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  1. ... if he went with Running Man?
  2. It's 2017. Irony may trump quality.
  3. I can see people going for the Broken Matt stuff just as easily as for the Styles matches, frankly.
  4. The fact that 70% of his matches are things people have to pay for and that Gran Metalik had high profile WWE matches where he looked good means he probably doesn't make it past the play-in though. Hell, even just speaking for lucha fans, Metalik had a decent amount of singles matches on CMLL tv (like the Cavernario one) before he left that are up on CubsFan channel too. It'll be a hard road for Terry.
  5. Can we have a general thread for the multiple Pick'Ems (one single one would do I guess), where people can make cases between now and then?
  6. Imagine this with 1997 Gorilla Monsoon commentating. And this this split screen. Poor Heavy Metal. I'm dying watching this.
  7. Unless I'm way off base, here's Robinson from the same card, and maybe even the direct match before. You be the judge:
  8. We're behind on Arrow. I might just skip that one.
  9. What even is Beefcake's best match? A MSG/Philly/Boston one with Valentine maybe? Dream Team vs Bulldogs? This?
  10. It had been so long since I saw my name on a movie that was actually selected for the list that I thought maybe I only made a list of four movies or something.
  11. Movie

    I'm chiming in too:
  12. I haven't watched this but humanizing Alexa is a bum deal. They should have kayfabed this with her mother as an evil pageant mom or something.
  13. Or you can just put Gino Hernandez in. Two more great Dynamic Duo matches just popped up last week that haven't been seen since 82 including maybe JYD's best match ever.
  14. If I had voted for any Woody Allen movies, it would have been Zelig. I did not.