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  1. Agree with the above and man that Diakese knockout. Nice to see that the ref was on the ball there because he did not need to eat another punch after his head bounced off the mat. I'm off to bed now though and will watch the rest of the fights sometime tomorrow.
  2. Props to Vito for surviving the first knockdown but he really did have only a puncher's chance in that fight.
  3. That was timed well. Another brutal knockout.
  4. This Lemieux-Stevens fight looks fun. I'll switch back over to the UFC once the Shogun fight starts but enjoying this one through 2 rounds.
  5. Damn it. My feed went out 3-4 minutes ago. Came back just as I was typing this so got to see the highlight. Brutal knee.
  6. re: the discussion going on now - I don't see why the ref can't call a 5-minute break like he can for other fouls.
  7. That's too bad. There's no way this doesn't end with some controversy now.
  8. I think he was only +120 or something by the bookmakers. I would have had it much higher but shows what I know.
  9. Yeesh, when I heard 30-27 I thought for sure Brunson had that one.
  10. I meant to put in a short note that I wouldn't be surprised if Silva was given the nod. Don't agree with that at all but I can see where it came from.
  11. That wasn't the best fight but I thought it was a great performance by Silva, all things considered. At 41, against a younger, faster and way stronger guy, I was worried this might be a blowout. He definitely lost the fight but Silva's still awesome.
  12. Been slacking and thought I still had time to vote. Would have gone for Romero / Weidman. Bisping might have had the most surprising KO of 2016 but devastating? I thought Romero would have had that on lock.
  13. Done. It's already been pointed out how tight this race was. For me, it was ultimately down to Nunes and Garbrandt. Had to go with Cody in the end on the strength of the Cruz win.