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  1. I still think Griff is a lot better than Pillman. He does have the unfortunate fate of having the exact same look as Jungle Boy, but taller. In a different time that would give him the edge, but he doesn’t have an illustrious family history compared to contemporaries today.
  2. A rare Brian Pillman Jr. sighting.
  3. They are in total comic heel act mode with Jarrett’s crew. They even won by cheating against Danhausen of all people. So happy with this direction. They are a complete parody of a wrestling heel faction. Edit: Dante Martin is getting a lot better at talking. He’s been putting on the work behind the scenes.
  4. As odd as the Jarrett Horseman angle was, I really loved it on my rewatch. Debra’s act was so much better this time around, Mongo is great as the sucker loyal husband, and Benoit & Jarrett have incredible in-ring chemistry with one another. Flair, and his David Spade hair was playing second fiddle to it all, but if the segments were dragging ass he would come in clean up to bring in all the runners.
  5. Now wait a minute. Hogan once used a 2x4, and made contact so hard that it became rubber. Give Mr. Turner’s baby some credit.
  6. Here is my theory(which is pretty simple), TK, and AEW didn’t want to use Jay on national TV like WWE didn’t want to sign the Briscoes because even with them repenting for what they did, in the age of social media that would have never been enough. As soon as Jay & Mark made it to TV somebody would’ve pulled out the old receipts, and everybody would have to eat that old simmering heat. It literally took Jay’s death, and others in the wrestling community to acknowledge his contributions to be enough. What a fucking shame. Fuck the fast moving internet mob.
  7. Is it me, or did Max Caster look extra strung out during that segment. Somebody needs to introduce him to a pair of shades if he plans to show up to a shoot like that again.
  8. The thing is I believe the contact is with the pipes holding the chain link. I guess this is a mystery like getting hit with Toni Storm’s ass.
  9. I still don’t quite understand how they slammed that cage door on Ric’s head without really killing him. We need a Wrestling Secrets Revealed 2 for that trick reveal.
  10. Didn’t ROH use it for the Man Up PPV? I know it was definitely the Skynyrd version.
  11. That’s actually a pretty safe wrestling shirt. I’d even try to wear that anyplace other than a wrestling show.
  12. “I’d rather put over the Ballpark Frank in concessions, brother!”
  13. Harley is no bueno. Is her only reason being here that she knows Scarlett Bordeaux? Her in ring ability is as bad as her hair looking like a hybrid mullet.
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