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  1. ...Shigehiro Irie? Eh, why not?
  2. My boy Gangrel is also on that MLW episode I posted above!
  3. The L A PARK vs Pentagon Jr match is a hoot.
  4. DEAN

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 4

    Please note that ODU- that beat number 13 Va Tech by two touchdowns, got the living dogshit beaten out of them by Liberty University in the first week,
  5. Who knows what will happen now? Who knows?
  6. DEAN

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

  7. Oh man. That sucks.
  8. Oh man. That ain't good.
  9. Monster Ripper match showed up in my feed today.
  10. God, I thought those were gone forever. Since I quit drinking so my younguns wouldn't be scarred by dad being a drunk, I can't get drunk for another 5 years (since my youngest is 13). Waiting... waiting....
  11. DEAN

    Your 2017 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

  12. DEAN

    Happy Birthday to Pete

    HEy! Happy birthday, Pete!
  13. DEAN

    Tom Petty

    This was always my favorite Tom Petty song.
  14. DEAN

    Board UPDATED!

    Just updated the board. Whatever goes wrong, ahhhhh don't look at me.