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  1. Yeah, this game on a living console is fucking tremendous.
  2. Speaking of Virgil Van Strikes. Wrestling superstar "Virgil" is doin' stealth camping videos on youtube.
  3. DK classics is the only version I will ever play
  4. and PSM #2 are hallowed tomes of great repute in my household to this day. From the first screenshots, Bloodstained has looked like some PSP turd game even though the lineage is there. Still going to play it.
  5. https://greenlung.bandcamp.com/album/woodland-rites Best shit I've heard in a while. 'specially since Orchid is pretty much dead Briton Rites is inactive and that last Pale Divine album was just "good".
  6. Assassins Creed Unity is free on uplay because that church burned up.
  7. Watchdogs 2 was very fucking playable. Your enjoyment will depend on how much of an unprovoked asshole you are. You can just call the cops on bad drivers and people with dumb haircuts. 70% of the upgrade trees are garbage you'll never use. I want more emphasis on the gadgets in the next game. Halfway through AC origins I got the Season pass for 15 bucks. Then by the time I finished the main game I never continued while the iron was hot. Like, right before the very end I finally went north of the starting village and there's an obscene amount of shit I'll never see. I was playing Odyssey and liking it then dropped off. 25 hours in and I still didn't have that teleporting spear thing. I also think the graphics on Origins were a bit better. When yer coming out of a pyramid and you've got your torch on and you come up to the exit it's amazing. Mostly I've just been wanting to play hot jazz guitar.
  8. I'm drinkin' Buffalo Trace and the new Black Knight just got a gameplay reveal. Upper playfield ain't blowin' me away on the premium/le. Game overall looks kick ass on the pro though. I also realize I'm insanely lucky to be within 45 minutes from Wizards World in Ft. Wayne. They get all the new shit along with their insane existing lineup. That place rules. They finally got some Jersey Jack machines and I played 'em and wasn't super impressed. Pat Lawlor's Willy Wonka is going to be revealed on Friday. Good week for pinball. I'm on Pinside but I like this board more.
  9. No regular ass NES Contra 1 that everybody actually remembers.
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