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  1. We made it through the first arc of Season 6. She knows about Order 66 now, to a degree, but I think she hasn't fully worked out the scope of it. It was good stuff obviously. We're going to slow down just a little bit since I thought S7 had 10 episodes but it has 12, so that's another two weeks and we're so close to the end. Also: https://www.cbr.com/report-rosario-dawson-contract-multiple-star-wars-shows/ Looks like Dawson MAY be in the Andor show as well.
  2. I don't get why we only have 5:50 of this online but it's a great Blackwell performance if you haven't seen it:
  3. 6/14/74 Houston, TX @ Sam Houston Coliseum Jose Lothario & El Santo beat Blackjack Lanza & The Texan Ken Patera beat Lou Thesz Red Bastein beat Tio Tio El Gran Marcus beat Inca Peru Ron Pritchard drew Frenchy LaSalle 11/29/74 – Houston, TX @ Sam Houston Coliseum Jose Lothario & El Santo beat Black Gordman & El Gran Markus Blackjack Lanza beat Red Bastien Don Muraco beat Angelo Mosca by DQ Scott Casey drew Victor Rivera Al Madril beat Jack Pesek 3/28/75 Houston, TX @ Sam Houston Coliseum Jack Brisco drew Jose Lothario El Santo & Al Madril beat The Baron & El Gran Marcus Lord Little Brook beat Bobo Johnson Joe Leduc beat El Gordo Blackjack Lanza beat Roddy Piper Red Bastien drew Kim Duk Obviously the stuff before 77 is far more questionable than the stuff after, but it aired and there's a good chance it could exist. We HAVE the Littlebrook match from 3/28.
  4. Peruano had swagger. He's really interesting to watch, honestly. Same idea twice, both times awesome:
  5. Yeah, some 75-80 matches. I'll find the listings later. We have good reason to think they exist but are unconverted.
  6. The best part is @Tim Cooke demanding Santo matches that they may or may not have locked up and Lagana complaining that he didn't even follow them on Twitter.
  7. Honest question: Am I the only one who can't see a picture of Jerry Estrada without immediately picturing him taking a crazy bump to the floor? I can't think of another wrestler that generates such a vivid and immediate mental image.
  8. Back to Bibi vs Peruano. Just mean stuff: But it never did Bibi much good because Peruano could give as well as he could take: This might be the first time we've seen an Indian Deathlock in this footage, but it's definitely the first time I've seen someone do this seesaw kick out of it, ever:
  9. I'm glad I was talked into watching the initial match from the Fyter Fest, because I liked that a lot (and spoilers: a lot more than the other). That was much more of a grounded match where Cody doing some of the best, most credible work I've ever seen from him, as a base. It felt a lot like one of those Dean Malenko vs a smaller guy matches where Cody whipped out a bunch of offense that he might not be able to do against larger opponents. Darby made it all look incredible. Cody's come such a long way in the last few years. He's someone that really, truly understands pro wrestling as a fan and a student of the game and just gets what levers to pull to achieve certain results. Once you get that, it's no longer necessary to rush to the next spot. He lets things breathe, acts and reacts. Case in point was when he first found the bodybag and didn't know what to make of it. He could have portrayed being too cool for it or being outright dismissive, but he managed a sort of bewildered bemusement. This was all about showcasing Cody while making Darby strong just by his ability to stay in it and occasionally get one up on Cody. I don't think the fans ever got behind him though, not even after the missed coffin drop, which had to do with their connection with Cody or their desire to do dueling chants, and that hurt the match. I liked the way they slowly built up the hand-work, with Cody's selling (and yes, expressiveness, I know, I know) being spot on. I thought the timing on the finish could have been a little better, maybe with Cody hitting the Cross Rhodes a couple of seconds later. The headstand bump on it was great. I ended up liking this a lot. I didn't like the 1/1 match nearly as much. I liked that they went for the pins early on after they were both unsatisfied by the finish in the first match. It was a lot more back and forth though. That worked early on when