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    R.I.P. VADER

    If this was linked earlier in the topic forgive me, but I just wanted to note the time he came to the ring on top of a fully elevated forklift and it was amazing. This death hit me hard as Vader was one of my all time favorite wrestlers. He was always around WCW when I started watching peripherally and I recall when he got to face Sting for the belt. I was so sure that Sting was gonna win, I wasn't old enough to describe Vader as a "monster of the week" but I thought he was just gonna show up to get beat. I watched, well listened to the match via a scrambled ppv channel as it happened and remember feeling almost panicked when the Stinger Splash went wrong and Sting bashed his head on the post. When they said Vader follower it up with the powerbomb (that was Sid's move and it destroyed everyone) I didn't even wait for the three count, I knew it was over. Still I quickly got converted to the dark side as jesus, Vader was just such an incredible specimen to watch. He might be the first bad guy wrestler to win me over.
  2. username

    SDL is Counting to Jū - 6/19/2018

    So Daniel Bryan took a spear to the outside off the apron, got powerslammed on his head and busted out a diving headbutt all on the same show? I love the guy but whatever bad health-wise comes his way he is going out of his way to make sure that he earns it.
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    What people tend to gloss over with the women is that virtually the entire division is just terrible on the mic. Not mediocre, but outright bad. WWE isn't really built to deal with an entire division of people you don't really want having to talk for any period of time (Nia having to talk as champ nearly killed her run) and... it's not just that Alexa is really strong at that, but there really isn't anyone to rotate into that spot to give her more time away. A heel Sasha seems to be the only real possibility on the Raw roster, but until someone comes along to also fill that role I think Alexa is gonna always be hovering around there.
  4. The commission's role in all of this is definitely... murky, but Romero shouldn't have gotten the shot in the first place as he missed weight in the number one contenders fight that lead to this one (him being stripped of the right to hold a fake belt in the lead up is not actually a penalty). In my mind this is the best possible outcome and a headache UFC truly earned and deserved.
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    Is it like the Aki games where you can play as a new entrant if you get eliminated, or would you have to go through all 200 people yourself without being eliminated?
  6. username

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    Regarding the Bulls/Warriors talk, beyond all the better individual matchups I just want to see the Green/Rodman fireworks. As much of a pest as Green is I think Rodman may have been even more adept at it.
  7. I mean, this women is just spewing some hateful shit. Once WWE was "made aware" of this (there is a solid chance they knew beforehand) their hand was basically forced. To not fire would be seen as to condone and no way a random unknown exec of questionable worth could possibly survive their spouse doing this. To be frank if Vince did this even he couldn't survive it.
  8. I used to take this position but the fighters who missed weight have just been on a tear recently. It might just be random statistical noise but I kinda wonder how hard some of these fighters are trying to make weight. Till supposedly was as high as 216 a few days ago, that doesn't really sound like someone who fully intended to actually make weight. Losing 30% of your official show money sucks but if it buys you a significant advantage... it is looking like more fighters are fine making that deal.
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    damn double post.
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    Sadly... I think that is that fellow's finish.
  11. username

    SDL - 4/24/2018 - No Speak Aiden English

    I was talking with someone before Mania over who WWE likely would try to avoid putting Daniel Bryan in the ring with to try and protect him as best as possible (i.e. get the most out of him as possible) and I think we had Big Cass as the #2 guy to avoid putting him in there with (#1 was Sheamus for the obvious reasons). We figured the common sense thing was to keep him away from anyone too inexperienced who would hence be more prone to screwing something up and... well Cass is inexperienced, awkward in the ring and has had trouble hitting his own finish on multiple occasions. The odds of him just straight kicking Bryan in the face or dropping him on top of his head on even the most basic of spots seems rather high.
  12. A lot of the gaming community has some really horrible entitlement issues, and this is kinda skirting right up against it. They released the game feature complete and provided what seems to be a typical amount of bug and technical support. Sadly the game sold relatively poorly and wasn't well received. Them deciding not to burn further millions on it isn't them trying to get one over on anyone, it's them sadly accepting that it didn't work out this time and moving onto the next thing. I'm sure they are disappointed and would have liked to have followed up with DLC and a more immediate follow-up, I have no issue with any fans similarly feeling disappointed. That said, taking that as a personal affront and adopting the position of "may everything they touch turn to ash, hopefully they all lose their jobs and may the earth forever be salted" is a borderline sociopathic response. Of course this is also the same fanbase that reacted so poorly to a game's ending that Bioware were forced to create a new one, so perhaps expecting them to act reasonably is itself unreasonable...
  13. Yeah, rooting for Anthem to fail and hence Bioware to cease to exist is a... strange way to express your love for the games they made and your desire for more to exist.
  14. username

    WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I mean, up until 10 or so days ago I'd have pointed to Nak as the one who didn't fit.
  15. username

    WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Sasha is legit rather good and has survived all sorts of poor booking multiple times. Bayley... sometimes has the good fortune of working Sasha.