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  1. I wish the series had ended with Salladhor Saan reacting to the news that Cersei fucked a different pirate and she's now dead so he doesn't get a chance.
  2. 'Game of Thrones' Accidentally Left Two Water Bottles in the Series Finale Here we go again. The coffee cup is joined by two water bottles as symbols of how rushed this season was.
  3. My demand was met. I'm fine with how this ended.
  4. Perhaps they should've had Cersei hire Bronn to kill only Tyrion. It would've warmed Jaime's heart to hear she didn't want him murdered as he probably expected she would. Gotta go back to her! I've never been more upset with this show than the "gotcha" moment of Littlefinger's death. So much was left out that could've helped make sense of it just for the sake of shocking the audience. D&D pushed a wall of loose bricks down on us and yelled "Surprise!" The surprise lasts for a moment. The disappointment with how poorly it was executed lasts a lot longer.
  5. Subverting expectations is a big part of what made this show so fun to watch throughout its run, but what's the harm in doing the expected every now and then? Especially for a character who had been on such a long redemption arc. His end was unexpected, but I wasn't shocked and amazed. It just bummed me out. I did really like his final scene with Tyrion, though. I wish he didn't say he never cared for the innocents, considering he saved them from the Mad King, but maybe he was just putting up a villainous front so his decision to return to his evil sister didn't seem so dumb.
  6. Could've been an easy Cersei kill. Maybe it was also a test of his devotion to her friend Brienne. I'm sure Sansa values her opinion, but enough to forget everything Jaime had done? Tyrion vouching for his brother and only friend in the world doesn't mean much, and his suggestions have been pretty awful for a long time. Bran didn't so much forgive him as move beyond human concerns like holding grudges. If I were her, I'd be uneasy about having a Lannister, especially the one who was closest to Cersei, staying in Winterfell with so much of their forces away at war. He left Cersei and came to Winterfell to fulfill his promise to fight for the living. With that fulfilled, she'd have to be concerned about what his future plans were.
  7. How differently would things have played out for Jaime if he hadn't happened to walk in on Sansa and Brienne talking about Cersei striking a major blow against the resistance? Was that all a setup on Sansa's part? She planted the seeds in the dumbest Lannister's mind that Cersei now had the advantage in the coming war AND that she'd die for what she had done. He would either try to kill her to prevent the war or try to save her. Either way, it gets him out of Sansa's home and likely leads to his death. As she said a few episodes ago "Men do stupid things for women. They're easily manipulated." Her teacher would've been proud. As always, I could be giving the writers too much credit.
  8. I don't believe they'll reveal that so late in the game, or I at least hope they won't, but it's why I said probably flammable.
  9. Did Jaime ever find out Cersei was fucking their cousin? I forget.
  10. He damn well better pet his dog then.
  11. I'm also hoping for Drogon warging. I don't know how the hell else they could stand a chance against Dany, plus it gives Bran something to do. I'll bet Jon gets sentenced to death and survives the dragon's flames. Although Tyrion would get sentenced too and he's probably flammable... I don't think Arya will die. I think Sandor's fatherly advice about not being consumed by revenge was meant to set her up to accept that sticking with Gendry ain't such a bad idea. They can work it out. Maybe split your time between being a lady and an assassin. Rule the Stormlands with him on weekdays and kill people on weekends. Just don't be all murder all the time.
  12. Anyone think that might be Bran finally making himself useful?
  13. Brienne, Tormund and Ghost living happily together in the North is my dream spinoff.
  14. Ha! I would've just liked to have more than only Jon and Davos taking issue with what some of their fellow soldiers were doing. Someone else stopping one of their buddies from slitting a woman's throat. Does this mean a good chunk of Jon's army no longer loves him and his bland, honorable ways and are now loyal to the woman who gave them the cue to slaughter innocents? And does it no longer count as a war crime to kill surrendered soldiers if they start defending themselves after being attacked from behind? Good thing their crazy queen won't care about sorting that out to punish anyone.
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