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  1. Allright! Himeka versus Saya Kamitani! Kamitani is the best in the world. ===================== IT's Mio Momono and Ren Kodakura versus Tomoko Watanabe and Chikayo Nagashima! Clipped all to hell!
  2. Komander is completely preposterous. Arez is awesome. Latigo and Aramis hit many comparable highspots!
  3. IYO SKY vs Alexa Bliss- RAW Angelo Dawkins vs Solo Sikoa- RAW Braun Strowman vs Chad Gable- RAW Johnny Gargano vs Otis- RAW Bobby Lashley vs Mustafa Ali- RAW
  4. Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles take on Finn Balor and Damien Priest! Rey still looks so fucking great. Mysterio is the definition of sympathetic babyface and Rey is being beaten by the collective HEAT MACHINE that is Judgement Day, with Dominik being the point of the spear, who brings the HATE just standing there. Damien Priest is fun selling all crazy when Styles beats on him. A VVitch reference! Styles takes over as the babyface in peril. Finn Balor CRUSHES AJ Styles with a Toprope Stomp after Dominik distracts Rey and Rhea Ripley clotheslines him. Postmatch, Styles turns on Rey and Judgement Day beats on an isolated Styles. That was good- being more of continuation of the story than an actual wrestling match- eventhough there was enough of of a match to work on its own. Mustafa Ali will be beaten to death by Bobby Lashley. Ali bumps like a complete psycho to make Lashley look like a total killer. Ali gets in a flurry of offense! Lashley cuts him off by hitting a Lariat after dragging him to floor. Ali kicks out of Lashley destroying him over and over. GREAT fucking FINISH. I don't know if that will get Mustafa Ali over but I dig the effort. Postmatch, Seth Rollins attacks Lashley and Mustafa which should lead to Lashley and Ali tagging against Rollins and somebody or something? Or maybe it was just to get Lashley over. I don't know. It's Candace LaRae! She trained Britt Baker. Dakota Kai is the tag champion so she SHOULD lose any and all singles matches if this follows age old professional wrestling rules. LaRae is fun in the ring. I'm trying to figure out where she is in the hierarchy of the WWE ladies. She's better in the ring than Alexa Bliss. We'll see if she moves up as the weeks progress. She'll definitely lay it in which will move her up quick in my estimation. This match is good. I'm trying to figure out how Kai loses. OH NO! The rules are broken! Kai rolls her up after Bayley CHEATS! It's Johnny Gargano versus Otis! Will Otis or Chad Gable ever win again? Gargano bumps like a freak for Otis early. Otis can't win because the Alpha Academy is the best possible version of the Factory. JESUS! A High Angle Released Dangerous Backdrop Driver! Gargano goes DDT CRAZY! MORE RULES BROKEN! Austin Theory hits Gargano with the briefcase thingy! OTIS WINS! Then Braun Strowman rushes the ring and they ECW it into a match as Strowman impressively beels Gable over the top rope onto Otis. EVEREST GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE BY GABLE ON BRAUN STROWMAN! Awesome. So Strowman is really good at selling. So Strowman is a younger version of Lance Archer? A little younger- by 6 years. He was good in that, making Gable look great before pinning him. That was good. Angelo Dawkins takes on Solo Sikoa! It's the battle of the Secret Wrestling Machines! Sikoa is all dynamic and shit. He does a lotta Samoan Drops. He goes 500% Samoan by applying the Nerve Hold! NICE Belly To Belly Suplex by Sikoa. WRECKED EM! Dawkins makes a comeback after Sikoa beats the fudge out of him. They have an extended Jey versus Sami section but Sikoa CRUSHES Dawkins with a Urinagi! That was really good. It's Alexa Bliss versus IYO SKY! Bliss has been wrestling over her head lately. We'll see how she does against one of the greatest of all time. They can't break the rules AGAIN and have SKY win? This match is great! OH MAN! IYO HITS A BEAUTIFUL MOONSAULT FOR THE WIN! Postmatch, WWE is suddenly channeling Bill Watts and the heel completely destroys the babyfaces. GREAT! TOTALLY GREAT!
