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  1. Cliff Hanger

    Hair Metal

    There's new Eclipse, and I am in love with this song.
  2. I am obviously not privy to his personal details, but given that he was tweeting random shit on Monday and his colleagues seem as shocked as his fans, this feels really sudden and it sucks. He was such a good writer, and so many of his peers have held him up as one of the greats literally as long as I've known what TCJ is. RIP, Tom, I'm smarter because I read your work and I hope your family can find some peace.
  3. doesn't look super like my jam, but I have enough faith in Insomniac to try anything not called Resistance.
  4. I believe there were 3 13 ep seasons and 1 26-ep, but I'm not positive.
  5. Just a heads up, X-Books are back to firmly enforcing reading order as both of this week's reference both of last week's. I hate Tiny Cable. Fallen Angels not-quite spoiler (spoilered anyway): And on a more spoilery note:
  6. Man, the placeholders can be frustrating if you're not paying attention. "Ooh, Into the Woods isn't a great adaptation but it's good background...dammit it's a year away." Watched the Gargoyles pilot, checked Spidey and his Amazing Friends and confirmed the Red Skull ep is missing, and loaded up my queue. First movie will be Return to Oz, which I haven't seen since I was 7 and it scared me so much I hid in the bathroom so long my friend's mom sent a theatre employee to check on me.
  7. Stadia launch day lineup is out and it's 12 previously announced games. Worse, it looks like the ONLY launch game on Stadia Pro will be Destiny 2. Given that I only bought in because I expected a decentish back catalog on Pro, I want to cancel if I can
  8. Today's big question is "can I remember my login and password 11 weeks later?" First watch will probably be the Gargoyles pilot
  9. Titans is getting a third season. I generally liked S1 aside from its take on Hawk and Dove, though it was shot way too dark and took too long to really get going. Still need to get to S2 but I've had trouble just keeping up with the Arrowverse and Good Place, so I'm not sure whether I'll get to it before Christmas.
  10. I mentioned it in his comments. It's sketchy enough that it's impossible to tell whether I'm just seeing things, but it sure LOOKS like that iteration of the uniform to me as someone who recently re-read 116-129 (might sign up for Imgr to post it after work)
  11. One interesting bit in X-Force: page 15 panel 3, the person on the stretcher is wearing something that looks a lot like a Milligan/Allred X-Force uniform. Gin Genie would be the closest color wise (short blond hair, same basic color of costume as she wears in the backstage scene in 116), but it doesn't have the pipes and it's a masculine figure. Bleeding Cool indicated that X-Cellent and Dox would pretty much ignore one another. Too bad, as it would be interesting to see characters who are defined by their short life expectancy thrown into the Krakoan status quo. I'm wondering if that's supposed to be anyone in particular, or if the art was generic and the oversized X logo and the lines on the upper body are giving me apophenia.
  12. X-Force #1: Didn't take them long to play THAT card.
  13. Audica is "Beat Saber but with guns instead of swords". Whether this will appeal to you or not I can't say, but if you have VR gear and are on the bubble about it, I say go for it. Harmonix are still the unsurpassed space deities of music games, it feels good to play and it's just generally fun.
  14. Went back to Injustice 2 after taking 18 months off. Just kind of in a TMNT mood and it was easier than hooking up the PS3 and playing the lackluster Turtles in Time Re-Shelled. there are a lot of things I love about this game, but the way the Turtles interact with the gear/loot system is NOT one of them. My Turtles are now lv13, but Don still has the default lv1 bo because I've literally never seen one drop. Meanwhile, Mikey is my least favorite to play as and I just trashed 4 sets of nunchaku.
  15. Two issues in, the new GI Joe series is FUCKING BONKERS and I want toys of all these new characters. Having the 'regular' Joes be essentially Green Berets, training an insurgency in Cobra-controlled Chicago, is a brilliant idea and a great way to mess with the core assumptions of the franchise, and both the writing and art have really grabbed me. Bought some more stuff from Mike Allred's Teepublic; the black-and-yellow Exclamation Bolt that I saw everywhere in the 90s and a mock up of the ALADDIN SANE cover with Frank. Really looking forward to the David Bowie bio comic, since it's clear that "David Bowie", the character the actor/musician created, was a huge influence on Allred both as a comics creator and a musician.
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