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  1. Lawful Metal

    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Rockets are 6-2 against Warriors when Harden, Paul and Capela all play. Any other team have a winning record against them? 59-10 all time when all three play.
  2. Lawful Metal

    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    It’s a shame that the Rockets never signed Melo. Looks like we won’t need him considering we just blew out Golden State.
  3. Lawful Metal


    I only barely discovered Nux Vomica after they broke up, when their self-titled album came out. That album was absolutely perfect. I'll check out that other band too. But check out the Nux Vomica self-titled. three songs, 45 minutes of brilliance.
  4. Lawful Metal

    2018 NFL - WEEK NINE

    6 in a row!
  5. Lawful Metal


    I've always thought that the best plan going forward for health reasons / creative reasons was to go to a sort of staggered schedule formula. If you have a match, no promos. If you don't have a match, promos / backstage stuff. Then you get to advertise what's coming next week on your show, and then all your matches have build up. Over time, you get to fit in more people for matches, expose more people, actually build to matches. It's not rocket science. People you want on every week can still do, they'd just wrestle every other week. Of course, you can switch it up, but it'd work better if the angle is the week before, and you can build anticipation that way. And where the hell is Andrade?
  6. Lawful Metal

    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    What the fuck is wrong with the Rockets???
  7. Lawful Metal

    2018 NFL - WEEK NINE

    Excited to see Demaryius Thomas with the Texans. I know he’s older but with a better QB in Deshaun the sky is the limit for this offense. How weird he gets traded and has to play the Broncos right away?
  8. Lawful Metal

    2018 NFL - WEEK EIGHT

    Will Fuller probably has an ACL tear. FML
  9. Lawful Metal

    2018 NFL - WEEK EIGHT

    Deshaun had 5 TDs and only 4 incompletions.
  10. Lawful Metal


    I’m shocked but I really liked Kaitlyn here and a lot more than I liked Mia Yim. The hand and wrist work looked way meaner than Yim’s legwork (although the bruise was nasty). Im not crazy about Matthews or Nox. Nox looks like she’s still injured and that brace looks too big for her body. Io is awesome and seems so much more on point than all the others. Flawless execution - except for the moonsault. I thought in the first round the knee first landing was on purpose. I guess not. Xia Li looks green as hell, and I wasn’t crazy about Deonna until she went on a little ZSJ meanness tear working the arm. Also bonus for the double fujiwara armbar finish. Nasty.
  11. Lawful Metal

    2018-19 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Harden hurt his hamstring. God Hates Us All.
  12. Lawful Metal


    I've got a couple, but this is the most satisfying. Like walking into the embrace of an old friend. First album by them since 2008 or so. Just gorgeous. https://thedaysleepers.bandcamp.com/album/creation
  13. Lawful Metal

    2018 NFL - WEEK EIGHT

    Can’t wait for the return of Brock Osweiler to Houston. I think DeAndre Hopkins is going to line up at OLB to take a shot at the one QB that couldn’t throw to him. Just heard an absurd stat: Brock to DeAndre, 151 targets, 78 catches. Hopkins catches anything around him. Got a ridiculous catch radius. 73 times Brock attempted a pass to Nuk and it wasn’t catchable. It wasn’t Hopkins. It was Brock.
  14. Lawful Metal

    Raw - 10/22/2018

    I liked that Seth was so confused by the turn he wasn't even trying to fight back. It looked like he was trying to reason with him. Listen and understand. Dean Ambrose is out there. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.