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  1. Even the eras I really like in CMLL aren't exactly "booked." You might get one angle that they milk for a few months or something teased forever that sort of feels like storytelling just because they take so long to pull a trigger, but it's usually just plug and play.
  2. Yeah, it's Hall and Nash of all people. I can't believe that it didn't make them crack up. You don't see any sign of surprise or confusion or anything else. I am dubious of this footage.
  3. Biggest problem with this season of Fargo is that it's over and who knows when we might get more. There's never enough of it.
  4. Honestly, I think you guys are underselling the done-in-ones and the scope of episodes in S2. Super charismatic Boba Fett armor guy and sand people and giant monster. Giant spider and egg-eating and Appa as an X-Wing Pilot Bo-Katan doing Bo-Katan shit (admittedly, if you haven't seen the animated stuff, this means a lot less, but I can't help you there. Go get a 6 year old and go to town. I did it in this thread over the span of a year or so). Samurai Ahsoka. The stuff with the S1 pals I actually found pretty forgettable. I remember they had to go to a tower fo
  5. I don't think it's healthy for anyone to judge the show that you want them to be making instead of the show that they're trying to make. I'm not saying you can't do it, but you're just going to get aggravated. The purpose of the show doesn't seem to be about moving the plot ahead every week but instead to tell stylized stories that let them do western/monster/samurai style stories that occasionally move the broader plot along. It's more Doctor Who than Game of Thrones. It's ok to prefer the latter to the former, but I'm pretty sure they're doing exactly what they're setting out to do here.
  6. She didn't show back up until after ROTJ is the idea. I do think the way they brought her back was pretty absurd, but it's almost certainly a Lucas concept so what are you going to do, right?
  7. Rules are simple: Random draw sets up pairings. Research/Talk to your partner. It might help if everyone puts up a quick blurb on their gaps. Some of this probably exists on the first pages of the old thread. Pick a match for your partner. This is the big thing. Do it ASAP, even if you don't have time to watch a match for some crazy real life reason. Don't leave your partner hanging. If you think you're going to be off the board for a week, drop out for that week, etc. Watch the match your partner picked for you. Write a review. Doesn't have to be War and Peace.
  8. I don't think this bit is fair. There are things which are dusted under the rug and there are questions from House/Power on what timeline we're in and what might be changed, etc., but I think Hickman hasn't dropped anything. Sunspot led his own Avengers team. Magik was part of the Extinction Team. Iceman is out of the closet. Emma has had all of the growth and then some and her relationship with Kitty is very much at the other end of the looking glass of decades. Havok has Axis and the weirdo run from two years ago behind him. It's all there in the characters if not in the plot. I've read ever
  9. Ok. I’ll take stock and randomize in the morning. Probably a new thread too.
  10. Arm would be very quick to dispute that he and Tully weren’t draws, to the point that he considers them leaving a big part of JCP’s downfall. You’re free to argue with him.
  11. This is like weird alternate reality wrestling from the 80s:
  12. As does every wrestler and message board poster.
  13. They did some flashbacks along those lines during Superior Spider-Man, no?
  14. 10th anniversary. Someone posted it this week actually:
  15. Hey, yeah, welcome. I'm glad for anyone interested to follow along and chime in. The social aspect is what's keeping me going as much as anything else. You guys will note it's been about a week and a half. I had a little setback with something which felt like sciatica on my left side. No idea what happened (probably me picking up things and/or small children). I'm still maybe a little concerned that I did something I shouldn't have but the pain has been receding steadily over the last few days and I pushed it today on the treadmill. I'm definitely down about 30 pounds here but also crashi
  16. 1. It's just that we didn't keep the thing updated. I'm going to send you some more info in PM right now and I suggest that you use that as a guide. The good news is that 1957 is mostly updated on that list, so that's your starting point. 2. After that, you should google the match name and "Segunda caida". Video links are in the review posts. If you can't find something, reach out to me. We're midway through 1960 now. 3. We did go chronologically for the most part because it led to the most surprises and the week to week quality is so good. We do jump ahead now and again when we see
  17. X of Swords was both the best and the worst crossover imaginable.
  18. Ok, we've got 7. One more would be nice, but for a limited engagement this is a-ok. Plan is to roll on Sunday and do the usual Sunday-Saturday week. I'll make a new thread go over the meager rules ("at least give your partner a match" again) then. If anyone wants to jump on board in the meantime, do so.
  19. Ryder was a presence if you were on Prodigy in the mid-to-late-90s certainly. There was a lot that made one be uncomfortable about the guy but he was a presence. It’s weird to lose him and Hyatte in the same year.
  20. Hey, welcome aboard. Glad you found this. The blog is http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/ We post new reviews/links every Tuesday late night and will for the next couple of years. This will get you the last few weeks: http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/search/label/French Catch There's the starting of a master list here, but it only got so fleshed out: http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2014/05/la-complete-et-exacte-french-catch.html I'll PM you some more resources later. This is a big ocean to dive into and you'll want to see it all once you get your feet wet.
  21. When Tajiri does this to Casas: Casas does this to Tajiri:
  22. Hey, we're heading into more lockdown and the holiday season (and you know, more lockdown). Are people up for another round for December and maybe January? I figure we need 8 people at a minimum with 10 preferable. Any takers?
  23. The last scene/moment was the funniest part. What it really did was speak to what i was saying about Bo Katan taking her mask off. The 8-year old was wondering where Ahsoka or the Rebels crew were. She definitely didn't remember the new Ep IX characters, even though we saw that in the theater. Past one tiny cameo of the hot new thing (also live action), it was all movies characters, because live action is going trump everything always.
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