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  1. Cliff Hanger


    Not really feeling Falke in SF5. I appreciate them trying to do something really different with an SF char, but she isn't working for me. Not terribly surprising since Ed didn't work for me either. I'm sure there are a lot of people who feel very different though, I'm just old and set in my ways.
  2. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    The last couple pages of Flash are a doozy.
  3. Cliff Hanger

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    Twitch Prime freebies for May: Psychonauts Gone Home Clustertruck Titan Souls I, Hope High Hell
  4. Cliff Hanger

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    Sony's annual Golden Week celebration of the Japanesest games is live with tons of anime games. Also, new Humble Bundle with Sega and Capcom games for Playstation. Dead Rising 1-2, Valkyria Chronicles PS4, and more.
  5. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Action 1000 is what I didn't know I needed yesterday and today. It's a celebration of Superman filled with easy sentimentality and syrup-grade sap, but I ate it the fuck up. Tom King's story in particular may be the best example since the Dr. Sax/Johnny Guitar issue of Avengers: The Initiative of "you are taking the cheapest possible route toward a tearjerker, but the execution is so good that I'm not even mad." I also loved Jurgens and Snyder's stories, though, and I might or might not show up for Bendis (he's done a number of stories I fucking love and at least as many that I think are terrible. If he ever asks to write 616 Moon Knight again, he should be shot immediately.)
  6. It should have been Bob.
  7. Cliff Hanger

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    Came here to mention this. As someone who mostly knew him from WWDTM, I had no idea he'd been the host of Morning Edition for ages (because I basically only listened to it after school or on the weekend).
  8. Cliff Hanger

    Free Comic Book Day 2018.

    With no big launch from DC (though I'll likely get the Super Hero Girls book) the only sure thing for me is Unicron 0 and Shadowman.
  9. Cliff Hanger

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    Netflix has said 78 episodes, and I think we're at 45 now. IIRC the current plan is to keep doing two to three half-seasons a year rather than waiting til they have 13 to drop anything.
  10. Cliff Hanger

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    The longer the evening goes, the more this hurts. I'm sure I've said here before that Night Court was the first grown-up sitcom I ever loved and that it was the basis of a lot of my idea of humor when I was 11-13. This has hit me harder than any celebrity death since Bowie. To re-use a phrase I've posted in 2 or three places already today, it's a reminder that all the people who made the things I loved as a kid, the things that helped me decide who I am, were 25-40 years older than I was. And now that I'm in my forties, that means they're senior citizens and they're reaching the end of their run. This would have weighed heavily on me anytime a Harry Anderson dies, but coming this closely after McCann, Forman and Ermey it's a brick in the face.
  11. Cliff Hanger

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    His Nutty Professor remake was far superior to Robin Williams's, dammit. ETA: And of course, I meant Absent-Minded Professor, not Nutty Professor. I feel dumb as hell.
  12. Cliff Hanger

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    Finally starting to catch up on Voltron after loving the first 2 seasons, then having a hard time getting excited to start what came after. (I totally blame finding the $70 diecast combining Voltron on clearance). This show is so weird and interesting, and makes me think I need to finally watch the Avatar shows. I absolutely love their take on Lotor so far (4 eps into S3). And I'm really happy that Netflix has committed to an end date barely halfway through, so that we don't have to worry about truncation or getting dragged out.
  13. Cliff Hanger


    That looks like a game that I will play for four hours, rave about and then never make the necessary time to truly experience it. I love the ideas in the trailer, but I know me and I know the shit I do and don't put 40 hours into.
  14. Cliff Hanger

    Explain Your Profile Pic

    When I was a kid and we moved around quite a bit, it blew my little mind that every single city we lived in had a Channel 7 that used that logo. Mine is Henry Peter Gyrich, who in the 40 years since his debut has been everything from the Avengers' personal Walter Peck to the face of the Sentinel program to Black Panther's unwilling sidekick. When I started at the Treasury Dept in 2011 I decided I needed either him or Hermes Conrad as my avatar.
  15. Cliff Hanger

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    That game is so nuts, I love it.