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  1. Just watched the show and came here to say the exact same things. Crazy electric debut and was able to turn it off so quickly once Roberts went down.
  2. If you like kickboxing, the co-main and all of the quarterfinal tournament fights were good with some surprises. If you're not a huge fan of kickboxing, definitely take the time to watch Yod vs. Sana at least. For MMA, definitely check out Saygid vs. Khan as it was the semi-finals of their LW GP and Tonon's fight on the undercard. Dej vs. Miao was a slugfest too. It was a bit of an early stoppage but Aoki didin't complain and he's got a history of wilting to strikes. Lee got out of an early armbar attempt that looked tight so it wasn't like he just walked through Shinya. Odd match-up to make as Lee was coming up in weight and was basically gifted the shot. I'm not sure if that was more about One gifting the Lee family with high profile fights, everyone else tied up in the GP or a combination of both.
  3. Mine's been done since, I think, the day after I got my pick. I just need to make some edits and get over the fact that I'll never be good at writing reviews.
  4. Big One Championship show tomorrow night with: the first round of their kickboxing tournament first semi-final of the LW GP Aoki-Lee for the LW title Holzken - Eersel for the Kickboxing LW title Northcutt - Alexandre Plus some other interesting fights in Silva-Naito, Geje in a Flyweight GP Alternate, and Garry Tonnon back in action.
  5. Cheers @The Natural but I probably shouldn't be lumped in with the real supporters. I'm more Spurs and Leicester but given the two teams left in the title race, I knew who I was rooting for. The turnaround in the Champions League was such a great moment and grabbing the Premier League title on the last day would have been such an amazing story for the club.
  6. Well, it was interesting while it lasted. Damnit Brighton, why'd you have to get my hopes up?
  7. Yeah, I didn't take it as Cormier being unsympathetic. More a matter of empathy than sympathy because he could not understand that mindset that the belt could be a weight on some people's shoulders.
  8. DC not understanding even a bit of that tells you everything you need to know about DC too.
  9. The angle on that slam was so scary. I'm just glad she's okay and only coming out of it with a concussion.
  10. Ummmm, if I was Cannonier I'd be leaving in an armoured truck. This crowd is not happy.
  11. I don't know how you do it, man. Like I'd probably do the same thing but I grumble all evening when I've got to wake up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning for UFC. Good on you!
  12. That was a wild ending and an ugly KO. Queue a million LOL MVP threads on every other mma forum on the internet. Outside of this board, I hate the vast majority of the internet mma fans. I was hoping Bellator would end before the Aldo fight but looks like I'm going to be multi-screening these two fights. Edit : nvm, Pitbull finishes it early. Did not expect that.
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