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  1. Semi-related, I think that was Dolph's voice on BTE this week behind the camera for that segment. Maybe just a a fun thing, not necessarily a tease. Could just be a simple negotiation tactic for Ziggler. Who knows.
  2. Thinking back to my comments earlier on the Matt Jackson double suplex: I think for me, it's not a strength thing, nor is it a size thing (like I said, I love the Bucks) it's more that I think it's one of those "Powerbombing Kidman" kind of setups, or for more contemporary examples, the draping on the ropes for the Orton DDT or the 619. I know it's a real weird, minor nitpick given I have no problem with anything else they do.
  3. You're setting yourself up for a nice Ultimo/Ultimate Dragon situation where the chyron changes nearly every week
  4. This is so stupid but I can't stop laughing https://www.reddit.com/r/Wrasslin/comments/pw71fj/from_mrprofessor318/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  5. I'm a huge Bucks fan, but I've gotta agree that particular spot, especially on a regular basis, has to go. I know it makes zero sense given the rest of their repretoire, but for some unknown reason, that's where my line is.
  6. Oh shit, I forgot this happened. It was sort of cool because as you all know, I'm a WCW guy, so it was great to see The Giant, Sting, Jericho, and Arn all in one night
  7. My NXT name in the video game is Dr. Kenneth Thorndyke. I stole it from a guy I saw on a Match Game '76 rerun.
  8. NYC was bruuuuutal to Cody. I've been there for your mixed Cena reactions and so forth, but it was so bad Wednesday, someone behind us yelled "Cody, tell us your whereabouts on January 6th!" Another small group was chanting "Fuck you, Arn!" It was really something.
  9. Sign me up immediately. That would be a really great match to run whenever they eventually make it to Canada (I'm sure COVID is preventing them from going there currently). A show that had that match, along with like the Owen tournament semis and finals as the undercard would probably do well with Canadian fans.
  10. I just picked up Fire Pro from the PS5 store today for $10. My first foray into the series coming from mainly 2K19 and it's insanely difficult so far. It feels like myself and player 2 are just hitting each other and doing nothing. Trying to get thru the tutorials currently. Where can I download these edits etc? I was excited for the creation suites but I'm underwhelmed so far
  11. I'd like to thank AEW for Tweeting everyone to take mass transit, resulting in absolutely zero traffic. We made it home an hour after the main event, while the estimated train ride was FIVE hours. My voice is gone. I have never experienced live wrestling on that level. I have a ton of scattered thoughts so do bear with me Firstly: Sting. I have been waiting to see Sting since 1996, man. I cannot emphasize how happy I am to have gotten to see him. And not only was the match tremendous, but FTR wearing the NWO parody trunks for this was the icing on the cake. Everything you heard about insane lines for merch and food/drinks is true. It was crazy. At one point the stand near me ran out of beer, and they had to send a guy to another place to get it, but I dipped back to my seat because Punk was coming out. Kyle in sec 127, if you are on this board, my bad dude. Flip side of the coin: my girlfriend said twice she was alone in the ladies room... Something dope is gonna happen on Rampage but I can't figure out the tags right now. I have a lot more thoughts on the show but I absolutely cannot gather them, I'm still fired up. I'm just so incredibly happy AEW exists. Everyone there cared, everyone loves this. Like, I never went to a Raw where I made line friends who wanted to talk about how cool the mechanical doors on WCW SN sounded. And this crowd was again, just on another level. I mean the roar even being in the building was legit near- overwhelming at times. Truly blown away by this evening.
  12. Silk Stalkings! Barb Wire was later on Spike, it was a cartoon based on the Pam Anderson movie. Side note: we haven't left yet. Someone's decided they need to replicate DMD's glitter eyeshadow for the show
  13. I couldn't sleep, so we're leaving for the stadium early. I saw a reddit thread where some guy listed a bunch of good Chinese joints in the neighborhood so maybe we'll hit up one of those if there's time. Train home looked like trouble, so we're braving the traffic and driving in. Everyone seems to think it's going to be a nightmare, but I mean, how much worse than the average Met game can it be?
  14. Slightly off topic, but I was a little disappointed by how the setup looked. The hanging banners for the other shows remind me too much of FCW
  15. It's the best of both worlds, because they still have the timekeepers table to put each other through
  16. Damn, I hope we get Bret in the game too. Not sure if he's still on a Legends deal that would prohibit that or anything
  17. Don't quote me on this, but I feel like I heard Excalibur shout Kanyon out one time on Dynamite when Brian Cage did it. Kanyon was one of my favorites as well. I was so excited when he was doing Mortis at WWE house shows, I wish that made TV
  18. Losing my God damn mind for next week. Absolutely the biggest card I've ever been in the building for. Hype level a million billion.
  19. Ha is that "Chairman of the B-O-A-R-D" from Remsberg is a subtle little Norm MacDonald tribute, or did I miss something?
  20. I put it on for 10 seconds out of morbid curiosity, only to see a guy named BRON BREAKKER walk out onto the set of Double Dare. It was everything I knew it would be, and more.
  21. I don't hate the new IWGP belt the way many do, but I don't like it as that title. Like, it would make a cool WWE tag title or something.
  22. It won't be tomorrow or anything, but I'd guess at this point Charlotte has to be a near-lock when her deal is up
  23. If I'm home I watch live, but I did Rampage on Saturday morning with a BEC and a coffee this week, and it was heavenly
  24. I thought we were friends, turns out I never truly knew either of you...
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