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  1. Watch a jobbers ankles almost break off an F-10 by Wardlow.
  2. speaking of the Hulkster... I bet you, if what he says is true. If the Pope came up to him in 9 months, and asked him “Can you do the job to Jesus tonight”, he’d respond “Wait, what now, brother? I ain’t doing no job-ski to nobody, dude”.
  3. True, maybe it was nothing. But the cut he had didn’t look like a blade cut.
  4. I actually think he got busted open the hard way. You can tell he looked concussed, and had swelling on his eye after getting thrown into the ring post. He also was missing live from some shows(though he did appear on the post Revolution show) before the lockdown took place. Some think he was recovering from the concussion.
  5. Deonna is that female TJP. She’s been in almost every promotion as a utility woman. Get’s praise for being better than her current spot. Then when she finally gets a full time deal, she gets exposed as no better than the women already signed.
  6. Thing is finishers become transitional moves all the time. It would’ve sooner fell into that same demographic eventually since the guy who made it his own was dead. I see what you’re saying, maybe they were trying to do something with taking it back, but it always got that “I can’t believe their doing it. Yeahhhhhhh” pop. They should’ve stopped doing it as soon as it kept getting that reaction. They eventually did, but I remember even Cena would bust it out from time to time. I think Batista did too at one point.
  7. I thought that was even more tasteless back then too. I remember people at the time would say they were doing it to hurt the move because it wasn’t the finish, but in my mind it was only done to get a cheap reaction. I know I started the conversation after the picture was posted, but if certain are offended that I’m accusing the wrestlers of voluntarily going with a cheap spot, then we should stop discussing it.
  8. I thought Jericho wasn’t at the taping? Maybe all the commentary isn’t live to tape as I expected.
  9. Depends really... Some people think Devil AKA Sullivan did the deed.
  10. I would say more people know the way each person died in that house than don’t.
  11. He hung himself with a weight set. It wasn’t one to one, but c’mon. You know that’s what they were going for when Orton set up a makeshift noose.
  12. Meltzer defending the person who came up with the Benoit spot. Are you kidding me with that shit. There was no way either man didn’t know what they were doing when they did it.
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