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  1. Whatever it may be, I do remember them having a title shot in their pocket and not using it. What you said was way more logical than my thinking it was the battle royal deal.
  2. Somebody eventually has to play transitional champ and drop it early into their reign or you will have a lot of heatless title matches.
  3. Hobbs title when? If he can cut promos like that in the ring regularly he needs to be strapped to a rocket to the top ASAP.
  4. Heidi Doyle is strong but shouldn't have to be that strong. Heartbreaking.
  5. Not for completionists. And why would TK want to fill his show with talent from a roster they just spent a year smacking around. He said Cole was the one guy he feared, and I'm sure there may be some tire pumping hyperbowl there, but is Johnny Gargano a draw? He'll get some nice novelty pops at the start and then what? Ring of Honor seems to pay well these days.
  6. Also, we know he worships the ground HBK walks on. He, Chuck Taylor, and that group are all on the record as big Michaels guys. What makes you think he's going to drop the HBK routine and lessons learned from his idol should he do the unthinkable and walk away from working with him?
  7. What does Gargano bring that they don't already have that is a positive?
  8. Gargano wasn't mechanically a different beast on the indies just with a tenth of the high school drama routine for better or worse. I always saw him as bland but then saw some of his heel work and he was actually pretty good. I do wonder how long you can run on your gimmick being the guy that says "baybay" and "story time with Adam Cole". He's charismatic enough to come up with something new hopefully.
  9. Please don't do the "debate me bro" rhetoric. It's lame. I have certainly watched more than a handful of Gargano matches. I was a regular nxt watcher up to Gargano's super push and stopped watching because of his bullshit. They took his worst tendencies and emphasized them to the Nth degree. Of all the "Shawn Michaels is the GOAT" boys of his generation he is the greatest offender of the overly dramatic, exposition bullshit. I think you can do emotional, inner conflict stuff fine in wrestling but it's an incredibly thin line. Think Omega and the Bucks straddled the line sometimes in NJPW and AEW, but Gargano wipes his ass with the line and makes a mockery of it. From "I'm sorry. I love you" gave way to Gargano staring at his hands, acting concussed, trying to hold hands with Ciampa, etc. I can't stand him or his style and I do not think removing him from HBK's agenting is remotely sufficient because that is so infused in Gargano's identity at this point. I don't enjoy everybody on the AEW roster but there aren't any I actively hate. This would be the first. I do not think I dislike any wrestler purely based on their style like I do Gargano.
  10. No it fucking is not the same. He holds hands in the middle of a blood feud and does overly dramatic concussion selling because everything must be about him at all times. He is the end game of bad Shawn Michaels drama class wrestling. Please don't compare that to Omega.
  11. You all are joking right? I'm starting to hyperventilate. Why can't we have nice wrestling things?
  12. You are a sick, sick man for suggesting Gargano. I love this company but I'm out if they bring him in.
  13. I swear I'm not high these days. I promise you that feels like this year, lol. Damn. *sweating*
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