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  1. Ahem. Tam Nakano's Screwdriver variation is definitely a Piledriver.
  2. So it's official. No one is voting for the IMPACT! match again.
  3. Uninformed voting made America the country that it is.
  4. With no precincts reporting, Fenix/Andrade is running away with it early! I await the WWE contingent. I noticed that I forgot to put the IMPACT! match on. Let me add that.
  5. You KNOW, There are like sixteen Cages in AEW. I can only ASSUME you mean Brian Cage. Though Christian Cage versus Gresham would be fucking great. I was just saying that when I first started watching FTR, I figured Dax was the heelish, heat garnering guy- which he was and was really that in spades in the build up for the Briscoes match- and that Cash Wheeler was the worker of the tagteam. Then Dax became this Wrestling Machine and became a face so he is no longer a Heat Machine. Cash Wheeler is a great pro wrestler and he did in this match what Tom Zenk did in his Vader match- make his opponent look totally hellish. It's just that Dax's singles run changed FTR's dynamic completely. It turned them face and changed his role from heat garnering heel to Austin/Arn-like babyface asskicker. Dax is fucking GREAT NWA face ass kicker. Cash Wheeler is a great Tully Blanchard style tag wrestler. Except Tully never could pull off wrestling face. But point taken.
  6. SATURDAY REFLECTIONS: I noticed that the Rey Fenix/Andrade is all about counters to each other's offense- while I noticed in the Smackdown main event last night, that Sheamus did no counters to anything and just took the full brunt of the Usos offense, which I thought has weird for a modern match but was awesome. The story was Sheamus is a bone headed wrestler but he is very tough. That's a good story, This match is so cerebral. It's just one guy countering the big move of the other guy. While you jerks were watching in picture in picture, the crowd gets behind Rey's comeback while fighting out of a chinlock. Andrade is countered into a Cutter and then Andrade counters a Love Machine Splash by getting his knees up. Meanwhile, Andrade counters his highwire spot to go into Fenix countering the double knees of Andrade, It's awesome that all offense is a counter to the offense to the other. It's like a Sweetpea Whitaker fight. Sorry, channeling Schneider for a second there. Fenix counters Andrade taking him to the toprope by hitting a Spanish Fly. This match is so lucha libre, in that it's all about hitting the next spot as big as possible and beating the other guy as directly as possible. Jose asking the crowd to be quiet while he passes the tablet to Andrade is a beautiful moment that one misses the first time you see it. Andrade's attempting to show that he is NEW FLAIR FAMILY MEMBER by procuring the Figure Four is COUNTERED and that leads to Rey Fenix hitting the Shiryu Tope Con Hilo that ANDRADE COUNTERS FINALLY BY HAVING RUSH CRUSH REY'S TESTICULAR AREA to use his final counter to win the match. Rey need to use his resources in the next match which all leads up to motherfucking Dragon Lee debutting for Andrade to COUNTER PENTA and PAC. I can't quite figure out when Jose goes from fully clothed to GLORIOUSLY SHOWBOATING HIS BUFFNESS! That match was intricate and fucking beautiful THAT'S how you start a feud. Sierra should be signed and join Deeb and Martinez is the Salty Old Broads Faction. And then sign Davienne and have them feud with the Baddies. Hot sisters versus angry redneck chicks is A GATEWAY TO PRINTING MONEY. Hook sells like Paul London, which is pretty cool. Oh wait, HOOK VERSUS ZACK SABRE JR! FUCK CLAUDIO! HOOK! HOOK! HOOK! Austin Gunn being excited about going to Japan is SOLID GOLD! The Ass Boys DO have to do a tour of New Japan. THAT would be solid gold. I used to think that Cash Wheeler was the secret Wrestling Machine of FTR but then Dax Harwood went on his million dollar singles run and showed that he is possibly the best wrestler in the world, so Cash Wheeler is also a great wrestler if not as great as Dax Harwood. He is the Doug Summers to Dax Harwood's Playboy Buddy Rose. Jeff Cobb has the strength OF A ROBOT! He should definitely get a Vader run in AEW to point towards a TBS title match with Wardlow. Cobb surfing on Cash Wheeler and the Standing Moonsault Press AND the Unprotected Bodyslam by Cobb while you RUBES were watching in picture in picture further showed the Vaderness of Cobb. COBB IS A FUCKING ROBOT OF DESTRUCTION! This is the Best Possible Vader vs Tom Zenk. If Tom Zenk could punch like Cash Wheeler and could be all wiley with his offense, Zenk/Vader would have been this match. Jericho is great explaining how Cash couldn't quite pull off the Tiger Driver. If Tom Zenk could have countered Vader's horrendous finishers, it would be this match. Vader does eventually crush Tom Zenk and Jeff Cobb eventually crushes Cash Wheeler. I don't know who said it but the melee finish is absolutely Memphis but on a bigger stage. Well, it needed blood and mustard and random dowel rods being broken over people's backs to be TRULY Memphis. Jericho's jacket is even more awesome in the second viewing! Robert Plant in 1975 awesome. I love that Tazz owes Eddie Kingston pens. Man, that was great.
  7. Well, I'm not QUITE that old yet. My heart exploded so I can't work anymore. ENTRESTO~!
  8. It's called RETIREMENT! YEAH, DADDY!
  9. ANOTHER embarrassment of riches. Tell me! WHAT WAS THE BEST MATCH? Feel free to REFRESH your mind with the POLL PREP thread.
