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  1. I'd love to see EC3 and Roode in a rich assholes tag team
  2. Boring personal story time: my girlfriend played me a clip of this really overdramatic, overblown, obviously worked Total Divas episode where they're all on vacation fighting over who gets what bedrooms. Nattie, out of left field, after not even really being in the conversation just chimes in, deadpan: "Settle down, Lana." Became a little bit of an inside joke with us, and now that's her whole gimmick as far as my girlfriend's concerned. She chants "settle down" at the TV during her matches and always plays as Nattie in 2k19-- even put her character in a "Settle Down" t-shirt, and refers to the sharpshooter as "the Settler."
  3. Brother you haven't lived until you've got someone microwaving lamb vindaloo at 10 AM. 10 AM!!!!
  4. The way my mornings going I might end up putting that one to the test
  5. Speaking of Sasha, I saw on Instagram she was shooting some content for WWE 2K20, so she'll at least be in the video game, not that it means much but worth mentioning I thought.
  6. Hang in there bud
  7. I moved a little further up from LI a few years ago and use DirecTV NOW so I don't get it anymore, but that sounds like a sick day/stoned day dream
  8. Yo WLNY 55!! Used to watch WWF New York (just Shotgun repackaged for our market with Vince Russo on commentary?) on this channel as a kid. I'd see Dok Hendrix on Raw hyping a big Saturday night house show, then tune in expecting Mankind vs. Austin in a cage, and get Papi Chulo vs Reckless Youth instead
  9. Atrocious. Prime Times fake DMX shit was over in my house
  10. In retrospect it was maybe a tad hyperbolic of a post and that might be due to my lack of knowledge of the area. I figured it was like well get Goldberg to the MASH tent but I did forget this is the Royal family were talking about so yea I'm sure there's a plan, but like imagine a guy dies and he doesn't get proper care from the Saudis for whatever reason, be it response time or just general malpractice, and then accusations start getting thrown around and then the fuckman in Chief gets involved because he's Vince's buddy and it becomes a whole thing. That would be ridiculous but its completely a thing that could happen
  11. https://streamable.com/n74h9 Goldberg is lucky to be alive dude. Ive obviously seen his tweet but what's his physical status? Imagine flying home from that place with a spinal cord injury. After his freak accident in the Joe match on Superstars, Tyson Kidd said his doctors made him wait a few extra days in the hospital for a medivac to transfer him to wherever he was getting surgery because a 15-25 mph car crash could kill him. Now you're a 300 pound dude cramped on a plane for 15 hours with definitely a concussion and possibly a catastrophic spinal injury? Screw everything about that. Lost in the myriad of awful things about this WWF Saudi bullshit is: what's the plan if someone gets dumped on their head over there again and gets paralyzed or worse? Z Pak time? It's nuts to think that the chaos around something like that being mishandled could very well spark a legitimate international incident.
  12. I thought something like that might be cool too, but wasn't sure if it was too close to that Chikara one that was in development. Not sure if it ever came out but it was a super basic look. I do recall flaming tables in the trailer which are, uh, not really congruous with their product but ok man
  13. Also, as much as I love the fantasy booking and custom fed/arena building, the WWE2K games are the drizzling shits on a technical level. Awful graphics for a current gen game, and everything is broken- there's literally shit that never worked in any of them, and yet the features are still there. Perfect timing for AEW to put out something cool. Honestly I'd pay $30 for a bare bones remaster of a WCWVTW/Revenge/WM2000/No Mercy type game w AEW guys, with straight up N64/PSX graphics.
  14. I didn't watch this bullshit but I'll say, the Goldberg/Brock match at Mania that year was like, near perfect for what it was. These videos are bumming me out.
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