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  1. Jerry did this in his great Rumble '97 elimination...
  2. Probably the one Batista got in a lot of trouble for, during his cage match vs Jericho. Also, Vince was busted open from an Owens headbutt a few years back, but that seemed like he bladed beforehand. As for the women; didn't Lita blade in a match once?
  3. Here's the song that this was somewhat lifted from... Pretty good song.
  4. Apparently, Tammy Sytch was arrested again. This time for weapons and making terroristic threats.
  5. Man, that was a wild game.
  6. New Day vs Usos just may very well be this generation's Jimmy Snuka vs Metal Maniac.
  7. I wish he stuck around, so we could see what dog shit name they'd give him.
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