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  1. They need to stop with the virtual boy shit for The Fiend's matches.
  2. You mean I'm home in time to see this LIVE? What kind of sorcery is this?
  3. Dude who are you telling? I mean I'm glad they're winning BUT...It's extremely frustrating at the same time. WHERE WAS THIS TEAM AT THE START OF THE SEASON?!? *flips coffee table*
  4. Man who you telling? In other news the bookies made a TON of bank on that game.
  5. The fact that Pac took OC's kicks and still go on to win shows just how much of a tough bastard he is.
  6. Hell man you beat me to it. Sign me up.
  7. Somebody needs to tell Orange Cassidy to hold back on those kicks. He's gonna kill somebody one of these days.
  8. 32nd ranked defense. 1-6 record. And in 12 years of watching Matt Ryan play HE HAS NEVER ONCE LEFT THE FIELD IN A WALKING BOOT. Not to mention throwing the assistants under the bus: This m*****f***** needs to go. DAN QUINN IS A GLORIFIED MIKE SINGLETARY. Damn right I said it.
  9. I swear these cuck storylines are gonna lead to a surfacing Linda/Ahmed Johnson vid with Vince holding the camera yelling, "What A Maneuver!!!" I'll see myself out.
  10. Dan Quinn and that wack ass defense happened.
  11. My bad. I had more to say but forgot my train of thought.
  12. Wasn't there one where he was dressed as Sister Abigail?
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