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  1. I liked High Noon but it really did never settle on much of an identity for itself. ...We broke up the Highly Questionable band for this too
  2. My hope is that Matt Hardy comes out every week even more and more crippled demanding Randy Orton answer for his attack on Edge. Next week can be with a bigger neck brace and crutches, week after that in a wheel chair while wearing a halo, week after that wheeled out on a gurney with all sorts of tubes connected to him, you can't convince me that wouldn't be a more entertaining build than what we are likely to get.
  3. Worth noting is that apart from the decision, which was justifiable, was one judge turning in a score card that almost everyone felt wasn't in any way. I think most of the specific complaints are more about "how is that guy allowed to judge" than about the specific result of that fight.
  4. You do grasp how popular Michael Jordan was and kinda still is, right?
  5. I am #5 this year. I was #5 last year. I am consistent! Seriously though I really dig that Blanck Mass album despite it not being my genre of choice, but I was a bit worried it could end up in that last place "why did you make me listen to this?" spot of doom. Unfortunately its main personal competition was one of those good double albums that'd probably make a really good single album or, you know, Tool... so went with the roll of the dice.
  6. Or, hear me out, he's found his own niche in the industry? Like what is the worst case, half the crowd loves him and half hates him? He doesn't appear to be hurting for work as he works a ton of places.
  7. I've been going back and forth on which of two albums to go with here, and ultimately I decided to be nice and go with the one that isn't 85 minutes long. Blanck Mass: Animated Violence Mild
  8. I've watched three Miyahara title matches and left disappointed each time mainly for the reasons you highlighted, so I guess there is at least one of us?
  9. I only caught the main card and while some of the fights were fun the overall pacing was just awful, took basically 4 hours to get through 6 fights and 3 of them were stoppages (the last one didn't save much time).
  10. I think Keith Lee more than anyone else in NXT benefited from the move from one hour to two hour shows. All he needed was a consistent slot to prove himself with and the extra time basically gave him just that.
  11. I had a problem like this before (not here specifically but in general) and while it was only an inconsistent problem previously since I switched from adblock to ublock it has not resurfaced.
  12. I didn't forget about this, but after last year I'm waiting until late December to make sure nothing sneaks up on me.
  13. AEW has used Hager better than anyone else ever has by not letting him wrestle or talk. As long as they stick with that I think he'll be fine.
  14. Meltz does seem to really call very few people when reporting on his stories, it's a bit of a whatever here but the same thing happened with the whole Elgin deal and... I think Meltz might be a worst journalist than Corey is a co-worker.
  15. This has been brought up in the past but not in this particular discussion so I think one has to account for "twitter Meltz" when figuring out the whys of how people feel about him. If someone doesn't read the newsletter directly or listen to the radio show all they really see directly of him (i.e. not second hand) are his tweets and twitter is pretty much him at his worst.
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