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  1. God damn that's nuts. Kind of a cool building in general. Thanks for the info man. It's not that it affects the stuffing and potatoes in any way for me -- I'm still unbelievably stoked for all things AEW -- it's just tough because it doesn't look great on TV (though I think it helped later in the show when they turned the lights down more) and because I worry certain folks are going to try and use those empty seats to further an anti-AEW agenda. Again, not that I care because I dig it no matter what, but no one likes to hear something they're really into get shit on.
  2. I'm not sure how true this is but I recall seeing that their socials are run by none other than Judge Jeff Jones
  3. I thought it was a good show but I was bummed by how much was tarped off. Not that I'm freaked out or anything, because they're a young company and still putting the pieces together, but because I know that bad takes about it are coming. The Women's division is improving quite a bit. Statlander is becoming a favorite. Nyla murdered a couple people. I dig the shit out of Shida as well, I actually think she might be my favorite of the Joshi stars they've featured so far. So much to say but I must sleep. For now I just say that Dustin is timeless
  4. I'd have no problem with it if it was like one of those RAW goes old school episodes where everything is normal except it's the old set and oh look Bret's here, or even like NWA Power where it's just that type of show, but what's being described about Impact doesn't seem like my cup of tea, in the same way some of the BTE stuff isn't my thing. If Southpaw got an hour every week it would be garbage
  5. I've never heard this personally. I thought they were friends behind the scenes and did that pilot for Sirius years ago.
  6. I was gonna bring up the Taz pairing myself, and count me as someone who enjoyed it. And I think a sign they were legitimately good was how abysmal Taz was with Mike Tenay on TNA (in my opinion, anyway).
  7. I too remember when WCW tried to turn Booker T into the store brand Rock
  8. I was in the middle of a conversation when that happened and since I was distracted, I couldn't tell if it was a blown count or just crappy camera work, but I knew there was something. Glad I'm not crazy. And speaking of crazy: anyone else think there might actually be a chance they put the title on Scorpio?? I could see them not wanting Jericho to be Champion if there's a possibility he might have to put Tana over in the Dome. Especially after the PAC/DG kerfuffle. Unpredictability is the real star of AEW, I suppose.
  9. Dude by any chance were you the ring announcer for Best Friends, Stiffer Enemies? If so, gotta tell you: the sip of the water during Steve Corino's intro was pure awesome
  10. Finally caught most of the show (Had to skip Janela/Spears due to time constraints) and I was really, really happy with it. Cody and Moxley are probably the best babyfaces in the US right now if not the world. I'm entering unabashed fanboy territory here, but theyve really found a tone and presentation that just really speaks to what I personally enjoy about wresting. I know thats very broad and abstract praise, but it's true. Maybe because im about the same age as the EVPs but most of what AEW does is just so completely aligned with my sensibilities its hard not to gush about it. Great show and legit cant wait for Wednesday because if i were a betting man there is definitely an unreal MJF money promo on the way
  11. Final thread check before I go out for the night and just still really happy to see everyone's excitement, almost can't believe it. I probably won't see it til real late so I'm avoiding the boards and social - hope everyone enjoys!
  12. This is my first time where I unfortunately can't watch live, are the PPVs available on demand anywhere after?
  13. @West Newbury Bad Boy holy shit I had no idea Tessa comes out to Lo Horsemen. I posted the original version here the second I found out about it a few years ago, my girlfriend's roommate at the time was a big smoke dza fan
  14. That album is total butt except the song "Walk Among Us" which I found on Napster as a kid randomly. Otherwise I'm staunchly anti-Graves as well. How do you guys feel about the new Ozzy? Apparently the band is Post Malone's producer/guitarist Andrew Watt, Chad Smith from RHCP on drums, and Duff from GNR on bass. It's an absolutely insane waste to me that Zakk Wylde isn't on this but obviously I'm biased. https://youtu.be/fMAAMfHgO4Q
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