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  1. Mei Hoshizuki is an 18 year old from Marvelous, was trained by Chigusa and has been wrestling for two years. Kanon I believe is 14 years old and was trained by Meiko Satomura. They appear to be wrestling in a high school gym in Floyd County, Virginia. ============================ Makoto, beautiful...mysterious.... wrestles a gal named Sumika Yanagawa at a festival in Japan. Makoto has wrestled 19 times this year (more if you count the PPP matches) and almost all have showed up on the internet and this thread! MAKOTO! EDIT: Postmatch, WELCOME TO JAPAN, MOT
  2. It's Sunday and you're just waking up! PUT ON A TIE! GO TO CHURCH!
  3. This is good. ========================== From New Zealand, which says its from this year, though it doesn't look very Covidy, these two guys are good.
  4. Mother- DEAD! Child- DEAD! Grampa-DEAD! Harmonies- EXQUISITE!
  5. DEAN

    The NASCAR Thread

    Man, this Las Vegas truck race is crashtastic.
  6. Hey! Its Kaho Kobayashi in Sendai Girls. ===================================== Least possible Strong Hearts- which means no Irie and no T-Hawk.
  7. Oh my God, what was on that? Lee is awesome.
  8. That's the hipster I was talking about!
  9. I was introduced to it by my hipster friend who hated Patsy Kline because she wasn't real like Kitty Wells. He was a hoot.
  10. The Louvins tackle the Kitty Wells classic, doing about as well you can do when staring down "Making Believe." Unlike the Kitty Wells version, you don't want to hug them and tell them it will be all right. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Jesus, this is the greatest country song about endless heartbreak. ----------------------------------------------------- And Social Distortion.
  11. This is awesome. Mei Suruga and Emi Sakura crying after Ryo Mizunami wins.
  12. It was a different time when nuclear annihilation was more of a "When?" question and not an "If?" question. SO GO TO CHURCH! BEFORE ATOMIC WEAPONS VAPORIZE YOU! Luckily, the Louvin brothers made horrendous armageddon all catchy and shit.
  13. GLEAT! Ito vs Matsui for the UFW tournament. ========================= Hey! A new Best Body Japan Pro Wrestling card was just posted. BBPW is so weird that it didn't make it into cagematch.net. YEAAAAAA!
  14. Ryo Mizunami has carried 4 different wrestlers to four really good matches. GIVE HER THE BELT!
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