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  1. Just pay Lamar, it ain't my money Also Fuck Deshaun in the ass hope that contract is an albatross on the Browns forever and ever and ever like Bobby Bonilla except Deshaun doesn't get any of it because he's in prison or something
  2. Carolina shocks the world, re-signs Cam drafts Jalen Carter
  3. So wait the Texans basically traded Brandin Cooks for Dalton Schultz, Noah Brown, a fifth and a sixth? I’ll take it!
  4. ha! Suckers! Fuck yeah! Gotta protect a QB to be named later
  5. Maybe he really doesn’t want to go to Carolina?
  6. Woohoo Coach Meco doing the recruiting
  7. Former undefeated Houston Roughnecks standout PJ Walker!
  8. Texans just traded for a guy named Shaq Mason. Texans traded a 6th and got Mason and a 7th back.
  9. Holy shit. Stingley Pitre and Ward
  10. Good stay away from Houston
  11. No not the Texans’ biggest weakness
  12. But who do they want? Hope it’s Levis or Richardson. As long as Houston ends up with Young or Stroud, I’m happy. At least it wasn’t Indy jumping us.
  13. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that if Henry walks Tenn gonna draft Bijan.
  14. So JJ about to come home and play for his friend.
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