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  1. Never knew Awesome fought Kobashi. Is the match worth watching?
  2. I hope so, but I also have no idea how to do the VPN thing. Plus, I've never really had my own account the past 2 years. I've been pulling a Kramer and mooching off @Nice Guy Eddie.
  3. Mini rant: I hate this new Peacock deal. A lot of my Network watching happens with my PS4 friends, as we all go in party chat, find the timestamp and bullshit around watching the matches. We won't be able to do that anymore and that fucking stinks. It may not seem like THAT big of a deal, but they're in the UK and Finland, so I guess they'll keep the current format, while I'm stuck using my crap Xfinity box. I guess I'll have to just stick to YouTube and Dailymotion matches for my picks. -- Great, I'm on a new page. Thanks, @AxBfor making what was always a funny fear
  4. @Elsalvajeloco Those Raw tapings from that gym look so shit. The lights look like they're 10 feet above the ring post, never mind the crowd and other looks. Wasn't this taping the debut of Cornette, with Heenan gushing over how great he was? -- Shit, just saw the Dec. 94. But they did run there for I think Cornette's debut a year prior before Bobby left. The '94 one, I think was on the same tour that ended up with Joey Marella dying on July 4th, after the shows in Bushkill, PA (equally shitty venue) and Ocean City (MD).
  5. I'm assuming only a few more weeks, since the Rays need them out for the start of the season.
  6. Hey, so does anybody know if that free T-Mobile/MLB app automatically renews this season? Or was that like, a half season pandemic deal?
  7. With Conrad the Alabama Dream I think. Better than Chris Gethard. Sorry Gregg. Chris's call in show was good though. There's my praise.
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