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  1. His character isn't easy to describe but it's that of a young, brash man that wants his now. He knows how good he is, that he's way ahead of where he's supposed to be, but doesn't want to work his way up the ladder, hence attacking guys way above his paygrade like Punk and Kingston. He's able to remain calm when things go his way but snaps when they don't, hence the red mist part of red death. Was it the Kingston or Punk match where he tried to meditate for a few seconds after he could feel the match start slipping away from him? That kind of dedication and understanding of character work and storytelling of character within a match is really special and hard to come by among stars, much less a 23 year old neophyte. Hot headed, brash young man to tl;dr it. I love it and I think he would mesh with Dickhead Danielson perfectly. As for the promos, I think it's his delivery I mostly have issue with. He's so confident in his understanding of who he is but he seems to me a little put off when cutting promos. Like he's rehearsed it in the mirror and doesn't have confidence in what he's saying. Doesn't seem natural and that's okay. He's 23 and only been working since 2017.
  2. Why you gotta be like that? Stop it. "I'm sorry, I love you," is the single worst thing to happen to wrestling fans in the last 13-14 years and I say that as somebody who loves Omega/Bucks hamming it up, but wish they'd do just an teeny bit less of it.
  3. Hunter's double agents are tearing this company apart from the inside out.
  4. So it seems like the west coast going live really was what dropped the ratings, right? Also, Cody is .
  5. I was wondering the same thing. They keep revisiting these markets on the east coast, refusing to hit up some of the untouched west coast cities and it feels like they've definitely hit the point of diminishing returns. I know they've mentioned they look at TV ratings per city when determining their touring schedule but it seems pretty flawed if they're running North Carolina three times in five weeks and doing some locations three times before hitting up California and the west coast once. The first year up until covid shut things down, fans would run through walls for the company and willed some pretty average matches up several notches with their passion and intensity. They were incredibly positive. I still think that's largely true but there have been some pretty typical wrestling crowds with negativity and lack of enthusiasm once they started hitting the road again and the initial "omg we are outta covid" (lol) phase wore off.
  6. He really feels like the heir apparent to the American Dragon throne and should absolutely do a longterm mentorship under Dragon until he doesn't feel like he needs Danielson anymore. He's so fucking good technically and in terms of psychology. Danielson took years to get the character stuff down and even longer to get the promos. Garcia has the character work nailed imo but could use a lot of help with promos.
  7. Perfect. Add in the tv shows in trying to become John Cena 2.0 in more than just the rise above hate shtick and you have a comprehensive detailing of where we are at. Omega called him the 3 star general. Killed me then and still makes me smile. He did shit on Punk and Brody King, but let's not also forget referring to Red Dragon as developmental too. This was absolutely a reverse Pillman "I may be on the way out, so I'm going to throw bombs" promo. But, because it is Cody, it's done in such a manufactured, manicured way that feels entirely disconnected from reality and lacked any rawness a "pipe bomb" would have. He's the kind of guy that says "I'm punk," when people who are "punk" would never say something so cringe. He's artificial, like the veneers he rocks (who referenced those in AEW? It's a nice piece of symbolism). Perhaps, a lot of this comes from the fact that his father was one of the most well known and divisive figures in modern wrestling history. He was put in positions to succeed because of that and still had to put in work, which probably made him resentful towards the idea of being someone whose success comes from nepotism. It's like the question can rich people make great art? Do they know what suffering and toiling is or do they just try to synthesize it, recreating it from little pieces of discomfort they've endured? Juxtapose that with Moxley. Raw, unfiltered, pain. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. He was close to tears in the beginning. His first words were to tell a fan to go fuck himself (contrast that to Jericho's lame wwe manufactured GFY lol). If Omega is Vegeta to Ibushi's Goku, who is Cody to Moxley? Let me make it clear that i think losing Cody, which isn't likely happening, would be a huge hit to the company. He brings something different that only Jericho provides and is very talented. He is in a really fun and interesting place with his character and crowd reactions. He doesn't always connect but it's fun watching him nail it or miss, though his misses can be frustrating (Black had so much momentum after the two wins and then suddenly did not). As he sequestered himself in his Codyverse for so long, he has even more fresh matches than most people do. He and Moxley are complete opposites and i think it's the most intriguing of them all.
