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  1. Everybody who says yes is getting signed. For the next 5 years there will not be a wrestler that will be let go. Unless it’s another Enzo. The days of spring cleanings will happen less, and less.
  2. I honestly think the only reason Shane is here is because he hopes that Vince will go completely senile, and he’ll try to take advantage of that. Like it’s not a guarantee Paul & Steph get the company. Especially if he doesn’t write a fucking will.
  3. Fine, you got it! Four whole hours of AEW Monday Night Dynamite! Also don’t forget TNT’s Monster Vision with your host Joe Bob Briggs will be starting at a whole new time on Friday’s at midnight on TNT.
  4. But can she down a large Dominoes deep dish in under 15 minutes like the real deal?
  5. No offense to Dana, but Mojo shattered his face months ago, and he’s got a years worth of material in the pipeline. Let’s see if you enough steam left in this after a week!
  6. You know watching these old Nitro’s has made me develop a crush on Fyre. But Jesus, she’s a horrible dancer. She’s only good at two things. Push ups, and fitness poses. I sometimes hope while going through these that she’ll improve. Sadly I don’t think it happens.
  7. Fuck... At this point we are just going to get empty shots of nobody in front of The Great Train Store.
  8. The announcers won’t understand, and they’ll wonder why he’s attacking a simple caveman lawyer who doesn’t understand our modern ways blah blah blah. Also Cody’s throne thing was fun, and cute compared to this poor display of a man drowning in his own sweat because a whole company is looking to blame him.
  9. Seth makes me wish Brock was still champ. I can live with that monkeys paw wish.
  10. @Tromatagon You can’t make the LU comparisons with AEW. AEW is designed to be a traveling wrestling show. LU was a novela with wrestling as the backdrop. Like you said they were on a channel that nobody. It’s if WMAC Masters decided to film TV at MSG, and nobody showed up because maybe the masked ninjas in Florida have heard of you, but I bet no ninja in New York has heard of Willie “Bam” Johnson.
  11. He better not fuck that up. She probably has the dick pics, and she might be living her gimmick.
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