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  1. Kagetsu versus Hoshiki! -------------------------------- PCO vs Mark Briscoe.
  2. This is good. ------------------- A Tamura, not the Tamura. HEAT-UP! ----------------------------- This is good. I might have to learn who these PURE-J women are.
  3. Hey, PURE-J had a battle royale the other day. I don't know who these ladies are.
  4. Hey, how about some NOAH Juniors! The tag belts! --------------------------- And MORE juniors from NOAH. Tag team wrestling not for the belt! --------------------- Hana Kimura vs Bea Priestly en francais.
  5. Four minutes of Johnny Valentine vs Mr Wrestling Tim Woods from 1973.
  6. Pretty much Miyahara vs SANADA in an interpromotional dream match with 4 other guys. ----------------------- Harada has all the belts! And he gets punched in the stomach alot by Kotaro Suzuki! ----------------------------------- Tadasuke is the bastard son of Barry Windham. Chris Ridgeway is a British guy who kicks a lot
  7. Jiminy Fucking Christmas. Jumbo Tsuruta reenacts a 1973 Apter mag cover and then makes Stan the Lariat Hansen reenact a 1974 Apter mag cover in this- the finest Jumbo Tsuruta match. Ever.
  8. JIMINY CRICKETS! Hansen and Gordy plus five buckets of blood.
  9. Angry NOAH Juniors. ---------------------------------- Fresero Jr takes on Demonio Infernal, who always have different matches than you usually have on these lucha cards. So yes, there is blood. -------------------------- Taniguchi becomes interesting when he and Sugiura are beating the living dogcrap out of each. And YES, more hardway.
  10. Oh man, the Rough Riders were awesome. Like straight out of a Russ Meyer movie.
  11. Oh man, this match is insane. Khan, Super Strong Machine Hirata, Shunji Takano and Hiro Saito is sooooo the grimiest heel stable of the 80s. SSM is a fucking all star in this. Animal Hamaguchi leans into a beautiful assbeating like a champ.
  12. Yet still even more NOAH Juniors! ------------------------ Somehow EVEN MORE NOAH Juniors! ----------------------- And no for something completely different, NOAH.... heavyweights. ---------------------------- And why not? More NOAH heavyweights! Jesus, this is stiff. Sugiura and Taniguchi fucking kill each other- and Taniguchi continues his gnarley hardway streak.
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