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  1. I had just assumed it was something related to or owned by the Jags, had no idea this was shot at QTs school
  2. That Fugees clip is badass as all hell. I'm still waiting for house show footage of them using Militia to pop up: I
  3. I had mixed feelings on that, too but when I said to my girlfriend "Oh, we're doing this I guess," she had no idea what I meant until I explained it, and she's an every week viewer. So while I usually hate that kind of stuff (it REALLY put me off TNA for a long time) I think it was subtle enough here that the average fan isn't going to digest it in the same way they would a Billionaire Ted skit or the Outsiders coming out dressed as Vince & Shane or whatever. I do agree with you in that I hope it's not an every week thing, but Brodie's a good enough performer and I trust the creative enough so far to where I don't think he's gonna ever end up like, power strutting to the ring in a wig and having people kiss his ass or something.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more on this. Best of both worlds. Im hoping this ends up being sort of like how they eventually learned to do a much better job with the separation of TV/BTE, except you can do the Hardy stuff on TV just not in the building, as you said.
  5. I'm having some lag issues on mobile today, and also lately I've noticed that if I get quoted/mentioned/liked, the notification stays for several hours after being cleared. Thanks
  6. My girlfriend is a true crime fanatic and so she knew about the case even before we met and we moved in together and I had to just be honest about watching wrestling, so it was interesting to get her reaction to it coming from a largely non-fan place for most of her life. One thing I was hoping they would address when criticizing/discussing the Raw tribute which they didn't: I was staying outside of Stamford at the time working and going to school and had gone to a Cards vs Mets game at the old Shea that night, and before I'd heard what happened I noticed when we passed Titan on the highway that the flag was at half mast on the roof. I never did find out whether it was for the stupid Vince limo angle, or another Benoit related thing
  7. I didnt love the ending. The teleportation thing followed by a long talking segment was a little too "another organization" for me. But I also logically understand that they're running during a pandemic with a skeleton crew, so by any metric, this was still a pretty solid show.
  8. The one-island-per-console thing was a very unpleasant surprise but my girlfriend's been letting me help arrange so it is what it is I guess but it was still kind of a shortsighted decision
  9. Yea I feel that. I went through a period where I never wanted to leave the house and now I'm stuck, life is funny
  10. I'm really sorry to hear that man. My day job is letting me work from home for the very first time as of today, so Im really grateful after reading some of this stuff. On the flip side, boy oh boy are you guys gonna get tired of my crappy jokes and Kevin Nash references real soon
  11. I'm not real familiar with his Indy work but I loved him on 205. You should check out the match he had with Tozawa at Evolve 100 that was a banger.
  12. It needs more bagged generic cereal, with Gulak, Bryan, and Backlund reminding people the good stuffs down there
  13. Siiiiiiick I've been meaning to track some titanes en El ring down since that El pibe diez clip where he eats it real bad started floating around a while ago
  14. I know none of the specifics but I do remember him writing about it in his first book, and saying that he felt gross when he shook hands with Gonzalez.
  15. If they make us start working from home I have a feeling Zona 23 is going to become my life
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