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  1. Mickey seemed all over the place in the match tonight, they also botched that hip toss knee spot before the commercial break and had to redo it, whiffed on that second mick kick, seemed a step and a half slower than Asuka on most exchanges and seemed to lose her spot on that back roll pin spot at the end leaving the ref to just call for a tap rather than hope for them to sort it out on their own. That was likely a mistake, but given how off Mickey was all match I can sort of understand.
  2. Is anyone else finding the site to be a bit slower since the upgrade? It's not like awful but it feels like it takes an extra second or so for every page to load.
  3. It's cool that Rusev/Miro is here now but saddling him with one of the worst guy's in the company talking about their twitch channels is about as lame a way to debut him as possible. He's seemingly bulletproof so I assume he'll be fine, but it is the rare situation where doing literally anything different would have probably been better. But hey, he's back so yay!
  4. White is wrestling on the NJ Strong USA shows so he's in the states as well.
  5. Billie Kay feels very much like dead weight in the ring (of the entire Raw women's roster I'd only comfortably put her above Lana at this point) so I don't really have a problem with them seeing if they have anything with Peyton as a solo act. Possibly unpopular opinion but I think that at this point Raw Underground is... okay? Like it clearly has issues, isn't anything like a difference maker and really needs to do a better job somehow tying into the rest of the show, but I'm cool with something that starts with Titus O'Neil holding some dude by the throat with his head eight feet in the
  6. It reads like a joke so I assume it is an attempt at one?
  7. The Miz/Big E thing personally screams work that got a bit more real than some people were likely expecting. It was the first Talking Smack of the relaunch and it would be very WWE to try and mimic the most well known moment from the initial version. Miz got switched onto the show instead of Woods a few hours beforehand, Daniel Bryan is right there in the immediate mentions, it all points to how WWE would set things up. That said, I take it that Talking Smack is much less scripted (at least for this week) and... let's say some of those involved likely did not expect Big E to take it in t
  8. I mean, to play devil's advocate if part of the book/show was about taking down certain fantasy tropes (see how being good and dumb is often rewarded) then the greatest swordsman in the land falling to a somewhat untrained mob because there's just too bloody many of them doesn't leap out as inconsistent.
  9. I think using a meme from the "Wednesday Night War" kinda cheapens the whole thing as well, to be fair. I think it is awful Dream is back and facing no ramifications (and to not let AEW off the hook, same for Justin Roberts) and that goes far beyond a silly rivalry between two different tv shows.
  10. I mean... I could see this being an argument a decade ago. In 2020 we're running stuff like the Stadium Stampede match, the worries about wrestling seeming unrealistic are way out of the barn by now.
  11. My memory might be failing me but wasn't 1-2-3 Kid a heel in WWF by the end of his first run there? I coulda swore he joined the Million Dollar Corporation, ended up in a diaper and other things like that.
  12. I mean... JMM kinda showed up to that fight late in his career with an all new physique and muscles where he never had muscles before. I think if we are honest with ourselves we can figure out a reason why he suddenly had the power to drop Pacquiao beyond "hey, in boxing sometimes things happen".
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