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  1. Oh man, that Jonathan Gresham/Steve Maclin match was great, That's the first Pure Rules match I've seen in front of a crowd and I like that they got the style over to the crowd. It's so Mid-Atlantic studio 1974 style wrestling and I loved it. There were a lot of handicapped matches between the actual matches. Chelsea Green is underrated. Joe Doering and Luke Gallows are a fun tag team. HEY! CHARLIE HAAS! Josh Alexander is the best wrestlier in IMPACT? Oh, I dunno with that Steve Maclin match tonight. More wrestling on IMPACT than on Dynamite this week. HUZZAH!
  2. Lady Frost and Jordynne Grace from BTI for THE BELT~! It's good!
  3. It's Davey Richards taking on Minoru Suzuki in Glory Pro. MATBASED! ======================= JJ Lynch is the pastiest British indie wrestler, so that's World of Sports! Jordan Saeed is really good. ========================== It's a batch of luchadores I don't really know and they have a good match of the lucha libre.
  4. No real wrestling on the show except for the first and last match. Really flew by. Felt like a really good episode of Elevation. Sting is an imspiration for those us in the demographic that doesn't count in the ratings. HERE HERE, OLD MAN! We born also in the 60s SALUTE YOU!
  5. Oh MAN! this match is good. KiLynn King and Marina Tucker totally stomp each other into the ground. The crowd is the most Florida Wrestling crowd in the history of the internet. MILLION BILLION STARS. Post match backstage pull apart is soooo Fantastics/Midnight Express in a parking lot. JILLION JILLION STARS. Marina Tucker is so awesome. KiLynn King is AWESOME. ========================= It's all the big stars of Tokyo Joshi Pro! Maki Ito is becoming such a good wrestler. Miyu Yamashita! ======================= SEAdLINNNG yougster, Riko Kaiju, has a little match with 15 year old teen sensation from Sendai Girls, Kanon. WEE MATCH!
  6. He wrestled that whole match as a face, he IS a face. He was an undersized underdog who used technical skill to beat a larger, rougher heel who was manhandling him. Adam Cole is Ricky Steamboat.
  7. That Roderick Strong/....Gunther? match was pretty good. Ivy Nile vs Kay Lee Ray edges out Leila Hirsch vs Katarina Perez and Skye Blue vs Robyn Renegade in the NXTdark Ladies wrestling wrestle batch. Ivy Nile is getting there.
  8. That Death Valley Driver at 26:55 is fucking balls out.
  9. That Allysin Kay/Kylie Ray match was good. Everybody should watch it.
  10. Yeah, Adam Cole is the best wrestler in AEW. That match with Kaun was so fucking good for free YouTube internet. EDIT: Maybe Daniel Garcia is the best in AEW. Anthony Greene rules.
  11. OH NO! MOMO! She's turning EVIL! ============================= Diasuke Harada goes for HAYATA's belt! ============================== I don't know if this match up has showed up on IMPACT! yet, but the Mercedes Martinez roll keeps rolling as she takes on Deonna Purrazzo in New Jersey.
  12. The Liv Morgan/Bianca vs Doudrop/Becky Lynch was the number two ladies match in the RAWdarkELEVATiON wrestle wad- behind Ruby Soho vs Kenzie Paige, though Liv Morgan looked slightly better than Ruby Soho tonight.
  13. Hey! It's yesterday's NOAH undercard= two matches, the second with Ohara Hajime who I haven't seen in a while and Hayata. First match has YO-HEY; ======================== It's Alex Zayne and the Children Of LA PARK in Mexico. ======================== Chelsea Green is fun. She wrestles like a cross between Britt Baker and Allie in a way. Ivelisse is good.
  14. Man, Ruby Soho gave teen sensation Kenzie Paige a lot in their match. That was good. Austin Gunn is breaking out.
  15. It's Daniel Garcia vs Anthony Greene, a match that is also happening on Dark soon. =============================== It's Mercedes Martinez, who is on the verge of an epic feud with Thunder Rosa, against Vipress, who I last saw on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. STIFF! ================================= Faby Apache takes it to mat with Sexy Dulce.
  16. Awwww, my poor stupid Cowboys,
  17. MLW does a Tijuana studio wrestling show and it is sooo grimy. The first match is pretty great because it has Black Destiny who rules. 5150 have some cool tag team moves. Alex Kane is not very good at the lucha libre, but he does hit a few cool suplexes on Aerostar. Savio Vega is in a street fight in Tijuana and there isn' t 9 buckets of blood? Eh, quarter bucket maybe. Pagano looks good though. going face first into the thumbtacks. The first match was the one to watch. Everything else, you could live your whole life not having to watch it.
  18. Just watched Thunder Rosa vs Taya Valkerie on that Zicky Dice show on Twitch and I'm wondering how long it will be before we see Taya Valkerie vs Jade Cargill. I forgot how good Taya is.
  19. It's this week's MEMPHIS SLABB of the UNW WrestleBLOKK! The Skimahorns are back! They wrestle the Highsteppers and all I can think of is Public Enemy's entrance music in ECW. Brett Michaels and Mike Anthony finally finish their endless feud in a perfectly fine fight/match- up until the disturbing finish. Plus two other matches that I recall nothing about!
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