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  1. First time I went to check out Stardom World since they re-vamped the site. Now seem to have even less content from the earlier years than before. Anyone know the scoop?
  2. Power lifter's body with a size 30 waist? Yeah, we're never getting that version.
  3. Personally, I'm going to mourn the loss of Affleck. You can argue that he was ill-served by the material, but his Batman is the closest we've ever gotten to the best versions from the comic.
  4. @jaedmc I am probably going to write that many about him too but it isn't going to be an answer to your review. I had already planned to write up a few mini-essays on different topics for this thing. But when the time comes, it might end up striking me as a bit self-indulgent , so we'll see.
  5. The reason he only had one bullet is because he had a bad habit of discharging his weapon every time he holstered it, but that doesn't mean you're wrong.
  6. Was going to do this tomorrow, but I'll take this opportunity to update. Reviews: Curt, driver, J.T., AxB Bonus: J.H., AxB (2) Looking like we may need to extend the deadline beyond the 20th. If you committed to a bonus review but for whatever reason haven't gotten around to it, no big deal. Do them or don't. I'll still take them after we start. But I'd like the main reviews no later than the 24th because this train rolls out by the 25th. If you are having an issue finding your movie, message me and we'll figure something out.
  7. Is there going to be a Bliss diss track?
  8. Maaaan I probably haven't seen that since the Million Dollar Movie era. That might be a good one for the Christmas Chaos next year. I wonder if it ever shows up on TCM?
  9. If I felt that way, I'd tolerate him just because of Lizabeth Scott and Evelyn Keyes.
  10. That is actually a lot of really good movies you are missing, but to each their own.
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