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  1. I see plenty of smiling mugshots for a living. Most of them are just fucking idiots.
  2. So does anyone really think Chet gonna work out? I get potential but he looks like he’d get killed trying to bang in the post. Like literally die on the court. Probably better off trying to play him at the 3 until you can fatten him up. I think the drop off from Chet, Palio and Jabari to whoever is 4 is pretty steep, so I’m cool with the Rockets at no. 3.
  3. Yeah what the hell, he was a Houston guy. Back to Southern Oklahoma I guess
  4. 35 absurd facts about Harden's 2019 season. 1. Harden dropped 30+ points for 32 consecutive games between Dec. 13 and Feb. 21. No one but Wilt Chamberlain, who put up massive numbers in the ‘60s while feasting on centers who would have desk jobs today, has ever scored 30+ points in more than 18 consecutive NBA games. 2. In the last 15 years, no one else has scored 30+ points in more than 12 consecutive games. 3. In the month between Dec. 13, 2018 and Jan. 13, 2019, Harden went 16 consecutive games with at least 30 points and 5 assists. That is the longest streak ever. 4. And by a huge margin, too. Since Gerald Ford took office, the next-longest streak of a player dropping more than 30 points with 5 assists in a game belongs to Tracy McGrady, with seven games. This may be more unbreakable than Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak. 5. Want a larger sample? From a 20-game stretch between Dec. 15 and Jan. 23, Harden scored 856 points, an average of 42.8 per game. That is more points than anyone other than Chamberlain has scored over any 20-game stretch. 6. Harden was wildly efficient during that run, posting an effective field goal percentage of .539. That doesn’t even include his occasional trip charity stripe along the way. 7. Over the last dozen seasons, the largest 20-game scoring output by anyone else was when Kevin Durant dropped 714 points across these 20 games during his 2013-14 MVP season. 8. But Durant only averaged 35.7 points per game over that stretch. Harden’s 20-game bender was over seven (7) points per game better than the largest 20-game scoring stretch authored by anyone else in the last dozen years. 9. Harden could’ve been held scoreless over his next four games, and he’d still have put together a larger 24-game scoring output than anyone else has had since the start of the ’07-’08 season (but even though he could have scored 0 across the ensuing four games, in reality he scored 142) 10. No one else has scored as many points in any 26-game stretch this season as Harden did in his magical 20. 11. The most points anyone other than Harden has scored over 20 games this season were the 652 notched by Paul George between Jan. 2nd and Feb. 11th. That’s an average of 32.6 points per game. 12. So Harden’s 20-game stretch saw him score more than 10 additional points per game than the largest 20-game scoring stretch from anyone else this season. 13. He supplemented those 856 points with 165 assists, or, 8.3 per game. He is the only person to ever reach both those marks across 20 games in NBA history. 14. Of all the times someone dished even 100 dimes in a 20-game stretch (5 per game) over the past 45 years, the largest scoring output was the 38.6 points per game Michael Jordan averaged here. 15. If you knock that up to players who averaged six assists per game — still well below Harden’s 8.3 — the largest 20-game scoring output by anyone else was the 36.8 points Jordan and Tracy McGrady each averaged. 16. Factoring in passing, nobody since Tiny Archibald in the ‘72-’73 season has put together a 20-game run even approaching the combination of 42.8 points and 8.3 assists Harden averaged during that superb stretch of hoops. 17. (Harden also happened to drop 50 points and 11 assists vs. the Lakers in the game immediately preceding said stretch, but keeping it across 20 games maintains a round number, and John Q. Public loves round numbers). 18. If we wanna expand the sample even further to a stretch of 30 games, Harden scored 1,244 points (41.5 per game) between Dec. 13th and Feb. 11th. Not only is he the only player since Wilt to top 40 points/game over a stretch as lengthy as 30 games, but in the past half-century not even the runner-up was within 100 points of Harden. 19. Over the last dozen seasons, the largest 30-game scoring output by anyone else was when Kevin Durant dropped 1,054 points (35.1 per game) across these 30 games during his 2013-14 MVP season. 20. The most points anyone other than Harden has scored over 30 games this season were the 985 (32.8 per game) notched by Paul George between Dec. 15th and Feb. 22th. 21. No one else this season has had a 39-game stretch with as many points as Harden in those 30. 22. He had an eFG% of .546 across those 30 games. 23. From Dec. 13 thru the end of the season, Harden had five 40-point triple-doubles. The entire rest of the NBA combined for four such games for the entire season. 24. From January 14th until midway thru the 1st quarter on January 27th, Harden went 87 buckets in a row without being assisted by a teammate. 25. In the month of January, Harden averaged 43.6 points per game over 14games. That was the highest-scoring month by anyone not named Wilt Chamberlain in NBA history, according to NBA.com’s Micah Adams. 