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  1. I heard about Blaseball on Giantbomb a few months ago. I'd forgotten about it. I should check it out.
  2. Well, I botched this. It ended up not being true. A fan account that normally shares accurate info posted it and admitted they pulled from a bad source.
  3. I don't understand these front office moves so far. They just announced they're releasing Jakeem Grant who was a contributor on offense but was huge as a returner on special teams. Dolphins are linked to quite a few Free Agent Receivers, so that could be part of it, but I felt like Van Noy gave the Dolphins D an identity even if he was banged up for some of the season along with being COVID protocoled.
  4. I might be getting up early on Friday (before work) to watch it just to avoid having anything spoiled.
  5. All of the Butterfinger DLC is free on the PSN Store too for those that care. I'll probably add some of those character buffs when I get home.
  6. Due to how much it's murdering my hard drive space, I've decided this is the weekend where I either become a regular Call of Duty player, or I delete it off my hard drive for good.
  7. EC3 just signed a contract with ROH. Their official announcement: Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that EC3 has signed with the company. EC3, who had been pro wrestling’s hottest free agent since he hit the open market last summer, made a few appearances with ROH in the fall. He made his unannounced return on last weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” to confront Jay Briscoe. EC3 and Briscoe had been scheduled to face each other at Final Battle in December, but the match was called off after EC3 tested positive for COVID-19. Recognized as a two-time former
  8. I waited until last minute and the blu ray stock diminished quickly. I went a bit more modern with my picks as I discovered Criterion Channel is on XBOX now so I can watch a lot of these films that way. I picked up: Tree of Life (I'm curious about the new cut) Do the Right Thing Army of Shadows 12 Angry Men
  9. Criterion Flash Sale today for those that care. I haven't bought anything in awhile, and am tempted today. I'm just overwhelmed as to what exactly.
  10. Knockout City looks potentially fun, and it looks like it might be free to play on release.
  11. Probably the one main console Zelda people didn't want to see remastered unless it was just an extra game in a collection.
  12. I guess that explains why there was that Diablo 2 remake rumor over the weekend with them helming it.
  13. I dumbly bought it this year after playing it through EA Play earlier but thought the next gen update would be fine. It's horrendously bad. Everything looks and feels clunky.
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