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  1. You could say that a lot of Truffaut potentially got short-changed. In my case it's just because he's a big blindspot for me.
  2. I keep looking at the posters that Rippa posted to see if there's any I want to try and see if I can buy prints of for my work office. I looked at that Pulp Fiction one and went "that's cool." I looked again and went "nope."
  3. Yeah, I'm blanking on what the other one is. One of them is my #1, which this was the first time I've questioned it being my #1 through doing this ballot, but I didn't feel super strongly about anything to unseat it. I kind of see that changing over time.
  4. I vaguely remember the final act of Wall Street outside of Leo's great physical comedy, but I don't remember it being egregiously flawed; however, Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that lives and dies by Leo's performance, which I've found intoxicating both times I've seen it.
  5. We discussed this when I picked it for DVDVRMC, but I still don't get the affection for Goodfellas. That third act just kills that film for me. I somehow doubt a third viewing is going to solve that problem.
  6. Keep in mind, the outrage over the ME: 3 ending had that game dropping in price I want to say within 60 days of its release, so you may be able to pick it up for cheap sooner than you think.
  7. Apocalypse Now not eclipsing the top 10 is a little disappointing, as the theatrical cut of that film really is a masterpiece. I've never watched Redux because I know people say the added scene really takes some away from the film. Also, I know Rippa mentioned that some surprising films did not make the cut, but are we really going to see The Conversation not make this list? I'd be a little surprised if it made the top 10 but it is definitely deserving of that honor. If anything, I made the mistake of under ranking it on my ballot.
  8. I'm just hoping it hits my provider's on demand through their app since I can't access the TCM app through Time Warner - Spectrum.
  9. Amazon Prime with 1 Day shipping for $4?
  10. I consider No Country the better film, but if I ever bothered to give TWBB another viewing, I have a feeling that would change. You honestly couldn't ask for a better year than 2007's top 3 films for me (those two films and Zodiac).
  11. That's probably why I voted it so high. I bought the first Blu-Ray box set of the trilogy they released like 7 years ago, and the transfer of those films are absolutely pristine. I told people at the time while rewatching them that you could swear they filmed those movies today. That first film is the height of movie magic, and it also just makes you fucking depressed to see Michael J Fox in the shape that he's in today.
  12. Because I was braindead trying to quickly throw my ballot together (it definitely shows), I regrettably put it on my ballot with the only logic being that I do watch 10-15 minutes of it when it's on cable. I watch a lot of lesser films like that on cable, however.
  13. I'm probably a year or two away from touching Andromeda. I need to pick back up the original trilogy. I may have to just do a restart on the first game. I'm still stuck here despite (I don't think being horribly underleveled).
  14. I just meant repeat viewings and narrative flow. That middle film especially is a chore to work through, but it was admittedly a tough task to cohesively splice together how Tolkien separates the groups in each volume.
  15. I feel like there should be some rage thrown at the worst of the three Lord of the Rings films (minus the Helms Deep Sequence) ranking this high. I didn't vote for any of that trilogy, as I felt those films have not aged particularly well, but that makes me nervous about how high the other two films will end up ranking.