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  1. Is this proof enough I won the bet?
  2. Basically but with all of Steve's tactical ability, determination and good intentions instead of just the super soldier serum.
  3. I do think there's value in Finn as 1997 tweener Sting, where he acts mysteriously, takes out people without explanation and always is in the paint. Because they didn't debut him that way, however, they'd have to build to it somehow. The other problem is that his real life personality is more wiener than tweener.
  4. They need faces who are over as faces.
  5. Hell, if they want to lean hard into Legacy by having ALL of the classic characters on the table, then that might even be how Secret Empire ends. (Quoting myself because I'm so thoroughly right)
  6. I'm seeing this as an AzBats/Spider-Ock thing, myself. They've pretty much gone out of their way now to express that this is a different Steve who had different experiences growing up and an entirely different origin story. It'd be like redoing Peter Parker's origin where he was secretly adopted by Norman Osborn after his parents were killed or something. It's much more of a Red Son thing than something that he has to come back from. At some point, reality will go back to where this lady never recruited Steve's mother into Hydra when he was a kid and that's that. I'd actually be really surprised if we don't see Hydra Cap fighting our Cap in a story within 5 years or so. They'd be sort of crazy NOT to do that at this point.
  7. But is Hydra Cap?
  8. Still better then Millar's Cap.
  9. Reed sure messed this one up. Probably let Franklin drive again.
  10. The Smother Love.
  11. Also something called the "Pritchard Regime."
  12. I'd think Michaels or some random celebrity has as much chance as Kane. Maybe even Reigns at this point.
  13. It's more likely that they're having Heath Slater do a game show as the Invisible Man than actually giving us matches that haven't been out there.
  14. I wonder if this explains the Mistico/Awesome Kong/KENTA thing.
  15. NXT

    So long as Pete Gas gets to manage them.