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  1. This company. They had The Vintner RIGHT THERE for this wine thing. FFS.
  2. I like to think of him using "as if" too. Basically, Undertaker as a Death Valley Girl.
  3. Wasn't that Rumble '05? Bischoff was supposed to be the one they sent out to save the botched ending and he was nowhere to be found. So the match getting fucked up combined with Eric being gone is what gave us that classic Vince moment. So I say, it was great that he left.
  4. Yeah, but you could get away with it depending on star status and gimmick.
  5. I wonder if Tom Phillips is allowed to walk around at normal height or if he still has to widen his stance?
  6. He'll sell him the gimmick like with Glacier and Kaz Hayashi. Toss in the Big Wiggle for an extra $100.
  7. Black Magic, since he will now get a magician gimmick.
  8. I think its Hennig doing a great job of making it look like he is throwing the door at full force, because he puts his whole body into it, he's really just pushing the door.
  9. Well yeah, thats the Hogan way. Remember the Jericho story when he was in WCW? Well, he did pay a lot for that naked Miss Elizabeth LJN.
  10. Do the shirts from PWTees have a mark on the back as well? I like that Woman shirt, but don't want anything else on it.
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