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  1. My more extended thoughts on the show. The idea that One didn't just double-down on the move into Japan is an understatement. They over-booked and went too big for a company that doesn't seem to have a lot of momentum there. Then the typhoon happens and they've put all of those eggs into that basket and they've backed themselves into a corner.. If it had been pretty much any other show, I think we would have seen a delay but they were unlucky and stuck to running an empty house. Much has been already made of their finances, but I have no idea how they gave away two Lee fights, Aung La Nsang/Vera and Fernandes/Bellingon when those fighters represent some of their biggest markets. I'm pretty sure they lose money running anywhere but Singapore, even with the packed houses, so it really doesn't make sense to not try and run there more often. Not to harp on about it too much, but really which Japanese fans were clamoring for any of those fights? As for the show itself : The Shooto / Pancrase were fun and although a was only familiar with one or two of the fighters, the idea of the two companies running the champion-champion fights was nostalgic/interesting enough to grab my interest. Aung La Nsang is an absolute star in Myanmar and there was a lot of buzz around his fight. I thought it was dangerous the way he was walking into everything but he broke Vera down and gassed him out with the quickness. I guess the winner of Bigdash / Ataides gets him next. That GP was an absolute mess. I had Saygid - Tynanes as the final but after getting through the first round unphased people started dropping like flies. Then the fact that Christian Lee stepped in on 8 days notice and rendered the whole thing null by controlling the tournament favourite as well as he did was somehow fitting. Both Lees looked legit yesterday and it will be interesting to see how they develop / how long One lasts and where they go next. It was nice to see Bibi put the Bellingon rivalry and hopefully we can move on from it. The Janet Todd highlight was great too. All told, it was a great show but way too long. I watched the whole thing live which meant it ran from 6:30 am here until around 8:00 pm with a 3 hour break between the shows. Two of my 2019 predictions were at stake here and it really should have been three. 1- One Fc ends 2019 with only two filipino champions across thd men's mma divisions. Think it was at 5 or 6 when I made the prediction. Right now sitting at two with Vera and Pacio. We've got Pacio's title on the line next month but he should be able to defend against Catalan. Think I might actually get this one. 2- Eddie Alvarez is eliminated from the One gp before the finals (ie. he loses in the quarters or semis - not by injury ooc). I'll leave this up to the judges and am fine if it doesn't count. I actually saw Alvarez winning his quarter and then losing to Tynanes. Instead he lost his quartfinal, was brought back into the semi-finals and beat Folayang ( who wasn't even in the tournament), then dropped out by injury. 3- Tenshin either signs with One or competes in a Rizin-One co-promoted event. If they're going to continue throwing money at Japan, still think this was the move to make. Talked a lot about the Rodtang - Tenshin fight before Rodtang's fight on the show. He might still sign with One, although I still think the co-promotion is the more likely scenario despite neither seeming interested in it. 4- Angela Lee loses in March but wins at least two fights after that before year end. She lost in March but I thought they'd feed her total softballs and build up to the rematch for 2020. I did not expect her to lose again against Michelle Niccolini although that was a close fight and I thought Angela did enough to win. Now she goes and avenges the Xiong fight, which was a much bigger test. Meh, should have had this one. 5- McGregor has a fight announced this year but doesn't actually compete because some type of shenanigans. He does not fight this year. Well, I was right about the last part. Quick note : they've got Lineker's debut coming up in two weeks against Muin Gafurov, who signed for the UFC, had a fight announced then apparently was blocked by his One contract.
  2. Dj - Kingad starting now. On my phone again or I'd have more to say about ghe lead into the show as well as the show itself.
  3. God, I feel like the biggest One shill here sometimes but somebody's gotta post it. A lot to look forward to on this one scattered throughout the two cards. As far as I can tell, the first card will start around the same time as the UFC main show this weekend and between the two cards will probably go on for about 12-13 hours. The LW gp turned out to be about the ugliest grand prix ever but at least they found a suitable replacement for Eddie Alvarez after he dropped out. Trying to drop a palate cleanser here because I can be as nostalgic as anyone but Ortiz-Albeto and Fedor-Rampage is just....
