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    Gronk's shot was getting into Ben Flower territory, and I thought Flower got off lightly with only six months. The caveat is obviously that the RFL is a real (if somewhat poorly run) sports league with a real disciplinary structure and the NFL is a money making engine which occasionally puts on sports entertainment events. I might be getting on towards Hot Take territory myself, but it seems to me that maybe only one game for Gronk coupled with the history of the Bengals D being wankers to Pittsburgh kinda escalated this. That being said, one game for taunting a KO'd player actually seems about the low end of what I'd consider fair. If Smith-Schuster would have laid out a real human being, I'm sure he would have gotten more.
  2. The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle

    It helped the Scots that with about a minute to go in the first half, the Wallaby tighthead decided to "clear out" one of the Scottish forwards with a shoulder to the jaw. I thought it was going to be yellow, but I'm not sorry that it was red.
  3. Fantasy Football 2K17

    They surely did.
  4. SOCCER - AUTUMN 2017

    Well, if the firsts are only sending out 9 players, that might be your problem right there.
  5. 2017 NFL: WEEK TEN

    I think a fumble for a touchback has happened but without a coach challenging. I could be wrong, because I don't recall exactly who it happened to. Would a better rule not be to return it to the original line of scrimmage, regardless of where it's put out of bounds?
  6. The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle

    Excellent stuff. All the Pacific Island games have been tremendous for atmosphere. Samoa vs. Tonga was pretty good, too. PNG playing their group games at home has been something else. I don't expect them to beat England in the quarters but it'd be quite some result if they did. Shame about Wales, though.
  7. We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    I kinda want to go back to that awful ESPN article. Are we supposed to be feeling sympathy for these owners and executives who are having such a hard job covering their collective arses over this? Plus, I nearly threw my phone across the room when I read the phrase "ranking owner." People have been shot for less.
  8. We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    "No, no, no. Dig up, stupid."

    Finally, a serious suggestion to improve NBA refereeing.
  10. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    I hope that the mascot comes back to officiate the ceremony.
  11. Best Teams To Fall Short Of A Championship

    I don't think that a team who won a championship within a year or two of their "best team to never win a championship" year really counts, so to my mind those two New York suggestions are out. I mean, is the core of the team going to have changed so much in that time?
  12. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 1

    Jeez, talk about "You Had One Job."
  13. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    I kind of think that McGregor said enough shit about Aldo that he doesn't get the benefit of that particular doubt.
  14. MLB - JULY 2017

    I'm always fascinated by sports refereeing. Who does the evaluations? What are the criteria? Is it Torre personally, or is there a whole team? At any rate, my snap reaction is that there's more in the personal animosity angle than the race angle; although I don't know how umpires as a whole break down by race.

    They sweeten their tea with cocaine; wonderful place.