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  1. Anyway, what we'd do is a spoiler post and then beneath the spoiler would be "Alabama Doink."
  2. Apparently he was trying to get it for years…
  3. I’m glad the Jericho vs Eddie six man is for the Blood & Guts advantage.
  4. I could and it would be awesome and no one would want to watch it. Tom Baker would be in it.
  5. They're killing the English version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which came as a big surprise and people are pretty upset, I suppose myself included. Been playing it for seven years and there was a pretty good community around it, etc. It ran six months behind the JP version so there were translators and guide-writers and it wasn't hard to stay up on content even if you were F2P. The game itself had a graphical/battle aesthetic of "What if every FF game was actually FFVI?" which hit my nostalgia and preference sweet spot. Also, because of the 6 month leadtime, a lot of the preparation tended to be pretty strategic. That's one reason why it was a hit. People were preparing for three or four months down the line. The game closes down on 9/29, and I'm hoping to be able to knock out the big realm content remaining for FF1-15, Tactics, Type 0, and then the Core characters. I only have a few left, so I should be able to do it. I'm definitely not in the market to replace it with a new mobile game (especially another gacha one). There was such a sink cost mentality with this after years and years that it'll be somewhat freeing for it to be gone. I think everyone just assumed the JP version would go down first and then six months later the English one would.
  6. QUICK thoughts: Andrade vs Fenix was always going to be a great spot/counter fest but I do think it was helped by the commercial breaks since that forced an Andrade control segment that might not have existed otherwise. The cutter sell was amazing. Rush coming out was great and here's why: you got who he was immediately. They had done the blocked low blow towards the end so it was sort of inplay as something that could be tried for and hit again as part of the house style, but all Rush did was hit a foul and pull off Fenix' mask for the hell of it. That's Rush in a nutshell. Just a heat machine. I do think they have the balance just right on Martinez/Deeb when it comes to how much they work together and how much they don't. I'm glad they did a variation of the bridge back spot which wasn't the suplex and they did Martinez' clothesline on the top rope bit but as a double team which is progression. They're getting more effective as a team even as they edge towards turning on each other. I want to see Gresham vs Cage. I said it. I like how Hook sort of holds his opponent for a second before suplexing him to get the crowd primed. Here's the deal with the main: Cash had a different job than Dax in his singles outings and it's not really fair to compare the two. Dax was out there to have "the most perfect Punk match possible" or a big bomb dropping match with Ospreay. Cash was out there to get over Cobb as a massive threat and he absolutely did that. I liked the bits early where he kept trying things and Cobb kept overpower and outwrestling him (with that power) but Cash just went right back to it. I like how he chipped at the hurt knee for opportunities, not necessarily as the story of the match, but he wasn't there to have a 50/50 match with Cobb. I'd say he did the job he was supposed to do in that match just as well as Dax delivered on what he was supposed to do in his recent singles matches. End of show here was tremendous and it was all Jericho's visuals and Kingston's intensity (though they got little bits of Trent fist pumping or Cash with the belts that were good). Jericho mugging into the camera was so good. Jericho trying to cut a promo was so good. Kingston going for pens was so good. Great, relentless stuff.
  7. I time coded them for you. Take 15-20 mins and watch. It's good stuff, especially the first two:
  8. Wait, Skye Blue is injured too? Oh come on. On some level, I hope this is Khan caring about his wrestlers and giving them time off when at other points in history, that wouldn't be the case and they'd work through whatever smaller injuries they have. As opposed to a slew of really serious stuff.
  9. I think that the only thing that would be make any sense at all would be Obi Wan exploring the force and learning from Qui-Gon and having it all be surreal metaphysical claptrap. You could do a lot with that from an artistic/visual and character perspective, but I don't think it'd necessarily be what people want or at all marketable.
  10. Cobb vs Cash is more interesting on paper and you know there's got to be a fire under Cash to perform after the run Dax has been on, but Meltzer framed Andrade vs Fenix as a make good to the wrestlers for not being able to be on the PPV for political reasons, and if they were granted a MATCH instead of let's say a bonus, you figure they'd make the most of that.
  11. The reactions to the last episode are interesting. Casuals seem to like it. The really hardcore who have watched Clone Wars or read the Marvel comics seem to like it. The people in the middle who have seen the movies a bunch of times but little else seem to loathe it and be really bothered by it.
  12. Definitely disagree. U Foes have been in video games and had trading cards, etc. They’ve been used plenty over the years and would probably make a top 10 Hulk foes list. ClanDestine is basically Marvel’s Sovereign 7. Only ever in their own comic and just two fairly limited runs. I thought they were creator owned by Davis.
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