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  1. On the real, Tony Khan having a very similar IWC trajectory to my own is a very probable reason why I enjoy AEW as much as I do
  2. Alex Wright should be brought in at least once to wrestle Cody for the TNT belt
  3. Wondered this too and happened to see this earlier:
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with the entire rest of your post, but I want you to know I had to give you the sad face because I marked out hard for the FTW title.
  5. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=2zaS22KxezI&feature=share Ehhhh not sure how I feel
  6. It was about 1 AM at a school nightand I was super young, it was probably '95 or '96. My mom's "new special friend"/my future stepdad worked at a bar, and I guess Snuka stopped in for a pop after an indy show. I was woken from a dead sleep to my mom telling me Jimmy Snuka is on the phone. I was so weirded out by the whole thing, I couldn't even muster anything past "What's up man?" He responded, equally disoriented: "Remember kid, there's only one Superfly." Click. He was gone.
  7. This was totally one of those "Use the edit function directly after clicking post" posts. No idea how I spaced on Bossman. Great story on Bossman that I never get to tell: I met him at a signing when I was about 11 years old, and he held up the entire line for what seemed like an eternity because he decided I didn't look mean enough smiling in the first poloroid, and insisted- INSISTED- upon a second. Bossman would simply not take no for an answer, not from me, my parents, even from the people running the thing. Definitely my favorite childhood wrestling memory, and the reason why he was one of very few WWF heels I rooted for. (Jimmy Snuka calling my house is, uh, a little tainted now).
  8. I'll take a crack at it, because fuck this job: 1) Crash Holly 2) Steve Blackman 3) Raven 4) Mankind 5) Road Dogg 6) Bob Holly 7) Al Snow 8- RVD 9) Jeff Hardy 10) Tommy Dreamer
  9. Steve Blackman as Hardcore champion is something that's still referenced by friends who quit watching after the Invasion - very fondly remembered in my circle.
  10. This post is essentially meaningless yelling into the void, but I don't have anyone else to share with how badly that Austin Aries tweet pisses me off. I mean, that's absolutely enraging. Wait til it touches YOUR family, motherfucker.
  11. Sarah Logan is married to a Viking Raider, that's about the only other one I can think of among the COVID releases.
  12. @The Natural and the wrong guy going over in both!
  13. Won't spoil for anyone who hasn't seen it but the caption after the story gets me every time
  14. Thought of that too! And how great was Chuck D coming out later and apologizing to Elvis' family after finding out he wasn't a racist? Guessing that's not gonna happen on this one!!
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