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  1. The second one @Raziel posted. The better of the two with that design. It was a bit smaller but had more plates than the one from the later years. That new US belt is the first in a newly revamped authentic design. Deep curve, thick plates, better detail, etc. Get a proper releather on that, and you've got a pretty spot on replica. Its already on Shopzone if anyone cares.
  2. I honestly really only get on and spin the wheel. I'm just on MLB and waiting for the next update thats due very soon and even then, I've gotta juggle work and down time. What's your PSN, @Casey?
  3. Hey, that's... (This is a really tiny picture, isn't it?)
  4. Well, he did get a win in the first one by pinning somebody who wasn't even in the match. Being that the card was in the Meadowlands, clearly Russo took the train over and got an idea for years later. But, he was double-Dicked in the second match. So, that didn't really help his stock. You win and you lose.
  5. They just ran a colorized Dick Van Dyke thing for Carl Reiner on CBS tonight. If it was a clip show with the Blassie deal, I hope somebody capped it. It would be neat to see it that way.
  6. Skimming through my bookmarks, I had forgotten about the Mike Tenay vaporwave albums. Which then reminded me of another similar "band", who edits some themes. Does anybody know who's theme was used for this song? It's obviously an NWA/WCW one. https://limousinemusic.bandcamp.com/track/mr-lectricity-ft-m-c-h-a
  7. Do you think they'd keep Washington or switch to DC if the new name fits better? That could be kind of cool if they did.
  8. Vince probably held a grudge against his old man for not putting over Triple H during "Blade: Trinity". He also probably hated "Semi-Tough".
  9. Shane had filled in for Shawn on the house shows for about two months, when he went in for knee surgery after The SummerSlam. Those magazine rack dates are always a bit off.
  10. And when one gets hit by a batted ball...
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