  5. Mei Suruga/ Haruka Umesaki vs Sayaka/ Chie Koishikawa- Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Yuna Mizumori vs Emi Sakura- Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling
  6. IMPACT Masha! Is what I meant. Is this the first IMPACT! match to make it?
  7. Dante Martin/ Tony Deppen vs the Lucha Brothers- AEW ELEVATION The Factory vs the Best Friends- AEW ELEVATION
  8. Hey @Phantom Lord, WOW just posted the main event from last weekend's show. PENELOPE PINK~!
  9. No DADDY MAGIC! Skye Blue and Trish Adora! Skye Blue needs to cut all her hair off because it keeps getting in her way! Trish Adora got in a little bit. It's Tracy Williams! What's he been doing since ROH went down the first time? I see he is going to take an ass beating from Brian Cage. Williams needs to get up with Smart Mark Sterling. Nice EVEREST Suplex by Williams. Williams is getting in some submissions! Brian Cage hits a very nice K-Driller. Hey! It's Cheeseburger! It's a ROH Reunion episode of Elevation! Oh shit, he's wrestling Lance Archer. GNARLY unprotected Released Snap Suplex. Abadon returns! She's so teeny now. Wardlow versus Brian Cage should be good. I miss Daddy Magic. It's Dalton Castle and the Boys with the Boy Auxillary. Dalton goes total Steiner with some great suplexes. AWESOME! The Spin With The Bang-a-Rang by the Boys is the key to quality wrestling viewing. Oh RIGHT! I remember LSG now. Gia Scott is like 6'1". Penelope Ford looks awesome in this. This is every guy in ROH. It's Tony Deppen. It's the Lucha Brothers and they get to really tell a story with these two dudes. Dante Martin and Rey Fenix have a history of being GOLD in the ring together. They are GOLD in the ring early. Deppen is awesome in this. They told a little story before CRUSHING Deppen. That was good. The Factory! NICKY BOY! It's Danhausen! Danhausen is old school ROH so every match is covered in the Remember ROH theme of the evening. The crowd gets behind Rocky Romero's STRUGGLE to escape the HORROR that is the Factory's collective offense! Danhausen helps with the finisher! That was fun. Eh, three good matches (Ford/Sabian vs Gia Scott/LSG, Deppen/Martin vs Penta/ Fenix, Best Friends vs the Factory) makes a good episode of Elevation.
  10. MASHA hits the BIG TIME! https://www.theringer.com/2022/10/3/23385407/chris-jericho-bandido-aew-dynamite-roh-championship-best-matches EDIT: Oh yeah: Katch also has a great look; she feels like a roller derby girl gone to seed, someone who keeps losing hipster bartending gigs for getting into drunken fights with the customers.
  11. Gigi Gianni vs Commander Spars- WOW Penelope Pink vs Vivian Rivera- WOW
  12. It's gonna have strong competition from Jarochita vs Reyna Isis.
  13. It's Becca! Here she is wrestling amidst the British peoples! Lana Austin is a hoot. ======================= Haruka Umesaki wrestles the 50 year old rookie in DIANA. Very odd.
  14. Oh! This is like Kurosawa's RAN. When everyone but Jey turns on Roman, it will all make sense.
  15. That match was all about the heat. That was most MOLTEN crowd I've ever seen for a Lucha ladies match.
  16. I just watched that. That was fucking awesome. I was baffled by Jarochita kicking out from a fricking Martinet, but other than that, that was big time. I loved the reactions of the ladies in the audience.
  17. Holy Fudge! Look what CMLL just posted to YouTube! Stuka Jr vs Atlantis Jr- mask versus mask. Plus Jarochita vs Reina Isis- mask versus mask.
  18. Angel de Oro vs Volador Jr vs Mistico- CMLL Jarochita vs Reyna Isis- CMLL Stuka Jr vs Atlantis Jr- CMLL
  19. AWESOME! In a battle for second, a TRUE dream match- Willow Nightingale/Jamie Hayter vs Masha Slamovich/ Allie Katch!
  20. One match show but what a match! Kevin Martenson is to CWFH what Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho are to AEW. Jordan Cruz is good. This match is fucking awesome.
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