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  1. I swear these cuck storylines are gonna lead to a surfacing Linda/Ahmed Johnson vid with Vince holding the camera yelling, "What A Maneuver!!!" I'll see myself out.
  2. Dan Quinn and that wack ass defense happened.
  3. My bad. I had more to say but forgot my train of thought.
  4. Wasn't there one where he was dressed as Sister Abigail?
  5. @The Natural Beat me by a few mins lol.
  6. This is the shit that cause heel turns.
  7. AJ wrestling on the kickoff show so he could watch the Falcons game lol.
  8. Somebody should take a pic of the belt and send one of those ransom notes with the cut out magazine letters.
  9. Speaking of network issues, I kept having this this problem where the audio would get horribly out of sync and I would have to hit the rewind button to get it straight. That happened like 7 times. Tighten up the network Roku app wwe.
  10. Holy crap. I must be seeing things. That was a damn good Raw.
  11. No Sid saddens me. Why in the hell did The Outsiders come out to DX music? And let me get this mountain dew. I'm supposed to spend a hundred bucks to win a hundred bucks? Nah son. Keep your brain cancer water.
  12. That Becky/Seth/Mike/Maria segment can go die in a fire. Holy hell.
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