how much I will play it, but the thought has entered my mind at least once of potentially playing through it with each house. This would be, for me, a fucking herculean undertaking when it comes to a JRPG. so I'm enjoying it. is it my game of the year? Tetris 99 came out this February so, no. But I could see how someone would say it is.
  8. I don't know if you know this, but my favorite thing about writing rock music is Huge Chords. So it makes me happy to know that one of the bands that's extremely good at that style of writing is back:
  9. So if you've been in the "how's it going" thread you know I had a pretty fantastically shit July. The only comfort I drew in it was from his Purple Mountains record, because it was saying things I was feeling but wasn't strong enough to say or think. Sad I didn't even have the opportunity to see him or say thank you, but I'm grateful regardless.
  10. My memory is suspect but I remember during the Dev streams back when the game was early access (and lord I miss those) they mentioned that Fire Pro Returns sold 3-1 in the US vs. Japan, so, I suspect that they too are not basing things off Japanese sales. I'm sure in Spike's view it's a passion project that just so happens to have a fanbase of raving fucking lunatics. which also would describe danganronpa now that I think about it
  11. Speaking of new albums getting released, the two I'm now looking forward to most were both announced today, and are releasing on the same day: you will be able to buy Lightning Bolt's new record "Sonic Citadel" on October 11th, and also starting on that day I will probably be howling wildly about the new Richard Dawson record "2020." As you may remember, Dawson's last album "Peasant" was my favorite album of 2017. The single for the new record is an ode to stuff self-care in your ears until all the scary things go away. So, I'm fucking excited for whatever this next record is going to be. Seems like he's going Rock Populist, which will be an easier sell than his last record (medieval folk about fascism & fear & isolationism)
  12. fwiw I find mixer to be a better platform to stream on than Twitch, the delay between what I'm playing and what people see is much shorter on average compared to Twitch so it's good for like streaming parts of a game for friends. I guess we'll see how it works as a long-term platform, but it's got that Microsoft Money so it's probably fine
  13. So Sony ran a press conference for a game convention in China featuring a bunch of games being announced and shown off, and here's the one I thought was the most impressive by a fair distance. It's called ANNO Mutationem, and even if you're turned off by seeing pixel art in the picture there, I'd still ask that you give it a look because it's doing some crazy new millenium Strider 2 shit.
  14. Oh, I left this out of my longer pitch up there but if you're on the fence, Environmental Station Alpha has a demo. I know! I didn't know they still did that either!
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