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  1. Yeah I think Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander have had a little to do with them not hitting.
  2. The Chinese Government thing ain't complicated. Either you're for human rights, or you're for money. Yeah, probably shouldn't miss business and politics, and Morey probably cost the Rockets a ton of money, but he's still the best damn GM in the game. And, honestly, if the Chinese Government didn't want people paying attention to the Hong Kong protests and cops shooting protesters and shit like that, they probably shouldn't have Streisand Effect'd themselves by making a bit shit about all that stuff. And Joe Tsai can shut the fuck up. I doubt most Chinese people couldn't give a shit one way or another about Hong Kong, but since the Chinese Government can imprison and torture anyone that shows any dissent (if you were a Rockets jersey you're a terrorist), it is what it is. And, hell, that sounds like a good reason to protest. And be clear, this is a Chinese Government issue, not a China issue. I'm fine with Morey and the Rockets not addressing it anymore, because there's nothing good that's going to come of it. LeBron should shut the fuck up too. And Steve Kerr. And Steph Curry, too. I don't think he's said anything about it, but he should just shut the fuck up.
  3. I will never again accuse Carlos Correa’s Fiancée of beating him again.
  4. I don’t know what to do with my hands what is this feeling so weird WTF just happened how did the Texans of all teams beat the Chiefs????
  5. Be nice if the Astros bats woke up
  6. Deshaun Watson versus Patrick Mahomes should be fun. Be interesting to see which Deshaun shows up, and how bad the play-calling will be. If Deshaun is on like he was last week, and versus the Saints and the Chargers (as opposed to versus Jax and Carolina), it might be the highest scoring game ever. Not a ton of defense on either side, unless Mahomes is so hobbled with his ankle injury he can't get a way from Watt and Mercilus.
  7. Man, I really wanted to like the show. Becky and Sasha put on a fantastic match that should’ve been the main event. Super creative with the weapon spots. Just an excellent match, a MOTYC. Yeah, it would be cool if Sasha won, but I get Becky going over, and Sasha can look at the ceiling and cut a promo and be fine. And then Rowan / Harper and Bryan / Reigns brawled forever with Rowan and Harper taking like 90% of it. Just fantastic stuff with no lulls and no breaks. Rowan feels like one of the best reclamation projects in years and is definitely in the Most Improved list. Wonder if Reigns really hurt his knee. Another MOTYC. Not worried about the angle, because really, that shit never made sense anyway. Ali v. Randy was fine, and then Kairi and Asuka acting super heelish against Bliss and Nikki was super cool. Love heelish Asuka, and she and Nikki had my favorite Asuka match in NXT. Kairi’s pirate march into a Roddy Piper eye poke was hilarious. Happy that they won by cheating! I’m always down for poison mist! But yeah, don’t break up Alexa and Nikki. Didn’t care much for the OC and Viking Mountain experience — but I guess a Braun v. AJ match will be fun down the road. Gable is great. I want more legit sports Gable. Charlotte v . Bayley was what I expected. Could’ve been worse. Curious what they do with Sasha and Bayley now. And yeah, what a clusterfuck of a main. Just have the Fiend win. It’s not complicated. and I feel like they have an out to defeating the unbeatable Fiend — rip off the mask, he reverts to normal Bray and he’s beatable. Just don’t have that happen until Wrestlemania at the earliest. Also, is it possible that Seth Rollins is the absolute worst wrestler on the roster? It sure seems like it.
  8. Texans scores 53! Watson had 5 TDs and 5 incompletions. He should practice after the game every week!
  9. Holy fucking shit. I was not expecting Falling Down but with clowns. 5 fucking stars. Give Phoenix all the Oscars.
  10. Watched on YouTube TV. Thanks for the heads up. Rays got Verlandered.
  11. Fuck Dish network, cancelling fox, FS1 this time Of year. What’re streaming options to watch Astros v Rays? I’ll be at a conference so I’ll have nothing fun to do.
  12. So has Vince ripped up the script for Smackdown and rewritten it on the fly yet? Still too early? Needs to happen right before air time?
  13. Still want Hager vs. legless dude. Put an ankle lock on him Jake!
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