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    Spent 90 minutes or so with Injustice 2 tonight, doing Atom's Battle Simulator arcade ladder and 3/4 of his gear quests. Aside from a lackluster arcade ending, he's pretty much everything I wanted and might end up my new main (at least until TMNTuesday, whenever it may be). He doesn't have a lot of combos and nothing over 3 buttons (which is good for me as a sloppy player), his specials are fun and are a good mix of shrinking, density shift and gadgets, and his Circle/B shrink power is great fun that is almost too button-mashy but not quite. That power's going to be a PEST in online play, though.
  2. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    Holiday megasales are live on Gog and PSN.
  3. Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    Finally got to start Time War today, now that my job no longer requires me to have my ears uncovered. The first episode is a great little mindfuck. More when I finish the box, but right now my driving thoughts are (1) I hope before this season ends (in 2019 or 2020, God help us) they can get Timothy Dalton in to show the return of Rassilon and (2) I still want to know how 8 and Liv parted ways.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Mario x Rabbids is more XCOM than Ogre Battle but it's turn based tactics.

    I'm actually super excited for the Atom tomorrow. They picked my favorite incarnation of the franchise and his solo trailer looks pretty great.

    Street Fighter 5 Season 3 will be Sakura (who launches the same day as the Arcade Edition), Blanka, Cody, Sagat and two new characters. Fake is wearing Shadaloo gear and appears to be connected to Ed. G I have no idea about. I am gonna go out on a limb and predict that the TMNT will be January's Injustice characters to steal a little thunder since the January DLC will be out either the same day or a week prior.
  7. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    And now I see that Horizon Chase, maybe my all time favorite mobile game, is getting a PS4 upgrade.
  8. Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    When you've never even heard of the two top listed actors, you know you've hit DTV heaven or hell. ETA: Wait, the then-15-year-old girl (who had only done an episode each of House and ER) gets billing over both the adult female lead and Corin "Parker Lewis" Nemec? That makes no sense.
  9. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    If I had a PSVR I would be super pumped for Wipeout Omega VR.
  10. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I love Nick Roche on Transformers and Doctor Who, but his superhero stuff leaves me a little cold generally. I also feel like he's best when drawing his own scripts.
  11. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    I wish I could be excited for Soul Calibur, but after 4 and 5 I am highly skeptical.
  12. This Weather Sucks

    I'm pretty sure the last time it snowed in earnest here was February 2010, when I first came to town for rehab at the Chris Cole Center for the Blind. I mean, I know we've had freezing rain and ice on the roads since then, but actual flaky snow? Pretty sure that hasn't happened.
  13. Happy (the adaptation of the Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson mini) is on as we speak. I'll probably post about it as a whole tomorrow, but so far my dominant thought is "Happy should've been hand-drawn animation and not CGI."
  14. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Today's episode of WNYC's "On the Media" was all about the scandal at WNYC itself, with presenter John Hockenberry leaving the station on seemingly good terms earlier this year, only for a number of women, especially women of color, reporting that he had harassed them sexually and otherwise and generally bullied the shit out of them, and the station did effectively nothing until his contract ended and they didn't renew.
  15. Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    My GF is looking for anthology horror recommendations. She mostly just loves Vertigo stuff (she loved Flinch; her favorite non-anthology stuff was Sandman and iZombie but she definitely prefers short stories over epic ongoings). I don't know shit about horror and can't help her. Any suggestions for stuff that's either in print or cheaply available in TPB?