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  1. I don't think they're allowed to do Lucha Bros figs but the Bossfight Studios ones are the same scale/articulation/quality.
  2. I'll expand. The story about the one he wrote, Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, involved you fighting a fake Ric Flair named Dick Slender. Your coach gets murdered. It's unsolved. You kill one of your training partners and best friends in the ring by accident. Ric Flair kills your tag partner in the ring for real and says that he also murdered your coach. Your girlfriend or wife leaves you. I forget which. You win the world title by defeating Dick Slender and celebrate. Then you realize your life is empty and blow your fucking brains out. The end. So yeah we're all looking forward to seeing what he does next.
  3. I can't seem to find shit on Jeff Ellis - was he the fat Scorpion?
  4. Man, wait until Tenryu's dick implant doctor gives those details
  5. It really disturbs me how Onita is slowly morphing into my one friend's grandma.
  6. My favorite thing about Jimmy Graffiti is they spell his names 3 different ways on his gear and THEY'RE ALL WRONG
  7. I dunno man have you SEEN Dusty "Walking Sex" Wolfe?
  8. Allegedly Yakuza 0 is coming to game pass for you non playstation weirdos. I can't recommend it enough. You weirdos
  9. In all you doubters can suck it news: SUDA DLC COMES OUT FEB 27
  10. He's actually updated the shirt a bit to reflect Suzuki's newer hairstyle, which is pretty cool.
  11. I forget who asked, but the shirt with Minoru Suzuki choking out Trump is back on stashpages.
  12. It's also only $40 I think Sony gave up. Media Molecule hasn't though and it's so great. Don't expect the amount of single player stuff a LBP game had out of the box, but there's a shit-ton of stuff that other people made and a lot of tutorials to go through to make stuff.
  13. Dreams is fucking dope You know the game Sony isn't promoting at all so nobody knows it's out
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