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  1. Even more Strong Hearts and Saori Anou matches. With a semblance of a crowd this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-Mp1wfB_D8
  2. This is fun! Mongolian Stomper was awesome to the end.
  3. More Colega Pro Wrestling! More Strong Hearts! More Shigehiro Irie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiP5mhYZXPs
  4. Ah man, you beat me posting both of these by one second. There's dissension in the teeny ranks of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling!
  5. More Colega Pro Wrestling. It's been a big week for Saori Anou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGdCW541-RY
  6. DDT brings in FREEDOMS Toru Sugiura and it makes one wonder why this guy is in a death match federation. Akito is fun. This match is fun. The audience is back to being mostly ladies. Ahhhh DDT...
  7. That Screwdriver right before the botched sidewalk slam was nastiest move I've seen in a while. That match was fucking awesome. Tomoko Watanabe was so fucking awesome. So was Eagle.
  8. I love this invasion angle. This is most I've watched of Impact since the covid kicked in.
  9. Queen Aminata takes on WOW alumni, Ray Lyn. It''s a little sloppy. ============================= Pro Wrestling HEAT-UP! makes with the random ActWres girl 'Z match, as Yuko Sakurai takes on young Mii. WHY NOT?!? ==================== AWWWWESOME! MARVELOUS is doing an invasion angle with Sendai Girls.
  10. That was the coolest roll-up sequence ever. From 17:25 on is awesome.
  11. The beautiful and mysterious Makoto wrestles in the P.P.P. dungeon. ======================== Booker T teaches them to lay it in. Though Promise Braxton wasn't actually trained by Booker T. So disregard.
  12. Oh man, the best episode of ROH in a while. They should make ROH like Big Japan- the Pure title would be like the Strong Style division and the Lucha Libre/international style would be like the death match stuff at the top. Flip Gordon brings out the best Rhett Titus match I've seen. Rey Horus vs Dragon Lee was fucking great state of the art Lucha match. HUZZAH!
  13. I want a best of 17 series between Kevin Martenson and Jesse James. The QUEBRADA! by Jesse James was awesome and out of nowhere.
  14. World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana just streamed a show.
  15. More Bob Bachlund, this time against fucking KILLER KHAN!
  16. That is 50% hate and 50% blood. YESSSS!
  17. Hiroshi Yamoto of DAMNATION and Koji Doi of ENFANTS TERRIBLES wrestle in a .... basement? P.P.P~!
  18. This is another Stan Hansen/ Bob Bachlund match where they beat the living hell out of each other. Hansen is obviously awesome. Bachlund is underrated awesome.
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