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  1. I think in the case of New Orleans it's more just the bad/weird ownership situation. It's partially why the AD trade didn't happen before the deadline.
  2. I forgot about the weird programming issue that EA's Sports division was having utilizing Frostbite because they had to program around shooter logic for Battlefield.
  3. I'm surprised this isn't in the EA Origin Access vault yet. I'd play through the main campaign at least if I could do it for free on my Xbox.
  4. Sunset Overdrive is fun especially if you've liked other games from Insomniac.
  5. I think I subscribe to the theory that Sam will be the one to write the history of the Song of Ice and Fire, and him nearly getting killed 5 times a battle is there to reinforce that.
  6. I'm pumped honestly. I wanted the Phins to take him last year since he slipped and was upset that they got jumped. It worked out because they snagged Minkah, and it sounds like the front office was never considering Rosen but it's a win-win. Either Arizona was just a dumpster fire and Rosen will show his potential or Phins will be positioned well for the 3 named above.
  7. I'm by no means a huge advocate of these films. I enjoy them for what they are but I don't get particularly hyped about any of them. I see them early mainly to avoid spoilers. With that said, I really enjoyed this one in its entirety. It's an impressive achievement if you try not to question it too much because it delicately is a love letter to every film that came before it in this universe, and its callbacks are clever, especially the Winter Soldier elevator callback.
  8. The Orton vs Edge match from the week after the 50+ Minute Shawn/Cena match on RAW was really good, and it was heel/heel.
  9. Chaos

    The Music Festival Thread

    Are they going to allow for it to be a camping festival? I hate the lineup, but the farm in October sounds nice.
  10. Pro wrestling viewing almost went to non-existent for me after the Benoit incident. I had barely been watching at that point just due to burn out. I had spent a lot of 04-06 watching as much wrestling from all over as I could that I'd worn myself down. I actually turned on RAW after the Benoit thing in shock and not having read any of the rumors at that time. I didn't really know the true story until that Tuesday morning (my internet access was limited at the time), and it was a gut punch to go from being sad that one of my favorite wrestlers ever had passed away into just confusion and anger that someone could be driven to do something so heinous. I'd check in vaguely from time to time, but I remember the real surprise was not really even following the build into WrestleMania 25 and not really knowing the event had happened until my social media was buzzing about Taker/Shawn.
  11. If they plan to let games hold 8k assets, they'll need to offer as much HD space as possible, especially if requiring SSD limits external storage capabilities to a degree.
  12. Yeah, I normally just dabble in online seasons and run with like MAN U or PSG.
  13. I'm always a fan of playing the most current version for sports games, but I always like playing with current rosters, and you're a big enough baseball fan that I think you'd probably concur.
  14. FIFA is something that I always wished I was better at and play pretty much ever year. I've never bothered to learn Ultimate team as the economics of building a strong team, keeping coins, and not paying for packs has always been a head scratcher to me that someone seasoned could probably help me figure out over a couple of days. Anyways, life has been chaotic so I don't game a lot lately but decided to fire up my first game in a month. Started off rough and fell down 3-0 early in the second half, but I slowed down, relied a lot less on sprinting and more keeping my man between the ball and the defender, and racked up 3 goals to tie it. I barely sailed a go ahead goal in stoppage time to end regulation. All in all, it was one of my favorite comebacks ever if not my favorite because I had played awfully in the first half and watched my opponent confused as Lukaku quickly pieced together those first two comeback goals.
  15. I'm debating getting Watch Dogs 2 while it's cheap, but I was wondering if the Gold Edition is worth the extra. I've heard the DLC on AC: Origins is really good, but it seems like there really isn't much opinion on WD2. I'm guessing just get the base for $9 is the play.
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