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  1. Harris Stavrou (@harris_stavrou) Tweeted: Giannis Antetokounmpo @ Cosmote TV just now: "If LeBron, KD, or AD want to join me in Milwaukee, i will be happy. I don't care about being number 1, or number 2, or number 3". More to follow... Giannis to the Lakers confirmed
  2. Bradley Roby suspended too. Maybe hiring Brian Cushing as a strength and conditioning coach was a bad idea Bill O’Brien
  3. Well there goes our super bowl chances
  4. I don’t really care about some over arching plot or some big villain they have to deal with eventually. I just like living in this world.
  5. I called my shot! BOOM! You're welcome, Lions fans! Do us a favor and beat the Titans on the way out. It's not like we'll make the playoffs if you do, but it's always fun to see the baby-eating-sister-fuckers lose.
  6. 10 years ago today. I was at the game. Everyone cheered and chanted Andre's name as he left. Finnegan got doused with beer. Andre didn't even get suspended. There should be a statue of this moment outside NRG today.
  7. Ravens should forfeit. Fuck 'em. Did Patricia get fired yet? I called my shot. Also, Will Fuller is in GOD mode. And Deshaun is the best damn QB in the game.
  8. Let's get Matt Patricia fired today
  9. Fuck the Tits. Texans would never do the Steelers dirty. So excited to see the Texans play the Lions on Thanksgiving! Last time they played, Justin Forsett totally got tackled, then got up and ran untouched for a touchdown and Jim Schwartz that idiot tried to challenge a play that was already under review triggering the dumb rule that if you try to challenge an already challenged play you automatically lose the challenge. How many coaching changes have the Lions had since then?
  10. Why hasn’t Giannis signed his Supermax yet?
  11. Report is that James Harden heavily recruited Boogie to join the Rockets. Does that sound like a guy that wants to be traded away? (Please don't trade Harden) (You can have Russ)
  12. He's a fraud MVP who stole one from Harden and after the Rockets traded for him and then molded the roster to placate him he then shit the bed in the playoffs and is now requesting a trade so he can get more touches. But he had a pretty good February. Honestly if he (and Harden) were willing to run it back I'd be fine with it but he would have to play 2nd fiddle to Harden, not get hurt, not get corona, and play within himself like he did in February. I think because of the quad injury in the bubble he stopped driving and shooting more pull ups, and when he's doing that he's about
  13. Why hasn’t Giannis signed his supermax yet?
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