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  1. Deeb calling out Jade with a injured (kayfabe or not) knee would be an interesting development. Match with Storm will be fun anyhoo
  2. Any updates on the knee injuries to Wardlow or Jade from Rampage? That Jade spot catching Diamanté and F-5’ing her into the apron was one of the best strength spots this year. I hope House of Black ain’t done. HOB squashes on Dark are #1 and the best!
  3. What’s the point of suspending Udoka for a year. Why not just fire him?
  4. Davis Mills probably not a top ten QB this week
  5. Yeah I don't know how to feel about that. It seems foreign. Used to be at the first sign of adversity they'd absolutely fall apart. When Texas is doing well I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my hands.
  6. This is what losing to Kansas does to you
  7. Looks like I need NFL + what it be like
  8. Good thing top ten QB Davis Mills has an elongated neck
  9. I'm pretty ok with the new Megadeth, which I didn't expect.
  10. You can see the exact spot Deshaun will do the “Happy Baby” pose
  11. aw shit. Better be getting multiple 1sts. We gotta Protect the Neck
  12. And you thought the Texans coaching decisions were bad!
  13. tl;dr Davis Mills still a top ten QB
  14. Face facts. Mahomes is barely top ten anymore. Pathetic.
  15. Davis Mills Top 10 QB confirmed
  16. If you told me the Texans would be tied for first place in the AFC South yesterday I wouldn't have believed you. But look, we're really tied for first place Tied. for first place. Tied.
  17. That’s just flat out wrong. Safety is 2 points and then the ball on a free kick. Could’ve had the safety and the FG (or a TD for that matter). In a 1 point game, all points are important. And we’re discounting the effect that the blatant PI in the end zone on the first drive. That’s another 4 points there.
  18. My daughter had a similar a/c joint injury when she was wrestling. It’s months of recovery and she still has lingering pain in it. She still won a state championship, though.
  19. That blown safety call was the difference Fuck Bama
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