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  1. And how many other head coach interviews has this guy gotten? How many coordinator job interviews has he gotten? How many position coach interviews has he gotten? 0.
  2. I can get used to this. Fuck the Jazz.
  3. Reports are that the Texans have ended their search and have decided on a new coach. The last person to interview was ... Oh fuck me. 0 coaching experience but he's in a prayer circle with Easterby. What a fucking joke franchise. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  4. Is this the round Rogers is going to intentionally tank for contract purposes?
  5. so you're saying there's a chance
  6. Poor JJ Watt to work so hard to come back just to be completely wasted by a pathetic offense. At least he's used to it.
  7. So, Cody Rhodes to win the Rumble and throw the TNT title in the trash? Who says no?
  8. So you’re saying there’s a chance …
  9. So you're saying I should watch Yellowjackets. I'd prefer to watch it with my wife, but I have to know: Is Yellowjackets not for the squeamish? I can be squeamish.
  10. I don't give a fuck about AEW's finances. Pay the wrestlers as much as they can and have a fun show and product. Make the wrestlers happy. Don't be cheap. There's no way AEW should be outbid by anyone.
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