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  1. Who? Zero chance of Nakano being featured but this Nagato kid may be in.
  2. That Omega/Takeshita/Nakazawa segment. Omega made it sound like he was going to tag with Takeshita to take on the Sydal brothers, but then revealed that Konosuke would be tagging with Nakazawa. Hopefully we get Omega and Takeshita vs. the Sydals after Nakazawa inevitably gets pinned next week. Also liked how Kenny pointed out how DDT helped get him started in Japan only to say they owed him a favour. Consistent.
  3. Fellow Actwresler Ayumi "WASSHOI" Hayashi just made her Chocopro debut and is incredibly charismatic. She's like 2021's Sakura Hirota (the highest of praise). They should definitely use micro Joshi promotion talent once travel becomes easier/safer. Rina Yamashita doing deathmatches on Elevation would be cool too. Matsumoto never followed up her WWE appearances and she absolutely rules. I know dudes stay loyal to their home promotions but Takeshita and Endo are clearly guys that could excel in America, particularly Konosuke with his size. He made a competitive squash riveting because of ho
  4. Takeshita looked great on Elevation. They brought out Excalibur to serve as the Iron Mike Tenay role. Danny Limelight would do well to keep some of his offense simpler and less contrived. He's clearly got some skill but too many weird botches/moments of hesitation because he does too much.
  5. Oh man. You rarely see somebody out on there feet like that and also take a clean combination on the way down. Like out of a video game.
  6. Some of it certainly connects. Not sure I agree with all of it (he had grown in NJPW past the BC shit clearly, so this is more of a regression than anything). I enjoy the psychobabble Omega takes though.
  7. I think you're making too much of the ratings. They will not have direct wrestling competition starting next week and it seems like they're determined to start touring again in the summer. I know some people just don't watch wrestling without crowds. The two friends of mine who are into wrestling don't. I try to convince them to watch AEW when it's really firing but nope. One will check out the PPVs but that's it. If it's not your preferred style of wrestling, I get that. That's fine. I wish they did some things differently and I'll bitch on it here but it feels like we're focusing on one
  8. I think that's the whole point of this Bucks bullshit. They need to have Hangman's old friends together for him and the DO to conquer on the path to Hangman beating Omega for the belt. So while I think it's important we got here, the way in which it was mishandled was not good at all. I've enjoyed Callis' part in this and Kenny's unhinged promo a couple weeks ago but that's about it. However, if this ends with the Bucks turning on Kenny during or after the Hangman match and joining Page, that shit will be unforgivable.
  9. Seems like the main event angle was universally rejected and disliked. I wonder how they react, as they've been good trying to learn from (most) mistakes but I feel like the Bucks and Omega all have pretty big egos so I'm not sure. The only part I didn't dislike was that they made it seem like Omega had to really try to win over the bucks throughout the match and that it was spontaneous rather than the even lamer "we planned this from the start" bullshit but the execution still sucked. I think the world of both but they need to leave the melodrama behind permanently and especially during match
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