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  1. I see what Smith and Pillman were going for there, but man, was that the wrong type of match to have in front of a crowd that was probably worn down from a long night of tapings anyway. There just wasn't much for them to latch onto with two faces wrestling a clean match.
  2. I really kinda want to see the heels just destroy Ricky Morton right as he's about to pull off a win. Extended beat-down, face shredded on the floor, you name it; just wring every bit of hate for Aldis and sympathy for Morton out of those fans as they possibly can. I love the vibe of the NWA studio show, but I really kind of want to see if they can get those fans to move from "in on it" to full-on murderhate for the heels. If anyone can inspire that, it's got to be a bloodily massacred Ricky Morton, right?
  3. Funny you should ask... This popped up in my YouTube recs about a week ago and I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I can't not watch the Question Mark versus Jervis Cottonbelly, and I'll watch anything Thunder Rosa does.
  4. Ironically, Tessa would have been my number one pick for a new top babyface in the NWA's women's roster as I've never thought Allysin Kay was much suited to the role. Somehow I don't see those two working together in the near future, outside of maybe a shootfight. Semi-serious question: did Impact start booking Tessa against men because the women didn't want to work with her?
  5. I don't know how much money Corgan has, or what the line is or isn't on what he's willing to throw down the black hole of running a wrestling promotion. What's the old joke? "What's the best way to become a millionaire? Be a billionaire and start a wrestling promotion." I do believe he'd wait until he got the most favorable deal he could get if he's serious about the NWA's long term prospects, both as a businessman and as a fan. Otherwise he'd be flailing from one minor cable channel to another like Impact was for awhile. If anything, the Dixie ripoff probably made him more resistant to jumping into business with anyone else without some serious contract protection. Or maybe he'd shank his mother to be on Showtime at 2 AM on a Sunday. I dunno, I'm just speculating. I'm not saying I think Billy Corgan is or isn't a Visionary Rockstar etc. etc., but Showtime sure as hell would rather have his name on a press release as a partner to Variety or USA Today than they would Court Bauer, just on the name recognition. I mean, I don't think Billy Corgan is a household brand name, but I'd bet you "Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins" rings a few more bells with John Q. Public than "Court Bauer" does, and consequently would get more publicity in marketing the product. I imagine that matters more to a Showtime executive who doesn't know anything about professional wrestling outside of maybe recognizing that Hulk Hogan fella. Or maybe there's just a huge Contra Unit mark in charge of programming at Showtime who wants to be their new manager. Could happen, I suppose. Anyway, yay more wrestling on real cable networks! I hope Court gets a great deal and runs a million MLW shows on Showtime. I also want it to be cross-promoted with a fourth season of Twin Peaks. Samael would make a great Black Lodge entity.
  6. NWA Powerrr | Episode 14 "Strictly Business Takeover" review... spolierized for size.
  7. For what it's worth, no creepiness was intended. Appearance is a big part of wrestling, be it height, weight, or whatever. I mean, I've pointed out Ricky Morton's skullet and Ken Anderson's gut in my reviews, and I don't think anyone saw that as objectifying. It's just part of the presentation. I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't see anybody going even remotely Cibernetico here (I've lurked a long time). And speaking for myself, I mean, dude, I write 10 page NWA Powerrr reviews nobody reads just out of my enjoyment of the show and mentioned repeatedly how talented I think Melina is, in no context beyond her ringwork. Give me a shred of credit. ** Also, fuck I'm bad at message boarding. I spolierized the quote I was responding to accidentally and don't know how to un-spolierize it.
  8. There's a discussion thread for it in the FEDS JUST TRYING TO MAKE A BUCK folder. Although some dumbass keeps posting these looong show reports that overanalyze everything. Feel free to skip that junk.
  9. Well, he is "El Intocable," after all.
  10. I'm very glad to see Melina back in a regular spot on my TV (well, monitor). I know she worked some indies here and there over the past few years but it does feel like she's been persona non grata for awhile. She's always had talent and presence and I think she came along a few years too early to be as successful as she would have been if she'd come up through the NXT system era. Her work isn't as crisp as it used to be, but hopefully she was still getting rid of the ring rust whenever the current shows were taped. Also, not gonna lie, it's hard not to notice she's developed those Womanly Hips (TM Dean, I believe) of a maturing lady, and she's dressing to downplay them, but 1) I think we can all agree there's nothing wrong with some junk in the trunk, and 2) that's got to be better for taking bumps. I can't imagine Mick Foley wouldn't be in a wheelchair now if he didn't have that cushion.
  11. Eh... I kind of doubt it. I could see Corgan not wanting to give up control over the product by partnering with Showtime. Right now he clearly has his own vision and plan for where the NWA is going. If Showtime is looking at getting into wrestling, I'd think they'd be thrilled to partner up with ROCKSTAR VISONARY MOGUL *BILLY CORGAN* (or whatever the press release would say) over an unknown like Court despite any relatively minor controversy Corny stirred up. I think the appeal of MLW to them would be their slant towards MMA-style workers and mmmaybe their lucha connections (they might have some demographic research showing some market potential). Or maybe some exec at Showtime just really wants to bang Salina de la Renta. Let's face it, media deals have been made over less.
  12. Yeah, most certainly; the support seemed like it was as much about fondness for Tully and Magnum as anything else. Of course, everybody acknowledges Tully was an asshole, so maybe it's just in the genes.
  13. Several LOL moments in here. Is it in poor taste? Yeah, sure, on multiple levels... but fuck it. Welcome to pro wrestling. It starts getting juicy (no pun intended) around the 15:00 mark. Definitely not safe for work.
  14. Considering some of Seth's recent Twitter nonsense, I think he might be a guy who is unhappy because he feels like he should be happy. As for Brock, I guess I don't think of him much as being in WWE when he doesn't work the kind of schedule the regular roster does. Anyway, I was being (mostly) facetious. I'm sure there are plenty of folks in NXT who are perfectly happy. Regal strikes me as being a very happy guy.
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