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  1. I haven't heard it yet, forgot it was Friday (don't ask). If it's them rewatching it, I hope somebody syncs these up, like the ones they did for Austin's recaps. Those were great.
  2. It surely seems that way, going by the photos. That's not even counting the hand-held weapons we're getting.
  3. Teaser for the new massive update. Video trailer should make the rounds tomorrow or during the weekend. This'll be expensive for sure.
  4. Schiavone, as usual, was great again. His new commentary over Hogan/Warrior from Havoc '98 was hilarious.
  5. Looks like the Jordan logo. I wonder if they'll get in some trouble over that.
  6. This is awesome... Vinyl Ambush played a private event last night and it wasn't long before the Peel Police showed up. We thought the show was over but much to everyone's delight, they joined in for an incredible jam session. They were so impressed by the band instead of putting a stop to the show they wanted to join in then offered the band words of wisdom. Talk about community outreach. Many thanks to Peel Region Police for making it such a fun and memorable night for the Band and everyone there. You guys ROCK!
  7. Cardboard belts were my main thing as a kid. I dunno how many Pepsi 24 pack boxes I used to make the old Reggie Parks belts out of, but it was worth it.
  8. Are you secretly on PS4? Because we've been doing that lately. Except have someone put a proxy where the cutscenes starts and stickies on the four bikes (5 bomb limit), run up to the third floor balcony. Get drunk, but have the bomber detonate after 5 beers, since it takes 7-8 to black out. This method is of course, useful while you're doing the quick helicopter option. Because you get one guy to steal a getaway car, drive to a property they own, walk in the garage, walk out, and park parallel to the door of the bank. Heli guy, grabs it via wheelie/wall ride at Mission Row police station. Or, the in and out at Vespucci helipad. Parks heli, garage thing, flies it back to the downtown station near the bank. Run back, business as usual. Runner drives down the route, hacker (money man) never has to leave the bank. Bomb the bikes, suicide. Restart, see first paragraph. You do get the cops in the heli, only if you know how to properly fly the route. Cristobal can confirm this method's effectiveness.
  9. The classic SNL tonight was the Carrey/Soundgarden episode. Was bummed, but not surprised that it wasn't "Pretty Noose", but "Burden In My Hand". Which, I guess is cool, because this was always the one omitted from the old repeats. (Like how "Territorial Pissings", the destruction afterwards, and the group kiss was never on the first Nirvana episode) Still though, the former is the better track.
  10. Nick Rockwinkle.
  11. This short heatwave can go fuck itself. My ac has been broken since last summer, and my 50+ year old split level house sucks. Which leads me to this: I want to get the fuck out of this house so bad. I received this house when my parents died a few years ago, and it's backed up on taxes, and as someone who lives alone, I don't need this fucking thing. Honestly, I've thought of literally committing arson so many times, to ditch this thing. I just have nowhere else to go. I sound mental, I know. I think of scenarios often. I know I'd absolutely be happier without having to worry about upkeep and the usual bs that comes with a house. I'm literally at the end of my rope about dealing with this thing.