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  1. Younger Shibata was such an amazing underdog. He sold the fuck out of his sempai's offense but he knew he had to bring everything he had right from the off or he had no chance. That sort of desperation is beautiful. Haven't seen that Akiyama match in forever but I am definitely gonna go back and watch the shit out of that one. What could have been had he not fucked with MMA and gotten his brain even more damaged, continued to work with great wrestlers and learn. Probably the same ending but sooner, sadly. He was probably the most complete of those three musketeers, though Tanahashi wasn't far behind (way smoother in the ring but not the charisma or emotion).
  2. The only times I've had an emotional reaction to a Rey Mysterio match were when he's in there with I think the best emotional storyteller in American wrestling history: Eddie Guerrero. I still think Bret is #1 out of North America overall, but Eddie's ability to tell a story with raw emotion and facial reactions is just untouchable. Y'all remember those DEAN comics. This is true especially of his last few years with us. He was not a particularly good promo in WCW but that raw ability to say so much without words was there, doubly so when he turned heel. But, man, did he put it all together when he was re-hired in 2002 and had started to clean up his abuse problems. For me, wrestling is first and foremost an emotional art form. If you cannot engage me emotionally unless you're in there with a legend of the highest calibre in that regard, I can't consider you an all time great. He's great but he's not on that elite level in my opinion. Technically amazing and aerially innovative/groundbreaking, but emotionally/psychology-wise not there and that's what I value more than anything in wrestling. I absolutely understand why this is not the standard opinion on Rey, but I'm fine with that. And fuck the 619.
  3. I shouldn't laugh at somebody losing their job but it's modern football and Barcelona. He will be paid handsomely for failing upwards and I can't imagine anybody expects to be in that job for long.
  4. Jiji


    Quinn Hughes is mini Scott Niedermayer. He's fucking amazing and it's his rookie year. Bo Horvat is a beauty too. This team with those two, Pettersson, Boeser, and JT Miller have a great core to build around. Markstrom finally developed over the last couple of years into the goalie Florida hoped for and Vancouver needed when they traded Luongo. Edler and Tanev are still very good too. Toffoli isn't even playing right now and the team is up 2-0 against the defending champs. Still a long way to go but this is so impressive. Way ahead of schedule, regardless of what happens. to be clear, i am now on the bandwagon
  5. Definitely agree that Rey is The Godfather of wrestling. Rey's selling is very good but I don't think it's top tier. It's totally passive. I like my big time sellers to have some passion in it like Kawada, Hokuto, Juice.
  6. One last one for now... but the guy who does a lot of the artwork for TD9x, including the above, also has some stuff with Dragon Sleeper merch (it could be his own deal). Based in the UK but North American orders are fulfilled from the States. He basically did the TD9x joshi legends shirt but in ECW style and he's got a few other fantastic shirts up there too (Suzuki, Liger, Tiger Mask).
  7. Agreed that Rey is overrated. He had some incredible matches for their time in AAA, WAR, ECW, WCW and other places but he's definitely a one trick pony. He sells well and gets amazing hope spots in. That's pretty much it. Watching him and Psicosis tear it up felt like watching Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner or Tom & Jerry. I wanted the coyote and cat to get their prey, lol.
  8. They got another Awesome shirt coming too. And a podcast in which they talk about what if Abyss had an Only Fans account (BLACKHOLESLAM).
  9. Their match at the Rumble was insane. Wahoo and Johnny Valentine probably thought it was stiff.
  10. Whooooaaaaa! TigerDriver9X just emailed me about the joshi tank I ordered saying there was a problem with the manufacturer. I responded and asked if there was any chance of doing a tank version of the Hokuto shirt... They uploaded the design to another site just for li'l ol' me and got rid once I ordered (TWO). I. am. so. happy. They are the best.
  11. I had to go back and make sure I heard that right. The Prince of Pro Wrestling, flanked by 38 people. Douche levels off the charts. It's going to be the best moment of AEW's short history when they finally pull the trigger. He reminds me of early Ace Tanahashi where he's delusional in not understanding why fans dislike his egotistical preening. "BUT I'M THE GOOD GUY, YOU GUYS."
  12. This is really fun. Same show features a good Fujiwara/Yamazaki main event with the latter picking up probably the biggest win of his career up to that point and a ridiculously fun Mr. 200% Yoji Anjo/Takada match. Anjo's timing and psychology don't let this become a snorefest when Takada goes to lay on him and exert dominance. I can't find the Anjo/Takada match online sadly. Hakata Starlanes is my second favourite wrestling venue after Korakuen Hall. It, obviously, didn't have as many events but the fans there were always so hot and loved an underdog. In time, I'd like to do a compilation of the best of Korakuen and Starlanes Magic sets.
  13. I love the classic look of the women's title. It may be my favourite of the bunch because it does look like something AJPW would've used back in the day.
  14. I feel like this is their version of giving Nakamura the IWGP Intercontinental title to establish it before a young guy beats him for it. It's not a bad idea but the open challenge format has legs for only so long and its time feels like it's just about up. It gave us Eddie Kingston and some good matches, so it wasn't a failure by any stretch but to basically have Cody go through the entirety of the midcard with no build is gonna get to the point where it does more harm than good. I feel like Sky did not come out of his match with Cody looking better than he did before. Most guys have though.
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