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  1. Are you talking about giving the ball claw with the glove? I think it's illegal
  2. Yes, thank you, my Razor Ramon impression is impeccable.
  3. I got the story from him telling it himself on discord like you mentioned, but if it's made up it just makes the guy sound super fucking dumb. I'd rather sound like an asshole than dumb, but that's probably just me. I'm not really going to speculate either way, people are weird, especially lately with all that's going on.
  4. And he was in the Pride game so he's the only one with that distinction.
  5. Mike Tyson not only made it into a WWE game, he was the preorder bonus. What UFC game was Mike Tyson in? CM Punk is in both UFC and WWE games.
  6. I like to see wrestling shirts branching out to other colors than black. Horror shirts are doing the same and I feel like my closet is actually getting some variety for a change.
  7. Here's the story: He thought people were going to take stuff down or come after him due to copyright issues, freaked out, and took his stuff down himself. Yeah. No Comment.
  8. If I download 900 moves for one dude it's gonna be Super Dragon No for real I really did that
  9. He served in Alaska as a medical records technician.
  10. Before anyone gives me shit for being a schill I promise you I paid my own money for this one.
  11. Man I shouldn't have tweeted that shit at them for free
  12. He's always looked like a giant giant little person to me. You need to say giant twice, a giant little person is just an average sized person.
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