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  1. Man I gotta start paying attention to AEW ticket sales. Had I known they were gonna be in Atlanta I would've scored tickets. Dammit.
  2. About the most Antonio Brown story ever.
  3. I don't want to hear anything out of this company about budget cuts when they just got rid of a Dolla.
  4. I hope the one thing Dreamer has learned from all this is, while it's easy to jump on Space Mountain, jumping off isn't as easy. WOOO!
  5. I could've went my entire life not hearing Tommy Dreamer praising Flair's junk. Dude.
  6. Whatever Drew is smoking I want none it. Holy hell.
  7. I thought sure Bong Smokeman was a wwe lifer. Shocked. So creative has more material for Reginald than Aleister Black???
  8. That's what I read too. I might be thinking of someone else though.
  9. Budget cuts? Pfft. Well it's a good thing that they had enough budget to pay Logan Paul and send him a private jet just to come to Smackdown.
  10. Falcons eyeing free agents like: Btw let me know if the image is too big. I'm on mobile and I can't tell.
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