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  1. Game is preloaded on my PS4. It was roughly 93GB. That countdown clock is going to taunt me. Thankfully, I have it hidden in a folder for now.
  2. Chaos

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    Jose to be fired after tomorrow's Newcastle matchup.
  3. Chaos

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    It could be a PSG year with Neymar screaming WITNESS ME into the crowd. Also, it was going to happen, but Miguel Almiron to Arsenal at the end of the MLS Season.
  4. Chaos

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    You get the sense that Mourinho will be removed from Manchester United sooner than later. The Pogba drama is definitely leading to some bad, lifeless form on the pitch. I watched some of the Champs League game on Tuesday and it was not very lively for a home showing.
  5. Sony caved on Fortnite Crossplay. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/09/26/extended-fortnite-cross-play-beta-launches-on-ps4-starting-today/
  6. Chaos


    I'm 3 episodes deep, and it definitely goes some unexpected places very quickly. Although, I will say that Armisen is not great trying to play a fairly normal and bland character here.
  7. I might be taking that Friday off, taking a nap when I get off work on Thursday, and firing it up at midnight for a very lengthy run.
  8. Chaos


    I really only have one thought, and it was the prevailing thought I had watching what I did last night. Can we please leave the "wrestler or wrestlers get arrested or put in an ambulance and drive it back into the arena in 1998-99 where it belongs?"
  9. Chaos

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 1

    War Eagle!
  10. Chaos

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 1

    New Auburn football season. New Year to hate every decision that Gus Malzahn makes. 7 Year extension for a 4 loss season. SMH.
  11. Chaos

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    I had very low expectations for this last night, so color me surprised that I felt this was the most enjoyable big 4 show in a good while. Unpopular Take: It may be the first time I enjoyed a main roster show over an NXT Takeover. I felt Takeover was a little flat outside of the women's title match.
  12. Chaos


    I miss ESPN having a major role in soccer and Bob Ley being the face of it.
  13. I preordered the Special Edition on PS4 because I doubt I get too heavy into the online stuff on this, and I had a $10 off code I could redeem.
  14. Which version of this is everyone getting (Not console but the editions). I thought about taking advantage of the pre-order bonus (I have a pretty much never preorder policy the last couple of years, but RDR breaks that rule).
  15. Chaos


    To show the power of Dwayne Johnson, I binged the back half of last season's Ballers that I never finished (I think I ended up rewatching two episodes that I remember vaguely), and I then watched last night's premiere. To show how quickly someone can fall off the radar, Russell Brand is apparently in this season of the show, and I a) had to think of his name for at least a minute, b) had forgottena bout him being a thing due to him somewhat falling off the radar in recent years. This is not a good tv show, but it's also not offensively bad, so sometimes it's good to just watch something without putting much effort into watching it. It's how I also watched Entourage.