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  1. Man. I completely forgot about that somehow, despite having dropped probably 30 hrs into it. Gonna blame it on (a) December games just being that lame and (b) having hung out with my little quarantine pod for the first time in 3 months for the holiday.
  2. I miss the days of multiplayer indies like Rocket League and Mercenary Kings being free on day one so that everyone is playing the same cool new game for a month.
  3. My Lynx carts for Evercade came today. Those were at least half the reason I bought the damn thing. Given that they don't have access to the Atari and Midway stuff now held by WB Games, they got all the most important stuff that was on the table. I wish they had balanced the carts a little better--Collection 1 has a bunch of later-era Atari/Epyx titles and some homebrew stuff by Songbird, while Collection 2 has all the early marquee titles like Electrocop, Blue Lightning and California Games, so there are 17 games on cart 1 and only 8 on cart 2. I am still really enjoying this dumb little s
  4. So to the shock of no one, I ended up playing Like a Dragon next. It fucking rules, and the dub is largely very good. BUT I really wish they had just left the songs in Japanese if they were going to dub them without working the words to rhyme. "Bakamitai" sounds fine, but the faster hard rock songs are EXCRUCIATING, as they try to fit words into a meter they weren't written for. Remember the 90s when anime companies would go for less exact translations in favor of making it something a human could sing to the melody? Do that or just leave the songs subbed.
  5. Final time for Yakuza 6: 46 hrs and 10 minutes, over 30 hrs shorter than my next quickest run thru one of the games (78 hrs for the Fist of the North Star spinoff) and over 200 hours less than 5. I can definitely understand why the fandom trashed it at the time; the story is a bit out there and jettisons almost the entire supporting cast, there isn't nearly as much to do and the new fighting engine was sloppy as hell. Still, the ending works for the characters who remain and it's been a really great couple years with these characters. Not sure what my next "big" game will be; I'm sittin
  6. Stuff I'm Juggling Now: Fuser (still rules. I am still very bad at it but I'm learning. And I need to figure out how to upload "(Don't Fear the) Regulators" to Youtube because I have to say that was a kickass little mashup. Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life (story-only run because the gameplay is drastically inferior to K2 or Judgment and I really just want to get to) Yakuza: Like A Dragon (Did the 1999 prologue and it is a very weird feeling. Looking forward to getting to Yokohama so the game will feel more like its own thing) Beat Saber (now that it'
  7. I beat Yakuza 5. It took me 260 hours across 2 and a half months, over a hundred hours more than any other Studio RGG game, and I left more undone than I ever have. There is so much cool shit to do but it's less than the sum of its parts because it's SO bloated and there are SO MANY things you can't even start on til the final chapter. May just skip 6 beyond dicking around a bit since right now I am way more interested in a JRPG than a brawler and I preordered 7,/LAD
  8. Talking Points is glorious but half my usual Tuesday Jackbox group won't touch it. I wish the new pack had a new YDKJ or Trivia Murder Party just because we are running out of surprises on those from 5 or 6, but I'm not sure I'd eject anything from what's there. Maybe Devils if we could get a new Bomb Corp next time?
  9. The Rift or Quest 1 might be bad, or maybe it's just that the PSVR is worse despite being lower end tech. But I found the Q2 easier to wear and easier to play with on Beat Saber and Superhot since it didn't require keeping your head and your sticks in the webcam area.
  10. If a game can get delayed after going gold then what does that phrase even mean anymore
  11. Until I handled an Oculus I had no idea just how rudimentary and sad the PSVR is, and now I'm ready to buy one with my PS5 war chest since I probably won't be able to buy one of those til after I get my 2021 tax refund
  12. I'm finding myself super engrossed in Space Station. It's the first WMS table Zen or Farsight have done that I'd never even heard of, and it's just a really solid late 80s table with less flash than a Pinbot but also less bullshit. It feels really good and I have been working the Survival Challenge all day.
  13. 3 new classic tables (FUNHOUSE~!, Space Station and Dr. Dude) landed for PinballFX3 today.
  14. Sega are partnering with Empty Clip for a set of 60th anniversary retro games that will only be available this weekend. Streets of Kamurocho is the one getting the press, but there's also Endless Zone (a Fantasy Zone homage), Golden Axed (which appears to be a build out of an abandoned GA game) and Armor of Heroes (which Kotaku describes as tank combat).
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