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  1. Cliff Hanger

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    Michael Kupperman judt followed me on Twitter and I am losing my shit
  2. Cliff Hanger


    that reminds me, I need the enhanced Switch port of Phantasy Star 1. I mean, I don't really NEED it, the chances of me playing it to completion again are infinitesimal, but it is a very shiny object in the corner of my mind.
  3. Cliff Hanger


    YAKUZA 0 UPDATE: Chapter 14. I have now spent 175 hrs on this game since July, almost as much time as on Kiwami 1 and Fist of the North Star combined. I really hate the minigame showdowns in Real Estate, I've lost the catfight challenge 4 times now. I can't even imagine ever doing enough to finish hostess club because I'm just not great at it, even when I get a solid balance of girls my take is like 20 million yen. I am definitely taking a break after I beat this to play God of War or something instead of moving directly to K2, since I have effectively spent two weeks of my life doing nothing but playing Yakuza games since May.
  4. Cliff Hanger

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    So I did the Superman double feature today. Theater was about 2/3 full (one of the smaller screening rooms with a capacity of 90 so about 60), mostly families with kids and older comics dorks (though not THAT dorky, as I was literally the only person who laughed at Clark's parents making jokes at Lori LeMaris's expense). I'm really glad I went, both movies were really fun and the big climactic fights were better for being seen on a big screen. Observations from someone who hasn't seen any of the "continuity" movies since Throne of Atlantis: 1) Death of Superman is perfectly paced, and the fight is just fucking BRUTAL. Reign isn't as well-paced because they're trying to squeeze all the best bits of basically a full year of weekly comics into 90 minutes, but it's still very fun. 2) It's been fifteen years and I'm still not finished hating the Luthorboy retcon. They use it well enough here, but having him be Lexcorp Presents Superboy isn't quite as much fun as the original. 3) For people who haven't seen the prior movies in the series, the big bad rather comes out of nowhere. I was sitting there thinking "they're not leaving much time to introduce Mong...oh, of course they're using X. Fine." 4) Steel has a version of the Priest Hammer, yay! It's still a two-handed sledgehammer to go with his original costume, but it has a lot of the gadgets etc introduced during the Priest/Cowan run. I would've liked to see more of his story before everything gets swept up in Henshaw's plot, and for him to have gotten the press moment where he just makes perfectly clear that he's trying to uphold Superman's example rather than replace him. But again, 52 issues of comics in 90 minutes. 5) Rainn Wilson is a really good Luthor...which makes sense because of Megamind but would never have occurred to me until I heard him. I like O'Connell better as Captain Marvel than Superman, but he's still good. Voice cast is generally a pretty interesting mix of "actors who do cartoons sometimes" and working voiceover types. Cress Williams as Steel is of course freaking ace. Cameron Monaghan does a good job for the aged-down Kon in the story. I *might* go back and watch the stuff from Batman and Son thru JL/TT if shutdown lasts long enough.
  5. Cliff Hanger


    Is this from Sonic Jam? It's not from any comp I've ever laid my hands on
  6. Cliff Hanger


    I'm in. I just hope my potential selections are neither too obvious nor too stupid.
  7. Cliff Hanger

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    aw fuck. I wasn't THAT familiar with his work, but Hero Illustrated and Wizard were both heavily on his side on the early 90s, and the fact that they had talked up his shit my local pusher wouldn't order was what primed me to demand a copy of Archie Meets the Punisher
  8. Cliff Hanger

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I see the new version of Dororo is on Amazon. Gonna have to check that out
  9. Cliff Hanger

    The Music Festival Thread

    It kind of sucks to realize I'm finally financially secure enough to go to a music festival that isn't in Austin, only to realize that there's no longer anything there for me. Maybe if I put together the money to go to Frontiers in Italy or UK and just see trashy 80s-esque rock bands for 2 days, but even having international air fare doesn't make it worth BUYING international air fare.
  10. Cliff Hanger

    Digital Comics Sales and Discussion Thread

    DC finally buckled and became the last major publisher to contribute to Comixology Unlimited. Looking at their initial offering, (a) it's better than what they're putting on Universe and fuck them for that, (b) it's still not that exciting, and the 15 percent discount will end up meaning more to me than the lending library (though I did start Wild Storm v1 out of boredom today).
  11. Cliff Hanger

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Add some version of the Orb and you've got the Jason Aaron All-stars
  12. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Yeah, basically saying they'd have come up with a better name if they'd known they'd end up on a team. On things that actually happen in the issue: Jinny Hex is basically exactly what I expected from "teenage girl descended from Jonah." I'm sure that the explanation for how Bart and Kon are back in the universe relates to the Crises, very curious to get at least a partial explanation (maybe not a WHOLE explanation).
  13. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I'd give it a solid 7/10. It's definitely at the positive end of the Bendis Writing Team Books spectrum, and Gleason's art is always nice. I cringe every time I read "Teen Lantern" though.
  14. Cliff Hanger

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Streets of Fire has to get some traction here, right? It's a terrible movie that I love, and it gave us multiple all-time great songs.
  15. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Reeder drawing Amethyst would be real good. Bendis is so hit-or-miss these days that I think I'd rather see someone other than him write it.