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    Don't waste the joke, man. This entire thing is just beyond parody.
  2. DangerMark


    I cannot imagine a single problem with this plan.
  3. ABI. As a sekiwake, Mitakeumi tended to have his harder matches in the second week.While it doesn't explain everything, I think Mitakeumi isn't in too bad shape this time round. He still has to face Goeido, but he's already fought a lot of his harder matches. ABI. I like Tochinoshin's chances of at least making Ozeki. I think he ought to at least beat one of Hakuho, Kakuryu or Goeido, but even if he doesn't, as long as he beats the people beneath him, he can make 12-3. At the time of writing, he's still on for the Yusho. ABI.
  4. DangerMark

    The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle

    Is Inglis back? Last I heard, he'd stepped away to get his mental health in order.
  5. DangerMark


    Someone posted something by the Pet Shop Boys on page one, so here's someone covering the Pet Shop Boys. I think it loses something without the "You Fat Bastard" chant at the beginning, but at least we've still got Jim Bob's hair.
  6. DangerMark

    WrestleMania XXXIV

    What I found weirdest about the US title match was that they did the two guys with their own ring announcers entering consecutively, and the one who got the crowd going didn't win. I probably dug the other women's title match more than the Ronda-Steph show, but Charlotte vs. Asuka was probably the match of the night.
  7. DangerMark


    One of the things that always bugs me about America being so big is that there wouldn't have been any away fans to give a rousing chorus of "We can see you sneaking out!" Hell, some of the home fans ought to have done it.
  8. DangerMark

    2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period Three

    To put that into some sort of perspective, my local semi-pro Rugby League club got rid of their head coach after three league games.
  9. DangerMark

    The Cricket Thread, Mark 2

    That's the kind of thing that happens when you take cricket too seriously.
  10. DangerMark


    I have no rooting interest in this tournament beyond this absurdly hypnotic gif. WIN ONE MORE FOR GRANNY!
  11. Kakuryu lost to Tochinoshin, tomorrow he faces Kaisei who is one win behind. Mitakeumi has lost enough that we don't need to see a yokozuna smash him; then he'll finish on the Ozeki. GOEIDO IS MAXIMUM WEAKEST OZEKI.
  12. DangerMark

    The XFL Reboot Starts Today

    Elon Musk sounds like a jackass, but a Zero Gravity Football League would mean that we're still on for Jim Bexley Speed setting the single season yardage record for the London Jets in 2174-75. I am conflicted, because Red Dwarf being right about anything would be hilarious.
  13. Takayasu has been doing really well, considering that he's fought practically all of his matches going backwards.
  14. No Hakuho, no Kisenosato, although there's still Kaku-who? Takayasu lost his first two. IT'S YOUR TIME GOEIDO! Been following on Jason's channel, so I've just been watching the top five or six each day. Is it just me, or is there way more Hatakikomi wins than usual?
  15. DangerMark

    2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    That's how it came through for me, sorry. What did he do?