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  1. Lawful Metal


    Rockets sign James Ennis! Um, ok. Decent defender, average from 3. I guess? If Mbah a Moute is really broken from the two shoulder separations I guess it’s a decent replacement. Still not a replacement for Ariza, but Ariza was declining, and PJ Tucker will be the new “glue” guy. Im loving Zhou Qi aka Joe Chee in the Summer League and wondering if he’ll be a serviceable Ryno replacement or if Ryno will make a comeback to where he was hitting 70% of 3s when assisted by Paul.
  2. Lawful Metal

    Introduce yourself (or don't)

    I’m Lawful Metal. I’ve been here since forever, minus all the times I’ve been banned. Thank god the forum completely crashed and forgot I was banned or I wouldn’t even be here. I’m a criminal defense lawyer in Houston. If anybody gets arrested in Texas I’ll help you out.
  3. Lawful Metal


    I don't know. If Melo can be a decent threat from 3, he'll get open looks. And he's good Harden insurance, so when Harden goes to the bench Melo can hopefully light up some backups. He's better than MCW. And, generally, everyone that gets away from Westbrook improves tremendously.
  4. Lawful Metal


    Golden State’s starting five will be better than the East All Stars by a very large margin. Fuck it, it’ll be fun watching them go down.
  5. Lawful Metal


    When 4 all stars is not enough
  6. Lawful Metal


    Didn't want LeBron anyway. Unless he wants to come here.
  7. Lawful Metal

    So, How's It Going?

    Wrong day to quit drinking
  8. Lawful Metal


    Harden is MVP at long last. Should've been his third. Better than Steph in 2015, way better than Russ in 2017, and this year. See new sig.
  9. Lawful Metal


    I wanted to mention the pure glee I had during the finishing stretch of Daniel Bryan / Cass. Once Bryan locked in the heel hook, this was Cass's reaction: Stare directly into the camera Scream AHHHHHH Full stop Scream AHHHHHH Full stop Reach for the ropes for exactly one second Tap furiously in disgust of his own pathetic manhood. Fantastic work by the big guy.
  10. Lawful Metal


    Braun winning works if he calls his shot: Summerslam v. Brock. Defends briefcase against Roman at Extreme Rules, then we get extensive training montages for both building up to Summerslam. Then, y’know, besting Brock clean. then Brock can take off until Royal Rumble for the rematch, which Braun will win again. Then, if they really have to, do Roman v. Braun at Wrestlemania (Or, quite literally, do anything else). I guess Shinsuke can beat Jeff Hardy and have a lengthy reign with the US title. Daniel Bryan needs a feud with AJ and Shinsuke, so I understand keeping it on AJ. Ronda’s awesome.
  11. Lawful Metal

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    Tyler Breeze is also tiny. Velveteen has some size on him, and he's completely believable in the ring. He understands his character. The issue is what parts of his character you dial up when he goes to the roster, and what kind of storylines you base off it. And, understandably, there are reservations. But ultimately, I think he'll be fine, because he's probably has the most charisma since The Rock, and he can carry himself in a match.
  12. Lawful Metal

    (NXT) June 13, 2018 TV Show

    I think Kyle O’Reilly’s gimmick being MMA Eugene has been really endearing. Submission Savant forever!
  13. Lawful Metal

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    I hope it’s a Chicago Street fight where you show up in jeans and cowboy boots and you actually end up on the streets of Chicago and somebody gets thrown off a bridge or something. I think anything else might be disappointing after their last epic. And how about Nikki Cross wins and Shayna breaks her arm, and then Mae Young Classic II is for the women’s title?
  14. Lawful Metal

    NJPW Dominion 2018

    Loved the main event. Probably put this as my second favorite of their series. Them exhausted at the end laying on that bottom rope was amazing. That said, I’m excited for any and all of Kenny’s upcoming title defenses with the glaring exception of one: Cody. If I never have to see Cody and Kenny interact again I’d be thrilled. Kenny against anyone I’m excited. Vs. Naito? Yes. Jericho? Yes. Tanahashi? Yes. Ishii? Yes. Let’s get creative: vs Hiromu? Yes. ZSJ? Yes. Ospreay? Yes. Elgin? Sure why not. Rey Mysterio, Jr.? Fuck yes. Bad Luck Fale? Hell yes! And of course, vs. Ibushi, yes. Cody? No. Cody winning that six man against Tana Liger and Rey was X-Pac winning a serious match. Just takes you right out of it. I like that Old Broken Down Jericho as a sleazy brawler is a thing that exists only in Japan. Kinda reminds me of Flair in ECW run. Yes, he probably shouldn’t be trying to take Destinos, but it’s fun and different and it pushed Naito in a different direction. and pumped for Hiromu’s big win. He’s great. Wish I got to see him celebrate with Daryl. but yeah, Cody is the least interesting man in Japan.
  15. Lawful Metal

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    Didn't watch any of the Finals. Find it hilarious that Curry has 3 rings and no Finals MVPs.