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  1. I need to see Dragon Lee vs. Fenix. I know they had at least one match against each other in Mexico in a tag with their brothers but man... Those two fuckers are crazy and so athletic.
  2. Kingston should win emphatically and quickly. The TNT title match and tournament matches are so fucking great on paper. Page vs. Wardlow is a match that could be headlining a PPV in another year or two. I really enjoyed the All In Penta/Omega match but I think they have a better in one them. I was thinking it would be with some build to give it some extra layers but this is fine for now.
  3. I get wanting to have a contract structure but the women's division is pretty much so bad that it is time to think about abandoning it if they don't get some actual wrestling talent. Signing good wrestlers to carry that division is a must. Deeb is fine but she's more a solid supporting vet than an ace. All the signs point to Rosa going to WWE for reasons already mentioned and it frustrates me that TK won't offer her more than NXT has (unless it's not a money thing then fair enough. I could see her wanting to work with the far more talented group of women after she had some struggles even with
  4. OH, DEAR GOD. MY NAME'S BILLY. PLEASE, OH PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Would be a more important signing outside of a tippy top guy from NJPW or WWE. She'd make everybody else in the division look better. Sign her, give her the belt until somebody can both cut a promo and work competently in the ring.
  5. Not fucking around with Prochazka. I like it. Somebody will be going to sleep and early.
  6. People working themselves into expecting the unexpected because they've watched too much WWE refusing to do the logical thing for so long. I'd be absolutely shocked if it's not Hangman/Omega in the final in what could be the only match imo to rival their tag vs. the Bucks from February. It's been built up really well and Omega's new character direction fucking rules. I trust Omega to deliver in big matches more than just about anybody. This card is going to be great. FTR/Bucks will probably keep some stuff in their back pocket for future matches with crowds, hence the injury angle. That's
  7. Caught a bit of Dark, mostly for the blowoff to Cutler and Avalon's 8 month feud. I love D&D but even I think Cutler is a fucking dork. lol. Fun match though. If you don't have a spot for a guy like Avalon to mug it up, get some low brow heeling in, and lose in entertaining fashion, then you suck at putting together a wrestling show. I also saw the Bunny and Kingston segment. When did Bunny turn on QT Marshaaaahll? Did I miss something on Dynamite or was this a Dark angle?
  8. I am still hoping Pico puts it all together but with that chin I don't know if sustained excellence is possible with how he fights right now. He should probably be pressuring to get inside and take guys down. He's done a bit more wrestling lately from what I've seen but still... it's the best base for MMA and he's one of the best wrestlers alive right now. He should almost always be looking for takedowns. Khabib had room for improvement with his boxing. He used that weird Iaquinta fight as a sparring session. But improving his stand-up was relatively easy for him because everybody was scared s
  9. I agree that it was pretty clear Gaethje looked overwhelmed yesterday. But let's not forget the job he did on Ferguson, whom up to that point, everybody thought would be Khabib's last and best challenger despite not having the wrestling pedigree Gaethje has. Gaethje is such a weird guy to nail down. I've been wrong on him so many times, I give up. But Alvarez, Poirier, and Khabib are three all timers at lightweight, so there's no shame in losing to those three. I think his path is pretty straight forward right now though. Win a bounce-back fight against somebody in the top 10 and fight the win
  10. I think that's my gripe with welterweight during GSP's era. Once GSP mastered wrestling on top of his incredible stand-up and good BJJ, it was lights out for everybody else because he was great at everything and with his wrestling he could dictate where the fight went. There were still a lot of specialists or guys like Koscheck who were predominantly wrestlers but could knock somebody out with an overhand right. I'm biased towards Jones and Khabib because they are fighting more complete mixed martial artists. Not everybody today is perfectly well-rounded but there's not a lot of room for guys
  11. I agree. And we along with a lot of people are questioning the Young Bucks U turn too. AEW is not perfect. I wish by now there was more of a Bill Watts common sense approach to big picture stuff like this at this point. Sometimes it's clear there are too many chefs in the kitchen, but it's on Tony to have a unified vision that tells logical long-term stories. The Hangman stuff has been perfect imo. It's not as if they can't do it. Doing it all of the time with 100% execution rate is impossible too. Especially when you're telling way more complex stories than the stuff of Mid-South 1985.
  12. Jones is a little Mayweather-esque in that regard, is he not? He fights a lot of guys who are just past their best but still have the name value. I think Floyd obviously manufactures that more than Jones does though.
  13. They did drop the ball with Miro after his fine but cliched introductory promo. But I have zero worries that long-term he won't be just fine in the main event scene or at worst upper midcard as an over solo act. The sooner this fucking stupid wedding angle happens and he can split from Kip Sabian, the better tho.
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