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  1. This Rumble is especially weird because there's 500 wrestling promotions trying to raise their own profile and have guys tied down. Can't really wow with some mystery signing, which is why people are hanging on the Punk/Edge rumors so hard.
  2. Surprise entrants have been pretty underwhelming in recent years. Probably the last couple of highlights was Jericho entering at #1 in the 2013 Rumble and AJ Styles debut (although kind of knew that one was coming).
  3. Chaos

    Live Music 2020

    Concert Goals for 2020: (not sure how many of these I will accomplish) Catch Multiple Umphrey's McGee Shows this year Joe Russo's Almost Dead (I've yet to see this one in person). Dead & Company Foo Fighters Greensky Bluegrass Sweetwater 420 Fest
  4. If I listed my pile of shame, we'd be here for awhile.
  5. Oh, right, a buddy of mine is a Mississippi State fan and was saying they were very interested in him. I knew I'd heard that name tied to a job this weekend. I had a very long coaching carousel discussion about football at a brewery this weekend.
  6. Also, for as hard as they tried to pivot from The Last Jedi, the grand irony of Skywalker is that Kylo's "Let the Past Die. Kill it have you have to" line mostly played itself out here.
  7. I've had so many people ask me what I thought, and it's a complicated thing to do without spoiling anything from the film. I'm insanely mixed on this one. I loved The Last Jedi, and this movie going out of its way to rebuke and retcon that film is frustrating, but there are parts of it that are also harrowing.
  8. I know when it was released that a lot of people played it through until the Platinum because they enjoyed it that much, which makes me think it's pretty simple. Spider-Man is a similar case as well. I haven't played GoW in over a year, and almost probably would have to start over to remember how the heck to play the thing.
  9. I've probably listened to the fewest albums ever this year, so I don't have a definitive and need to run through stuff. I've anticipated a new Tool album for 13 years, and I doubt I've still yet to play that in full (evolution of taste I guess). With that said, if I had to pick one for right now, I'd probably go with someone who consistently finds his way into my AOTY discussion: Mr. Justin Vernon. Bon Iver - "i,i"
  10. I've not seen Cryer's take on Luthor, but I'm always going to be partial to Rosenbaum as Luthor, especially in those early Smallville seasons.
  11. Was maybe their weakest album for me. Goes very political and not in a good way for a band that is fun escapism for me.
  12. Chaos

    The Music Festival Thread

    I've got an offer for a place to stay to attend Rockville, but it just seems like a hassle given financial situations right now, and I've always wanted to see Metallica live. I'm probably going to swing Sweetwater 420 in Atlanta this year. Lineup is solid despite not being a big Trey fan (but TAB and Oysterhead sound more interesting than seeing Phish).
  13. I'm fascinated by the Crisis stuff, but I've never watched a second of Arrowverse. Is there essential stuff? I remember reading up on trying to start Arrow earlier this year, and some of those seasons sound outright bad or unnecessary, but I've heard hit and miss stuff about each of the seasons. Maybe it just becomes a background noise show as I'm doing other projects.
  14. That feels like an interesting choice too because most shows that have done the post-credits tease were shows that did it during their season finales. This was done during the Penultimate episode, so I doubt we get it again next week. Also, will be odd if this only ends up being a one season show, but it sounds like that was possibly the intent of this thing.
  15. I'm guessing it's probably career ending too.
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