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  1. The Dolphins and Auburn fan in me is very sad by this news today.
  2. Martial just netted his first career hat trick with Man U.
  3. I've actually been watching a couple of streams lately here, and it's made me want to dust off my copy of 14, which means finding a place to put my 360.
  4. Chaos


    Not sure this is by any means a weird cover, but I really liked this one. I'm a sucker for great Dead covers lately though.
  5. I've been so overwhelmed with life and stuff that I've done very little additional viewing for this. Shame I know.
  6. @Dolfan in NYC, I've never really heard of Alabama sauce as a style, so I'm thrown for a small loop, but does any of the below sauce seem like it'd fit the bill? https://shop.dreamlandbbq.com/collections/bbq-seasoning-sauce I'm sure @EVA can bestow the wonders of Dreamland as well.
  7. I tweeted last night that I hope their match Sunday is legit great. I enjoyed the MVP/Lashley vs Raiders tag last night. I like this new aggressive heel Lashley, and he and Drew can have just an all out entertaining slugfest. Also, it's the one match that might benefit from WWE's usual fanbase not being in attendance because there won't be some preconceived notion around Lashley that we should just be bored the entire time or drown out the match with RUSEV DAY chants.
  8. Chaos

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Does he maybe still live stateside?
  9. A lot of people use MSA or CBSA to determine markets too. Atlanta is the 9th largest MSA in that measurement, but from a sports perspective it's definitely always been a Small market even considering the peak of the Turner owned Braves.
  10. "Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn." War Eagle, coach! Enjoy the loveliest village in the sky!
  11. That was my thought due to the LED screen above the ring. Looks more mini-arena based.
  12. I'm at the office, so I'm hoping that I quoted the right video, but I watched this on a whim over the weekend. It's more angle than match, but the wrestling portion of it was so compelling and good. Dibiase sold it well, and it was an early glimpse of JR's over dramatization on commentary.
  13. I watched Justice League on HBO while bored one Friday night and had obscenely low expectations for it. I found it to be a pretty fun for something I didn't try to think about too much, and I honestly enjoyed it more than Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. With that said, I think the Snyder cut will be pretty terrible because the other two movies (and I've only seen the director's cut of Dawn of Justice) were pretty terrible.
  14. I made my worst impulse buy in awhile and found a Switch in the wild and snagged one with Mario Odyssey. My backlog and budget will both be angry at me.
  15. My guess is a Full Sail Takeover with limited fans in attendance.
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