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  1. I may be in the minority, but I'd rather my team was fun to watch and lost than won loads in a boring way.
  2. Oh, for sure. My point was that Scotland are trending definitely upwards. They should have had more Lions because they're a good team who have been playing well. Underdogs, sure but not a total shock.
  3. Not as many lost to the Lions as they should have had.
  4. Best part of that video is the guy stopping mid sentence to look at the ball go off into space.
  5. NFL

    As long as he's spiking footballs in inappropriate locations, I'd vote for him. (I'll let someone else say whether or not that would be an improvement on the current president.)
  6. NFL

    I'll support this as long as a headless Gronkowski is OC, patrolling the sidelines, constantly growling and randomly spiking balls a la Agnew.
  7. I see. Thanks for the info. Looked up the Rose Rule and such. Goddamn, this stuff gets complicated. The situation still strikes me as odd, though, especially as it includes fan votes in a central contract issue.
  8. So how are the All NBA teams picked? I've never heard of awards affecting contracts in a way that is centrally mandated, for example from a CBA. Seems like there's potential for... Shall we say unseemlyness?
  9. And it came through my Facebook qthat Dany Heatley's brother just finished a university course in Manchester. Thrashers Reunion Tour?
  10. What about those people at baseball games who aren't dickheads? There's got to be some, right?
  11. I bet some of them don't realise that it's racism. Either that, or we're forgetting that sports fans are what used to be known round these parts as the dirt worst. I'd get back on topic, but I clearly don't know what baseball is because I'm a Jays fan.
  12. Nope, still the Mets. No matter what the sport, a player is always going to say he can play; to do otherwise invites the Jay Cutler treatment. It's on the doctors to tell him that he's a dumbass, and the Mets to tell him that the doctors are right.
  13. Oh, for sure. I'm just saying that it's not the Ten Point Must system's fault that judges can't use it right. There are plenty of numbers between one and nine that could be used to describe how wide the difference is between the two fighters that aren't just aren't.
  14. Is that not a problem with how it's implemented, and not with the system itself?
  15. They were never ever going to lose, but Siddal pushed them right to the end. Toronto got over the line a whole bunch of times and couldn't score, even as late as the last five minutes.