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  1. I’m just envisioning this turning into the real life version of Netflix’s GLOW.
  2. WWE wouldn't have gotten Dunne, Bates, Imperium, Etc..
  3. I read this thread backwards and was wondering if the original question was what if Marty Janetty was the Exalted One.
  4. Points for the Bentley Bounce reference.
  5. Maybe they should just go the American Horror Story way and have a different writing team each year after Wrestlemania.
  6. Never mind...I have this mental block and always confuse him Jimmy Havoc. Sorry dude.
  7. She would be great for that, but I hope Ernie never leaves.
  8. I think Darby just got released.
  9. With their ego, you would think they’d call it the McMahonsion.
  10. I guess we're going to get a Dark Side Of The Ring episode devoted to him in season five...
  11. This. I like both of them but this was an awful match.
  12. That's exactly what I thought of. I gave up on the Jazz game around the third period and switched over to see Dolph working the worst MMA style stuntman brawl ever. I hope it leads to some sort of WCW Backstage Assault parody.
  13. This. I think he's the guy that I'm most excited about seeing regularly on the show.
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