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  1. If you've got even a mild interest in kickboxing, I'd recommend tonight's One show. Only six fights so it's a pretty breezy watch but really good match ups.
  2. Ditto to all of this. I felt like a gaming god when I went on a long Hades unbeaten run yet any of the Souls style games kick my ass quickly. Any suggestions on the roguelikes/lites? I don't really know the difference between the two, but this vein in the thread has reminded me that Hades and Slay The Spire have probably been the two games I've sunk the most time into. There's something about a game that offers a 30 - 60 minute experience, start to finish, that you pick up from time to time with that intention and only to find that you don't put it down for hours.
  3. They mentioned Onita returning and butting heads with Hayabusa and the 'new FMW' but made it seem like it was all about Onita's popularity and didn't talk about the finances. Maybe I'm spoiled because of @BAHU FMW Youtube series, but I guess they can only cover so much in 45 min.
  4. Just doing my duty as the unofficial One shill around here. Huge card as far as One Championship cards go, especially since the pandemic.
  5. And that's only the second craziest thing I've seen this week from a face off : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VQcQpPmIck&ab_channel=MMAClips Not surprising that some absolute nut cases compete in this sport.
  6. I think this is actually a massive understatement but I get what you are saying. Go back and try to watch one of those early UFCs and you honestly might as well be watching a modern backyard fights youtube stream. I do understand the original poster's intention though - it was new, unexpected, and you could have those feel good underdog stories with the little man / big man. However, there is also a ton of nostalgia in that and the actual quality of fights was terrible. It means following the fights, which granted can be a chore given the amount of shows UFC puts on, but you still get those amazing underdog stories. Hell, we've got Brandon Moreno as FlyW champ and you can always look back at Bisping's brief reign. Somebody more knowledgeable than myself could probably put it in a wrestling context, but those moments >>>>>> random little guy beats random big guy. This was the first fight I thought of as well. Also though of Kimbo, but that's probably not fair as at least he was trained / training and was more novelty than freakshow if that makes sense. Certainly nowhere near as egregious as Japan during their mma boom when freakshow fights were dialed up to 11 ( which coincidentally, Toney - Couture would have slid in perfectly). I know I'm going way off-topic here but I caught a random 3 vs 3 Russian team fight org stream last week and it was the most manic thing I've seen in a long time. Six white guys, wearing white shorts and black shoes, all with shaved heads just punching each other until one team won, I guess? Curiosity turned to apathy by about the five second mark. Still tons of weird freakshow promotions out there (Fight Circus, The War, multiple bare knuckle orgs ) but none nearly as big as KSW.
  7. Man, right there with you. Echoing your earliest post, I didn't enjoy this season as much as the first going into the finale because of the way the Dave character had been written. Maybe I'm just naive and should have seen it coming, but that was NOT what I thought was going on with Gata at the end. That was basically a season building up to that moment and in that sense, it worked.
  8. Yahya out as well. Damn, aside from the main, that was the one fight I was looking forward to if for no other reason than Rani Yahya co-maining a UFC in 2021. He has had some amazing low-key longevity.
  9. The extremely rare weekend where I'm more looking forward to the Bellator card than the UFC's. One Championship has a decent show as well but was hurt by losing Ozcan-Sittichai so it's basically a two fight event at this point. They'll be taping the next two shows at the same time as well. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E7MicFAUYAEbFhA?format=jpg&name=large
  10. Not gonna lie - this one really got under my skin. Just think of the hundreds of millions ( billions, in all likely ) of people in the world who would give everything to get those shots. I live in Myanmar and we're getting hit with the 'third wave', but it's been horrendously worse than anything before. Everyone that I know has lost someone in the past couple of weeks and we're not the only country in the region in this position. What really grates on my nerves was seeing a subsect of the Trumpers, most likely all anti-vax, using Myanmar as an example of what should have happened in the States and just....an incoherent rant is all that comes to my mind. That's it, I won't go into it any further as much as I'd like to rant about the situation here. Also, this is by no means a political post - I'm not American so not attempting to draw anyone into anything. I guess, if you could take one thing from this, remember that as fucked as you think your country is ( whatever side you're on), at least appreciate the healthcare system and support that is in place because most of the world does not have that. Unless you've bought into the 'Myanmar military are the good guys line'. Then go fuck yourself. Conspiracy theorists who think they 'know' are also the most easily led to believe absolute total bullshit propaganda.
  11. Yeah, you can just see how unglued he was. I only watched the main this morning and will watch the rest of the show later this evening but man, yeah, dark is a good way to put it. On the one hand, it's been said before and I'm saying it again, maybe they should not put microphones in front of people who were just concussed and/or seriously hurt. On the other hand, those thirty seconds of McGregor looking like a wild man while babbling incoherently were...something. I doubt Poirier will be sitting out for McGregor to rehab that injury. I expect the only way we see part four is if Dustin comes up short in his deserved title shot.
  12. In my experience, for those with an aversion to flying it never gets good but it definitely gets easier. Up until this last year, I was probably averaging 20 flights per year and I still can't shake that 'this will be my last flight ever' feeling. I will say, if you're doing long haul flights with multiple transits, like 4 hours -> 12 hours -> 3 hours, by that last flight you're totally ready to accept whatever comes because you just want it all to be over. I also can't sleep on flights. My wife and I have always been lucky and it seems like at least 1/2 of the long ( 8+ hour) flights we've been on, we can usually either get a row to ourselves, or a row each. Still, I can maaaaaybe doze for fifteen minutes at a time but the slightest turbulence and I'm wide awake again. So yeah, I'd say 'try not to overthink' or 'you're more likely to die on the way to the airport' but I also know what it's like to get trapped inside your head and be sure you'll happen to be on the 1-in-however million flights that end badly.
  13. To be fair, if he'd done that in this fight he probably would have been pieced up and put out. I've never been a big fan of Nate's but you've got to respect his ability to stay relevant. He's really maximised the Connor win and extended his career with big money fights. I didn't get a chance to watch this live but just wanted to jump in to give Moreno another hell yeah! I really didn't expect him to get the win here but man, now that draw last time out was just another plot point in his rise to champion. You seriously could not come up with a better comeback story for that guy. Is he the real life Rocky? I actually hope Figueirdo sticks around at FlyW for one more fight because it would probably do better business than any other fight for Moreno at the moment.
  14. Was Ian the Rotten who did a tape trading or selling business in the mid-90s? I'm not exactly sure the specifics of this story but a 13 year old me was internetting back in the day - I think I must have been in like a chat room or something - and he was stunned that I had never seen ECW before. Said he'd send me a tape, he did, and I wore that shit out and passed it around all over my middle school. It was just a best-of style dub, with the cane Dewey angle, lots of 2-Cold/Sandman, Rey/Psicosis, a bunch of other stuff. Also, 13 year old me happily handed over my home address to someone on the internet ( who may or may not have been Ian or Axl Rotten). Edit : Just to say that I could be misremembering this whole story and it was just some random person who sent me the tape. For whatever reason, I remember it being one of the Rottens though.
  15. I'm also somewhat here - but just anything pre-1977 or so aside from Bruce.
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