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  1. Which version of this is everyone getting (Not console but the editions). I thought about taking advantage of the pre-order bonus (I have a pretty much never preorder policy the last couple of years, but RDR breaks that rule).
  2. Chaos


    To show the power of Dwayne Johnson, I binged the back half of last season's Ballers that I never finished (I think I ended up rewatching two episodes that I remember vaguely), and I then watched last night's premiere. To show how quickly someone can fall off the radar, Russell Brand is apparently in this season of the show, and I a) had to think of his name for at least a minute, b) had forgottena bout him being a thing due to him somewhat falling off the radar in recent years. This is not a good tv show, but it's also not offensively bad, so sometimes it's good to just watch something without putting much effort into watching it. It's how I also watched Entourage.
  3. I'm actually debating not getting Forsaken right away due to backlog and this coming out.
  4. I keep almost buying Mafia 3, so I'm happy I don't have to do that now.
  5. Chaos

    Destiny 2

    The Xbox Version with Expansion pass is under $20 at the moment. I'm tempted to double dip. Yet, I'm barely over 300 with my main on PS4, so might be a waste, but I have peeps I could play with on XBLA at least.
  6. Chaos

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    I also cannot find a timeline where all of the dead host bodies being flooded in the valley make sense. I don't mind mystery and intrigue in a series, but I think this show is just trying to openly frustrate its audience, and that comes off as unsatisfying to me, especially given the talent used to make up this series.
  7. Chaos


    I know there are a couple of people on here that care (I've never played one), but apparently Skate 3 online servers are back active.
  8. Chaos


    I saw an article about this today. I'll have to definitely do that tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Chaos


    I made it to Q12 of HQ today and missed. It was the closest I've come to winning a game. I don't know why reaching the end of this silly Mobile contest is a goal of mine.
  10. Chaos

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    I tend to agree with the negativity towards ShogunWorld. It offered a different visual touch and look to part of Delos Island or whatever we're calling the broader universe this place sets. However, the weakest parts of Sunday's episode were the ones that involved that side of the island to the point that I kept thinking to myself that "someone wanted to just live out the Kurosawa fantasies, and the HBO execs just shrugged and went 'okay!'"
  11. Chaos

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I actually enjoyed portions of the original series. I doubt I watch a minute of htis.
  12. Chaos

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I'm in my early 30s and it sounds like an awful idea, but apparently a few of my friends have done it.
  13. Chaos

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I really enjoyed the New Girl finale. This final season was a bit hit and miss, but I was happy that we got these 8 episodes. Things honestly almost got a little dusty knocking out the final two episodes last night. Also, the final moment with Tran was a huge laugh from me. I will honestly miss spending time with these characters. There will be a summer where I get oddly nostalgic and binge-watch both this and How I Met Your Mother. I will probably play True American at some point this year.
  14. Chaos

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    As an Atlanta United supporter, I definitely agree, but Atlanta definitely has to worry about mid-season transfers from European suitors for both Almiron and Martinez. Although, Josef has his moments where he's quite frustrating to watch. I think he's had more goals called off for off-sides this year than anyone else in MLS.
  15. Chaos

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    I think this is probably a fair way to look at the Rooney news.