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  1. Undertaker's looking rather voluptuous on that sweater.
  2. If HHH ever pulls the trigger on that $11.50 Chyna plate eBay auction, I think we can take that as a sign that they're finally letting her into the Hall of Fame. I'll bet Stephanie would not be happy about her husband owning a collectible plate with his dead ex-girlfriend on it. That would probably be weird for most wives.
  3. I'd like to gather together everyone who owns a Chyna collectible plate and interview them for a Vice article.
  4. That Chyna plate is now worth $11.50! Or at least according to the only currently listed eBay auction that has repeatedly ended with no bids. Someday someone will bite!
  5. I'll bet the Venn diagram of porcelain doll collectors and plate collectors would just be one circle. Of all these, only the Chyna plate deserves to exist because it's a pun and because it's the one I find most amusing to imagine trailer trash still eating their hot dog Spaghettios off of almost 20 years later.
  6. Throat

    Twin Peaks

    If you mean in light of Lynch's Trump comments, I don't think that'll make much of a difference. I hope it'll at least get a technical award for part 8, which I agree is the best of the season. I watched a couple of one-year-later retrospectives the other day. They were very positive takes. I still have mixed feelings about it. I did buy the blu-ray this week in a Prime Day lightning deal, though. I may be unsure about it, but it's still Twin Peaks. Or at least something that vaguely resembles it. A frustrating, unsatisfying third season was better than no third season. Although for me to believe that, I have to ignore that the final episode erased the first two seasons. So cruel of Lynch and Frost to twist the knife like that.
  7. Such a smooth forehead! If only there were a real life version of Photoshop's healing brush.
  8. Good riddance. Maybe there's a slim chance the show will improve without him. Even with the ratings slide, it seems like a dumb move on his part. I don't see him having success elsewhere. I don't think Daryl, a sidekick who barely speaks, will work as a lead. On the bright side, maybe it'll mean fewer motivational speeches.
  9. I think those cards were people they were meant to rescue. Felix is the only human we know for sure is hip to Bernard being a host. He repaired him last season. I don't think anyone else knows.
  10. I'm gonna try to convert my wife, who loathes wrestling, by showing her the five-star classic that made me a fan when I was a kid: the Rumble 94 casket match.
  11. I'd probably still be watching if Ogg had been Negan.
  12. I hope Danai Gurira leaves. She's too good for this show. And I hope all this does lead to the show ending. Being forced to stop spinning their wheels and wrap it all up might actually improve the show. But I'm sure they'll just keep milking this thing dry. Maybe by season 15 it'll just be Rick left. No other survivors. No audience watching.
  13. Lowest rated midseason premiere in the history of the show. A lot of people have given up. Still the top cable show for the week. I wonder how low they have to go before they realize they have to rethink things. The fact that they've been hyping the show's first fully nude zombie as if that's going to make people tune in tells me they haven't learned anything from this. Purge the writing staff already!
  14. I love the name Macho Sasquatcho. I saw it pop up somewhere on a wrestling site in the late 90s and it stuck with me. Never looked him up till now. I did not expect a ratty Chewbacca Halloween costume, but it makes it even better than what I imagined.
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