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  1. An Insomniac game I've never been able to play before for $20 seems like a good way to wait on my PS4 to come back from warranty service.
  2. Cliff Hanger

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has launched. I haven't seen it yet.
  3. Cliff Hanger

    RIP Stan Lee

    also: I've spent 18 years wondering what "Starship" would have been like if it'd actually happened. My brain knows it would've been the worst of Stan crossed with the worst of Leiji Matsumoto, but my heart only sees the best possible outcome.
  4. Cliff Hanger

    RIP Stan Lee

    I still remember Christian on eYada-era WOL saying that a ton of the wrestlers in his age group became wrestlers because it was the closest they could get to being superheroes. That stuck with me for ages when anyone asked me why I gave a shit about the pro wrestling.
  5. Cliff Hanger

    RIP Stan Lee

    I'm crying way more than I expected to. This will get weird and personal, so you done been warned. When i was 5, Spider-Man was my favorite character in the whole world. I loved him on Electric Company and I had a Spider-Man swimsuit and a Spider-Man velcro dart ball target and a Spider-Man everything. I'm not sure I understood the underlying pathos but he looked cool and had cool powers and between Electric Company and repeats of the 60s show I could see him 3 times a day. When i was 12, Cyclops was my favorite character in the whole world. I had more of a sense of humor than Scott, but not by that much. This weird guy whose superpower often seemed to be less "laser eyes" and more "all the earnest corn of Superman without the moral infallibility" was incredibly compelling to me. It didn't hurt that I discovered him around the time I was having to wear a bioptic because my parents thought I could learn to drive with it. When I was 21, Hank Pym was...not my favorite (that was Wally West) but a character I was strongly attached to. I had just burned my world to the ground by failing out of a full scholarship, after which I'd been diagnosed with major depression disorder. And here was Kurt Busiek trying to rehab a hated character who had burned HIS world to the ground, destroyed his career and marriage because of a mental health concern nobody had noticed until he'd self-destructed. It was a good decade before I realized how strongly I'd identified with that character or how helpful he'd been at that point in my life. Chris Sims, for all the problematic shit he's said and done over the years, had it one hundred percent right when he said (paraphrased to avoid digging up a years-old ep of a podcas) that it's impossible for anyone to overstate Stan's contributions to comics...except Stan.
  6. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    It does. Vimanarama was packaged with Kill Your Boyfriend in one volume, and Sebastian O with Mystery Play.
  7. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    With the Morrison DC sale on Comixology, I picked up Aztek, Seven Soldiers and a couple JLA TPBs I didn't have digitally, as well as the complete Multiversity since I somehow never got Ultra Comics or Multi#2 back in the day. It's telling both about my state of mind as a fan in his early 40s and the general quality of the issue that I remembered The Just as being 70% Kyle and Wally's useless Justice League and 30% superbrats instead of 80 percent superbrats and 20% 90s nostalgia crew.
  8. Cliff Hanger


    RIP. Brady (which merged with Prima in 2015) actually gave me a few freelance jobs in 1999-2000 and my ex-roommate was a lifer in editorial. I am not surprised that their business model became unsustainable, but the fact that they survived the advent of GAMEFAQS but not the world where everything is a shitty half empty wiki or a video is disappointing.
  9. Cliff Hanger


    Power supply unit on my less-than-60-day-old PS4 Pro went "pop" this morning, literally an hour after I shelled out for Tetris Effect. This had better not be the 3-month ordeal I had on the first PS4 back in 2014. Shit is complicated by the closure of the pack-and-mail around the corner.
  10. Cliff Hanger

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    First year of Mutant X is legit classic and almost certainly the best thing Mackie ever wrote. It should have ended at #12 like originally planned and not become an ongoing, IMO
  11. Cliff Hanger

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    The existence of Reverse Speed Buggy justifies another hundred of them on its own
  12. Tetris Effect demo is out. I don't want to oversell it or be meat for the hype machine or anything, but it's pretty jaw dropping. It takes a little work to get the right rhythm to build up zone meter, but it's gorgeous and the music is utterly enthralling and I am even more excited than I was after the reveal trailer.
  13. Cliff Hanger

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    I hope at least one char speaks in the borderline word salad of Atari's initial localization of the first game
  14. I can understand them wanting to represent both series, since both were real important to the PS in the first couple years, and they're different enough (pseudo-realistic martial arts vs Street Fighter nonsense). However, they picked the best PS1 Tekken but not the best TSD (which is definitely 2, which rises to the level of "it's okay I guess"). The pattern I see looking at these is that Sony went with first-game-in-series for 1P stuff (I know TSD was only 1P here and was published by Takara elsewhere, but Takara's been out of the games business for decades and Sony probably had in-perpetuity rights to those 2 games), while Namco et al. threw in superior sequels and revisions (Tekken 3, Ridge Racer 4, RE DC). Cool Boarders 2 is the only thing Sony could be arsed to give us in that area.
  15. Cliff Hanger

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    How many characters get dissolved in a pool of caustic urine?