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  1. 6 nights... 6 fucking nights it took me to beat the final boss of Sekiro!
  2. I’ll say this... Virgil probably deserves to be in the hall of fame more than Koko.
  3. Alright, that’s it. Come on out Jamie Kennedy. You X’d me real good.
  4. But wait that’s your left. She’s falling backwards towards Nattie so her back dominates the direction. So she’s shifting right instead of left, right?
  5. You people are blind. She clearly shifts to her right. A women’s right might I add.
  6. I have to admit that was a really good moonsault. She didn’t overshoot, and she even shifted mid-air when she noticed Nattie was a little out of position. Only issue was her landing knee first. Though almost par with Kobashi’s moonsaults when it comes to being accurate 99%. As opposed to Charlotte who is 20% on those.
  7. I’m surprised there has never been a wrestling show at one of the Wide World of Sports gyms/complexes yet.
  8. The “biggest acquisition” is Gronk isn’t it?
  9. Sheamus’s first, and recent title reign might be the two most irrelevant I can think of. Jack Swagger is another.
  10. Oh crap I just saw clips of The Viking Experience. That name does not roll off the tongue at all.
  11. I didn’t watch Raw, but I did read the results. I actually don’t hate the idea of a name change for The War Raiders. But I’ve would’ve gone with “The Viking Express” even though we are 4 decades removed from when putting “Express” at the end of any tag team name was a thing. Or maybe something more flashy like the “Norse Warlords”, or “Son’s of Odin”. Also Ivar sounds like such a generic Viking name. Must have been a last minute ass pull.
  12. Damn shame about that. JAN were the best, and most underrated six-person tag team in wrestling last year.
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