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  1. DC TV Thread

    It is super weird to hear them talking about Markovia in Arrow, given that Brion Markov was used as the nudge-wink name of a throwaway character in season 1 before they started world-building.
  2. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    Is there a reason to play it over V, the only one I've ever had?
  3. The Podcast Thread

    I kind of fell out of the habit of listening to Talkin' Toons long before Rob got sick and took a year off, because it was too irregular and too long when it did come out. I literally had no idea he had brought the show (either as an addendum or a replacement) to Vrv's Nerdist channel, despite having had Vrv for nearly a year (because I don't really care about Nerdist stuff, so I never looked at that channel). It's given him a chance to bring back old favorite guests like DiMaggio, the other TMNT and of course LaMarche and re-tell stories pod listeners have already heard, but it's also given him the ability to do things like have Conroy, Dini and Alan Burnett all on together. It's probably not worth $10 a month, but if like me you'd have that subscription anyway it's pretty great.
  4. DC TV Thread

    I think Flash was well aware that viewers at large thought S3 was a brutal misfire, and they prioritized "fix the fuck up as fast as you can, and don't worry about the speed bumps." I was hoping for a Wally in the Titans costume being *the* Flash for an ep or two, but deep down I knew that Barry would be back in the premiere because as long as he's gone, they can't "fix things" to make it more like the parts of seasons 1 and 2 that made them popular. it sucks, but it's how network TV works these days. Within those restrictions, I had a lot of fun with it.
  5. DC TV Thread

    I'm very sad that we didn't get Wally in the Titans red-and-silver. Otherwise I quite liked that episode. Won't see LOT til Thursday, unfortunately.

    Warner/Netherrealm finally confirmed The Atom for IJ2. He's coming in December, and it's Ryan Choi which makes me incredibly happy.
  7. A Rick & Morty Thread

    I've always thought that everything Nietzche said about the ubermensch was bullshit, but the Last Men were a real phenomenon. Jerry is the Last Man. And if Rick is the ubermensch, with all his self-defeating tendencies and failure to enrich his own life or recreate the world, that kind of plays to my biases.
  8. A Rick & Morty Thread

    Reading reports of the sauce nightmare makes me glad that I tried it in the day, disliked it, and said "Good for whoever wants it." It also makes me ashamed and reminds me of how uncomfortable most of the fandoms for things I love make me.

    Fine by me, I got a season pass.

    The story reason is that until you get to the top and find the distilling point, the Sheikah Slate won't remember it, and that requires getting to the top, which requires more stamina than I had when I found it by accident.

    Finding Hateno Tower for a second time has proven frustratingly hard. I have it pinned, I went there and found out there's no way to get to the first rest stop without a stamina upgrade, and I went to Hateno Village and the accompanying research site. But now that I could actually find it, I am having the god damnedest time actually getting to the base of the tower.

    Street Fighter V will finally be a complete game on January 16 when it gets an arcade ladder mode, a mere 22 1/2 months after it shipped. Still no word on who the last 2017 DLC char is.
  13. A Rick & Morty Thread

    I feel like Beth's underlying issues have been simmering since "Rixty Minutes" but backburnered for so long we kind of forgot them. It's been impossible to pretend she's "okay" since S1, but she hasn't had enough focus time to really expand on it til now.

    For some reason, Namco blocking streaming on Gundam Vs pisses me off way more than Atlus doing the same for P5 did. Spent an hour with the game, it feels like old times, but I doubt I will spend anywhere near as much time with it as I did the PS2 games since there's no 50-hour story mode. Also, playing with the Gundam 0083 chars has made me realize that that's the one series where I still think of the English voices as the 'real' ones and the Japanese sound wrong to me.

    Kingsman 2 has some great fight scenes and some big laughs, and Julianne Moore is bloody amazing, but it commits basically every possible sequel fuck-up except one (subverting a catchphrase from tthe first film in the exact same way 3 or 4 times).