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  1. The Cody Rhodes Autofellatio Award Brought To You By Triple H.
  2. Because The Shadow Knows obv. If they do trios titles, I hope they do lucha rules with a captain. It's as close as I'll get to some of those amazing captain falls tags from Noah's halcyon days. While it was easier for Noah's clearly hierarchical roster to pick captains, it may help AEW to have a bit of structure like that, something I've been arguing since probably the start of dynamite to avoid guys like Omega going 50/50 with Janela.
  3. Why not both? "Boom boom but does it even really matter? "
  4. Wow, I just noticed Munhoz vs. Rivera is on this card. That is a great fight on paper and apparently they fought 6 years ago and I have no recollection of it. Split decision. They seem like they are in the same role within the division, that being a gatekeeper to the title fight. Connor Ruebusch wrote an article detailing Gane's kicking game that I scanned through. He really has the tools on the feet to give anybody trouble. The way he mixes things up and sets traps patiently is fairly unique at heavyweight in terms of kickers. We knew right away he was one to watch and while sometimes h
  5. Yappy is a cop. Wait, does this mean Ram Kaicho is a cop too?!
  6. I feel like the more I watch old TNA the more I start to think I've been duped thinking it was the shits this whole time. Don't get me wrong, a lot of it is silly or downright bad, but it's almost always entertaining. The above clip perfectly encapsulates the wonders of TNA. AJ taking a savage bump, disheveled Lex Luger a step away from getting caught up in Billy's t-shirts (which are too tight!), Abyss becoming the tag team champion by winning what appears to be a 1-on-1 tables match, child aged ref Posey now of AEW, and the GOATed announce pairing of all time sounding like they put their mon
  7. That show is tremendous. One of many reasons to dislike Hebner, but the 3 stages (THE BEER CAN AT THE END!) and Rock/Angle are two of my favourite matches from WWF during that period. I hope AEW brings back three stages of hell under some other gimmick name. Really thought it would make sense for Omega/Moxley but I'm more than okay with where it ended up going.
  8. Austin Gunn gives you the nepotism connection, though Poffo was good.
  9. Who was that NFL player that was legit amazing on his debut for TNA a few years back? I was blown away and immediately wanted more.
  10. Papa Buck? Serious answer: Austin Gunn edit: @El Gran GordiIIRC, TK stated he only got the green light because he pitched this as a viable business enterprise to his father. I think they said they'd not be around for long if it were a money pit, but that was prior to a global pandemic.
  11. CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD (BBC) New Adam Curtis from earlier this month. I've still not finished part 6. He's uploaded all parts on his youtube but I think only parts 1-3 are available outside of the UK for now. There are... other ways. While I don't agree with all of his takes, this is a fascinating examination of modern power, the individualism/collectivism dynamic, and continuity/change is masterful. As is the use of somewhat peripheral historical figures (and Tupac) vaguely tying together to represent bigger shifts is so great. Love the use of archival footage. I studied history an
  12. I was thinking it was gonna be mobile game bullshit. TYB for saving me the time.
  13. I audibly gasped and put my hand on my mouth when I saw Tarver's name. LOL.
  14. Was just thinking the other matches did not do much for me but that one does.
  15. Hold on, wait a minute. Something ain't right. You're telling me CM Punk, who hasn't wrestled in how long? Is going to come back and the first match he's going to do is without build and it's a clusterfuck ladder match? Yes.
  16. While escalation can be a problem that arises from the following, allowing wrestlers to mature and survive moves that previously put them away is something AJPW did so well before it got completely out of hand. Have three moves that can put people away: one for young lions and jabronis, one for midcarders and one for top guys.
  17. But it's sadly not a no rope version, right? Kenny said the barbed wire would be wrapped around the ropes, correct? And if it's not no ropes, they'd be unable to do the traditional double hell deal with two sides having no ropes and no barbed wire. I'm interested to see what they go with.
  18. I am all in on Giulia vs. Iida. I think Iida is my new fave in the promotion at least until Jungle returns. She's limited because of her experience and card positioning but she's got it, her selling is great, and her offense is unique and suits her persona. Love the counter jumping hammer she does.
  19. I really feel like Britt can and will get her heat back soon enough. Again, she has unfinished business with Rosa. Maybe she's the next title challenger after Revolution. I'm not worried in the least for her and I think AEW, despite her losses, values her. She's already gotten so much TV time, even when injured (I forgot Statlander was on the roster when throwing names the division is going to build around btw) that she's established. This tournament should elevate somebody else. They need more high end names for the division that can be featured on Dynamite regularly. Yes, it's a self-fulfill
  20. Alisson's father drowned in a lake today. What a shit couple of weeks between Klopp's mother and now Ali's father.
  21. How about Pillman Jr.'s thigh landing on the corner of the steel step after the already gnarly enough lookin' powerbomb tho?
  22. Oh my fucking God, how did I forget to mention the nutted but they still suckin' sell job by Papa Buck. I lost it at that. What a legend!
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