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  1. I'm going to drop this here. Probably the biggest show One has put since their earlier shows.
  2. Fair play to Iaquinta for taking the fight and making it interesting for about a minute there. This thread is a good representation of the carnival that this past week was- 7 pages talk on the 7 days leading up to the show, less than a page on the show itself (and that was with me spamming posts).
  3. Whoa, Gaethje is fighting next week? That flew completely under the radar for me. For all of the talk about saturation and lack of draws to bring in casual fans, there are a lot of great fights coming up.
  4. I figured there would be a 49-46 card in there because the 4th was a toss-up. Didn't think it would be all three judges though.
  5. Surprised every judge gave Rose the fourth round but the right decision regardless.
  6. Fantastic fight. Amazing how well both women looked in the fifth round with their movement and attacks.
  7. Setsuna


    Maybe Wu Jing ( who is over 40? Holy crap) or for someone who is already working in the States, Daniel Wu of Into The Badlands?
  8. In regards to the above wiki page. I had to go there to figure out that this : was not a Wario joke.
  9. Setsuna

    Them's Fightin' Words 2017 Predictions Contest

    No worries - I actually planned on dropping out after the GSP fight was announced or nulling that pick. Then when news came out about Hughes' accident had the same thought. In the end, your picks are just flat out better / more thought out.
  10. Setsuna

    Them's Fightin' Words 2017 Predictions Contest

    I completely missed this thread until you tagged my name. I'm here, lurking pretty much every day. No, you take it based on two factors - 1) When I made the prediction I thought the odds of GSP returning were slim to none and talks had already broken down. I remember it not being too long after that the rumours took on steam and/or the announcement was made so that could be seen as a bit of a gimme pick by people more in the know. And more importantly, 2) You didn't predict a death. In my defence, I was thinking more of the dudes who probably abused steroids for large portions of their career (not going to name names because I learned my lesson), but had that prediction come true it's still a pretty sleazy choice on my part. Had Matt Hughes passed, I'm not a religious person but if I were, I'm pretty sure there would be a special place in hell for me. El Salva, I don't think you would need to make that an explicit rule - I'm not going to be doing that ever again and really, who else would? I guess I can take that as my legacy from this year's picks ; Clause 3.2 (The Setsuna Clause) - Don't be a dick and predict deaths. Congrats AxB!
  11. With that build, that's always going to be the case. He can make some adjustments in his game-planning so he doesn't gas in the first round but he'll never be a five round fighter. As an aside, I was imagining what it would be like having a first person POV camera in that first round when Ngannou was chasing Miocic down and just the thought scared the hell out of me. I'll give Ngannou credit for getting through the five rounds. Miocic never showed any urgency to finish the fight but Ngannou didn't find a way out for himself either, despite being able to barely stand upright.
  12. Time to find out what Ngannou is made of.
  13. Guilty. About 2 minutes into that fight when Cormier was beating Volkan in the standup had that 'what the hell was I thinking?' moment.
  14. Any news on when Gustafsson will be ready to fight again?