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  1. The Walking Dead.

    We've been through this tedious debate about killing so many times before. If they're following the comic, they've known for a long time how this storyline would end. Why not set up a Rick change of heart sooner? Reminds me of previous seasons where an underdeveloped character would suddenly get a rush of development in the very same episode they would die. The writing is so shortsighted.
  2. The Walking Dead.

    Every time a villain is defeated, another pops up in its place. And so it'll likely go for years and years until this series limps its way to an overdue finale. Lather, rinse, repeat. I hope I can kick the bad habit of watching this show before then. What an incredible waste of ammo in this episode. Remember when it was a big deal that Eugene could make bullets because ammo was scarce? Now they've got so much, they can afford to blow a bunch of it on shooting out windows. It was colossally dumb of Simon and Negan to believe Gregory had that much sway over the Hilltop people and to rely on him as the ace up their sleeve. The Hilltoppers obviously bought into Rick's bullshit if they were willing to bring the fight to the Saviors. Any idiot can see that Gregory is not the sort of leader people would believe in. Weird Al's Another One Rides the Bus was certainly an odd choice for the flash forward music. With them also having a They Might Be Giants montage last season, it's like this show's music is being chosen by an eight-year-old me.
  3. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    As disturbing as that It scene is to those of us who aren't Stephen King, it is unusually sex-positive for the genre. I'd rather he just treat sex as a bad thing that should be punished than offer an alternative like that.
  4. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Someone mentioned in the comments on an article about that It scene that even Peter Straub has said King is terrible at writing sex scenes. That seems to be the consensus. Instead of defending a mistake he made 30 years ago, he should just admit he fucked up and move on. Then everyone else can move on and maybe we won't get another dozen articles about that scene when the sequel comes out.
  5. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    King commented on it recently in a spectacularly wrongheaded way: For us to take issue with only that part of the book, it means we're cool with child murder? I'm really disturbed by this revelation about myself. There's no book without the child murders. The book could exist without that one scene.
  6. Wrestling What Ifs

    I was not aware that he had done that and I do not approve.
  7. Wrestling What Ifs

    I would have never disparaged him had he not had his poison mist glands surgically removed from his throat shortly before this. I can get behind anyone who mists aside from Hornswoggle.
  8. Twin Peaks

    So if there is only one world of Twin Peaks, and it's no longer the one we're familiar with, there really was no reason to tie up loose ends with any of the characters outside of Cooper's story. That doesn't make it any less frustrating. It makes Audrey's storyline seem even more pointless. All of their stories were pointless if everything got a hard reset. Did Lynch throw the baby out with the bathwater so that Little Nicky, the pine weasel, Super Nadine, Josie in a knob and all the other low points of season two never happened? Or was that just a bonus? He didn't mince words about his opinion of season two in interviews leading up to the return. If this is where we're at now in Twin Peaks, I wonder what Frost's Final Dossier is going to cover. The synopsis says it tells us what happened to key characters in the 25 years between seasons. Is this branching off from the events of the Twin Peaks that we know? Or is it this altered Twin Peaks? If it's the latter, why the hell would anyone care about that? Who even are these people to us if they didn't experience anything we've seen in the series? Maybe the fact that this 25-year history exists means the familiar Twin Peaks world is still intact and Cooper is, in fact, stuck in a parallel world. Or the ending was all Lynch's idea and he just rendered Frost's book pointless and non-canon. Considering how this season wrapped up, and how things worked out for all the other original series characters, Ed and Norma got a surprisingly happy ending. Maybe that's what it took to lure Everett McGill out of retirement.
  9. Wrestling What Ifs

    This is a pretty interesting article about Razor. I didn't realize that out of the four Royal Rumbles he appeared on, he was never actually in the Rumble match itself. Vince couldn't even bring himself to tease a Razor world title shot. http://www.wrestling20yrs.com/blog/what-didnt-vince-mcmahon-see-in-razor-ramon
  10. Twin Peaks

