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  1. Wow! I'm happy for him. I think we all knew he was wrestling one way or another. At least this way, it can possibly happen in a controlled environment and WWE will probably be able to keep him on a longer deal which is what they want.
  2. So, How's It Going?

    I have been delaying getting my AC fixed in my car for some time now, and I think it's finally come to a head as I can't get cold air in it at all, and it's not taking any coolant. I drive a 2010 Ford Focus, that has been through its fair shares of trials and tribulations with me. I'm at a little bit of an impasse. Do I sink the over $1k to get it fixed, or do I say "screw it" and try ti get a cheap new car that I can pay off in like two years (thinking like a $10-12k priced car). Ugh, my finances do not need this right now.
  3. Final Fantasy Omnibus

    Yeah, I almost bought the deluxe version at launch, but availability wasn't there, and the only reason I didn't go digital at the time was due to Amazon Prime. Now, I pretty much go digital for anything I know I won't trade in, and I'm pretty much trying to have less physical discs in my house. I traded in my FFXV copy for a digital copy of the Royal edition at Gamestop today. I'll get the download code at lunch tomorrow.
  4. Final Fantasy Omnibus

    I'm fairly annoyed. I never bought the DLC for FFXV. With the Royal Edition coming out, I've debated just upgrading to that copy of the game wholesale (my copy of FFXV trades for like $11) so I could just easily get everything. However, Square has yet to release the price of the RE update. (Most are assuming $20, but the backlash with that initial announcement has people thinking Square could go $15).

    I'm hearing it's the bad mobile port of the game. Apparently the steam reviews have been cruel too, so I wouldn't worry about it. I have the PS1 copy of the game somewhere that I still have never played.
  6. Beer recommendations

    Yeah, I tend to use BeerAdvocate more than UnTapped when researching beer as well. My system is usually looking at the average score and maybe vaguely skimming the comments. That doesn't fail me often.
  7. Beer recommendations

    I have an account, but I never review anything on there. I just never think about it.
  8. I have a hard time getting on the Musk hype train because of stuff like this. The guy is almost the definition of corporate welfare. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html

    Given how Microsoft is shifting their value proposition around the Xbox and how Phil Spencer is open to cross publishing, I would wager that EA products would still be published across all platforms. You're only losing revenue by forcing everything to one console.. I am more worried about, as someone that favors the free market and competition, this inevitable future of everything being owned by 5-10 companies such as Disney, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Wal Mart. I think Microsoft's value has diminished to an extent to where they would eventually be gobbled up themselves in the great acquisition war of 2018.

    Because I don't have too much unfinished to play already, I picked up an Xbox One S on the cheap last week that came with Forza Horizon 3 and the Hot Wheels bundle. I can see why so many people trash the Xbox One S dashboard because it is the most baffling thing to navigate Also, adapting to the Xbox One X controller is interesting. The amount of rumble and feel you get from driving around in Forza is really need and adds life to that game. I picked up Cuphead as well, which is beautiful, entertaining, and challenging. I am awful with it. I played it with a friend who ended up moving for a few months, so trying to figure this out on single player. I find myself currently not able to get past the slot machine portion of one of the early bosses. Also, I have played some of Halo 5 through the Game Pass trial I have. It may be that I haven't played a Halo in some time and my main shooter is Destiny, but this feels different than past Halos outside of just the teamwork and Spartan Charge stuff they implemented in the game. The shooting feels like it takes longer to take out enemies (although, I'll never get tired of interacting with Grunts), and the Grenades feel like they don't have the same oomph as past halos to me. To the point I haven't gotten used to aiming frags precisely yet.

    The one they halted was not an awful plan. It was I think 6 months for $60 and you got to keep a game at the end of it.

    He and Omega do stuff together every year and this is the second or third time they've given a list to Giant Bomb. Speaking of Giant Bomb, Hitsmas is back! https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/holiday-specialtacular-2017-hitsmas/2300-12717/
  13. Watch Dogs

    I avoided the first one, but I really should pick up part 2 when it's like $10 on a flash sale.

    I did finish the Injustice 2 story on Saturday night. (Was about half-way through it before starting, and only intended to play a fight or two while I waited for my wife to get ready for us to go out. We never ended up going out, and I powered through both endings). These Netherrealm MK/Injustice stories are both engrossing and incoherent, and are a blast to play and get introduced to all of the characters. I struggled a bit with Braniac due to the fact that his attacks deal such high damage, but I finally realize you just have to relentlessly spam him with combos and not get anything in to beat him. I also found Supergirl to not be very fun to control, so I struggled through some of her fights.

    I bought it last year on Black Friday digitally after watching videos of people playing and hearing the GiantBomb guys rave about it. (I've played through Paris and part of the map after that) I need to play it more, but it's an absurdly fun and dumb game because the game encourages you to keep going back to it to discover other dumb ways to kill people and disguise yourself. This video specifically is quite great. https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/holiday-specialtacular-2016-hitsmas/2300-11776/