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  1. Holy shit it took me 3 times watching that to realize it wasn’t a messed up spinning back fist
  2. I would re-subscribe to the network for this Hell its perfect for right now
  3. Hunt would kill anyone on the roster not named Brock Lesnar. And fully roided, no testing 300+ pound Brock kills the entire roster with ease.
  4. Watch Vince buy the private super villain island now "cause I have my own network and nobody tells me what to do pal!"
  5. I would love to see Dana's face when the Disney/ESPN CEO told him to "cut this super villain horseshit out and cancel the event" or whatever they said
  6. Only if there’s bombs in the pool like Onita’s pool death match
  7. Or Han from Enter the Dragon. That’s the company Dana White now occupies
  8. Sure he would, to do endless jobs to vanilla midget, jabroni marks till the end of time.
  9. That revelation might still be coming...
  10. Meltzer's giving that main event at least 5 stars.... I agree with whomever said I was liking it up until the Canadian Destroyer on the floor... If there was anything EVER that should be treated like a Tombstone piledriver in Mexico, that would be it. Gargano should have done a stretcher job for that.
  11. keith_h


    This. 100% this. The dialogue was freaking Shakespearean sometimes. I thought I was going nuts at first. Still a great send off to the show. It played the hits, gave us some closure the original finale lacked, and it was just nice to spend a few last hours with these characters.
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