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  1. with all due respect, is there a reason there wasn't a team of Greats? Great Sasuke, Great Antonio, Great Muta, etc
  2. I have a list of like 35 films I'm intending to watch over the next two months, which is maybe more movies than I've seen in one year in my life, but so it goes. Here are some brief reviews of the stuff I've seen so far: The Rover: off a friend's recommendation. Enjoyed it well enough. Robert Pattinson is fantastic in it, and it also is one of the few post-apocalyptic movies that didn't bore me. Dredd: I hate cops. Yet, this is about as good as an American-made action movie about a hero cop can probably be. LOVED the Slo-Mo scenes. Thought it lost steam halfway through, p. much after the chaingun bit. Jonah Hex: I dont know that I recommend that anyone watches this? But man I laughed fucking hard multiple times during this. I love multi-million dollar hubris that fails, and buddy this had it. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: I don't know what I expected but I thought it was pretty good. It's really hard for me to enjoy comedies (my sense of humor is much more partial to, say, Wonder Showzen than Judd Apatow) but this one worked for me. ok now i have to stop running from finishing The Act of Killing because it's making my head spin once per ten minutes
  3. quick procedural question since this'll be the first one of these I submit a ballot to: are short films allowed?
  4. going through some old shootwrasslin and I rediscovered this, my favorite celebration of a match ever
  5. My immediate family has a lot of the things that makes this thing a killer me: asthma, history of pneumonia brother: asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure mother: diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-existing lung conditions, over 65 so uh yeah we're holed up, good luck to the rest of y'all
  6. I woke up to a violent anxiety attack, and as if summoned, here is new Protomartyr to put what I was feeling into too-uncomfortable Words.
  7. here's an easy way to tell which one is more likely true: Not The One Bruce Pritchard Said
  8. it's almost like suda has more bad games than good ones and the two everyone loves are like accidents or miracles compared to the standard fare it's almost exactly like that
  9. Hyper Light Drifter on Switch is incredible and has extra dungeons. It is also my game of the decade. If you like Zelda and synthesizers and mystery, Hyper Light Drifter is fantastic.
  10. sequel to the story mode he wrote for whichever SNES game he did. Super 3? anyways at the end of that the main character has Bad End and in this one you'll be his son
  11. honestly, I preferred imagining that yeah, he did do that, but the kid was being such a shit that everyone simultaneously decided "that's cool" and no one rolled over.
  12. Part of the reason I love post-punk so much is because some of those bands were so ahead of everything that it felt like they had every great rock idea possible, and then everyone just gave up trying to top it. Gang of Four was definitely one of those bands, and Andy Gill's playing is a HUGE part of that. His guitar sounded like glass shattering and it was the perfect compliment for That Rhythm Section. They damn near stole the entirety of Urgh! A Music War with this performance of "He'd Send In The Army." One of my friends said he played guitar here the same way that the first Godzilla feels. RIP.
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