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  1. The note that has come out about all this that sticks out to me is the talent in WWE immediately knowing that the "not wanting to work with two of the participants" thing was utter BS but also that there wasn't much sympathy towards them or thinking that they took a stand for something worthwhile. I generally take the position that those in the locker room probably have the best idea about things like this and hence waiting to see how the winds blow with them is the best way to get a feel for things like this. The prevailing winds being that WWE is publicly lying through their teeth yet their co-workers liking both ladies but not necessarily thinking they are in the right is... unusual. My best guess is that something relatively normal happened, someone responded emotionally and then someone else responded so in kind and it kinda spiralled out into lost tempers and things going all the way out of control.
  2. I mean, I liked the bit of trash talk between the fighters before the actual fights in the recent MK games, that's like entrance adjacent? I would say that I both find entrances neat initially and skip them eventually.
  3. Harden scoring zero points in the second half of an elimination game, nature must be healing.
  4. I think the issue some have with Danhausen's match isn't that he lost (he shouldn't win much) but that he basically got squashed by a relatively unover low carder in 20 seconds. I don't think it is the kiss of death or anything overly dramatic like that but the debut basically sets him up as the single "worst" wrestler the company has ever had which feels a bit much.
  5. Finally, an AEW show that will have two women's matches that will likely both get decent time! All it took was... moving it to a 5:30 PM time slot of death.
  6. Oh, to clarify I'd wager the vast majority I'm referring to were either not watching WWF in 95/96 or were those who watched since kids and were just in the habit. I assume those who came in to wrestling at the time (which at that point may have been most of the viewers) would have hated much of the earlier few years... well except Sid, everyone always loves Sid. I think it is fair to say that while Canada/US was better than the dregs of the prior couple years in WWF it also came off kinda lame and forced next to WCW and the NWO. TBF I think the reason the angle was run at all is because they were forced to run Canada a lot at that time due to it being a relative stronghold in their battle with WCW but like... I think in retrospect it could be argued that trying to run Austin as a heel every third week or so after his Mania battle with Bret was less than ideal? The fact that he ignited once they gave up on that despite having a broken-ish neck at that time makes me lean in that direction personally.
  7. I want to touch on this briefly because... this is one of those internet wrestling takes that is so removed from how I experienced its reception in real life at the time that I legitimately have no feel for if I'm crazy or others are. I just started college around this time, wrestling was generally pretty hot thanks to the NWO and... the thought that Stone Cold was cool but the US vs Canada feud was lame was if not universal then very widespread. You know how people here feel about WWE now? The only time I've seen wrestling fans like that towards WWF before was this very time, I know Mr. ratings guy there is making some iffy arguments but I think there is a real divide between how some people look back at this period (which legit did have the beginnings of one of the greatest wrestling characters and draws of all time in Austin) and the fact that at the time most everyone else thought that it was by far the weaker big angle of the two. Not taking a shot at you or anything, you were just the most recent person to make a point like this and who knows, maybe I legit was at a very odd college but I think it was as much Austin getting away from the US/Canada thing and into a much better one as to why he took off then. That said the Bret feud is the first one to make him seem like a legit guy in WWF and one can't ignore that.
  8. So was something up with Cody in the main event? When Riddle was getting beat up he seemed to be getting up and off the apron a bit (didn't look like he was pulled but got off to start slapping the mat), seemed to blank on his role in the everyone gets RKO'd by Orton bit at the end plus I swore I heard and saw all the people in the face corner talking over something for a bit. It could have just been some low end oddness or minor wires getting crossed, but once it caught my eye I couldn't help but watch him the rest of the way.
  9. From the Observer site daily update: Obviously the natural response to this is that we all must demand the release of the Kingston/Garcia cut!
  10. This is an old complaint but whoever times these shows needs to do better, this isn't even the first big gimmick main event in the past few months where it felt like they had to go "fuck it, just do any sort of finish now!" in order to sneak in under the time limit.
  11. I think a number of things went well enough this week (I like this silly Ezekiel/Owens things just for how much it bothers Kevin) but the ending to AJ/Priest... woof.
  12. Yeah my main thought about all this bot talk (beyond the obvious "Tony has really thin skin" observation that I've thought for ages) is that it is almost certainly true and almost certainly dumb to point out as it raises the obvious follow-up question "...what about the pro-AEW tweets?". Given that AEW is a company that exists in 2022 you may not want to shine a light on what they do to advance their online presence, which I assume much like virtually every other company of a certain size is at least something.
  13. FWIW when Cody first left WWE and did a big interview/article with some magazine or website (I think it wasn't even a wrestling one) he pretty much told this exact same story, so if it a fabrication it is one he's been consistent about for several years now. I think the issue is less that Cody is insincere but that he is over-rehearsed. He comes off very much as someone who goes over something over and over to make sure he says it in the exact right way and it often ends up sounding less natural because of it.
  14. I don't think this is right at all? Lashley worked the most promoted match on that Mania vs Umaga with the Vince/trump/hair shenanigans, moved straight into a program with Vince for the ECW belt, then worked a PPV title match vs John Cena where he fell short but I believe it took the first avalanche AA to put him down. He had to get surgery due to an injury a few weeks after that and requested his release before he returned from it. I'm not saying he was destined to be a multi-time champ if he stayed and his push at the time always seemed a step beyond his abilities, but I don't recall or looking back see much evidence that WWE had lost interest in him as a potentially top guy.
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