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  1. Totally a work. They took way too long to take the tag ropes out of that particular corner after the tag title match.
  2. Vic Joseph is a daftie, pass it on. Me, too. I'm still gutted that Trent isn't getting the headline spot against WALTER, but this match fills the "two big bastards battering each other," gap.
  3. Trent Seven's going from fired up, to desperate to dead was a thing of beauty, that match was everything I hoped it would be. If someone could slap Marcel Barthel for that smirk as the show went off air, I'd really appreciate that. Dar vs. Williams was pretty fun, too. Good choice for the finish, I thought. I hope they're building to Mastiff vs. Coffey at Takeover, I just want to see two big nasty bastards batter each other somewhere on that card; and since Seven vs. WALTER has already been, that's my next, best hope.
  4. Takayasu should drop out, but I doubt he's that clever. I really hope he is, he's one of my favourites. Enho is so much fun to watch. No wonder he's "over as shit."
  5. Someone has big plans for Josh Briggs, huh? He seems to me like he would benefit from not having one eye so clearly on a WWE spot. Opener was a bit much for an opener. Second match, the four way was certainly a four way. I loved the Henry vs. Ruas match; but then I'm an unabashed Shoot Style fan. I particularly liked how Henry couldn't keep up with the shoot-stylings of Ruas but when it turned into 2019 wrestling match, he was flying. Then Ruas throws the kind of Kneel Kick I haven't seen since the glory days of Shin'ya Hashimoto. Good stuff. More, please. Everyone else has pretty much covered the Riddle vs. Gulak match and No DQ Women's match. I dug them both. The Babatunde squash was everything it needed to be. Went straight into Kingston with a live microphone, who I thought had a better promo than Heyman; and then the Tag Title match. