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  1. PetrolCB


    He is quite bosomy.
  2. I am having a goddamn bastard of a time trying to catch the legendary catfish. I caught and mailed all of the original 13 to Jeremy Gill last night. Today, I met up with him at his place and we rode off to Rio Bravo (hey cool, finally utilizing that part of the map, mission-wise). From what I’ve read this thing is very, very rare and incredibly difficult to catch. All I’m getting are decent sized bass. Which is good for my pescatarian diet. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a missing persons alert issued on my behalf, as I have been in my actual house twice in the 3 weeks I’ve had the joint. I was scolded for not doing chores the last time I was there. But that’s not my problem, and what Uncle and Jack are for. My purpose in 1907 is to ride around with the lowest possible honor, fish, hunt for sport and kill Klansmen. Speaking of the latter, I really needed the Curb theme to kick in the other night. I was running around the woods like Elias in “Platoon”, shooting Murfrees (or whoever’s space I invaded) when I stumbled upon three Klansmen arguing. Now, I know what plays out after a friend informed me later. However, I didn’t have any patience at the time. So, I threw a Hail Mary firebomb at them and had a good laugh. Only to watch the fire creep over and ignite the cross. Whoops.
  3. PetrolCB

    Survivor Series 2018

    Hey, here’s a great idea: Bryan beats Brock and unifies the titles, because the Universal title sucks.
  4. PetrolCB

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

  5. PetrolCB

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    You could tell how hard it was for them to finish at exactly 11pm. Those last few minutes were a bit weird.
  6. PetrolCB

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Yes, it’s a dual operation. You just have to maintain the individual businesses or else risk the constant phone calls and/or raids. It’s a pain in the ass though, which is why I’ve always just bothered with the nightclub end of things, while I go bother people in free roam and collect business battles to fill things up at the NC. And yes, I agree the influx of MK II Opressors has made things difficult for some. Not difficult for myself per se, as I live on one, but for those who think doing business in a full warzone is a good idea. Not to mention the speed boost glitch making things better/worse for the parties involved. Anyway, the only things you’d want open for the nightclub are coke, meth and counterfeit cash. Those are the only ones that make good money. Obviously the other two things you’ll need running for nightclub are the hangar and bunker, because that’s the sporting goods and weaponry portion of the warehouse. Shut the forgery and weed operations down. Hope that helped.
  7. Ok, so Rippa’s suggestion didn’t seem to work here. I still cannot seem to advance Chapter 2 at all in my game. The only yellow job marker left is Javier Escuella, but he’s in Blackwater and I cannot move a foot inside there to start the mission up without getting killed because of my “Dead or Alive” wanted level. Any other ideas?
  8. Alright so, I need to start advancing past chapter two, instead of wandering around. The thing is, I have a constant “Dead or Alive” level in Blackwater, which is where the last yellow marker is. Because of the DOA, it won’t let me start it. Any ideas?
  9. PetrolCB


    God, that video is great.
  10. I picked this up this morning and holy shit, this game is amazing. I never played the first one, and I’m coming in hot off of GTA, so this is a great new thing to keep myself occupied with.
  11. PetrolCB


    I love how Mac and Dennis are both Jerry.