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  1. Bill Murray in general could take Punk. He'd "Ned!?" his ass.
  2. Best part was Machado smacking Kelly's pitch to dead center afterwards. Yeah, the O's lost, but Boston still looked like dipshits.
  3. Osmosis Jones could beat Punk. (I never saw this, it was an easy reply.)
  4. He was on the Tonight Show, in Orlando, the next night. He probably didn't feel like doing it. To be fair, it would've sucked. So, all parties lucked out. I mean, who cares about Shaq, besides the General and Icy Hot, in 2017?
  5. God, those fucking names.
  6. Hey, this thread was resurrected.....with a Renegade match!? Oh, there's Bunkhouse Buck.
  7. Where's this from? I always thought he wore the same gear everywhere.
  8. Yeah, would've been cool if he wanted to help in Orlando. That way, we could also get more Regal/Tajiri interaction.
  9. Jimmy Jacobs burned my retinas.
  10. Listening to Schiavone's latest, I really wish he'd do a whole show with running commentary. He's really goddamn funny. This week, they covered BATB '94, and he commentated on Regal/Badd.
  11. Belt designs are a big deal to Vic. It's why he switched to sansabelt slacks.
  12. Bismillah! We will not let you go! (RKO!)
  13. (Kalisto.) Kalisto. (Kalisto.) Kalisto. Kalisto, Primo and Epico Oh John Cena, Oh John Cena
  14. Luke Harper, Luke Harper. Will you team with Fandango?