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  1. That's very cool to hear. I wish I'd known that when I played the game, or even better if I'd seen it in the credits that would have been a total mark out moment for me. The last line about him being strange - I meant it to come off as endearing because the guy is like a low-key idol for me in life. Dude never gave up on his dream of being in action movies and I guess has made a good career out of it for himself. He is what 20 year old me would have said I'd wanted to be but didn't have nearly enough drive to stick with it ( or even get started aside from a couple homemade beat'em ups with friends.)
  2. Is Thimbleweed Park the best adventure game ever? I think I'm at the last chapter and it was a total blast from start to finish. I really tried not to use the hint line, but still used it way more often than I probably should have. I sunk about 13 hours into it this weekend and it was the decompression I needed after this past week.
  3. I think it was in that same press release that there was an expectation of something like 'attain profitability' within 12 months. Yeah, um, how? I've always said that they should be focusing on building up their Singapore shows. I don't know what the Singapore shows cost, but that's where they should have been looking to turn a profit. Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar,etc. tickets were so cheap they might as well have been free. TV, I don't know.. They've got huge presence in SEA but they do some kind of bartering system that I don't fully understand. That was a very Trumpish way to let people go. 'These layoffs are beautiful. The best layoffs.'
  4. Watched this tonight and you heard right. This seemed like more a tribute to early-mid 2000s Jackie Chan kung fu comedies than anything. Ugh. It had its moments but I ended up pausing halfway through to watch the movie set scene from the original, which still held up really well. I think they just needed a reason to put Donnie Yen in a prosthetic suit because outside a quick shot of him watching Bruce Lee and getting nunchaku at the end, this was just Donnie Yen being Donnie Yen. Not that that's a terrible thing, the guy still hits his signature kicks like a boss in his mid-fifties! I was just expecting something different.
  5. Yeah, I did the same. Spent the first week just exploring and knocking off as many shrines as I could and all of the towers. Then found myself in Riho at that point so decided to do the divine beast there, similar to Rippa. I cruised through the other three divine beasts and then stopped playing for a week or so because I figure I'd be able to beat the game easily enough. I've already been inside the castle once I don't know if that's actually a spoiler or not, or what the rules for the thread are, so just being safe. Jumped into the game again last night and realised that I had opened up the Ex-Champion DLC, which I'm having blast with. I'm using a walkthrough for the locations when I need to, but going into the battles/shrines blind and they're a lot of fun. I'm right up to the lightning gannon battle again and he's a lot tougher. Made it through the first phase easy enough but got absolutely mauled in the second. I've only tried once but my timing on the parry was way off because he's doing like a stutter step or shield bash or something before the attack that I haven't figured out yet. That DLC really breathed new life into the game for me though because when I booted it up last night, I'd planned on just finishing off the story and shelving the game.
  6. I doubt I'll be of any help, but do you have a link to it? Point and click adventure games are pure nostalgia for me and I love firing one up every couple months. I'd also love to know if you have any recommended titles for the PS4 or Switch.
  7. I played through the Deponia series about a couple months ago and glad I wasn't alone here. Here's what I wrote here: Chaos on Deponia point and click I've put down for a couple days. Will jump in again but I'm pretty sure I'm about to finish the first main part ( getting Goal to come back to get surgery) and am expecting another big area to search. This one had one puzzle that pissed me off where you needed to go into the settings to alter the sound - I ended up having to search a walkthrough because I'd felt I'd done everything I could. I never would have considered to bring up the settings. The series itself started out good but kind of goes down hill. There are some very questionable decisions in the third game that were especially jarring. You'll know them when you see them. Edit : I really should just say it crashes and burns. Part 3 soured me on the rest of the series.
  8. I probably should have looked closer because you're right, my timeline there is off. I completely forgot how much time she had taken off between Yes Madam and the Royal Warriors series until she turned up again in Supercop. That really is a shame. In my mind, they flowed together until she drifted into Heroic Trio - Tai Chi Master and mid-90s OTT wirework and choreo. I also really enjoyed Super Cop 2 as well. Wing Chun I'll have to revisit at some point. Just looking at her imdb page now and it really is surprising how few straight action movies she made. I could have sworn there were a lot more movies, but maybe that's just because she made such a big impression on me?
  9. I....don't know? I'm not one to follow a lot of what happens backstage or pre/post fight, but One has never been very transparent. Like I know people have failed the hydration tests so they must be regulating it somehow? That's all I got. FWIW, my understanding is that it's just a system to not allow fighters to cut massive amounts of water weight in a short time. Their weight is checked throughout the week(weeks?) leading into the fight and must produce urine samples, and they can only drop a certain percentage of weight over that final week. I haven't read any comprehensive info on how it works in practice though.
  10. I had no idea they were remaking Enter The Fat Dragon but that looks like it's going to be a ton of fun. I've got another review I want to do but I've just been so burnt out with my job that I can't muster the energy. Thinking tonight might be the night though.
  11. Can't the argument just boil down to UFC would be better off with Jones getting paid better than without? Very few fighters can make that claim in the current product. Pay him what he's due even if I'm not his biggest fan. Hell, I'm not going to miss a Jones fight.
  12. I agree with what you're saying here but I'm going to come to bat for this movie in particular. Outside of the dirty ninjutsu practitioner, these were meant to be respectful challenges with some heated emotion. That leads to another problem with the entire action movie genre though, every time you have these training/testing fights or respectful duels, there are always a number of kill shots that the protagonists evade or block. I guess the reasoned argument is that they are both skilled fighters and know just when to hold back enough to allow their opponent a chance to move, but how many times have we seen someone look like they're trying to kill their teacher/student/family member/random stranger they met on a hill and decided to 'test'? So I ask this, has there ever been a movie, HK or otherwise, where someone is surprisingly killed in one of these scenarios? Also, typing this had me wondering what this movie would have looked like directed by Chang Cheh instead of LKL.
