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  1. Here's my recent list of playthroughs. A couple weeks off in December with nowhere to go and nothing to do contributed greatly here. Fire Emblem : Three Houses - This was my first Fire Emblem game so played on hard-casual, but wish I'd done hard-classic now. That X-Com vibe where every mission you could lose one of your characters would have been perfect, and the ability to skip back in the fights makes me think I could have pulled it off. Really liked how the first half was fairly casual / friendly, then the intensity ramps up about ten-fold in the back half of the game. Great combat s
  2. Sorry for triple=posting, but this is the most I've been invested in a fight in quite awhile. Very real draw possibility coming up.
  3. Straight up front kick to the balls. This sucks, because it looked like the momentum of this fight could swing in Moreno's favour in the championship rounds. 1 point is big. Right decision there.
  4. The power difference is clear through the first round. Moreno did well, but I think that damage is going to add up.
  5. Yeah, I actually meant to start from TUF -> early elimination/short notice call up to the UFC while the show was still airing.
  6. I don't have anything to add to this but I've always been really interested in Moreno's career. I'm not sure what the actual odds were in many of his fights, but I've always seen him as the perennial underdog and his release from UFC to title contender has made for a captivating arc. I don't know what his path to victory is other than catching Figueiredo in a scramble, which is a tough ask for every reason you mentioned.
  7. https://streamable.com/1zljfp I am an idiot who does not know how to embed things. Anyway, Alex Pereira takes his first step in following Israel's path.
  8. Fun fight between Abbasov and James Nakashima for the WW title from tonight's One card. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-lVh5HzcEk
  9. I was going to mention this card, and that exact same spot, but didn't get around to it last night. I thought it was a great event - legitimate prospects, equal match making and some great finishes. Probably the best non-UFC event in a long while that I can think of. I know I'm biased here though.
  10. And that was like five seconds after taking the full five minutes for a slightly less terrible spin kick to the nuts. Daniels looked pretty terrible in that fight all around.
  11. I opened my first walkthrough to find the crystal hearts in Celeste, got them, fired up the Chapter 8 b-side and just thought, nope. I think Chapter 6 b-side broke me. Great game but I'm done with it. Did start the Ace Attorney Trilogy and enjoying it a lot so far. I've tried a couple of the text-based Japanese games, like AI Somnium Files and a horror game I'm completely blanking on the name of. This one's hooked in a lot faster though and could be the first one I actually see to completion.
  12. Took a day off Celeste ( and got lured back into that sweet temptress that is Slay The Spire. Knocked Ascension 14-17 off the list for The Defect. First time I ever bought prismatic shard and made for a really neat build, with cards like Feed and Cloak and Dagger on Defect. Think I'll do that again sometime because I'm sure that build would have won A20/killed the heart. ) Anyway, fired back up Celeste to knock off the B-sides. Holy man - averaged around 400 deaths for each from chapters 2 - 5. Missed the B-side on Chapter 6 my first time through, so will go and get that BUT did beat the
  13. Finally decided to play Celeste and finished the main campaign in two days. Only collected one crystal, so was not able to do the core level but did get all except one of the B-side tapes I think. Knocked off one of the B-sides post-game(chapter 2) and my brain needs a break. 7 hours over the past two days and it's Celeste so that's a pretty intense 7 hours of gaming. Right up there with Hollow Knight as my favourite of the recent platformers. Both are really hard, but Celeste is a bit more forgiving in that you respawn so quickly. I doubt that I'll 100% it, but will dive into more the B-sides
  14. I think with Silent the only real winnable build is a scaling poison build. I feel like Ironclad you can go strength scaling through demon form, artifact/flex, the sword card/limit break. Or you can do high-hp deck through Feed/Reaper, or an exhaust deck with Feel No Pain / Corruption ( quick aside, the first time I stumbled across corruption/dead branch, wow. That is a game breaker). The Defect can do an offensive/defensive/mixed orb build, or a claw build. But with Silent, I feel you're very limited as far as making a winning deck. Always pick up catalyst or corpse explosion, because wi
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