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  1. Holy shit that was the ugliest game I’ve ever seen. Harden missed his first 15 shots! Royce O’Neale tackles him out of bounds on a fast break. Felt like both teams shot just horrible for most of the game. and yet, Harden goes for 14 in the fourth and the Rockets win. Amazing.
  2. Discussion: When bad refereeing happens, what's worse: 1) ticky tack bullshit fouls against one team but not the other, or 2) swallowing whistles on obvious fouls on one team but not the other? Obviously, the worst is when it's ticky tack bullshit fouls against one team, and the other team doesn't get anything called against them. I think when they're not calling obvious fouls the game can get dangerous. For example, player drives down the lane for a layup, gets bodied out of bounds. no call. Next time down, hit him harder, they ain't gonna call it. It can escalate. And it can be demoralizing and throw off your rhythm if you're getting bumped every time you take a shot.
  3. I see that Scott Foster has been sent in to fix the Golden State / Clippers Series. Which quarter does Beverley get ejected?
  4. I can’t believe he missed this shot. Would’ve been bigger than the Wesley Johnson shot. Or the Jamal Murray shot. Or the Paul George shot.
  5. Picked a good game to take my son to. I think Utah thought it was a 9:30 start. Harden with a 32/13/10 triple double. My son is now 4-0 going to Rockets games. Might have to keep bringing him to playoff games.
  6. Who can Roman feud with on Smackdown and not get booed?
  7. Literally ruining the game. All he does is travel and shoot free throws
  8. I saw it coming. “Clips vs Warriors. Clips probably don’t have much to matchup with the Warriors, but Pat Beverley vs an injured Steph is something to watch, and Lou Williams can go bananas at any moment. The Clips bench is better than the Warriors, so we’ll see what’s going on. Hopefully ex-Rockets Bev, Trez and sweet Lou can do some damage against the Warriors.“
  9. Time to embrace the bad boys rep and just make the game ugly. Where’s Bill Laimbeer when you need him?
  10. Let’s not give the Rockets defense any credit. Not a lot of open shots for the Jazz all night.
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