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  1. I haven't in years. What's good on their side?
  2. That's the same reason I loved Lensar/Rollins at last year's Mania. It was quick, the whole crowd was into it (I was there) and felt like you were watching a Street Fighter 2 matchup come to life.
  3. Just saw that. I guess they're on more friendly terms again with NJPW?
  4. But is she a Red Dwarf fan? That's the real question...
  5. Watching wrestling twitter's meltdown might be worth it.
  6. Admittedly, I would love to see that as well as how a Japanese crowd would react to Enzo.
  7. This would help a lot. At times it feels like there are just a ton of guys running around for no reason.
  8. I can second this. I saw a bunch of those live and they were always great.
  9. I’m hoping for “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee.
  10. I'm kind of not surprised that Lawlor is staying, especially with how much they kept talking about his contract status during his match with DBS. But story line wise, this does feel anti-climatic.
  11. Currently, no one has a trademark for that. I say go for it.
  12. He's also got Bunkhouse Brawl.
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