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  1. I always thought his match with Tarzan Goto at the King of Death Match tournament was pretty damn good.
  2. FYI theres a black chase version of Gran Mettalik that doesn't look way too much like Sin Cara
  3. No, I was absolutely serious like I have always been the 18 or so years I've been posting here.
  4. It sucks Suzuki is too much of a man to ever have a cold head
  5. But I can't for the life of me remember what the fuck his name is on PS4
  6. Miguel does great stuff. I like Lord Worm and his work but he doesn't lay out the buttons the way I like when assigning moves, but that's a personal preference thing and not a knock on his phenomenal work.. One of the best appearance makers ever, nice guy.
  7. Okay you pro WWE guys are at least implicitly cool with Saudi shows and Hogan being welcomed back and Wwe2k20 and the shit that happened to ACH and all the other bullshit but I hope you draw the line at marketing pig vaginas to children Fuck
  8. Oh man that's a scripted scene getting fucked up that bad Like you only see shit like that in huge open world games
  9. I'd give the same advice about Death Stranding. You get to kill ghosts with grenades made out of your piss and shit. YOU GET TO KILL GHOSTS WITH GRENADES MADE OUT OF YOUR PISS AND SHIT GOTY
  10. If Daniels did anything he gave Penta flashbacks to the shitty ending of the last Lucha Underground episode.
  11. Damn it dude it was an unsanctioned match Wound closures are for sanctioned matches Apparently highly produced video packages are for both, but still
  12. Ortiz was absolutely tremendous throughout the match. He is probably the most promising member of the Inner Circle and the most entertaining.
  13. Cody already teased Inner Circle vs Elite War Games in his go home promo for this show, and the MJF turn gets it so Cody has to turn to his Elite bros for the assist, which he hasn't been doing as much with this Jericho thing right now, since Dustin and MJF and DDP were having his back instead. I figure it also means that MJF might join the inner circle so Jericho could still defend his belt that night and give us a 5 on 5 War Games.
  14. That main event was everything I want in pro wrestling. Matsunaga smiles upon us, my friends.
  15. Healeymade has those Star Wars wrestling figures back up for preorder. https://healeymade.com/collections/live-shop $70 each. Tusken Raider Stan Hansen and Boba Misawa are pretty good.
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