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  1. If you aren't that hardcore about it, don't get it, but it'll lock you out of downloading new wrestlers that use the parts/moves. I don't think they did a physical deluxe in the United States. It goes on sale a lot digitally so you could always wait for that too.
  2. Reminds me of Smash bros, like it's baby's first wrestling game instead of baby's first fighting game and is deeper than it looks but only a select group of hardcore fans will care enough and hopefully they aren't a bunch of pedos like Smash Bros people
  3. They're probably hating wrestling and doing something way different. It seems like they had a pretty shitty time at the end there.
  4. This is no All Stars. But yeah, I think you can get it for like $35 at Walmart and we are in kind of a dry spell for new shit for like two months unless I'm forgetting some dope imminent release
  5. Also, they tried to make the game while Yukes was making 2k19, so 2k20 is an updated 2k18 with none of the fixes Yukes implemented on 2k19. And yes, take my word for it on Firepro since Spike never updated the listing of what was included in the pass, or believe what you want and waste your money. Your choice.
  6. The deluxe edition is. It has parts craft and move craft included even though it doesn't tell you that.
  7. If you got an invite and it was all fucked up and you didn't get a PS5, do it again now. I just did and it worked.
  8. It kind of sucks but kind of doesn't suck and I'm super bored and wanted to play something new. But it kind of sucks.
  9. They stole DVDVR member @Ligerbusa's Brodus Clay graphic years ago
  10. Couldn't preorder but did score that exclusive Sony invite. That doesn't happen until Friday morning.
  11. 1) Error figures are usually worthless unless the figure in the package is already worth money. 2) That probably isn't an error figure, it's someone stealing from the store by buying Finn, opening it, sticking a Cena in the package, resealing it, and returning it to the store. It happens a lot.
  12. They flat out said that this would be the case, but I think it's technically 2K22.
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