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  1. Yeah, my main thought here is that it is way too early to make a call on Daniel Bryan in this regard. Perhaps in the future he'll be fine, perhaps he'll be very much not so, and given that these polls are focusing on the whole "positive" deal that feels like kinda a big deal.
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    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    It struck me watching the end of Raw unfold that Charlotte is basically added in to ideally function as an actual heat magnet, and I can follow the logic. I think any thoughts that WWE are bothered by Becky being incredibly popular are misplaced, but her being popular in a way that damages the popularity of the people they match her up against is something they are definitely concerned with. While I think they could live with Rousey being booed at Mania I don't think they want her to be ruined as a face going forward because of this... and this is exactly where Charlotte enters. They seem to be laying this out that both Becky and Rousey feel like this is BS, which ideally lets the crowd love Becky and hopefully results in them hating Charlotte more than Rousey. Will it work? That I can't say and there are so many ways things can be screwed up but I can't argue against the logic in trying to protect Rousey in this way. She'll drop the belt at Mania and likely take the fall and the crowd will be into it and people will forget about it in several years when another Mania main event ends up as a 3 way dance that doesn't ruin the moment in the least.
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    Puroresu General Discussion for 2019

    Whenever a champion sets a record length or defenses streak and happens to lose it immediately after I feel it is 95% safe to assume that wasn't by accident. Perhaps before the Naito/Okada Dome match there was an internal debate as to who should win, but once that was figured out I think it is rather safe to say that the length of Okada's reign was rather set in stone. Omega seems to me to have been the only one set up to end it at that point so I'd guess that Gedo had hi penciled in for a while, but that is much more of a guess.
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    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Davis seems to be really committed to signing with the Lakers, but if other teams can push that off until summer of 2020 it brings up the one possibility that no one really wants to consider: Lebron has a metric ton of mileage on his body and there is no guarantee he can go another 100+ games without a legitimate scary injury as while he appears to be an alien, if he is in fact human then something like that happening becomes more and more likely as time goes on. If he were to say suffer the same achilles tear that Kobe did and the Lakers haven't yet manage to acquire a second superstar before then it suddenly becomes a much less attractive destination. The NBA in particular moves fast, it looked very different 18 months back and will almost certainly look very different 18 months from now. Another team investing in Davis for that period is a risk, but I don't buy anything that far off being inevitable.
  5. Ambrose on Raw was either being left high and dry by Seth or put basically zero effort into hiding getting into position for stuff and just waiting there, so either that was some next level work or he was very checked out.
  6. As someone who doesn't watch NXT... Breeze did not make a really good impression on the main roster at all. He had a bit of an initial push with Dolph but he really didn't seem to be either particularly strong in the ring despite being given showcase matches, and his character bits and talking weren't really there beyond the entrance. Vince probably pulled the plug on his push too quickly, but he hadn't really been showing himself to be much more than a mid to low carder at that point. He's much better as a comedy guy and should probably stay there. Revival had some dreadful injury timing, but aside from a few highlights haven't shown themselves to be more than some solid hands. I would shift them over towards the SD side to give fresh match-ups to the teams over there, and perhaps with that focus can show themselves to be legit attractions, but they aren't really built to be the focus of a division and that is what Raw would require of them. Their ceiling seems to be the opponents to a top face team the crowd loves... so yeah let them work with New Day. The whole Raw tag division has been a disaster for the better part of a year now, but it's not like the Revival has been putting out great work during this time.
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    Raw is #FTR - 1/7/2019

    I know it is early, but that apron... whatever between Sasha and Nia will be a solid contender for worst apron spot of the year.
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    Hilariously I thought to myself that IDLES was solid enough to avoid the bottom of the list but had enough things you'd be relatively cool on to keep it from the top (plus the Daughters album is legit better), so I was going "I think it could maybe slide in around the 5 spot". I perhaps know your musical tendencies too well now. (Aside: In a bit of game theory thinking I almost just left Uniform in as it probably had a higher list ceiling, but could also have easily ended up in the bottom 3. Also I legit liked it less.) Thanks for doing this again, it's a fun little project to follow at the end of the year.
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    2019 Game Deals, Subscriptions Etc.

    I know a few people who were impressed with >observer_, so I'd say that one is worth at least giving a try.
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    Assuming you haven't listened to it in the past two days, I'll take you up on this and switch to Idles: Joy as an Act of Resistance.
  11. username

    RAW SPOILERS (Airing 12/31/18)

    I feel rather comfortable at this point saying that Tamina simply doesn't have it. She's shown little if any progress over the years in any area, even in terms of things like speaking or presence. Over the past couple months she has ended up being out there while Nia has to talk for a bit and not only do they not have enough confidence in her to give her even a couple lines, she basically never reacts to anything that anyone says or does during these stretches. She just has no instincts for it. I'd say she's comfortably the worst person on the roster male or female, and I don't even know if there is a close second.
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    Fun fact: I stumbled upon my probable actual album of the year on December 30th. Next year I'm waiting until the actual cutoff before nominating something.
  13. I mean... I would think that redemption would involve an actual admission of fault and taking steps to make amends and such. If I recall she did the standard "I hate steroids, but they happened to be in this dietary supplement I took" which... god I don't think any MMA fighter has ever intentionally taken PEDs as according to the people who failed the tests they were all accidental ingestions. Now I don't think this means to adopt a transphobic hate boner for her, personally I'm pretty neutral towards Cyborg, but simply being good at sports doesn't absolve someone for previous bad behavior.
  14. So just to see if I am following this correctly, a very very tiny trace amount of the steroid he originally failed for 15 or so months back showed up in this December 9th test result. Also none of this substance popped up in any of his other recent tests, and I believe only popped up in one of his samples from last time (as opposed to all of them)? I can follow a long half-life drug still showing tiny trace amounts well over a year after the fact. It skipping several of the other tests he took both back then and more recently is... harder to digest.
  15. username

    SDL is the Oh Five Four~ - 12/18/2018

    Lashley does not use the slingblade, so I'll at least listen to arguments in favor of him over Balor. I'm mean... I'd give Vince a pass on that one as I'm not really convinced Balor gets it beyond having to crawl a bit more during his entrance.