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  1. If it were about Tojo Yamamoto would it have a disclaimer?
  2. I should have read your post before I quoted RandomAct.
  3. Well, two out of three anyway. I don't see Now You See Him, Now You Don't anywhere. I also don't see the Jan- Michael Vincent film The World's Greatest Athlete. There are definitely some gaping holes in this deal.
  4. Also, has it been confirmed if the Titans or Doom Patrol are going to make an appearance?
  5. And I'll set the deadline at Dec. 10th. My preference is to try and post something daily so if we have enough reviews in, and there is enough bonus stuff, we may begin before the deadline hits.
  6. All films have been sent. If I somehow missed anyone let me know.
  7. Well they're pretty much ALL available from multiple sources.
  8. I agree. For me the obscurer, the better. If I don't already have it in one form or another and it's OOP, I know where to find them. I like getting things I might not otherwise ever watch. But if I had gotten Evil Dead Trap 2, I would have just walked over to my bookcase full of old bootleg tapes and just hoped the damn thing was still watchable.
  9. We are all in. I'll have everything sent out by tomorrow morning. And FYI, most of the picks aren't on Netflix or Hulu but are readily available for rent, three or four bucks, on Amazon or elsewhere. If that is going to be a problem for anyone, let me know. I see some of them are on those library sites like Kanopy and I really need to get around to acquiring a library card.
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