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  1. I ended up missing Queensryche. I was fighting off a cold and just felt like shit, so it was easy to rationalize skipping a $20 show by a band that isn't retiring. Hope I catch them next time. Thinking hard about Howard Jones on 3/12; it's an acoustic set which is weird for someone so wired in to electronic music, but when I saw his greatest-hits tour it was rad as hell, a good mix of his 80s radio classics with the more experimental stuff he did after falling out of the spotlight.
  2. Lode Runner Legacy, which has been out for years on PC and Switch, finally lands on PS4 next week. It rules.
  3. I have had that game for two years and still never made it out of the landing tutorial. It's really cool, but I am absolutely not wired for it
  4. Last couple albums with the new vocalist have been significantly better than Tate's stuff with Operation Mindcrime but it does take a little getting used to.
  5. He was a major player in the first serialized season of the 90s Spidey cartoon (season 2?), with horrifying octopus suckers in his hands to suck blood plasma because they weren't allowed to show neck-biting, and so the comics gave him more prominence for a while.
  6. RIP to Brice Armstrong, Texas VA best known as the English narrator on Dragon Ball Z. He was 84.
  7. I'm fairly sure that the only reason I don't mix up all 3 of Dying Light, Evil Within and Until Dawn is that UD was a PS+ freebie so I know that's the David Cage-esque horror game.
  8. I'm still gonna see it the first weekend, but I am not optimistic. It feels very likely that this will crash and burn, and we'll never get Harbinger, Quantum&Woody or Archer&Armstrong, which is a shame.
  9. but Tomb Raider Anniversary, which is where Crystal Dynamics took over, and where the "kill room setpiece" combat model became a part of TR, came out about five months before Uncharted 1.
  10. The only things you listed that I give a shit about are Cyberball, Punch-Out!!, Nintendo World Cup and THPS series. If I had to pick a top 5 it'd probably be: NHL 2k3 THPS3 Tyson's Punch-Out!! UFC Undisputed 3 (probably the sports game I've put the most time into post-PS2) Skate3
  11. I have picked up 2 more profoundly nerdy tickets for February: Dance With the Dead (this will be my 3rd time seeing them, they're pretty much the only non-vocal synthwave act I'd spend money to see because they've got a live guitarist and are good showmen) and Protomen/TWRP (who doesn't want to see a Jim Steinman-esque rock opera about Mega Man?) Holy shit I'm seeing Queensryche on Wednesday and it feels weird to think about.
  12. Been bouncing around between Clone Wars and Static Shock for bus viewing now that I finished Jojo S2. Static really makes me want to spend a stupid amount of money to just read all of 90s Milestone. Clone Wars is fun but inessential. That said, the "3PO and Jar Jar are in over their heads" episode is REALLY fun and raised my opiinion of Jar Jar to "he's like Tom Arnold, generally unpleasant but awesome when you play to his strengths"
  13. My move caused me to take a couple days to watch the rest of Crisis. I thought the cameo in ep 4 was a fun 90 seconds and didn't think much more about it. I REALLY hope Ryan sticks around somewhere; my all time favorite DC chars are probably Kon-El, Wally West #1, Ted Kord, Barbara Gordon and Ryan Choi, so with Routh leaving sometime this season it'd be lovely to get the All New Atom. The last shot of the cage was cute but didn't move me or anything.
  14. Does RoS have a magnificent parody of 80s movie power ballads in general and Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" from THE KARATE KID PART II in specific? No? Checkmate, critics.
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