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  1. Oh man, this match is great. Predictably, Shiozaki and Sugiura beat the living dogshit out of each other, but Sugiura brought the secret weapon, Hideki Suzuki. Suzuki says, "Y'know, you can use pro wrestling to fuckin' break his arm in half." Taniguchi rounds out the cast as Go Shiozaki's tag partner.
  2. Kiyomiyo, if Harada was a heavyweight, would have
  3. Hey! There's 3 matches on this, basically. The AZM/Watanabe vs Hayashishita/Kamitani is prolly the best overall though I really dug Himeka in the Himeka/Syuri vs Mayu Iwatani/ Starlight Kid match. ============================== Ultimo Dragon wrestles in Dragon Gate. He fights his initial gay panic. ============================= This is good.
  4. Shockwave is out! Khamille, the muscular gal who didn't talk to anyone while hanging out with Nick Aldis, takes on Heather Monroe, so it's like CWFH on steroids.
  5. That was the first time I ever really paid attention to Josh Woods and this was good. I dig that he is annoying and a great technical wrestler.
  6. OH MY GOD! VILLANO III JR IS AWESOME! ============================= This is garbagy fun.
  7. Ami Miura is a ActWres girl'Z rookie and Yuu is a big, mean lady. LUMINOUS! is the World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana tag champions and it's good to see Miyuki Takase in a straight wrestling match. for once. Miura is very tall and lays it in. Takase and Yuu REALLY lay it in. =================== Shinsuke Sayama is from Total Triumph Team and KAMIKAZE is 12 million years old. They take on HEAT-UP! owner Tamura and HEAT-UP! guy, Tetsuya Izuchi. THEN HEAT-UP! hoss, Daisuke Kanehira takes on 6 million year old Kenichiro Arai! OLD GUYS! IN THE MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM! EDIT:
  8. Villiano III Jr is a total heat machine. ========================== Freelance's wild resurgence continues. Plus wads of lucha fucked up matwork. ======================= And it's Dragon Gate! Dragon Gate! Undercard! Fascinating!
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