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  1. Yeah I disrespected you Jimmy. Giannis thinks he's better than you and thinks you don't have a prayer against him. He's gonna travel and shoot free throws all over you Jimmy, and he's gonna call you soft. Harden ain't got nothing but respect for you and wanted you to come play with him. Hell, Harden is in Miami RIGHT NOW.
  2. If the Bucks don’t make it to the Finals, that’s a colossal failure and Giannis would have to be considered a serious choker. No team in the East should take 4 out of 7 against the Bucks. It’ll be funny when it happens.
  3. Player A: Steals 1.7 blocks 0.9 Player B: Steals 1.8 blocks 0.6 who’s the better defender?
  4. Harden is a better defender these days.
  5. I guess Kawhi’s better than Steph then.
  6. If the metric is never missing the playoff, Harden IS better than Giannis, Anthony Davis and Damien Lillard. And if the metric is never quitting on your team(s), Harden IS better than LeBron and Kawhi*. * Harden IS better than Kawhi: scores way more points (this year and for his career), gets way more assists (this year and for his career), more All Star appearances, and way less injury prone. ** And before we talk about Kawhi’s great playoff run with Toronto let’s not forget how great the Raptors are this year without him. It’s a good team.
  7. And then Chicory tries to do the same thing during Sheriff Hunt's torture and he's so unsure of himself it just makes things so much worse. Fantastic film. I had just finished Zahler's novel, "A Congregation of Jackals," so I felt I should see his movie ... but I wasn't expecting that. I guess I should have realized there'd be some f'ed up stuff since the novel had some crazy shit, but Jesus Christ.
  8. Bone Tomahawk. I did not know about that scene. I screamed. I was thoroughly enjoying a fine Western until then, and Kurt Russell’s mustache was doing some hella acting. Hell all of the performances were great - hell I didn’t even realize that was Matthew Fox. Even David Arquette was fully realized. But that scene. Jesus Christ that’s gotta be one of the most painful scenes I’ve ever seen. And it just wouldn’t end. 5 stars
  9. Robert Horry has seven rings. Better than Jordan, LeBron and Curry! GOAT!
  10. Brodie Lee's promo style reminds me of Joel Gertner (not necessarily the content). Just his style of delivery. AEW needs to hire a wardrobe department and stop letting the wrestlers dress themselves.
  11. Biggest shot in Rockets history?
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