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  1. They were on their way out, so they probably did lose that tour.
  2. Heyman, with Dreamer doing the induction. So he can tell the story about how he was gonna assassinate Paul at WMX7.
  3. I hope Tajiri's book has a pop up feature that mists you.
  4. The auto shop "heists" are very easy to do by yourself, if you're looking to make quick money. The Union Depository job is super quick. The two setups take like, 5 mins and the finale is a breeze. You'll net $270K for it. It's the easiest one and has the higher payout, which makes no sense.
  5. PG was shot, following a tense confrontation at Titan Towers. It was taken to a hospital where it was pronounced dead. It was then taken to a better hospital where it's condition was upgraded to "alive."
  6. AxB vs Axl! The Mega Posters EXPLODE~!
  7. Today marks one year of sobriety for me. Honestly, even though it seemed unfathomable, I knew I could do it. I mean, I HAD to do it. For 12 years, even a minute dry would've had me up the fucking wall and in a panic. Being sober is cool. Real cool. Especially not having to worry about all of that bullshit any more fucking up my life.
  8. When the Lex Express breaks down. You've gotta make the dates!
  9. I scrolled way too fast on this page and read Ziggy's post in reply to this. Amazing visual this would've been.
  10. Who are you to not doubt @Zakk_Sabbath!?
  11. Typical click bait. That's Sal Bass pictured.
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