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  1. This is why I've kept 1994 WCW in reserve all these years.
  2. I'm blanking if we have the cage match or not actually. I'll go back and look later. That was from a music video. In the meantime,
  3. I would think that this would bode extremely poorly for pretty much every pro wrestler who takes consistent bumps (basically everyone but HTM):
  4. I absolutely love the Nightmares recoil "sell" on the impact.
  5. Back from vacation. I'll start back on these tomorrow.
  6. I don't know. That looks like the most believable version of it I've ever seen, because it looks like the guy is trying to back body drop Virgil and Virgil just manages to shift at the last second and counter. Sometimes in wrestling less jumping helps?
  7. It's messing up my health because I based all my weekly exercise around new uploads. If I die, it's TNA's fault for grifting Corgan.
  8. Victor is the queen bee of his own hive.
  9. I'd be all for Nakamura Vice in a fashion police segment.
  10. My wife, 15 year old son, and 5 year old daughter are all super excited. The only badge the latter has is paper and out of a zootopia storybook.
  11. It's ok but pretty shallow gameplay wise.
  12. Rereading the PWO GWE thread was interesting. generally, people hold the style and his constraints within it against him more so than they knock him for his own merits.
  13. Cyberwoman?