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  1. Oh, for sure. I'm just saying that it's not the Ten Point Must system's fault that judges can't use it right. There are plenty of numbers between one and nine that could be used to describe how wide the difference is between the two fighters that aren't just aren't.
  2. Is that not a problem with how it's implemented, and not with the system itself?
  3. They were never ever going to lose, but Siddal pushed them right to the end. Toronto got over the line a whole bunch of times and couldn't score, even as late as the last five minutes.
  4. That Calcutta Cup match next week is a Triple Crown match for Scotland, now.
  5. Toronto Wolfpack have their first competitive match today, against amateur side Siddal in the third round of the Challenge Cup. Kick off is at 1pm GMT, 8am EST, and it's streaming live on the BBC website. I don't know what provisions are being made for the rest of the world. EDIT: I think it's broadcasting world, so: http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/39022407
  6. These odds are so good because it's 2/1 against him already being an undead vampire manager, along with Roberto Martinez.
  7. Presumably, through the justice of her arguments. [/Dr. Evil Face]
  8. Didn't deserve it either, from that first half.
  9. Really happy for Scotland. They were playing some damn fine rugby to watch in the first half. They forgot which end of the ball to hold for a while in the second half; while the Irish back row (w/ Rory Best) ran roughshod over them. Heroic defending, with a bit of help from an ineffective Ireland back division meant they were still in it late on. I was debating with a friend about what they should do with the last two penalties; I think they had it right. Get the bonus if you can and at 79 minutes, burn the clock and take the win. Whatever you do, don't let Ireland have the bloody ball.
  10. Jeez, no wonder that Mike Baird lost his mind. He was the only non-goalie for Caledonia to not get a point.
  11. I'm pretty sure they're Premier Sports in the UK, not sure about Canada. Who's your first team?
  12. Yeah. That's a sore subject round these parts.
  13. Good news. I don't expect them to find a home grown half back very quickly but surely there's enough of a talent pool out there from other sports to fill out the rest of the team. A gridiron DB/PR kind of player is already most of the way to being a full back, it'd hopefully just be a case of getting used to being on the pitch for 40 minutes at a time instead of 10 seconds. That's not a knock on what American/Canadian football players do, just a comment that the levels of specialisation and intensity are different. And yeah, for now, they're footing the bill. They've got an airline sponsoring them. I don't know if it's sustainable, and I think they'll be gone in ten years, probably less. But if there's enough interest across the pond to get a professional league going, I think that would be something.
  14. I'm going to put this here because the Rugby thread is mostly Union:- The Toronto Wolfpack kick off for reals in the lowest tier of Professional UK Rugby League soon. The concept is ludicrous, and they've only got 4 North American players so far (the rest are Brits, Aussies and Kiwis) but dammit, Rugby League is great. I think all their games are going to be shown either on Canadian TV or online and I advise anyone interested in ellipsoid team sports to check it out; although I warn you in advance, some of the towns they'll be visiting are shitholes and League One is a far cry from Super League or the NRL. PS. Watch out for me when they play North Wales.
  15. I wonder if Rex and Rob Ryan have any brothers obnoxious for football. Ryan Ryan sounds like he's fifth or sixth in that particular pattern.