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  1. If you have a girl in between the ages of 5 and 10, Tangled: the Series is really quite good. The start of season 3 was actually a minor kick to the teeth.
  2. Bayley: Screw you Paul! The Natural: Congrats! What a big, forgiving heart on this guy.
  3. That channel is full of some fun, fairly rare stuff.
  4. If there are no authority figures, who is kayfabe making the picks? The networks?
  5. The last issue made me go back and reread a bunch of the earlier issues. I still want to reread more.
  6. Brock/Fury vs Cain/Bruan would be way more fun than a singles match.
  7. I think there's a way through this which involves tormenting the ref for his decision (be it with a Steph berating or the Funhouse) and a no DQ rematch that Bray wins (be it with the help of a new Sister Abagail or what), but it's probably unlikely WWE thinks anything needs to be fixed in the first place.
  8. So, at this point, I'm going to blame Shawn Michaels instead.
  9. I'm thinking it was more like Starrcade 99. We're quite a bit further down the road here.
  10. Fuck it. They should just push Funaki.
  11. My newest Gen console is a WiiU yes. It's fine for the younger kid that is still fighting through wind waker and the older one just plays on the PC.
  12. So. Now Amazon Prime doesn't work on our Wii U anymore. Ok, ok, fine. We'll drop the $300 or whatever and get a new TV that has USB jacks or whatever so we can watch Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+. We just have to find something with the same kind of base as what we have.
  13. That's almost double from last week?
  14. This week we watched a super rare Sasuke vs Casas match from 96 which has to be better than anything on live TV this week. Amazing Casas performance against a unique opponent. Plus a Porky vs MA2K hair match and a brand new Dream Machine/Gypsy Joe (@DEAN) vs Sato/Ishikawa tag from 83. http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2019/10/new-footage-friday-porky-vs-ma2k-for.html
  15. 1. Have Bray win. 2. Have Bray spend a few months beating the New Day.
  16. The end of this show kind of made me want to check out that AEW thing.
  17. "Whilst" When one can set a mood, in a tweet, with the first word alone.
  18. I have no idea where to put this, but it's still crazy to me that AEW did that number with only pulling back 10K viewers from NXT's number last week.
  19. There's maybe a niche market for it right now? I'm not sure how they can stand out doing the same thing as WWE/NXT/MLW/ROH/AEW. I can see how they might think this is worth a try in a very crowded marketplace?
  20. I would totally watch a Swagger vs Goldust match. Don't get my hopes up for that.
  21. He does have to live in Florida so it's not like he doesn't suffer for it.
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