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  1. I dumped Stadia Pro in Feb like every other day one adopter but I keep checking the freebies. This month you get SUPERHOT, Little Nightmares and Get Packed!. At least one of those is amazing.
  2. The PCE port of Ninja Gaiden is surprisingly bad. I expected way better from Hudson porting an existing game to their own 5 year old console. In other news I got my Turbo Mini and my pile of shame is on hold while I play Ys again.
  3. V unhappy that they left out Armor Duel (Stratego) from the DS one, but still definitely buying that and down for a group night.
  4. If, like me, you are dumb enough to want RAD on 4k BD, this weekend's sale at vinegarsyndrome is probably your last chance.
  5. Very sad to lose "Bring The Noise" and "Cyco Vision". But we got the goddamn Vandals back, which makes me happy
  6. Guilty Gear STRIVE pushed to 2021, so I will need an interim source of anime fighter bullshit.
  7. If they were to do this, I would really hope they'd come up with an alternative play control scheme for Galaxy 1+2. On Wii it was exactly the kind of game I can never play (because I couldn't simultaneously sit close enough to the TV to see the screen and far enough away for the Wiimote to work). 3D World getting a reissue would be RAD.
  8. Aiming more for downloads etc. since Nintendo's big first-party games are borderline duh: Lode Runner Legacy is $10 and the LR formula is still maybe the best action-puzzle game ever. it has all the old Apple II/C64 levels plus a ton more. Get yourself a Flip Grip and buy PinballFX3, SNK 40th Anniversary and Namco Museum if you're interested in classics River City Girls and Streets of Rage 4 are both amazing brawlers. Do you have a minute to hear the story of our lord and savior Shovel Knight? Yoku's Island Express is a neat Metroidvania built on pinball mechanics Next time it goes on sale you may want to pick up Collection of Mana Crypt of the Necrodancer is a very cool combination of Nethack and a rhythm game, and its side story/Zelda crossover Cadence of Hyrule has some absolute banger remixes of classic songs.
  9. Amazon has started to update Turbografx Mini preorders. They're showing a 5/22 release date with most preorders set to arrive between 5/26 and 5/28.
  10. Wow. I'm impressed as it took me two solid hours because I kept biffing the randomized QTE where you both climb the cage.
  11. A big part of it was rental syndrome. Game companies were terrified of releasing stuff that two average kids could beat in a weekend, and tweaked shit for US release to make them harder (see also Contra Hard Corps). If you have the PS4/XB1/Switch/Steam Genesis pack, it will let you play both the US/EU and JP versions. The JP is still rough, but not nearly as gouge-your-eyes-out nasty as the Western version.
  12. Age of Apocalypse happened about a year before I became a Wednesday Warrior. I've been trying hard to keep up with Jay and Miles, but...this is not the kind of stuff I loved when I was in high school (when I mostly checked to see if Waldenbooks had a new issue of Quasar, X-Factor or Guardians of the Galaxy), and it REALLY isn't the kind of stuff that got me super into comics in college. I can ABSOLUTELY understand why it was such a huge deal for so many people, but coming to it cold 25 years later I'm mostly "oh that's a neat angle" with no actual attachment or investment.
  13. New MK 11 expansion coming 5/26 with new story chapters featuring the DLC characters, and Professor of Art History Peter Weller as Robocop.
  14. Hooked up my PSVR for the first time since Christmas because I craved some full immersion Tetris Effect, and finally tried Astrobot Rescue. It can be a little frustrating, but it's charming AF and I'm having a blast with it.
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