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  1. https://twitter.com/mmamania/status/1594034931423793152 https://twitter.com/UFC_Obsessed/status/1594035769915891713 Sheesh. Natalia Silva with the perfectly timed spinning back kick. Thankfully Bleda's chin was tucked
  2. Cerebral Vigilante on twitter put forth a dream match of Pereira vs. Prochazka and I need it. Jiri beats Glover again, Pereira wins his rematch w/ Adesanya (certainly less likely), then Alex goes for vengeance on behalf of Glover. I thought Jiri would be way bigger than Pereira but they're pretty similar in size and reach. UFC BEST BOOKED WRESTLING PROMOTION 2022-23. Over/under on how long a Pereira/Prochazka fight goes? 5 minutes?
  3. Adesanya on the stoppage (half jokingly), "bring back Steve Mazzagatti." lmao. edit: he says a nerve in his leg was compromised and that's why he lost. Would explain him staying on the fence rather than circling off like he had been up to that point.
  4. Yeah Im not sure how many times he did that willingly or the threat of Pereira up in his shit with that power backed him off.
  5. So happy with all the results on the main card. And the undercard featured a lot of violence. Great stuff. UFC the best booked show in 2022 (damning with faint praise).
  6. I hope Pereira takes a more aggressive approach in the rematch because he was so timid even when he got to his preferred range inside after getting smacked a few times in round 1. He never lost his power, his tank is good enough, and he recovers well. Throw those hands, man. Israel is a god still and fought a really smart fight. He was a couple minutes away from winning.
  7. WHAT?! December 17th, KSW 77. Incredible. Parnasse fights on 76 (November 12th).
  8. Beautiful. String side up is crazy tho.
  9. The only issue i take with the above is that Mox and Moriarty never really had the crowd to begin with. Lee was put in a really tough spot but did a fine job. It's not right to throw in a guy with super limited tv exposure with one of your most over acts and expect to get much in the way of heat or sympathy. It's a thing they do often enough and the result is almost always the same. Agreed on Cabana. He's just not really that good. But at least the boys in the back are happy. ? Edit: Wheeler's matches could be an exception but didn't they come after he had some exposure on TV previously?
  10. Right, you got me. That is definitely my main complaint. Who the fuck are you? Meanwhile, they just sold 2400 tickets and put on a show with maybe one pretty good match at time when they should be fighting for their lives. Jericho and Moxley couldn't carry their jobbers of the week and Khan's troll job, while admirable, was a disaster in the ring.
  11. Yeah, man. AEW is totally killing it this year. (kissmyass) I love Jeff Jarrett and think this is a very good move.
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