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  1. Man, this is so 80s. Downtown Bruno insinuating that JT Southern is a Valley girl is something you need to have graduated in high school in 1984 to fully appreciate. I love that Paul Heyman is Paul E Dangerly but is referred to as Paul E Dangerously a few rimes. Boy Tony is Tony Faulk doing a Boy George gimmick, which was five years after Culture Club came out. 80s dudes never came to grips with Boy George. When Faulk became Cowboy George it just became weird.
  2. I see that Hikuleo is really good at powerslams.
  3. Holy FUCK! Wotta catch!
  4. Ryo Mizunami does the best sell of a sleeper after Yuu puts her out. They wake her up and she goes straight back to going after Yuu in a daze of confusion. So great. SEAdLINNNING is so awesome.
  5. Manami is 17 and has been wrestling 4 years. Here, she guides 19 year old SEAdLINNNG wrestling, Riko Kaiju, to a good little match. ======================== Bullit is good but I could see Connor Mills in ROH, MLW or IMPACT if the first two go under. ============================ More BritGraps! AngloWrestling! Wrestling from the UK! This is good but has very little to do with World of Sport style wrestling, But it's still good.
  6. DEAN

    The NASCAR Thread

    Last night's Xfinity race finish was fucking insane.
  7. That would be a great addition to the Knockouts. Their style keeps getting stiffer.
  8. They also have the totally awesome Shane Taylor Productions. But I ain't watching anymore empty arena matches.
  9. I wondering why it's not Tay Conti versus Penelope Ford. They need keep this Ruby Soho/Britt Baker deal going past next week. I am all over Miro/Sammy Guevara. And I guess the keys in the mouth means Fuego del Sol keeps his crappy car.
  10. I remember seeing Lord Alfred Hayes wrestle in Texas in the late 70s. Who knew that in his younger years he was a taller Jim Breaks?. Guy Robin is delightful.
  11. It's Team 200KG which is, according to the internet, 440 pounds! What a fun tagteam. Chihiro Hashimoto and Yuu bounce all around the ring between doing power things. Everyone knows how good Hiroyo Matsumoto is, but she is tagged with the relatively tall Active Advance youngster Ami Miura. T200KG sell quite a bit for her, but we know why she is in this. ========================= Jody Threat is good and this is the first time I've seen her wrestle not at a brewery in Minnesota. Man, Ava Everett is a ball of violent energy. I would like to see more of her. ========================== It's more wrestling in Louisiana. I dig this Greg Sharpe guy. Ryan Davidson is good. And very large.
  12. I watched exactly 60 minutes of the wrestling! The main event was good because I got to actually watch a few guys I would usually fast forward over. I noticed I can continue to fast forward past the W Morrissey matches. I didn't know Madman Fulton was good. He basically held this match together. I think I'm in love with Bryan Meyers. He sells like a weirdo. I await the Laredo Kid/ John Skyler rubber match. That was a lot of watchable wrestling. BRAVO, IMPACT! Who did Su Yung drag off?
  13. COMPLETE GLEAT from 9/1! All this and heaven too! All this and Ryo Mizunami too! T motherfucking HAWK! ====================== Tam Nakano vs Saya Kamitani should be that best thing on this but then there is Giulia vs Kogumi right there. Embarrassment Riches etc. ========================== KiLynn King is a force of nature in this. Jazmin Allure is pretty great in this too. The finish is really crappy.
  14. Mei Suruga singing Minoru Suzuki's theme song as he comes to the ring.
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