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  1. He usually made wrestling smaller with that as opposed to raising it up.
  2. Angle, Christian, Bret. Pretty much in that order. But again, good on them for getting buzz on multiple levels this week.
  3. Man, why couldn’t have Khan been a Brisco County money mark instead?
  4. Ok, I still need to double back for some Jive Tones at some point, but I'm back to October 89. 10/1/89: Jumbo/Takano vs Tenryu/Kawada: Good sprint. I hadn't seen Jumbo vs Tenryu for a few weeks so the first minute or two of them just charging at each other was more enjoyable than when I'm seeing it all the time. Takano is always a fun addition to these. I like Yatsu plenty but it's nice to see Kabuki or Takano or someone else in there sometimes: he just moves differently. He has some different offense including a bunch of kicks and the knee off the second rope/top while still having size
  5. @The Natural To celebrate your birthday, check out this pretty much never before seen match that Chad Collyer posted which has Danielson working 100% like a 1989 heel down to the Rick Rude hip swivel.
  6. They showed a lot of discipline in letting the last episode serve the needs of the show and not six other things. I find Marvel's successes pretty funny. When will they ever fit in Wolverine if they have to do a Darcy and Woo show and something else with Agatha.
  7. I honestly didn't think they were going to tie it all off so cleanly. I'm happily surprised that they did. I guess I read too many comics in my life where one event is there to set up the next. We'll see how far she goes in Dr. Strange 2.
  8. Kenta Kobashi or we riot.
  9. There's only room for one Eddie in our heart. Sorry. It'd be different if you were "Nice Guy Chris."
  10. Look, I've never actually seen an episode of AEW. You guys know that's true. I've just seen one Cody vs Darby Allin match. With that said, has anyone considered death match legend Dr. Luther?
  11. I was really excited about Inhumans based on some of the casting choices but man did they mess that up.
  12. I need to go through the Mid-Atlantic Gateway at some point and learn more about US Champ Snuka. Most of us really don't have great working knowledge of 79 JCP.
  13. I have fond memories of Iron Fist being a show all about how Danny ruined everything for everyone around him like he was martial arts Homer Simpson or something..
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