  8. Mox's intensity and unpredictability are so refreshing after the show had kind of settled into a safe groove without him.
  9. Went back and watched that KOTR coronation angle from 2001 and Billy really did get murdered twice between that and The Rock in 99. Completely eviscerated.
  10. Yet he still managed to be eating a meatball sandwich at WWF New York two years later, both sucking and blowing at the same time.
  11. Yes. It was mostly great, mostly cornball, way too meandering, but still entirely captivating. I think they're gonna get Sammy back on his horse and continue to build up their new guys like Page over Danielson but Cody brings so much more to the table and is on fire rn.
  12. Yeah, logical next step is the trios match. I'm cool with it. Great line by Christian on Billy never getting that big win.
  13. How ignorant of me. Prediction for next week? Wardlow and MJF segment was fantastic. I appreciate that Max doesn't fake tan his hands. This has to hold out until Wardlow at least wins the revolution ladder match (and so much for fewer ladder matches when we'll get two in a little over a month).
  14. Yeah he was fighting for his life near the end. Jesus. What happened to the FTR match? Somebody get flagged for covid? Boy, that crowd sucked hard. Mox heckler, Cody hecklers (it wasn't going to catch on, this isn't about you, stfu yourself), dead for everything but sting and the opener in terms of matches.
  15. Things I liked: They moved away from their tried and true formula like we asked. More than one match had women too. Lots of short matches. Almost all the angles hit. Cody is so unique right now. Mox telling the heckler to fuck right off and the rest of it. Things I didn't like: Now, I know they aren't angling to put Hangmin vs. Archer on ppv. They wouldn't do that to us. I'll pass if that's the title match or watch at a friend's. Andrade saddled with Hardy office, who I like, when he should be moving up. No Julia turn yet. Where the fuck is Lio, Tony? Where the fuck is Lio?!
  16. Yup, he and HOOK are really the zoomer boys that are here to stay and I love it. As a high school teacher, I see these kids every day lol. They've really nailed it both of them.
  17. I really, really enjoyed Busick back in his PWG and indies run prior to WWE. However, I think he missed his chance with AEW. He feels like the sort of guy that would've been semi-regularly featured in years one and two. Now? I don't think he'd fare much better than Nese, though he's far more charismatic.
  18. They've already confirmed the next Elder Scrolls is Xbox (and Windows) exclusive. Starfield is exclusive. So he can't hate them that much. Their press release said: They have recently released relatively big third party games as day one Game Pass releases, like Back 4 Blood, but for games by their own studios? I think this strongly suggests they'll be exclusives. I'm fine either way. Would suck for people without a good gaming rig or Xbox though.
  19. Why wouldn't they be exclusives? If elder scrolls will be exclusive so will other big games. Feel like Microsoft has future proofed themselves with their focus on game pass. Once consoles are a thing of the past, game pass will be the big deal. Bigger than it already is. It's a fantastic service. I got a mega gaming pc recently and playing shit like Halo and Back 4 Blood with friends on their xboxes has been a blast. Haven't turned my ps5 on in months and don't see myself doing it for the foreseeable future.
  20. Mox and Hobo Army vs. Andrade and HFO. So many great matches on the table but I do hope we get a big Mox/Page program at one of the PPVs.
  21. I think Cole is losing to Page at Revolution. They've heated him up really well and I would think the blowoff with OC is coming at Beach Break next week. Bucks and Red Dragon will likely have a match at the PPV too, at least that's what they've been suggesting, so that would free Cole up for the big shot at Hangmin.
  22. GLEAT is becoming the great Japanese indie of our times, isn't it? I wish they'd just do more of a Battlarts fusion than separate the two styles, but this is rad. Hosokawa was Emi's latest trainee and looked pretty good in the lil bit of Chocopro I saw her in. How's she been doing in GLEAT?
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