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  1. Coming back to this thread after being on the road for a bit and seeing it go to talking about wives and dudes' weiners and descriptions of dudes' weiners and who's a pervert and what's even a pervert, rather than IG Punk, is the funniest god damn thing ever
  2. I like that a lot - to your point, I wonder how much of this (if any) is going to eventually play out on ROH. Id obviously much, much rather have it on cable for the world to see, but this issue seems tailor made for the 'house style' there
  3. I noticed the hoodies said 'Blackpool Wrestling' which made me wonder if they were eventually going to go for an Imperium-style 'mat is sacred' type thing - personally, id have gone with 'BCC' as orphaned initials, but I get the resistance given the hilarious typos and shocked Google searches that have likely been occurring all year long. And I agree with you 99.99999% about not adding anyone, but @AxB suggestion about last night clandestinely being Stu's jumping in is really, really freakin' good. Too good not to use.
  4. Good luck, I hope it works out - and just a heads up on that, the ticket times may be a little longer than usual due to the incoming price increase and people w questions about the quad box they deployed for the tourney
  5. I'm near certain I read this was in the cards pre-COVID, but it's always possible that idea kind of evolved/mutated into becoming the Forbidden Door PPV
  6. I have YTTV too, and I didn't have this problem - I think we avoided it because we DVR the show but also watch live (we start at ~8:40, then catch up to live before the main after FFing commercials). That said, I do also DVR Young Sheldon to catch any overrun, so anything is possible. (Off topic: Me and Mrs. Cooper... we got a thang goin' onnnnnn)
  7. This match made me realize, I was a little overly harsh on Skye last week when we were talking Jade challengers, and I said that she needed a lot more work - she was really, really good last night except for one notable exception, so I guess the real post I should have made is: 'Skye should stop doing that crouching-crossover-enziguri thing, cause it looks like she's underwater - and everything else is looking more crisp with every outing; good on her' Of course, dance partners matter - so obvious kudos to Storm here as well
  8. This was my only nitpick about this week's show - unless they subvert the trope and have Kenny kick off Rampage or next week's show by saying 'Yeah, I watched the replay, just want to apologize to Hangman...' of course that's not much of a story, though. Otherwise? Top to bottom one of the best Dynamites in a real long time. Everyone making the Rey/Vikingo comparison is spot on - I word for word said the same thing on the couch after that first ridiculous poison Rana from the top. Dude is special. (Side note: Im noticing a pattern where every time AEW hires a Mexican, they're *fucking awesome.* Time to renew my once-per-decade efforts to get more seriously into lucha. Please allow this post to serve as formal notice for Troma and the other fellas in that folder that more dumb-ass questions from me are incoming). Completely understand (and don't disagree) with anyone saying Vikingo deserved a moment after that one, but for me personally, these Nitro-style beatdown and/or cliffhanger endings are part of what's been missing from the recipe for far too long; so count me as part of the vocal minority who absolutely loved the post-match angle - YMMV
  9. LOL at the 'Austin Mahone' misspelling. It took me a good 3-4 reads to realize they meant Post. Re: Rey/Rhea - that is horrendous. I mean, just gross. The most bottom of the bottom of the barrel fans, that make me feel nothing but embarrassment and shame for them, that they obviously are incapable of feeling themselves (but really, truly should). The Indian marks who comment "Send bobs" on the ladies' socials are less fucking embarrassing than these guys. The Rey video was really bad, but man, reading Ripley's account in that USA article is actually kinda unsettling. Take wrestling, or the idea of fame for any reason, out of it for a moment; five grown men chased a woman down a flight of stairs and cornered her in an airport. What. The. Fuck.
  10. That about sums up the last decade on this planet all around, unfortunately. This ought to be used as the new 'Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object.' Once again, the psycho few ruin things for the reasonable many. The last few run-ins I've had with current workers, maybe its just my perception, but I felt like I could sense palpable relief that we weren't shoving sharpies and toys and shit in their faces, or following them around or anything. Hell, I was recently on an escalator with Hook and Anthony Bowens, and they both seemed genuinely confused when we got to the bottom and I was like 'Take it easy, fellas' and walked the opposite way - kinda sad, really
  11. I had not thought about Scott Keith in years until last Wednesday's main event during the Jericho/Omega portions - I was sitting there racking my brain, trying to remember who always used to say 'Canadian Violence!!' in their recaps. Beyond that, dude hasn't crossed my brain unless I visit PWO and scroll past the 'Why Scott Keith's New Book Is Scary Bad' post that's been up for like 15 years.
  12. I have not seen or thought about this since it aired, and thought I'd imagined it! For some reason, my memories of the short lived 2 Cold/Terry Funk team on Shotgun are much more vivid. Really looking forward to getting this in tonight before Dark
  13. Seconded on both points! Menard has always been good, but he's been on fire both here and on promos since he cut that money one after Blood And Guts about tearing his shoulder and missing his kid's first steps. And id be remiss if I didn't give kudos to THE GIANT for steadily improving with every outing. If I were a betting man, I think in addition to just getting the reps, having a more regular partner in Menard as opposed to the rotating team of Henry, Ex and others has probably helped them build a better rapport and get Wight more comfortable in the booth. And Emi- if Emi has ever had a bad match on the Darks, I haven't seen it. If you're a nerd about this sort of thing, it's a real treat to watch her 'direct traffic' in these six-womans they often do. I really wish they'd do more of those on TV - especially since I'm pretty sure I read that the ratings have shown that multi-women matches score higher viewership than 1v1s
  14. Someone here said he produced them so if that's true then it's certainly possible
  15. I can't remember them winning on TV since they were involved with Matt Hardy - that said, if you have any sort of fondness for the syndicated WWF shows or TBS weekend shows of the 80s-90s, I think you'll enjoy the YouTube shows. Taz and Excalibur are the commentary team for Tuesday Dark and their banter is hilarious - sometimes it's a Tony/Dusty vibe, others it's more of a MST3K/Statler and Waldorf thing, I'm a big fan.
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