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  1. Let’s go Raptors! (Always loved Kyle Lowry when he was fat and on the Rockets)
  2. Who we kidding here? Even if true, I’d give it 3 games before he takes play calling back. They’d probably be better off just letting Deshaun call the plays.
  3. Stupid booking idea. Asuka wins the EC, so Shayna breaks her arm to steal the shot at the title at Wrestlemania. Then after Wrestlemania instant white hot feud with baby face Asuka! Becky can go headline NXT UK Dublin in the meantime and come back after Shayna in the summer.
  4. But how do you stop this: All he does is travel and shoot free throws
  5. Fuck it, Sonic the Hedgehog was fucking awesome. i think I wanted to see it more than my kids. Maybe, maybe not. One of them actually dressed up as Sonic for Halloween. it was great and violent and funny and Jim Carrey and James Marsden were great and not totally upstaged by the blue devil. And like realistically probably has a huge kill count.
  6. Excited for Pocket Rockets in action, with possibly DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green showing up. Love RoCo and PJ on the floor together. And Russell Westbrook is great. I've always loved his game. Total MVP Candidate.
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