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  1. After six fuckin years, the main Time War narrative is finally drawing to a close. The last set of the 8th Doctor's season is out today, and I think there's one more War Master set. And now I need to go back and listen to the first 12 eps of 8th Doctor so that I can be not totally lost. I know that the original plan was to do one 4-ep set as the Last Eight Story as a special bonus before expanding to a season, but they really should just have put Ravenous on hold for a year when they expanded to a full season.
  2. Spelunky 2 is fucking brutal. My average life has been maybe 90 seconds.
  3. Reviews of Spelunky 2 amount to "more of the same in the best possible way" so it looks like tonight is my final daily run in the original game for a while.
  4. In the long long ago, I could take a mental health day 2-3 times a year when I'm having a bad brain day. If my depression was getting the better of me I could take a sick day and go get sushi for lunch, then go to a movie or hang out at my local bar. And now, what's the point? I have Con Crash despite the con getting cancelled, and if I call in for self care it will still just be me sitting in a shitty apartment being bitter that I could be in the market for a house if I didn't have to rely on Austin's shitty mass transit.
  5. I really hope Jack and Doc keep making things, either together or apart. They're both incredibly talented and created one of the most important-to-me pieces of pop culture in my adult life.
  6. Well they can't fuck it up worse than Sony did. Meanwhile, I am starting to suspect that the Invincible cartoon is never coming out.
  7. What's the worst possible way to find out a show is cancelled? This.
  8. Honestly, not a lot as far as animation goes. Exosquad , Wing Commander, Savage Dragon and the exclusive Cleopatra in Space are the only things that might appeal to someone over 8.
  9. I can't wait to play it every day for a year and never get out of the second block of stages. (This sounds sarcastic, but it isn't. I have never gotten close to beating Spelunky but I love it and do the daily without fail.)
  10. Fuser finally has a date, 11/10. Yes please more Harmonix
  11. Two things: 1) Peacock has me revisiting Exo Squad. Excellent overarching story, the animation is cringey and so is much of the dialogue. 2) why did none of you talk up Infinity Train? This show fuckin rules.
  12. In the original it was like 5 second loops of whatever band was playing on the soundtrack. In the THUG games' arcade modes and THPSHD it was just a black screen. My only two problems: 1) I am finding it hard to spot environmental rollovers like bells and picnic tables. I wish they glowed like pickups 2) the decision to do a shared career mode was insane. I should be able to switch to Rune or Bucky or whoever and start over completely if I get frustrated trying to beat Downhill Jam with Tony, and hit the goals and stat points all over again.
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