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  1. Execproducer

    Greatest Horror of All Time - where to begin?

    Yup. Let's do this. Between it and Brian Fowler's annual awesomeness it is time to get the party started. Hopefully this year Brian actually has a list of films already previously reviewed .
  2. If you could post a version of your thesis here, we would all be grateful.
  3. I remember when I bought my first LD player. It was almost a thousand dollars and I paid for it with a huge smile on my face. 1997. Still have it, still works, and I would fight to the death before I'd let it or the 100+ LDS's I have go. My main treasures are the unfucked with Star Wars Trilogy (purchased in Japan), Drunken Master II (90 bucks and still smiling) and The Seventh Seal.
  4. It is sad to me that I was once such a huge boxing fan that I would mark on a calendar when an Azumah Nelson or Simon Brown or Evander Holyfield or Buddy McGirt or Prince Charles Williams or Julio Cesar Chavez fight would be coming up but I've never heard of any of the boxers you mentioned. Besides the Russian dude.
  5. I think this is about right. While I have as much love for him as The Natural does, there is a huge difference between what this has cost him and how it has affected someone like Tom Lawlor or even a Machida or Silva. His legacy is irreparably harmed and he is out millions and millions and millions of dollars. Even if the UFC is willing to forgive him everything (you know, like Connor) , it isn't like he ever achieved the level of a sports icon like a Jordan or Montana or even a Lee Trevino and time isn't going to give him the same type of historical context that Muhammad Ali earned*. Bring him back, already. He's either grown from this or he'll fuck it up forever. *Meaning the lost years. I assume whatever Ali was on was all about how his brain was wired.*
  6. Execproducer

    Raw Is Crossfit Breezus - 8/6/2018

    I've met Baron Von Raschke. Baron Von Raschke was a favorite of mine. Constable, you are no Baron Von Raschke.
  7. It’s about time Anne of the Thousand Days got the Criterion treatment.
  8. As someone points out a mere 5 posts on the comments of the YouTube page, that is Prince's former bodyguard Big Chick, who was enjoying his 15 minutes around that time.
  9. Execproducer

    Best Movie Opening / Ending?

    Opening: Ending:
  10. Execproducer


    Can't it be both?
  11. Apparently I should stop taking vacation days to see Ferguson-Khabib
  12. Execproducer


    Are there rights issues with stuff from 2013-2015? I would like to be a completist but so little is on there.
  13. Execproducer


    "And I'm having a hard time holding this Gerbers down!!"
  14. Execproducer


    I cant wait to hear Parker Posey say "Ohhhh the paiiiin...the paiiin.".