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  1. IWRG! STREAMING! =============== West Side Heat is back! James Toner is HUGE now. Smashing Mike looks the same. Cali Gray and Jordan Saeed are your opposition! WEST SIDE HEAT! ====================== Unagi amongst the MARVELOUS! Itsuki Aoki would be her tag partner in GLEAT but here she holds her own.
  2. Kyle Fletcher with the PILEDRIVER!
  3. Trey Miguel vs Kevin Knight- IMPACT! Hijo del Fishman vs Hijo del Alebrije- IWRG Kon/ Angels/ Deaner vs Alex Shelley/ Chris Sabin/ KUSHIDA- IMPACT! Savannah Evans vs Deonna Purrazzo- IMPACT!
  4. TIME MACHINE! THE DESIGN! Strange psychology of the match- as Angels is our heel in peril! After a while he makes the hot tag to Deaner! Chris Sabin becomes our face in peril and this becomes more traditional. KUSHIDA is our fun as heck house afire! KUSHIDA off the top turnbuckle onto Khan, who is a really good base! Angels and KUSHIDA HAVE IT OUT! Angels with the Love Machine Splash after Khan slams KUSHIDA through the mat. Angels is the Booker T of the Design. Sabin, Shelley and KUSHIDA are the Booker T of TIME MACHINE. KUSHIDA FLIES INTO THE HOVERBOARD LOCK! That was really good! Alan Angels was your secret Wrestling Machine. KiLYNN KING IS A WITCH! Spoooky! Deonna Purrazzo and Savannah Evans go at it! Evans looks good in this. Purrazzo does a lot of non-matbased stuff. Purrazzo tries to match strikes and strength with Evans and it gives Evans all kinds of openings. They're telling a little story! Purrazzo finally applies a submission, a Fujiwara Armbar but Evans hits the ropes. EVANS WITH A BEAUTIFUL NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! Gisele and Vidal try shenanigans! Purrazzo hits a Crucifix Bomb for the win! That was good! JesSICKa is there when THEY KILL TAYA VALKYRIE! OH NO! It's Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich taking on Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James! Masha looks great in this. I love Tommy Dreamer but what a physical wreck. Mickie crushes the lil Bully Rays! It gets very clusterfucky. Dirty Dango and Joe Hendry are tagging together! Brian Myers and Moose are tagging together! There is a lot endearing weirdness to Dirty Dango. Dango gets beat on by Moose and Myers. Hendry makes the hot tag! Moose with a Spear and Myers pins Hendry! That was perfectly fine. That was a good little episode of wrestling.
  5. TONY NESE! MARK BRISCOE! Mark Briscoe is so fucking awesome. Briscoe is INSANE bumping off the apron to the floor. Nese crushes Mark's lil Briscoes! Nese does a workout on the abs of Briscoe! Nese looks great in this, a lot having to do with Mark Briscoe. REDNECK KUNG FU! ICONOCLASM! GREAT EXPLOIDER by Briscoe! This match is fucking GREAT! LARIAT! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! TOPROPE ELBOW! That was great. TRUSTBUSTERS! AR FOX! METALIK! BLAKE CHRISTIAN! Yessss! More Slim J! Jeeves Kay looks all peppy in this. ROH is squashless AEW and it RULES! Jeeves Kay and Slim J CHEAT in the corner! Slim J HAS THE BEST PUNCHES IN PRO WRESTLING. Metalik COMES IN HOT! Metalik with the Negro Navarro takedown! Metalik becomes our face in peril! Trustbusters are great Southern tag heels. AR Fox is PREPOSTEROUS as the Man Who Would Make The Hot Tag! DEATHRIDER by Jeeves Kay! A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENS! AR FOX WITH A TOPROPE CUTTER! FOR THE WIN! GATES OF AGONY HIT THE RING! That was a lot of stuff! Lady Frost! Skye Blue! Lady Frost is all graceful and stuff. She kicks Skye dead in the face. A very gymnastic tumbling Cannonball into the corner! Cannonball off the apron to the floor. Lady Frost is all about cannonballs! Skye Blue makes a comeback! GREAT Gymnastic Air Raid Crash by Lady Frost! FOR TWO! Skye