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  1. Grant Wahl's aftermath piece on US's loss to Canada offers a very bleak look for the future. USSF is a dumpster fire, and it's basically a more corrupt version of say bad NBA or NFL sports ownership (think like Dan Snyder or James Dolan). I just heard about the Sunderland documentary on Netflix a couple of days ago. I'm interested in checking that out.
  2. I think this happened a couple of weeks prior maybe. There was a weird line in Bruce's podcast about Smackdown. I can't recall the reference because I was kind of spaced out driving down the interstate to Gainesville.
  3. It's funny and sad too because every interview from WWE and especially HHH has been "good for them. We're going to keep doing what we do." Yet, like you said, they're overreacting to these blowout cards. It's probably also indicative as to why Takeovers are not going to be bundled with the Big 4 shows anymore.
  4. I've thought about doing the sports nerd thing of having two screens up for NXT/AEW this Wednesday. I'm curious what AEW can do, but I'm not a huge fan of that roster overall from what I've seen. I think WWE does a great job of keeping NXT engaging even when you're not sold on people. Will be an interesting period in wrestling history.
  5. It's weakened to a Cat 2, and I think further land is going to kill this thing quickly. Weird seeing such a powerful storm break apart over mostly water like this much less just get stuck over the islands.
  6. Is this the first signs of Corbin becoming a work rate darling? He really carried his own in that match, and I kept asking "am I really enjoying this right now?"
  7. I'm surprised they didn't just use his Injustice skin.
  8. I can't see Mauro doing commentary for NXT for too long into this deal. I think one of the allures for him switching to NXT was it wasn't a weekly commitment. This definitely changes that for him.
  9. Warner Brothers is trying to bring back the Acclaim/Midway engines.
  10. I found value in the Xbox one for the price $30 (sometimes you can find a digital pass for $25) for a year. I play my PS4 more, so I considered this, but the back compat library makes it a significantly better value on the Xbox One.
  11. That puts him in the same clubhouse with every take artist hired by ESPN/FS1/*insert talk radio or podcast here*. He just catches more flack because he's a little outside of Twitter's echo chamber. He has some really bad takes occasionally, but it's also cool to hate on him for many.
  12. To be fair, I knew of Hanks signing to play Rogers well before the Documentary got buzz last year. I'm sure it came first and Hollywood types went "that is an interesting subject," but I sense a documentary about Fred Rogers being very popular was a little surprising, and it did run wide enough to play in my small town for at least a week or two last year.
  13. I was just coming in here to post this when the notification of you adding a post popped up. That trailer cannot stand on the rooftop and scream any louder "please give Tom Hanks the Best Actor Oscar!"
  14. I'm not a fan of this at all. I wasn't when this stuff used to happen in generations past either. If it means no Ronaldo, I'm sure FUT will take a hit, but they may loophole that with using his national team version.
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