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  1. It’s just these flaws are too noticeable. Like why can’t Mando fuck already? Is Star Wars this sexless, that even the TV series about a underworld bounty hunter can’t fuck?
  2. Hell yes... Can’t stand Drew Carey’s version.
  3. Yeah, you literally have to pay me to keep this service. I ain’t going to pay for edited PG-13 flicks in 2020.
  4. To think they might anger the fans if they A)Make him talk B)Make him age C)Have him kill. They need to bite the bullet, and let him kill like Gizmo did.
  5. It’s tough when your co-stars job is to be cute, and mute. That scene with the baby, and Ahsoka I thought was terrible. They should’ve thought twice before they green-lit the thing knowing how many times they’d find a way to write him off the show.
  6. I legit do not find the lore, or plot of this show compelling whatsoever. Especially if they give it to you in the vague “Read the supplemental material” way. You gotta do more than give me a Star Wars word. That’s why I only care about the setting, and action. I just need a sci-fi fix, and this also gives me a tv western fix too. Honestly the best lore this show has helped flesh out is Mando’s new armor, and the metal Beskar. That’s really because they put a lot into it. If they did it with everything else I’d care more.
  7. This has been my pet peeve for a while now with this program. It’s more noticeable when almost every cantina looks identical, with different gel lighting. But you just have to expect it’s been apart of making movies & TV since the beginning. For my personal favorite episode of this season, it’s still gotta be episode 2, and I can’t believe people don’t like it. It’s easily the best directed episode from start to finish. It gets the best use of its sets during action, and dialogue while looking big budget. It even manages the best use out of Baby Yoda. No other episode this season yet
  8. Thing is, the co-lead of the show is a young potential Jedi. So they aren’t drifting too far from that side of Star Wars anytime soon. I was actually thinking last night about when it was decided that “Baby Yoda” would stick around as a regular. They probably were planning on wrapping up that plot sooner, but he was clearly going to breakout, and become the Urkel. So they are stuck with the little cash cow for the time being, even if they have to create new nannies to help take care of him while Mando is on an adventure of his own.
  9. I wish they would nail down some more world building here, and there. I understand they only have a few episodes a season, but still they could do more. They at least drill that Beskar is the strongest metal in the fucking galaxy during every episode. I mean if this last episode didn’t convince you of this, then you need a re-watch. But stuff like the card game in ep 2 of this season, or even the chowder in the 3rd ep they could’ve spared a few more minutes on instead of being just small sight gags. Also, I’m not big on Ahsoka basically saying their aren’t many of her kind left. For one
  10. I’ve found the performances of the one shot guest stars(except Olyphant) to be the most disappointing aspect. I’m watching season one of Justified, and Clarence Williams is only in it for maybe seven minutes. He still gives you a really good Clarence Williams performance. Michael Biehn gets a little more, and he hardly gets to Johnny Ringo levels for his similar part.
  11. Pretty episode to look at. Had the style of a chanbara film with the very ancient Japanese looking village, and palace. They even muted the colors to bring it closer to the black & white look of a samurai flick. Actually I was reminded of the Sword of Doom Criterion cover.
  12. Forget the hyped guest star. Michael Biehn is here!
  13. Guest host has always been the M.O. for handling a new host of a long running game show. Though I don’t believe Price Is Right did this. Which was a mistake in my mind. Note: While it is still on the air, I still have not watched a full episode from the Drew Carey years. Carey’s blandness has turned me off from watching the program.
  14. Oh, that’s what that was. It’s a good thing I stopped watching the new movies after TFA.
  15. That’s very disappointing. I knew something was up when I watched the intro, and it was just the Warner’s for the most part. I mean like you I enjoy those characters, but taking a break from the main act was always a breath of fresh air. Actually if they really wanted to they should put Freakazoid, and some of his supporting players in the new Animaniacs cast if they have no plans to make a full series for him. This way they could bring a character back, and aren’t hampered by the fact that it’s dated since superheroes are en vogue.
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