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  1. This was not a great weekend for the smaller companies. I was actually kind of lookung forward to the Bellator shows knowing full well thete was a decent card there spread out over two shows. Both were pretty much duds and One's Saturday show was just as bad. Re- MVP, I might have misheard as I was switching it off, but in his post fight interview I think he was bragging about Daley never shooting so much before. In my mind, I was thinking more along the lines of Daley has never had this much success with his wrestling before. Hard to grandstand after a performance like that. I had it 38-38 with the first being burned in a dumpster behind the arena.
  2. Setsuna

    Them's Fightin' Words 2019 Predictions Contest

    Just a quick thanks to Elsalvajeloco and everyone else for their patience. Finally just did it on my phone as I realised I was never going to get a chance at work to do it.
  3. No. No, it wouldn't. Is the boxer at least the same weight class as Tenshin? I guess I should just read the link you posted but man, that would really be Rizin doubling-down on their original terrible idea.
  4. Tenshin's already scheduled for a March 10th show which is the first round of a kickboxing tournament.
  5. Setsuna

    Them's Fightin' Words 2019 Predictions Contest

    Awesome. If it's alright, I'll do that later today when I'm on a work computer. My laptop is still busted and I can't be bothered to write out the champions list on my phone.
  6. Setsuna

    Them's Fightin' Words 2019 Predictions Contest

    I know these won't count because I missed the deadline but I'll throw five in here for fun. I can't keep up with the ufc like you all do though - I watch every show but there's just too many fighters and divisions to try and keep track of. 1- One Fc ends 2019 with only two filipino champions across thd men's mma divisions. 2- Eddie Alvarez is eliminated from the One gp before the finals (ie. he loses in the quarters or semis - not by injury ooc). 3- Tenshin either signs with One or competes in a Rizin-One co-promoted event. 4- Angela Lee loses in March but wins at least two fights after that before year end. 5- McGregor has a fight announced this year but doesn't actually compete because some type of shenanigans. He does not fight this year. HW (265lbs): Jon Jones LHW (205lbs): Jon Jones MW (185lbs): Kelvin Gastelum WW (170lbs): Tyron Woodley LW (155lbs): Khabib Nurmagomedov FW (145lbs): Max Holloway BW (135lbs): TJ Dillashaw FlyW (125lbs): Henry Cejudo Women's Featherweight (145lbs): Amanda Nunes Women's Bantamweight ( 135lbs): Amanda Nunes Women's Flyweight (125lbs):Valentina Shevchenko Women's Strawweight (11 5lbs): Jessica Andrade
  7. Not great at reading the crowd though. Like I'm pretty sure they were on his side booing Gastelum there. I'm with you though. He's one of the handful of guys whose fights I always get excited for.
  8. Not quite the passing of the torch the UFC was lookung for but we all knew it could go this way. Enjoyef the first two rounds. This third is dire though.
  9. You've got to wonder if those shots would have had the same effect if the fight was at 135. I really don't know - Cejudo did come out really aggressive.
  10. I thought the same thing. Opening 30 seconds and I'm thinking this won't end well for him. Then he proceeds to dismantle Hernandez. Those step in knees really messed with his game.
  11. Just watched this now after avoiding spoilers all day. I had it 114-112 Fury. I was disappointed in the decision but I wouldn't call it a robbery. I'm not a massive follower of boxing though. Aside from the decision, it wasn't the most action packed fight but the drama of the knockdowns completely made up for it. I really enjoyed it.
  12. I don't do this often, mainly because I'm wrong most of the time, but I called the fight being a 3 round exhibition\automatic draw as soon as I heard about it. Nothing else makes any sense. No way Floyd fights under anything but boxing rules and there's no way Rizin has the money to pay for a proper Floyd purse. Nevermind how stupid it would have been for them to pay Floyd that money given that he'd very likely clown Tenshin. This way it's kind of win-win. They get their potential ratings boost and will have highlights later on to shown Tenshin 'fighting' Mayweather. Probably saving them a ton of cash and getting the same or better outcome.
  13. The One app is just the youtube feed so all of their events are shown live on youtube. Not sure how long they stay up for but at least a few days. Last night's show was pretty good in parts, which is pretty typical of One. I would say the Holzken fight and main event are worth your time. Brown Pinas scored a nice KO in the prelims as well.
  14. I had no idea what happened at the end but that elbow replay was absolutely incredible. Really bummed to see TKZ flattened like that at the bell though.