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  1. You really did yourself a disservice there, haha. It was actually a decision and Akimoto controlled most of the fight, battering Capitan's legs and hitting him with clean punches. There were some questionable yellow cards in the third for Capitan clinching but it was all happening too fast for me to keep up with. He was coming in, clinching, landing a knee to the stomach and exiting, I think. You could see the knees were bothering Akimoto but once Capitan realised he couldn't do that anymore ( it was kb rules), you could tell it messed him up a bit. Must be hard for muay thai fighters to fight kb rules when all of their instincts are telling them to clinch at certain points. Edit: That my fotn, btw Double edit : but I could totally see how skipping through the like 7 hour youtube video would be hard to not skip too much/little.
  2. I had planned to watch the UFC later today but ended up just checking the results. Still feeling post-One burnout. Capitan - Akimoto was also a great scrap. re : Kang - they match this guy up against juiced up bangers and he's gone 3 for 3 knocking them all out. He did get bjj'd by Bucheca but still an interesting hw fighter. I personally could have done without seeing Parr in the shape he's in, but kudos to him and hopefully he does actually hang them up now, 100 wins or not. Felt the same about the Akiyama-Aoki fight going in but yeah, that was entertaining. Will give them that. That was jus an absolute marathon of a show but I've gotta say - I really enjoyed nearly every minute of it. Were it a weekly occurrence, there's no way I would have subjected myself to that but as a 10 year anniversary spectacle? Sure!
  3. I watched 10.5 hours of combat sports straight. Absolutely drained but it was a great event all around. Would highly recommend it.
  4. Even if not pre-meditated in the sense that the group 100% knew they were going to bum rush the ring, if you knew anything about the fighters and their fanbase you had to have been worried about the potential of it happening. I'm sure Glory execs were in the back and watching that crowd with fingers crossed, but that's not good enough. They deserve whatever fallout comes. And yeah, UFC just pulled the fight and re-scheduled rather than risk it. Glory didn't have that option but they backed themselves into a corner and didn't appear to have any plan IF the crowd turned out the way it did.
  5. As someone who loved Miracle Fighters / Shaolin Drunkard / Taosim Drnkard, this looks right up my alley. Surprised I'd never seen it before. By the way, the new stuntman documentary was really good. Not much that I can think of took me by surprise, but it was a much more honest look at their lives during and after their time as stuntmen. Went fairly big into the pressure stuntmen felt, especially those working with Sammo Hung / Jackie in order to keep their spots.
  6. This seems like the right time for Glory, and by extension Badr Hari, to just go away. I'm not blaming the whole situation on Hari and his fans, as the Polish seemed as accountable or even more so, but the dude has not won a fight in forever and is just a magnet for bad shit to happen. Let Rico and all of the decent fighters in Glory sign with One, transition to mma or just go back to regional kickboxing. It's sad to see the fall of Glory as when they first came about, I was so hyped for the spiritual successor of K-1. It just never panned out the way we'd all hoped.
  7. Yeah, last night's One show was a lot of fun. I'm not lying when I say that the co-main and main were my most anticipated fights this weekend. Knew Tonon and Bibi were longshots, knew it was likely to be two quick finishes, but was still entranced the whole time. Did not expect Bibi stepping in and trading with Lineker but he delivered (until getting KO'd).
  8. One Championship live now. The main card has been great so far. I'd say Lineker - Bibi in around 30 minutes and Le - Tonon in an hour or so.
  9. I watched about a minute of the press conference before turning it off. Colby's forced/hard laugh is grating.
  10. One title fights scheduled between Feb 25 and March 26 : (c) Reinier de Ridder vs. Kiamrian Abbasov (ONE Middleweight World Title) (c) Roman Kryklia vs. Murat Aygun (ONE Light Heavyweight Kickboxing World Title) (c) Thanh Le vs. Garry Tonon (One Featherweight World Title) (c) Bibiano Fernandes vs. John Lineker (One Bantamweight World Title) (c) Prajanchai Saenchai vs. Joseph Lasiri (One Strawweight Muay Thai World Title) (c) Angela Lee v. Stamp (ONE Atomweight World Title) (c) Adriano Moraes vs. Yuya Wakamatsu (ONE Flyweight World Title) (c) Nong-O vs. Alaverdi Ramazanov ( ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title) (c) Capitan vs. Hiroki Akimoto ( ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title) (c) Superbon vs. Marat Grigorian (ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title) Chingiz Allazov vs. Sitthichai ( ONE Featherweight GP Final) Plus Dj/Rodtang, Nsang/Bigdash 3 and a bunch of other stuff.
  11. How familiar are you with the actors? I'd say you can't go wrong with these three : Legendary Weapons of China is pretty much peak Lau Kar Leung weapon vs. weapon choreography. Flag of Iron is top form Venoms like JT pointed out. Monkey Kung Fu I may remember more positively than most but I think it's a top tier film as well. Think Knockabout with lots of flippy fight scenes and training montages if my memory serves. Disciples and Shaolin Mantis are a couple steps down from the above, I think.
  12. Lineker off tomorrow's One show, so no Lineker-Bibiano title fight. I don't know. I was weirdly intrigued by that fight despite being pretty sure Lineker would walk through him.
  13. Continuing the old-person gaming discussion, I finally took the plunge and bought Mario Maker 2 for the Switch. Mario 1 - Super Mario World was like 95% of my video game playing as a child so I don't know why I held off as long as I did. This is my first foray into player generated content and man, it's insane. Who knew you could shell jump in Mario? Not sure I'm playing it the best way but I tend to play it like I would a rogue-like. I mainly play Endless Expert challenge, which usually takes around 20 - 30 minutes before I run out of lives so is great for short plays. Of course, like all great rogue-likes, I usually end up doing multiple playthroughs and spend 2 - 3 hours playing then kick myself after the fact for getting sucked in.
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