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  1. My memory might be failing me but wasn't 1-2-3 Kid a heel in WWF by the end of his first run there? I coulda swore he joined the Million Dollar Corporation, ended up in a diaper and other things like that.
  2. I mean... JMM kinda showed up to that fight late in his career with an all new physique and muscles where he never had muscles before. I think if we are honest with ourselves we can figure out a reason why he suddenly had the power to drop Pacquiao beyond "hey, in boxing sometimes things happen".
  3. So perhaps the commentary was just plain wrong on this but they were acting like if MVP got the pin he would be champion, and if so then I am so lost by how Lashley worked much of that match. Being cool with MVP going for pins, tagging him back in right near the end just makes so little sense in a way that even WWE usually doesn't get this wrong. Also I think Christian got what he deserved for blowing Flair off like that >_>
  4. Yeah this would be a problem. Particularly as you get into the later books it becomes less about characters and more just dealing with the technical reality of what these things would mean (I'm not sure I'd describe it as truly "hard" sci-fi, but it leans in that direction) so those elements getting muddled would be a significant obstacle.
  5. I read his Three-Body Problem trilogy of books and enjoyed all of them.
  6. The thought that Jon Jones/Ngannou wouldn't draw a very high buyrate, perhaps not quite a million but dramatically higher than either would normally produce is simply silly. The two of them deciding "well if this fight is going to make a lot more money, we should probably get paid more" isn't silly at all and is just common sense. Like I think Jon Jones is a hugely talented fuck up who I think very little of as a person but he's not doing a single thing wrong here and I think some are blinded by their personal dislike of the man to the realities of this current particular situation.
  7. Hickman's Fantastic Four/FF run was fantastic. None of you mentioned Tom King's Vision series, for shame. A lot of Brubaker's Captain America run was really strong as well.
  8. I forgot to say this yesterday but I think that cage didn't quite... complement a couple guys theoretically working a Bloodsport-esque match, but looks like it could be a very useful "blowoff match" structure and I hope it gets a few more appearances.
  9. I think it is possible Drake won his job back, but I think there is next to no chance that the initial release was a work.
  10. I mean, she's been on the main roster for a decade now and has over 500 matches, at this point I think it is fair to say that she was just never gonna be any good.
  11. I mean... there were no chairs in the crowd so I don't know how they would. I've also been to many wrestling shows and concerts where I was standing the whole time for a similar reason so I don't quite see the big deal?
  12. I was gonna commend the WWE for doing what AEW should by having the people in the audience maintain proper distancing as best as possible (they at times got excited and got a bit closer to one another than ideal)... and then they had all the guys run in at the end for a big pull apart. Sigh.
  13. I do recall Cody not liking Gulak as of a few years back over some stupid backstage deal at an Evolve show, so there is a real chance that AEW may not be an option for him.
  14. Having a guy with a potentially deadly infection go through a weight cut is... very bad. I feel like a lot of the people nowadays talking up safety being most important are just paying lip service (that is a much larger issue that doesn't really belong just here), but if UFC are truly being honest about wanting to do the best they possibly can they gotta change their procedure now. Jacare should have been pulled on Wednesday as soon as he indicated he had close contact with an infected individual, and so should anyone else fighting for UFC who is in a similar position.
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