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  1. The best dressed rudos in wrestling, La Sangre Dinamita, are accompanied by Mije this week.
  2. Hey! It's Bandido and Extreme Tiger and some other shmoe against the best dressed rudos in Lucha Libre, La Sangre Dinamita.
  3. DDT Superwrestler, Konosuke Takeshita, in a tag match with 45 year old, Billy Ken Kid. --------------------------------- This is good. Be sure to watch Willie Mack fucking crush Aerostar. -------------------------- Hey, a fired up Rush! Matt Taven is a good little wrestler.
  4. The Australian Armstrong brothers beat the crap out of each other again. ----------------------------------- This is good- setting up Kiomiya vs Marufuji and YO-HEY vs HAYATA. ------------------------- Hey! Austin Aries wrestles in the Pennsylvania indies!
  5. Oh man, Kazuyuki Fujita and Sugiura are my new dream tagteam. ---------------------------------- Momo Watanabe takes on Tam Nakano. IN FRENCH! ------------------------------------- This is STIFF. From Ice Ribbon, Maya Yukihi vs Giulia.
  6. Tessa is fuckin 1989 Flair of WOW. Reyes has been perfectly fine in the three or four matches I've sen her have in WOW and in Tokyo Joshi, but Tessa made her look like a fucking killer. The rest of the episode was really fun.
  7. This weeks main event was perfectly fine. PJ Black is growing on me. I assume they back to the fun 6 and 8 man matches next week.
  8. This is good- Tatsuya Endo vs Kouki Iwasaki. ------------------------------- NOAH Juniors! --------------------- The bloodiest Mr Iguana match I've ever seen! Man, this match is great. --------------------------------- I'm guessing Kenou is going for the belt next because he and Kiyomiyo beat the living hell out of each other in this.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I was like, "God, that didn't feel like two hours." They should expand to five hours or something. Okay, maybe not.
  10. Maaaan, I watch a LOT of Lucha Libre everyday and most of it is watchable and competent. What a lot of it is missing is HATE. This match is fucking awesome. -------------------------- Man, this is good. ----------------------------------- I love el hijo de Fishman but gets outbled here. That's a lot of blood.
  11. I loved this weeks episode. The LA PARK match was awesomely lucha indie. One day, Pillman Jr will win a match.
  12. Hey! They're wrestling in Scotland. Andy Wild vs Stevie Boy! So much cursing! -------------------------- For once, El Hijo del LA PARK doesn't get completely smoked by his brother. ------------------------- The females version of Kraneo and Volcano- Goya Kong an Skady! And hey! it's Mary Apache!
  13. The all CMLL main event was perfectly fine, but why didn't they make the Villian Enterprises 8 man the main event? That match was a hoot.
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