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  2. I wish I could send that post to Becky.
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    How does DZ fit into this? Actually, I don’t wanna know.
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    Oh yeah, there’s currently two under the map glitches right now. So watch out. If you see some dickhead in Blackwater, at the pier across from the butcher, and he’s racking up kills, chuck a dynamite where he is. They’re in a XP spawn-trap for cheap fuckers. Same with St. Denis along the RxR tracks, near the docks into the SW of the city. It’s a trap, so ignore and avoid them. You won’t win, unless you throw a stick of dynamite. Quick heads up, my friends.
  6. PetrolCB


    Ugh, I can’t (can) believe that “cool and expensive/rank-only” glitch died. I only managed to get certain, specific high-end clothing items for whatever price the cheapest thing is, before R* hot-fixed it, during our session. I’m the dope who way earlier, bought (what I deemed to be) some boss stuff. I have a mindset of how I wanna look. Don’t judge. ... My total, main priority that I had to glitch, since I’m slim on gold/$ (I own my go-to’s, so I’m not bothered, since I’m cosmetic now)... the all-white studded bandit gun belt (with dual-matching holsters), so I look like an Intercontinental champion. So yeah, I look good with it around my waist. No way that I could get it legally though, since I currently sit at rank 59. Because it’s it’s a VERY high 90, gold-only, unlock. — At this point now, I feel quite good. Combat and all of that. I’ve got 3/4 of my cards upgraded to tier-two’s, all cusp of three’s. I’m gonna upgrade my deadeye when I sign on. These help out A LOT in free-roam, as well as missions. Utilize these, my fellow DVDVR Bretheren. Just focus on the FR aspect. I cannot stress this enough. I own them all, and am about to work on my XP upgrades for the “Never Without One” card. Which, when fully upgraded, prevents you from headshots. Along with “Slippery Bastard”. I have a great layout thus far. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’ll share it when I’m back, if wanted. So, do whatever research, but also compare amongst friends. Because some backpack on what they have, not mine, but others. Work it out. You honestly won’t regret it.
  7. She should’ve donated her mask to @Cristobal, he could’ve used it in the last couple months.
  8. That actually sounds easy, in print. I’ll have to check this out. There another one that I think is only online, I could be wrong. It’s something like 90 seconds on a route with Colter and Sadler ranch. I’ll have to give it a go. One I wanted to do, but haven’t yet, is that Valentine to Rhodes challenge.
  9. @RIPPA, are you coming online at all after this, or just sticking with story?
  10. Clearly, that wasn’t Dunn’s fault, @The Natural. Right? He was busy....doing stuff... Checking the lotto perhaps.
  11. Nobody’s remembers that, @odessasteps. They’ll show clips of meaningless shit. Because us fans are idiots. We don’t remember the past.
  12. I’ll call it: They’ll give Gene a segment consisting of a stand up shot with the three announcers. Renee and Corey sulk, while Cole spews a crap-ass bit about his legendary status, he nods, clasps his hands as they fade to a pre-tape reel. Which consists of Gene screwups, that song Jimmy Hart wrote for Piledriver(?) and him with Hogan to close. Fade out to the crowd, Cole says he was one of a kind. Then, they cut to Corbin, moaning about something, while reciting poorly written dialogue. He complains, they go to break. Then we get to wonder what the fuck Chrisley knows best.
  13. PetrolCB

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    Generalissimo Hamada.
  14. Also, what gives? How come I didn't get a custom name thingy? @Nice Guy Eddie got one. Jerry got one, Kramer got one. I thought we were good friends. I don't get it.