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  1. When LeBron is taking the initiative, he's still unguardable. He's hit some crazy shots in the last 5 minutes against the Cavs, 21 in the quarter I believe. This Lakers team is just so good on defense, especially in comparison to the Nets playing this same Cavs team. Schroeder and Caruso making life very difficult on Sexton. edit: look at this shit
  2. I am really enjoying the "I am going to fight you" talk from both Dax and Kingston. Simple. Overall really good stuff but I'm not sold on Ryan Nemeth.
  3. March 26th. Ugh, they made Kong the good guy and Godzilla the bad guy. I do not like that. Still gonna be the first dumb covid decision I will make in a year. I'm giving myself that. People are pointing out a screen cap from early on when they show Godzilla destroying stuff and saying it looks like Mechagodzilla.
  4. Not Manchester United's own Martin Tyler on commentary.
  5. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! He survived with enough and the leg and the punch to the face x25. That one that sat Conor down was so good because Conor leaned into it. edit: retirement #4 coming up?
  6. I agree with you, but maybe not as vociferously because Bellator's division hasn't been exactly stacked with talent (full of little guys too) and yeah I think some detractors feel like he's on the way down or just about. I would love to watch him fight Gaethje.
  7. Happy 62nd birthday to overall good guy Akira Maeda. For all his flaws, he's one of the biggest stars of Japanese wrestling/combat sports that hardly anybody in the West gives too much of a shit about. A pioneer of sorts in terms of MMA too and an absolutely great wrestler. He's way more than kicking Choshu in the face and fucking w/ Andre.
  8. I feel like Chookagian is so averse to getting hit, she intentionally throws out of range just to make it look like she's active. I have no time for that shit tbh.
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