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  1. With Meltzer saying he's going to need a whole podcast to talk about how whatever it is is going to work, I think it's a pretty safe bet it's none of these things. Maybe with Harold allegedly leaving NJPW they're going to actually play ball with AEW. Him keeping it quiet until the deal goes through pretty much means it's AEW related and nothing to do with WWE, or he'd have reported it already.
  2. They wont do that because they want to coast this year, so next year they can really phone it in and blame it on switching generations, just like this year they're going to blame it on Yukes leaving What sucks is 2K19 was kind of alright. If this was a game that actually built on shit in that one instead of fucking it up more, I'd probably end up getting it.
  3. Before anyone says people are playing an early version in all these videos blah blah blah No. They said this before and the game that shipped was the exact same shit we saw from the capture sessions. Also, at the capture sessions, they didn't have enough capture stations for everyone so everyone's time was more limited as usual. They did this shit on purpose so people would see less of the game.
  4. Boils down to this: For years Yukes got blamed for everything bad. Turns out they were responsible for everything good. That glitch from two years ago that got fixed last year where the ref won't count pins is back!
  5. The fact that you can unlock a giant rib character speaks volumes. You guys gotta see Bianca Belair's entrance in this one. It might kill you though Craig
  6. If you think it looks like shit now, wait until Monday when the embargo lifts.
  7. Yeah, I banned myself too. And I just bought that Jason shirt and the LIJ Day of the Dead shirt since it's up on PWTees. Two shirts in two days. I'm not made of stone.
  8. Yeah I might go for it since I'd have to sell a kidney to get the programs
  9. I think it may be some sort of new excuse, they're pretty good at coming up with new shit to blameshift each year. Like better than programming games
  10. Update: my Star Wars good brother Sean immediately identified these. https://healeymade.com/ made these. He's sold out, but this is where they're from.
  11. The Terminator in MK11 kicks fucking ass for those of you wondering. He REALLY feels like playing as Jason in MKX. If you liked Jason, you'll love the Terminator.
  12. Riddle and Mia Yim confirmed today, none of the other reveals are anything important or new and they changed the reversal button to triangle so good luck with that. That's your streamlined new controls. They didn't add or change anything else other than the Universe mode stuff they talked about and making a female mycareer. There's an interview with Denkops if you want to really hate everyone involved: "We hear what you wanted, we just don't want to do shit." I don't think I'm getting this
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