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  1. I often find myself watching things, wishing that WALTER had came in and chopped the ever living shit out of everyone involved.
  2. Aichner has the athleticism to be likeable, WALTER is a force of nature, but well done to Marcel Barthel for being so sympathetic when his gimmick is essentially "SS Captain from your favourite WWII film who dies near the beginning of the third act." Dragunov is a weird one, because he fights like he ought to be Dave Mastiff's size. Match against Balor was about what we were all expecting I love me some Trent Seven, but he didn't quite fit in with the other three in that match. Ciampa in full on Heel Mode vs. Trent would be fun, because he's basically the most likable guy in NXT UK; but with DIY Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, he looked out of place. Similarly, I rag on Toni Storm a lot, but I like her a hell of a lot more when she isn't the champion. In conclusion, bit of a throw away show, but still fun, regardless.
  3. Whatever the hell Enho did to Abi should have got him the technique prize straight up, no questions asked. Yeah, Tokushoryu might not have done it from five spots higher, but you fight the guys they put in front of you. He beat five guys who finished with ten or more wins, including Takakeisho who is no chump. Last person to beat so many 10+ win guys on the way to a cup (I didn't bother checking everyone, but I'm assuming you don't get to beat five 10+ winners in a basho without winning,) was actually Goeido in his Nagoya zensho yusho. Congratulations to Tokushoryu on the win.
  4. Takayasu's hopes of going back to Ozeki are gone and Goeido's hopes of staying are fading fast.Enho feinted a henka on a false start, then went the other way when the match began properly. Have that, Goeido. Bad day for Sanyaku, only Asanoyama and Abi won; Endo especially got clowned. Shodai and Tokoshoryu are your leaders, the former facing serious sanctions for smiling inside the Kokugikan following his win over Takakeisho. Takakeisho, Kageaki and Yutakayama all one win off the pace.
  5. Goeido lost, which I am super happy about, because I kinda want there to only be one Ozeki at the end of this basho, just for the chaos. Especially since Takayasu is going to struggle to win out and get back up to Ozeki.
  6. I find Kona Reeves entertaining in the Named Jobber kinda role. He looks ridiculous and he acts a prick. I could quite happily watch him get beaten for five or ten minutes per week easily.
  7. I do hope that the North American teams actually start to bring some North American players.
  8. Who does Abi need to murder to make sekiwake? This is ludicrous. I have an irrational dislike of Goeido, so I hope he goes down this time. Takayasu is a surly hairy bastard, so I hope he goes back up.
  9. I'm the idiot grinning in the background when Luke Jacobs gets a rope break with his teeth. I'm going to have to watch this show properly and not just watch out for myself and my idiot mate in the crowd. Novelty hasn't worn off yet though.
  10. I'm a little too short to be in that picture, but for the first half I was just behind the the cameraman standing in the corner on the right. If that picture was taken again for the second half, I probably would be in the middle somewhere. EDIT: My associate wishes it to be known that he is actually a Duck Dynasty reject.
  11. Jeez, not sure if I saw you there then. I had a plain blue hoodie for the first half and a Joe Coffey Last Man Standing shirt for the second half, and I was hanging round with a My Name Is Earl extra. (Here's where I find out that we were the ones blocking your view.) Gotta agree with your assessment of the show; the Young Guns colliding was worth a t-shirt from me. I think there are a few from that first half who fit that UWF/Pancrase style that Tetsujin was going for than in the second half, which could also have played into it. Main Event was hella fun though.
  12. I wonder how much of a difference not being demotable has made to Hakuho's longevity. He can pull out of tournaments that he's not going to win, he can not enter tournaments if he's banged up a bit, and then he comes back. As you say, he's not quite at his all-conquering best, but even then he's still so damn good. Compare and contrast with Tochinoshin, Takakeisho and Takayasu who probably should have taken far more time off recently than they have done in order to protect/regain their ranks, to varying degrees of success. I wonder if Mitakeumi even could have used a few days off after splitting his head open.
  13. Hakuho vs. Okinoumi was ludicrous. I don't know if you've heard, but Hakuho is pretty good at Sumo. That twist on the end of the throw was a thing of beauty.
  14. Got a soft spot for Mark (can't imagine why,) and I really think that he found his calling being thrown around by Wolfie. Someone told me that Nina Samuels needs to be managing Pretty Deadly and the more I think about it, the righter that is. Loved the Trent vs. Dar feud apart from that one DQ finish. The idea behind it was solid, but the actual DQ they went with was weird because that's just not what referees usually seem to do in that situation. One minor gripe though, the rest of it was great stuff.
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