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  1. Cliff Hanger

    The MST3K Thread

    New season drops on Mother Fuckin' Turkey Day.
  2. My one worry is that Zen will avoid the 60s-70s tables in favor of stuff more in line with what they make on their own. I know maybe ten people give a shit about anything older than Gorgar, but I have a lot of nostalgia for those old tables because of the shitty bowling alley my dad used to take me to to play Space Invaders.
  3. Cliff Hanger

    Digital Comics Sales and Discussion Thread

    I really love the reader, wish there were more comics worth reading. The choices they've made utterly astound me--complete run of 90s Aquaman, but not even Kingdom Come #1?--and I've had a hard time finding stuff I really want to hunker down with, but when you actually find something you want to read, the experience of reading is sooo much better than Marvel Unlimited. I've been noodling with the TV/movie archive more. I hadn't realized just how many of the direct-to-video movies I'd missed; the total lack of Filmation content is hugely disappointing. Those shows are terrible and I know they're terrible, but they're the reason I knew who Captain Marvel, the Atom and Kid Flash were a decade before I ever bought a comic that had any of them in it.I know a lot of people will be disappointed at the absence of Batman 66, but getting that out on Blu-Ray was such a colossal rights clusterfuck that I never for a second expected it to be here.
  4. If there's been an announcement I totally missed it, but Zen Pinball FX is getting the Williams Classics removed from Pinball Arcade with v1 landing on 10/9. Fish Tales will be a freebie, with Getaway: High Speed 2, Medieval Madness and Junk Yard as a $10 pack.
  5. Cliff Hanger

    I Never Liked Gene Colan: Fixed because I'm a Dope

    This was my experience with Colan. I didn't read any of his prime-era stuff until after I'd read his 90s Daredevil with Joe Kelly. This would've been right after Cary Nord, who at the time was my favorite penciler at the Big 2, left the book and I didn't really understand the history coming back to roost or just how old and ill Colan really was at that point. I just knew that they'd replaced my guy with a 70s guy who "clearly had no business drawing real, modern comics in 1997". It took reading Howard the Duck to really understand what he'd had to offer. I remember hating Bogdanove on X-Factor, Power Pack and Superman back in the day. It's been a long time since I re-read any of those but the way other people talk about him I feel like I should really revisit at least his Marvel stuff.
  6. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I fully expect the scene as BC reports it to happen in #1, but for it to be a fakeout like others said.
  7. Cliff Hanger

    I Never Liked Gene Colan: Fixed because I'm a Dope

    I'm pretty sure that if I had discovered Bagge at any point other than my early 20s circa 2000, I'd never have given him the time of day.
  8. Tekken 3 never got a PS1 Classics release because of Gon, right? That seems like news getting buried here and makes me wonder if other never-reissued games will be inclided.
  9. I now need a game about Captain Commando, time travelling child abductor.
  10. Cliff Hanger

    DC TV Thread

    DC Daily reminds me a lot of the documentaries and news/hype videos that WB made in the early days of Gametap, but with an actual budget. The George Perez segments have been cool but the celebrity/writer panels are excruciating. I can't believe they think they can do 20 min a day 5 days a week.
  11. Cliff Hanger

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Two-in-One was inevitable between Zdarsky's exit and the new FF series. Daredevil feels like a season break, no way it's off sched for more than 6 months. Astonishing similarly feels like it's caught up in a transitional situation with the Uncanny Disassembled weekly coming.
  12. Cliff Hanger

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    3 eps in, Dragon Prince is real good and a show I am not allowed to watch without the GF. also, I am finally going to watch Assault on Arkham because I'm bored and it's the first DTV movie that caught my eye on DCU
  13. Cliff Hanger

    DC TV Thread

    If nothing else, the reading interface is 317 times better than Marvel Unlimited
  14. Cliff Hanger

    DC TV Thread

    I wish I had caught that DCU went live 2 days early an hour and a half ago so I could make a "they did it thirty-five minutes ago" joke. Nonetheless, if you've ever wanted to see the Legends of the Superheroes roast or the Kathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman pilot, now's your chance. The thing I most want to watch while knowing very well that I'll regret doing so is Superboy from the 80s. Notable absences that aren't recent enough to be obvious are pretty much anything by Filmation, the Arrowverse (unless you count Constantine), Superman vs the Elite, and Green Lantern TV.
  15. Cliff Hanger

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I'm glad someone else made the Iida/Cyclops connection, I was starting to think I was seeing things not actually there.