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  1. For the number one contenders match, Mayuki Takase and Ryo Mizunami take on Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto! =========================== Yoshiko and Sareee beat each other to death before Sareee heads over to NXT. ====================== It's Kyushu Pro back at it! Hey! It's Kenichiro Arai!
  2. Dragon Bane and Shun Skywalker have it out! This is good. ================== The third Toxin versus Puma de Oro match within the last seven days. =================== Oh man! Here ya go. Meiko Satomura and DASH take on Chihiro Hashimoto and YUU.
  3. This week was like the best episode of WCW Worldwide. Jeff Cartwright needs to be pushed. EDIT: Or is it Jack Cartwright?
  4. I almost switched this to the Bloodsucking Freaks thread when Emilio Charles Jr makes with the blood to match La Fiera making with the blood. But too much grappling, not enough blood. GREAT bump by La Fiera between the first and second falls.
  5. YEA! He is more like his dad than his brother is.
  6. So the Battle For Ohio will be fun for a couple of years.
  7. You know who was a great pro wrestler? One Man Gang.
  8. Apolo Dantes and his Northern Lights Suplex against Javier Cruz and his HUBRIS!
  9. Jebus Cripes, Youtube keeps sending me the greatest lost bloodbaths of Lucha Libre into my feed. La Fiera is a fountain of plasma. Good GOD!
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