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  1. Didn't Conley just have a major injury? And he's how old? two first round picks? I'm shocked Grayson Allen wasn't a Utah Jazz lifer.
  2. Trade Paul to Philly for Butler straight up! Who says no?
  3. Let's not forget that the Rockets recently fired all of the assistant coaches for D'Antoni. It's probably coming from some disgruntled ex assistant coach that didn't expect to be fired. Or Kevin McHale.
  4. I haven’t watched Raw since MITB, and I guess I got a little confused on the alignments here. The way Cesaro and Lashley beat up Elias made it seem like they were faces. So I thought it was odd they’d do a 5 way with 5 baby faces, and end with Ricochet and Miz, who are definitely faces. also, Alexa and Nikki seem like faces, and were definitely faces against the IIconics, but then Alexa is going against Bayley, who came out like a heel (just like Samoa Joe did earlier) and essentially cost Alexa and Nikki the match. So Bayley is heel here? and Seth Rollins acts like a heel all night, and gets his comeuppance. He got what he deserved? Also it’s criminal that Stomping Grounds is in Washington state and instead of Rollins v. Bryan we got tonight they’re getting Corbin. Dumb. Also, Shawn Spears is right. You know who’s winning every match as soon as the entrances are over every single time.
  5. I think that's every offseason they say there's turmoil with the Rockets, and every year it's not true. Funniest rumor I heard today is that Blake Griffin is coming to the Rockets to reunite with Chris Paul.
  6. OH, NOW CASERIO WANTS OUT OF NEW ENGLAND AND WANTS TO COME TO THE TEXANS AND BE THEIR GM. Will this never end? I don't even care anymore. Texans are idiots, Bill O'Brien is an idiot, and if this dipshit wants to come to this trainwreck then he's an idiot too. DeShaun and DeAndre and JJ are still the GOATs though. Also will some Texans GM who may or may not exist please pay Jadaveon.
  7. Off topic request: I’m looking for an old Austin Aries vs. Kenny Omega match from 2009 is have ROH on HDNet. I vaguely remember it because Aries was wrestling for both of them and bumping like a madman. Is this anywhere online? Omega looked super young.
  8. At least David Robinson had regular season success. And a scoring title. What the fuck has Anthony Davis done?
  9. Why does Anthony Davis get such a pass for extreme lack of team success? Everyone always considers him one of the best players in the league but his teams have a remarkable lack of success despite his “great” individual play. I don’t think a lot of his teams were completely bereft of talent, either. one great player is supposed to make a world of difference on team success but that’s never really translated for the Pelicans. i think the Lakers,unless they add another major player, aren’t going to be worldbeaters, especially in the West. trade CP3 to the Lakers! Give us whoever’s left!
  10. Texans are LOL. Well, no Caserio. Bill O'Brian and Jack Easterby, who have never been GMs, are now GMs. LOL. Texans are the worst run franchise in the NFL.
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