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  1. Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 5

    A well put together doc on a really neat time in HW boxing history.
  2. So I am sitting down right now to watch tonight's One Championship show and I've got a confession to make....I really like One. That might be too strong but I definitely really appreciate One and do, generally, enjoy the product. They went through a really terrible spell a year and a half or two years back with the fighter who died during the weight cut and the Arnuad Lepont's nightmare story about being dropped in a public hospital post-fight In Indonesia of all places (you can do that in Singapore and to a lesser extent Malaysia but Indonesia??). Around that same time they cancelled a number of events - it seemed like every second show would just disappear from the schedule. In all fairness, I am pretty sure this was when they were trying to break into China and they're known for their frustrating bureaucracy. One did promise something ridiculous like 26 events in the year and could only put together around 11, with a number of those being really weak cards. They also lost their main broadcaster around this time as their 10 year deal with Star Sports hit some roadblocks when Fox bought out the network and relaunched it as a Fox Sports. Through 2016 - 2017 they have really hit a decent stride. They've turned Angela Lee, Eduard Folayang and Aung La N Seng into household names in their respective countries. I can only speak personally about Myanmar but EVERYONE watches Aung La's fights. Manny Pacquiao was in attendance at Folayang's last One fight as well. They've hammered out good regional tv deals in all of their main markets for the live events while Fox Sports shows replays of events once or twice a week. In short, they've done a lot to build the sport in a region of the world that did not have a built-in mma fanbase. This is their third show in the last 4 weeks and while there is a lot of filler and young, inexperienced fighters, there's enough quality as well. Cherry-picking some of the more 'name' fights from this event and the past two you can end up with a really good show that would rival most outside of the UFC : Martin Nguyen vs Marat Gafurov Ben Askren vs. Zebastian Kadestam Kairat Akhmedov vs. Geje Eustaquio Ev Ting vs. Nobutatsu Suzuki Kevin Belingon vs. Reece McLaren Gianni Subba vs. Riku Shibuya If you extended it to a six week span it would also include : Bibiano Fernandes vs. Andrew Leone, Adriano Moraes vs. Kairat Akhmetov and Hayato Suzuki vs. Joshua Pacio Really not too shabby for an organisation that looked to be on its way out a few years ago. And they gave Ben Askren a car:
  3. I still think Till needs to cool it a bit. Sure, that would be a fun fight but I'd be happier to see him take another 1 or 2 lower level fights before trying to break into the top 10-15.
  4. Magomedsharipov's is a ninja. Also, first attempted scorpion kick* in a UFC fight? *that's what we called it as younguns - the kick used by every HK female action star in every movie*
  5. re : The frustration about the main event finish makes sense when you factor in that the result can be justifiably over-turned ( as has been re-iterated again and again...). We complain about punches and early/late stoppages but Yamazaki's blunder was in a situation where it's so easy to get an objective decision by just letting the action play out - there was absolutely no reason to get involved and stop the fight early. Also, I'm really late here because Sunday shows suck and I can never get around to watching them until later in the week. Also, Penn-Siver seemed like it would have fit better on the Bellator show than in 2017 UFC.
  6. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    He makes another 150 mil. in the rematch?
  7. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    Do you think Dana would have gone for this had the UFC not been sold? Elsal pointed out earlier that McGregor will not really have any reason to come back and fight ever again after this so you are pretty much giving up your biggest draw for a one-time profit. I have no idea what's in a UFC contract but I expect the old UFC guard to have frozen McGregor until he came around and took another UFC fight ala Couture - Fedor (apples to oranges in scale, but yeah) Not surprised that the negotiations went smoothly once the plan was given the go-ahead. Pretty much no one has anything to lose - McGregor gets his massive payout and Money gets the low risk/high reward to go 50-0. Thanks for putting the kibosh on the nonsense fantasy book the undercard - these next few months are going to be packed with enough ridiculous conjecture without bringing up ex-power rangers....
  8. Mark Hunt : Retiring up-and-comers in 2017. Too bad to see Lewis go but he probably has hit his ceiling based on the past two fights.
  9. Lewis looks like he's fading here. Those high kicks look nice and the flashy strikes are good for the score card but they are such an energy drain. Edit : Maybe not? He's been channeling Lombard with the rest, explode game plan. Edit#2 : No, he's fading. Not sure what he can do from here. The takedown attempt was weak as hell and the close exchanges are going Hunt's way.
  10. It's probably been said a million times since, but I still have no idea how Browne lost that fight. Just stay at range man...
  11. aaaaaaaaand my power just cut. Mother#@#!#@. Edit - false alarm, just realised I can head over to Fight Pass because it's not a PPV. My monthly $10 is worth it for this month. Off-topic, but I am actually looking forward to that weekly live show that starts in July too. Any idea how it will be run? Will UFC be promoting actual shows or are they going to do it TUF-style inside of a gym?
  12. Nobody's wasting time on this card. If Hirota didn't have a concrete head the main card would have all ended with finishes. I can't imagine Lewis-Hunt going past two rounds. Surprised to see an FS show likely ending before it's scheduled time-slot. They're going to need to bust out all of the filler now.
  13. I think that's an argument neither of you is going to win because it's completely subjective. I see both sides of the coin - there were times Aldo's hands would kind of drop like he'd been KO'd and I was sure it was over but then he'd start moving right away and the fight carried on. Ultimately, I thought he ended up taking too many direct punches but I don't think I had pinpointed an exact moment the fight should have been stopped. Retrospectively, knowing he never does recover, yeah, the fight went on too long.
  14. I thought the same thing and he was pretty obviously second-guessing himself multiple times there. Trying to find the balance between giving the hometown champion the appropriate time to recover or stopping the fight probably erred too much to the former in this case.
  15. Fixed that for you. How he didn't go out on some of those shots amazed me ( I actually thought he did a few times when watching in the moment). Whether he lasted the final 30 seconds or not, the fight was over at that point.