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  1. keith_h


    Just watched this the other night and it was great.
  2. keith_h


    Raiders reportedly hire Tom Cable as o line coach... As a Seahawks fan I'm sorry. RIP Derek Carr.
  3. keith_h


    Reports coming out just now that Tom Cable is fired as well.
  4. keith_h

    2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    The Giants O line might be worse than the Seahawks... I didn't think that was possible.
  5. keith_h


    Saw this last night with my wife. She had no idea what is was about. Twenty minutes in I could tell she was struggling with it, by the end she was in tears and told me it was amazing. Nearly 24 hours later and I still can't shake the movie. The best description I could come up with would be a meditative look at life, death, and the passage of time. See it in a theater if you can.
  6. keith_h

    The Old School Questions thread

    Sabu gets pretty torn up in this match. If there were more matches like this on his early FMW tours that could have went a long way to adding to his scar collection.
  7. I assume with all these Haymon fighters on Showtime that the PBC on free TV/non-premium cable experiment must be dead or nearly dead.
  8. Werdum kicking Count Chocula made my night. Fuck that guy. Also Stipe is awesome. Stipe vs. Cain will be sick.
  9. keith_h


    Off the top of my head: Mirko Crocop Rampage Jackson Kimbo Slice (RIP)
  10. Arthur Jones (Jon Jones brother and defensive end for the Colts) has been suspended for the first 4 games of the NFL season for a PED violation. He must have been sharing tainted supplements with Jon...
  11. keith_h

    2016 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    UFC 196: Conor vs Nate Diaz did 1.5 million so I believe it is currently #2 all time. I think the rankings are: 1. UFC 100 2. UFC 196 3. UFC 200 or UFC 194 (depending on UFC 200 final numbers)
  12. Someone on the UG that claims to be a training partner of Brock's says he popped for Advair Diskus which is an asthma medication. I guess we'll see if this is true as if it's this and not a steroid/GH/SARM I am sure Brock's team will publicly disclose it to try and clear his name. http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/forums/UnderGround/Why-did-brock-tested-positive:2577927/?pc=33
  13. I guess I figured Brock could afford to hire a Memo Hernandez type drug guru to get him through the testing.