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  1. I'm waiting for that PC version. I know I won't get spoiled because I still know basically nothing about MGS5. Yes, I still haven't played more than that first 45 minutes all these years later.
  2. I'm loving the streamlined ammo system. Especially now that I've got a goddamned grenade launcher. I've done all the first levels shit and am about to get on my spaceship to leave.
  3. Yeah, on New Vegas I was a sawed off motherfucker but most of the fighting was done by Boone, ED-E and the robot Elvis dog. I mostly remember things like that boomers Volare quest where my science was so high I could just say to use a rubber gasket or some other bullshit. I turned the UI thing off that shows your odds off succeeding speech checks.
  4. Yeah, I'm fixin' to play this fucker for about 13 hours straight. Got some Knob Creek, 23 ounces of whole cashews, snickerdoodles and two cases of Banquet beer. Should last me until 8 PM if I nurse it. Then, if I wake up tomorrow I'll go play that new Elvira pinball machine.
  5. I'm going to treat my lying stat like 'stache on Mario and Luigi. 99 percent of points go there.
  6. Asgard's Wrath. There's a lot I'm loving about it but the combat just stinks. Bad guys are just draining my health with kicks while I'm trying to figure out how it works. They also despawn if you walk too far away and regain all health. Maybe I'll drop it down to piss-ass baby easy next time I play it. Menus seem kludgy and the loading time after you die is about 70 seconds for me. Picking up your little Battle Beasts is still amazing. All that shit made me finally dig my G27 wheel out and start getting way into Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally again. IN VR. I did Pike's Peak, drove off a cliff full speed and had to shut my eyes while wincing. That's more like it. I remember playing that F1 game on PS1 years ago and just spinning in circles out in the grass and going the wrong way to kamikaze fuckers. With the damn wheel this shit is exhilarating. Full throttle 5th gear going into Massenet at Monaco is erection inducing.
  7. Just beat Lone Echo. Pretty good other than that bullshit part where yer flying all carefully through those exploding cysts for the first time. I died like, 10 times trying to do that part. Y'know what was amazing? The way you brought up your scanning gun. You are really pushing on the top of your wrist like there is a button there. The only thing I really would like in the sequel is if you could spin your body orientation using your arms. For quick turnarounds launching off a surface. The overall gameplay is pretty basic but is uplifted through the sheer novelty of VR. There's a part at the beginning where you have to find lost luggage cubes and slot them into sockets. That is what most tasks end up being. I also want to bitch about the weak ass jar of peanuts texture near the beginning of the game. That shit was wack yo. The giant hushpuppies also looked a bit shit up close. They need a VR version of Rendezvous with Rama. Maybe then I won't think the book stunk. What was with the Demolition Man references? I don't get it. I mean, I got 'em, but where's the conceptual continuity? Installing Asgard's Wrath right now.
  8. Yeah, that fucker is getting a PS5 remaster that still won't look as good as PC.
  9. Included with Game pass. Switch version TBD.
  10. I wanna bring this back because ponytail Flair used to be my avatar. Then I was saying he could be the secret last boss on King of Fighters. Then I believe Bix had it as an avatar for a while. I mostly believe that ponytail Flair is awesome.
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