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  1. I rarely say this but I am 99% sure Meltz is just straight wrong on this one, at least in the US they were virtually identical when I last checked how many homes they were in six or so months back when the TBS move was first announced. They are negotiated together by Turner, I can't see any way one gained or lost 20 million homes in under a year. Funnily enough I am currently on xfinity and they are on 825 and 826 on the HD line-up, I guess it varies greatly by area of the country.
  2. I can't see anyway that a move to TBS would increase Dynamite's ratings on its own, I normally would chalk up some sort of short-term audience loss to changing networks but TNT and TBS are so similar (they've literally been next to each other in every cable tv channel lineup I've come across) that I assume it will make 0% difference. That said the show's ratings could improve in 2022 for reasons unrelated to the channel it is on.
  3. Yeah for whatever it is worth of WWE's many sins they generally haven't avoiding paying people's medical costs when they are injured or something else comes up when working there. Covid stuff would be something that hasn't come up prior but it would be a change for them to not.
  4. So... am I the only one kinda shocked that Timothy Thatcher still has his WWE/NXT job?
  5. To give Charlotte some benefit of the doubt... this is how her 2021 has gone: - Her fiance has a falling out with her boss and ends up leaving the company on not great terms. - She is pulled from the biggest show of the year (where she likely was gonna win the title) because of a false positive on routine bloodwork. - The story about how her dad may have sexually assaulted a stewardess was featured on a tv series and became big news in the industry she works in. - All the other 2021 crap all of us are stuck having to deal with on a day to day basis. Sometimes you just hit a run of bad luck where even if you are nominally successful it feels like everything in your life is suddenly going wrong. Often times when in that situation people aren't... let's say their best selves. Does this excuse their misbehavior? No, but I also think it makes it misplaced to go "well they're a terrible person who no one should ever have to deal with again". If she's been acting that bad recently then yeah she should be disciplined no questions asked, but I think a lot of the talk beyond that is going too far too soon.
  6. I mean twice in recent times we've seen Cody line himself up against one of the hottest signings they've had, put them over strong then come back immediately with a strong, definitive win way before anyone would say it was a good idea. This is legit the same thing that happened with Brodie, the booking which many disliked at the time while digging the match, which we never got to find out how it would have affected him due to Brodie getting sick shortly after. A big part of the HHH/Jarrett playbook is running as fast as you can to get involved with the hot hand, basking in the reflected heat and generally winning at the end. Those two would also act like working with them and giving them stuff during the body of the feud really established and put them over, even know in the aftermath they were generally less so. As far as I am aware only the fans are doing that part re: Cody atm. Now would I say Cody in general has been anywhere as bad as those two at their worst? No way, that's insane. I don't think anyone can take away how good and generous he was for much of the early AEW run. That said... on this front his past year or so has been very worrisome. He seems very self-interested, everything around him feels like the Cody show and the fact that most people's thoughts were "please get Black away from Cody ASAP before things go bad for him" speaks volumes. He built up the trust in him, and he's effectively cashed it out. From here on things could course-correct after how the crowd has responded, or people's worries may be fully realized. I guess we'll see.
  7. Do we know which 6 man of theirs this was? This looks very much like a match I'd want to watch. EDIT: Figured it out, was from 1/27/91.
  8. I think what you are missing here is not the AEW women's wrestling on the youtube shows... but the lack of it on tv. Say what you will about WWE, no one is shocked when one of their shows has two (or by god more) women's matches on a single show. Hell Shida's only had one match on tv since she dropped the belt and she lost it in May.
  9. Ricochet absolutely wiped Woods out on that dive over the post. While WWE really really overuses putting future opponents/people who dislike each other on the same side in tag matches (really), I thought the women's tag match collapsing into chaos beforehand and shortly after they finally managed to start the match was the way it should end up going more often as opposed to how often said teams end up as tag champs.
  10. I have no idea if this was discussed elsewhere, but I watched that interactive Undertaker/New Day Halloween thing on Netflix (shocker: it was kinda corny) and apparently during filming Undertaker decided to shave his head as in some scenes he is very bald while in others he had rather long hair. There is no explanation and the show even has him do his dramatic hat removal thing multiple times which makes it impossible to ignore.
  11. FWIW reading how everything after this went it does kinda come off like you were trolling, and when every so many months in the larger discussion threads people mention not wanting to participate in the WWE show threads because of negativity and people being let's say aggressive towards those that don't hate said shows they generally are referring to stuff like this. I mention it as I'd wager there's probably a 50-50 shot you weren't trying to be a dick, so if you weren't then the fact that multiple people in this thread afterwards made comments about this suggests that you came off more dickish than you intended and in the future you can use this knowledge to avoid making that mistake again. If you were in fact trying to be a dick then... I guess please don't? Anyways was glad that Rey and Sami got to have a match that actually got some time.