  10. HOLY SHIT! This match is fucking awesome. Andrade is fucking awesome. Rey Fenix is fucking awesome. Dueling Three Amigos is so fucking cool. JESUS! Rey Fenix is fucking CRAZY! THEN! Rey Fenix bumps GIGANTIC to the floor and we watch picture in picture like a bunch of rubes. I await tomorrow and the sweet sweet INTERNATIONAL FEED. Why is Andrade not the AEW champion? Man, Rey Fenix is so spectacular. Andrade takes a Cutter like RVD takes a DDT. Andrade counters Rey's highwire spot. Rey counters Andrade's double knees by allowing him to drive them into the ringpost! We go back to picture in picture like a bunch a JERKS. Rey misses a Swanton and Andrade gets a two! So this is the best match in the history of Rampage. We come back to Rey Fenix hitting a fucking GNARLEY Spanish Fly. Man, this match is fucking great. GREAT fucking Shiryu Tope by Rey Fenix. IT'S FUCKING RUSH! So fucking great. All that and Jose is shirtless! HE'S SO BUFF! Oh man, Death Triangle vs Rush and Andrade (and bring in Dragon Lee to even it all out) is a feud I could back for several years. YAAAAY! So fucking great. Rush jobs to his shirt! He has IRON CUFFLINKS! Man, that was good. Awesome! Kanemaru and El Desperado versus Shane Strickland and Keith Lee! Awesome! Deeb and Martinez versus fucking Sierra! She is fucking great. And Laynie Luck is good. Martinez procures the nastiest armbar you will see. Laynie Luck takes a very Glamour Girls level ass beating. What a great tag team. Sierra didn't get to do much but they should definitely sign her. TULLY and the Gates of Torment! So ROH is definitely about to get TV. So the Buy-In is going to be Rampage level. And they send out Hook! DKC hits KARATE CHOPS! Hook hits a sweet Judo throw. Hook with the Steiner crossfaces. Hey, hook sold some! Poor Excalibur. He needs to breathe. Roppongi Vice winning the ROH and IWGP tag titles would hilarious/awesome. BOOK IT, TK! JEFF fucking COBB! SPORTS ENTERTAINER OF THE WEEK! Jeff Cobb is wrestling Cash Wheeler like fucking Vader. In picture in picture, Jeff Cobb CLUBBERS! Jeff Cobb hits a standing Moonsault because Jeff Cobb IS Vader. Jesus, this match will be so awesome tomorrow on the INTERNATIONAL FEED because Cobb is ragdolling Cash Wheeler. Cash has an impressive babyface comeback culminating in a Tiger Driver. Great counter to the Tour of the Islands into a roll up by Cash. Cash counters a Doctor Bomb into another roll up. This match is good. Man, Cobb is so fucking good. What a great power wrestler. He has GOT to wrestle Hobbs and Wardlow! ANOTHER MELEE! I just noticed that Chgris Jericho is wearing the greatest jacket int he history of wrestling. IT"S PANDEMONIUM! That was GREAT episode of Rampage. Nothing will beat Rey Fenix versus Andrade. AEW RULES THE GODDAM WORLD.
  11. It's Sami Zayne versus Shinsuke Nakamura again! Zayne is great selling an assbeating. Zayne breaks from his recent style and hits a Exploider into the guardrail. Nakamura kicks Zayne in the head to knock him out of El Generico mode. Actually, Zayne hits a Michinoku Driver- as he IS El Generico again. Fun CHEATING by Zayne- as we go into a myriad of nearfalls. El Generico kicks Nakamura in the head and wins the match! That was weird. That was good but weird. It's Jinder Mahal and Shanky against the New Day again. The New Day comments on WWE Booking Style of driving match ups into the ground. Shanky has a face turn! It morphs into the New Day and Shanky getting beat on by WAR MACHINE! I mean THE VIKING RAIDERS! After rampaging a few weeks in NXT 2.0! Sonya DeVille is the secret Wrestling Machine of the WWE Women's division. Raquel Rodriguez needs to turn heel already. Her smiling is unnatural and creepy. This handicapped match appears to be an angle to heat up Shayna Baszler and Xia Li versus Rodriguez and Lacey Evans. Either way, PUT A BELT ON SONYA. It's GUNTHER versus Ricochet! GUNTHER will fucking beat the fuck out of someone. This is like Matt Sydel taking on Wardlow. Jesus! GUNTHER is beating the living fuck out of Ricochet. MAN! That SUWA Dropkick is fucking GNARLEY. That was a squash. Let's hear it for Ricochet for taking a MAN-SIZED ass beating. That was fucking harrowing. I don't expect matches like that in the WWE. It's Tamina! She's usually in one of those idiot story lines that I fast forward through. She was in a forgotten tag team with Natalya not too long ago. It;s Shotzi (Blackheart!) and we all wonder if Shotzi will do something insane in this. Tamina does a very odd Psicosis Bump. Shotzi does SOMETHING to win. That was perfunctory. That was more of a Smackdown dark match. Speaking of drivnig a match up into the ground- it's Sheamus versus Drew McIntyre! Oh, they are changing it up. I'm not going to NOT fast forward through the set-up of this. It's a non-title match! This match is mysterious! This match has some Clubberin'! I love this match! Sheamus and Drew punch each other in the face and the Usos LAND ON THEM! I love this shit. Put THE STRAPS on these two! Sheamus is our FACE in peril! He sells an ass beating like a very bloated Ricky Morton. I love Sheamus CHANNELING a corpse in the corner. These guys have GOT to stay together, as Drew is Randy Orton and Sheamus is Matt Riddle and they make the hot tag. All kinds of booking and run-ins happen and Drew CRUSHES the Usos! Oh man, this is fun. They have GOT to keep McIntyre and Sheamus together, They are such beefy Rock n Roll Express. One fun Main Event and one horrifying ass beating. I'll take it..
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