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  1. Haaaa screw you Professor No Belts Go make a Frankenstein
  2. I don't think you need to spoiler Mara, it's been in the games since the first Shin Megami Tensei There's a new monster for golden that look like it has a dick for a head in the photos I've seen but it might not from other angles when it's actually fighting. But Mara is an unmistakable dong.
  3. Wait am I the only motherfucker playing Persona 5 Royal? COME AHHHHHN I already beat fat Baxter Stockman
  4. I order from these guys a lot. Good quality, great company to deal with, cool freebies with your order.
  5. This is Good Ol JR, and AEW is coming to you live from...my ass BOOM SHAKA LAKA
  6. I feel like everyone in the Lucha folder knows this and you all need to know this Zona 23 is the shit Zona 23 is on Independent Wrestling TV with a subscription Watch Zona 23.
  7. They have a really dope Super Dragon shirt too. I just ordered both.
  8. The gif is infinitely better because Jimmy is gyrating like a motherfucker
  9. Hogan is wearing pants, they just haven't painted it.
  10. And Bengala. All of them. And Nightclaw And there was more than one Gato Everready, it wasn't always Drago for sure Ernest The Cat Miller probably wasn't mentioned because everyone answering is a disappointment. Two fucking pages for Blue Panther. Seriously. There's also at least one Lucha shitshow unauthorized Hello Kitty.
  11. It's a great game. I'd still say the best in the series is Persona 4 Golden, but I haven't beaten 5 Royal yet and it's gonna be a long time before I do. Right now I'm so early in the game that new stuff is minimal.
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