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  1. That shit is wild. I saw that clip and felt really uncomfortable, especially when Ox just casually steps out of the ring (Dundee kicks him in the butt, lol).
  2. Oh my gah, that sounds so great. I have IWTV but it seems that show ain't on there (yet?), dammit.
  3. Kyle O'Quinn's beard looks like a PS3 or PS4 beard, not real life. It's weirding me out.
  4. Especially when Harden has been criticized for his usage percentage and burning out in the playoffs. I feel gross now. I can't believe I just did that.
  5. I know Ige is playing up the underdog role here but he really is the underdog in this fight. I don't think he beat Edson and I have a hard time seeing him beat Kattar. Calvin isn't Barboza and won't buckle when pressured, Kattar enjoys staying in the pocket. He's got more power than Ige. He's got a good chin. There are 3 maybe 4 featherweights on the planet I'd put ahead of him. Top three fights all look great on paper. Alhassan has shown a lot of potential so far. Anybody else exciting from the rest of the card?
  6. Hmm, with that in mind, I'll up the difficulty from the get-go.
  7. That is going to be great. I'm excited for that.
  8. Gameplay ideas, I think. I intentionally tried to avoid too much detail, as I've pre-ordered and will be playing the second it's out.
  9. And out of all the wrestlers he seemed to be taking it the most seriously. Fuck. He's in excellent shape at least so he should be able to give that son of a bitch there covid a diamond cutter and make it feel the bang.
  10. What I've read is that the world is beautiful but beyond aesthetics they played it too safe. I'm sure I'll enjoy it but that is disheartening.
  11. The cartoony zaniness hasn't made its way to tv and I don't think it will because Brodie Lee shouldn't be portrayed as the leader of nincompoops even though that's kind of what he is. Hence, I think in the not too distant future the comedy geeks are kicked out. Until then I am going to enjoy John Boy in these sketches.
  12. @Elsalvajelocohe was the one dissenting vote against mandatory masks from what I remember. Libertarians gonna libertarian. I have that same Nike shirt as Tana... Funny enough, I don't look nearly as good as he does in it.
  13. Scott Norton's wife was fucking dope, man. She'd answer most any question we'd throw her way. Then somebody pissed her off and she left for a long time, maybe forever. Who was it that upset her and where can I find them? That story about him refusing to come to a Nitro taping because he was laying down a new driveway is a thing, right? I'm not just making up Scott Norton stories or my Scott Norton dreams aren't leaking into my consciousness are they?
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