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  1. This is a pretty little thing, but it was a kind gesture and sticks in my memory. In 2001, I went to an indy show where Christopher Daniels was wrestling in the main event, and I wore a Curry Man t-shirt. After the show, I stopped at a Denny's about a half-hour down the road. About 5 minutes after I sit down, a large group walks in, most of them wrestlers from the show, including Daniels, and they get seated in an area pretty much right next to me. I figure since this wasn't a public appearance, they're just here to eat like I am, that I'm just gonna leave them alone and sit and eat my food. I think I did a decent job not looking too much at them, though they were moderately loud and I couldn't help but overhear conversations. Turns out it's apparently Daniels' birthday, and they've got him a cake. At one point, Daniels cuts a slice of the cake and brings it over to my table, saying, "Nice shirt. Wish I had one just like it."
  2. Hold up. Is Wiggy doing any of the following things? Refusing to platform stories of abuse at CZW shows or by CZW personnel or talent Claiming that CZW is fine and has no problems? Attempting to quash or denigrate victims or witnesses who are making allegations or speaking out about abuse at CZW? Because if she is, then this is valid criticism and so be it. If she is not, then going at her because she is employed by CZW and has not experienced or witnessed abuse firsthand and has said so is bullshit.
  3. If it were on Reddit we would all assume it was made up.
  4. Ok I have not been super-active on this board lately but did I miss the big reveal? Cuz I need to go search people I've got in slapfights on here with and if it's clean then I can pitch Chris Daniels as the one to take the TNT title off of Cody.
  5. As someone fairly close to his politics, I can tell you I've come across a number of people (not all of them men) in that realm who have been abusive assholes that used clout and fame and personal networks to evade responsibility for shit just like this, so it's certainly not something that becomes not-a-problem the farther out you go politically.
  6. He admitted all the shit that wouldn't hurt him and threw in a line "I am not a predator", otherwise completely eliding the accusation that would.
  7. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a32236195/wwe-wrestlers-coronavirus-essential-business/ Esquire article on WWE's goings-on around Covid-19. The author interviewed Deonna Purrazzo and David Starr. Not much in there that folks here won't know, but it's mainstream coverage of the company that is very critical of the company's handling of this situation.
  8. That's way more Katie Vick references than we normally see on Smackdown.
  9. Downside for those guys would be low 6 figures. If they did any merch or worked a lot of dates they were probably pulling in double that. The hard part is needing to fund a lot of your own expenses.
  10. I don't know exactly when this was but depending on timing putting it in the stock market might've been far worse.
  11. I kinda wanted the announce team to be quiet so I could hear what guys like Daniels, Colt, and MJF were shouting from ringside. That seems like it'd be way more entertaining.
  12. "I'm MARRIED, Bay-Bay!" was a clever line but it made me more interested in seeing a Cedric/Cole match than Baker/Swole.
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