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  1. I stumbled into like a level 75 dropship roaming the desert in the first area of the game during chapter 3. At that level, you're dead even if you try to escape. I was like "this must be a weird bug."
  2. I was generalizing, honestly. It seems that pretty much any port from last generation to this is consider an "HD Remaster" or "Remaster" of sorts. The 13 trilogy isn't particularly great, but it just seems like one of the easier things for them to port over.
  3. I was hoping those would be true, or at least an HD Remaster of the 13 trilogy and ports of 8-9 similar to how they released 7.
  4. Yeah, I'm somewhere in Chapter 3 trying to get to at least level 30 before advancing story. I think the dropships jump to level 40 in chapter 4.
  5. TV

    I unintentionally blew through all of Season 2 on Saturday. The whole season was a blast, but I'd probably peg the stand-out eps as "First Date", "New York, I Love You", and "Thanksgiving."
  6. I need to pick this back up, but the airship drops apparently get much higher in level and tougher after chapter 3, so it's probably smart to do a great bit of sidequesting. Plus, the monster hunter stuff is fairly fun in this one.
  7. TV

    I had about 24 hours of religious critiquing grief shows between watching Sunday's Leftovers and then finally watching the Handmaid's Tale pilot yesterday. Mimi Leder really did a beautiful job of capturing the Australian Outback. I have a lot to say about The Leftovers, but it's probably something I shouldn't elaborate upon while at the office. I may write something in regards to it tonight.
  8. I've almost bought Abzu a couple of times, so I'm excited to get to play that thing. The video I've seen of that game is gorgeous.
  9. I watched some play of this on Twitch over the weekend. It's definitely a fascinating game. I want to say I heard on one of the Giant Bomb podcasts that it's possibly getting console ports later in the year after it passes the early access phase.
  10. I have some examples that may fit later, but I'll at least acknowledge my one homer pick for now. 2004 Auburn Tigers. Due to the convoluted way that College Football has decided a champion until recently (and maybe even to this day), you could argue that this one shouldn't technically count, but that was a very memorable season and a very memorable team who had an "eff you" attitude after underperforming huge expectations the prior year. (Started the year ranked #3 and ended up being 0-2 to start the season). Plus, you can't convince me that the USC team that year would wipe the floor with that Auburn team. Stingiest defense in college football at the time with a remarkable backfield. To a certain extent, Auburn not making the title game in 04 only for Oklahoma to get annihilated by USC is a small part of the reason why 2005's Vince Young game is spoken about in "all timer" tones.
  11. I bookmarked the Maysels documentary Salesman the other day, as I know that one is supposed to be essential.
  12. NBA already copyrighted the Dream Team link. Also, The Undefeated shows up as The Endless Summer. Only copy of it I see on Youtube has awful VQ as well.
  13. If I get Destiny 2, it's going to be digital. What can you do with a vanilla copy of the game other than let it install and let all of the digital DLC you purchased load into it. With Taken King, they should have eliminated my need for a physical disc if they saw I possessed all of the DLC already. Especially since TTK was the price of a full game once again.
  14. Someone I went to school with currently lives in Austin, and I am usually fairly jealous of his beer posts. Although, lately, I've been happy with all of the new stuff that's starting to distribute to our small corner of Alabama.
  15. I caught up on Season 2 via Netflix this past week. It is interesting that a lot of the non-Saul players in this prove to be the sympathetic ones and make Jimmy/Saul about as unlikable as possible. I'm curious how the promoted stuff for Season 3 plays into the coming year.