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  1. God, if that was tonight, we're in for a treat when he paces down that half-mile ramp at Mania. Maybe he can take the roller coaster to the ring.
  2. Well, okay, maybe not super recently. But they had a run there with Tom Petty, Prince (which fn ruled), McCartney, Springsteen, The Who etc. I'm not saying they could possibly book those acts of that "magnitude", but get a band that's tolerable for once, or don't book a musical act at all.
  3. And that you're a slap-dick. (That can be read wrong if you're not a listener of his podcast.)
  4. Not really on topic, but sort of relevant; remember when Dreamer received that disgusting eye injury when they were in Philly, and he was attacked by the Shield (I think)? Quite ironic.
  5. I liked Tony's explanation of this on one of his recent podcasts. Nobody told him anything until right before the clothesline, when they relayed something through the earpiece that something was going to happen. Typical.
  6. The tape machines were rolling!
  7. It was Toronto, you idiot!
  8. Can't you get Brian Lee to fill in for you?
  9. This show sucked. Though it wouldn't have made sense, maybe, but I was really hoping Finn was coming out instead of Jericho. And I love Jericho. Oh well. I'm still gonna watch the damn roller coaster of whatever it is they're calling Mania.
  10.'re NOT facing Roman?
  11. Don't they tape the NBA shows there, as well as the Cartoon Network production? Outside view:,-84.3945917,3a,75y,95.52h,104.59t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sdhVBFI8VLpwZ4v-YhNxuPw!2e0?hl=en-us (Best to view on mobile.)
  12. I know, right? It's an upper body......shirt....damn it.