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  1. Killer Tim Brooks takes on Buddy Rose in a dog collar match. There is blood.
  2. Hey, it looks like Miyu Yamashita has someone who will hook'em up with her, Reika Seiki. The sound drops out of this for some reason, ------------------------------------ Endo is a fucking beautiful highflyer. Akito sells weird. A very DDT match.
  3. I can't speak for Dave, but when I first saw lucha- mostly from comp tapes after seeing Eddie Guerrerro and Rey Misterio Jr in ECW, the first thing to strike me was the highspots. It was hard to get past them in 1995, after seeing 25 years of US wrestling. The internet was awesome about opening up the world of professional wrestling to the rest of the world. It was a great time to be a fan.
  4. Well, when I first got into lucha libre- around 1995, it was all about being blown away by the spectacularness of Rey Misterio Jr and Juventud and Super Calo. I just figured these old guys were there to hold back the young guys. It takes a while to understand the subtleties of lucha libre. I hated a lot of great wrestlers back then.
  5. A David Starr DOUBLE SHOT! Here he is in the UK wrestling Brian Pillman Jr. ------------------------------- Here he is some other part of the UK having a deathmatch with Rory Coyle. ----------------------------------- The Hungarians are wrestling now. Boldo Brown is an intensely creepy heel. Zafar Ameen is a kinda Clueless Dude face. This is pretty good for Hungarian pro wrestling. Boldo has got something,
  6. That was in my youtube feed too and I wondered why.
  7. This match is wild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnrMu-3YQOk
  8. Shinjiro Ohtani is so fucking awesome as he enters the twilight of his career. God, his selling at the end of this is so cathartic and awe-inspiring- as he is aging and desperate to prove that he is still the man, and yet his body is failing him. Diasuke Sekimoto is a bundle of power moves for Ohtani to react to and this is an awesome wrestling match. ------------------------------ Hey, the Australians are wrestling again! This is a good Giant man versus Normal Sized man match- as Zak Sabbath is a good little worker. Kurt Baron is very tall and his offense is very tall.
  9. Bull James is a big lummox. Kazusada Higuchi is a far better wrestling lummox. They destroy Shunma Katsumata with Konosuke Takeshita making occasional saves. So its lummoxy fun! ------------------------------------------ Fuck Joey Ryan, Orange Whatshisname and Mr Iguana, there is only Punch Tominaga.
  10. Meiko Satomura and Sareee continue to beat the living dogshit out of each other. EDIT: I didn't realize until being informed by Cagematch that Satomura's partner, Manami, is FOURTEEN years old. ------------------------------------------------------ Edited down to basically Sugiura and Shiozaki beating the crap out of each other.
  11. I remember as a small child watching a match on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV, Wahoo McDaniel versus Harley Race. I remember Race saving the world title by slowly throwing Wahoo over the top rope while Wahoo kept chopping him in the face. Here is the same match-up from Houston- probably the same year as the TV match I watched, 1978. Harley Race was built to wrestle Wahoo. Watch him react to the horrendous violence Wahoo visits upon him. Jesus, the third fall is harrowing in its gnarliness.
  12. AWESOME! The Dynasty (Holliday and Hammerstone) come in to Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling as big shots from newly minted Major League Wrestling and basically take on the Basara-level tagteam of the Mane Event. The Mane of the Mane Event has to do with one of the members being a lion and the other being a lion tamer. So weird. ---------------------------------- This is a neat little match. Lots of wacky lucha matwork.
  13. Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkle in 1973. Jesus, do Crusher and Stevens bleed. --------------------- You know who was great? Crusher Blackwell.
  14. I remember giving my youngest daughter a "I Broke Wahoo's Leg" t-shirt after Dave Layne gave me a medium t-shirt for my birthday. It was adorable.
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