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  1. I have such an insanely boyish crush on Natalie Dormer.
  2. I love (500) Days of Summer. I'm surprised it made this list. There's two big Cusack movies (to me at least) from around that period. I almost voted for High Fidelity and figured it wouldn't make this list, but I did vote for the other one, which I haven't seen in quite some time.
  3. One of my goals this year is to finally knock this series out. I am trying to finish Season 1 this week and then get through Season 2 in a month or so. I took the Wallace ending kind of hard probably because I have an attachment to Jordan as an actor and because he's a kid that should not have been caught up in that.
  4. I did the same thing when I saw that Giant Bomb score. I clicked just to see who reviewed it. When I saw Jeff's name, I went "oh, it must be something because Jeff usually gives pretty jaded responses to stuff."
  5. Superman: The Movie was ironically the only super hero film I voted for this go around, but it's been at least a good ten years since I last viewed it. I too agree and complain about Hackman's portrayal of Luthor, but in a similar vein to Star Wars. It feels like the film did a lot that was innovative from a visual perspective and really has captured my imagination to this day. I briefly debated voting for Superman 2 over it, but the end of the theatrical cut is a mess and the Donner Cut is incomplete. As I said earlier, I do hope that we revisit this poll in a couple of years, as I think my ballot would look significantly different as I revisit stuff and fill in blind spots. I also recently revisited Major League, and it is remarkable how well that film has aged for me. A lot of the laughs are well earned, and it remains one of the best sports films of all time for me. It may have been higher than I thought on my ballot, but it's one of those odd-ball choices for me that I think would always make a personal list like this if we're blending great films with favorites.
  6. There are at least a couple of Coen Brothers films that deserve to be on a top 100 list. I just never felt that O Brother is among their best.
  7. I only voted for one Super Hero film on my ballot. Oddly, it was released well prior to 2000. I had a couple of rules on my ballot. I also stuck to a rule to only vote for one film within the few franchises I included (if I couldn't decide on the definitive best, I voted on the first film in the franchise).
  8. I'm curious if there's a Wes Anderson film that doesn't make this list. (Darjeeling possibly. Maybe Bottle Rocket?)
  9. Doom seems to be one of those things where if you didn't have a lot of reference or reverence for the series heading in that it's not worth visiting. For me it's something that i may pick up as my backlog decreases. I'm trying not to buy much to accomplish that goal as we speak. the only purchases I'm looking to make between now and the fall are probably The Show and Injustice 2, and I may talk myself out of those depending on free time/what I'm currently enthralled in playing.
  10. I watched Tombstone knowing the cult and public consensus around it and was thoroughly unimpressed.
  11. That was what was frustrating with my attempt on the Mid-Way 10s list. I checked and rechecked and stuff still would pop up out of the blue.
  12. Out of Sight is definitely a film I enjoy more with each viewing. I'm happy it at least made this list. I'm also surprised a high vote of 43 was enough to carry it. I finally watched my Criterion of Badlands specifically for this list. I would love to have a copy of that Badlands print for my office. That thing is gorgeous. The craft of Malick is quite apparent from this debut film. The blu ray transfer is a beautiful sight to behold.
  13. I now feel guilty for pulling Synecdoche off of my ballot. I figured I'd be a lone vote for it, and I had it low enough that I figured it wouldn't matter. Challenging film that I keep meaning to revisit. On the discussion of Magnolia, it's a film I keep meaning to rewatch along with Punch-Drunk Love, but I don't have the 3 hours usually to sit with it, and Magnolia didn't remind me as the type of film to break up over a couple of days. I will say I consider both films lesser PTA, but that could change with revisits over time.
  14. I did vote for a Kauffman film, and I almost had a second one towards the end of my ballot that was off the beaten path. I honestly could probably make a case for all of his except for Human Nature.
  15. I feel like if we revisit this list in a couple of years that my ballot would be very different.. This should almost become like Sight and Sound with us, except it should be done this next time in a much quicker span than 10 years.