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  1. I think Shelton had it, TBH. He got a lot of dumb shit over, like the aforementioned Mama angle, or being saddled with a gimmick which appeared to be simply "Hey, that black guy has blonde hair." His in-ring was explosive enough that I think, with a sustained effort/push, he could have remained over without even saying a whole lot. For example that kick ass TV match with Shawn at one point that convinced me he would be WWE champion. I seem to remember a lot of comparisons to Sting at that time, I guess because of the corner splash. Easily one of my favorite guys of an otherwise pretty butt era of WWE.
  2. Thanks for the insight on that. As an American looking in, I was really just making a guess based on the ideas that TNA did well there with a similar TV presence, and that the WWF did well there in the mid '90s when business was in the toilet.
  3. Not to be the "make it about AEW always" guy, but with the talk about ticket prices for WWE and WES there, this seems like a ripe situation for TK & Co. to swoop in and offer extremely affordable seats at Craven Cottage to endear themselves to the British fandom
  4. Yeah when they announced the name was Wrestling Entertainment *Series* I kinda figured it would be like that Hulk Hogan Australian tour
  5. I believe it's on Fite. If it's under $40 I might give it a look for the hell of it
  6. Whoa. Hope all is well with HHH (or anyone else's) health.
  7. That's a great call, and one I would definitely agree with. You can do a lot worse than him as far as a veteran high flier who can actually still go, and has loads of TV experience to pass on to the new guys assuming it becomes at least a partially developmental-focused show.
  8. And the only one around long enough to have actually wrestled Owen himself, which makes me feel ancient
  9. Ordinarily I would agree with this point, but it seems like this match was expressly booked to set up Bucks vs Hardys. YMMV on this (and I'm hoping I'm not beating a dead horse, cause I already brought it up last night) but I cannot say enough about that closing beat down. Yes, it leaned heavily on the past, but it wasn't done as ham-fistedly as other promotions would have handled it. The only thing missing was the spray paint.
  10. Joe/KOR is gonna be dope, but Fenix deserves a singles push at some point if not the TNT title. Even coming off an injury, dude can't miss
  11. I'm firmly, firmly on the Takeshita train. That dude is awesome. Itll be interesting to see if he ends up as an ROH headliner or if he sticks around here. And I'm coming around on Itoh too - I was really impressed how quickly the crowd got into her. I definitely didn't have Johnny Nitro on the bingo card but I guess you could do worse. Really thought Gargano or Cesaro here. Would anyone else not be opposed to Swerve/Lee winning? You can go to Team Taz after them, but those guys are clicking big for me right now The second hour was super rushed, but to be honest, the main didn't need to go that long anyway and I loved the beat down afterward. No disrespect, and ive defended his signing here, but I doubt anyone was clamoring for that to go 18 mins (plus Jeff deserved a week off anyway after going wild with Darby). The whole thing, especially with Sting's involvement, felt very much like a '97 Nitro, down to Tony yelling "Were out out of time!" Very nostalgic. Edit: a quick criticism: every promo segment except JAS vs BCC/LAX was dog shit. I wanted to get into Serena's but I just could not will it to happen. Sydal/Martin's as well as Stat/Velvet's should not have aired as is.
  12. No argument here, except one thing: Page has had at least 2-3 pretty fire promos recently. My opinion of him is much higher than it was a few months ago when I was writing him off as bland myself.
  13. A million percent. It stinks of the "(Name) had attitude problems" thing that always goes around.
  14. Thirded (fourthed?) on the AE run. Some of those hardcore title matches that went all over the building were super fun as a kid, and the Big Show stuff is still hilarious. I'm biased though, I met him at a signing around that time and he was incredibly gracious to young me, so he became a favorite. Edit: There was also the tag title run with Shamrock which had some pretty decent matches (again, for the time)
  15. When he said in promos he wanted to die in the ring, I always believed him. I say let him wrestle. It's like when people take their dog to the beach one last time before the vet puts them down. He's 130, he did some very questionable things, hasn't exactly been a family man over the years. He only knows how to be Ric Flair. Fuck it, just let him be Ric Flair one last time on his way out. It's like this Law and Order episode I saw once where Brian Dennehy played a guy with terminal lung cancer and he's smoking a cigarette. Benson goes "should you be smoking?" And he goes "What, am I gonna get sick?" I just hope he gets to blade before he goes, I know it's his favorite
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