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    Well, THIS bodes ill. Joss Whedon has dropped out of Batgirl, and says "it took me months to realize I really didn't have a story.
  2. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I had been really enjoying No Surrender, and I generally like Aaron's writing, but something about that Avengers lineup leaves me stone cold. I like all 8 of those characters, but I just can't get excited about them in that combination. Hope Ewing lands somewhere awesome.

    I say this pretty much anytime anyone mentions PSNow, but it's kind of insane how great a deal that is at $100/year, and how obscenely overpriced the monthly and quarterly rates are.
  4. Random music thoughts

    Spotify dropped this on me on the algorithmic Release Radar playlist and I've played it probably a half dozen times. I don't know why, but the weird mix of kinda emopop vocals with really complicated instrumentation is really working for me. I don't even know what to call it...prog jazz? Fuck if I know. Lots of acts coming thru that I want to see; if I hadn't promised to go to a thing with my GF I'd be seeing Howard Jones tonight (his last tour kicked so much ass, I was really surprised), OMD and Covenant in April, just saw TMBG on the 1st, and Erasure hitting town in early August.

    The problem with Lobo is that he's at best a foil for others, at worst a dumb joke about 'kewl' characters, but he grew enough unironic fandom that he had to be treated seriously. As someone for Superman or Adam Strange or Vril Dox to butt heads with, he's fucking awesome. As the hero of the story he makes me want to break things. With the right script I could actually see Bay making a really fun movie where Lobo gets lots of great lines and kills but still is the butt of the jokes...but I have no faith in WB and Bay to put together that kind of project.
  6. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    Yeah, when I got MK9 I'm pretty sure I spent 3 hours beating Shao Khan with Raiden in story mode. I did the entire MK3 portion of the story overnight a few days before starting my current job and just kept going and going and going and it went from "very night much dark" to daytime between my first and last tries.
  7. The Really Swell News Thread

    Today a caller spent five minutes trying to get me to switch careers. For those who haven't previously seen me oversharing about my job, I work fro the IRS and my usual workday is to spend 1.5-3 hours answering incalls and the rest of the day doing paper cases like installment payment requests, misapplied payments (90 percent of the time this means the second spouse on a return tried to make a payment toward a joint debt but got the year wrong, preventing a systemic transfer from the "dummy" account that usually just says "Hey, this person filed as this other person's spouse!" to the person who put their name on Line 1) and gently explaining to people that we all believe that they lost money on their 2012 401k flush, but they have to file a return to show that loss or we're legally obligated to assume 100% profit. I usually get at least one compliment on my voice and phone manner per week. My usual response is "I did choir and theatre in high school and added a little radio in college; it pushed the East Texas out of me." Most people say something generic about how they could see that making me well-suited for my current line. This guy was different, and repeatedly encouraged me to look him up on LinkedIn so he could hook me up with his friend who directs national radio ads and could hook me up with other voice directors. There is basically no chance of me making that kind of a life change a month away from 41, and there is a huge chasm between the vocal skills to calm someone in a panic over an IRS letter vs the vocal skills needed to play a character, but it was the most flattering interaction I've had with a taxpayer in 7 years at this job and I wanted to gush a little.
  8. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    I've never lost more than twice to Brainiac in a Battle Simulator (this game's version of Arcade Mode) run. I think he's definitely easier than MK9 Shao Khan or MK10 Shinnok as arcade bosses, but harder than Injustice 1's Superman boss fight. It's worth noting that there's a lower-difficulty, lower-reward version of arcade mode that only gives you 5 battles instead of 8 or 12; I've done that pretty much every time after unlocking all the one-time-only rewards on the longer towers.
  9. Wish I were more surprised. Night Dive have proven really adept at untangling disputed rights to get shit re-released, but making something new is so different and development costs for an HD first person game are so high that this was always a high risk high reward project.
  10. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    This month's PSN Flash Sale is up. Skipping Agents of Mayhem during the Christmas sale has paid off, as it's down to $12.49 with season pass included. Other big names include Final Fantasy 15 for $20 And the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 (the one that includes the season pass) for $32.

    Yeah, between his review for Polygon and his column on Retronauts, Jeremy Parish pretty thoroughly turned me off buying it while I have an SNES Classic.
  12. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Johns says in the first tweet that he and Frank couldn't make the deadline for a 32-story-page book monthly.
  13. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Infinity was pretty boilerplate as far as the story goes, just a way to raise the stakes to insane levels and put the band back together, but it's gorgeous and has some really great fights.
  14. "Stupid movie people. Don't you know the key to a socially relevant superhero story is taking a complex real-world issue and reducing it to someone who can be punched like that cyborg bureaucrat from X-Men as quickly as possible?"
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I love and hate both Necrodancer and Enter the Gungeon. They do so many awesome things, but I am just so fucking bad at both after hours of practice that I find it hard to get invested in trying again.