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  1. Psycho Goreman is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.
  2. I mean, Animal Crossing is why I bought a Switch but this is also why I bought a Switch
  3. So SMT V just means 2021 for Japan and not for a translated version, right?
  4. If you're one of the few people that still has the channel available, El Rey Network dies in three days.
  5. Damage control. They let it up on the store without passing certification and it got out. Not a lot of people heard about it because it was in some random CDPR apology interview or tweet, but Kinda Funny covered it sometime this week.
  6. Stealth breaks pretty quickly when you get the quickhack that turns someone's eyes off for a few seconds, from what I've heard. I was thinking my Wolverine build was a little too much until I started fighting gangs that were above me in level that the game forgot to tag with a skull. I died a LOT last night.
  7. Your HDR might be off. It resets it every once in a while when it feels like it.
  8. They're pulling a PG-13 when they said if they lost they'd suck everyone's dick in the building and then losing and saying "NO I SAID Y'ALL CAN SUCK OUR DICKS!" That was great though it made me buy the Goodhelmet ECW comp twice
  9. Man, mine crashes legit like every two hours on PS5 Everyone says its driving, but I'm not driving. I've never had it crash in a car once. It happens just walking around doing regular-ass shit and it's not even when I'm fighting people or anything. It handles all that stuff alright for me. I don't know much but it sounds like there's some nasty ass memory leak going on or something. Firepro had a pretty horrible one that would crash your shit a lot until they fixed it.
  10. CDPR lost 1/3 of their market value and is still worth 8 BILLION USD, so they're ready to be a AAA company. They're basically an EA or an Activision that people still think is the "little game company that could" since they put thank you notes in the game boxes.
  11. I'm clearly not shooting enough people in the face but I've been having to work. I did mow down some gang members. At least the game gives you a lot of ammo for these bullet sponge motherfuckers, but I killed a guy and stole his pants. But he still had pants. He must have had extra pants in his pocket or something. I thought it would be hilarious to gun someone down and leave their twig and berries flapping in the wind, but NOOOOOOOO
  12. The game is such a glitchy shitshow I don't know if I'm supposed to be locked out of the building where the underground fights are or not so I just said fuck it and did another mission instead.
  13. So the second person you can possibly talk to being glitched right off the bat probably isn't the best sign of the stability of this game post patch (they forgot to give her her upper legs) Barely got a chance to play, but it still seems pretty awesome
  14. I'm not making it, I'm too lazy/busy, but I think a better one would be making all the fake Undertakers in gaming through the years.
  15. There's a humble bundle where you can get all of the RPG books for $15 right now.
  16. Winnie is cool as shit. You give her whatever shitty clothes you don't want and she is always super happy, so she gives good presents in return. I taught Katt to say "bunghole"
  17. So, I think the Target thing about not selling them in person was bullshit, I guess? I went to Target at opening and a guy waited in line from 5am-8am and got the only PS5 they had in stock. There wasn't an internet purchase here, because why wait? I got mine direct from Sony with a nice thank you card that also got you some free avatars. I really like what I've played so far, which are the following: Astro's Playroom (neat exhibition of tech with fun callouts to Playstation history. The zipper thing with the remote feels so much like a real zipper that it's fuc
  18. Their website got datamined. The announcement is they're working with YUKES. Yeah. I know. YUKES ISN'T AKI KENNY
  19. Check your stuff Broski, they just charged me this morning.
  20. Watchdogs Legion is probably sort of a bad game story/mission wise, but a hilariously fun game sandbox wise. I got this lady whose only attribute is is that she's flatulent. You sneak around and every once in a while she squeaks one out and alerts the guards. It happens when she walks around too. It's infrequent enough to surprise you and make you laugh every time it happens. You won't like anyone like the Watch Dogs 2 crew because it's all randos you recruit, more or less. But some of the randos are hilarious, sometimes unintentionally, like when you get a motherfu
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