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  1. Congrats to Batman I guess. He's not as cool as Superman, the Flash, Robin, Brainiac 5 or Mary Marvel but I guess he's decent in controlled doses.
  2. I got a stadia founder's kit. There is a VERY strong chance I'll regret it; I don't like the idea of spending $60 for a new game stored on a remote server, but I made my peace with subscription-based access to older games when Gametap announced they were resurrecting Sam and Max with someone called Telltale. So if the subscription service is good I'll keep it up, and if it sucks then oh well, I'm only out the price of one AAA game since I'd wanted a 4k Chromecast anyway (MSRP $70).
  3. The thing I want most from Crisis, and absolutely will not get, is a 'classic' Wally. Find an actor who could conceivably be Lonsdale at 35-40, put him in crimson and silver or the 90s 'foil' suit, and make him Barry's nephew who's been Kid Flash since he was 12 and eventually became the Flash after his Barry's death. Doesn't have to be a big part, I just want to see him on TV.
  4. I can hear Dana Gould's heavy breathing from here
  5. All I'm saying is that these X-Men have built a Wicker Man or two
  6. Arcadia's been up since the summer, along with Endless Orbit SSX which in the early aughts was my number one "why won't people fan sub this?" wanted show.
  7. So the big ceremony in Hox 5 is supposed to be creepy and fucked, right? Not just Hickman sometimes being very bad at tone? Because I made the mistake of reading that and going back to sleep for 2 hrs, and my dreams were a mess.
  8. So after my talk of being angry that the first year I could afford to get a full-weekend pass to ACL and not being happy with the lineup, I fuckin' bought a weekend 2 ticket. Robyn is in the top 3 shows I've ever seen, I wanted to see the Cure, and my only prior fest experience was the final Fun Fun Fun and it was very positive. Hope it's awesome, pissed that Glover and the Cure are competing instead of being on different days.
  9. A few weeks back I bought the EA 4-pack of last year's games when it was $30. I hadn't gotten any non-UFC sports games since NHL 13 on PS3, and...man. I've tried FIFA and NHL so far, and find them both utterly incomprehensible. What I really want is games that play like PS2-era games but have PS4 graphics, I think...
  10. "Right Here", Money's last point of top-40 relevance, came out when I was a very sappy 13 year old listening to the adutl contemporary station and watching a fuck ton of VH1, and I loved it. I outgrew that record pretty quick, but found his real classics as I got older and started to dig into 70s and 80s rock. Also one of the less-lame people with whom I share a birthday.
  11. Hickman needs to write Sinister every month until the climate apocalypse kills us.
  12. My current list is: Netflix (most likely to go if I drop something) Hulu (I pay $10/mo for the Spotify/Hulu combo so it's going nowhere) Amazon Prime (not going anywhere since my dad pays for half of it because we've shared an acct since I lived with him) Vrv (probably what I use the most, includes Crunchyroll, Hidive, Shudder, Nicksplat, Boomerang and a collection of odds and sods including a bunch of Shout Factory stuff for $10) DC Universe D+ (I did the 3-for-2 deal) And I drift in and out of Showtime, WWE and HBO month to month. The fact that Prime, DCU and D+ are all annual subs helps since I can spread them out and not notice the rest of the year.
  13. It's not on Hulu, Vrv or Funimation so sadly the answer is no. Looks like TRSI is cleaning the final disc for a buck but doesn't have the rest.
  14. In honor of WayForward getting another crack at ex-Technos properties, here's a few awesome Double Dragon Neon cuts! Mission 1 filtered thru Vince DiCola A take on DD2 mission 1 DD1 mission 4 as surf rock! And now a couple vocal tracks not based on arcade or NES songs:
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