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  1. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Interesting sports you follow but not enough interest for their own thread

    I will always love Kisenosato for his one armed basho performance, but for complicated reasons. See, my main man is Kotoshogiku. At that basho, he had just got demoted from Ozeki and was at Sekiwake, struggling to win the 10 he would need to immediately reclaim Ozeki. He was at five losses when he went up against the leader of the basho, Terunofuji. Terunofuji jumpstarted to broadcast a charge, and then the second time, immediately Henka'd. Kotoshogiku didn't get a fucking fighting chance. So when one armed Kisenosato beat Terunofuji two times in one day, first by Henka and then by straight up belt wrestling with one fucking arm, I laughed so much I almost cried. I'll always love Kisenosato for that.
  2. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    (it helps that 1 & 2 are legitimately good light gun games but Typing of the Dead is straight genius)
  3. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    because I feel like being weird and ornery I went through all the sega franchises I could find and turns out Sonic is probably like 10th best. in order, Yakuza Virtua Fighter Panzer Dragoon Phantasy Star Shining Force (NOT THE ARPGS) Streets of Rage Puyo Puyo House of the Dead Jet Set Radio and then Sonic, unless you're one of those weird fukin Shenmue people in which case you should go play the Yakuza games, they're Shenmue But Good Instead
  4. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    For total clarity: the "I'd be willing to let two through" is for the thing where I listen to it and write the reviews. Around 12 people participate in that, so that'd be 24 albums, which is still A Lot to write about. If you think I'm going to do five albums per person in that format you're out of your mind, or, alternatively, you'd all need to pay me first, and it wouldn't be cheap. If people want to do ballots, I'm totally fine with ballots. I was just trying to gauge where interest was.
  5. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    CODECOMBAT [3] I dont know why this is the year that I've decided to learn how to code as a hobby, but this is the year that I've decided to learn how to code as a hobby. Codecombat is a browser based python tutorial with RPG framing. I am enjoying it as a logic puzzle. Ideally this turns into an ability to make a video game later. My goal with learning how to code is to make a game for my mom, who likes Castlevania but has been passed up by 2D action game design in the last twenty years. Maybe I'll put it out. Maybe I wont ever finish it. Either way, Codecombat is a good enough time. THE ETERNAL CASTLE REMASTERED [4] GOTY candidate if your brain is broken in the same way mine is. It is a modern Flashback/Another World style game with an artstyle that is 100% completely amazing. It's only using four colors for the palette at a time, but what it's doing with those colors is just incredible. But, honestly, if you read "modern Flashback/Another World" and went "ugh why the fuck would you do that," you're good, this game will do nothing to convince you. It's also fascinating as a performative co-opting of nostalgia. The Eternal Castle isn't a real game. It's framed as remastered because the conceit of the design is that it's based on a game the developer remembers playing but doesn't remember the details of, so they made it again from scratch. So while that original game doesn't exist, that kinetic awkwardness of old PC games absolutely does. I strongly conditionally recommend this game.
  6. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Every poet is a thief

    I'm trying to think if it would be arrogant to point out the times I've done this in my own music
  7. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Destiny 2

    YO Bungie Splits With Activision, Keeps Destiny Okay so I haven't expressed this at length on here because y'all are a group still enjoying the game but this is the time to share my story. This is also not an invitation to convince me "it's better now." Destiny 2 Warmind broke my fucking mind. I'm kind of the lynchpin in my social circle for the playing of Destiny, and I will never forget the night Warmind came out and I beat the campaign in a single sitting. I thought Curse of Osiris was extremely disappointing. I spend an hour after beating Warmind laying on the floor of the living room, muttering "I can't believe it's worse" over and over again. This is not an exaggeration. Multiple people can vouch for this. Our Destiny group imploded in the immediate wake of Warmind. The final nail in the coffin was the point at which they gave it away for free, basically punishing me for buying it with the belief that "It will be More Destiny, That Will Probably be Great." I'll hold that L. I, stridently, believed that there was nothing they could do to bring me back. Of course, when I was entertaining possibilities, "Bungie pulls a second publisher heist and not only gets out of their publisher's grasp but this time with the rights to the game" never even begun to occur to me. So if they announce a third Destiny, my interest will be "Cautiously Curious" instead of "Dead To Me." That's improvement. Either way, this is the second straight decade ending with Bungie pulling a fast one on a major corporation, so that's amazing.
  8. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    lol I'd be willing to let people nominate two for the decade thing on account of the Bigness of a decade but otherwise that's More Work Than Would Be Fuckin' Feasible
  9. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    here's a question. The end of the decade is coming up at the end of the year. Let me float three options. 1) we attempt to do a decade ballot thing because the odds are better that we've heard enough albums over the last ten years to do that vs. end-of-year lists. 2) I'll be blunt: the reason I started doing "SHOW ME YOUR AOTY" is because I tried to run the AOTY poll here a few times and got dramatically less responses as that went on. I came up with the other thing as a replacement, because people feeding their personal favorite record to an arbitrator is significantly less work than exposing yourself to enough records to feel like you have a good sense of the best of the decade, and by doing that whole process we end up with a DVDVR-specific Best Albums Of The Year proxy. So yeah I'm suggesting a potential "SHOW ME YOUR ALBUM OF THE DECADE" spinoff next year. How's that sound. 3) don't do nothin' big at all
  10. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    Honestly, probably around the same. I bounced off it when I tried it, but Stop Trying To Be God has been heavy in the rotation just by itself, so it's possible I would've liked more of it.
  11. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    What's extra funny about that is that like Daughters is only Barely in my own top ten of this year. for anyone that could possibly care,
  12. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    We have arrived at the end of this year’s efforts! Thanks again to everyone who participated, I really do enjoy doing this and I hope you do too. See you next Novemberish! "Wide Awake!" by Parquet Courts "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant "Dirty Computer" by Janelle Monae "Joy as an Act of Resistance." by IDLES "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel "Tell Me How You Really Feel" by Courtney Barnett "Drift" by The Men "Creation" by The Daysleepers "The Sciences" by Sleep "Ruby" by Macy Gray Okay so remember that thing I said about Parquet Courts and the road trip with my brother? IDLES was also on there. I then later tried to listen to the record, got four tracks in, and then had to go take care of some business around the house and never got back to it. On the plus side, I dont remember tracks 3 and 4 that well so it’ll be like they’re new!
  13. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    for those uninitiated in rainbow six siege, an Ace is when you kill all the members of a team by yourself. It's very hard. AND NOW I HAVE THREE. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  14. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    2019 Game Deals, Subscriptions Etc.

    qube was excellently spooky space horror portal times, so the sequel is probably Also Good!
  15. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    General rule of thumb is I listen to it the same day I post it, although this year I was late on one or two so that's fair enough