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  1. OK, I'll concede he is better than El Gigante but he isn't anywhere close to Vader. He could qualify as Bryan's broomstick.
  2. What did she say about being billed as "The Baddest Woman on the Planet"? She had to have talked about how fake that is, right?
  3. I forget which show it was but the package for a New Day- Uso's match got me to watch it where I was going to skip yet another New Days-Uso's match because I needed to get to sleep. "Nine years in the game!!....Zero Wrestlemanias!!" And then Big E's comeback. On the other hand, every time I see a package involving Shane I figure maybe I should watch. And I always regret it.
  4. Yikes! that's like some weird ass John Pitre painting come to life.
  5. What are you complaining about? That's a lotta backyard!
  6. They should have given those guys Spaghetti Western names like Gary Hudson for Gianni Garko.
  7. To be clear, it was more WHAT was it supposed to be. Now, because I'm not an idiot, I had that mystery cleared up by reading through the thread before I posted and before Bustronaut's reply. It is perfectly valid to question rather or not I'm an idiot for not getting it before, but PRODUCT wasn't in my general usage because I'm not a salesman.
  8. I never could figure out what that was supposed to be.
  9. It seems pretty clear that Sasha needed to clear Tamina's shoulders and hop onto Nia's but, just like her funky dives, she pointed her head down. She is like that kid in middle school that could never quite figure out how to make a paper airplane and it always nose-dived.
  10. Karma. Means hit him with three open hand slaps. He needed to get melted.* Fun show. I didn't have any issue with Kunitskaya getting the nod. I thought she won the first two. On the other hand, judges had to have been on their phones for Rothwell- Ivanov. Derrick Lewis proving the old saw that a wounded animal is the most dangerous, but Junior still having the stuff to put him down. Crazy. * Not that I think he had an ankle injury coming.
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