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  1. And still no TV title to be seen....
  2. RADIO!!! Also, am I the only one who hates that damn backwards leap Kofi does off the top?
  3. I just picked this for $25. Probably gonna dive into it this weekend. Question first. How do I download other wrestlers etc., on ps4? I'd take a look myself but it's taking all my data to even send this.
  4. On that subject, have any of you been to his feedmemore.com site? Apparently he sells supplements. This one gave me a chuckle out of this one: Also, if any of you have that Pluto tv app there's a impact wrestling channel. I think it covers everything that/impact. Although I had to turn that crap off when there was icp chant.
  5. Another thing. Wasn't Shane supposed to hiding? How did Charly roll up on him like she was Chris Hansen?
  6. Wild card rule my ass. There like 5 Smackdown talents. I made a joke to my buddy about they were gonna get The Revival manscaping each other and damn if I wasn't close. Also are they still milking Roman's cancer? I might've heard the commentary wrong. Man Mercy did you have kill Rambling Rabbit? And one last thing. About one of the commericals, if some random guy comes up to me and suggests I should get more testosterone while I'm with my lady I'm knocking him the fuck out. Ok that is all.
  7. Man, HHH ripped out the nose ring and looked at it like it was a infinity stone.
  8. Thanks for the support guys. I actually didn't give it much thought or care yesterday but for some reason it bummed me out today. There is a update. I won't lose pay for this week...but I put my notice in today. There's no way I can continue to work there with those people and be civil. So at the end of the month I'll be out of there. Honestly this feels like a weight has been lifted. And at least I'll be graduating this summer so there's that to look forward to.
  9. Agreed. When I get this Tia and security certifications I'm out the day after.
  10. I don't generally get along with them actually. It's mainly because every day after work they'll hit the bars and me and a few other co-workers don't really go out like that. If I drink I drink at house. But for whatever reason they take it hard. Not to mention the endless complaining about having to show up at 8 in the morning for work. Also they should know better than trying to play these jokes since the last time they played these types jokes two of them got their faces kicked in.
  11. So I got suspended from work for a week today. Not a April Fool's joke. When I got to the office this morning I noticed that my chair cushion looked strange. I heard stifled laughing at which point I put my hand over my eyes and said, "If my cushion has tacks in it, or glue on it, I'm going to fuck y'all up." Yes I know not professional. They did this tripe to someone else last year and it didn't go to well for them. But I got reported so I'm out till next Monday. Even though there was glue on my cushion. Plus side though. I'll get to catch up on a lot of wrestling I've missed. Negative... The in-laws are in town. Damn it all. Have I mentioned that April Fool's can go fuck itself?
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