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  1. It was looking good for five days until the drinks break after tea - West Indies 61-0 - and then the trainers must have brought out the bats with the giant holes in the middle.
  2. Yay~ It helps that this has actually be an intriguing game with no rain.
  3. I'm a day behind because the only way I seem to be able to catch up when I remember about it after lunch is the NHK highlights on youtube, but two of my favourites Endo and Hokotofuji look cooked and two more have withdrawn, sad face. The King of Road Runner Style Sumo still lives though; so there is still hope; and Day Five saw two contenders for the Ura Memorial Ridiculous Spill award in Ichiyamamoto and Sadanoumi
  4. Speaking of Shambles, the "Tests Must Be Five Days" crowd (don't make me go into the archives to pull up exactly which ones of us are card carrying members) are in Shambles; when was the last time England made it past a fourth day without the help of rain? At any rate, what to say about Jimmy Anderson? He was very good for a long time and it's going to be weird without him.
  5. Okay, now we're approaching Shambles territory: that was a win inside regulation time.
  6. I find it's fine watching RedZone through the Sunday, but I wound up only being to watch Monday Night games when I had no FF riding on it. Mostly I find it's an excuse to chat shit with people I would have fallen out of touch with.
  7. You say that, the true connoisseurs of ABE know that the further they get, the sweeter it'll be, especially because of all the teeth gnashing about Gareth Southgate who - lest we forget - is the only person to lead England's men to the finals of a major tournament since colour TV.
  8. The Thinking Person's choice.
  9. Doesn't it? Feels pretty right to me. Of course, I could be persuaded that England don't deserve to be there either, despite what athletes tell you, team sports are never about what's 'deserved.'
  11. In the NHL Playoffs? As many times as they like.
  12. Phil Salt didn't do badly either in that game, and Buttler's hit a couple of centuries himself. Some of the England batters have been going; but it's been rough for the bowlers. Then again, it's been rough for any bowler not named Bumrah.
  13. Hyderbad set the second highest T20 ever earlier this season, and the highest was against the Mongolian Men's team. I'm beginning to think they might not be a serious cricketing nation.
  14. Update on the county championship: all but one match reached 1000 combined runs, and the one that didn't hit 905. No results in round two, one won match out of eighteen so far.
  15. Winning is for Footballers; there is nothing more gloriously futile than scoring too many runs.
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