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  1. Well at least the Texans are keeping pace with the Chiefs
  2. Well shit maybe Davis Mills ain't so bad compared to these other rookie QBs
  3. We’ll that went about as expected
  4. Sounds like he needs PJ Tucker to beat him up every day in practice. Oh wait ...
  5. I'd do a straight swap if Simmons would be a Draymond-esque PF and give up on PG aspirations
  6. Ben Simmons and John Wall working out together. LOL Remember when Philly wouldn't trade Simmons for Harden?
  7. Texans still in first place
  8. Dammit Seahawks you gotta beat the Titans
  9. I don't think I've seen one horror movie all year. I watched the first season of Black Summer on Netflix, does that count? What's the best horror in 2021? Something I can watch with the 15-13-11 year olds
  10. Conspiracy theory: Ibaka, Bledsoe and Marcus Morris were the only clippers not at the new stadium groundbreaking. Their combined salary = John Wall. Paul George was seen hanging out with John Wall. Trade coming?
  11. There's a lot of wrestlers with day jobs in AEW. Britt's got a dental office, Jericho and Butcher are in bands, MJF is a motivational speaker, Jack Hager is an MMA fighter ...
  12. maybe this means Bobby reforms the Hurt Business to fight the New Day.
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