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  1. I'm biased but I thought this was a really good interview. Indy Lucha (Especially one working with a big company like CMLL) is really interesting and Ledesma came off as very likable.
  2. I'm weirdly happy Toots is getting in.
  3. Whenever my 4 year old now wants to go somewhere with me and I'm not going to take her for whatever reason, she grabs my leg and says over and over "it's dangerous to go alone!"
  4. Which, between contracts running out and the fact the WWE probably won't do anything interesting with the Briscoes, the only thing that really matters anyway?
  5. The fact that everyone has moved on to talking about New Jersey makes me think this probably isn't happening.
  6. Everyone's just okay with the Episode 10 twist?
  7. First book of the Stormlight Archive is free as an ebook today and tomorrow for US and Canada:
  8. Sting is the first that came to my mind.
  9. That's fair to a degree, but I think even babyface Casas often wrestles with rudo leanings.
  10. I'm trying to remember all the names mentioned. Internally, Luger was a front runner on the idea that he came over in 95 as the advance force of the invasion. For free agents they were considering, the only ones out there were Mabel, Tatanka and someone else (maybe Crush?). Considering that they were already gaining in business and ratings anyway on the strength of the Flair vs Savage feud, I think almost anything bolstered by Hall and Nash would have worked in the short term. In the medium/long term, however, you really need Hogan on board on the heel side. Otherwise, he would have squashed them in rapid succession as a babyface and they would have lost momentum quickly. The rumor going all the way back to January of 96 was that Hogan personally was reaching out to Nash because he wanted him as an opponent.
  11. There's fun stuff here. The Novelty of Rey and Casas teaming up as babyfaces is great. In general, though, it's better on paper. Caristico is always a really dynamic heel so it's refreshing to see him in that role again but it felt like amateur hour at times with him working as loose as I've ever seen a wrestler on his level work, maybe.
  12. Ok, Episode 10 feels like a bridge too far.
  13. It needed something else. I'm not sure what, maybe a musical fight scene?-
  14. Hell Mark, I don't even want to tell Meltzer that. That guy's ripped.