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  1. We have highlighted the heel Tito in Japan trios multiple times in the last year. Come on.
  2. When was Bob Orton, Jr a face? I’m sure he was, but I don’t know. Harris Brothers come to mind too, but I don’t want to know that answer unless it’s about what part of the country to never go visit.
  3. Rampant Inflation. The Pro Wrestling Federal Reserve should really do something.
  4. But of course the answer to my rhetorical question of “who else but me?” would be Eric. That happens far more than you’d think. It’s a pretty big Venn Diagram overlap.
  5. That sounds vaguely familiar now that you mention it. Look, Phil forgot he reviewed the main event of the CMLL handheld we did this week just a year or two ago. I can’t speak to the memory of any of us currently.
  6. So the update isn't exactly positive. CHKDSK killed everything so I couldn't get it to boot into windows. I'd just get a blue screen cycle. Dell's "Supportassist" recovery program let me, after the second try, get a bunch of my files off safely. Not everything but a bunch. I've run all of the "pre-boot system assessment" tools and nothing seems wrong. I tried a system restore but couldn't find a restore point for some reason. I tried the Windows restore to factory settings and that didn't work. I finally tried the dell restore (which should have wiped all my files in the process) a
  7. Ok, here's the start of the catch up 1/2/89: Jumbo/Yatsu vs Mike Miller/Bryan Adams: This went about ten minutes and I actually liked it a lot. Miller continues to look like a consummate pro in these matches and Adams looked worlds better than in the Spivey match. I wouldn't count on him to actually drive a match but he can hit power moves and be a force and get led around. Miller's a guy who never had a major run but had been around in territories for a long time and I do think he had multiple tours and he gets it. Here he's crushed after the spike piledriver mid-match but still tosses s
  8. I hate random drops, the lack of character/mythos driven side quests (hunt side quests are terrible compared to what you get in earlier games) and the gambit system. I don’t love the record boards and how every character can quickly I everything but I guess they fix that with the remake.
  9. The inflatable pool is put away as it's become autumn, thankfully. The treadmill is as massive as a Road Warrior and I am not moving that thing again. Animal just looks huge in these matches, as big as I remember seeing him. Hawk insists on doing the press and he always struggles a bit with it but no one cares. Very cool as always, Gordi. So I did a double check and I realize I've missed a few random undercard TV matches here and there and Roy has all the TV shows up on his channel, so given that my laptop is still down, I'll go through those next.
  10. 3/3/89 Jumbo/Yatsu vs Road Warriors: Super high on this. It was an absolute clash of the titans, big stars, big forces of nature crashing into one another, hitting power moves, launching double teams. Obviously there wasn't going to be a lot of selling but the tag nature allowed for it. The transitions were just there and it reminded me a little of those formless AJPW matches from earlier in the 80s. The difference here was that it was really only a few minutes in ring and that there was an amazing atmosphere. You even had something akin to a finish, albeit a countout one. They have a longer m
  11. Tatiana Mfin' Clone Club Maslany is slumming it by only playing two different personalities. She's She-Hulk.
  12. This isn't the right place for this but I refuse to find and bump an older tech support note from three years ago and get yelled at by an op. It's more about griping anyway. Is anyone else on Windows 10 without a SSD dealing with the 100% disk usage slowdown even when you're barely doing anything? It's especially got bad over the last few weeks since one of the last updates. I tried a few things (reindexed the search thing, tried going from chrome to firefox, shut off Windows search, and then finally, foolishly, ran chkdsk. int That hung up at 100% and made my computer complete
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