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  1. username

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Debuting him on the same show that Rachael Ostovich will next be fighting on is probably the most counterproductive one to do so on, so yes?
  2. Looking forward to Iconoclasts, kinda bummed that there isn't a PS4 version of Papers, Please to be crossbuyable. Played through Soma a month or so back for Halloween, it was not my cup of tea but I could see others digging it. Steins:Gate is the kind of disaster I might not be able to resist experiencing.
  3. username

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    NXT also benefits from rarely having to deal with the "...and then what?" stage of a talent's career. For their most successful wrestlers it generally goes build them up through a title reign, and then when the reign is over they basically wrap things up and move on to the main roster. They generally don't have to deal with moving someone back down the card and finding something else for them to do. This also frees up a good amount of space and time for the new people coming and and being built up. As backwards as this seems, if you go back a few years and leave like Balor, Owens and Joe in NXT it probably makes the show worse as you can't have those guys around and not feature them. They'll likely put in good work but now fewer good new people get a shot, or one of those three ends up missing more shows than one would think is wise and NXT gets sucked into the whole "they don't know how to use their roster" talk many other places have to deal with.
  4. username

    SDL is Becky's Broken Face - 11/13/2018

    ...the Becky Lynch turn was a reboot of the D Bry "yes" movement deal. D Bry now for likely several reasons has cooled off tremendously, it is likely that a majority of the crowd will go along with it. Now... the possibility of Daniel Bryan being refreshed and performing well as a heel may over time win the crowd over and get him cheered by most again is very real and I would not be surprised in the least if that happens at some point down the road.
  5. username

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    My gut reaction is that they assume Dillishaw is gonna win and hence they want to take this chance to be able to push him as a two division champion.
  6. username

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I feel like the people who talk up Bayley having her own Nick show and such have like... not watched her cut a promo at any point over the past couple of years? She's been at best passable on the mic, maybe she was better in NXT but on the main roster this is one of her main weaknesses, not strengths. Cena she is not.
  7. username

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I feel like Joe's issue is the fact that he's gotten injured twice at iffy times. They weren't bad injuries, but I think WWE looks at them and his age and feel more comfortable with him in the gatekeeper role. They aren't even necessarily wrong for thinking this, I just think it is kinda unfortunate that he couldn't have made it to the main roster a few years earlier with a bit more tread left on his tires.
  8. username

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I think the worst thing that can happen in NXT for your main roster career aspirations is to get over via some long form storytelling or angle as opposed to some instantly identifiable character or gimmick. You looks at Bayley and American Alpha and too much of the audience had no idea who they were or what their deal was, but too much also knew about it for WWE to just restart from scratch or do the whole thing over again. It isn't a case of WWE being bad at writing, it is a legit tricky transition with no real obvious great options. If you want to look ahead, Gargano and Ciampa are facing a nightmare-level transition if/when they are called up. You compare this with Enzo & Cass or Elias where within a segment the crowd can easily grasp who they are and what they are about even if they have no idea what they've been doing the previous year, and it is just the better situation. There is also the deal that, regardless if the developmental fed is more... let's be polite and say critically acclaimed, the main roster shouldn't feel boxed in by what they did with a talent and yet because it is such a per project of one of the top people in WWE they aren't comfortable just ignoring what happens down there. No doubt some acts should be brought up as is, but I look back at OVW and think a lot of people who ended up being huge stars were very fortunate to get fresh starts once called up, and those fresh starts just don't seem to exist any more. If you look at the past several years and those people who were called up with either new gimmicks or no real NXT past, you get Roman, Braun, Rollins and Ambrose, maybe even Drew. Starting your story on the main roster as opposed to having it pick up midway just seems like it works better, so they should probably do that more and let NXT be its own separate universe.
  9. Gamestop had a midnight release at 9PM for some reason, and that was right around when I got off work, so... FWIW it took me a legit 90ish minutes to install the game from the discs.
  10. I think the only true answers to this question are matches where one participant is just too bad to make anything salvageable (think like Trish/Bradshaw vs Gayda/Nowinski level bad) or matches where a participant suffers a legit injury with enough time left in the match that it can't be effectively covered up. Even the Orton/HHH match mentioned above, it really wasn't because of a bad performance (I mean, I thought it was but let's ingore that for now) but because the crowd just wasn't buying what they were selling which is a different issue altogether.
  11. username

    South Park: Still Goin' Strong

    I figured the fact that the show has been pushing the #cancelsouthpark hashtag all season would be a big clue... but I assume many of those reacting to it haven't bothered to watch much South Park this season and hence wouldn't know. And to be fair... the ep was all over the place and rather weak, I wouldn't be comfortable making any judgement based on it outside of "I hope next week is better than that".
  12. username

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Eh, Jacare has look significantly slowed in his last few fights. I think he would've beaten Weidman had they fought earlier, but I don't know if this Jacare is up to it.
  13. username

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 7

    I bothered to check the boxscore for the Rutgers/Maryland game to see just how bad my Scarlet Knights are doing. The QB went 2 for 16 for 8 yards with 4 INTs. The other QB threw a single pass, which was also an INT. They also neglected to field a kickoff for some reason, so there was like a 35 yard successful onside kick mixed in there. Other than that things were fine >_>
  14. username

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    I think Lewis has earned a title shot as he's won 9 of his last 10, the last two being over fairly high ranked if flawed opponents. He's basically got no chance of winning said shot, especially on short notice, but if we are honest he was likely to lose his next fight if it was any kind of step up (the natural other fight to make would have been vs Stipe and... yeah I wouldn't even expect that to be competitive). May as well grab the money and attention for main eventing a MSG card for the title, maybe you get lucky and land a big shot on an older fighter.
  15. username

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    And Brock got the shit kicked out of him a few times on the way out of UFC. The legit cred of having been a legit world champ outweighs the faltering at the end in this environment and always has.