  12. I mean, AEW booked their women awfully for most of the company's existence (although some signs that it is slowly improving in recent months) and doesn't exactly have a lot or any black wrestlers in that prominent of position (quick: Who is the top black face in the company?) so neither of those things being true would be all that shocking.
  13. Shane vs Black Terry brawl on gravel for me.
  14. Yeah, I think interesting is probably the best word to go with. I have a thing about not picking EPs for album of the year over LPs for likely irrational reasons, but I stumbled upon the band and its title track at let's say a very appropriate time and it made an impression on me. FWIW they apparently have a full length album releasing this year so who knows, maybe it'll pop up again in the 2021 edition of this thread... Anyways just wanted to say good job on running this whole thing for another year even if it got delayed a little bit. I wouldn't kick yourself too much over it getting a bit off schedule, I think that has sort of been the running theme for the past year and a half or so.
  15. FWIW given that Terri, a relatively low end "diva", was in the first class section with the bosses I think there is a decent likelihood that they knew enough to keep all of the ladies up there away from the boys.
  16. Joe missed what, 18 months due to getting a pair of concussions in a short period of time, wrestles once and is out again. I hate to say it, but this might be it if it is a concussion again.
  17. Shoot, I liked Highly Questionable, all the other sports shows of its ilk take things way too seriously.
  18. I watched Hap & Leonard mainly for Michael K. Williams (I do like Purefoy as well) and it was rather great.
  19. FWIW I liked the bits of Nia/Charlotte from before the commercial break, Flair actually worked the match like she was against a much larger opponent and had to wrestle around that handicap as opposed to just working the same routine regardless of context. The after commercial break parts... slightly less good. Also last week they had Alexa interrupt Charlotte to set her up as the likely next challenger. This week she wasn't even mentioned, when they mentioned Charlotte offering a challenge last week they cut to Nia's comments this week and Nia sure laid out three people to heat her up as a title challenger. That's rather odd and it makes me wonder what's up with Alexa.
  20. I read the NXT comments a bit differently than most it seems. I may be off base, but I took it that WWE looked at NXT and went "we have way too many 'indie-type' wrestlers right now" so they aren't going to look to pick up any more of them because that niche beyond filled there right now. Basically if in their ideal NXT the split would be 50% indie guys and 50% athletic students they train up (the specific percents aren't important, pick your own if you'd like) and they see that it is currently 85% indie guys and 15% students they likely end up releasing some of the indie guys they are less sold on (which they've done) and likely hold off on hiring any more for the next bit while focusing on hiring for the latter group. I think it is more than likely once they are finished correcting what they see as an imbalance and the indie group thins out via call ups or releases you will see some hired from that talent pool once again. Or I'm wrong and they'll never hire an indie wrestler again, but that feels rather unlikely to me.
  21. I'm assuming WWE didn't really know who he was other than he's famous and willing to show up. Miz asking the insulting question nearly turned him face so you know the crowd did not care for him. I know that this is likely a dream job, the pay is good and AEW likely wouldn't be interested in him, but I think Kross legit needs to go walk up to his boss and tell him he ain't wearing that ever again consequences be damned. I'm always of the opinion that despite what people yell most things aren't a career killer but this get-up might be the rare exception.
  22. I've seen several people say something along these lines and I have an honest question: I always thought that on this spot the person on the top rope was basically throwing themselves, like all those Flair matches and how many opponents weren't tall enough to really have the leverage to toss him in any way? If I'm wrong then please tell me, but this looks more like Lashley likely never having done that bump before and misjudging it than Goldberg doing much wrong, right? FWIW there was a comment in one of the WWE show threads last week where I legit wanted to quote it and go "this is likely why all the people who say they don't hate WWE complain that it's not worth posting about it here anymore" so I definitely sympathize.
  23. Based on that I think you'd probably still dislike Visions of Bodies Being Burned. FWIW I somehow missed clipping beforehand and came to this record clean so I had no issues with mystique, perhaps that helped. I was just gonna pull myself from consideration entirely as I'm now well beyond the deadline (and in truth I caught so little new music in 2020 due to... 2020), but if you'd prefer the replacement route the only other choice I'd have gone with was Zeal & Ardor: Wake of a Nation. At the very least it has the benefit of being an EP!
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