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  1. I watched this last night. My wife and I love cheesy shark movies. It was no Requin, but it had its charms. I don't think any of the science works like at any point but doesn't matter, people that need to get chomped get chomped, the two big set pieces are glorious mayhem and there's even a shark autopsy at some point. Ending doesn't make any sense at all but it really doesn't matter because a million billion stars.
  2. Is Bron like, really short? Ricochet is not tall by any means, but they really looked about the same height. I admittedly haven't watched a ton of Bron. But I remember him getting caught on the top rope once and I've only seen that happen to Rey and Juvi.
  3. I need a shirt that says "I SWERVE WHEN I DRIVE"
  4. Nah he took two rounds off the champ and opened up a second vagina on his face. He good. That ankle swing was incredible and the scramble into the D’Arce was elite. Best win of his career.
  5. All three judges had at least one round for Dustin one had two we need to report your account for Russian disinformation
  6. You say that like Islam dominated the fight. He didn't. Hell of a fight, Dustin had his chances and gave Islam a way better fight than anyone thought. Credit to Islam, but his takedowns were getting stuffed and his face was getting marked up bad. Don't retire Dustin.
  7. I'm not a fan of Islam. I feel like he didn't fight anyone of consequence on the way to his championship. Olivera did not look right when he won the championship, and in the second Volk fight on short notice, Volk didn't look right. I think both of those fights said more about Olives and Volk than Islam. Yeah, Islam won the first Volk fight, but then again, Volk had moved up in weight and looked to have Islam beat in the 5th if there was a little more time. So yeah, Dustin by KO.
  8. On the other hand, he's been sensational since he's been back on TV.
  9. Taven barely cleared the top rope and didn't touch Ospreay until he was already flipping backwards by Bennett.
  10. Oh yeah, Bennett and Taven suck and add nothing to the show. They blew their doomsday device baddddddddddddddddd and could've totally injured Ospreay. GYV do that spot sooooo much better.
  11. I want to add that it's telling that both the Ospreay / Roddy and Swerve / Christian matches really didn't start going until all the seconds were thrown out. but then again, honestly the Mariah / Luther throwing in the towel was really handled well. Fuck that match was great. Was thinking they were really going to do the title switch a few times. Deeb is fucking awesome.
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