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  1. Last for the night fuck being polite https://youtu.be/YNwWTmocG6k
  2. This one I s cheating because it isn't a theme (outside of my own during the late 90s backyard wrestling craze) but will be definitely familiar to anyone who enjoyed ECW on MSG
  3. I don't watch much WWE anymore but when I hear this song in 2k19 I get pumped I was just playing before while taking my medicine bubba and that inspired me to go find this low key banger
  4. That looks exactly like the shirts we were given for gym class in middle school. Just so God damn lazy. And he was already saddled with that awful name. Adrian was terrible enough because it was so close to the singer Aaron, and then just Neville on its own sounds like some kind of weird B-character in Harry Potter or Game of Thrones or something. I'm really hoping once the details of the second show are hammered out, AEW adds a secondary title and makes him the first champion.
  5. South Korean pop music with lots of boy bands and girl groups like we had in the US in the 90s/00s.
  6. A weird thing I find with the Network is that I'm perfectly ok watching WCW and ECW stuff from him, but once the Radicalz jump to the WWF I go into "holy shit that guy's a psycho murderer" mode and fast forward. Not for any moral reason or blame on WWE, it's completely subconscious, I just find it interesting and don't know what it says about me.
  7. If not DDP then definitely Batista as the latecomer gone furthest, no?
  8. Remember when they had those Capitol Hill hearings after Benoit and Vince was like "my rehab program's just for good PR lol" and Dixie Carter said TNA sells action figures not for kids, but for people "like that man from the 40 year old Virgin?" What the hell even ended up happening with that? I soured for a couple years after so I'm not sure how it panned out
  9. I'd probably consider watching Raw again if they came with a Taipei deathmatch out of left field
  10. Ted Nugent got the invite after shitting his pants to avoid going to Nam. They ain't catching a damn thing. That's all I gotta say because I'm not getting cashed baby
  11. I certainly credit Punk with helping me discover ROH back in the day and as mentioned a few pages back, bringing me back to watching WWE in 2011, but it blows my mind how seriously that dude takes himself. And after telling Rollins to stop tweeting, and getting KTFO in UFC... It just looks gross man.
  12. It was Friends don't let friends get "Friends" haircuts which is somehow even worse. Though admittedly if David Schwimmer started rocking the modern day Lars skullet, I'd probably like that guy way more
  13. That's kinda my point exactly. No one wants NXT on USA to cut their hair and start writing radio songs. We want NXT to keep the acne, leather, and binge drinking.
  14. As much crap as I talked about the guy from 2002-2005, I'll hand it to HHH here: I've seen him on the side of the stage 4 out of 5 times I've seen Metallica. Actually, I think as a band they're probably a great parallel for what he says in the article about NXT becoming the "third brand": how do you become that big, but still try maintain that rebelliousness?
  15. Agreed. Hell, if he gets fired up enough, you can hear some of that shine through even today when he's calling matches for Jungle Boy or Darby Allin I'm going Bret over Flair, I'd have to think about Bryan a little more. Flair was great at it, don't get me wrong, but Bret never did shit like the beg off into the nut shot.
  16. Holy Upper Body Business, Batman. That's brutal
  17. This is real low hanging fruit but you kinda *have* to go along with Hacksaw's (or anyone's for that matter) USA chant
  18. That was really the last time I cared about WWE, even though I didn't quit watching the TVs until last year. That whole time was an awesome payoff after coming back to watching it in 2011 with the Punk stuff.
  19. I'm too young to have seen that live, though I've seen it on tape and I co sign. A related low key what if for me is if Martel doesn't get hurt in '98 during the WCW comeback. Thought he had the best Booker singles matches to that point (this was pre best of 7 IIRC) and really would've liked to see him get a US title run or something. Or at least hang on long enough to have some random matches with top guys on Thunder or something.
  20. Roman Reigns is probably the most recent I'd say. Maybe Bubba Ray Dudley's weird time as a singles in 02 when Rev D-Von was happening on SD Edit: that's what I get for not refreshing the page before I post. Cheers @MonteCarl
  21. I was gonna say Barbarian but I forgot he and Haku didn't team til 90
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