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  1. I probably wouldn't dispute that Romero was the best, but I'd argue that Nicholson's version was closer to what the character was through most of it's existence than any other version.
  2. The Brian Cox interview struck me as an actor talking about his process, not about something that was scripted and I think that is borne out by the After the Episode bit This is almost certainly going to happen.
  3. That might all be true if it were the series finale. He definitely conveys his pride in Kendall in that last scene but there is no way he wanted or expected it to actually happen in that moment.
  4. No The Gnome-Mobile? No Now You See Him, Now You Don't? No thanks!
  5. The scary part is they still make Twinkies.
  6. Well, it is on Shudder or it is a couple of bucks to rent on Amazon.
  7. Watched Batwoman. I liked it. Thought Ruby Rose was just fine. I liked that they didn't dick around and got the Alice reveal out of the way. Thought the action was handled very well, though having someone get whacked from behind with a 2x4 on three separate occasions annoyed me a little. I could live without the love triangle since it kind of echos The Flash, but whatever. Looking forward to seeing this one grow.
  8. Well maybe this is the perfect opportunity for @piranesi to jump in and save the day.
  9. @RIPPA I'd be fine with taking on another review.
  10. Well, from what I saw of it, I'm in agreement with everyone that says it is a great performance. But the sound went out right after the subway scene so still a ways to go. I'll catch it next week.
  11. Hahaha... My friends and I were about 40 minutes in when the sound stopped working. Meanwhile, they let the film keep running as they "addressed the issue". The entire theater tapped out after about 20 minutes of that. Refunds and rainchecks all around! We'll try again Tuesday.
  12. You should, I don't know, write some reviews or participate next year. Or for any of the other upcoming ones. I'm sure we'd all welcome that.
  13. Well you shoulda been shouting it from the rooftops! Easily one of her top five matches. Might almost make a Sasha fan outta me. Be a shame if people skip that show because of the main. The women's matches were the best part of it. Oh yeah, Joker. Going to see it Wednesday. Hoping for the best.
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