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  1. Ok, it's been a while since I've written any game reviews and I cant find my last post on them so I'm gonna dump a whole bunch of game opinions here that may or may not be out of date. I'll try to keep them to ten words each. DOTA Underlords: Duo mode is very fun. No one plays it though. [3] The Last Of Us Part 2: Or, The Have And Eat Cake Of Us Part 2. [1] Hades: First day of 1.0- Made it to Hades. Still rules. [4] Fall Guys: The Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Line about the Third Reich. [1] Wrestling Revolution on phones: Despite the reputation, it plays way
  2. Yeah it'll use the onboard mic. Or it should, at least.
  3. the Vader/Inoki "how his chin hit his solar plexus" suplex is delightful. My personal favorite suplex is also my favorite wrestling move of all time and my defacto "move I give my self-insert create-a-wrassler since forever": Maeda's Capture Suplex. Runner up is Hideki Suzuki's Double Arm Suplex, which looks like utter hell and has all the historical legacy of catch wrestling and Robinson's Double Arm to go along side it. Third place is Doug Williams' Chaos Theory, which still looks supernatural.
  4. I love Control to death (it might be my favorite game of the decade) but you should probably wait for a sale on the DLC. They're, like, neat, but the best way to experience them I figure is to do it in the middle of the campaign because neither of them is particularly good for closure.
  5. I asked this question to specifically make the godly REDLINE eligible and that reads like a Yes to me so go for it
  6. Honestly I'm gonna enjoy this basho no matter what, because I couldn't do the Empty Arena Basho without feeling REAL SAD. I'm hopeful my main man Kotoshogiku gets his first winning record in a year.
  7. I asked that earlier and it was answered here I have a question I asked in the pimping thread but I think it got buried so I'll ask it again here: if a film was shown at festivals in 2009 but theatrically in 2010, is that eligible?
  8. hey, quick procedural question: if a film made its festival debut in 2009 but its theatrical debut in 2010, is that eligible?
  9. I took that advice and thought it was fine and maybe better than I was expecting, and on that note, as I come to the end of making my own ballot (I'll probably submit last week of July just to make sure I feel that way) here's a list of movies I watched for this that I was pleasantly surprised by: Inherent Vice Beyond the Black Rainbow The Rover Jonah Hex Standoff Alita Battle Angel He Never Died X-Men First Class
  10. replying to multiple questions! "______ will die for your sins" is the one I do most consciously, as well as "fuck or fight friday night" and a couple of more specific phrases that are more like references to events on this board that I'll decline to state at this time. I came to the board like two days before the sleaze thread and was told by the person who brought me here to just lurk and not mention how I got here or who referred me. In their defense I was a kid that was MUCH more prone to moodswings. and yeah i was one of the match writers for two different attempts at the D
  11. ok half a year has passed without another post so here, have two records I've listened to every day for the last week and the forseeable future. Surprise: they're two Griselda projects! and here's the playlist link for Westside Gunn's "FLYGOD is an Awesome God 2"
  12. that was more in reference to "people hate this?" cuz golly I sure don't see what there is to like about it but ok
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