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  1. It was supposed to be an all divas show first, no?
  2. TV

    We're three episodes in and enjoying it a lot too. It feels better than ever.
  3. My last two laptops have had hinges that have come undone. The first one was so bad I had to duct tape it open, basically. The second, current one, being an HP, I thought I was in the clear on. I was also a lot more careful with it. Nope. Maybe it's because it has a touchscreen and is heavier but both hinges broke. Even that I could get away with but now the keyboard is possessed. It's randomly thinking certain keys (f1, caps lock, windows key, r, especially, but not just) are being pressed and if you press something it's either unresponsive or gives you a random assortment of characters. I've got a USB keyboard plugged in now and it mostly works so long as the internal one stays quiet (I've disabled the driver for now). Tried system restore, ad/mal/virus scans, etc. No good. It's almost certainly either a defective keyboard, a defective motherboard, or, most likely especially considering the hinge issues and the fact the case is split apart half an inch, just a loose wire. I'll back things up this weekend but I'm very hesitant about opening the thing up. We really can't eat the cost with us having gotten a new roof (shingles were flying off), a new A/C unit in the last twelve months, plus a new faucet and new toilet (was put in poorly by the first owners of the house and was cracking) in just the last two weeks. Plus, you know, pregnant wife. And oh yeah, the big one. Car crash on Monday night. I was going home and transferring one freeway to another and the car slipped on a wet patch on the offramp. I fishhooked across the road, hit the back of the (150K mile, paid off 07 Corolla) into a tree and then bounced to a halt a number of yards later. I'm fine, for the most part, and get how fortunate I am for that, but the car sure isn't. We'll see what insurance does for us. The side airbags deployed and while most of the damage was on the back panel, passenger side, a bit of the frame seems affected and moreover, for 07 Corollas, if the side airbags deploy that's generally it. None of this will ruin us, but it's a lot of hits all at once (and all we do is take hits generally). I'm probably just going to have to try to take my chances on fixing the laptop myself. Keyboards aren't expensive, but I'm wary of taking the thing apart because I'm not particularly skilled in that area and I feel like the touchscreen complicates things.
  4. The good news is that we've got another baby on the way in September. The bad news is in the other thread.
  5. God dammit. They put the belt on Rollins again AND they gave him a new hat!
  6. WWE does this all the time. See: Hardcore Holly
  7. Backlash Backlash
  8. The video of Miz going backstage after winning his first title is great.
  9. Let's make @RIPPA do a tournament.
  10. For anyone who ever wanted to see a 1984 JJ Dillon squash. It's not so good. This on the other hand....
  11. So the only British wrestlers any announcer (including Nigel apparently) know are Johnny Saint and Jim Breaks right? Yeesh.
  12. I like the time when Randy Orton got pissed about being stuck in Pittsburgh or Buffalo or some stupid place due to a snowstorm and went off on everyone during a commercial break on a house mic.
  13. Movie

    The slew of reviews that just hit do not make Pirates 5 look all that good.
  14. If you're going to read another Claremont run, just read X-Treme. It's flawed but nostalgic in a way. He'd become a parody of himself. And the Mekanix Kitty LS. Seriously, either go to Casey/Morrison or just got to Mike Carey. That's when everything changed. The Nick Lowe era. Carey. Then Brubaker/Fraction/Gillen Uncanny.
  15. The Heenan family celebration after the Brainbusters win is so great. Andre's the happiest guy in the world.