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  1. Chaos

    2023 Live Music

    I saw Tyler Childers on Friday in Alpharetta. He was someone I got into right before the pandemic started, and the only show I could have made by the time I was aware of him was a show he and Sturgill did in Birmingham in February of 2020. I was pretty stoked about this one, and I don't think the show disappointed at all. His backing band is incredible, and you can tell they've been playing with him for over a decade now; however, the real treat of the set was the solo acoustic middle of Lady May>Nose on the Grindstone>Follow You to Virgie. I highly recommend checking him out if you're into that brand of Country/Americana at all. The next tickets I have actually purchased are for the co-headlining tour between Nathaniel Rateliff & the NIght Sweats and My Morning Jacket. I'm excited for both, but I'm really excited to get MMJ off of my want to see list. I'm sure I'll maybe squeeze something in before then.
  2. I wish I had played more of the Wii one to have an opinion of it.
  3. I've learned not to ask a lot of my Star Wars content outside of just be engaging and enjoyable. I thought the initial two eps of The Acolyte accomplished that. I'm excited to see where it goes. It does seem that opinions have varied all over the place on it, but many of the reviews also are based on having seen the next two episodes.
  4. Dilfer was on Mac and Cube in Bham a few weeks ago and mentioned that there are some West Coast venture capitalists that want to buy and own some of these college brands. They're just waiting for the opening to do it. With all of these changes, the inevitable super conference, and wild west mentality, this feels like an inevitability within 3-5 years if not sooner.
  5. I may never be productive with my free time again once EA College Football releases. That 4 minute video released today has me more hyped. https://youtu.be/Kf86x8F9M90
  6. Incredible win and incredible scene! Let's see what happens this summer.
  7. That first half was the showing of a great club, which this team is far from that.
  8. Here's hoping Man U can end things on a good note in Wembley today. Ten Hag will be gone as soon as tomorrow regardless.
  9. It's hard for me to get into the cinema these days just because of my own schedule and the extra time committments around making it there. Fury Road is maybe my favorite cinematic experience ever, so I'm not missing this one. I wanted to knock out a couple of other released throughout the month too. Civil War leaves here this week, Challengers I think left last week, so will probably miss that, but Fall Guy, Apes, and maybe one or two more would work.
  10. Apparently, The Fall Guy is already coming to VOD 2 1/2 weeks after it dropped in theaters. I was thinking about renewing A-List this week for Furiosa for $1 and making that one I caught while it was active.
  11. Switch is the one console I still buy physical for just because of how Nintendo stuff holds in value.
  12. I got emotional watching the trailer. You know EA is going to screw it up, but the fact that you hope they won't is what will make you give it a shot.
  13. This is me buying the highest tier edition of Madden/FIFA (EA FC) every year knowing that I'm never going to have the time or want to spend the money to get the Ultimate team benefit. I'll probably make that mistake in a couple weeks for EA College Football.
  14. The attacking hasn't been inspired in many years, but this team is just really rough to watch defensively. It's unacceptable, and I'm not sure how they get back to prominence.
  15. I'm not sure of the legitimacy, but there was some absurd concession prices on Twitter for F1 in Miami. $180 nachos, for instance.
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