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  1. In this purely theoretical situation I would definitely start out with Goto as the main guy as there is a huge question mark regarding exactly what KENTA has left in him. Letting him be a secondary player let's him ease back into things and if he is as reduced as a lot of evidence suggests he is it's probably the best that a big spotlight isn't shone on him immediately. And if returning to Japan works as a fountain of youth it wouldn't be much trouble to reposition him as the main guy over several months.
  2. I finished reading Peace by Gene Wolfe earlier today (took a bit to get my hands on it, thankfully found a library that had a copy eventually) and I feel like I read it wrong? I had multiple people tell me "you read it, then you re-read it and see what was really going on" and after re-reading the opening bit again I'm not getting that at all. I don't want to get into specifics but there were certain oddities I noticed along the way and picked up on rather early, but looking back while certain things are definitely odder after reading the whole thing they seemed rather odd the first time through. IDK, my feeling after reading it is that I failed in doing so somehow or was just too dumb to pick up what was really going on, hence I walk away just feeling bad more than anything.
  3. I believe it was Steve Austin urinating on him. You're welcome.
  4. I don't think he's used it since he came back from his injury last August, so the question would be if he'd bring it back.
  5. My main thought afterwards was that we all misread Bran and he's been playing everyone for a few seasons now. If someone can see all of history and good chunks of the future, has shown to be capable of shaping events and moving pieces to where they need to be (albeit not as frequently as one would have assumed he would) and somehow at the end of the story ends up as king I think it is fair to wonder if not assume that was not an accident. Granted I'm too lazy to go rewatch the last few seasons (since he got his powers) to see how well supported that thought is, but I don't trust him.
  6. New Japan would I assume be glad to get one of their stars on a WWE show just for the exposure as long as they got to keep them afterwards and make sure nothing too embarrassing was done to them, plus they could probably ask for a million bucks and get it, so I assume that part would be easier than one would think. If Omega wanted to do it I assume AEW would let him as most of management there is friends with him and likely wouldn't stand in the way of what could easily be a big one match payday, but if he didn't want to do it then I assume WWE goes into bargaining mode and tries selling them on Okada vs someone dressed like Ultimate Warrior...
  7. I don't think KD staying in OKC was realistic as he had issues with things in the city and never really meshed well with Westbrook, but he could have gone somewhere else. I also feels fairly confident that Oladipo doesn't become the player he became if he stays in OKC. OKC is weird in that a theoretical sense you look at all the talent they had and go "they should have won titles for a decade" but something has never been quite right there with much of the talent that leaves becoming better and... well that much talent not sticking around for whatever reasons (mostly cheapness). I'm glad with Golden State taking out the Rockets as the Rockets are pretty lame (prepares to be handed a detailed report breaking down 76 ways in which they are not in fact lame and how everyone else is), but at this point I'll take any of the teams left standing taking the title.
  8. And Dolph Ziggler got a tremendous response at Survivor Series 2014, I don't get what either of these things has to do with how things are in 2019?
  9. With the whole Rush thing I think the book on him for virtually his entire stay in WWE is that he seems to have maturity issues, and while he could surely raise his value on the indies I could also see him being someone who continues to rub people the wrong way and hence doesn't get nearly the the number of independent opportunities to raise said value as some (him in particular) would think. With him I just don't know that it is really a WWE deal, the specifics would change but if he ended up with AEW instead I think it's very likely that he ends up pissing of his coworkers there as well. It might be worse for him out there as on the indies if you make an enemy of the twitter masses (which he's already done at least once) the consequences can be very direct on your bottom line, while in WWE/NXT you are buffered a bit from that. Harper on the other hand should very much be looking to work elsewhere, but at near 40 and being a bigger guy working a physical style I almost wonder if it is better for him if they just hold him out as opposed to trying to burn as much tread off the tire as possible while he is still under contract. I don't know what the direct monetary difference is in terms of downsides vs. whatever else he'd make if he was more present, and god I'd sure as hell rather watch him work this year than not, but they might accidentally not be doing terribly wrong by him.
  10. With Ruby given that they separated the Squad I think there is a chance she's looking at a bit of a retooling in which case her missing a month or so while they figure it out isn't the worst thing in the world. If we get to a couple of months with nothing then I think it is safe to start asking that.
  11. I mean, there is the concept of taking less money now to make more later... but $2.5 million each seems to be more than The Revival have ever actually appeared to be worth so I kinda question the math on that one. The Bucks probably make that money but they have basically made an art out of merch sales and self-promotion. I assume AEW shifts the math but long view The Briscoes are likely a level above the Revival in terms of (potential) value and after twenty years likely haven't sniffed anywhere near that much money. If they'd rather risk it then god bless them, but if you have a chance at life altering money for both yourselves and your family you should probably think long and hard about it.
  12. Quick book reading question: with the recent passing of Gene Wolfe I've seen a lot of people pushing for others to read The Book of the New Sun but I've been a bit more curious about Peace due to the bits I've heard about it (plus I read TBOTNS a couple years back). I'm curious if anyone here has read it and if so if they'd consider it a worthwhile read or if it was just an earlier "lesser" work. I know very little of the genre and you folks seem to generally know what's up.
  13. I think people are thrown off by the term "booboo face" here. I've been able to tell with solid regularity when Sasha is gonna win or lose a match beforehand for about the past half year or so based on how she comes out since I leanred to look for it, so either I'm psychic and need to work on picking lotto numbers or it is a thing. THAT SAID... she's not actually blatantly frowning/crying her way to the ring when this happens. Her... for lack of a better term "energy" is noticeably different whether she is gonna win or lose a match. If you watch her from the past several weeks on Raw in a match she or Bayley or both are gonna win she is grinning widely and bouncing a ton to her or Bayley's theme, basically she is radiating positivity. When your energy is then half that at the biggest show of the year compared to a random Raw, and her expression while not blatantly frowning is noticeably dialed down a level or two, and she's done this regularly for a while now, you kinda know what's up. I don't know if it is a sign of a bad attitude and being pissed about having to lose or just a legit weakness in her game/presentation that she is basically tipping her hand, but it is something she probably needs to work on either way. If most of us have noticed or at least heard about it I feel pretty safe in assuming she has, so even if best case it is the latter it doesn't speak well that she's seemingly not working on it at all.
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