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  1. I assume it’s because Sakura was available for that day so why not extend this out so Shida can get a proper singles win for the clear #1 contender spot, than just beating in a tag match. Also I don’t consider Shida losing in this tag match jobbing. Kris took the pin, and not her.
  2. I think I’m more bothered by these guys, and gals coming off better in that presentation, than in the current presentation.
  3. Some wrestlers just need to find their niche to succeed. Someone like Sanada should be a top leading man wrestler of a promotion, but he’s not home grown, and Gedo isn’t going to push Okada out of that spot for quite sometime. So he either stays put, or finds somewhere else that could use a leading man. That’s how I see most spots on a wrestling roster. You fit a criteria, and you can fill it, but if it’s already filled, then find another place that might need it. With Cody he had to find it outside the system because they weren’t looking for his type. But it’s funny since NXT took off its like Triple H has been trying to have a character like what Cody has been doing since he left(The heel act, not the face act).
  4. Hey remember this past weeks episode of Dark that had all those production flubs, and I said that somebody needs to be told to fix it to make a point? They fixed it, and re-uploaded it with the replays properly inserted. Haven’t watched the whole thing, so I don’t know if everything was corrected.
  5. He’s pretty close to Dusty in terms ring skill. Who was more showman, than hold for hold wrestler.
  6. I just thought of something. Remember months back when we assumed ROH, or Buh Buh fucked with New Japan’s show? What if that was that troll fucker Chris Cruise who did it?
  7. Listen I don’t agree with what Sandman said, but it’s the Sandman. He says silly stuff like that. This won’t stop me from listening to his podcast “A Grain of Sand”!
  8. Will “The Master of Disguise” strike again?
  9. They should at least start doing a tournament in late January/early February. Giving those shows some meaningful singles matches. They should also go 16-man with it to give it a lengthy time frame. Maybe bring in some outsiders to spice it up, especially if you don’t want to use jobbers.
  10. One thing I noticed in this tag match was how much pairing her with Britt Baker dragged her ass down. Putting somebody as sloppy at the top like Baker can drag an entire division down. Like when Alexa, and Carmella were the leads of their divisions, you can hope that they get better, but it’s only going to get worse for everyone.
  11. I just don’t think we should tell people to off themselves, or be off’d by anyone period.
  12. I don’t think Savini has anything to do with that. That might be a all merch. Edit: Forget it I just saw the Savini tweet. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t do something more creative. Unless he designed, as in “They reused my mask design, so legally I’m taking credit”.
  13. They really need a 2nd singles belt bad, and stop pussyfooting around it. Especially if they want to get the belt on Moxley, and still want Jericho to be a braggadocious champion.
  14. Enjoy Sekiro... Always play aggressively while fighting enemies, and guard when you have to.
  15. Loved the finish of the main BTW. Jericho has been winning too many matches with interference. He needs clean wins. This was out of New Japan’s playbook of creating heat with interference, but it ultimately doesn’t really play a part in the finish of the match. Shame Jericho couldn’t sink in the Walls correctly, though.
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