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  1. I finally got to write 700+ words about Big John Studd. You people are obliged to read it and summarily agree with me. http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/05/new-footage-friday-andre-andre-andre.html
  2. No. It's K(evin)nash + Syxx + Michael Wallstreet. 4Life
  3. Watching with the six year old this second. Della gave the show a shot in the arm and it didn't even need one.
  4. While we consistency love Legends of Tomorrow, our watching of the rest of the CW DC shows is waning. We dropped Arrow a year or two ago. My wife's token misanthropy means that she can't stand Supergirl as a character. And Flash has been fairly hard to get through from a quality level the last year or two. We have two episodes to go this season and we just started Barry (not Allen) last night since we have HBO for another few weeks and I can't see us prioritizing Flash over that in the hour a night we actually get to watch something. I'm not sure what it is with Flash. Maybe it's that Barry has been given too much rope to hang himself as a character over the years or what made the show work in Season 1 (the mystery, the optimism, Iris being on the outside and the drama that caused) didn't make it even to season 2. Losing Cold and Heat Wave didn't help.Plus the Wells' character tends to be diminishing returns from season to season.
  5. Free PC Guacamelee: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guacamelee-super-turbo-championship-edition?linkID=&mcID=102:5cdc91e2382c29621c482063:ot:56c3de5c733462ca8940a304:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_05_16_store_newsletter&utm_content=Banner
  6. We should do a Beefcake vs Seth Rollins poll.
  7. Perfect would have won it back in December. Kerry wouldn't have kept it together enough to have a real push. Some of the individual feuds could have been interesting. Kerry and Perfect were tied together for six months basically before Kerry moved on to Dibiase. Beefcake had already feuded with Perfect though.
  8. It's amazing how underappreciated Studd is. He's the world's biggest Larry Zbyszko.
  9. It's basically just Arya and the stupid wolves.
  10. All of those: "Wrestler X is All Elite!" promo images remind me of this:
  11. It's probably Flair vs Backlund from 7/4/82 in the Omni. There are Bockwinkel matches I want more but that feels undeniable.
  12. It's much more likely he's on the throne and miserable because someone has to do it.
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