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  1. He just came from The Place to Be. Also, notice that his pants kept their crease. He was clearly with the Maestro.
  2. Make Austin ref, like Brock/Goldberg at WM XX. They could debate on Broken Skull Sessions too. "Now Drake...you've got some pretty strange opinions. Is that a shoot?" Then he'll ask them both about the Stossel incident.
  3. Vince will think its the G1 (its been around long enough for him to know of it), will assume Woods jumped ship to throw his trombone in the trashcan and promptly fire him.
  4. If Vince ever finds out about that, Cesaro would get a year long title run.
  5. There's another clip of him and a few others listening to playback and he looks pretty happy with the final result. He was probably just trying to get into the zone before recording. -- This video quality isn't as good as the others.
  6. How is Steinerized hilarious? It's entirely factual. They don't use drugs and they're always on top.
  7. I dunno about the one we all know; but there is a spot in his debut, where he shoots Bret off the ropes and goes for the throat and slams him. No gap, sort of like a Bossman Slam speed.
  8. Speaking of Slam Jam, there was apparently a "making of" video and this guy has posted clips of it before. I only have these three, but I feel like there were a few more. Enjoy. (Sorry for the large post.)
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