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  1. GLEAT is supplying an assbeating for a main event. I will watch. The match will be THIS!
  2. They are expanding into Austria as the Swarco Raiders and the Vienna Vikings are joining.
  3. Madi Wrenkowski is getting so awesome. She is in with Thunder Rosa, who is able to get good matches out of anybody who is halfway capable, and Wrenkowski is on a hot streak of matches, so this is really good. ========================= Houston gets to their lucha roots! ========================== Miranda Alize is being pushed in ROH and she is good. Vipress is the secret good wrestlier of women's indie wrestling.
  4. Star Fire returns to my internet! The highlight of this match is Bengalee's old school tope, but the second best thing is how bad the bad girls are. ============================= Hey! With Clementine, we have a pure babyface! A regular British woman Jungle Boy. ============================== Sawyer Wreck is greener than grass but man! does she already look impressive. Will she become Vader or Brakkus? Who could be sure?
  5. New MLW was on BeIN tonight! Really good KC Navarro/Gino Medina match. Gino's offense is fuckin nasty. Davey Richards/TJ Perkins match was a good, free match on my television. Allright. MLW is back.
  6. Stardom streamed this from today, The gymnastic and adorable Fairy woman, Natsupoi, against Mina Shirakawa. They take it to THE STREETS! =========================== Dark Silueta and Stephanie Vaquer are your queens of evil! Vaquer and Jarochita trade kick ass leg submissions. Vaquer fucking RULES. =============================== Shinsu Girls is very indie. It owned by a lady who wrestled 4 time in Ice Ribbon 8 years ago. But folks showed up for the card and that's the important thing. Makoto... mysterious.... beautiful.... is your famous person in this match. IIII've seen Sae because I'm the only person in the universe to watch Colega pro. Since she wrestles in Colega Pro, she has wrestled 102 this year, according to cagematch.net. Colega Pro will help you put the time in. Konetsu and Sae show up in Pro Wrestling WAVE every now and then. Sae's finisher is pretty nasty.
  7. Oh man, that was fun. Lost in all of that was how fucking good Jake Hagar looked. That's why you have Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky around. They need to get to the Dark Order being a matriarchy already. Tay and Anna are the best thing about them. The 8 man was fucking insane. The six man was a hoot. And then Miro. BRAVO, AEW!
  8. Jacky Corn and Cheri Bibi start off having a very early 1960s match where work a bunch of head scissor spots but move closer and closer to 1970s Amarillo style by just beating the fuck out of each other. The finish is the most Texas thing to ever happen in France. The announcer saying Cheri Bibi never gets old.
  9. Zack Sabre Jr said things! https://njpwworld.com/p/s_series_00593_5_bs
  10. I see that Zack Sabre Jr is ready to kick down the forbidden door. https://njpwworld.com/p/s_series_00593_5_bs
  11. GLEAT! RYUCHI KAWAKAMI! GLEAT! SHIGEHIRO IRIE! GLEAT! T-HAWK! GLEAT GLEAT GLEAT GLEAT GLEAT! ============================ Skye Blue is the slightly older, Midwestern version of Rok-C. Katalina Perez will fucking lay it in, =========================== Mission Pro runs Oklahoma so Danni B, Usual Okie Who Wrestles Heel In Texas. is suddenly beloved by the fans! Because they are in Oklahoma! Jazmin Allure is good.
  12. Minoru Suzuki is ALMOST the Japanese Jim Cornette.
  13. I was there too! I am very YOUNG! IN MY HEART!
  14. God, that was a lot of wrestling. I watch frickin one hour and twenty-eight minutes of wrestling. So I should pay more attention to David Finlay because that Hikuleo match was pretty good. No HIkuleo Powerslam so it wasn't great or anything. John Skyler finished pretty well with that suplex to the corner and that cool powerbomb, so that Laredo Kid trilogy ended well. Laredo Kid toned down his spectacularness because it was BTI. Brian Myers sold the jumping punch to the head by Willie Mack is such a crazy way. I'm starting to love Brian Myers. The best part of Mickey James and Deonna Purrazzo pull apart was that they refuse to wear sensible flats and insist on brawling in high heels. Hey! It's Christopher Daniels for some reason! I wanted a World's Greatest Moonsault. So much wrestling....
  15. Petit Prince and Michel Saulnier have a French lucha libre/junior World of Sport match. THIS IS WORKRATE! MATT D! The second match is the clash of Rockabilly and Detective Comics. Teddy Boy does a HUGE Jerry Estrada bump at 23:50 and we can all revel and freak out. That match is fucking awesome. French MidSouth.
  16. Bobo Brazil threw such crappy punches against BlackJack Mulligan in the Norfolk Scope when I was a child that I realized that wrestling wasn't legit. Bobo Brazil might as well have been the one to tell me Santa wasn't real.
  17. Hell yeah! It's official. I hope she wrestles in Norfolk.
  18. That's a quality wrestling right there. Hyan is on the cusp of breaking out.
  19. Yuka Sakazaki gets weirder and weirder. DZ will now identify the rest of the folks in this match. ========================= Where has Skylar Slice been my whole life? She has the best old school offense I've seen in a while. =========================== Hey! Sol has a new mask. The three rudos have matching purple evil outfits and they really bring it in the ring. Your technicos are spectacular. RUDOS! RUDOS! RUDOS! EDIT: Better version was posted.
  20. Jesus Christ this match is fucking great. Just built on Yuu and Mizunami beating the hell out of each other unril each can procure a sleeper. I meanders a little after each escapes, bur, Jiminy, it's Choshu vs Choshu for a majority of the match. So great. So stiff.
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