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  1. "Daddy's gone." Roman is awesome. That is all.
  2. I sent that image of Nick on the MK ladder to my to one of my friends and here is what we got. Nick Khan picks off the McMahon's one by one. Nick Khan somehow gains control of WWE. Then Tony Khan shows up on WWE tv a few weeks later. A couple years later we get the documentary "The Fall of WWE" a.k.a. "The Long Khan".
  3. Holy hell. Vince still got lead in the pencil?
  4. Are they seriously telling me they couldn't get more than a 3rd for Matt Ryan? In a league where Carson Wentz nets two 3rds? Get the **** outta here with that noise. Not to mention 63 mil in dead cap between Ryan and Julio. DUDE. TF what are you doing?
  5. I swear this is the most Falcons thing ever.
  6. I literally just defended this piece of... I'm calm. I'm calm. Just damn.
  7. Man I gotta start paying attention to AEW ticket sales. Had I known they were gonna be in Atlanta I would've scored tickets. Dammit.
  8. About the most Antonio Brown story ever.
  9. I don't want to hear anything out of this company about budget cuts when they just got rid of a Dolla.
  10. I hope the one thing Dreamer has learned from all this is, while it's easy to jump on Space Mountain, jumping off isn't as easy. WOOO!
  11. I could've went my entire life not hearing Tommy Dreamer praising Flair's junk. Dude.
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