Cody was selling the shoulder but not as much in the stretch (but it was necessary to give Darby more since he was losing this one). I was worried when they did the bump in the corner through the ropes again since that was a big transition move in the first one and there, it almost seemed to surprise Cody; it's a sort of signature bump that generally defies physics and it'd be like Flair getting tossed off the ropes (but worse) if it happened too often. Here, Cody seemed to mean to do it and the bump was different, so that was good. I don't know if it's Cody or the camera angles or what, but I really don't like Darby's flip over stunner. His tope was amazing though; he went into it sideways, somehow. I also didn't love the Cody Cutter here. I much preferred the way he tossed around Darby in the first match. Darby Allin is a guy who should use that French Catch up and over leg armbar escape thing as he has a lot of fun tricked out arm-wringer stuff and this would take him over the top (literally). Honestly, he should be stealing a lot of the Catch stuff. Someone should share it with him. I think he could pull it off really well. It's not that this was bad, but it was a lot less focused than the first match. I did like the overall AEW atmosphere, the time announcements, the announcing (even JR for the most part when he wasn't asking if Darby liked pain; hell, it was nice to hear Tazz again, once). And yeah, it was great to see Arn. My biggest takeaway is that I want to see the WALTER match from Darby and that I'm really glad Cody's come into his own so thoroughly.
  10. So which of you jerks were excited to see Edge and Randy Orton again?
  11. I read the match as them building and building and building to Petit getting to do all the acrobatics and rope running in the last ten minutes but people didn't seem to be on board with me on that. We do have both the two of them together against another team and both guys against bases and heels, so that's to come. When we get to it.
  12. Hey, since you were thinking of sitting out and love Jim Breaks, I've got some memorable villains for you. Check out this Tony Oliver match that we just unearthed not long ago: Or alternatively, if that's too long even though it goes short and if you've never seen any Mocho Cota, check out just how much of a malignant goblin he is here:
  13. Yeah, everyone should see the longer Saulnier match but I would have given you something harder hitting, knowing your tastes. There are some really nasty heels and brutal babyfaces in this stuff. And some great heel vs heel type match-ups too. The Roinet match was almost the closest to a squash we've seen. It was competitive in that he never stopped trying but he got the crap beat out of him.
  14. You're right. I'll play it by ear on this one though, just given time constraints and what I can easily find. In the meantime, if anyone thinks there's anything I should know, please drop that info in here. @OctopusCinema So, I'm happy to give you some Nick Bockwinkel matches. Obviously, if you have all the time in the world, the 60 minute match with Hennig is the masterpiece. That said, we don't all have that much time. Here's what I wrote four years (and one month) ago as I tried to push him for GWE, with some matches underneath:
  15. That seems a pretty far bridge. Shouldn't Schiavone or whoever tell me what I need to know?
  16. Here's my selection for the self-pick: 1. I've never seen any AEW. None. 2. I've never seen any Darby Allin and the first two picks (Sabre and WALTER) aren't online. 3. I should probably see some current Cody. So this covers a few bases.
  17. There are definite lessons they can learn from this. There's no reason to ever do a 1-night Wrestlemania again. They can go to more taped stuff if they have it produced well. They can use a two man announce team.
  18. We're just into episode 3 now. It's like the Agent Carter of DC shows, sometimes a little bit weird in a good way, just playful enough, a great lead, a unique atmosphere, and Thomas Wayne playing almost exactly the same character as Howard Stark. If you happen to have Epix this month, you should watch it.
  19. Yeah, even @EricR liked the Rollins/Owens match, but I watch so little wrestling in 2020 that I'm not watching a Rollins match. I am not a beggar. I am a chooser.
