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  1. i mean to be fair hudson also steered anthem so who knows maybe this is a good thing
  2. Here’s my Steam Autumn Sale Haul! NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES VOL. 1 [4] Purchased after the release of the Action Button Review of Pac-Man, after I learned it included an NES demake of Pac-Man Championship Edition (the original is not available on PC in any way). Had to. It’s glorious action. Maybe playing it after a 3 hour dissertation on Pac-Man heightened the experience for me, but, still. The rest of the games in it are of middling quality- they’re all NES ports of arcade games, with the exception of one really interesting game called Dragon Spirit: The New Legend. It’s a shootemup
  3. Hey, so, here's an update: on halloween my sister got Covid. It's been fucking terrifying and hard to focus on, uh, anything critical thinking-wise. So I do intend to do this, but there's a little while before I'll be ready to do anything. It seems like things are on the mend but it's hard to tell with this fuckin thing. I'll keep you posted.
  4. DESTINY 2: BEYOND LIGHT [3] I know there's a destiny thread that would benefit from this review more than this thread would, but all my reviews go here, so. I have some misgivings about how Bungie does things these days, and I will not let those go unmentioned. In brief: I hate their dedication to undermining everything I placed value in, mostly tossed away because they give up. I liked Future War Cult, so factions are gone. I liked collecting the guns and armor I acquired over time and storing them in the vault so I could pull out anything I needed for any reason, so now all gear has expira
  5. Kakuryu (back injury) and Hakuho (knee surgery recovery) are both out for November.
  6. yeah the GOTY candidates right now seem like Hades, Genshin Impact, and Animal Crossing. Among Us blew up HUGE this year but it came out two years ago, so, there's that. A lot of the big budget games this year have either whiffed or been super divisive. The best big budget game I can think of is Ghost of Tsushima and while it's well made I struggle to look at it and think "Yeah, that's the game of the year". Granted there's like 13 new games out next week but somehow I think it's still going to come down between those three. for the record i do not like genshin impact but talking about ga
  7. So. I don't really like movies that much. That's why I never post in this subforum at all. But when the pandemic started a lot of my friends were scared and needed something to do, and so to give us something to focus on and talk about that wasn't the horror of the world, we did a mock version of this whole process. We watched movies, submitted ballots, I put some math on it, and we submitted our top 50 under my name. Nine ballots were submitted to our thing, including mine (because I watched enough movies in the process to have opinions). The first place movies on our ballots
  8. Once the ballot dumping ground post is available, I will explain why that happened and more.
  9. An uncommon run of positivity today! Among Us [3] It's not bad but I have trust issues and the thought of trying to deceive someone gave me a legit panic attack. A reminder that my 3 is "i don't regret this", which is true. It's interesting and if there was a version where I could Never Be The Impostor, that'd be a game I would like. Or if that Hide And Seek mode became a full fledged mode that you don't have to yell at a settings menu to make work. Jackbox Party Pack 7 [4] It's the best Jackbox they've ever put out. It's not close. Like two of the games aren't the biggest hits i
  10. Out of curiosity and something I'll explain once it's the right time to publish ballots, could I get a copy of the spreadsheet you used to make this?
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