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  1. You are in luck, I listened to it while stuck in traffic last night. There wasn't anything of note, but this is all I remember. Said that working with AEW in regards to their shared talent worked out well. Cornette is done with MLW. Talked about how they've had options to co-run shows with NOAH but really haven't wanted to at this point. Salina de La Renta is legit involved in the production of the show. A lot of the questions were really bad.
  2. I completely forgot about that!
  3. <Cornette>With Janella, Havoc and Allen, there's probably going to be blood. Does Cracker Barrel want to be associated with that? So what happens if you piss off your sponsor?</Cornette>
  4. I think a Mastodon crossover would be the only thing to get me on the Braun train.
  5. Totally agree with this. It's like they attempted to have an open marriage, and then Cody/Bucks immediately wanted to break up. But that aside, they certainly lucked out being able to hook up with the Khans.
  6. The crowd also seemed deader than usual. There was no reaction during the Club's beat down of Ricochet, which was one of the better parts of the show.
  7. Cena would be the perfect USAgent...a big musclebound crazy guy cosplaying Captain America.
  8. My wife says he dresses like a manager at TGIFridays.
  9. Clearly if he's going around letting everyone touch his man parts, this marriage would be doomed from the start.
  10. I've been really liking how they've been using Taguchi as of late.
  11. Agreed. That's why I lurked here for ever and barely post.
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