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  1. Fuckin T-HAWK in Mexico with Lindaman and CIMA. ----------------------------- Oh man, Dragon Bane and Demonio Infernal tagging together! ------------------------- Fresero = BLOOD!
  2. Tamura vs the HEAT UP HOSS Daisuke Kanihira! ------------------------ Shun Skywalker versus fat guys!
  3. The TJP /Alexander match was pretty good too. TJP didn't have offense of Vikingo so it wasn't THAT good. But yeah, Edwards/ Elgin was the highlight of the show.
  4. Seadddling or however you spell it. STIFF! --------------------------------- This is awesome! ------------------------------------- Hey! They are wrestling in South Korea!
  5. TEAM CARL HELLA is the evilest, sleaziest, skuzziest heel stable in all the pacific rim. High marks for early use of fire in the match.
  6. The 8 man main event was fun. Gresham and Lethal being dicks to Maff and Cobb was a nice twist and made it all chaotic.
  7. Hechicero with another great finish. ---------------------------------------- Shun Skywalker finally has a good match in Mexico. --------------------------------------- This is great, Except for one spot. But ignore that.
  8. It's Konosuke Takeshita and three other guys. ---------------------------------- This is good. Quality Texas indies. --------------------- Sonny Kiss is awesome.
  9. Pete posted this in the Not From Now thread but I would put it in contention here.
  10. Oh man, the main event was awesome. Richard Holiday is the secret superworker of MLW.
  11. Oh man. I dig Levi Shapiro. The ending of the match was inexplicably indie as the rest of the show.
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