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  1. I’ve never seen this before. Dynamite, and Hoshino completely have a breakdown, then start shoot kicking each other low, eye gouge, punch, choke, bite, and at one point Dynamite attempts to reach into Hoshino’s tights to probably rip off his dick to get out of a guillotine.
  2. Clash looks fun. They appear to have imported a ring. It actually has bounce!
  3. I’ll never understand the Roma backlash. I’m sure it was all politics, and personal issues, but the man could sure work.
  4. Is Shawn Spears catchphrase “The chairman cometh” or “The chairman cumeth”? I didn’t realize this until now what he’s doing with that phrase. That corny bastard. TK request… I would like to see a mini feud between Spears Vs. Garcia, veteran heel Vs. snot nosed heel, and Spears specialty of big guy Vs. little guy.
  5. Lucha Bros. kinda reverted back to their old tendencies to work a lucha house show match.
  6. Alright, that Suzuki match was fantastic. What was with Suzuki big leaguing Gresham like that after the match? Telling him to leave, and telling him to fuck off when he went for the handshake. I hope that was in character stuff. It was pretty funny though. As Gresham kind of no sells the finish by walking off pretty normal.
  7. Steen & Hardy being carny with young wrestlers salary could provide a lot of entertainment.
  8. Owens/Steen does appear to be jumping. Gargano is up in the air. His recent tweets give off that he might stick around.
  9. He’s perfectly happy where he is, and it’s clear from the tweets it makes Rippa, and Dolfan’s hearts melt. Why would you torture both fans by sending him over to AEW?
  10. I’m sure it’s a Sinclair call more than anything. Especially with their behind the scenes staff in the most danger. But, the truth is it’s probably better a way to save, and make money. Especially if you’re reliant on advertisements to fuel your budget when you can tape 2+ months worth of TV in an empty building, instead of running four shows that barely draw flies in multiple cities that pile up travel costs(A reason why WWE was so profitable the last two years). If it was the wrestlers choice they’d probably push for more live shows. It’s pretty crazy a TV-less GCW can outdraw them coast-to-coast, and probably on PPV streaming too. I know they got a TV show, with TV tapings, but I think they need to go back to the old model of producing live events through double shots that air live on FITE, and are edited down into TV. They want to be a TV show, but they need to think again like an indie, or else a “mud show” like GCW will keep eating their lunch in terms of looking like a hot product.
  11. I’m watching the show right now. I have to make note of the fact the production issues on these west coast shows are awful. This is California, home to Hollywood. Why do all the east coast FITE TV productions always look better than the west coast? I noticed this during the LA Dojo New Japan shows too. thank God, Ron is wearing something under that robe. I think I finally understand, and respect Danhausen. Two things about this Suzuki entrance. 1) His hilarious shuffling to the ring because the entrance way is way too short for his music, and 2) he wanted to murder that man who patted his belly. GCW would do well if they got young boys to protect wrestlers to the ring. Stan Hansen wouldn’t have moshed with these fans, he would’ve moshed them.
  12. I’ve never seen this promo before. This is truly awful. I hope all the big cheesy lines were intentional. It’s like if Kenny Omega’s heel character wasn’t played for laughs.
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