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  1. I've logged most things I've seen in recent years with Letterboxd, and it at least helps me kind of look at things from a star rating perspective even if today I'm not sure the rating would be as high.
  2. I just never got around to watching what I wanted to watch, and I realized how much my film viewing fell off on the back half of the decade. Curious to see how everything shakes out.
  3. I guess that means if you buy it before 3/31 you keep it. That's confusing.
  4. Which is odd because all of original all stars is available through the Switch online consoles if I'm not missing a game.
  5. It's amazing he's still going at a healthy clip at this point when you consider that fact.
  6. Doesn't this current format disallow double headers too, so if they play tomorrow, it's not like they're making up one of the two lost games.
  7. I'm both surprised and not surprised by this. de Boer never seemed like he had real buy in from the team. Also, this feels like the most "we can move off a guy quickly like big European Clubs" move I've seen in my casual watching of MLS. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/24/atlanta-united-frank-de-boer-mutually-agree-part-ways
  8. We'd be super remiss if we left out Jerry Garcia.
  9. I'm not sure if Atlanta United miss Josef Martinez (of course they do) or if they really miss a player like Miguel Almiron who could get hot when Martinez was missing, but they have been quite the lifeless squad since his injury. Plus, the league has caught up to what Eales and Co have done by focusing on young South American talent.
  10. This card does very little for me on paper. I'm in no rush to watch it. I'm intrigued by the women's matches. I'm kind of curious if Sasha wins and let's us set up a unification match at Summerslam.
  11. If I watch the end of RAW, I'm the prime audience for someone checked out doing other stuff and leaving whatever comes on after on in the background (I've seen way more Chrisley Knows Best episodes due to this than I care to admit). With that said, there was just a fun, simple dumbness to Cannonball last night. Miz works in the role, but his cohost seemed a bit out of place.
  12. I'm excited to watch Atlanta play again on Saturday, but I'm still bummed that Josef Martinez is out this year. I barely had a chance to get used to the idea before the season halted.
  13. The Dolphins and Auburn fan in me is very sad by this news today.
  14. Martial just netted his first career hat trick with Man U.
  15. I've actually been watching a couple of streams lately here, and it's made me want to dust off my copy of 14, which means finding a place to put my 360.
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