Blue makes another comeback and wins with her kinda crappy looking Flatliner. Lady Frost looked fucking GREAT. It's Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams against RUSH and Dralistico! I wonder if Titus will take a bigger assbeating from RUSH than what he took from Minoru Suzuki for the TV title. Tracy Williams is all hard-edged and stuff. OH MAN, RUSH AND WILLIAMS ARE MAGIC TOGETHER! Oh man, this match is fucking GREAT! Tracy Williams is my new secret favorite wrestler in ROH. Behind Shane Taylor. MAN, Rhett Titus and RUSH is fucking great in the ring together. This MATCH IS FUCKING AWESOME! Rhett Titus messes with the bull and gets the horns! Oh man, that was fucking GREAT. And we have a PPV Main Event! It's Matt Taven! He is very underrated. ROH is it's own universe because Dante is hurt but they wrestled the Ass Boys last night! I don't really care. Can Taven get out match out of Darius like Mike Bennett got out of Dante? EVERYBODY CHEATS ON THE OUTSIDE! Man, Taven is so good. The Kingdom are just rock solid wrestlers. This is good. Not as good as Mike Bennett vs Dante, but good. MARIA KANELLIS- BENNETT grabs Darius leg and Taven hits his finisher and wins! That was good. Tony Deppen and Brian Cage have a wrestling match! Brian Cage is made for ROH. He likes a long wrestling match that tells a little story. Cage has a lot of offense to make it interesting as he is beating the heat on Tony Deppen! Deppen makes a comeback! GREAT TOPE by Deppen! Deppen is all fiery and stuff! DRILL CLAW! That was good. POSTMATCH! Gates of Agony takes LIBERTIES with Deppen! FoxMetalikChristian make the save! That'll be fun at the PPV. SHANE motherfucking TAYLOR! YES! FUCK YEAH! It's Silas Young! This should be good. This is good. Shane Taylor WILL FUCKING LAY IT IN! Silas Young is good. Taylor is bumping all over the ring for Young. Great Elbow Drops by Young. TAYLOR FUCKING KILLS HIM WITH A LARIAT! Taylor fucking DESTROYS Young! Young makes a comeback with a STIFF knee to the face! Taylor with a total Fat Boy Splash! FOR TWO! YOUNG GETS TAYLOR UP FOR THE SAMOAN DROP! Taylor CRUSHES Young with a Knee To the Face and THEN a FUCKING TOTALLY GNARLEY K-DRILLER BY TAYLOR FOR THE WIN! SHANE TAYLOR FUCKING RULES THE WORLD! Miranda Alize returns to ROH! Billie Starkz! Space Jesus! Alize is EVIL! Starkz with the Tequila Sunrise Suplex and THEN a wacky TOPE! Alize is a HEAT MACHINE! Miranda rolls into a CROSSFACE! Billie rolls through! Alize hits a NASTY low Rana into a DDT thingy! Billie misses a Swanton! Billie hits a Tombstone for the win! That was great! I know Alize has a lucrative day job but I'd like to see her wrestle more. AUSSIE OPEN! AUSSIE OPEN! AUSSIE OPEN! It's Matt Sydel and Christopher Daniels! Kyle Fletcher and Sydel are good in the ring together. Mark Davis channels his inner Doctor Death Steve Williams. Christopher Daniels throws good punches. Aussie Open are OVER in Orlando! Aussie Open are great at making Daniels and Sydel look like they are killers. GREAT NEARFALL on the Meteora by Daniels! Suplex by Fletcher! Death Valley Driver by Daniels! ANOTHER GREAT NEARFALL as AUSSIE OPEN DESTROYS SYDEL! Daniels with the BLUE THUNDER BOMB! This match is FUCKING GREAT! Aussie Open CRUSH Daniels with the Double pendulum slam thingy! Fucking awesome. It's Cheeseburger! Ready to get demolished by Samoa Joe! Annnnnd Joe destroys him. And DESTROYS HIM AGAIN! ROH SO FUCKING RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!
  6. Komander/ T-HAWK/ CIMA vs Hartley Jackson/ Yutani/ Violento Jack- GLEAT Check Shimatani/ Hayato Tamura vs El Lindaman/ Soma Watanabe- GLEAT KAZMA SAKAMOTO vs Kaito Ishida- GLEAT Skye Blue vs Toni Storm- DYNAMITE Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson- DYNAMITE
