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  1. Modesto Aledo vs Bob Remy For all the big crazy spots we've seen, this little stuff still might be my favorite. He can't get out of the hold so he positions his own foot in a way that will give him the necessary leverage. Look, I haven't seen every match from the guys who really take it to the mat these days, but I've seen a few, and I feel like what we get more are big, sweeping ideas and counters and limb targeting. I wish they'd work these really fine bits of technique into their act. Which isn't to say I also don't love this stuff too. Aledo was so good in there. The trip is great. I love the speed on the sunset flip. I love the awkward angles that make everything seem more organic.
  2. He’s 1992 Tito Santana. He’s shined up with a slightly new gimmick and in front of the right crowd could have a big moment or win and be credible, but he’s there to put over new heels.
  3. I know Meltzer's reported back and forth on things like Danielson's potential debut time and obviously some things like when Cole's contract would be up came as a surprise to even Cole, but in general, I think the name "Grand Slam" is a pretty good sign that Khan was planning on loading this card up like this from a fairly early stage. I didn't really make the connection until a few minutes ago when I was going to post that they really knocked it out of the park with this one.
  4. I know this is not a productive line of discussion so I'll surround it in something that is maybe: Again, I really like the element of the house style where moves are earned or have consequence. I saw the last 5 minutes of Cole vs Kazarian on youtube and I liked how the first Panama Destroyer got countered and how Kazarian got burned by going for the legdrop a second time, which, in general, set up the actual Destroyer as well as could be. That just makes everything feel more earned and more important and resonate more. I think that when Cole has a singles match with Christian, it'll probably be really good because Christian is the king at creatively working those sorts of elements into his matches with his moves and his opponent's moves. That said, and here's the part that's not helpful, the actual moves themselves matter and something like the Panama Destroyer, so much more than even something like a 619 where Rey has to strategically move someone into position, doesn't work at this high a level, not even symbolically. It's just too much, just breaks physics too much, just involves too much of a level of cooperation, just defies logic too much. I think what gets me with it is that it involves two contrived moments. A normal destroyer or code red isn't entirely the end of the world. I think it should go wrong more where a larger guy ends up squishing the guy doing it to get over the risk and reward and difficulty of it, but I'm generally ok with it. Likewise, the set up where a guy is keeled over can be believable in some ways. It worked for years for a Mr. Wrestling II kneelift. But when you combine the two, bridged by the theoretical recoil of landing on the guy's neck and then it bouncing back up to assist with the flip, the execution just has to be absolutely perfect to make it seem believable. Too often, you land, and there's just a long stutter and then he does the destroyer so the leaping off the ropes isn't about the recoil so much as just setting it up and it's asinine. It just is. I get that if you watch modern wrestling you have to deal with stuff like that and I get that it's over which, in the end, is most of what matters, but I kind of really hate it. Sorry. There, that's out of my system for now.
  5. They made it non-title and played up that Callis really didn't want him to take the match anyway. Danielson's going over.
  6. Re: earlier webshow talk: Looking forward to Butcher/Blade vs Lucha Bros and Anna vs Bunny on Rampage this week.
  7. Oh yeah. That too. What a poorly paced comic. The character stuff was ok. But it was a chore to get through.
  8. I’ve liked more than half the X-books. Everything but X-Force and Fallen Angels and I haven’t followed Wolverine.
  9. X-Factor was amazing and just so full interacting character moments and brilliant ideas so Trial is just probably heavily editorially driven (from what the interviews have said).
  10. At least they didn't call him Rex Gremlin.
  11. Again, it's such a me thing and I doubt it was intentional but...
  12. I have no idea what % of the audience watches Dark and Elevation but it's such a boon to the overall product. If they needed to fill time in a few weeks they could just toss Lucha Bros vs Butcher & Blade on Dynamite and it'd be whatever it was. But if you have them mow through people for five or six weeks on the webshows first, it just really builds a sort of momentum. I know it shouldn't necessarily because we see the strings and we get how these matches work and everything else, but each squash where they keep up the intensity makes me want to see that match (or really the two of them vs any "name" team) more. Some other quick thoughts: Spears looked effective out there until the last minute when he started mugging and talking about Darby. As a character, I always preferred him as the underdog babyface who was just happy to be there. That felt much more genuine than this. I'm sure you guys know this but I haven't seen much 2.0 and I dig their general level of engagement in the match. They're very good at portraying full and genuine immersion in what's happening in there. I like the storyline build through dark. You don't need more than one or two going at once just like how you'd get a marquee match on Superstars or a main event on late era WCW SN. Here you've got Anna/Tay vs Penelope/Bunny and Janela vs Kiss (with the Diamante vs Swole stuff in the background but that really did feel like it should have gotten blown off last week). 65% enhancement, 25% more even mid-card matches and 10% programs feels like the right balance to me. Speaking of more even mid-card matches, the reason why the Cassidy double suplex spot worked so well is because Taylor and Yuta hit a double suplex a minute or two before. That's the attention to detail and thought that is the lifeblood of Cassidy's stuff actually working and not just being facile and empty. And of course they build to Dynamite through it, with Hirsch against someone bigger and Jade against someone smaller. Also, I know no one in the world picked up on this and I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but I've got to mention it: Jade started her match with a waistlock takedown where she basically tossed her opponent across the ring. King started against Hirsch by using her size with the exact same waistlock takedown, but Hirsch kept the connection between them and chain wrestled her way into an advantage. Probably a happy coincidence but it really showed how Hirsch has a shot against Jade. The one thing I DO like about the AEW house style is that it often takes two times to hit a spot. They'll try it earlier in the match and it won't work and then they'll hit it later, and not just finishers either. That's a bit of build that makes almost any match better. (I'm thinking about Hirsch's tope in this case but it happens a lot; or it'll work once and then NOT work the second time like Andrade's double stomp the other night).
  13. I’d pay $15 to get it after 45 days if I had to
  14. Fuji moving to WWF Champion Yokozuna after Orient Express and Berzerker feels up there?
  15. Norm had a fairly big impact on my sense of humor as a teenager when he was on Weekend Update but probably not nearly as much as Kevin Nealon did and I'm honestly pretty glad for that twenty+ years later.
  16. I love the one scene where he enters the arcade set to Separate Ways though.
  17. One of the first one we encountered with in the French footage was L'Homme Masque. Of course, one of the others was Le Bourreau de Bethune (The Executioner of Bethune)
  18. Khan in the last week has shown interest in Lee Moriarty and Lio Rush, so that gives some sense of well, something at least. It's a very crowded top of the card right now with the new talent they've brought in and some of the ones on their way though.
  19. That match doesn’t need a title, especially if they use a prop like a cage.
  20. What Big E has going for him is that there's no one on the horizon that they want to give a big push to. They can always put Brock over him at some point, but past that, who else on the roster really needs to get elevated like that? Priest? Kross(ha)? There's no one down in NXT. I could see Vince being so enamored with Happy Corbin that they want to give him the JBL/King Booker run but in general, there's nothing. There's no reason for Big E not to be in the main event scene for the next year or two.
  21. Kingston being passive aggressive in the last match after getting chastised by truck for talking too much was great.
  22. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the best way to consume AEW for me is just to watch everything but Dynamite.
  23. If AEW has to sign him, keep him a hilarious heel and use him as Hardy’s ace in his stable.
  24. I’m not sure about calling someone who primarily has butt based offense “crisp.” I guess Koshinaka could be crisp sometimes?
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