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  1. Chaos


    For some reason, when I read this sentence, I was initially thinking of that awful movie Holy Man with Eddie Murphy.
  2. Chaos

    The Music Festival Thread

    Sweetwater 420 is the one I'd attend that's close by this year. If I see any summer concerts, it'll probably be Dead & Co in Atlanta honestly.
  3. Chaos

    The Music Festival Thread

    Double Post
  4. Chaos

    The Music Festival Thread

    This is probably one of the first diverse "something for everyone" Roo lineups in awhile. The last few have not been good. I can't go because of life, but it's maybe the best mainstream festival lineup I've seen this year. That Coachella lineup is rough for my tastes, but you could see that coming with Golden Voice's other lineups (The Hangout Fest lineup is atrociously bad).
  5. Chaos

    2018-19 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    Alabama's is pretty light for them also. Duke is the opener, and their cross divisional opponents are Tennessee and South Carolina. Most likely, we'll be back at this game next year.
  6. Chaos

    2018-19 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    Also Drake wearing an Alabama hoodie.
  7. Chaos

    2018-19 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    That was my problem with this year. The two best teams clearly for the last half of the season were Alabama and Clemson. 3-12 were virtually interchangeable for me. A longer playoff can maybe allow a team to build momentum/confidence to eliminate some foregone conclusions, but I think we're going to have *this* be the match up for perpetuity until Saban/Dabo are no longer the two coaches standing on opposite sidelines.
  8. Chaos


    It also sounds like Troy's HC, Neal Brown, might be your next guy. If so, good for WVU. He's a good one IMO. (Speaking as a biased Troy grad).
  9. Kind of an interesting trend to have Steep and OnRush in back to back months. Steep is one of those games that seemed like it got some hype but just disappeared after release. I think I maybe watched a couple minutes of it on Twitch during its release.
  10. Chaos

    Destiny 2

    I'm just now starting Forsaken and have never really had a crew I play with, so I'm looking forward (dreading) the confused slog I go through as I try to get through all of this content I paid for a couple of months ago.
  11. Chaos


    I bought the Deluxe edition last week on a whim. It's probably the first game in this series I've played since maybe 2k15 (maybe earlier?). It's both fun and plagued with issues this series has had for a long time. I'm also not a huge fan of the submission system in this (the thumbstick one i just can't get down). Towers mode is a unique take and is a fun challenge, but I also am not a huge fan of some of the weird stips it throws into it. The Big Head mode that popped up in a tower match is one of those things that just looks terrible in today's higher quality graphics world. Question, are there any fun in-game unlockables that would make grinding it out without using VC worth it (there aren't any great guides about what can unlock on its own outside of some stuff within the 2kShowcase), or should I just use the Accelerator since I have it?
  12. Chaos

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    I'm hoping to be attending MLS Cup in Mercedes Benz Stadium.
  13. Chaos

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    If these go home shows are constantly going to be one brand attacking the other, I'd prefer if WWE just kills the brand vs brand idea after this year's Survivor Series.
  14. I'm curious to see the list, and it reminded me of a film I wanted to see but death of Filmstruck may make that one tough.
  15. Chaos

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    If this was posted already, forgive me (I scanned about the last two pages and didn't see it): WWE has operated in the Middle East for nearly 20 years and has developed a sizable and dedicated fan base. Considering the heinous crime committed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the Company faced a very difficult decision as it relates to its event scheduled for November 2 in Riyadh. Similar to other U.S.-based companies who plan to continue operations in Saudi Arabia, the Company has decided to uphold its contractual obligations to the General Sports Authority and stage the event. Full year 2018 guidance is predicated on the staging of the Riyadh event as scheduled