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  1. Huge KISS fan too. Hits many open spots on the nerd bingo card, God bless him.
  2. Debating whether or not to hang on to Saints defense this week vs GB, might try streaming one but not sure. I'm 2-0 for the first time since 2012 so I'm being super anal
  3. I have to disagree. If not DDP, who? He was easily the biggest babyface they had besides Goldberg himself. I mean, I guess they could have rolled the dice and gone with a younger guy like Raven or Benoit, maybe even like a Steiner or Booker, but DDP being who he was, and being as hot as he was, I think is probably the most politically realistic option, and also is a big enough babyface that he doesnt get shit on by the fans for it
  4. DDP over Goldberg at Havoc, shake hands after. DDP headlines with Bret at Starrcade, maybe run it again at Souled Out, rubber match at SuperBrawl in a cage. Sting IIRC returns at the end of March, so you put him with the winner straight away. Goldberg is told by Bischoff if he wants another shot he's got to start at the bottom, so you run him on a new streak in the TV and US title divisions for a while. We could do this to death, but at the end of the day, none of it is even reasonable to have happened because it doesn't involve Hogan or Nash on top, so one or both would have squash
  5. Not sure if Bruce has ever addressed it because I really only get the recommended bits and pieces on YouTube, but 'Takers streak is kind of an anomaly because it was 1) an accident until like WM X7 and 2) it was only at WM, so you could beat him any other night of the year - you're not backed into the same corner booking wise as with a Goldberg, or more recently, Asuka
  6. They could make Latina their last name, and retcon them into sisters. Zelina & Melina Latina. Then bring in Serena Deeb when her AEW deals up and make em a trio. $$$
  7. FWIW, I really enjoyed that match. Page should've ended Goldberg's streak at Havoc and headlined Starrcade w Bret.
  8. I got a completely different list and they were both on mine. Other names I remember are Charlotte, AJ, Bayley, Mattie, Mickie, just Jey Uso (but not Jimmy), Imperium, Ciampa, Xia Li, Thatcher, Cesaro, Ziggler
  9. Judging by the look on her face I'm guessing the rebels go over
  10. Thanks I'm not a big Star Wars guy so I'm out of the loop on what the rag sheets say brother
  11. Dummies don't know she's busy with Cody, Snoop and dog lover Burnt Chrysler doing that TBS show
  12. Often wondered what the last year of WCW would've looked like if they'd have actually let Russo go through with putting the title on Tank Abbott at Souled Out after Bret and Jarrett's respective concussions
  13. That was an awesome match, maybe Kidman's last real great one before he got huge and started wearing that dumb robe
  14. I could see it eventually becoming a New Day-type situation where they're on and off with the tag belts, but maybe Jungle Boy gets a run with the TNT title, or Luchasaurus goes after the FTW title if it becomes the big boy belt
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