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  1. This missed getting widely reported as it happened. Gene Taylor, pianist for the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the Blasters, died of exposure to the cold on 2/20 while the power was out here in Austin. He was 68. https://www.austin360.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/02/21/gene-taylor-austin-pianist-fabulous-thunderbirds-and-more-dies/4535083001/
  2. My sleep schedule is a mess so I'm up at 3am playing Mortal Kombat 11. Looks like the March Stadia Pro games are the new Pixeljunk game Pixeljunk Raiders, Pac-Man Tunnel Battle Royale and the AVICII game. I was dumb enough to buy the Pac-Man game but am not on Pro anymore, so my first thought was "maybe I can get a game without sitting on the matchmaking screen for 10 minutes"
  3. I ducking love that the main new vocal track for Yakuza 6 is this beach-party-ass shit
  4. It broke my heart when Housemarque said they were changing direction because Matterfall and Next didn't sell. That said, "a collaboration between the creator of the twin stick arena shooter and the people best known for them in the 21st century" is certainly a game pitched squarely at people over 40 like us.
  5. You will not. If you are vaguely aware that once upon a time Kratos killed most of the Greek gods because Zeus fucked him over, you're set. That story is centuries ago, but it still happened to him.
  6. It's a sequel but in a somewhat different genre (the priors all being smashy smashy button mashy combofests in the vein of Devil May Cry) and set hundreds of years after the earlier games in the series.
  7. I bought SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium on Switch and man. There is a lot to like here but ho boy is it not fun to have to unlock 8 characters via RNG
  8. I bought the Turrican Flashback Collection, which contains the Amiga ports of the first 2 games, plus the console exclusives Mega Turrican and Super Turrican. The emulation is good. The games are emblematic of late 80s europlatformers; if you've played them before or have a soft spot for the genre you will probably be happy. (I had a pirated copy of the C64 original and got Super Turrican used when a video store was selling it) If you only know them as "classics" you haven't actually experienced, save your thirty bucks. You will probably be much happier just putting on the soundtracks via Spot
  9. CBS All Access added a bunch of Nickelodeon stuff, and also the 2003 Fox/4kids version of TMNT. I have been vocal here arguing that it's the best version of the Ninja Turtles story and I stand by that.
  10. Phil Spector has died at 81. No eulogy for a murderer, but very few producers have left as much of a mark. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/phil-spector-dead-obit-67459/
  11. Space Invaders Forever is a huge missed opportunity. SI Extreme remains an absolute classic, but Gigamax isn't much fun outside of its gimmick (ultra wide screen game for 4, originally projected onto a building) and the mobile-to-console port of Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is so lazy that you have to use the touchplate on PS4 to move your paddle. For both this and the Invincible Collection they should have dumped AvSI in favor of Infinity Gene. You can get Extreme by itself on Steam and that's my recommendation.
  12. Man. I completely forgot about that somehow, despite having dropped probably 30 hrs into it. Gonna blame it on (a) December games just being that lame and (b) having hung out with my little quarantine pod for the first time in 3 months for the holiday.
  13. I miss the days of multiplayer indies like Rocket League and Mercenary Kings being free on day one so that everyone is playing the same cool new game for a month.
  14. My Lynx carts for Evercade came today. Those were at least half the reason I bought the damn thing. Given that they don't have access to the Atari and Midway stuff now held by WB Games, they got all the most important stuff that was on the table. I wish they had balanced the carts a little better--Collection 1 has a bunch of later-era Atari/Epyx titles and some homebrew stuff by Songbird, while Collection 2 has all the early marquee titles like Electrocop, Blue Lightning and California Games, so there are 17 games on cart 1 and only 8 on cart 2. I am still really enjoying this dumb little s
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