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  1. I was actually able to put the game on a bit last night. Rockets down 18 in the 4th, Silas interviewed saying that if they can get the deficit down to 10, anything can happen. Rockets actually get it to within 10, Harden hits two step back threes to bring it back to 16. Commentators talking about how great Harden's defense is, what a handle, what a shot. Oh come on.
  2. The JJ Slander coming from the pious assholes at NRG is so fitting for such hypocritical assholes. I don't know how they think they have the moral high ground against JJ Watt of all people. Yes, JJ did freelance a bit, but that's because he's an all time great. Let's not forget that he not only got a lot of sacks, but he got a ton of tackles for loss and passes defensed. It's not like he sold out for the pass rush exclusively -- in fact, it's because he played all facets of the game well is what made him great. Godspeed, JJ.
  3. So, It's been a few weeks since I've been able to sit down and watch the Rockets. How we doin?
  4. So, I had a pretty big hearing, first time in a long time with actually having to show up to court, witnesses etc. Prosecutor was asking a question that was pretty clearly asking for hearsay, so I jump up to object and say "ALEXA!" Nobody says or does anything so I say "Objection! Calls for hearsay!" Judge sustains the objection, we move on. No one even acknowledged that I had said "Alexa" instead of objection. My co-counsel didn't even catch it. I'm going to have to order the transcript.
  5. We’re getting Miz vs Bad Bunny for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania. And Bad Bunny will win.
  6. Made it 24 straight hours with power so that's good. Still no water. Internet went out, but at least we have our phones and they're actually working. Ready for a normal weekend.
  7. Power went out again around 6 pm, we all got really sad. Came back on at 10, and has stayed on through the night. Still no water, and now no internet (using my personal hotspot). Has there been any explanation as to why the cell phones stop working when we lose power?
  8. Off the top of my head, probably Lawful Jr. and I's favorite match we've seen live was the Velveteen Dream vs. Alistair Black match at Takeover Wargames. Yeah, I know it probably doesn't hold up and one of the participants has really let everyone down, but it was such a cool feud, cool storyline for the feud, and we feel like we played a major part in turning VD babyface. Bonus points for Alistair actually saying his name. You can see me in my New Day shirt holding a "Say His Name" sign on WWE Network during Alistair's entrance. That night was also the first Wargames and the A
  9. Update! Monday: Power went out 8 am. Coincidentally, so did all cell service. Wasn't so bad, turned back on 3:30 pm. Make a run to Target which is open through generators. People driving like there's not ice or snow on the ground, including tailgating. Why? Thought we were through the worst of it, power goes out again at 6:30 pm. Fortunately we have a gas stovetop, grill up some burgers and eat by candlelight. Long, cold night in an unheated house. Lots of blankets. Tuesday: No power all day. 5 pm pipe bursts in the garage. Turn off the water. It's 40 degrees in the house.
  10. We lost power for about 7 hours and change while it was like 14 degrees outside. It’s a winter wonderland. We are back in business though.
  11. We're prepping for Arctic Blast '21. Expecting temperatures in the single digits the next few days here in Houston which is pretty much the apocalypse for us. They've already announced rolling blackouts, which sounds great for severe cold.
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