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  1. If Jun Kasai is cuter than you definitely time for a make-over.
  2. He kinda looks like Wally Cox took the Super-Soldier formula.
  3. The Farewell is a wonderful film and if it were up to me, she would have been ahead of Scorsese, Mendes, and Phillips.
  4. Wings is a great film. So is Sunrise which won the 'other' Academy Award. If The Crowd had won it would have been fine but Wings was the right choice.
  5. Clearly this is where I need to retire.
  6. She was in Wild Things as well, so that's two good ones.
  7. I wonder what he thought about Cpl. Kirchner's long hair.
  8. Maybe he'll Method that shit like Eddie Nero.
  9. Yeah, I think Rick became "the other guy" the moment Scott hit that first Frankensteiner. I also think being "the other guy" more often than not has more to do with who came out on the wrong end of a popularity contest whether that means girls preferring Ricky to Robert or dudes wanting to see Nikita take someones head off and could give fuck all about Uncle Ivan's bear hug.
  10. I'm not saying you're wrong but Sasha can pull off a compelling HIAC match with Becky the Broom and I doubt Alexa is there yet.
  11. You go through Vegas? You should try Fuku Burger. Not life changing or anything but just as good as most of the ones you mentioned and has a cool atmosphere. And probably about half the hotels have a gourmet burger now place so there's that.
  12. Yeah but none of those guys were around in the 80's.
  13. I don't know about the 2000's. As good as he was as a wrestler and a fiery baby face, he was never going to ooze with charisma.
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