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  1. Coach K, in case you’re lurking here, please listen to me: I know you’re tempted but the answer isn’t Brian Cage.
  2. Guys, I think Kip’s ready to take the paper bag off.
  3. Duct tape Omega together until he looks like the Yeti?
  4. Can’t really bring in a Japanese star since that’s the gimmick for the next PPV. Sting’s hurt. Bray probably isn’t in ring shape. You need the potential CSRO debut elsewhere. I wonder what a Wardlow/LA Park match would look like.
  5. I guess we can’t have an elaborate skit where Jericho tries to burn Regal but gets a MJF stunt double and we put Spears under a mask as Mr. MJF. My second best actual idea is having him take Spears’ and Sterling’s hair like this is 1978 Memphis.
  6. It’s pretty clear by now that he has the priorities of a 2004 DVDVR poster, for good and ill.
  7. Five minutes of thought: Give Andrade a big payday to fly in a couple of days after his wedding. And play up something with the Andrade Family Office claiming the contract though it’s bs and have him literally run through all of them one at a time (or two at a time) to crazy pops before Andrade takes a powder. And Wardlow has his next mini-feud.
  8. Let’s just look at this hypothetically, as a thought experiment. Wardlow really needs to beat MJF. It’s the hottest story in the company and he’s the biggest, most over rising star. Let’s say MJF is gone. You’re Tony Khan. What do you do?
  9. There's a special Dark up waiting for everyone if you didn't realize. I'm halfway through and will have to catch the rest tomorrow. Emi trios match was a blast. I should really do a C+A of Emi on AEW Youtube someday. All time great catch by Cutler on a Darby dive too.
  10. It works a lot better in tag matches.
  11. This cold has definitely been rough. It's been almost two weeks since I ran and I was feeling it today as I made an attempt. Still not 100% but I gave it a go. 6/15/86: Snuka vs Maeda: This is a HH and I was daunted by it for a bit but it's actually pretty good. Very simple. Very straightforward. A lot of simple arm holds. Very MSG undercard matwork actually. Maeda manages a really cool escape out of a top wristlock at one point. In general though, they keep it very simple for the first half then trade some kicks and a nice Snuka chop as they get going. Snuka tries to ground him but can't because you can't ground Maeda with a chinlock. He eats a suplex and then almost gets counted out but comes back in to do the trademark leapfrog chop spot and for some reason puts a flip into his missed splash after which Maeda just pins him. Honestly one of the best Snuka matches I've ever seen and I guess good on Maeda to work down to Snuka's level for the good of the match instead of doing whatever he did to Kerry. 6/18/86: Murdoch vs Maeda: Another handheld. Interesting June for Maeda with the Ueda match, the Fujinami match, and these two. If I wrote it out, the matwork would have been very similar to the Snuka match but the struggle and grit and gamesmanship was very different. Much more advanced and nuanced. Much harder worked. There was a bit midway where Murdoch looked like he'd be going back to the arm but instead zoomed over to the leg and it was well appreciated. Finish got me as I thought Murdoch was going to get counted out twice, the second time being after a spin kick when he was on the apron and Maeda was in the ring, but Maeda foolishly went after him and Murdoch snuck in after a slam for a countout win. Handshake after the match. I just looked it up and this was the IWGP League semi final which is why Murdoch went over. Can't have Inoki wrestle Maeda after all. Who would win? Inoki vs Murdoch is coming on 6/20. I'm glad we had this one though. Wait a second, I missed an Andre vs Inoki match from 6/17. Let me regroup for next time.
  12. They’re in a bit of a bind for Soho vs Britt. I imagine a good chunk of the same crowd that was at Rampage will be at the PPV. You don’t want the babyface tournament winner getting booed out of the arena before the Hart family. At the same time, unless she’s getting a lot of adulation or at least respect, maybe you don’t want Baker going over either. Maybe Soho can win them back over in the match itself but….
  13. I just caught the first match but the crowd was pretty hot.
  14. I saw it on the Mid-South year in review episode at the end of 81.
  15. Caster vs Dante has been added.
  16. Regal was on fire during the PIP. He called Matt Menard a "Popped Frog. You know one of those novelty pop frogs you see at the sea side."
  17. That'd probably be the fourth most interesting match on the card, though.
  18. I have no idea what sort of internal surveys they have on their viewer base. I assume you don't have @Mookieghanaon the payroll to not use his analytical skills to the utmost. Obviously the ratings in the last month have been impacted by the NBA to some degree, a degree of maybe 10%? He's very focused about the fact the show is in Vegas and has made decisions based on what other shows in Vegas have done. With all that said, it's absolutely absurd. It feels like Jim Ross reminding the viewers constantly that the NFL and college football are more important than WCW in the early 90s. Present your card as 100% the most important thing in the world, or at least the sports/entertainment world, happening that day. If you really are going to stretch out a card a little for that reason, don't say it out loud. You shouldn't punish your most diehard/engaged/passionate/paying fans for a minority who care about something else. It's the age of cell phones. If someone wants to follow a game at the same time as your matches, they can do it. Who knows? Maybe he's got money on the game or something?
  19. It depends on Celtics/Heat, no? He wants more matches to stall the main event if necessary?
  20. I'll pull a bunch of gifs from this Anton Tejero/Antonio Montoro vs Maurice Dumez/Georges Cohen match probably but I wanted to show everyone Montoro's ripcord spinning tombstone first:
  21. Guys, Gilbert Leduc's awesome. We know that, but this cravat takeover on Bert Mychel is one of the best things ever. Look at the torque on that thing. And this was something he'd do a lot in his matches but I'm not sure I've ever seen it so fast or so slick:
  22. I’m pretty sure AEW fans collect action figures and read comics and don’t watch sports. Oh wait, maybe he’s confused by the goofy sneakers addiction? Wait, that could just be the wrestlers.
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