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  1. Well Secret Invasion is happening, but in the comics it was Bucky and not Steve, so they don't really need him. (And they're already going ot be doing it without Iron Man). I could see Secret Invasion climaxing with Steve and Thor doing the run in .
  2. Considering Battlefront II got good, and Fallen Order and Squadrons are good, EA hasn't exactly filed with SW. I'm ok with taking a break from Division, I don't think we need another game based around the country descending into Chaos from a killer strain of Flu and it's super rushed vaccine that caused a worse second wave.
  3. Yeah, hardest thing to get down is either swapping to better suited characters or paying attention to the ATB gauges and ordering stuff. Like the Airbuster fight, you have to use Barrett for the first couple stages while remembering to throw lightning with Cloud/Tifa during your charge up. Also, you gotta learn the timing abuse Barrett's Overcharge
  4. Probably sticking a bunch of Core stuff in FFVIIR-2. I mean, storywise, Pt 2 would start off with the "How Seiphroth went batshit" flashback anyway. You're not even at the HARD stuff yet...
  5. No, that's skipping a whole series.
  6. Who do we have to Lobby to get WWE to license Black Betty for the Rumble?
  7. Yeah, they finally processed them, but sent no notifications outside of one when you turn on your PS4.
  8. Stay safe, DMV'ers that might be near the Capitol district right now.
  9. So, next round of title matches: Ibushi/SANADA, Shingo/Tanahashi, Hiromu/SHO, GoD/Tekkers, Kanemaru/Despy vs Ishimori/ELP Not bad for New Beginning only having 1 WK runback.
  10. NJPW doesn't usually do stretcher angles, So I'm guessing Tenzan got legit hurt and didn't just do a stretcher to put over Khan.
  11. The Scrips family of channels is pretty much everyone's default background noise channels (Unless you're my wife, in which case it's Oxygen)
  12. It's more an issue of not deciding yet how to write it, because I both appreciate the movie for existing, but want to strangle Mark for giving this out as a "Christmas" movie when it's less of one than Die Hard.
  13. So... knowing Gedo, and how he loves to pull the rug out from under the plucky face even after getting what they were fighting for, *and* that he's running 2 concurrent ascension at the Dome stories, clearly Jay White has to win the Double Titles tomorrow night... But seeing that NJPW has a US TV Deal (of sorts), Gedo is going to tease a match that many people have wanted for a couple years now and that it didn't happen 2 years ago might've been the driving factor in another promotion's current champion jumping ship so clearly that means that Ibushi is going to retain...
  14. If BoB ever ends up at Ann Arbor I'm out.
  15. You want to do Frozen Wilds *after* finishing the main game proper, because the weapons you get in Frozen Wilds are OP as fuck against pretty much everything in the Vanilla game. Like seriously, they even make Deathbringers a joke.
  16. Because we love always losing to tOSU, apparently.
  17. I'm beginning to think Sony's not *actually* refunding anything. No emails, no confirmations, no nothing. Still in my library. So far, I don't think anyone's gotten their refund yet.
  18. This year just fucking takes and takes...
  19. Shadow actually has the least combat of the reboot trilogy, and is more puzzle focused (especially with the DLC). I've wanted to try Greedfall for awhile, so cool.
  20. Whittaker's run is suffering from Chibnal staying away from classic villains for an entire season, then trying to out-Moffat Moffat last season with Timeless Children.
  21. So, do I understand this right? GCW's owner just now found out he doesn't own the rights to anything that was shown through IWTV, and is trying to use a tweet to end the contract? That's what I'm gleaning here.
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