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  1. I think Keith Lee more than anyone else in NXT benefited from the move from one hour to two hour shows. All he needed was a consistent slot to prove himself with and the extra time basically gave him just that.
  2. I had a problem like this before (not here specifically but in general) and while it was only an inconsistent problem previously since I switched from adblock to ublock it has not resurfaced.
  3. I didn't forget about this, but after last year I'm waiting until late December to make sure nothing sneaks up on me.
  4. AEW has used Hager better than anyone else ever has by not letting him wrestle or talk. As long as they stick with that I think he'll be fine.
  5. Meltz does seem to really call very few people when reporting on his stories, it's a bit of a whatever here but the same thing happened with the whole Elgin deal and... I think Meltz might be a worst journalist than Corey is a co-worker.
  6. This has been brought up in the past but not in this particular discussion so I think one has to account for "twitter Meltz" when figuring out the whys of how people feel about him. If someone doesn't read the newsletter directly or listen to the radio show all they really see directly of him (i.e. not second hand) are his tweets and twitter is pretty much him at his worst.
  7. There was a period about a year and a half ago, I believe shortly after Rollins got the stomp back that he did seem to turn a corner and was over enough to seem like a legit top guy. I think part of the problem was putting him in an extended program with Dolph shortly after this but I think a good portion of it comes down to there being no top belt on Raw for way too long and hence they had to wait too long before taking a shot on Rollins as the top guy again. I'm not convinced that he's cut out to be a top face, but the timing of it likely didn't help.
  8. TBF I am pretty sure these would have taken place at the WWE 2k20 video game media thing as a number of interviews with these folks have come out recently from there, and Meltz was pictured talking to I believe Adam Cole at it.
  9. I would guess it has some sort of clause for the show to be sent down to one of Fox's cable networks after a year or so if the ratings are not at a certain level. WWE would probably want FX while Fox would like to put them on FS1 to bolster it, but after UFC apparently got blindsided by the launch of FS1 and being knocked off of FX I am pretty sure this would have come up during negotiations.
  10. Since the Cesaro thing is so blatant I would wager that A) he'll end up sent to NXT to help there, or B) they are gonna put The Bar back together once Sheamus is back (someone said he was doing something for the World Cup?) and hence are gonna not put Cesaro on tv for a month or so until then.
  11. So wait... Mike asked for his release but Maria did not? Like no offense to Mike but when they were on the indies she was kinda carrying the act.
  12. I mean, show criticisms are fair but AEW was also down 25+% from their big debut number as well. I think that's pretty much just the standard week 2 drop you are gonna see after a hyped wrestling show debut.
  13. They released a patch that was supposed to improve performance on the base PS4 model, but when I checked opinions on how much it made a difference were rather mixed.
  14. I mean yeah, but I didn't we know we were talking about the horrors of top contender Lacey Evans.
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