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  1. I agree with you on the possibility for an ego situation, because it's wrestling so of course, but two things I've read recently make me feel a little more positive about it than like for example some of the Pro Wrestling USA comparisons: 1) The Bucks gave an interview where they said the deal was in the works for a while but they couldn't get the creative right at one point. Which makes me feel like unless plans change, this is stuff that's been hashed out internally with the promotions already 2) a while back before any of this, maybe even last year, I saw Callis say something to
  2. I'd leave my shit to Kevin Nash. Even though he's already filthy rich, I feel like given the things I've read over the years he would be the most appreciative.
  3. That's why I was wondering the other day if it's maybe a developmental partnership or something, because if there's nothing like that in place, what's to stop AEW from poaching whoever they want once their deals are up? Or theoretically Impact from poaching AEW guys, but that's pretty unlikely I'd think. Maybe at the end of the day it's a little gentlemen's agreement of its own.
  4. It sounds crazy, but I've been thinking since Wednesday, and it kind of wouldn't surprise me if Kurt Angle is the next puzzle piece. I just saw a Twitter post the other week where he was training, and he looks like he's in great shape. Not that I'm advocating for AEW to sign another 50+ star, just thinking out loud.
  5. They might have a shot next week with Sting actually advertised for the show, but then again, they may not if it's one of those off-week cards, but they've gotta be smart enough to follow up strong. I think Stings gonna do more for the number than the Impact thing will - no offense to Impact, because I hear it's a good damn show nowadays - but I would bet there are approximately zero people who watch Impact and not AEW.
  6. That shit was smooth as hell! And also, I'm really, really hoping we get playable/young versions of Jake, Arn, Tully, DDP, Taz etc.
  7. They protected DDP pretty good in that six man, maybe something similar to that. Edit: though I'm realizing: it almost is more on brand for the Sting character to *never have a match.* He was at his most hot when he was just sitting in the stands and cleaning house with the bat.
  8. I also agree that I'm not down with the criticism. Not to draw any kind of comparison, but like, characters cower in fear and drop what theyre doing all the time when *music plays.* To have Shida sell fear for Abaddon doesn't weaken Shida so much as it adds to Abaddon's presentation, IMO. Like, "Whoa, even the Champ's scared."
  9. Having had a chance to sleep on it: I saw TK mention in an interview that he was looking at a couple of different possibilities for developmental/streaming shows - maybe Impact becomes their OVW?
  10. I think you've got the ideal line-up as far as guys who would likely have the most success here in the US
  11. We're pretty convinced in my house that it's going to be revealed that Hangman is the one who attacked Moxley before the contract signing
  12. First things first: Archer got his old music back! That match was awesome, and I absolutely loved the pairing of Fenix/Pac. I assume they're building to a trios which will also kick ass. I really liked it when Butcher just knocked Fenix out of the air on that dropkick I'm not un-excited for Mox/Omega, but im finding the whole "old Kenny" and "Kenny they think you are" thing a little meh. Just not grabbing me. But, I guess on the flip side, they must think theyve got another really great match in them if they're giving it that kind of hype, so I'm fully prepared to happily eat my wor
  13. Totally fair, I'm a little bit biased/clouded by the thought of how fun the promos would be
  14. Who's to say Rude wouldn't have been the first to jump *back*? Corporate Bossman vs. a Val Venis-ized Rude in '98 or '99? Hell yeah.
  15. Oof, this hit home. Helps keep the mask from riding up at least.
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