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  1. This has the greatest, craziest third fall I can remember.
  2. This is Stan Hansen beating Carlos to death.
  3. Hey! NOAH brings the stiff beefy guys! NEW WRESTLING!
  4. I hadn't seen that either. This match is great. FMW predates BJW in putting huge wads of wrestling psychology in a death match. I'm guessing this is after their breakout straight wrestling match.
  5. This could have almost made the Blood Sucking Freaks thread, but I will place it here. Harley's bump at the end is fucking awesome.
  6. RIBBON OF BLOOD! El Hijo del Santo is sooo going to win this whole thing,
  7. More Stan Hansen in Puerto Rico! Carlos and Stan punch each other in the face~!
  8. Carlos Colón and Joe Leduc in a barbed wire match. Enjoy, bloodsucking freaks!
  9. I had totally forgotten Momo Nakanishi. KAORU was spunky.
  10. Gino and Mark Lewin bleed but Gino bleeds more.
  11. Stan Hansen in PR! Chicky Starr hits a mild PR-level gusher.
  12. Steve Keirn and Chavo Guerrero have a match with a stipulation that the loser gets painted yellow. Post-match would get riot-level heat, one would guess.
  13. Takano was El Gran Zebra in Michinoku Pro and that's when I fell in love with him. He should have been born in North Texas.
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