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  1. Free weekend for Predator:Hunting Grounds. It's pretty dope.
  2. It's Zona 23. Anyone can get a crowd in an arena, that's baby shit. A junkyard? Real boss level shit.
  3. I hope the Danielson family continues their trend of naming their kids after Mad Gear Gang members. Maybe Sodom or Rolento or Abigail
  4. And the stories coming out about Gamestop not supplying any cleaning materials and employees having buy them themselves makes me want them to go out of business in the worst way. But I feel bad for the good brothers at the one I go out of my way to shop at because they know what they're doing and don't suck. I don't want them to not have jobs. I drive an extra 30 miles just to go to the good Gamestop (Westfield Topanga. Dope mall. Dope Gamestop. I miss the mall-it is kind of where I go to gather my thoughts and have a peaceful walk).
  5. The game that gets the japanese developers is the one I'm going to give a fuck about and I bet $5 that's nothing Xbox ever
  6. He seems like a fun character so far. Didn't really play a whole lot as him yet; my office job hasn't shut down so I'm actually away from home a significant amount of time during the day still. Don't let the tutorial fool you. He isn't as boring as they make it look. It doesn't show you any of the cool stuff, really. Probably the worst tutorial to character representation I've seen out of all the characters in the game. I'm not sure he really meshes with my playstyle but he's pretty cool.
  7. This was total basic bitch shit compared to the FP Special story. It wasn't even that out there in comparison and really disappointed me. This will catch you up: The other characters aren't included because they're firepro expies of real people and they're scared to do that now. Saeba is just the old Akira Maeda with some scars and facial hair added to show the passage of time.
  8. That's like boxing up a ziplock full of diarrhea and calling it a switch.
  9. I think that Mummy fucked that sheep you guys
  10. There's full episodes on YouTube now. That was not always the case and any footage was hard to find.
  11. It would devolve into pages upon pages of me shitting on mummies for being the worst monsters ever. They had so many fucking mummies in Argentina.
  12. I saw a match where a scientist controls a robot alien and he malfunctions mid match, so he starts shooting smoke out all over his body while the scientist pounds on a giant remote control. This match has Dracula, who is played to the ring by a live band playing the Dark Shadows theme, wrestling Tarzan. And Dracula wrestles like Dracula should wrestle.
  13. It's not even the weirdest thing I've seen from that promotion.
  14. I could tell you that Sting went to Saugus High School (Yeah, that Saugus High School). Before a new school opened, I was supposed to go there too, and my principal told me Sting was a student there, knowing I liked wrestling. Turns out he went to school with a few of my friends' dads.
  15. Someone's already made the buckshot on PC with waza make
  16. Not to steal JT's gimmick but Tubi has Saturday the 14th.
  17. If you like the design, hit up the designers page at theelectriczombie.com. I've been a fan of his stuff for years. He didn't put that AEW logo on his design but I get why it's there.
  18. Don't worry guys I got my Death Triangle shirt thanks
  19. So Martin Casaus was at the Utah show hanging with some of the LU homies. He's a better pick for the Exalted One than whoever they have as far as actually delivering good content in the role
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