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  1. Yes, Heather Thomas coming through swinging doors in a bikini and the theme song made that an all-time memorable opening. "It's true I hire my body out for pay. Hey, hey!!"
  2. Liked for the last sentence, obviously. Get well soon.
  3. Yes, I also suck. I'm writing it up now but won't finish until I get home tonight. Along with a couple of bonus reviews that I may or may not finish. The good news is there are still 10 days in October.
  4. https://variety.com/2023/film/news/piper-laurie-dead-carrie-1235756354/ RIP Piper Laurie. I'm amazed no one has ever chosen Carrie for Halloween Havoc.
  5. Yes, and some idiot reviewed it.
  6. Hmmmm...I checked. Maria Kanellis is definitely not listed in the cast.
  7. To bring this back to Elvis, I was alive when he died. Hell, I was alive for his '68 comeback! I'm old.
  8. That sounds similar to how back in the 70's we watched Mid-Atlantic while living in Florida. Except, instead of rabbit ears on top of the TV, we had a pole antenna outside the trailer that my dad would spend a good 10 minutes adjusting while we shouted out his progress through the window.
  9. Ah. I was wondering if it hung on Hal Needham being from Tennessee but obviously he'd have been living and working in California decades before Fuller had even debuted. it's a theory, I suppose, but Fuller didn't invent that look and I doubt Burt Reynolds needed any inspiration to be a cocky ass.
  10. Two for me. L : Change The World early because it was bad and clearly wasn't going to drift into so-bad-its-good territory and The Mosquito Coast with 20 minutes left because by that point I was so fed up with Harrison Ford's character that I couldn't sit there another minute.
  11. Yeah? Who's theory was that? Ron Fullers?
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