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  1. Yeah, it's a shame Bowie couldn't be in it. Although they could always use old footage. I'm glad they managed to get Catherine Coulson in there. She died at the end of their first month of shooting. Even if what we've seen is the extent of her role, it wouldn't have been the same without her, and she did get the ball rolling for the renewed search for Coop. I love this:
  2. That's also the only movie of the eight I've seen from that list that I've watched more than once. It was disturbing, but not so much that I regretted seeing it. You said earlier that horror should incite fear rather than revulsion, which I generally agree with, but I think Audition is a good horror film that incites both. That's rare. Shit like Aftermath is all revulsion. There's really no arguing the merits of that one. IMDB categorizes it as horror, but it's really just porn for corpse-fuckers.
  3. There was no way this could've possibly lived up to my expectations after all this time, but I liked it well enough. It was very FWWM. I'm hoping future episodes strike more of a balance between that and the tone of the original series. I didn't know about Michael J. Anderson's insane accusations (incestuous rape, murdering Jack Nance) against Lynch until shortly after the premiere. You make unreasonable salary demands and lash out when they're not met, you get replaced by a tree topped with a ball of flesh.
  4. This reminds me of a Flickchart user's top 20 I saw recently. It has to be a joke, right? I don't want to believe that there's someone who loves these movies that much and watches them repeatedly.
  5. That flashback actually made me miss Abraham. This show is so overwhelmingly miserable. It was nice having someone around with a sense of humor, no matter how dumb or crude it may have been. Being obnoxious is more of a personality than Rick has. Why don't Rick and his people just move? Didn't he tell the garbage lady that it wasn't about the place? Then split and fortify in another state. What's keeping them there? And as smart as Negan is supposed to be, always one step ahead of Rick, it's colossally dumb for him to keep him alive. The smart move would've been to kill him in the lineup at the beginning of the season. Cut off the head of the snake. Let's say he kept him alive because he wanted to break him down and make him his bitch, which seems to be a thing he enjoys. That failed miserably, so now he has no excuse. Rick will continue to be a threat. Rick even vows again to kill Negan, and yet he's just gonna bust his hands. He can still lead with stumps!
  6. I hated his American Bad Ass phase, but then he turned it around as Big Evil and had one of my favorite moments of his career:
  7. I wish that tiger had arrived a couple seconds late.
  8. I want to live in an alternate reality where Dennis Dunn let those tapes burn.
  9. NXT

    Trunks aren't right for him. He needs to dress for his body type. Wearing a singlet would hold some of that in. No more muffin top.
  10. His tweets appear to confirm both. I'm sure a fair and reasonable man like Vince would never fire someone for those reasons, though.
  11. I have the same three picks. I was so disappointed when Heyman was "fired" and Lawler returned. What a downgrade.
  12. Every year I hope for a Rumble in Chicago, and every year I'm disappointed. But a little less each year considering the last several winners.
  13. On an episode of Action Zone, probably in 95 or 96, Michael Hayes said something I couldn't believe made air on a taped show pre-Attitude Era. He and Todd Pettingill were talking about tattoos, and Todd goes "Do you have any tattoos?" And Hayes goes "Yeah, I've got a tattoo! Sometimes it says WWF and sometimes it says World Wre-" and Todd cuts him off and goes to break.
  14. Dig Renee's sexy Ackbar knees.
  15. I'm so glad Jon dropped Ghost off at doggy daycare before the battle. He would've been useful, but I really didn't want to see a third direwolf death this season.