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  1. I'm seriously torn on this. Hickman has done a lot of things I like a lot, but so much of his Avengers run felt less like reading a story than like watching the recap video before the blowoff match that it's hard to get terribly enthusiastic.
  2. I am seriously considering double/triple dipping on that game so I can stream it more easily and get trophies, even though I already got it free on PC via Twitch Prime and already bought it on Switch. It might surpass Fist of the North Star as my favorite game of 2018.
  3. A Konami Arcade Classics set that does not have Frogger, Gyruss or either Time Pilot seems jaw-droppingly incomplete. Unless the emulation gets a thumbs down from smart people I'll probably buy it and the Castlevania set, but it's still fuckin' lame.
  4. I hated, hated, hated Flashpoint. I think that I would've liked it more if it had "just" been an event as it was clearly originally planned, rather than being a catalyst for erasing the DCU I loved and launching the Nu52. Looking back, I don't think I'm ever gonna be on board with child-murdering Wonder Woman or certain other things in the story but the only reason it pissed me off more than something like Injustice was that they turned it into a total reboot instead of using it to throw the 'real' DCU into sharp relief. When i saw the cartoon a few years after, when I'd kind of accepted that I was an undesirable peripheral demographic for the comics and moved on, I was able to enjoy it more.
  5. I fucking love that unless there's more Dracula anime than I'm aware of, your first exposure was probably a Japanese adaptation of American comics ("Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned" was a baffling Tomb of Dracula adaptation from 1980) Edited to add: My first exposure was the double-shot of Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets. I didn't know they were Japanese, I just knew those and Voltron made me happy so I bought multiple terrible NES games as a kid because the package art reminded me of those shows. My first viewing after finding out so much of the shit I loved was anime was the Sci-Fi Channel's marathon of Lensman, Robot Carnival and Vampire Hunter D.
  6. The three I usually waffle between are "Nobody Dies", "Coyote's Gospel" and USM 13.
  7. Spike Chunsoft have announced that Suda51 will return to his Roots with a new story mode DLC for FPW. Hopefully it involves vehicular homicide and the player char's suicide.
  8. Sega/Studio RGG have announced that the recasting of Hamura in Judgement will not delay the game and it will still release on 6/25.
  9. ...god dammit I forgot to buy Bloodstained Curse of the Moon on Vita yesterday. Most sell out within a few days. Some of them sell out within minutes. Your mention of them reminds me that I forgot to be online when Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon for Vita went up yesterday, and I missed out.
  10. Larry DiTillio, who worked on the best and worst Filmation had to offer but is probably best known for co-showrunning Transformers: Beast Wars and for being part of Straczynski's team on Captain Power, Real Ghostbusters and Babylon Five, has died at 79. Evanier's piece is here.
  11. I'm late to the party on Black Hammer, but after three issues I'm pretty happy to hop on the bandwagon. Looking forward to the JL crossover and to getting far enough along to try the World Of stuff, especially Quantum Age.
  12. Universe has added the live-action Shazam/Captain Marvel show. If I had watched it for the first time at 7 instead of 41, I'd fucking love it, but as things stand today I think 3 episodes is enough for now.
  13. Transformers #1 was enjoyable. The art's not bad, it's cool to see Cybertron a few months before the Decepticons go from being a social movement to a revolutionary army, it's interesting to see a slightly more world-weary Bumblebee as the mentor to someone who was literally born yesterday. And yet, my response was "that was enjoyable I guess." I'm not sure whether its failure to truly grab me is because none of the weird side characters I love are around, or if it's because it's not as good as the 2011-2018 run of TF comics (and I feel like I can argue fairly objectively that every series in that run had a stronger #1 than this) or if I just got so emotionally attached to the first IDW continuity that I'm not giving it a fair shake. I didn't waste my $3.59 but I also don't know if I'll be sticking with it beyond #6 or so.
  14. I just wanted to check in since it's been three weeks since I last posted to this thread. First off, huge thanks to @J.T., @Technico Support @Contentious C, @Craig H for the words of sympathy and the advice. My head's firmly above water, I've been keeping my distance from her and making a point of trying to drag my individual friends out of the house more. One thing she remarked upon as a stressor in our relationship was that when my friend group largely collapsed in a wave of people turning 40 and feeling too old to hang out in bars and shit, and I no longer had a trivia night to go to or a monthly karaoke date with ten other people, I left too many of my expectations for not-sitting-at-home-alone on her shoulders. She was right about that and I'm trying to take it to heart. I've made it a point not to keep booze around the house (because if I'm home alone I've always been too willing to get a buzz going and play Injustice, and I don't want to exacerbate that with breakup sad on top of regular depression) and I'm actively seeking out new social opportunities. I'm not "okay", to be honest I'm pretty angry at both her and myself some of the shit I put up with while I was walking on eggshells. And SXSW has put a cramp in my social opportunities since it fucks bus and rideshare and none of my friends want to deal with the bullshit, and my age and awkwardness make me not want to go to big-ass tourist parties alone. So...I'm still wallowing a little, but I think things are going to start getting easier next week when there's not a goddamn forcefield around downtown making it impossible for me to go anywhere north of the river and unpalatable for my friends to come down here. ETA: To answer J.T.'s assumption before, currently neither of us are in therapy. My prior doctor retired and I've been having trouble finding a specialist who takes my insurance and who can be reached without spending as much to get there and home as I spend on my copay. I'm on a couple waiting lists but have no idea when I'll be able to go back. She hasn't been to a therapist in over fifteen years and flat out refuses to go, which was a source of friction; nothing would end a conversation about the troubles we were having faster than my suggesting we go to a couple therapist.
  15. I REALLY want to see the Fifty States Initiative brought back in some form. The idea that every state has a team of government-payroll capes who can reasonably show up any time a story is set in their turf was a great one, and flushing it after Siege was a huge mistake.
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