  4. I just did the exact same thing. That fight really should have been stopped in the first. I'm the most casual of casual boxing fans but holy crap have I ever been enjoying the HW division over the past couple of years. I know there are probably better fights going on in other divisions but HW boxing is always going to have that special allure and it's completely drawn me back into following that division in the sport.
  5. Eddie Alvarez and Eduard Folayang's fight on August 2nd has turned into a LW GP semi-final due to Timofey Nastyukin's injury ( he was already scheduled to face a reserve fighter after his original opponent was injured). All-in-all, a great looking card though as One continues with their current trend of heavily stacking certain cards and throwing filler shows in between. The entire main card is great here with the top 4 fights being really notable.
  6. You really ended this one on a couple bangers. Two of my favourite ever films with two of the best finales ever. The Martial Club finale was actually the first Shaw Bros. fight I ever saw and it was in a total vacuum. Someone lent me a VHS tape that had just the finale included at the end of another movie. That was one of those HK cinema fanatic moments I'll never forget because it completely opened my eyes to the Shaw flicks and LKL and gang especially. I really enjoyed this whole contest. Big thanks to exec for putting it on and everyone else for the reviews. I'll definitely be back next year as well.
  7. That's more of a problem of the ones that shout the loudest get heard the most. I live in a Buddhist country and we have the exact same problem here. I can 100% understand the sentiment but don't let yourself believe that all religious people are bad or self-serving because that's far from the truth. If Satanists or atheists ever become the majority I think we'd still have the same problems where splinter groups split off with their own agenda. As you inferred in the last sentence, it's more about the people than it is about the religion itself.
  8. Scroll back, you'll find a better one.
  9. Not tonight, but the LKL movies from 36th Chamber to 8 Diagram Pole Fighter are my favourites of the Shaw catalogue so I've seen it multiple times before. Would honestly love to read that review - hopefully exec runs this again next year.
  10. I don't live in North America so El Rey's not an option but I do have the Celestial Classic Movies Channel so it's bound to show up sometime. Just checked, and right now Dirty Ho is playing. It covers all the Shaw Bros. flix so it's not always great but at least two or three kung fu films a day.
  11. I watched the trailer and it makes me think that I really need to re-visit that one. I mentioned earlier seeing it on a terrible bootleg dvd from a Walmart bargain bin and being disappointed. Just from that trailer - man, I think I missed out.
  12. Agreed on the Pico sentiment. I laughed when he lost his debut just because how blown up it all was. At this point, I actually find myself rooting for the guy. Maybe that was Bellator's plan all along? Like the anti-MVP?
  13. This is kind of random but I was watching tv with my wife the other day and there was a newish Chinese movie playing. I had no idea what was happening, because the subtitles weren't in English (I live in Myanmar), but noticed Chin Kar Lok. Completely blew my mind that my wife knew he was. I didn't believe her at first, but then she threw out, 'Yeah, he has a brother who makes movies too." Mind blown because she is not big on Chinese movies, or action movies, and Chin Ka Lok didn't have that many notable roles in bigger movies( I can only think of DM2 off the top of my head). Zero idea what she would know Chin Siu-Ho from(Fist of Legend?), or how she knew they were brothers. Anyway, to bring it back on topic, seeing him reminded me of Operation Scorpio / Scorpion King. That probably would have been my pick had the contest had I thought of it at the time. Won Jin's role/performance in it pretty much carried an otherwise lackluster film, and I've always been a sucker for the Chin bros.
  14. I'll be damned - there actually is a story to Miracle Fighters. I was totally ready to have my pick get torn to shreds but glad you got some enjoyment out of it. It's one that always stuck me with me because of the absurdity of it all. The sequels are more of the same with diminishing returns but I've always got a kick of Yuen Shun-yee's roles in the films.
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