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  1. The story goes that that bucket had a lot of piss and jizz in it because Sunny was so well liked backstage.
  2. He's tweeting somehow, who knows. I want Uti vs Orange Cassidy. It'd look like Uti was stealing his shit but he'd just be working normally.
  3. Oh man. It's like I know they shouldn't but I would. But I don't care about alienating the audience.
  4. Blasphemy. Not that I'm watching either way, but blasphemy.
  5. Minoru Suzuki vs The Dark Order and all their minions at once since some people use evil and sinister a bit too liberally these days.
  6. It makes sense if it's a one night tournament though.
  7. It's really weird. If you figure they have a bye because they don't have an even number of teams you'd also figure that means they only have seven teams, but they have more than seven teams. I sure as fuck don't think they have 15 teams and need a bye for a lack of 16. I've got: Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, SCU as a tag team, Best Friends, Private Party, Dark Order, Jack and Angelico, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, a couple of OWE dudes? Cody and Dustin? That's 10 teams at a stretch but 8 teams for sure. Unless you go with my first 8 but the Lucha Bros aren't in it because they're AAA champs. That's seven teams.
  8. Shang Tsung is out today (for Kombat Pack people) and Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa gonna get all up in your guts. LITERALLY
  9. Got two. I was only trying to buy one but two got in my cart from all the refreshing, so I just decided to go through with it. You might still be able to, maybe. It keeps crashing but using a phone browser crashed less than a desktop. You might still be able to grind through.
  10. Oh it's okay I've already seen the shoot version and it's the only result that will matter.
  11. Oh the G1 is a thing? I thought it died a horrible death because MINORU SUZUKI ISN'T IN IT AND THEY CAN EAT MY SHIT. ALL OF MY SHIT.
  12. So basically everyone that had the site open on three different devices to try and get through counts as three people?
  13. But then you can do World War 3 matches.
  14. Yeah certain things are moving into "WHAT THE FUCK?!" territory price-wise.
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