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  1. I've not heard great things about it, and I've loved past iterations of Mario Tennis.
  2. I'm posting this here because the Sports Game thread is hit and miss on activity. Has anyone tried any of the recent Tennis games and have any thoughts? I'd love to have a solid tennis game to play, as I loved Top Spin back in the day, but it seems that there aren't any to super rave over? A google search on AO Tennis 2 vs World Tennis 2 is hit and miss as well.
  3. I think Bama still covers that point spread easily, but I say that as someone that's watched a lot of this Auburn team this year. Also, Saban not being on the sideline is kind of a net benefit for the Iron Bowl. He can't argue with the officials and it backfire on him.
  4. Nick Saban out for the Iron Bowl. Tested positive for COVID with mild symptoms this time.
  5. I finally watched WALTER/Dragunov since I reupped the Network for a month, and that also might be the most head drops I've seen in a WWE match in a long time. The finish was well done too because even I at that point went "please no more, I think he's had enough."
  6. James Bond as a Hitman game is something I can get down with considering how fun the modern Hitman games are!
  7. I'm also not a huge Orton guy, and I really haven't been watching much wrestling lately, but I thought Orton was particularly good last night. Also, I always pop for his powerslam. It's the one thing that I think is somewhat enhanced by how Dunn captures it from production. I started watching as Bray was coming to the ring to take on Miz. I think Alexa is having a lot of fun with this, but this may be the biggest disconnect between character presentation outside of the ring, and quality we get inside the ring in a good while.
  8. NFL should probably implement a rule that states "if your division winner cannot get to at least "x" wins, then your division is eliminated and we make the top wild card the 4th seed. What should that total be? 6 wins? 7 wins?
  9. Warzone got a NextGen update if you want to play that for free. I think Apex Legends maybe did as well.
  10. My PS4 is a launch day PS4. I got a bit nostalgic playing it as my main console for probably the last time last night. Pretty impressive that it performed so well for 7 years.
  11. I started back on my playthrough of Spider-Man (I really need to learn to play games until I get to the end of them, so I'm not going "this is not what I remember."). I mainlined through the rest of the second act, which has some really fun beats towards the end, and I'm down to the third act now. This game is almost too heavily influenced on the Arkham stuff because one of the Mr. Negative fights basically feels like a Scarecrow sequence from Arkham Asylum.
  12. I just did the FedEx trick, and found that mine is en route and should be here tomorrow in spite of Wal Mart not updating.
  13. I signed up for the Sony Direct lottery and never received another email, otherwise I would have bought that way.
  14. I think Sony at one point gave a press release saying effective on 99% of games, and gave a list of like 20 very obscure games that were not.
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