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  1. You ghouls and goblins; stay clean. (It’s early and I don’t think I’ll be around then.)
  2. I miss TV C-Shows, not that 6:05 on Tha Mothaship was (you know what I mean), but you bet your ass I was glued to the tv at my grandparents house for those Saturdays, noshing on the best local pizza joint at the time, grandad at my side, watching along. The end of terrestrial tv in ‘09 (I think, I’m not so clear) when it all went digital killed that. Not that anything but WWE was around then, but that was the end of analog broadcast. The two threads here made myself (others I’m sure) pine for the days where at 1, 2, 3 am, I could (this is for the South NJ/Philly people) switch on WGTW or WMAC, and just catch random matches the stations decided to pick up Fuck. I miss those days. None of what I said made any sense, probably. I’m running on 4 hours sleep in a 36 hour time frame. Being a young wrestling fan was awesome because you weren’t salty and all you wanted to do was watch wrestling. You really didn’t give a shit. It ruled. It’ll never happen again and I miss those wrestling salad days. Sorry for making you waste time reading this ramble-thon. I’m going to bed and disappear for another couple of weeks.
  3. It’s not THAT terrible. He seems to be selling it in a professional wrestling way that you sell a kick towards the left side of your head. He’s an enhancement guy who probably spent too many hours for any sane person, being berated by of all people Buddy Lee Parker (shitty, midget Brock). What are you expecting? It’s not as bad as you’re making it to be. Of anything, there should be some modicum of praise on Liger not taking liberties and delivering a nice (given the circumstances), glancing, yet believable blow to the head. Nobody there or watching later thought it sucked, except maybe a half-dozen at best. Even then, it’s nitpicking. It’s Liger on Pro (or Worldwide, or whatever the fuck). What expectations are there?
  4. Maybe AEW will use it. I mean, I doubt it. But it would be pretty rad if they did.
  5. It does that to me too sometimes, mostly when I type something up prior to pasting an Imgur or YT link.
  6. You and me both. I feel like the reasons are everyone assumes it is copy-written and that they’ll look like they’re ripping off a WWE belt. But yeah, many legit beltmakers do offer a big gold design. As well as the Pakistani bootleggers. It’s funny but makes sense some companies use the cheaper belts from over there. I mean, hell, New Japan’s Intercontinental title is a Mideastern bootleg on real leather. Meanwhile their world title was expensive as shit. UFC has been using replicas on real leather since 107. Which is smart. Their awful new title is Chinese (I believe, I’d have to check Dan’s twitter) and assembled here in the States. If you’re really interested in this stuff, like I am, the Belt Talk forum is a good read. I just lurk there, but have to make a new account every couple of months because if you’re not posting, your account is deleted.
  7. They don’t own the copyright. Any promotion right now could use that belt design if they really wanted to. They, for whatever reason, just don’t.
  8. Dan corrected himself and said the cork would be 3x the price of the leather itself, not the total belt. For example, its $300 for your replica to be releathered (by him), so, do some sort of math and you’ll get your price range, then add that to however much plates/jewels normally are.
  9. Man, this Gun Rush is lucrative. Well, provided you’re teamed your friends (ffs, posse up beforehand, because you’ll always be paired on the over 2-player ones). But even then if you aren’t auto-paired and have one or two on-mic, (shit, three, in my case) unfortunately split, you can give some coordinates when you’re dead. Or like we do, find ourselves and still gang up. The best plan if when you’re all split up, once you’re all aware of it (if you do these enough while on mic with mates, you’ll know), you get to stand around after killing the rest and go for a snack, whisky neat (myself) or a piss and let the timer rundown. While the rest, who aren’t privy (why the fuck aren’t they) to letting things go as long as possible, get to (imaginatively) fidget and curse like Milhouse at Poochie. Why aren’t they getting to the fireworks factory yet!? Anyways, yeah, like always, remember the key, final shrunken down areas and you’re golden. I can’t stress these enough; I’ve done these with friends on mic. It’s what’s best for business. — For Rhodes: the jail is best if you camp, but remember that across the street is the absolute threshold you can wait to enter the smaller field. If you crouch on the porch of the gunsmith, and creep towards the NE side, you can barely clip enough to remain there. People love to camp on top, because you get an overview of the small-yellow map at the end. You can see shadows, so as long as you creep if you live as long and wanna fight like this, do it. You can see the roofer eventually flop down. The others are a bit tricky. It all depends on others. But Rhodes, generally, is an easy one. Oh, Braithwaite; there’s always gonna be camping upstairs. I do the same. However they always seem to forget the final checker is downstairs at the foot. They have to come down. Then you give them a hello to the skull. There are a few tips I’d share, but these modes are weird otherwise, so I can’t really be specific. It’s all about feel and listening to where/what your teammates do best. Generally, bee-line upstairs and wait behind the tables. I’m aware none of that made sense, but good luck and those are my takes.
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