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  1. He was one of the Lonely Island trio that made all the digital shorts for SNL for like a decade. Looks like most of his non-shorts directing has been TV, aside from the Island's Popstar and the Ben Stiller comedy The Watch. CG rodents in a real world seems like it would be a step or three harder to pull off than what he's done before, but he's got pretty good comic sensibility and timing as a director at least
  2. The anniversary edition of Guilty Gear is literally just the PS1 game in a wrapper that puts a frame around the screen. All the sprites look really zoomed in and blobby, so they may have doubled the size of things to keep the play field from filling too little of the screen, I have a bad eye for that. Either way, it's cool to finally get to play the first game in a series whose sequels I love but I'm gonna do every character's story once and then never touch it again
  3. I can't believe it took 3 months after announce for me to see it A new Star Trek cartoon is in the works at Nick.
  4. Would have rather seen them do Knightfall as a companion to Desth of Superman/Reign of the Supermen. Hopefully this will fall into the "better than the source material" pile with Public Enemies and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.
  5. Crunchyroll/Vrv has added a ton of old stuff in the past 2 weeks. All the Discotek stuff that was on Amazon previously, but also all of Blue Seed, a bunch of stuff I've never seen, and Hatlock SSX. Guess I know what my new bus anime will be.
  6. Jeremy Whitley just announced via Twitter that Wasp will end with #10.
  7. Well, as of "Death Thirteen" I'm no longer comfortable watching Jojo on the bus or at lunch (between the diaper change and the gory dog violence). Gonna check out Black Clover and Haikyuu for my big loud shonen show to watch in transit.
  8. I'm waiting on them to add Tokyo Storm Warning so I can either be angry at it all over again or decide that I'm over it.
  9. honestly it's mostly been while I'm at work during the parts of the day where I have to take customer service incalls. There's a lot of dead space this time of year so it's good to have something I can read 2-3 panels at a time and not feel resentful when I have to put the tablet down to talk to a human.
  10. I keep downloading Image-era Wildstorm comics from DC Universe. I never experienced anything in the WSU until the start of The Authority (oh god that was 20 years ago) and the push away from an entire universe based on Stuff Jim Lee Likes. A few thoughts: 1) I wonder whether everyone just wanted to draw like 90s Lee that badly or if he deliberately selected imitators to give the line a house style 2) Even by the often distorted and male gazey standards of cape books, Wildstorm Cleavage is hilarious and horrifying 3) Most of these have obviously not had their coloring modernized and it shows. Some of the colors just read wrong on a screen. (If this were something I'd care about, I might try to track down original issues in a quarter bin, but it's really more a curiosity as "waste time between customer service calls" reading) 4) The Image i shopped out and replaced with the 2016 DC logon, the huge blocks of white where the old Image indicia were, the footnotes letting me know that if I want to find out where Battalion is heading from here I can find him in Spawn or Youngblood...this is why building a superhero universe entirely from creator-owned characters was doomed. (I prefer the Invincible approach of "well, yeah, all those characters exist here with permission of the creator, but they're not in continuity with their ongoings unless otherwise noted.") 5)5) it's weird that they have the complete runs of WildCATs, Stormwatch (minus Team Achilles, which I loved but will NEVER be reprinted as long as DiDio has any say because the writer lied about having combat experience to get the job) and DV8 but only one pre-reboot issue of Gen13.
  11. I really need to check out Wrong Earth. Peyer has done a ton of stuff I loved and he seemed to fall off the planet, and I've heard nothing but good shit about it.
  12. I don't want to go back to Liberty or Vice, I would rather see the Atlanta or Houston stand in of the GTAU.
  13. Vs Excitebike is amazing. Clu Clu Land is flawed but interesting. I have literally no interest in NES Kong Jr since I have the arcade archives version and a Flip Grip.
  14. I never made it that far into Watch Dogs because I hated the cover shooting so much, so it may change as you get further, but in my experience the story missions are largely cover shooter and the sandbox dick-around elements are hacking-driven. As for cars obeying traffic signals, I remember it being a huge deal in San Andreas that CPU cars would run red lights since previously they were all mechanically law-abiding. After that...GTA5 I remember MOST cars obeying the law with a few wild cards thrown in to make it more interesting and realistic, but by and large most non-Saints Row games seem to have pretty sedate traffic.
  15. I spent a couple hours with the City of Heroes pirate server that made news this past week. It was a weird mix of comfort food with the realization that I will never again invest emotionally in a MMO the way I did CoH in the aughts, because I will never again be an unemployed twenty something with no other social outlets. I'll probably use it in the same way I did Marvel Heroes, as a thing to do with my hands and eyes while binge-listening to sitcoms, until legal threats or the cost of running the servers kills it. But it's weirdly comforting to know that I don't really care that much.
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