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  1. When I was a teenager I truly believed that Miller was "The Champagne of Beers", then I spent 2 1/2 years in Germany for my Uncle Sam and developed a somewhat more refined palate. As for Robby, he is very much in that mode of 80's era soap opera Teen Beat Bad Boys that ultimately turn Face. Hence, he fits right into the Karate Kidaverse.
  2. Sent. For not wanting a doc heavy ballot, I ended up with around 20 on a 100 film ballot. Not that I was running out of options, just a really strong decade for docs.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday @Brian Fowler
  4. Mine is coming. I'm cramming films until the 24 hour warning.
  5. All I'm going to say about that is if "prurient reasons" affected my vote then Black Swan would have stayed nearly as high on my ballot as it was for the half-decade poll. It has dropped quite a bit. As for others mentioned that I rated highly then, as I finalize my ballot I don't know if I'll have room for True Grit. There is no room at all for Whiplash.
  6. Who do you think is going to staff the hotel?
  7. When I was in the 7th grade my drama class went to UNLV to see a production of Twelfth Night. Probably about halfway through I realized that Olivia was being played by Emmy Jo! Shout out to Famous Classic Tales.
  8. You're doing great work here.
  9. Chuck Berry Duane Allman Bruce Springsteen Nils Lofgren Gary Moore Steve Stevens Nancy Wilson Mike Ness Poison Ivy and for influence alone, Maybelle Carter and Lightnin Hopkins.
  10. A young mother visits some old friends off of a check-list.
  11. Sorry for the delay but getting back to work has been brutal. That is the last of the official reviews though I still have a couple of bonus things to finish up and I promised someone I'd review their first pick because it was their back-up that ended up being reviewed.
  12. Film: Hapkido Picked by: Execproducer "Classic Angela Mao. Her fifth film (I think?) working alongside Sammo Hung and her first with Carter Wong. Directed by Feng Huang, who would ultimately direct nine films featuring Mao, the film is about three Chinese students studying Hapkido in Japanese occupied Korea. With the familiar kung-fu film template of clashing schools, evil Japanese and bonds of brotherhood. And when one of your 'brothers' is Angela Mao, asses are getting kicked for sure " Hapkido (1972) Golden Harvest Directed by: Feng Huang Cast: Angel
  13. Naked is a film I am fond of based solely on the acting.
  14. Maybe it wouldn't have worked because he wasn't that far removed from Eliot Ness but Costner would have made a good Dick Tracy and we could maybe have been spared his Robin Hood.
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