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  1. I just heard on WOR that La Parka(The 2nd one) got fucked up on a dive. The graphic video below... He’s conscious but he’s apparently experienced paralysis.
  2. I wonder if this US expansion is happening because Sanada wants to live, and work full time there.
  3. Pretty much really. It’s similar to how MJF gets to work MLW.
  4. So the card this Wednesday is currently... Jon Moxley Vs. PAC Private Party Vs. Lucha Bros - Tournament Semi Final SCU Vs. The Dark Order - Tournament Semi Final Best Friends Vs. Young Bucks And maybe a Britt Baker enhancement match.
  5. Listen I love cats, and this is cute. But is it a good idea for a zoo to have a contraption that allows you to fuck around with a big ass lion? They’re just asking that cat to bust through that wired fence.
  6. It’s Canada, 90% of it is rural. So understand the need to have a over the air channel, over a streaming service requires a stable connection.
  7. Oh, then forget it. Fans are lucky that it became a streaming service. If not, then the wrestling side of WWE would’ve been swallowed up by the films in an attempt to make the network profitable. It’s funny looking back at those movies, and remembering that they would take hot acts off TV to shoot a movie for two months.
  8. Do they have commercials on the WWE Network in Canada? If they do, is it like G4 was when all they could advertise were metal detectors, and other junk? I can’t imagine enough people are watching a WWE Network channel at this point to entice companies to buy ad space.
  9. I can’t stand when they slap their thighs to create sound.
  10. They did have an animation block at one point in the 90’s. Captain N, Swamp Thing, and Super Mario World are shows that come to mind.
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