  13. This sounds like the type of movie I'd have found in the late 90s / early 2000s, drew in a group of friends to watch it with on the strength of the cast, and then had them remind me of it for the next year. "It's got the Jet, Norton and a *Korean guy*!" I'm sad to say I haven't seen any of the movies so far in this year's contest. * Korean guy means you're either going to get some kicks or some joint locks/throws, either of which tend to look really good juxtaposed with the usual HK-style choreography we'd all be expecting*
  14. Okay, yeah, that's pretty much a kick in the ____. 900 though? I knew it would be a lot because of the size of the map, but 900? I grab them when I see them because I want the extra storage space. Not that I've seen the guy I give the seeds to since early in my playthrough. I'm sure I'll run into him again. @John E. Dynamite That is was and man is it ever useful. I feel like it's cut down my climbing cliffs to only like 50% of my gameplay now I know we're cluttering up this thread though, so that will be the last thing I post on the game for quite awhile. It's easy to see why it's a franchise game though because it does have an epic feel.
  15. I'll probably avoid the thread for now as I'd rather stumble across everything on my own. I have no idea what you mean though. I feel like I spend 90% of my time on a cliff wall. Does that mean I'm doing something right?
  16. Man, I'm not going to check exactly what said shit does, but really, what reward could you get for finding them that would really make it worth it? Kind of hearkens back to my last post about trophies/points as unless you're a completionist and going for that 100% clear, there's nothing that could make that worth it aside from a shiny icon on your gamertag. To be clear, I'm not putting down people who 100% games - there are always a lot of really tough challenges mixed in with the grindier ones so mad props to them. I know there have been trophies/points I've aimed for in the past, couldn't pull off and gave up. Still digging the game though. Stumbled across the Rito(I think, the bird people) village and finished off one of the four things I have to do to get the thing( Yeah, I really haven't been paying that much attention to the storyline). Killed my first lion-horse today too. The extra hearts I've added helped big time because he wasn't one-shotting me like the other times I ran into one. Edit : I knew there was someone on here that posted regularly about their platinums and of course my post falls right under @Andrew POE!'s, just couldn't remember who it was when I was writing it. You're a mad man Andrew. A talented mad man, but a mad man nonetheless
  17. Thank you for saying that. I was going to comment on your previous post because when I saw what they were setting up your kg'er with, it made me upset. Then I realised I don't know what that teacher is going through, how much support they're getting in assigning age-appropriate, relevant homework, nor what they're juggling in terms of student numbers or workload. Because it is draining....I spend 3-4 hours prepping for and running my live classes, another hour or so creating/assigning work, couple hours on individual feedback and grading, and then recording/planning for the next day's lesson. The whole time I'm second guessing myself, wondering if what I am doing is worth the time I'm putting in to it. It's demoralising and frustrating and I think I'm coping better than a lot of my peers. I know teachers who absolutely kill it in the classroom and dedicate so much of their life to their students that are just struggling in the current situation.
  18. So I ended up going with Zelda Breath of the Wild after Monster Boy, which was a great game btw. Fun, challenging, and a great mechanic with the different forms you take on. I hadn't played a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time, which I beat in my teens as a very, very casual gamer. Yeah, I'm still kind of proud of that one. BotW is....big. I was not prepared for the sheer size of the map. I'm probably 10-15 hours in, still just wandering around and solving shrines and climbing towers. I've done a bit of the main mission (went to one town to talk to somebody, went to another town and upgraded my sheikah as much as I could). Since then, it's just been wandering and dying a fair bit but that's kind of the point when you're throwing yourself in areas you probably shouldn't be in outfitted in basic gear. The only enemy I've found impossible are the lion/horse hybrid dudes who just destroy me everytime. The big cyclops guy was easy. Took out the first one fine, the second one surprised me when he picked up a tree and I didn't really know what he was going to do. Spoiler : he hit me with it and I died. After that, he went down easy enough though. In short, enjoying the game. This is the type of game I'll sink 100 hours into and probably still end up at a completion rate of like 50% if it was keeping track because there's no way I'm going to go looking for koroks or explore every nook and cranny because it's just so damn big. Quick off-topic, but I've got mixed feelings on the Switch not having a trophy / points system. On the one hand, I'm glad there's no incentive to grind doing something that I wouldn't want to do otherwise. On the other hand, when you're really enjoying a game, it is nice to be rewarded with that *bing* you get when the trophy/points pop.
  19. What kind of games do you like/are you looking for?
  20. Xenoblade Chronicles 2? I've got it sitting on my Switch but haven't gotten around to it yet. Golf Story too, I guess. I ended up going with Monster Boy for my next game it's really rpg-ish in a lot of ways. I'm enjoying it so far. While not terribly hard, it's a lot harder than the artwork makes you think it will be. Might be worth a try for you.
  21. Oh man, I was thinking of diving in this one soon too. I try to space out my games so I'm not jumping from one with 50+ hours to another. I'm pretty much finishing up as much as I plan to do with Slay The Spire and Prison Architect, and finished Owlboy not too long ago. Right now I'm at a toss-up between Breath of the Wild or Dragon Quest XI for my next long playthrough,
  22. Yeah, that was the right time to end the fight. Sad that this means Ferguson-Khabib will probably never happen. Kind of evens out when you think of Gaethje-Khabib though. Insanely good fight though.
  23. That's exactly the image I always have of Gaethje. I hadn't noticed how much his movement had improved until this fight. That's been the biggest surprise of the fight for me tbh.
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