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  1. Wasn't Italy's World Cup in 2006 largely credited to keeper play (and Zidane's headbutt)? They had a clean sheet through the knockout rounds until reaching the Finals. I felt like a lot of that tournament coverage was in constant praise of Buffon. They gave up 1 goal in group play and one goal in the finals. Back line play obviously has a lot to do with that as well, I know.
  2. I went to Atlanta/Crew on Saturday. That was a fun atmosphere, as the smaller size of Bobby Dodd really gives that place a rowdy atmosphere. I have a feeling the hype around that team will dissipate a little bit once it moves into Mercedes because I can't see them selling out those games even with not offering tickets for part of the stadium.
  3. There was a rumor that Season 2 is still happening. I wonder if Square will at least still publish and distribute that for them.
  4. If they get you to buy the game, they got their base's money so public outcry blended with a different audience going "this could be good" could turn that into a huge cash cow for them even if the base bails on it quickly.
  5. Given that Square took development of VII in house, I have a feeling we're at least a year away from seeing anything new on FF VII Remake. I'm also not sure it is a good omen for what that thing will end up being.
  6. and Minecraft
  7. I didn't watch the Bethesda presser, and I was mostly underwhelmed by the Microsoft one. I have yet to get an Xbox One, and I am debating getting a Scorpio (Now Xbox One X). I don't think Microsoft wanted to completely alienate anyone just yet, but I think as early as next e3, we will be learning about games that will only run on the One X to take advantage of that console's power. Microsoft hasn't been as adamant as Sony about having every game work on all versions of the console and are going to side more on developer discretion. Plus, if that allows them to net a few exclusives away from Sony, then more power to them I guess. I am still undecided on whether to just get an S or still pony up for the One X. The price drop on the S means I will be able to find solid bundles within a month or two for under $200 like you can for the original One model currently. Also, that Sea of Thieves demo was a lot of fun. The snarky commentary actually works for that thing even if it's not in game.
  8. Outside of picking up the point and not losing any more ground, I'm not sure how you can walk away super positive from last night's US/Mexico. That Bradley goal was unbelievable and will probably be in highlight reels for awhile, but that goal would be more spectacular if the US had walked away with 3 points.The Bradley shot that hit the post would have been more spectacular if it had just been slightly more to the left. With Howard on the verge of retirement, are there any prospects for keeper out there. I just never feel super confident with Guzan in front of the net.
  9. I've had the same job for 9 years, so I was going off my knowledge from my retail days and having to sit through some of those terrible corporate training/orientation videos. Plus, I'm guessing that would depend on if the profession is unionized or if it's in a right to work state, so I'm sure mileage will vary.
  10. A lot of corporate policies also implement a rule that discussing salaries can be a terminable offense unless it's within the context of your own with your supervisor. I don't talk about money too often at work because I'm a big believer in controlling your own circumstances. We live too much in a time period where you hear too often "well, so and so gets this or makes this," and that gets into unnecessary pettiness from time to time. I think in business, as long as you don't sense the politics are slanted against you from getting past a certain ceiling, you have to believe that work ethic and merit will rule the day for you. The cream always rises to the top mentality.
  11. TV

    I also unintentionally blew through the final Season of Bloodline that hit Netflix on Sunday (something I almost never do anymore). I believe @Tabe is the only other person on here to watch that series, but this final season had some interesting moments but all in all was quite plodding and had many of the flaws of Season 2. I guess that's what happens when your best performance from the first season only appears in fragments over the final two seasons and is replaced by "what the hell is he even doing?" scenes from John Leguizamo.
  12. I stumbled into like a level 75 dropship roaming the desert in the first area of the game during chapter 3. At that level, you're dead even if you try to escape. I was like "this must be a weird bug."
  13. I was generalizing, honestly. It seems that pretty much any port from last generation to this is consider an "HD Remaster" or "Remaster" of sorts. The 13 trilogy isn't particularly great, but it just seems like one of the easier things for them to port over.
  14. I was hoping those would be true, or at least an HD Remaster of the 13 trilogy and ports of 8-9 similar to how they released 7.
  15. Yeah, I'm somewhere in Chapter 3 trying to get to at least level 30 before advancing story. I think the dropships jump to level 40 in chapter 4.