  7. GLEAT! STREAMING! ======================== Claudio Bradstone and Sara Leon are wrestling in Spain and they are good!
  8. Starting off surprisingly because @Matt D books DYNAMITE NOW! - as the Young Bucks and Hangman Page are carted off to hospital! To be operated on by Doctor Konosuke Takeshita! NOW! It's Orange Cassidy! Darby Allin! STING! The Butcher and the Blade! Kip Sabian is added because someone has to lose! Tony Schiavonne has to be reminded by TAZ that Tony is a dope some times. STING takes a back bump at his age. Sting rules. Allin tags in, Penelope Ford distracts the ref and Allin assumes the role of our face in peril! I await the International Feed because Kip Sabian appears to be a total HEAT MACHINE in picture in picture. The Butcher sinks in a Texas Cloverleaf as we are distracted by the Big New Yorker Pizza. Orange Hot Tag! STING channels Orange Cassidy! Allin goes CRAZY on Butcher and the Blade! STING hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Kip Sabian! That was a hoot! Dante Martin! Darius Martin! Colton Gunn! Austin Gunn! Colton is sporting a Pretty Deadly-esque top! AWESOME! The Ass Boys are FUCKING AWESOME bumping for Top Flight. Colton CHEATS to get Dante to assume our face in peril. Colton CHEATS even more in picture in picture! The Gunns are great heels, cutting off the ring! Darius is waaaaay fun as a house afire! GREAT NEARFALL ON THE NOSEDIVE! THE KINGDOM! DANTE DIVES ON THEM! 310 TO YUMA! GUNNS WIN! GUNNS WIN! FTR! DID THEY SIGN OR DIDN'T THEY! This is fun. FTR versus Pretty Deadly! Coming soon! OR FTR versus the AEW Pretty Deadly, the Gunns, for eternity! Stokely Hathaway takes on Hook! How can Stokely win? Stokely is a BUMP MACHINE! Stokely with a fire extinguisher! Hook with a Exploider onto the guardrail! Red Rum! Next up- Hook versus Ethan Page! Adam Cole is the most over guy in AEW! Daniel Garcia is a HEAT MACHINE! LOCKER ROOM LEADER! Well THAT'LL be fun! I LOVE that the more evil and bastardly the Blackpool Combat Club becomes, the more OVER they become. They ARE the new Four Horsemen! Stu Grayson! This is quite the slobberknocker! MAN! GREAT GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER in picture in picture. JESUS! MOX is fucking LAYING IT IN! GRAYSON is AWESOME on his comeback! 450 by STU! FOR TWO! MOX counters into a Bulldog Choke! STU with a Cannonball into the corner! TOPROPE DEATHRIDER! That was fucking great! BCC is EEEEVIL! PENTA! versus POWERHOUSE HOBBS! Many on the board will be ANNOYED! It's Skye Blue! She gets to get the hell beaten out of her by Toni Storm! Ruby Soho wearing leather paunts! SO EVIL! Soho and Saraya CHEAT at ringside! Toni Storm is so fucking AWESOME. She is totally laying it in and alos making Skye Blue look like a threat on offense. GREAT punch by Skye onto the face of Ruby Soho. Storm beats on Skye to get the crowd behind her STRUGGLE to escape the IMMENSE STIFFNESS of Toni Storm! Skye has a good comeback! VISUAL PIN BY SKYE! WRECKED EM! GERMAN! STORM ZERO! RIHO WITH A PIPE! HOLY SHIT! JAKE HAGAR vs BRODIE KING! MOX ATTACKS STU! AGAIN! El Hijo del Vikingo is wearing a GREAT helmet! I'm so glad Kenny Omega is back to being a singles wrestler. Well THIS is going to RULE! Kenny gives Vikingo EVERYTHING to start. FISHERMAN BUSTER by Kenny! Kenny is all about the backbreakers! Kenny is redoing his Will Ospreay match by beating the shit out of Vikingo! Crazy Monkey Flip onto the apron. So that is called a Dragon Rana? THIS MATCH HAS GONE FUCKING INSANE! V TRIGGER! SNAP DRAGON! INSANEST POISON RANA EVER! HOLY FUCK! 360 THROUGH THE TABLE! GREAT FUCKING NEARFALLS! V TRIGGER! ONE WING ANGEL! So. Fucking. GREAT. BCC ATTACKS KENNY! HANGMAN! Kenny has a Mr Furley moment! AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!
  9. Raider/ Tonalli/ Vaquero Jr vs Brillante Jr/ Neón/ Valiente Jr- CMLL Guerrero Maya Jr vs Dark Panther- CMLL Sting/ Darby Allin/ Orange Cassidy vs Kip Sabian/ The Blade/ The Butcher- DYNAMITE Colton Gunn/ Austin Gunn vs Dante Martin/ Darius Martin- DYNAMITE El Hijo del Vikingo vs Kenny Omega- DYNAMITE
  10. Shalonce Royal sings! Marina Tucker is Penelope Pink in the wild! ===================== Hakan and Tommy Lawrence are two of the sleazier UK indie dudes! James Pharrell and Danny Haines are the Wrestle Force champions! ================ CMLL! STREAMING!
