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  1. I'm surprised they've resisted just teaming him with Cash while Dax is hurt
  2. Not shitting on anyone's hard work, but I've had a really hard time getting through anything they've done in-house probably since the first three Foley autobios. I think the last one I read was Shawn Michaels' and you can sort of tell it's not his "voice." At least with Flair's book there was a little bit of an effort by Mark Madden to put it in words approximate to how he'd say it
  3. I'm on the opposite end of this one for some reason, I was shocked to read that was 5 years ago. Is she still on the same deal?!
  4. Doesn't sound very conducive to "trying to run a fucking business" but who am I
  5. PSA for anyone grabbing tickets soon: I got an email from Ticketmaster that you can get 40% off "select seats" with promo code AEWDAD from 6/11-6/17
  6. This conversation made me check: if you go to TNT's Twitter, it still says "Adam Copeland is our Champion" which is I guess outdated, but also pretty awesome that they still do. I remember being so hyped about that back in the Cody/Brodie/Darby era of runs
  7. Oh my fault, I wasn't there - I said "in the arena" cause they did the Jericho stuff at ringside as opposed to all of it being backstage on Weds. It just hit me now as I was re-reading your reply scrolling to Matt's latest lol. But yeah, poor Butch looked underwater for that sequence on the outside, and I'm pretty sure I felt the breeze through the screen on some of Penta's kicks. Not their best outing by any means. Re: crowd noise, I've noticed a bit of that lately and was wondering if my ears were deceiving me - appreciate the confirmation. Honestly, it's usually a light crowd anyway by the time they get deep into Rampage/ROH so I don't hate it. I'm sure whatever ex-WWE people are adding it have experience doing such for Smackdown when they were having similar issues drawing in the 2000s. I kinda like the way they darken the crowd lights to cover it up, too, just cause it gives the show a little bit of a different look, so that's a happy accident too.
  8. Ive said this before but there's gotta be a correlation between our fandoms and those with some kind of issue involving executive dysfunction, like ADHD or 'problems at home' as a kid or something. All of it is escapist fiction to hyperfocus on in some form of fashion. I thankfully never got that bad with it, but obviously we've all been around those people - it bums me out they don't have someone in their life to give it to 'em straight like Technico
  9. First I'm seeing it, thank you for sharing. Gotta say, this is in no way surprising. Even if the gap is a little wider than it was in '20-22, I think this is to be expected with the TV deal coming up. Pure chicanery. I'll share a story: I've mentioned in other contexts, but in my teens/early 20s, I contracted with a company that did some odds and ends work for WWE. One such job, we were searching for a pretty basic house show truss/curtain type thing for use in (I want to say) China. Our WWE contact says "Yeah, nothing crazy - Vince just wants something for them to walk out of." Finally, I find one that seems to fit the bill, and walk the guy over - he says to me "Oh, I'd love to go with this one since we can't use pyro there, but they don't want us using the lasers because that's what our competition does... Well, they're not really our competition, at all. But that's what they do, so we're not going with that." Obviously at the time, he was referring to TNA (and had no clue I was a fan since I was trying to keep professional) but that exchange always stuck with me as a microcosm of the overall mentality there, down to the friggin' warehouse guys: "They're not really our competition, like at all, but..."
  10. Congrats on having the willpower to not end it with "Zeuxis, final question: do you got a man?"
  11. Annual reminder that AEW's rulebook differs, and tag partners get a 20 count in the ring instead of 10 In seriousness: I unabashedly love both Lucha Bros, but also completely understand the usual criticism from Matt, Natural and others. I forget who coined the term, but they're total "video game matches' - obviously that was used derisively by whoever originated it due to the insane person pacing, no selling, constant 'taunts' (a wrestling game term itself that somehow became part of the normal lexicon, along with 'attire') but at this point 20+ years after first being exposed, I kinda look at it like it's evolved into being a full-fledged niche style all on it's own, up there with (let's say) deathmatches, or UWFi/Bloodsport type stuff. Just another cup of Jell-O on the proverbial buffet table.
  12. You know, I'm not sure if it was because it was in the arena as opposed to backstage or if it was Menard's excellent reaction, but credit where it's due I thought the one quick segment tonight was more effective than any of the ones that aired live Wednesday. I still don't love it, but if it ends in a Daddy Magic money promo (or sneaks one in along the way) then fuck it, I'll roll with it I guess. Great main event tonight! I thought for sure Mina was gonna win with the roll up to protect Deeb a bit, but they really went decisive on that one. Edit: @JLoweyou caught me typing - I gotta unfortunately agree on the opener. The whiffs drove me nuts
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