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  1. Honestly looking back I would’ve built up another monster to beat Goldberg clean(Maybe this is where Wrath comes in), then have the monster run roughshod over the WCW roster for a year. Near the one year anniversary you have a rejuvenated Goldberg to avenge his only loss. Think of it like the Batman Knight Fall storyline. I mean I like Wrath, but there is a reason we don’t see a lot of “cool” Wrath gifs. His offense was soft compared to Goldberg’s. Him being the “lame” Goldberg replacement could’ve worked.
  2. Wasn’t that a commentary flub? They were the Falcons linemen at the time, I believe.
  3. Sting Vs. DDP on Nitro is a great one. They had another Nitro match, but to be honest, it’s move for move the same match. Raven Vs. Goldberg is another. It sort of made Goldberg in many fans eyes at the time, and also killed a few classmates theories that Raven’s Evenflow was the move to counter Goldberg’s Jackhammer.
  4. Remember when Flair turned face for his feud against Arn, but it was ultimately a ruse to swerve Sting. Does that count as a turn?
  5. I’m watching old Hansen matches, and it’s pretty clear he’s putting a foreign object into his elbow pad before he hits the lariat. I’m also sure that the tug was initially meant to mean he was loading up his elbow pad which carried a device of some kind. The match with Andre alludes to this with the big man pulling out his own questionable elbow pad at the very end. When was this just retconned away as a clean finisher?
  6. I don’t consider certain periods of Japan to determine your face/heel allegiance. Sometimes you worked a dominant fashion that made you look like a bully, and in other matches you would be on the other end of that offense.
  7. Also he was a spunky handsome clean cut babyface at one point. Think young Dennis Hopper.
  8. If I can’t find any archival proof that Heenan ever played a face, then Heenan was never a face. He might’ve technically sided with WCW during their “War”, but he always found a way to compliment the nWo. Even on Double Dare, Bobby didn’t play a face. Edit: I want to say The “Original” Sheik never played face, but he did manage Sabu that one night. Sabu’s affiliation was questionable in his brief WCW run though.
  9. Only people I can think of are Ventura & Heenan. Unless you can prove definitely that all jobbers are babyfaces. Which they aren’t. They are opportunistic losers. Which I’m sure both got their starts playing those rookie parts.
  10. They were just talking about the big hullabaloo on BTS about Bischoff leaving a show early cus he wasn’t scheduled for anything on a PPV, that ended up pissing off Vince, and Hunter. So yeah they expect you to be ready for anything backstage.
  11. I can’t believe I just realized that with the creators of Married With Children being such big wrestling fans, that they basically had Al cut babyface promos almost every week.
  12. Remember he was also replacing Ishii in one of them. Basically playing a similar part, but was like you said booked as a “Scrappy loser”. And yes all those matches were in some form classics.
  13. I was hoping that when they returned to a touring TV schedule that Avalon & Cutler would get the big blow off Dark match. They should still wait for the crowd reaction, but I don’t know if they can. The best way to do this would be to have Avalon & Cutler upset whoever the current tag champs will be during that time in individual tag matches, and then build to a title match. Don’t put them over with a title win(Don’t B-Team this), but try something that can get a reaction, and maybe give this small act a tiny rub.
  14. Ben Carter already check marked for a win. I assume he’s “All Elite” now. They usually don’t commit to somebody this much, unless they signed them. It’s funny I could’ve sworn IMPACT got him. But I guess those were one offs.
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