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  1. Ishii has some swell matches but I don't think there is any argument for him being a hall of famer barring some surprising late career twists and turns. Unless the argument is that "this era of NJPW is so tremendous we are gonna just put everyone in" his accomplishments don't really exist and I don't know that there is any evidence of him being a draw in the least. Like... Samoa Joe isn't in and has little support. Taue isn't either and was a higher ranked member of a different golden age and was in quite possibly the match of the decade in the 90s. Those two are widely considered
  2. Lashley nearly killed himself right before the commercial break where he lost his balance fireman carrying keith towards the post outside the ring and banged his head off said post with all of Lee's weight on his shoulders. He was lucky it was a glancing blow but it looked like it scraped and bloodied him up a bit.
  3. Worth noting when I checked a week or two back Zelina's twitch channel was at about 15k subs, which on the lowest tier are $5 per month (non-renewing). Now that doesn't mean she takes home $75k/month as Twitch takes a cut and she has deals where for example if you buy 5 gift subs you can like get a signed poster, but I would be shocked if she wasn't making significantly more via this than her actual WWE job. I found this out because I was curious what Miro's twitch numbers are like given his whole AEW deal; they are kinda bad even by wrestler standards.
  4. The booking of Andrade in the past 6 months screams out "he's in the doghouse" so much that I am stunned nothing has come out regarding that. If you look back to right before it all fell apart for him his US title run was a mini-disaster even with mostly okay matches due to a pair of injuries on top of a wellness suspension during it and I would not be surprised in the least to find out that it soured some higher-ups on him
  5. What's amazing to me is that Lana somehow despite all logic has ended up with a more interesting character/program than Miro...
  6. The avalanche backstabber Ali and Ricochet did is one of the dumber looking spots I've seen in a while and I totally do not believe it wouldn't hurt the person landing on the bottom more.
  7. I think it is fair to say that there may be nothing worse in wrestling than a comedy wrestler you don't personally find funny. That's why my pick is Yano.
  8. I am going the other direction and am slightly pleasantly surprised that WWE realized Retribution was a dud now as opposed to several weeks from now which is about when I would have expected it to dawn on them. I'd rather this than them trying and failing to convince me to take them seriously for much longer.
  9. Going back to Ben Carter for a second, regardless of one's feelings about WWE or AEW if one offers to pay you and the other offers to let you work for free... that's a pretty easy choice to make if one isn't independently wealthy. I can see a larger point about where one should want to work but in this particular case I don't see an argument for him making the wrong choice.
  10. I always felt like a lot of the current issues NXT has can be half-sarcastically chalked up to the then NXT fan's monkey paw wish that Gargano and Ciampa never get called up to the main roster. The simple fact is that as a developmental fed where you just cycle through building someone up, get the belt on them, let them have their run, put someone over and have them called up is kinda the easy mode of booking. You don't have to deal with the whole "well what do we do with them now?' that follows, you don't have them holding spots near the top that means there are less of them available, etc. I
  11. ...This is the moment I realize that I haven't actually listened to a new album all year. Huh, that's not particularly helpful.
  12. Mickey seemed all over the place in the match tonight, they also botched that hip toss knee spot before the commercial break and had to redo it, whiffed on that second mick kick, seemed a step and a half slower than Asuka on most exchanges and seemed to lose her spot on that back roll pin spot at the end leaving the ref to just call for a tap rather than hope for them to sort it out on their own. That was likely a mistake, but given how off Mickey was all match I can sort of understand.
  13. Is anyone else finding the site to be a bit slower since the upgrade? It's not like awful but it feels like it takes an extra second or so for every page to load.
  14. It's cool that Rusev/Miro is here now but saddling him with one of the worst guy's in the company talking about their twitch channels is about as lame a way to debut him as possible. He's seemingly bulletproof so I assume he'll be fine, but it is the rare situation where doing literally anything different would have probably been better. But hey, he's back so yay!
  15. White is wrestling on the NJ Strong USA shows so he's in the states as well.
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