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  1. If Kingston doesn't get a title shot at Grand Slam II, I hope it's Bryan. I think there's a really good story to tell with it being one year since his debut there against Omega.
  2. That kicked ass, it was like watching the ladies' chapter of BCC. And Tootie was over! Nice chant for her. I really, really liked the Serena/Nyla team from last week but this is a pretty dope pairing in its own right. Also: that Kaz/Andrade match slayed, that should have been on TV. I'll be pimping that one 15 years from now in an "AEW C-Show Memories" thread.
  3. Thinking further about it, Okada is what it is, he's got a baby on the way, but it's bonkers Naito isn't booked
  4. I didn't hear anything about a concussion, I thought he got his leg trapped between the ring and the ramp but others said that was a work for the live crowd, so I'm really not too sure. Also, I hate to speculate on this, but it's crossed my mind: maybe he's got to deal with real life stuff concerning a certain Bella family issue that's been in the news lately (though I doubt it, you never know).
  5. They tried to license Jane, but could not get in touch with Starship from what I read at the time. I really liked his in-house theme
  6. It's that second part that does it for me. Can't speak for anyone else here, but losing WCW and ECW within a month of each other, and then living though false start after false start (WWA, XWF, TNA, WSX, etc.) has rendered me incapable of not obsessing over AEW's viewership numbers, especially with another corporate merger looming. I don't put as much stock into it as others do, because I understand that the landscape has changed tremendously since 2001 and there are plenty of other metrics to measure AEW's success by, but I'd be straight up lying if it's something I said I didn't think about frequently.
  7. Wow, so the segment with the NJPW guys was actually the highest rated quarter hour?!? That's wild.
  8. Man, I don't even know what to say anymore about Jeff Hardy. Dude won't be happy til he kills someone. Look at what happened with Sunny.
  9. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget the butter. I've made that mistake way too many times. Also, to keep it on topic, hard agree with your preview of Kingston/Hager - I expect some bombs. Going to be my first time seeing Aussie Open too, so I'm excited to see if they live up to the hype
  10. I think they really missed an opportunity here with the All-Atlantic title. They should have resurrected the IWGP IC and made it a thing where its defended in both promotions. I think that would've been a real crowd pleaser. Also, what a teeeeerrible name.
  11. Thirded. I've been waiting for Buddy to get this kind of match since he came in. He had one of the best matches I've ever seen live at a WWE house show a few years back with Cedric Alexander, made me a huge fan of his. He's a little more muscular than he was back then, should be interesting to see if he can still cleanly pull off some of the, ahem, flippier shit.
  12. Agreed on the point that it should be the "undisputed" world title if he gets it. And to be transparently selfish, I want them to save it for Grand Slam II, so I can be in the house for it
  13. Going with Jericho also furthers the JAS/BCC issue - I think you may be on to something here. But yeah, agreed x100 on your first point, I hope they get weird with it. Hobbs, Starks, Darby, Garcia, maybe go Wardlow and have his next feud or MJF cost him the match.
  14. I kinda like that they keep stuff like that in their back pockets, like how Gunn Club was very quietly undefeated for almost a year or something
  15. The article itself is locked behind a paywall, but here's an interesting reddit thread about Stephanie's position:
  16. It's a bit of a relief to hear it's only a two week injury
  17. That ruled, I also loved when they did Lenny Lane as Jericho in Juvi's mask
  18. Eddie Kingston for sheer believability, Moxley for the joy of violence, Serena Deeb for doing Bret's shit just as well as FTR does, and Rey Fenix for making me feel like a kid seeing Rey, Juvi, Psicosis etc. for the first time again
  19. Came to this thread specifically to post about that match @DEAN(I tend to be a pretty passive NWA watcher so I don't venture this way often). That frankensteiner at the end was awesome. Felt like a senior citizen when I remembered halfway through the match that the first ROH show I ever attended was headlined by Homicide & Steve Corino - time flies! Show had a lot more energy than usual with a larger crowd (and entrance music! For the love of God, the music!) I'm about to jump into this week's USA pretty soon, but accidentally fired that up for a minute before this one - looking forward to seeing how Madusa does on commentary.
  20. It seems on the surface like it might be silly since he's gonna be in the G1 and it sorta defeats the purpose of having an interim champion, but I just listened to a snippet on WOR where Dave speculated that the interim champion thing is being done because the lineage is important to TK. Could totally see it happening for exactly this reason, in all seriousness.
  21. I really like the idea of a newly refocused, maybe even heel Hangman taking it, but I'd also be a million percent down for trying to make a new star with a left field pick (I love @Stefanie the Human suggestion to go with Hobbs, I co-sign the shit outta that). Miro would be a nice choice, too, to keep his momentum up from the big return. Mox had a really fantastic first reign, but I tend to agree with @NoFistsJustFlipsw/ regard to not changing plans for those already occupied in other angles
  22. I said from jump they do not have enough TV-ready ladies to support two divisions. I understand the parity idea (and it wouldn't shock me if women's tags end up being introduced for the same reason) but there is a lot of inconsistency. Are there enough women signed full time to have 10 contenders for each belt at any given time?
  23. Yeah just saw on Brian Jr's twitter maybe an hour or so ago. Really have to feel for that kid.
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