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  1. It is so, so good to have Tully back and all over this show. He's the best.
  2. In that SRS interview, Omega said his return to backstage work last month during the tournament was not a good idea, as it threw off his rehab routine. He made it sound like he wouldn't be at Forbidden Door. Maybe that was a work (brother) maybe it was not.
  3. Kenny Omega is doing an interview w/ SRS right now and it's very silly. Worked soft burial of Will Ospreay. It would be funnier if this wasn't leading up to a match and instead just his opinion.
  4. Remember how fun the pre-Kyrie/KD/Harden Nets were with the bench mob and the pissy pamper meme? That feels like forever ago.
  5. I feel sorry for whomever is Danielson's replacement if it isn't Claudio. I don't think it'll be a Rey #30 in the 2014 Rumble type of maddening boos or anything, but the crowd will be incredibly deflated if it's not him. I'm sure they'd pop for shitbum Gargano, so there's that, but I'll be dead inside. My love for AEW extinguished for good. If it's not Claudio at least let it be somebody good like the names thrown out here in Thatcher and Biff. Gresham in Blood and Guts would not fit at all. Ain't no need for complex pinning combinations in that match.
  6. I know this story ends with Jungle beating Christian but, man, if it were me it would be a long chase for that W. Give Christian the first match and make Jungle go on a long journey and show true growth to get to Christian's level. Let Christian ride this wave and give him some real juice before he puts over Jungle. That was tremendous even if he slipped a bit in the setup to the dad line. Heel Christian is god tier.
  7. Okay, time for Omega and Ibushi to start their own promotion. I would burn bridges with NJPW in order to bring Ibushi in but that's just me.
  8. Forbidden Door will be the first AEW ppv i do not order. With it being only a month out from Double or Nothing, NJPW being ice cold, the build being trash, Punk's injury, AEW booking being relatively poor the past 3-6 months with a few exceptions, no Omega/Ibushi, I don't have much to care about. The Ospreay TV has been quality despite the fact I dislike him but I'm good. If AEW is still struggling by late July then there are serious problems to be concerned about. I don't think we can entirely put this relatively down period (and it's nothing major but there are some cracks showing) on Forbidden Door either. Some straight up bad booking decisions the past half year or so. At least with AEW, the matches will always be there to make the shows worthwhile.
  9. For 1v1 matches, I think KOCII is better than Fire Pro most of the time. For anything else, Fire Pro is better.
  10. Beterbiev is scary. I went to feed my cat after the first round and the fight was over by the time I got back. I should've known better.
  11. Had that all ready to copy n paste into here. Man, I forgot about Lee Moriarty, not going to lie. Has he been on the YouTube shows lately?
  12. But where is Tomko these days? 2v2
  13. Yeah, bringing in that piece of shit is way more egregious than any jeff hardy nonsense.
  14. Cyberfight wrestler on a NJPW cross-promoted show? No way.
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