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  1. We have things up and running on the kid's tablet. We did upgrade the TV but my wife does not trust me to wall mount it so that is on hold. The first thing that the seven-year turned on? Aristocats
  2. Joke's on him if they bring Brawl for All next week.
  3. Arn just talked at length on his podcast about how terrible he was on commentary.
  4. 7 year old and I finished Broken Age. Now it's on to Secret of Monkey Island. I am a good parent. ... perhaps a message board poster with bad aim though.
  5. Like any of you people could have made it to Monday.
  6. 1. Best part of that book is the balls. The other two books are very different. 2. Sanderson is mechanically sound but ultimately empty. He writes like someone who's read a lot about the world and experienced very little. You're not wrong. Wonderful worldbuilding though.
  7. Are you sure it's not an associate's degree?
  8. This is the sort of bold view that even I'm not expressing.
  9. He never shows his work correctly. Look at the lead story on the Post right now about Trump wanting Barr to provide cover. Every paragraph has "people familiar with the matter said" or "Trump advisers say" or "people close to the administration say," followed up with "Like others, they spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the politically fraught situation." That stuff is basic and matters.
  10. I'm really looking forward to see the crowd reaction to Buzz. He was still a heel but just about to turn. The Abby match had to be a trial balloon. There's a promo in the first couple of minutes here from him:
  11. People should get #StoogeRollins trending. Just a friendly suggestion.
  12. That's how we can work out the exact timing of what happened?
  13. You've saved two years, friend.
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