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  1. re : The frustration about the main event finish makes sense when you factor in that the result can be justifiably over-turned ( as has been re-iterated again and again...). We complain about punches and early/late stoppages but Yamazaki's blunder was in a situation where it's so easy to get an objective decision by just letting the action play out - there was absolutely no reason to get involved and stop the fight early. Also, I'm really late here because Sunday shows suck and I can never get around to watching them until later in the week. Also, Penn-Siver seemed like it would have fit better on the Bellator show than in 2017 UFC.
  2. He makes another 150 mil. in the rematch?
  3. Do you think Dana would have gone for this had the UFC not been sold? Elsal pointed out earlier that McGregor will not really have any reason to come back and fight ever again after this so you are pretty much giving up your biggest draw for a one-time profit. I have no idea what's in a UFC contract but I expect the old UFC guard to have frozen McGregor until he came around and took another UFC fight ala Couture - Fedor (apples to oranges in scale, but yeah) Not surprised that the negotiations went smoothly once the plan was given the go-ahead. Pretty much no one has anything to lose - McGregor gets his massive payout and Money gets the low risk/high reward to go 50-0. Thanks for putting the kibosh on the nonsense fantasy book the undercard - these next few months are going to be packed with enough ridiculous conjecture without bringing up ex-power rangers....
  4. Mark Hunt : Retiring up-and-comers in 2017. Too bad to see Lewis go but he probably has hit his ceiling based on the past two fights.
  5. Lewis looks like he's fading here. Those high kicks look nice and the flashy strikes are good for the score card but they are such an energy drain. Edit : Maybe not? He's been channeling Lombard with the rest, explode game plan. Edit#2 : No, he's fading. Not sure what he can do from here. The takedown attempt was weak as hell and the close exchanges are going Hunt's way.
  6. It's probably been said a million times since, but I still have no idea how Browne lost that fight. Just stay at range man...
  7. aaaaaaaaand my power just cut. Mother#@#!#@. Edit - false alarm, just realised I can head over to Fight Pass because it's not a PPV. My monthly $10 is worth it for this month. Off-topic, but I am actually looking forward to that weekly live show that starts in July too. Any idea how it will be run? Will UFC be promoting actual shows or are they going to do it TUF-style inside of a gym?
  8. Nobody's wasting time on this card. If Hirota didn't have a concrete head the main card would have all ended with finishes. I can't imagine Lewis-Hunt going past two rounds. Surprised to see an FS show likely ending before it's scheduled time-slot. They're going to need to bust out all of the filler now.
  9. I think that's an argument neither of you is going to win because it's completely subjective. I see both sides of the coin - there were times Aldo's hands would kind of drop like he'd been KO'd and I was sure it was over but then he'd start moving right away and the fight carried on. Ultimately, I thought he ended up taking too many direct punches but I don't think I had pinpointed an exact moment the fight should have been stopped. Retrospectively, knowing he never does recover, yeah, the fight went on too long.
  10. I thought the same thing and he was pretty obviously second-guessing himself multiple times there. Trying to find the balance between giving the hometown champion the appropriate time to recover or stopping the fight probably erred too much to the former in this case.
  11. Fixed that for you. How he didn't go out on some of those shots amazed me ( I actually thought he did a few times when watching in the moment). Whether he lasted the final 30 seconds or not, the fight was over at that point.
  12. I thought the same thing with the dual Brit living in Brazil (and speaking Portuguese) angle. TBH, that's probably where he should be - fighting low - mid card on the international events. He's got a ton of holes in his game but is still young enough and shouldn't be thrown in there with a top 20 fighter for a couple more years. I thought his opponent tonight was a perfect match-up for him. He was far from a push-over and gave him a decent test.
  13. Great start to the show. Really nice come-from-behind/walk-off KO.
  14. My year-end prediction of St. Pierre having a fight announced isn't so much a gimme as it looked at one point. To be honest, when I made the prediction I thought there would maybe be a 5-10% chance of it happening - it was only after checking somebody else's predictions that I thought I might have made a really cheap pick. I don't really stay up to date in backstage news. Still will nullify the pick if it puts me into any year-end prediction contest title race over better thought out and less predictable outcomes but I deserve a 1/5 I think? Also, anyone who didn't predict a death is more worthy of winning than me (I'll take that point if it happens though, regardless).
  15. Agree with the above and man that Diakese knockout. Nice to see that the ref was on the ball there because he did not need to eat another punch after his head bounced off the mat. I'm off to bed now though and will watch the rest of the fights sometime tomorrow.