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  1. Post ‘em here. I’ll reroll on Saturday.
  2. So the 9 year old has read... Spider-Girl (most of the DeFalco run) since an old friend sent me his digests. Champions V1-V2 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Nova (Sam Alexander's first run) Ms Marvel (Kamala) v1 A chunk of Miles Morales Spider-Man Maybe some Spider-Gwen/Ironheart/Wasp (Nadia) And probably something else I'm forgetting. Some Power Pack & ... digests certainly. She won't really read 80s stuff because of all of the text boxes (not the best on a computer anyway). She's not super interested in the black and white essentials I have. And I'm not super interested in having her read those anyway, since it's not the best for female characters. So basically, she's ready for Ms. Marvel and Ironheart and to watch the Moon Girl cartoon with her younger sister and if they do anything with Sam. It made more sense for her to read stuff (generally on a computer) when she was off for summer than it does now. But she doesn't follow things on a monthly basis certainly and it's all heavily curated by me.
  3. Actual heat seeking feels so good.
  4. Rushing the 9 year old through the five Sony Spider-man movies for prep. Means dusting off the DVD player.
  5. They need to have a Missile Dropkick competition. Like the Slam Dunk contest or Home Run Rally.
  6. Like Zumba said, just tag them here but feel free to DM or ask here if you’re not sure what they might want.
  7. What's the definition of rookie? If it's Rookie Rookie you've got some prelim people on Dark, Cargill, and Brock Anderson and who else? If it's young person new to the company but not wrestling, then you have Garcia and it's a whole different ballgame.
  8. I shall dive into that. Here's Takada vs Caswell Martin which we uncovered earlier in the year. It's very watchable and was a find.
  9. Ok guys, I'm a little behind due to getting the 9 year old her second shot, but here we go. First round. A lean, committed 6 people to take us to Xmas. I'll be able to keep track of doubles pretty well at least. @Zimbra Matt D @Curt McGirt @Zimbra @Web Conn @(BP) Zimbra, I'll get you something ASAP.
  10. Dark taping looks like fun, especially the last session but not just. I'll regret saying this later when I have 31 matches at once to watch mind you.
  11. Nyla doesn't need the title. The title doesn't need Nyla. It'd be fine but a waste considering the rest of the field. Jade is simply not ready. I fully believe that they could come up with a heavily choreographed match with Ruby or Rosa in front of a willing crowd that would protect Jade and make her look like a champion, but then what? You can't replicate that on the level the title would need to be defended and Jade would end up exposed. Protect her. Use her as an attraction. Let her continue to learn and continue to get matches on Dark and Elevation and maybe some indies. Have her work with people like Emi and Deeb in tags or just training. Let the investment pay off in a year instead of squandering it now. So that leaves Rosa and Ruby and honestly, there's no wrong answer. Britt's not nearly ready to lose her title and it'd be good to have a face in the role taking on all challengers. Ruby feels more like a star (which may be temporary because of her theme and her newness and she could get exposed a little over time). Rosa feels more like a force in the promotion. My gut says that if Ruby has it, her working big matches every couple of weeks will elevate her game. Rosa is sort of already there. I think Rosa makes a better tweener who can take on babyface challengers with some edge and fury as well. So not covering new ground here. Rosa makes for better matches and is a fine choice. Ruby might be the better business choice and might help develop Ruby into the very best she can be. Regardless, I'd still make HEAVY use of the Forbidden Door to bring in people who are either cut but you don't necessarily want to sign for one reason or another (someone like a Mercedes Martinez) or people on the rise (your Megan Baynes) for a one shot challenge along with letting people like Emi or Diamante or Velvet get a shot.
  12. I wasn't really feeling Nese vs Sammy. I think I prefer Sammy against someone who's more of a contrast. I do wish he'd have gotten up a little bit later in the corner for the finish. Speaking of pump kicks, Rampage is a taped show. Maybe they could have edited Jade's pump kick a little better to protect her? The PAC intentional botch is something that our circles will still be talking about in a decade even when we forget all sorts of other things. Like that time in one of his first matches where Del Rio winked and pushed the jobber off the apron. ... Let me gif that.
  13. You know what would be real good? FTR vs PAC/Fenix.
  14. For the record, Funk was my #2. Very similar versatility argument. Comparable footage concerns that ultimately don’t matter. Maybe the best seller of all time on top of it.
