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  1. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    So, How's It Going?

    kidney stone no one to blame but myself
  2. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    as somone who put a grand total of 150 hours into Persona 5 and only watched a playthrough of Yakuza 0, i would say no. I would also say that I SERIOUSLY fucked up.
  3. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    sometimes i wonder if you are a Rolling Stone subscription from 1998 that gained sentience after a comet passed over it
  4. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    sir psycho sexy is objectively worse than gucci gang fight me
  5. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    i've come to a sleep-deprived conclusion, and here it is, because it is a random music thought. if you bought a red hot chili peppers album at any point, I don't want to hear you complain about any rappers under the age of 25, because you paid to hear anthony kiedas no matter what you tell yourself, and there's not a world where anthony kiedas is more talented than lil uzi vert or yachty or whatever that includes me in this. i bought californication. i don't like yachty. but i can't say nothing about him otherwise because god have you listened to californication lately
  6. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Destiny 2

    lol i cant believe it's a worse campaign EDIT: Okay, fuck it. I'm not going to put this in the General thread but in spoiler tags you will find my review. DESTINY 2 EXPANSION II WARMIND [1]
  7. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    aint nothin micro about it nah it's like a minecraft mmo thing
  8. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    So here's a weird side effect of finishing God of War: I don't want to do anything even kind of involving a story game right now. I tried out Jalopy, which I've been wanting to play for a few months now, and bounced off it immediately because i'm not ready to care about a World yet. So this week has kind of been only Rainbow Six Siege, various phone games, and Fire Pro MoR. I just got the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Client up and running and that's been fuckin great? But I just have no taste for anything longform right now. Which is just as well, because Kentucky Route Zero Act 5 is due out this summer-ish and I need to replay the whole game cuz I lost my save, so I figure I'll be ready to do that then.
  9. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    The best/worst finishers past and present?

    you never go full diamond head
  10. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    Random music thoughts

    as someone who loved Because The Internet and was lukewarm on Awaken My Love, this single alone makes me excited for whatever Gambino is planning
  11. Lamp, broken circa 1988

    The best/worst finishers past and present?

    somewhere Kenta Kobashi is like "SEE, LIKE THAT" somewhere else Yoshinobu Kanemaru feels like someone just walked over his grave
  12. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    he was disguised as BUSHI, one of Naito's cohorts who happens to wear black lipstick all the time
  13. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    If you want some Grit in your point and click, Gemini Rue is pretty great. Also Burly Men At Sea is less point and click adventure, more interactive flipbook. It's neat, but it's short and weightless.
  14. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    So I have a lot of friends that love basketball, and so I decided that I was gonna try to participate and give watching the NBA a real shot this coming season. I needed to pick a team though. My initial idea was the 76ers, but that felt bandwagon-y. Then I gravitated towards the Memphis Grizzlies, because I remember that Fizdale speech making the rounds and thinking "hell yeah that's a guy I want in charge of a team." Then they fired him. So, I resolved that my choice would now be wherever David Fizdale ends up, unless he took a media job in which case it'd be the Sixers. I am apparently remarkably good at kicking my own ass through principle alone.
  15. Lamp, broken circa 1988


    The Final Update: GOD OF WAR 2018 [3] A pretty impressive ball and cup trick. Here is a concise list of games I would recommend before God of War. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice God Hand Mother 3 Bayonetta 2 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gone Home while on an exercise bike Mother 3 two times If you've beaten all of these, then yeah you'd probably enjoy God of War for a little bit. Otherwise maybe don't.