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  1. The only correct answer is "only outside the ring" But seriously if people still Yokozuna you at parties when you pass out they probably Rikishi people too now. Everything just escalates.
  2. I can't wait. I'm pretty hyped for this one, and if you motherfuckers want to play online my PSN ID is luchagringo. I don't use a mic.
  3. I like that they're going out of their way to include some stuff that wasn't on previous compilations (like the Mickey Mouse games) I am most interested on how easily I'll be able to hack it like I did to all my other mini consoles, though.
  4. It was in response to a LEGENDARY RSPW thread where someone claimed Francine farted while working an ECW show. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!search/francine$20farted/rec.sport.pro-wrestling/5Ex9Z88vD40/LV5jcR8NW4sJ It doesnt have all of it though. Apparently Francine got really mad about it and left RSPW. In Forever Hardcore, you can't see her be asked the question but she's suddenly talking about not knowing how something got started and hating farts. I think it's in the end credits.
  5. I dunno if Vince was ever in the mood for farts Francine would have been hired and megapushed. Three people will get this reference
  6. Depends. Like if something came out that should be against the Geneva Conventions, and his eyes started burning and shit, it'd be de-push city.
  7. I bought it but it needs more Primal, Apes, and Virgons
  8. At first I thought that it was inviting you to join their tournament by loaning someone, because I tried it and they took my guy. It turns out that was just a coincidence. Their wording was so bad in the translation I wasted a lot of time trying to test that out and figure out what they actually meant. The first guy they had doing translations at the start actually was alright. They had new people since the New Japan stuff started coming in and it really shows.
  9. The translation is fucking dumb. It just means that company is having a tournament.
  10. It's based on Eddy's gear. Same gear used for this jacket: https://chalk-line.com/products/eddie-guerrero-wwe-entrance-jacket
  11. Nice observation, Matt. Did you go to journalism for that?
  12. Looks like I'm stuck being XxB0NERL0RD69xX
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