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  1. Luke Harper should 100% go to Japan and do an Undertaker gimmick.
  2. This may be difficult for you to understand, but there's a chin under all that beard. Demar's elbow clearly hits him in the beard, ergo., it hits him in the chin. Just because he has a beard doesn't mean it's impenetrable. The Beard also clearly moves from the impact. Try again.
  3. Those aren't from this year. Hell, some are so old he's on OKC. And, strangely enough, he's being fouled in every single one of the examples. Maybe not the one where he's on Michael Carter-Williams's back, but I wouldn't exactly call that a flop.
  4. There a better Harden flop this year? Generally speaking, Harden goes to the free throw line because he actually gets fouled. Yeah, he initiates contact, but he generally doesn't go full on Academy Award hunting like Lowry (or LeBron) does.
  5. Biased and incompetent. Zero accountability.
  6. If there really was accountability for bad referees, Tony Brothers and Scott Foster would be out of job. Joey Crawford would have never had a long career. It's one thing if we're talking about a judgment call on a charge or blocking foul. Or whether or not there was a foul on a drive to the basket. Whether or not a ball goes in the basket is a fundamental of the game. Did the ball go in the basket? There doesn't need to be an "official challenge" to determine if a basket is made. And if a referee or three are too incompetent to tell if a ball went in the basket, take a moment during the conference afterward or during the timeout directly after the play to review it and see what's plainly there on the replay -- the ball went in the basket. It didn't even come back out of the cylinder! Further, the Rockets were challenging it as soon as it was ruled a no-basket -- It's on the video. We have the technology to make sure a ball goes in the hoop. Why don't we use it? I don't know how the NBA expects gambling to be a big revenue generator when it's clear that the officiating is a) biased and b) incompetent. Jesus Christ.
  7. This dunk counted (Your reigning MVP playing some excellent defense here) This one didn't How in the world does the NBA not have basic replay to determine if a ball went into the basket? They can review if someone has a toenail on the 3 point line and take away a point, but not whether they actually made the basket? Remember when you couldn't review whether a field goal went through the uprights in the NFL? This is some basic fundamental shit. And as you can see, immediately after they made the wrong call, Harden and D'Antoni were immediately challenging it. Total bullshit. There needs to be bad ref accountability.
  8. So James Capers has admitted that the dunk was a valid FG and is reviewable, but the Rockets “didn’t challenge” inside 30 seconds so they couldn’t review it. Which is bullshit. Watch clip above. So there is precedent to do a do over of the rest of the game from that moment (7:50 in the 4th). I think they did that in 2008. or they could just award the win to Houston since the Rockets literally out scored the Spurs in regulation.
  9. Lost by 2 in double OT but that’s a travesty. Harden is usually more efficient and has more assists. His shot fell off a cliff in the 4th. He’ll also have nights where he’s 8-11 from 3 from anywhere on the floor and you can’t do anything about it.
  10. Harden gonna average 40 a game and you gonna give the mvp to somebody else. LOL.
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