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  1. Plus Ricky Starks tweeted (and deleted) "why can't my coworkers shut the fuck up for a minute" and suggested AEW bring in Hunico to solve their problems. Then he posted this pic lol: notice the pillar, of course.
  2. A tragedy. FTR were so good with Tully and now... What are the odds of the main event being a Halloween Havoc '95 Arn/Pillman vs. Sting/Flair situation? I know it was too predictable and lolstupidsting but the way they set it up was so money and I will never forget Flair getting the hot tag in the slacks, doing the Flair rope run right into coldcocking Stinger. The beatdown is fucking terrific too, with Sting fighting like a madman to get at Flair and the Horsemen having to hold him down. The October 16th Nitro to set it up was great with Sting not buying Flair's reformation and forcing him to work the first bit of their tag match against Arn and Pillman by himself before coming down to singlehandedly win the match.
  3. This looks good on paper minus Jay Lethal. Glad to see they're going back to a wrestling heavy episode after the WWE fuckery last week.
  4. Playstation in the mud bad this gen. Haven't touched my ps5 in about 8 months. I'm the sucker of course.
  5. Meltzer says they sacrificed exposure for $$$.
  6. Friday the 13th still is one of the games I had the most fun playing with randoms online ever. Glitchy mess but boy was it fun for about a year. I'd love it for them to make a sequel and learn from their mistakes but, yeah, licencing hell puts a stop to that for now.
  7. Thomson walked it back saying that he didn't have the audio that the broadcast had and was in the seats so he thought it was a separated shoulder and Pico wanted to keep fighting. But yeah, Josh Thomson sucks either way. Spike Carlyle still a perennial Fucked Fucker of the Year contender, I see. No defense all attack. Okay, cool. Big day for Chinese WMMA on the 70th anniversary of the PRC's founding. #blessed
  8. Pico's fight stopped due to a seemingly broken clavicle. God damn.
  9. He was joking and looking at Ospreay when he said it according to multiple reports. He still probably shouldn't have said it.
  10. Chatri put the belt on Xiong's shoulders and walked off looking disappointed. I'm sure he would rather the super marketable Angela Lee win but oh well lol. Herb Dean was halfway through waving his hands at least once probably two or three times in round one when Xiong was beating the brakes off of Lee. She also continued to land the more impactful strikes rounds 2-5 though Lee had significantly more volume in most of those rounds. Still, Xiong should've won that fight if you're scoring it as a whole rather than by rounds.
  11. One championship in Prime 2 was another great show top to bottom. Great promotion and they're giving us Lineker later this month. Judging fights as a whole is so much better than by rounds when there are only 3 or 5, otherwise the main event would've gone the other way even though no way did Lee win that fight. Nastyukhin did the fucking splits like he was James Brown lol. Awesome opener. Good stuff on prelims too.
  12. Matt, I really appreciate your description of Inoki and early NJPW style. My favorite of his moments of pro wrestling cartoony but awesome storytelling was in one of his Hansen matches where he leaps into the on rushing Western Lariat, landing his own by millimetres to win the match. It has a famous name in Japanese that I forget right now and can't look up, but that's exactly the thing I loved about Inoki. So many moments that are right out of a sports manga, like Hajime no Ippo or something of that ilk. One of a kind legend whose work is now probably underrated because of the lol Inokiism takes. His match with Choshu in '84 is one of the best I've ever seen and perfectly encapsulated Inoki's ace and establishment persona contrasted with Riki's revolutionary chaos. Stillness, calm and counter wrestling juxtaposed with a natural disaster looking to upend the order of things.
  13. The story of AEW this year is a real mixed bag in booking but the match quality prevailing.
  14. So Saraya really not cleared then? They got her under a three year deal and probably pretty big money to be the women's GM?
  15. If you ever find yourself asking this about a John from Cincinnati post, assume he is being sarcastic.
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