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  1. Here are your wonderful umpires MLB has decided on for the most important series of the year: Jesus fucking Christ. Let's not forget this wonderful moment from Ron "I can do anything I want" Kulpa.
  2. I watched some of the Rockets and Celtics last night. Observations: No one on the Rockets has a handle. No one. So many turnovers. We run literally no offensive sets. Anything we score is based on one-on-one effort. We literally have no defensive identity. Sometimes we fight through screens, sometimes we go under, sometimes we switch, sometimes we don't. Christian Wood is the only person who can finish at the rim. Everyone else was getting blocked. Maybe I'm spoiled by watching Harden all those years, but can no one make a layup? Jalen Green can shoot wow. But he is literally tiny. I thought he was supposed to be 6'6"? He looks like a teenage boy out there with a bunch of men who will not get fouls called on them if they smack him in the face. How long do we have to wait until they stop punishing him for being a rookie? Decent playmaker too. KPJ looks big, but maybe it's the hair? He's getting blocked in the paint too. How can he be a PG when he turns the ball over so much? Not that Green can handle that either, he turns it over. But then he makes a good play and you're like, yeah, he good too sometimes. Sengun may be our best passer, but he turns it over too! Sengun is fun but he plays so little it's hard to get excited. Theis looks like he should be a better defender and rebounder than he is. I don't get it. Ballhandling / Driving / Throwing arms in the air and shouting Eric Gordon is no good. Standing ten feet from the 3 point line wide open and drilling shots Eric Gordon is great! Why do we get the former and not the latter? Still, fun to watch. Not sure what to think about the coaching or what, but the players seem fun. I know that this is a "developmental" season and all, but the whole seems less than the sum of its parts. I wonder what an "Xs and Os" coach could do with this raw talent? When was the last time the Rockets had an "Xs and Os" coach?
  3. Cody should’ve 100% hit a pedigree to finish off Black last night. WTF was up with Cody no-selling everything? Disappointed we won’t get Brian / Archer.
  4. I think it's fine. I don't see it quite as a counter to a counter most of the time -- I see the kick as a way to gain momentum on the back elbow, and Andrade generally looks like he generates a good deal of oomph on the move. Then there's this:
  5. In Andrade's defense, he hit the running big boot at least twice during the match. Makes sense that he'd anticipate Pac ducking it. Actually, now that I think about it, Andrade went for the feint kick elbow but actually hit the kick first one of the times.
  6. When Malakai spits the mist, he should always follow up with a Black Mass. Always. Or are they not allowed to call it that?
  7. You can only knock down who’s in front of you. Besides the Mets and Phillies ain’t going to the World Series anytime soon.
  8. This postseason has been a revenge tour: avenged the White Sox World Series loss from 2005 avenged the 2018 ALCS loss to the Red Sox It only makes sense that the Astros will be able to get revenge against the Braves for all those playoff losses from the Biggio / Bagwell years
  9. Astros undefeated in this series when they don’t give up a grand slam! Third World Series bid in 5 years! How about Framber and Luis pitching lights out the last two games? And Air Yordan is unstoppable. I love my Astros!
  10. There’s a level in Hitman: Contracts that is exactly this. Eerie.
  11. have we gotten an actual diagnosis for Ibushi? Timetable for return? Is he out of Wrestle Kingdom? Are Jay White and Ospreay going to be available for Wrestle Kingdom? Is Shibata really medically cleared?
  12. I'm stoked for the new 1914 album coming out today. They're my favorite World War I themed death metal band. Probably best known for this: I love bands that have very specific themes. Any other ones I'm blanking on right now?
  13. I just watched Dune … (1984) That was positively one of the absolute worst movies I’ve ever seen! 99% inner voice, constant saying and not showing plot points happen without explanation motivation time jump nonsensical payoffs it was like only watching Game of Thrones season 8 condensed into 2 hours i liked this back when I was a kid WTF Can't wait for the remake
  14. So ... was Okada supposed to win?
  15. I literally love Framber Valdez
  16. Pancakes is so unreliable that if he tweets it I always believe the opposite. Fuck. If Berman is saying it … Gonna really suck when Deshaun doesn’t get criminally charged and most of the lawsuits get dismissed
  17. And the Astros don't give up a grand slam ... and they win! That's the key! I called it!
  18. Astros only lose when they give up a grand slam. So … as long as they don’t do that they’ll win! So no more grand slams
  19. Dream better be #1 and the best! Can't wait to see the new look Rockets! Hyped for Jalen Green but Sengun may be the Rookie of the Year.
  20. Can't wait to cheer on JJ and DeAndre! Please come back. Please.
  21. Fish’s knee trap belly to back gave me flashbacks to Benoit breaking Sabu’s neck
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