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  1. I'd sure like a fourth after this season-long tease.
  2. I'm pulling for Baelish, king of the ashes that remain of Westeros.
  3. Dead of Night deserves a spot at the top just for the end of the ventriloquist segment. I saw it in a theater a couple of years ago and that bit really shook up the audience. I seem to be completely alone in hating Trick 'r Treat.
  4. Alright, now sell us on Sweet Movie.
  5. I hope you're right. I thought the attack from Ike was going to do it. Seemed like it almost did. He's definitely going back to normal before the end. There's footage in one of the teasers of him driving, something that seems beyond him as Dougie. At least Lynch isn't so cruel that he'd end the show without Cooper at 100%.
  6. When you list that many for one subgenre, you end up having to list a lot of shitty films.
  7. It seemed especially pointless to punish those two houses when they've both been reduced to children being in charge. I doubt those kids had much say in betraying the Starks. Plus the new head of the Umbers is named Ned! Greatjon Umber certainly wouldn't have sided with the Boltons had he still been alive. The guy was loyal to Robb even after his direwolf bit off his fingers. It was his prick son Smalljon who sided with Ramsay. Apparently Stannis told Sam about the dragonglass at Dragonstone in season five. Not sure why it was such a big revelation for him when he read about it later in a book. Must have slipped his mind.
  8. Martin, Night and Dawn are all in my top five. I'm guessing Romero's upcoming film about zombies racing cars is not going to rank for me. In the Two Evil Eyes segment of Document of the Dead, he was playing with a yo-yo as a nicotine substitute. A shame he didn't stick with it. In an interview a few years ago, he was chain-smoking the entire time.
  9. Yeah, this ep felt like a bunch of wheel spinning. I was really hoping the midway point of the season would be the end of Cooper as Dougie. I'm worried he's not going to come back to his senses until the end. This reminds me of all those videos the cast made about how Twin Peaks isn't Twin Peaks without Lynch back when he was going to drop out. Is it still Twin Peaks without Dale Cooper? Lynch once said he felt Cooper wasn't 100% Cooper when other people were directing during most of the second season. What percentage is Lynch giving us now? Maybe less than 5%?
  10. I hope you're right and it's just Tyrion. Holding someone important to Daenerys hostage as a deterrent would be a much more reasonable way of giving Cersei an advantage.
  11. Should we be talking about Dragonbinder in this thread? I'll spoilerize my comments on it.
  12. Jonathan Banks too, but no Michael McKean. I thought for sure he'd get nominated.
  13. Remember when Ontkean tried to emote after Josie died? Boy, that was rough. I'd also much prefer Harry over Frank, but I'm not going to pretend Ontkean was a good actor. He played a simple-minded small town sheriff well. When pushed beyond his limitations, it was embarrassing. Granted, I've never seen Forster have to lose his shit in anything. He's always very low key.
  14. But Cooper was actually trapped in the Black Lodge according to Sarah Palmer and Annie. There is something lost by it not being Harry, but at least Forster is a better actor. I'm sure Frank is at least aware of what Cooper meant to his brother and that's part of his motivation. I imagine Harry will die before the season's over. I hope that leads to a funeral that unites the town like Laura's. What a bummer if Cooper makes it back to Twin Peaks only to see his friend buried.