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  1. I'm glad Edge is back. He gives them some star power and he's extremely self-aware as a total package. Super bright guy. You got that from the podcast if you didn't have it before. That said, Orton vs Edge, no matter how good the angle setting it up, is not going to be great. They're going to give it way too much time. Edge has never had stuff to fill time unless it was in a gimmick match and he was a heel. I get that there's a novelty to this and I'm glad it's on the card, but you should be feeling looming dread in the back of your soul about watching Edge vs Orton for 20 minutes, not excitement.
  2. Isn't the joke: "You think you know me..." "Hard to say with you looking like the crowd half the time?"
  3. From a guy who did not have a pure heart, sure.
  4. Fiend vs Roman is pretty easy to me. Roman's great at working from underneath. Have the Fiend take most of the match, have Roman come back, hit a few superman punches and one spear. It would work. The whole point of a monster is to have a hero beat him. You could still rehabilitate the Fiend for a Summerslam match vs Brock or something. Meanwhile, give Roman an actual dominant run as a face champion to carry the brand.
  5. I think Fiend vs Reigns McIntyre vs Lesnar Orton vs Edge Rollins+Crew vs Joe/Owens+Crew in a gimmick match Women Do Things is one of the best tops of a card they've had in years if they don't blow all this stuff between now and Mania.
  6. All I'll say about the women's Rumble is that they should do battle royals more often so that 85% of the roster don't fall over every time they try to hit someone, which is apparently a thing that only happens in these.
  7. I think there were a bunch of missed opportunities in the first half of the Rumble. Everyone should have gotten as much attention/shine as Benjamin did (and he got it by not doing anything but making Brock seem a little different for a moment). The thing was, guys like Bruan and Lee (let alone someone like Morrison or Cesaro) sort of had to get eaten by Brock to make the Drew thing work. Then it was on them to make it matter in the back half and the finish meant that it did almost regardless of everything else (they should have probably given Drew a bit more shine in there after the first few eliminations). Everyone killing Rollins felt very, very good after last year's horroshow finish. Orton was more excited about Edge's abs than anything in years.
  8. We're through Season 3 Episode 7 now and I think we've hit a solid stretch of episodes. One of the big problems with the show is that the chronology is all over the place. It doesn't cause too many problems but Season 3 Episode 1 introduce a bunch of characters and then leads right into Season 1 Episode 5. Season 3 Episode 3 is somehow a prequel to Season 1 Episode 1. Etc. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea. I came in here to praise things though. A string of good episodes, all of them from 1-7, but especially 3-7 when they got the clones out of the way and focused a lot on Padme and Ahsoka. Some Mandalorian stuff (which is very much its own thing here and not "Fett-y" in the least), some Aurra Sing. We're rolling into Droids and Ziro, but the payoff will be Quinlan Vos. I remember loving Ostrander's Republic comic back in the day so I'm very much looking forward to that. And then we're a couple of episodes away from Nightsisters, so I feel good about this.
  9. Falcon/Winter Soldier has been moved up to August.
  10. We should be glad for any booking at all in CMLL?
  11. Ted Knight invented them in 53. Solved.
  12. Excellent. Let us know what you think as you go through things.
  13. I still don't entirely get their strategy, but for older content, in February, they're putting up: My Dog, the Thief from 69; I Captured the King of the Leprechauns from 59, which is a Magical World of Disney behind the scenes thing from Darby O'Gill, and a few movies like Big Business (which I don't think I'd even even heard of) and Splash.
  14. It's not that most episodes are bad. They're fine. It's just that there's a lot of them. And we have a lot more Star Wars than we used to. I say that you particularly should just dive in.
  15. I have no idea what's going on here.
  16. The 2 year old is very into the first 1.5 minutes of anything Winnie the Pooh and then gets bored quickly, but that means we've put on more than our share of New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which is probably the biggest Pooh touchstone of my youth as I was 6-7 when it came on. The opening theme is fairly nostalgic for me for instance. But that show is messed up. Seriously messed up. They took the heffalumps and woozles thing and thought that was the Pooh norm and not the exception, or took the idea that the characters all misinterpret social norms and lingo and stretch them to wild, confused misadventures, and sort of made all of their delusions real. It ranges from Tigger losing his stripes after a bath to a whole episode where they battle this thing because Christopher Robin has to clean his room:
  17. We made a rush through the last six episodes of Clone Wars S2 this morning. She was definitely into the Zillo Beast, as we are big Godzilla fans (or at least fans of the idea of Godzilla) in the household. Moreover, I usually have to refresh her on stuff from the movies (like who Dooku is and why the Separatists are doing what they're doing) but she 100% knew who Boba Fett was and why he hated the Jedi without me having to say a word. Kids relate to kids. That's the moral of the story.
  18. We rewatched Episode I with the 7 year old a few months ago to prep her for Rise. When you're a teenager, you think Jar Jar is lame. When you're an adult, he's as bad or worse than the faux Japanese Trade Guys.
  19. It comes down to this: What do you want and why do you want it? What's your goal? Is it to keep track of everything so that you can be fulfilled that you're not missing anything? Is is to take in inputs from other people so you have a curated understanding of the best stuff? Is it to watch weekly shows/promotions so that you're engaged and following along? Do you want to be part of something? If so, what something? The fanbase of a promotion? Knowing what you're talking about here? On twitter? I have limited time. I definitely can't watch most things live given my family situation. 8-9:30 is bedtime for kids of different ages and then some of the only time I get to spend with my wife most days is 9:30-11 or so. I'm up again at 5:45. Moreover, wrestling's generally gone to a place where I'm not satisfied with it. I spend my time watching older, unearthed footage. I'm going to spend every Tuesday for the next three years writing about the 300 or so French matches from the 50s-80s we've unearthed. We just started this week and everything we've seen so far is great. (Here are the first two matches/reviews: http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2020/01/tuesday-french-catch-day-di-santo-van.html) Would I rather it be something where dozens and dozens of us were engaged on so that there could be more of a social component to it and I could feel more part of something? Yeah, I'm human, aren't I? But I'm not a point where where I'd rather watch stuff JUST to get that, just to be in the broader conversation, just to make sure that I'm an expert and haven't missed anything. My life is pretty damn full and following along for some other things here is enough for me. So I'll lean towards my joy in a controlled way and maximize what I want out of it. While you're more than welcome to spend your limited time along with us, I suggest each and every one of you figure out what it is you really want out of the hobby and go for it.
  20. Their main issue what that they felt a lot of lore (especially the Spectre stuff but not just) was dropped in quickly without real explanation and it was just assumed people would understand it. Obviously we weren't going to have any problems with it, but....
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