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  1. I still can't get over "were not breaking any laws" FFS. I saw the mayor of Sturgis on CNN talking about the rally a couple weeks ago, and he casually mentioned that he was trying to be as safe as possible both as mayor and at "his day job." HIS DAY JOB. Listen, Chris Jericho is a top five guy for me, been following him since WCW when I was a kid, yada yada yada, but that dude is an absolute dolt. The only things that would make this ok for me are: 1) Fozzy couldn't get out of the booking (doubtful) 2) the OC match has already been taped (doubtful as noted earlier in the thread) 3) whatever test AEW uses can accurately detect the virus in his body if it is present between now and Wednesday even if he is asymptomatic. I legitimately do not know if this technology exists, so I file this under doubtful as well. I should note that this is from strictly a "you blew up next week's main event you absolute moron" perspective; I feel that the moral culpability and fucked updedness of being actively involved in a mass gathering speaks for itself.
  2. Jannetty's homophobic language is certainly disappointing, and I'm sure extremely hurtful to many in our community here, but from a psychological standpoint, it sort of makes sense that he might hold that belief after having *** allegedly *** killed an attempted child rapist in self-defense. It's wrong, it's gross, it has no place, but I see how it could happen. And I'd like to shout out @BobbyWhioux because I think he hit the nail on the head with our (or at least my own) tendency to use humor (dark, dark humor) to kind of deal with some of these things. How else do you digest something so mind-blowing?
  3. That was my bad, I thought Brock was a babyface at that time. That's probably one of the last WWE PPVs I watched, and I just remember Bryan having recently become the planets champion, and having Erick Rowan and all that
  4. There's kind of a recency thing at play with this answer, but I liked Brock vs Bryan at I think it was Survivor Series
  5. Jamaican Jealousy is going to be my new top female heel in WWE 2K19
  6. The Battle Dome crew appearing on Nitro (with Mike O'Hearn who I believe ended up marrying Scott Steiner's valet Midajah, and played Superman in a really well done fan-made Worlds Finest trailer last decade) was such a bizarre thing that never gets talked about just because such dumber shit came later
  7. Skip the mask and go straight for a suit of armor
  8. I understand the value of having Jim Ross on the show, and I defend him more often than not, but I just finished watching the show and yeah.. add me to the pile of folks who thought something was up with him as well. It was not his best week at all. Excalibur was sorely missed from that perspective, though I understand why.
  9. I don't remember even if it was this months thread or not, but Miroslav Barnyashev has IMO gotta be in the "Richard Blood > Ricky Steamboat" conversation we were having recently
  10. I was in agreeance with you about Dark Order in the beginning, but they've turned the tide for me in the last couple months and now I'm into them more. I like the whole Colt/Brodie thing a lot, and they've done some humorous stuff on BTE (which admittedly, wouldn't be airable on TNT anyway). Also note I haven't seen tonight's Dynamite yet so not sure how the tag match went
  11. And she herself is out injured, so it's not (or doesn't appear to be) a sour grapes thing, though she was misused even when healthy. She's got a killer finish, great look, great body, can talk, can work... I just don't get it man
  12. I haven't watched WWE in quite some time, are they doing the whole "we sort of forgot about the brand split" thing again?
  13. Ive read Jericho's been working with her and it totally shows. Reminds me a lot of his WCW '98 stuff. Good on her.
  14. 100% a repost and very barely sorry https://youtu.be/GdbHwkonNYw
  15. I actually don't mind Excalibur's approach. Thinking back to my own childhood, for example, Larry Zybyzko and Jerry Lawler couldn't have been more different on their respective shows both visually and with respect to their commentary. Even though Larry was presented on Nitro as the more "serious" ex-wrestler, Lawler screamed ex-wrestler more in a visual sense, so I tended to take him more seriously in the ring for those one-off late 90s matches than I did Larry Z when he wrestled Scott Hall for example. I think Excalibur is a nice mix of the two approaches (though whichever one of you guys said he's more like Mike Tenay was spot on).
  16. Funny, I was going "Shut up, JR" I may need to rewatch I think I may have misunderstood the exchange I don't entirely disagree on the tack thing, but I'm ok with it just because this is a baby company during an unprecedented global pandemic. I get the idea of a build, or saving it for PPV, but the "anything can happen" vibe this gave is sorely missing from all the other wrestling shows out there - to say nothing of the fact that the sad reality is, if live crowds never come back, it may be difficult for AEW to survive. So while you see it as the RVD TV title over-indulgence of '99, I see it as: what if ECW pulled the trigger on RVD v Rhino for the World title earlier because who knows, the company might not make it to Living Dangerously '01.
  17. Anecdotally: I watch with my girlfriend who prior to AEW only knew WWE, and she came away from it saying she's glad Cody won because Kingston should be Mox's next challenger. They really may have something here.
  18. Every "bring back the attitude era!" mouth-breather on Twitter and reddit needs to track this episode down. Killer, killer show.
  19. My Undisputed Era shirt was hella over at the Alice in Chains*/Korn show I went to last year. Tons of random "Adam Cole Bay Bay!" shouts throughout the day. * = The band died with Layne.
  20. I was just going to say the same thing. If he shaved his beard before coming out on Nitro in 2000 he would've probably looked exactly the same.
  21. I'm a complete idiot and forgot they own the Jags yeah no way they go up against MNF
  22. Food for thought: if COVID ends, and Raw gets low enough, is there a possibility AEW's planned second show goes live Monday nights? The idea of almost every "major" wrestling start-up since 2001 has been "Grab the missing WCW/ECW fans": XWF, WWA, TNA, GFW, etc. but have we reached a point where enough people have quit WWE that they might be worth attempting to hook on their night? Raw's numbers in 2010 when TNA tried it and Raw's numbers today are very different, and AEW would be bringing what they normally bring (rather than pushing their roster aside for Hogan, Flair, and Val Venis or whatever.) I'm not saying it's the smartest move, but I'm just wondering out loud if there's a bottom for Raw that would make it difficult for it to not at least attempt. @Death From Above editing to say i agree wholeheartedly. They lost me after 27 years! Granted, I spent a solid 4-5 of them as a WCW defector, but still.
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