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  1. I think Washington State knows he's the best they can do, and his name is constantly floated around in other coaching searches especially in the Southeast, which I can't see him gelling with any intrusive board of trustees/boosters.
  2. RIP to USC recruiting thanks to their fanbase having a collective temper tantrum. It'll give Bammer an easy Week 1 cupcake game I guess.
  3. You could say the same about Kevin Owens, but Owens gimmick seems more Angry IWC Twitter Handle more than anything.
  4. Chaos


    I've started to catch up in the last week or so and got through Episode 4 last night. Ever since she was introduced, I've been super attracted to Grace Gummer as Dom, but her side story this season hasn't been the best up until this point. Also, judging by episode 4's ending.
  5. I got sucked into a Twitter wormhole reading USC Twitter awaiting for concrete Clay Helton news last night. I'm surprised that is still in limbo currently.
  6. I'd hope he'd be smart enough to play somewhere else for a year. NFL Prospects are pretty slim.
  7. It was a firing I didn't expect. Record didn't indicate that Luke really exceeded expectations and is having to deal with the Freeze fall out stuff. Poor Ole Miss and Arkansas will probably be in the SEC Doldrums for awhile, but Arkansas wants you to know they interviewed Lane Kiffin!
  8. Every coach in the country is grateful that kid did that because it's a bulletin board thing to point to for "don't be an idiot."
  9. I'll play Toy Story out of curiosity. I somehow remember the SNES game being decent if not frustratingly difficult.
  10. If being heel stops him from saying "Burn it Down," then we all win.
  11. She's taking in ring advice from her fiance?
  12. I actually was a bit nervous watching the match because Bryan does have a concussion history in working with Bray, and there is an emphasis on taking big bumps when watching The Fiend. Bryan got probably the best match possible out of Fiend. Although, I'm already done on the character. It's a lose-lose from a booking perspective. The red light and making big moves look meaningless is kind of learning all of the wrong things from booking a monster. It's going for Undertaker while not realizing why that character worked. Also, understanding that character works better in the pre-internet 90s than it does in 2019.
  13. I have a friend that loves that game, and I'm surprised there's a community around it given how bad it sounded upon release.
  14. They're supposedly overhauling it (forgive me if this is in the Anthem thread). https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415
  15. I'm not convinced we'll ever get past Part I.
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