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  1. DC Comics omnibus thread

    DC's MO is just to pile another book on, yes.
  2. It’s not like she’s just a random person either. She comes up a lot in 90s NE indies stories.
  3. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    How 1997 of them.
  4. DC Comics omnibus thread

    I have very little idea of how Metal syncs up with everything else. I'm following DC again but not religiously enough that it's bothering me too much though.
  5. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Talent Scout in Chief
  6. Did someone say something after Phil?
  7. Team Chad Gable is definitely the best one for 2017:
  8. DC TV Thread

    Isn't Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four great!

    How many stars did Meltzer give it?
  10. Apparently he had a big hand in the Dolph/Miz "career on the line" story too.
  11. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I don't necessarily have anything against Slott's ASM run, but there's a reason they switch up creative teams after a while. Whenever he drops a "brand new status quo" issue, you get the strong sense of diminishing returns.

    Isn't the deal that Jar Jar is supposed to be George Lucas' Goofy. I'm all in on Porgs, by the way, at least until I'm not. I was born in 81 though, so I had no issue at all with Ewoks.
  13. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    You guys are lucky i like both of you, no-selling my swipes and all.
  14. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Pockets for cosplayers. Now I think I should have made Young Bucks comparisons instead. I am so, so old.