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  1. I'm amazed that Kingdoms of Amalur still kind of stays in the gaming community discussion/canon given the bizarre stuff like the Curt Schilling involvement. Great for those that worked hard on making that game at least.
  2. Gamefly notified me that they're shipping me Guardians. I'm trying to burn some PTO, so I may spend that time burning through this.
  3. I was always under the impression with how the early trailers were that Infinite is somewhat of a reboot or reset. I still need to play the 5 campaign myself. I probably would be well suited to replay all of them again.
  4. It was definitely a weird episode. Between him overpromising and all of the other dynamics at play, I think we're in for a powder keg of a season.
  5. For a game I snagged for $10, I've enjoyed the bit of the single player that I've played. Some characters control better than other, and there is legit fun in playing as Hulk. It makes me hate I never really touched that Ultimate Destruction game from the PS2/Xbox OG era.
  6. It does go wide next week. I'm hoping my small market gets it at the local AMC. I'm using some PTO next week, so would be a fun matinee screening.
  7. I'm still bummed it's not Fillion after that fan made video that was released a few years ago.
  8. Uncharted trailer dropped this morning. It neither looks particularly good nor particularly awful. Banderas being the villain in this seems like fun casting.
  9. 2K basically looked at what EA has done and said "hold my beer" these last 3-4 years.
  10. I kind of hope Playstation Studios takes a stab at the license and utilizes some of what works with MLB The Show.
  11. Chaos


    Keep on chopping!
  12. DA: Inquisition was one of the first PS4 games I bought, and I never got past the first few hours in it. I really need to quit buying video games and play what I have.
  13. FIFA apparently wants to limit what EA makes on Ultimate Team too, which making FUT less of a money sink is not necessarily a bad thing.
  14. I also hate that anything viral is automatically cause to expand it into something bigger. Sometimes let a small, cool vanity thing be just that. The HBO Doc on Robin does a pretty good job of contextualizing a lot of it as does the last bio released on him.
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