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  1. Cliff Hanger


    My grocery store had the original Die Hard in the $5 Blu-ray cutout bin. Today being the 30th anniversary, I couldn't possibly pass.
  2. Cliff Hanger


    Almost done with story mode in Yakuza Kiwami, but a LONG way from 100 percenting it. Bouncing back and forth between that, SF5, Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX3. I keep feeling like I should dig back into Injustice and finally push Atom to 30, but it's much easier for me to sit down and play SF5 for ten minutes.
  3. Cliff Hanger

    Hair Metal

    Looking up non-Hardline, non-Journey, non-Saints stuff Castronovo has done led me to Issa, and...yeah, I'm into this on multiple levels.
  4. Cliff Hanger

    Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    The second 8th Doctor: Time War set is out. I won't be able to buy it til I get paid, but it seems a good time to revisit the first quartet.
  5. Cliff Hanger

    Hair Metal

    I'm listening to this now and it's pretty great. The Lady Antebellum cover reinforces the idea that 21st century pop country is just 80s pop metal with different guitar style.
  6. Cliff Hanger

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    New knowledge: Marvel did two issues of Sledge Hammer! in 1988, with one issue guest-starring Satana and the other featuring Spidey. This means there is an Earth in the Marvel multiverse where Sledge and John Walker just sat in a bar for 4 hours screaming about COMMIES(TM) and eventually team up to fight the Watchdogs without the self-awareness to realize they're right-wing menaces rather than left-wing menaces. I kind of want to see this hypothetical story.
  7. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I was gonna pick up Orlando's fill-in arc with Aztek already, this gives me a reason to stick around longer.
  8. Nah, it's the little old lady who microwaved Scott to death in FRED HEMBECK DESTROYS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE.
  9. Cliff Hanger

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    STUFF I HAD NO IDEA WAS ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO: Harlock: Arcadia Of My Youth Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer Black Jack (the 1996 movie) most importantly: Robot Carnival! There's no easy way to search for anime movies on Prime so there MIGHT be some more that I just hadn't noticed besides those and Hokuto. But that's 3 absolute stone cold classics and one I've never seen based on a property I like (Black Jack) to start with.
  10. Ant-Man and Wasp made me really happy. The rhythm of the action and comedy felt almost like a 90s or early-aughts Disney family adventure but with adults in the roles of the teenage kids, which worked for me way better than I expected. Hank getting to be a much more complicated and ambiguous person than the first movie's "grumpy, distant dad" was awesome, the fights and car chase did a wonderful job of applying the shrink/grow tech in fun ways, and it was just generally exactly what I needed in my brain today. EDITED TO ADD: Oh, and that 90-second flashback villain was something I seem to have been the only one in my screening to pick up on, and I laughed hard enough to have to explain it to my GF.
  11. Cliff Hanger

    Hair Metal

    Rev Saints are REALLY fun. I like One Desire quite a bit, not familiar with the others but must check them out.
  12. Cliff Hanger

    Introduce yourself (or don't)

    Hey, good to see you around again. I'm Zach, lurked here in the green board days and weirdly started posting regularly as Cliff Hanger in the very brief period between the Fruitopia hack and Eddy's death. I'm legally blind, work for the US Treasury dept, and watch wrestling maybe once every six months these days and MMA about as often, but would rather talk about comic books and video games and TV here than on any website primarily dedicated to those things.
  13. Cliff Hanger


    Today is the last day of the Flip Grip Kickstarter. No word on whether they'll do a second run since the KS money was mostly insurance to cover the cost of the molds. So if you want one, it might behoove you to go back it even though they've made triple their goal.
  14. Cliff Hanger


    Yeah, having a sub from July of 04 til it shut down in November 2012 means I spent over a grand on City of Heroes.
  15. Humble Monthly headliners for August 3 are Conan: Exiles, A Hat In Time and Escapists 2. July's secret games turned out to be Forts: Tons of Guns, Serial Cleaner, Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition, Titanquest Anniversary (with Ragnarok), and Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.