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  1. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing him in the Marvez interviewer role, but I'm really struggling to think of much he can offer AEW. They have TV, they have a top heel stable already, they recognize on air authority figures are passe (so far). Maybe from a production point of view there could be something, but I've already been pretty impressed with both TVs so far
  2. I never saw anything of his from TNA or ROH but I liked the few matches I saw on 205 Live. He was behind the 8 ball from day one with that stupid gimmick. I wonder if they'll be spiteful and deny his release ala Harper. Not sure how that works contractually with the time he had off (injury vs. going away to clean up) but that's like FMLA shit so I dunno what they can get away with there
  3. Late to the party but I finally watched last night and I thought this episode was even better than the first. I understand why those who didn't like Jericho's promo feel that way, but it worked for me very much just because it was something different. The main event was unreal, maybe one of my favorite matches they've run so far on any show. Dustin is still just one of the best doing it today it's mind boggling. The opener was star making in my eyes, but my girlfriend kept calling Private Party "store brand Street Profits" so YMMV I guess
  4. Does Amy Hennig still wrestle? She could take her spot
  5. Sucks that dude's art was ripped off, but I'm a little upset with him describing Dolph as a metalhead. I am never going to let that Megadeath thing go Edit: thanks to Ryan for pointing out I misread meathead but still.. just makes Dolph both a poser and a thief
  6. Oh man that dude lurks here? He was probably so pissed off at me in 2015.
  7. Bald spots are pro wrestling. When I was a really really little kid, between Savage, Hogan, Earthquake and a million others, I honestly thought that the skullet was kind of awesome, if not an outright uniform
  8. I actually believed it and came to post it/see if it was posted. More bummed than I probably should be but c'est l'entreprise
  9. One thing I did like is that they said "undefeated Bellator MMA star Jake Hager" which really went a long way with me because I would definitely be shitting on it way more if they brought him in, let's say doing a watered down version of his stuff with Dutch
  10. I'm reserving judgment on Hager til we have a better idea of what the story they're trying to tell is. He's big, which they need more of, and he's damn fine in the ring. Got some accolades both legit and WWE. Recognizable, to a degree. But I'd be lying if I didn't say my knee jerk reaction was like, wow this went from zero to TNA real quick. Again, I LIKE Swagger. My issue is more with the placement of that on the card, post main event -- if you wanna use him, that's great. He'd make a great midcard WCW "Hey shit isn't that Repo Man?" kind of guy. He's gotta be rebuilt as a shooter or whatever before being elevated there. If wins and losses matter, get him on a hot streak out of nowhere. This was just a tad too close to the "We know who that is!" treatment for my tastes. Can definitely say I didn't see that coming, that's for sure. I thought it was a great show. That crowd was fantastic. MJF is great, but he's going to be really great in a little while. When he gets that Rock-at-Deadly Games title win in a year or two, it's gonna be a shitload of fun.
  11. I've touched Raw a couple times in the last few weeks, but it really didn't do anything for me. I'll try SD if the word is good, but for me Wednesday nights is where it's at as far as WWE goes. I'm gonna go two TVs side by side like I did for the head to head Fyter Fest and Evolve PPVs. It was always a dream of mine as a kid to somehow facilitate watching Nitro and Raw side by side so even though I'm a shitty grown man now, I'm giving that to little me as a gift.
  12. This guy right here. This-uh business-uh is the only thing I like more than thicc women. Edit: oh no many things were posted between me typing this and hitting submit
  13. Fair answer. I just always love these random "new eras" and "season premieres" that pop up every few years, and it's just like, a font change and an extra LED screen
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