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  1. Actually that's not a bad idea I can spam lists in my posts such as Why spamming photos tweets gifs doesn't count as ACTUAL conversation Why spamming photos tweets gifs DOES count as conversations Why spamming lists doesn't count as conversation Why spamming lists does count Why quoting someone else just to say THIS is a valid talking point, instead of just writing out my own thoughts, which I don't have time for in between using this board as a social media site to get Likes and made up winner of the day awards What's really fascinating is this "he's one of the few people I don't like on here" mention. By my DM's there's a gang of good bubbas who don't like Him but they're too polite to say anything, but I do get kudos messaged to my inbox every now and again which tells me some of the bubbas he does like, he's got ZERO clue that they can't stand him And nope that's not my Twitter account, as little as I follow wrestling Why would I wanna write up a wrestling focused Twit account? My actual Twitter account is all Critical Role/Dimension 20/LA by Night posts since thats the majority of what I watch when I'm not watching movies or premium cable shows
  2. The meltdown finale is going to be epic if the last few weeks were just the prelude
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