  20. Not at all familiar with 2020 WWE, I only watched ... Gulak vs Cesaro: Interesting narrative with Cesaro going for the Neutralizer early and paying for it as Gulak started on the arm. Consistently great selling from Cesaro even when he didn't need to sell necessarily. It made things like Gulak hitting the clothesline off the apron more believable: Cesaro wasn't just standing around waiting for it. He was struggling to get feeling back in his arm. The heel/face dynamic was a little inverted. Cesaro was the one getting hope spots, like when he almost caught Gulak on the outside before getting armdragged or with the european uppercut that he couldn't follow up on because he used his bad arm. I'm assuming they were playing this up with Gulak as the underdog which made both Cesaro going for the neutralizer too early and the overall narrative (with Gulak being so focused because if Cesaro took over, even once he'd be in real trouble) make sense. Finish worked well as he had to come up with a no hands solution, and he had a familiar (if ancient) one in his deck. I could have used a couple of extra minutes, maybe Cesaro actually getting control for a bit longer either early or late but for the time they had, this was very good. Women's tag: I don't think I've seen much of either team. Kairi and Bliss matched up from a size and perkiness perspective. The shine had lots of fireworks (and dives) with the heels really working for the transition. There were about three hot tags, all of which were hurt due to the lack of a crowd and not quite enough anticipation. The match probably would have been served better with one longer one with Bliss since she did well with her hope spots (though having Asuka to cut her off helped). Using both the twisted bliss and the big elbow drop as ways to break up pins was cute and effective. Finish felt really flat without a crowd. I'm not sure what else you can say but that. Becky vs Shayna: I think Becky came off better than usual here. I haven't seen any of her stuff for the last year or so, really, but I know she had a hard time holding the crowd before that. Ironically, I think this one might have. They really took it to each other and the acoustics helped every shot seem nasty, mostly hard hitting with attempts to lock on the finishes but with that little underlying story of Becky slipping into her old ways in the face of Shayna's tenacity was good but Shayna almost pushed her past it with the shots on the floor. She still snuck it out on a banana peel, like Bret did with Austin when he was coming up at Survivor Series. This worked well but it was hard to live up to the first minute or two and felt more like a first match than anything else. Bryan vs Sami: One way to make these matches work is by hitting really hard (and they did here too), but the most important way, I think is to have the wrestlers really, really, really care about what's happening. If they're that invested, then it won't matter if there's a crowd or not. Sure the crowd would help and they'd give a bunch more heat for Sami playing chickenshit, but at the end of the day, it was Bryan that was reacting. And he was reacting so well that he didn't need them. Sami was drawing heat FROM Bryan and it drove the match. I liked that the finish was just a one hit KO on Bryan. It felt more cheap that way. By this point, I realized that they never would have booked this Mania if everything had gone right, but if they had, it probably would have been one of the best in years. Goldberg vs Braun: As if two 12 year olds looked up the "infinite finishers" code in a video game. Taker vs AJ was incredibly enjoyable, and I absolutely loved the moment of Taker appearing behind AJ with all the light. Great trash talking. Needed more talk of Taker making him famous. Should be Taker's last match. Something positive to go out on. I skipped Corbin vs Elias, Owens vs Rollins, and watched the first 2 minutes of the ladder match, hated the missed kick choreography and monkey flip shit and decided to not think of it again. Best Mania since 30 so far, weird as it may be.
  21. Your wrestling competence apparently peaked at 13 or 14
  22. So there are two branches of wrestling in Brazil. One is Titanes and the Serdan stuff is the other. There are some people on the ground trying to find more footage, but there's been no luck as of yet. There's not a lot else out there and nothing as crazy. Ok, so everyone finish up for this week. Remember, no rolling tomorrow. We'll be doing self-picks instead. The idea is something you've meant to watch for a while but haven't gotten around to, so think about it today. I know mine. If anyone WANTS someone to pick for them, then I'm sure we'll be happy to find stuff. I know I owe one or two people a pick based on what's been asked for before and will get those tomorrow.
  23. I'd actually propose that just this once, since we are all social distanced, Rippa allows for open live reaction threads during Mania.
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