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  1. Emmy Jo in go-go boots was also quite exotic to young exec.
  2. My younger sister and I watched together though for very different reasons. For 9 or 10 year-old me Lilias was very exotic. Just the kind of woman I'd spend the rest of my life falling in love with. Excuse me now while I go settle down.
  3. The only thing I ever watched on PBS as a kid was Lilias, Yoga and You. Namaste, Lilias, wherever you are.
  4. There is a long list of zero mentions but the relative lack of attention paid to David and Kerry felt really weird even if there isn't likely much to say that hasn't already been said. Definitely wins the award for most relevant panel.
  5. After looking where to post this personal little rant I noticed that there apparently hasn't been any Really Swell News since at least November 2nd! That sucks. Anyway, after being fired from my job back in May and for a variety of reasons not being able to job hunt until August, I finally started a new job just over a week ago.......aaaaand promptly caught my first case of COVID. I've been vaccinated and twice boostered so it is playing out like a really bad cold but the timing of course couldn't be worse. But what doesn't kill me only keeps me around longer.
  6. Some of us are old enough to remember when they cost 20 cents.
  7. I haven't seen Modern Problems since it was big. And when it was big, I musta seen it a million trillion fucking times. Yeah, it probably doesn't pass muster for this era but it's peak Dabney Coleman. Second the love for Gonna Get It Next Time. I'll admit to having love for Under The Rainbow but that is largely down to Carrie Fisher and Billy Barty. Barty also appeared in Foul Play. And yes, Under The Rainbow is another one that wouldn't get past a pitch meeting today. It occurs to me that most of the Chase stuff I like has more to do with his co-stars and generally well written stories than anything having to do with Chase himself. However, Fletch is undeniable.
  8. I don't think Viserys aged so much as decomposed.
  9. Damn, I guess I should get around to watching the first one.
  10. What I got from this review is that Cannonball Run is a deeply underappreciated film and I couldn't agree more.
  11. And if you must watch a Chevy Chase movie, Foul Play is the way to go.
  12. If Monday is okay, I’ll have one or two ready.
  13. Just speaking for myself, "bad luck protection" would take some of the fun out of the whole deal. I didn't enjoy my film this year but certainly several other people who participated would have. I definitely don't mind being exposed to something new and deciding for myself if it works for me. But if it helps keep the flame alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. The Maltese Falcon (41) is the GOAT remake. Didn't even know NOTLD had a remake. Will definitely have to check it out.
  15. Have they cast for Flair yet? He'd probably be better as Flair, or even Lawler, than Hernandez.
  16. Its not like they are completely faithful with their adaptations. Besides, it was a joke. Not a funny one but a joke nonetheless.
  17. If it ends with him getting taken out with mistletoe then Craig will be approaching Sean Bean territory for dying onscreen.
  18. I would never read that idiot's book but these nuggets keep popping up in my news feed. Bad enough that he wished death on Reeves and called Heath Ledger and River Phoenix geniuses merely so he could elevate himself by association, but then he had to try and embarrass Salma Hayek and Valerie Bertinelli. To paraphrase @The Natural, fuck Matthew Perry.
  19. Rick Martel had a run in Portland. He could talk about Piper's crazy ass.
  20. I'm pretty much in tune with all of this. It's not so much gore that I don't like but what is the purpose for it's presence. Gore in a war film? No problem. Gore in a TV show like Banshee? Thinking specifically of the Burton vs. Nola Longshadow fight, there is so much going on in that scene that the gore bits have a useful plot purpose. Giallos have a mystery element that makes the story engaging. It's fine not to like them but they're not just women getting slashed to death left and right. I also agree with your point about zombie films even though there are very few of those (aside from the comedic ones) that I care to watch. Any type of gore film with a heavy supernatural element is potentially something I can enjoy because of course there is going to be dire consequences for dealing with these forces. That's as old as storytelling, from Prometheus getting his liver eaten by an eagle to giants grinding human bones for bread. Some of the fairy-tales that were in the libraries of my youth were gory as hell. But gore films where the sole purpose is to show you how awful human beings can be? You can keep all of that. I'm not interested in real-life serial killer stuff or torture porn or crazy fuckers putting limbs through meat grinders or anything like it.
  21. Those pics have such a great DC Comics 70's horror book vibe that even if I wasn't already a Cage fan I'd be sold on this. Just take my wallet and all that other stuff.
  22. If you successfully get Larry out of the room you unlock Cabana.
  23. If the guy they're dealing with is missing a pinkie it goes to 70%.
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