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  1. A motley crew of Japanese junior heavyweights duking it out in PPP.
  2. This is good- eventhough it's 4 gals from AgZ I haven't heard of.
  3. Wrestling machine, Mimi Hasegawa, takes on very different wrestling machine, Monster Ripper.
  4. From the AgZ Colors promotion, there is some crazy millennial dancing at the beginning! These kids today! ---------------------------------- From Tokyo Pro Joshi. i dig the lanky chick. She gives off a Barry Windham vibe.
  5. All Japan Women versus JWP- Yomika Hotta, Manami Toyota and Sakie Hasegawa up against Mayumi Ozaki, the late Plum Mariko and an emerging Hikari Fukuoka. From August 25th, 1993, and Dynamite Kansai was wrestling Aja Kong on this card, since they don't really have anyone else who could counter Hotta's power.
  6. Zicky Dice is BACK! And he is now Vader! I love that they used Levi Shapiro not using his loaded glove to win, to set up Shapiro vs Buddy Royal. Whatever gets more Levi Shapiro on my TV is perfectly okay with me.
  7. Oh man, I loved that MJF promo. I know it was a sort of face promo but I thought it got over the psychopath point over more. The Douglas James/Septimo Dragon match was quality. I can't believe after eleven weeks we are finally leaving Philadelphia. It was like a Bunuel movie for a few weeks there.
  8. Big Japan undercard with extra stiffness added by Kazuki Hashimoto. ------------------- Hama and Nomura and that Orca dude! ----------------------------------- Yuji Okabayashi, Daichi Hashimoto, Hideyoshi Kamitani and three shmoes!
  9. Dump Matsumoto and Crane Yu versus Chigusa Nagayo and Lioness Asuka.
  10. Jack and Jerry- yeah. Harley- yeah. Bill Watts- I dunno,
  11. Nomura wrestles in J-Stage. --------------------------------------- Rina Yamashita and three other gals wrestle in J-Stage. ----------------------------- Stronghearts plus two shmoes vs Stronghearts plus two shmoes. In J-Stage!
  12. Hey! Some Danny Hodge footage showed up today. When I was six years old, he was awesome because he squeezed apples to death. Joe Leduc is awesome in this.
  13. Yuji Hino versus Diasuke Sekimoto for the belt! ------------------------------------ Big Japan hoss takes on a NOAH hoss! --------------------------------- Big Japan hoss versus BASARA~~! sorta hoss! ------------------------------------ Big Japan hoss versus fricking Jake Lee from All Japan. This years Strong Climb is awesome.
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