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  1. Good. Indefinite suspension. Make him reapply every year. Hope them girls can force him to go to trial. Hope more girls come forward. Hope our DA, who apparently is considering prosecuting abortions of all things, grows some balls and reconsiders criminal charges. A no bill is not an exoneration. I've had cases that have been to multiple grand juries before they indicted. I hope it's at least 5 years before he sets foot on a real football field.
  2. WOOHOO! Second time the Astros no hit the Yanks in their stadium. Fuck the Yanks!
  3. So, KD back to Golden State who says no?
  4. Rockets win the draft, hands down. And will continue winning with the Nets burning down for the next few years
  5. Vegas has Paolo going #1. I assume they think the Rockets trade up? As long as the Rockets end up with one of Jabari / Paolo / Chet at 3 I think we’re fine. I don’t think 17 or 26 are going to be difference makers. I’m not scared of Chet’s frame. He’ll live in Houston. He’ll have plenty to eat. But then again, if the price of moving up is 17 or 26, get the one you want.
  6. That’s pathetic. At least you don’t have to pay him now?
  7. I wonder if settling these cases makes Deshaun a happy baby
  8. Tell them Nick's dad sent ya!
  9. Yeah, but you settle all of them, not leave 4 accusations of sexual misconduct still set for trial a year from now. Because those 4 women accusing him of sexual misconduct will still continue the slow drip of nasty perversity and deviancy until we go to trial and if he loses at trial what happens then? Let's not forget that there were two more women about to file lawsuits on top of what was already there. Seems kinda dumb. But what do I know, I'm a criminal lawyer.
  10. Question: Would 3, 17 and 26 be enough to move up to #1?
  11. John Wall would be the dumbest man alive to turn that shit down. 47 mill to not play? Why not? He'd be a fool to take a buy out, too.
  12. My son's restaurant makes a 4-day dough! It takes 4 days to make dough! It's really fucking good though. Try 40 North next time you're in Austin. It's the best pizza in town! Seriously!
  13. I don’t understand the strategy
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