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  1. I was surprised they did the quick interview with Wilder as well but he was incredibly lucid all things considered, and once he got over the initial disappointment seemed to understand the towel was for the best. Meanwhile I stub my toe, can't put five words together without a couple expletives mixed in, and then blame it on the table. Still loving this HW scene revival. I'd actually prefer Fury-Wilder III at this point but really any combination of the top 3 will be amazing.
  2. Was that the judge in the fight? If so, jeeeeesus, we've found the one person legit smoking crack.
  3. 3 was the toss-up round for me as well, though I gave it to Reyes. Easy people, you're letting your dreams of Jones finally lose cloud your judgements. I don't agree with the result but it was far from a robbery.
  4. I don't think either guy should have got a 4-1 but it definitely wasn't Jones. I had the fight the same as you, 3-2 Reyes. Close enough fight that I"m fine with the decision though. Edit- I'm an idiot because no way Reyes could have got four rounds with the last two being so dominant. Move along.
  5. I've got 3-1 Reyes but I could see a SD either way here and wouldn't be upset about it.
  6. Cruikshank dd come out to Real American if my memory serves correctly. 2021 has to be a make or break year for MVP. Either he takes the plunge and gets in there with contenders on a regular basis or continues taking tune-up fights in his prime. I get that this card was a bit of an exception with the Bellator-Rizin motif but he's going to be 33 by the time his next fight rolls around.
  7. I finally took a plunge into the Dark Souls universe with part 3. Ran into Sister Friede and while I can get through the first two stages easily enough, I get absolutely smashed in the third stage. It's been a couple weeks since I last picked it up and I'm not sure if I am going to again. I should at least go back and finish the main game though.
  8. Damn, I was hoping Cub just tweaked his knee and didn't do any real damage. I would have rather seen a few more grapplers in the actual tournament like if they had given each team a ringer. Thought the show was fine for what it was though. I mentioned my bandwidth issues / problem with Fight Pass in the UFC 245 thread but I had to skip through large portions of this show because I didn't have the option to lower the VQ anymore. I hope this is something that gets changed or I might need to finally cancel my subscription. Burns went super easy on Saku though, didn't he? I skipped through the bout in 2-3 minute intervals but it looked like he gave him a gift there knowing his team was still winning.
  9. I could have gone without hearing Colby say he broke his jaw. Now I'm clenching every time Usman lands a shot to the face and that's a lot. Colby has his best round of the fight as far as damage goes as he kind of-sort of staggers Usman a couple of times. Here's your friendly reminder - we might not agree with each fighter's personal views but man, we have got to respect them as athletes. Dude's tough as nails.
  10. Speaking of coaches having great years, hasn't Hooft had a really good year too? I thought there was someone else aside from Usman he trained to a title or title fight? Admittedly, I'm never up to date on coaches/teams.
  11. I had the first round a toss-up. Split decision either way works for me. Still a good showing from Aldo and shows he's going to be relevant in the division.
  12. Aldo's straight right landed well. He turned that round around because it did not start great for him.
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