  15. It's not like we didn't go through a years long exercise with GWE a few years ago, with another one happening in a few years. And you're right, a lot of the discussion wasn't about specific wrestlers but about the criteria and what should be valued most. With my list, the top guys were generally very multifaceted and I liked to see them in a number of different roles because it was about gaining assurance and understanding. To me, there was a cap for people who I couldn't be sure of in certain ways. Here's the post I used to push for Bockwinkel, for instance:
  16. Will continue to give credit where it is due for announcing like the tope hesitation bit last week: I enjoyed the exchange between Tony and Taz where Tony asked him a question about how vertical suplexes work and Taz gave the best logical answer he could.
  17. I do think that it was a fairly weak drawing card on paper. Punk vs Moriarty meant a lot to us but maybe less so to others. It was more of a "Punk in action" type of match. Angels is a guy who can go but doesn't have a lot of name value. Rhodes vs Andrade was based on an extraneous DDT (so what? Guys are getting attacked every week). and didn't really have any stakes. We'd seen them against each other in other settings for weeks. So what if Cody won? So what if Andrade won? The woman's match felt like the most substantial but I guess that wasn't enough. I'd be curious to see the quarter hours. It doesn't mean it wasn't a good show, just that a good show alone might have a lower baseline. If they give people Silver vs Danielson and Wardlow vs Punk next week, one assumes that would do better.
  18. I've been too busy today to comment on anything past MJF but I liked the show overall. I skimmed through the last match but it was weird to see Brandi smiling big while her husband has burn damage, but whatever. I agree that the layout of the Sting tags are really good. Darby's cannonball tope is nuts. I feel like Soho is sort of missing an in-ring identity? I'd like to see something more distinctive. She's resilient... has that finish that can come out of nowhere... and? I don't know. I'd like to see more brawling maybe? A little more Mox to her? Mosh pit violence? She shouldn't be doing so much chain wrestling because there are just smoother people in the division. I don't know. I liked Danielson/Angels but it maybe never quite hit that extra gear that I was expecting it to. I bought Cole coming out for the Wardlow match just because they needed some extra star power for the jobber match or some such. It seemed fine since Team Taz was all out there later for no reason. Dante being on Team Taz since he's unsure but still wrestling like a babyface as part of a bigger story is one thing. Him being a cocky heel would be another and would be a shame.
  19. I appreciate it. It's better to be upfront with your time than to leave people hanging. We'll miss both of you this round but there's always going to be a next round in July unless @RIPPAshuts me down for pushing too hard to bring back March Madness next year or something. And, in general, people can definitely jump on for a week or two and jump off as needed as well. It's not a full month (or two if we slide into January if it's going well) commitment.
  20. It's completely ridiculous that they didn't play back the finish of the Bear Country vs Wardlow/Spears match from Dark as Wardlow was coming out. What a waste.
  21. I was coming here to say this too. Punk is obviously very aware of what's going on but this was one of the biggest star pickups they could have gotten and presenting him as a diminished, over the hill, wash up, even as the heel saying it. Well... it's being presented with a spark of truth. If they had done that with Punk in two years, that'd be one thing, but he's in his first six months in the company. I don't know how much of this is having to contrast him with Danielson's unbridled aggression (as he debuted at around the same time) or maybe Punk feeling like he can't keep up with guys like Omega, but on face value, it's a mistake. There's a reason that Ventura wasn't allowed to mock Hogan's hairline. But again, Punk isn't an idiot and unless he really does feel self-conscious to the point where he feels like he has to have the programs speak to it, there's something else at play here and it'll it'll play out over the next few months.
  22. Nope, nor the Doors of Stone. I have The God is not Willing to read though.
  23. 1. Kingpin’s in this. Too many clues pointing that way. It’s too blatant. He might be a stinger but he’s in this. 2. Clint’s making it home for Xmas. They’re not disappointing that little boy.
  24. Hi all, The rules are simple. Random draw to match partners. Pick a match (30 minutes or less and that your partner can access) specifically tailored to your partner asap after the draw. Feel reach to reach out to your partner to ask what they'd like. We'll all post preferences in the first week anyway. Get a match from your partner. Watch said match. Do a write up. It doesn't need to be War and Peace. Draw is on Saturday, so you've got a week to watch and write. It's more important to give your partner a match than to watch yours in a timely fashion, but don't commit for the week if you don't think you can make it or that you won't be able to check the board. Communication is key. Everyone is welcome. Lurkers. People who mostly post ratings and gifs. @DEAN. (Tagging's not working for me so that one was pointless). So far we have .... me, Morganti, Curt McGirt, Web Conn, (BP), and Zimbra. That's actually enough to last us through December, but more is better! If you're interested and can commit for at least the first few weeks, let me know below and sign up. We do the first roll on Saturday and everyone will have a week to watch before the next.
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