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  1. Why would anyone respond? Unless I missed something this isn't a Rutube customer service website.
  2. Cima, Eita and Masaaki Mochizuki are coming to Fight Club Pro in September
  3. BohsJohnny

    WWE UK

    Looks like they're all in on Dunne even if they DQ him from the tournament
  4. Gulak's Chikara farewell match vs Quack from last night https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1140815579320820&id=153423404726714
  5. Cody vs Ethan Page is on that show too unfortunately.
  6. The Haskins/Gibson match on that channel is really good.
  7. Jon Gresham vs Tracy Williams Matt Riddle vs Adam Thornstowe Matt Riddle vs Corey Hollis Donovan Dijak vs Keith Lee
  8. I know a good few people on here are very high on Fred Yehi so here's what Dylanwaco has called the most unheralded great match so far this year
  9. Oh my bad, as far as I know at the moment there's no match scheduled between them.
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