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  1. To be fair, it wasn't just you. You read most of the sheets from around then and you'll read Dave go on about this big Psicosis Dive but he'll never mention how great an asshole rudo he was. That sort of thing. It's like they were only able to appreciate half of the match. I was looking at Freidlander's list today because someone posted it and you'll see "huge Mysterio dive!" mentioned all the time, that sort of thing, but they'd ignore something like this in a heartbeat.
  2. Why do they only have one Russo?
  3. I could make a powerpoint presentation about how Meltzer undervaluing minimalistic crowd manipulation in the mid-80s took us on a straight line through the early internet era into the super-indy era to the apocalyptic crossfit social media wasteland of today, but I probably have an actual work powerpoint presentation I need to make instead?
  4. I get that 93-on (post jail) Cota was about as anti-workrate as you can get, but how do you hate this? You figure alcohol would make you love it more? We created Seth Rollins. We are all to blame.
  5. Seth Rollins, WWE Poster Child, is the bitter end of a decades' long monkey's paw wish. We're all complicit in our own way. All of us. Even DEAN who somehow hated Mocho Cota at one point.
  6. I'm pretty sure that people are having such a tough time with this for a pretty simple reason: because Seth Rollins is everything that is wrong with pro wrestling.
  7. Maybe you should try to write an episode of Jersey Shore first? That might up your odds.
  8. Nothing delays something like this quite like four hours of the Crockett Cup. Here's the next match though. Dustin vs Diamond, first match on an August 1990 MSG card, from German TV: I wish we had the Monsoon/Heenan Commentary on this. That said, while this match wasn't the most dynamic thing in the world, it was more than solid, and again shows how Dustin was on his way. I think he made, maybe, one too many mistakes for the fans to really get behind him. You put your head down once, they forgive you. You do it twice and miss two corner charges, etc., and that has a cost. The early armwork was good (they moved in and out of it well, Diamond's selling was great, his timing on eating Dustin's stuff was really good as was Dustin's timing in doing it) but just like everything in the match, went on a little too long. Look, for all intents and purposes, these were two (to the crowd) absolute nobodies curtain jerking a MSG card. In a situation like that, a heel that really plays to the crowd or a babyface with a lot of high spots can get over, and Diamond did react well to everything in the match and Dustin worked ok from underneath and had great punches that did seem to get some pops, but it wasn't quite enough. How many guys had this crowd seen come out to Crank it Up over the years? Anyway, Diamond's choke takedown thing was great and I liked the stomach targeting as things got going (lots of logical underpinning in their spots, which always helps) and think they could have relied on that to cut off hope spots instead of Dustin slipping on a banana peel so many times. They went back to the chinlock maybe one too many times as well. I don't think Dustin wholly had the pulse of the crowd as he worked out of the chinlocks yet, but again, I do think he was on his way. His labored selling towards the ropes after he missed an elbow drop but before he hit a big punch was really good. That's the sort of thing that could draw the crowd in that he just absolutely excelled at as he got even just a little older. This was an ok thirteen minute match that would have been a quite good nine minute match. Notes (far too detailed notes):
  9. It's not like Fantastics vs Fabs wasn't awesome too. (I'm only up to the start of their Arn/Tully match myself.)
  10. We're working on it! Four hours is a lot of hours.
  11. Really, of those, we lose only two meaningful matches: Taylor/Williams vs Dundee/Landell and Guerreros/Sheepherders, which are still big losses but considering how much we got...
  12. Holy fuck. They just dropped four hours of the 86 Crockett Cup. We had ~1:45 on a VHS previously with everything clipped. This is one of the biggest things they could drop that we knew they had.
  13. It's moot now obviously but I wasn't kidding about Rosenberg's X-Men being the most 90s thing since the 90s. This most recent issue had a Nasty Boys cameo and the Upstarts.
  14. I've been waiting on this one for years now. Baby apparently destroyed the wire to the USB controller so I have another one coming from Amazon on Thursday.
  15. http://web.archive.org/web/20021010031640/www.chrisjericho.com/commentary.htm
  16. Is it really a crazy notion to think booking, presentation AND talent don't all matter. It can be WWE's fault and Rollins' fault. Likewise, it can be Rollins fault and WWE's fault.
  17. To be fair, some of us are just happier pretending he doesn't exist.
  18. I feel like if Life Story came out in 1997 or 2002, it'd be a seminal thing.
  19. There's a fight or flight response to hearing the count that doesn't exist otherwise. Wrestlers switch into a different gear in that moment. Most of the things that are most frustrating is when they break normal pro wrestling logic, not when they utilize normal pro wrestling logic as it is usually utilized. That's why this is the most validating move in pro wrestling history: It makes what's normally a breach of pro wrestling logic (namely, the foot-up transition during a double axe handle attempt to a prone opponent) be shown to be something that could actually work out (even if Arn had to hold the leg). It's sort of the same as the question of why Flair always went up to the top rope if he was just going to get tossed off (because he won the NWA title that way).
  20. Matt D

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    Beware the earworms.
  21. @RIPPA World's best possible Yetti (sic) opponent? Also, I don't think this has been online for a bit:
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