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  2. Considering I really liked 1, I'm starting to feel REAL silly that I whiffed on 2 being out for a year now.
  3. I just saw it hit the PS Store as a new game today. And I avoid the Epic store so that's probably why I missed it.
  4. Apparently I missed Axiom Verge 2 being made, because it released TODAY.
  5. Maybe shelve The Flash as the writeoff and release Batgirl?
  6. Has Gresham actually been officially released yet?
  7. The articles about Miro being unhappy is tied to him liking a tweet about "Who the fuck is Mance Warner" getting a shot on a random Rampage, that started a flood of "Why the fuck do these unsigned people get on TV all the fucking time whilst all these people under contract barely see anything not YouTube" tweets to go along with it. Take it with a grain of salt and it's well within Miro's character to troll online. Andrade is always going to be miserable unless someone puts him in the same position he was in CMLL, and even then he wasn't happy (and I really haven't seen anything out of Andrade to indicate he's wanting to go back to Hunter).
  8. And people think AEW isn't gonna get screwed next year with these fucks running WBD.
  9. Meet the new boss... Same as the old boss...
  10. When Nitro was cancelled, it was still the highest rated program on TNT that wasn't a movie repeat. I know those of us seeing a repeat of Kellner coming in and going scorched earth might just be panicing, but you probably don't want to be over confident with the "Warner will never leave that money on the table" because the have.
  11. Now if they and/or The Mouse can greenlight Orville S4, we'll be set.
  12. Oh. they won't write off THAT...
  13. Now Season 3 on the other hand... I'm more convinced that the Berlantiverse finally dying is due to Paramount and WBD getting all their shit off the CW before they sell it to Nexstar.
  14. They're also writing off $150M of their own completed movies and it's entirely possible they're nuking the entire platform, so...
  15. Looking at what WBD is doing to Max, people might want to pump the breaks on thinking the new bosses are giving AEW any more time than they have.
  16. Not gonna lie, when I joked about the Warner-Discovery merger basically being a repeat of the AOL-Warner merger with the incoming boss fucking hating everything done by the previous regime and nuke it, I really didn't think Discovery was going to outright nuke everything AT&T was letting Warner do.
  17. Yanks getting another OF??? Hicks has to not be long for this team.
  18. Well, I mean, Becky is out for a bit with a separated shoulder and Bianca does need some back up...
  19. Do the Nats' scouts even look at the splits?
  20. Well they didn't give up their top prospect, but that's not bad.
  21. It's been happening with my with Chrome for a while now. I get far more errors than working embeds.
  22. Tony, Bobby, and Dusty pre-nWo and it isn't even close.
  23. It's a good thing Watson didn't so something serious like have a Draft Kings account.
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