26. For the season, 13.0% of his buckets were assisted (compared to 59.8% of overall buckets scored in the ‘18-’19 season being assisted). 27. Harden made only 83 assisted three-pointers all year, compared to 295 unassisted three-pointers. 28. Stephen Curry is a few years away from setting the record for most career three-pointers made, and he owns pretty much every other 3-point record. But even Curry has never hit 100 treys in as short a period as Harden did, in this span of just 16 games. 29. If you considered Stepback James Harden a single player, he’d rank 11th in three-point percentage this season. 30. Only three of the 10 players ahead of him — Stephen Curry, Buddy Hield, and Tobias Harris — have taken more total three-point attempts than Stepback James Harden. 31. Harden scored 14.6 points per game just on pull-up shots. Kemba Walker (10.5) was the only other player in double-digits. 32. Harden scored 50+ points in nine games this season. If he were instead held to a goose egg instead of dropping 50+ in those games, he’d still have comfortably led the league in points per game. 33. Daryl Morey’s philosophy is to eschew mid-range jumpers for paint shots and threes. On the season, less than three percent of Harden’s points have come from the mid-range. 34. In a Jan. 23 win over the Knicks, Harden took 20 threes while shooting 25 free throws. No one else that’s ever taken 20 threes in a game has also taken even half as many free throws. 35. There have been 22 individual seasons of a player exceeding a usage rate of 35 — meaning they end more than 35 percent of their team’s possessions via a shot, free throw, or turnover while on the floor. Harden’s true shooting percentage was well north of 60 percent. Of all the others, Bernard King is the only player to even top a 57.5 true shooting percentage. The Rockets team with Harden was straight garbage that year. Chris Paul was bad or hurt or just plain washed that season. Everyone else was a role player at best. Washed Melo who hated Houston. Brandon Knight and Marquise Chriss getting minutes. Austin Rivers being a major contributor. Jesus Christ. Harden had to carry the load and he did. Harden carried them to a 3 seed in the loaded West. Giannis played 33 minutes per game and had another all star in Khris Middleton to take the big shots. Looking back at their roster that year, they had a ton of good players. Oh, but Giannis make dunk. NBA was furious to make a new star. Harden was hated for the exact things Giannis and Luka do, although they seemed to end up on the floor a lot more than "super flopper" Harden. Dammit you made me defend Harden again. Yay Jalen Green and Al-p Sengun! Maybe soon Chet?
  5. Exactly! Take away his blatant abuse of offensive fouls that refs just generally let him get away with and his ridiculous drives with no intent but to get fouled and throw up a prayer he wouldn't even average that much. All he does is initiate contact, flop, and shoot free throws. Everything they said about Prime Harden is true about Giannis. And he (and Russ) stole MVPs from Harden.
  6. He didn’t win a championship. Choker.
  7. You’d think that too for the first half of his career too when he missed the playoffs or got bounced in the first round every year. all he does is flop and shoot free throws
  8. Giannis is larger Russell Westbrook. Luka is white Harden with the exact same game and y’all love him for it.
  9. Giannis in the second half - 8 points, 2 assists, 2 turnovers on 4-16 FG & 0-2 3PT. Absolute choke job.
  10. I really didn't think about it in terms of phases. Is this and all the tv shows going to lead to another Avengers movie? Like, how? I guess maybe a "fake Avengers" with all the knockoffs (Fake Captain America (US Agent), Fake Black Widow (Yelena?), Girl Loki, Agnes as the Scarlet (Purple) Witch, Lady Thor apparently ...
  11. https://twitter.com/PaulKuharskyNFL/status/1525186757519626242?s=20&t=lP2Do-vAE4KNc9-i_3QVhg Imagine trading AJ Brown for this. Gonna eat himself out of the league
  12. So, Harden had a history of getting fat in the off season and then getting back into shape and having MVP seasons and at the strip club every single night. So, theoretically, he busts his ass, gets back into shape, quits going out every night (maybe only 2-3 times a week?), can he have a Chris Paul-like renaissance (nevermind that Paul's about to blow another playoff series to the fucking Mavs)? I don't know. I think if he doesn't get the super super max from Philly, I could see him take a one year deal to ring chase. Probably a Laker or Clipper. And probably still unmotivated and out of shape. He needs a come to Jesus.
  13. I can't believe the Rockets traded Harden at absolutely the right time.
  14. Aren't the Grizz like 40-3 without Ja or some ridiculous number like that
  15. Holy shit the Night House. Lead actress lady really had the same energy as one of my daughters and it was really adding some serious unsettleness that really fucked me up. Scary shit. Not sure I bought the ending but if I head canon that it’s all in her fucking head and she just super super depressed I think it makes it even worse
  16. Told ya he’d carry the Sixiers i knew he was taking the team on his back when Jimmy got a steal and Harden was literally the only one they went back on defense and he actually prevented Jimmy from scoring
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