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  1. "He assumed Janela" is up there with "Johnny Ace hired the wrong one legged guy" what a clown show Edit: @NikoBaltimorejust in case there was any confusion I fully support his blackballing. That guy should never do anything again. I was just saying he'll likely use this to bolster his court arguments, that's all. I don't support or agree or play that shit in any form or fashion
  2. I recognized Joyce Meyers' name from her shitty overnight infomercials last decade. One of the worst things about this (and WOW there are many) is that Joey Ryan will probably turn around and use this outrage for his BS lawsuits, going "See?! Blackballed!" Good on TK for that one.
  3. McAfee strikes me as a friend of a friend who tags along on a group trip, and is pretty cool the first two days, but by Sunday morning you wanna murder him.
  4. Soulja Boy was so long ago, I thought Orton was arguing with the Nigerian guy from 90 Day Fiance who also uses the name
  5. That Bret flame gear at Survivor Series 96 was God-tier, maybe second only to the paint splatter gear
  6. At least the PPV being the same time as NBA all star weekend means that I won't actually have to pay for the Shaq match
  7. I'm really, really excited for Revolution. Initially, I was mad it was on a Sunday, but I said screw it... booked a vacation day for next Monday, and already bought my mojito materials. Week can't go by fast enough.
  8. The healing powers of an AEW offer strike again? (Total speculation).
  9. If you had a gun to my head asking me whether PnP/Best Friends or Bucks/Kenny& Page was the better match, I really don't know if I could give you an honest answer. I loved them both so much for entirely different reasons, and thinking back to the show threads, I suspect a lot of us are in that boat
  10. Dude, I popped BIG for the Fleischer suit. They also redid that Action Comics cover scene in Superman Returns, but I liked it way, way more here with the suit and the exchange with the kid.
  11. EXTREMELY pleasantly surprised with Superman. Even for someone who doesn't follow the Arrowverse and quit DCEU after BvS, I was in love with this. Great tone, decent writing, a nice mix of homage vs. fresh.
  12. This is also probably obvious, but an important point to make in this conversation: TNA fucked themselves by naming themselves TNA. What toy store wants to sell TNA action figures? How many of their PPV buys were from people angry they got wrestling? Just in absolutely no way sponsor or network friendly. If they'd been Impact or just NWA from the beginning, I have a feeling it would have opened more doors for them in that regard. That being said, I agree with just about everything posted by @NoFistsJustFlips .AEW is just such a different ballgame in every possible way from an ownership an
  13. @RazorbladeKiss87That kind of goes with my theory that there was a ton of money left on the table not attempting to make those Def Jam games into a real thing. Even if you couldn't find any trainable rappers, they could've at least made em corner men
  14. Damn fine show. At this point, I'd be incredibly shocked if next week's match doesn't end with a Shaq/Show face-off. The timing is too suspect. Vintage Sting was a treat and even though I'm tired of the angle as a whole, tonight's segment was great. Loved Hook in the body bag. Nyla/Britt was great - I was speculating on when we'd get Nyla/Riho again, maybe this is it (though really, I hope they don't wait too long on Britt and they strike while the iron is hot) I for one actually liked the papa buck beat down, I thought the blood on their faces was a really nice touch
  15. Holy shit, listening to TK on WOL finally, and I cannot overstate how bizarre it is to have him referencing actual threads and arguments I completely remember from my lurking days here in HS/college.
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