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  1. Lucier posted this earlier. It's ~7 minutes of shine in a Bravo/Haku vs Roadies match where the Roadies just give the whole thing. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before outside of them wrestling the person signing their checks (which in this case might have been Bravo actually?), especially from the 85 Road Warriors.
  2. Replacing Mike Mondo with Omega in the spirit squad for a double Kenny male cheerleader team would be even better.
  3. Austin, Eaton, Arn, Larry, Heyman, Madusa could induct Rude as a unit. They won't but they could. (Seriously I could see it being Jake or Sting, if not Austin. The gimmicky choice is Regis).
  4. I half think Sable could headline one year, especially if you get the morbid curiosity of Brock inducting her.
  5. I feel like we should all chip in and get a Warhammer 40K game for Phil.
  6. I've never seen a Karl Anderson match. Chilly Willy had charisma and a good wrestling story. He should have gone farther.
  7. The answer for 2000 ECW is obviously Reckless Youth.
  8. It would help if Ambrose was in that match, chief.
  9. Best gimmick in wrestling 2001:
  10. I'm watching Chavo vs Gino right now and it's awesome.
  11. No. I want to see Miz vs AJ now though.
  12. Oh man, if they can tie him into the Broken Matt stuff somehow?
  13. NXT

    I'm high on Thorn who is ridiculously charismatic and reacts to everything that happens but the other guy is coma-inducing. He hits his stuff cleanly enough and has spots and to some degree works as contrast but that's about it.