    Well, I don't think ALL wrestling fans are dumb. I just misinterpreted what you said. Cooper was definitely out of his depth. Even Mr. C was. It seems he was just a pawn the entire time. The Fireman got all of the pieces moving and eventually placed them in Frank Truman's office to defeat Mr. C and BOB. In retrospect, that makes the big bad of this season seem like a hapless dope. One set of coordinates would've killed him instantly, but he had his son take his place. The other set put him right where he needed to be to be taken down by the people of Twin Peaks, all of whom had been manipulated so that they'd be there to play their parts. Cooper's mission was doomed as well. He went back to save Laura on the night of her murder, but if she was once a force of good who could defeat Judy, she was far from that then. She had been ruined by years of abuse at the hands of her BOB-possessed father. As she tells James, "Your Laura disappeared. It's just me now." At that point in her life, she had to die to escape being possessed by BOB herself. I think no matter what Cooper did, she would've ended up dying in that timeline, just not on that night. Or is she completely removed from that timeline? Doesn't that then mean that the Twin Peaks we know becomes some other Twin Peaks? Cooper never ends up in the town without Laura's murder to investigate, so wouldn't that erase basically everything we've seen Cooper do? Or is he a sort of Lodge entity himself now and immune to the repercussions of him fucking with the timeline? In a Twin Peaks without Laura's death, Leland is still there inhabited by BOB. The town is still corrupt in so many other ways. There's no reason for Cooper to show up, and I think his presence made the town a better place. Criminal scumbag Jean Renault once told him the opposite, which confirms it to be true. So Twin Peaks is still a hellhole beneath the surface of a quaint small town, and perhaps worse off than it was before Cooper started screwing with the timeline. Or are we supposed to believe that 1989 Laura defeating Judy in the present day would retroactively eliminate BOB and all the evils that ever plagued the town? Time travel makes my head spin. What bums me out the most about all of this is that Cooper lost 25 years of his life. He finally gets out, and he's trapped in this Dougie persona. I imagine it was frustrating not being able to be himself, but he did get a taste of a happy suburban life with a loving wife and son, which is perhaps something he once hoped to have someday way back before his Lodge days. But that's not his life and he can't stay. He's got a mission, and that mission leads to him being trapped again in a different way. He's once again not quite himself, and he's in this alternate world where things are being manipulated by Judy to thwart his plans. I think Jeffries' infinity symbol does imply that this will go on forever. Maybe he'll keep getting more chances to fix things in different timelines, but I doubt he'll ever pull it off. I have no doubt he'll keep trying because that's just who he is. And why does Cooper deserve to be caught in this loop of failure? He was the most fundamentally good character in the entire series, and he's been thoroughly fucked over. I get that the heroes don't always win, but did he have to fail this miserably? What a drag. One of the guys on that podcast had an interesting interpretation of Cooper's last line that I agree with. I don't think he's confused about what year he was taken to in this alternate timeline. I think it's just dawning on him how much of his life that he's lost.
  11. Wrestling What Ifs

    I remember at the time being so certain Razor, my favorite wrestler, was going to win it. Then he got injured and I was sure it was going to be Shawn. Then he was out and I thought it had to be The Undertaker. Then Mabel won against some lame Razor surrogate and I was so angry I couldn't sleep. And on a school night! I was thinking it was nuts that Razor never even challenged for the title again after that Bret match in 93, but looking over the list of champions during his first run there, they were all faces aside from Yoko. Those two had a non-title dark match according to the Internet Wrestling Database, but that's it. I guess the timing was just wrong for him. Even if Vince didn't think he deserved the belt, there would've at least been value in having him challenge for it, but they didn't do much face vs face back then. He needed to be a heel like in your scenario to fit in the world title picture, but I don't think Vince wanted to give up his top face in the midcard. He really deserved a higher spot just based on how over he was. Whether he would've been able to take the ball and run with it as champ considering his personal problems, I don't know.
  12. Twin Peaks

    I highly recommend listening to Entertainment Weekly's Twin Peaks podcast. I checked out a few different podcasts about the show at the beginning of the season, and this was the only one worth sticking with. Their analysis of the finale made me reconsider a lot of what I thought. It quelled my anger over the ending. Now I'm just really bummed out about it. https://art19.com/shows/twin-peaks-podcast The finale episode is quite long at 3 1/2 hours, but it's well worth it. Plus they put up an interview with MacLachlan today where he offers his interpretation of the ending.
  13. Twin Peaks

    I'd certainly prefer a two-hour movie over another 18 hours. I think that was way too much time. Maybe Audrey and all the other characters left hanging at the end of this season will find some resolution in Mark Frost's upcoming book, but I sure as hell would've rather seen it than read about it.
  14. Twin Peaks

    It seems Cruise is upset about her performance being cut short at the end of ep 17. Maybe she was thinking "Lynch showed a guy sweeping a floor for ten minutes, but didn't have time for my entire song?!" A petty reason to burn that bridge. She's making a mountain out of a mole hill. Which I admit I've been doing here with all my griping since the finale. I've had a lot or problems with this season, obviously, but I liked it as a whole. It was a flawed but welcome return. The original series has such a fervent fan base that's been dissecting it for over 25 years. Expectations were sky high for a lot of fans, including me, and I don't think there was any way it could've lived up to that. It was a unique situation. I don't imagine the Full House revival was this polarizing. Does anyone think this ending calls for a fourth season? Or are you happy with this being the last we see of Twin Peaks?
  15. Twin Peaks

    I agree with that. He made the best of it. I just think it was too low-key of a role for him to get any award consideration. .