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  1. They've already confirmed the next Elder Scrolls is Xbox (and Windows) exclusive. Starfield is exclusive. So he can't hate them that much. Their press release said: They have recently released relatively big third party games as day one Game Pass releases, like Back 4 Blood, but for games by their own studios? I think this strongly suggests they'll be exclusives. I'm fine either way. Would suck for people without a good gaming rig or Xbox though.
  2. Why wouldn't they be exclusives? If elder scrolls will be exclusive so will other big games. Feel like Microsoft has future proofed themselves with their focus on game pass. Once consoles are a thing of the past, game pass will be the big deal. Bigger than it already is. It's a fantastic service. I got a mega gaming pc recently and playing shit like Halo and Back 4 Blood with friends on their xboxes has been a blast. Haven't turned my ps5 on in months and don't see myself doing it for the foreseeable future.
  3. Mox and Hobo Army vs. Andrade and HFO. So many great matches on the table but I do hope we get a big Mox/Page program at one of the PPVs.
  4. I think Cole is losing to Page at Revolution. They've heated him up really well and I would think the blowoff with OC is coming at Beach Break next week. Bucks and Red Dragon will likely have a match at the PPV too, at least that's what they've been suggesting, so that would free Cole up for the big shot at Hangmin.
  5. GLEAT is becoming the great Japanese indie of our times, isn't it? I wish they'd just do more of a Battlarts fusion than separate the two styles, but this is rad. Hosokawa was Emi's latest trainee and looked pretty good in the lil bit of Chocopro I saw her in. How's she been doing in GLEAT?
  6. Groupchat has to be unbearable.
  7. Show has missed him, to be honest. There are so many people he could tear it up with. I really want to see him and Miro beef. Maybe Cole after Cole's likely title challenge.
  8. Should make for a good quip on Dynamite. That gym is loaded though and I wonder how they divvy up allotting focus and time for so many stars. There can only be so many top level coaches to go around, right?
  9. There's a clause he'd "only" get a quarter of a million versus a quarter of a billion if let go with just cause I think I saw on twitter.
  10. Game comes out in March and we haven't seen any actual gameplay yet. Huh. Last time that happened it went well. I want this to be good.
  11. That's the thing with sports pretending covid is over and just powering through, there could be serious, permanent damage to the healthiest people on the planet. So fucked up. Of course if it's happening to them, what about the people who are most vulnerable?
  12. Max Caster as dollar store Zack Fox is pretty fun.
  13. He's the Son of Andre, bro. In Deadlock, he is booked as hailing from Grenoble.
  14. Yeah, you could tell with the lighting that there were a lot of empty seats and that would certainly be a buzz killer for those that were there.
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