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  1. Execproducer

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    "One of The GodFather's associates" hahaha.
  2. Execproducer


    Well then, allow me to change it up. My album of the year is Macy Gray - Ruby. It isn’t re-inventing the wheel or anything, and I don’t care much for the 1st track (“Buddha”) but it’s got Soul for days. At times, it feels like some gem unearthed from 1974. I’ll be wearing this one out.
  3. Execproducer

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    Waiting on last three. Regardless, we're kicking this thing off on Tuesday.
  4. Execproducer


  5. Execproducer

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    I went into the Army in October of 85' and saw next to no wrestling for three years, so I missed most of Martel's championship run. I do remember seeing a long ass t.v. taping at the Showboat, where he wrestled a couple of times, including once against Kamala, though I'm very hazy on the date. I do remember very clearly watching highlights of the title victory over Jumbo on All-Star Wrestling with my dad. Rick dropped an elbow on Jumbo's back and my dad was all, "C'mon Rick!! You're better than that!!!!". Those were the days, my friends.
  6. Execproducer

    Golden Age Greatness

    I am tempted by those, but basically that is all stuff you can get from Digital Comic Museum...obviously all public domain... and I kind of enjoy the filler. I do have a couple of their catalogs though, and I’ll probably bite on a couple of them. I would be particularly interested in Daredevil, Cat-Man, and Miss Fury.
  7. Execproducer


    I was going to say maybe because at the peak of the move you form a crescent. Had to be an American that named it, right? Like maybe Gary Hart?
  8. Execproducer

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    The only thing she's got coming is Ten Pounds of Gold. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! @Dolfan in NYC I'll just save you the trouble. USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST
  9. Execproducer

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    Poor old Johnny Ray.
  10. Execproducer

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    Update time again. Reviews are in for : Marty Sugar Curt McGirt odessasteps driver Ultimo Necro nate S.K.o.S. jaedmc Brian Fowler With two days to go until we hit the deadline, we're in pretty good shape. For those that haven't sent yours off yet, no pressure, but if I haven't received it by the 20th, I will begin to publicly shame you in this thread. My goal is to kick things off on the 22nd or 23rd, so there will be at least a couple of days that will feature more than one review.
  11. Execproducer

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    Yes, I remember and that reminds me I still need to see Popcorn.
  12. Execproducer

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    And that makes five in so far. Also have reviews from Marty Sugar, Curt McGirt, odessasteps, and driver. I'd like to get the rest in by the 18th. Thanks guys.
  13. Execproducer

    SDL is Gimme Shelton, Or I'm Gonna Fade Away - 10/9/2018

    Depends upon your religious views.
  14. Execproducer

    SDL is Gimme Shelton, Or I'm Gonna Fade Away - 10/9/2018

    Becky deserves every beating she gets. #ClasslessIrishLass