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  1. Let's try this again. https://www.nfl.com/news/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-titans-oc-arthur-smith-as-new-head-coach He has to be better than Quinn right? Right??
  2. Add one more to the list. This shit is unacceptable. You're not alone in that thinking. I just wish we were wrong on that line of thought. I guess 2020 was just the tutorial after all.
  3. Everyone, it's finally happened. The big 4-0. I've got the 'Fuck Yeah! Socks!!!" stage of life. Fries are no longer appetizing. Salads are damn appetizing surprisingly. But it's been a good birthday though. Nice and quiet. Just me and the wife. Looking forward to about 50 more of these. Cheers everyone . Btw, what kind of midlife crisis car should I get lol?
  4. I have moved on...because it’s a game. I have a great life. Wife, annoying but good kids. A brand new job. A new house. Football is entertainment. I love the Falcons. But my life is literally not impacted whatsoever on what the Falcons do. Did LI hurt? Sure it did. But for me to allow a football game that has zero impact on my life traumatize me is just silly. I am still the same person tomorrow. But with that being said... A two point conversion??? WHEN YOU ARE UP 19?!? The commitment to these garbage ass safeties. This moronic "bend but don't break" defense. This team doesn't even know
  5. I'm not even gonna lie. I couldn't even finish the show after the Hardy bump.
  6. Who ever thought that HBK throwing Janetty through a window would be a face turn.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamzagoria/2020/05/21/adult-website-announces-bid-for-naming-rights-of-former-mercedes-benz-superdome/#12d3a43155ca I don't know if this technically goes here but..."Welcome to the Scripperdome home of the Taints!" gave me good laugh.
  8. Man that's cold. Being released while still not being eliminated from the Rumble.
  9. Yes Streets of Rage 4 is everything you hoped it would be. I'm gonna be playing this for a good long while.
  10. Was it Hardcore Revolution? The N64 cartridge was black.
  11. Man those dead spots during the main. Yikes. I agree with whoever said that the agent needs to be fired or apologize to everyone involved. Bryan/Gulak was dope. More of that please. I didn't even get to see the chamber tag because of the power going out. I'll have to check that out later.
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