  11. This weeks episode was really good. Hammerstone vs Jacob Fatu was fucking EPIC! Jacob Fatu is amazing. Taya Vakyrie and Billie Starkz was really good.
  12. Sorry I'm late! World Baseball Classic and all. Pretty Deadly are the only WWE talking I don't fast forward through. Kit is wearing the greatest shirt in the history of shirts. They bump BIG for Bron Breakker! Tiffany Stratton! Indi Hartwell! This should be good. Hey! This isn't live. Stratton does many gymnastics! She is becoming very awesome. BEAUTIFUL Moonsault for the win. JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov beat the hell out of each other. GREAT Suplexes by Dragunov. McDonagh with a GREAT Hair Suplex off the top! This is like Sheamus versus GUNTHER, just littler. JD McDonagh is like the best wrestler in the ring in WWE but I can't see him anywhere else but in NXT. Maybe as a New Japan Junior but he's not quite a stylistic match. I mean he would be a great territorial heel but there are no more territories. I mean, he would be great in AEW... maybe. ROH! If he gets cut, he would be perfect for ROH. This match is fucking great. Oh MAN, this is fucking AWESOME. Then. Everybody else joins the match! That was great. Ivy Nile and Lyra Valkyria wrestle to get in the clusterfuck ladder match! THIS IS FUN! They are kicking each other in the chest! Lyra is great. That wasn't very long but it was good. Pretty Deadly are adorned in red! CAN CARMELLO TRUST BRON BREAKKER?!?! WWE does a lot of dopey things with tag team wrestling. Nice dropkick by Mello! Breakker chucks Mello into Pretty Deadly! Bron is very powerful in picture in picture, hoisting Elton up in a delayed suplex. Pretty Deadly are the BEST! Such a great heel tagteam. They can do anything you need them to. Mello looks fucking awesome in this. Breakker makes the hot tag and he COMPLETELY FUX UP PRETTY DEADLY! What a fucking Released German Suplex! Nothing But Net! That was a good wrestling show.
  13. That was awesome.
  14. Leon Ruffin is back! ROCK HARD! Ruffin applies a headlock until Juice crushes his testicles on the toprope! Leon Ruffin bumps like a COMPLETE FREAK for Juice Robinson. Ruffin makes a comeback and HE IS AWESOME! Juice sells like a pro! Ruffin with the Cannonball into the corner! Ruffin is getting giant wads of offense in this. Ruffin gets a SECOND comeback! Robinson with the EVEREST GERMAN SUPLEX! LARIAT! for two!?!? DDT Variation to finally get the win. Juice Robinson is AWESOME. He doesn;t have bad matches. Leila Grey! It's Keira Hogan! Hogan is all SALTY with the current Baddie! This is fun! Grey is the most improved of 2023 so far. Leila Grey CHEATS by grabbing the tights! That was good. PEE! WARDLOW! PEE! The Iron Savages are BOTH slimming down, it looks like. Boulder looks like he's lost some BULK! Cezar Bononi is be-bearded! He looks like Chris Adonis' brother Bobby now. The Wingmen are HEAT MACHINES! Boulder is BODY SLAM CRAZEEEE! Bronson is BACKBREAKER CRAZEEEE! Nemeth with the FISTDROP! Bononi makes with Delayed Vertical Suplex! Boulder makes a hot tag! Boulder is WRAPPED in Wingmen! Bononi POWERBOMBS Bronson! Nemeth DDTS as a follow up and Boulder makes the save! Bronson hits the Less Fatter Boy Tope! They double crush Nemeth and get the win! Charlette and Robyn Renegade take on two other gals! Adrian Breaux! Mafiosa! Renegades are cheating in OVERDRIVE! Breaux makes a good babyface in peril but the Renegades are AWESOME heels. FIRE CROTCH by Mafiosa! Rengades crush Breaux! BILLIE STARKZ! TONI STORM! Storm doesn't respect the YOUTH of Starkz and just beats the fudge out of her. Storm will totally fucking LAY IT IN! Oh man, Storm is freaking STAN HANSEN. Starkz shows BABYFACE FIRE, kicking Storm! Billie makes with the TOPE! SWANTON! FOR TWO! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER by Starkz! WRECKED EM by Storm! GNARLY German Suplex into a Storm Zero for the win. That was fucking great!
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