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  1. Thanks for the near heart attack, Auburn.
  2. Chaos

    True Detective

    I'm surprised no one addressed that final shot. It's an interesting one to end on this season, and I know some question if any of this actually happened or now. I do not choose to beleive that, but it's still an odd closing image. I also thought the extra jump cutting between versions of Wayne and Roland in this episode was playing a little bit off of Rust's "time is a flat circle" speech.
  3. It's funny because I had written "bummer for her" in my text thread with a few wrestling friends. I know she's been battling injuries, and I'm sure hosting Mania is the last thing she wants to do when she's seeing everyone else light it up on the show, but it at least keeps a spotlight on her until she heals or whatever her future shows to be.
  4. I gave up on JR's pod years ago honestly.
  5. New Something to Wrestle With, which is interesting given Conrad's Twitter silence. He also does not sound in the best of spirits at least in the show's open.
  6. It feels like they also may be setting up a Vince vs. The McMahon kids angle as well. Vince has now overruled all 3 of them. He's technically overruled Stephanie twice now.
  7. Official WWE Video of the #1 rule of pro wrestling and cakes:
  8. If you're going to blow through it in a weekend, you can also spend $7 I think on a Red Box 3 night rental and do it that way.
  9. ...so I want to get a headset to funnel all of my audio into when I game especially when my wife is home; however, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg, and I want one that I can use on either a PS4 or XBox controller. I was curious what people recommended here.
  10. Cole's "OH YEAH" during Black's entrance was maybe one of his more cringe inducing commentary moments ever, and I don't dislike Cole.
  11. I thought I was in the minority who thought the Cena/Punk match from Night of Champions was their best match from a pure "match quality" perspective. The one that received too much praise at the time was the one they had on RAW around Wrestlemania 29.
  12. Even before Punk made that joke Tweet, the "Punk lurks DVDVR" rumor has to date back to at least 2005. I remember people saying they tape traded with him from this board. Granted, there were a lot of small offshoots and weird connections to this board over the years.
  13. I feel like we've been predicting for the last few Manias that Heyman is going to turn on Brock. Granted, most of those have dealt with Roman Reigns.
  14. I remembered there being a Fortnite page that was dormant. Forgot about PUBG. I don't think I'd place Overwatch in the BR category, but I haven't played Overwatch in a couple of years, so it could be a different game.
  15. I'm sure they get a lot of unknowing parents that walk in and go "how do I get my kids Fortnite?"
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