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  1. After 33 years on being a resident of South Jersey, I now live in South Florida. My father drove up, we packed up his SUV with my essentials and made the trip in two days. From NJ to Lumberton, NC on day one and from there to Delray Beach, FL on the second. To be honest, you'd think it would suck being in a car for that long, barring a stop to eat on both days. But, it was actually pretty fun. I enjoy road trips. I also hadn't seen the guy in 5 years. So, yeah. I'm a Floridian now and to say that I have a lot of adjusting to do is an understatement. New decade, new way of life. I'm pretty sure I can do this. At least, I hope.
  2. Should've just stayed there doing that until 19 came out and they enacted the time rule.
  3. I hope Nash does a run-in to retain his Cannonball Championship. I mean, he IS healthier now. Aquatics are good for rehab. Like @Nice Guy Eddie in the East River, to help his back.
  4. God, their merch is shit. The new Kabuki shirt looks cool, but as I said earlier, is probably ruined by something, anything on the back. They should get Heyman to run shirts. Oh wait, hes the idiot who made the Francine 4:69/Lick Your Ass shirt. The original Raven shirt is and will forever be the best ECW merch. So, I'll give him that.
  5. This looks like something you would type into Gameshark for No Mercy.
  6. "The Total Package" Justin Luger.
  7. Wow, that's Feeny? I know he's old, but damn. Where's Eric's red-head girlfriend? Oh yeah, doing porn. (I'm not kidding.)
  8. $2200 US (if I can round it right) Release time is July. I'm a member of the Belt Talk forum, and someone gave a heads up and I figured I'd give you guys one as well. Check the NJPW shop frequently as I'm not sure as to when they will start preorders. These are rare. So, if you want it, pay attention. Keep your eyes peeled.
  9. For the people that collect these, NJPW will again be releasing replicas in March. They are pricey.
  10. I mean, really, this could be any match; but was this the one where Sandman is tripping on acid, calling Sabu "lizard"?
  11. Overrun for the debut of Chris Benoit Jr.?
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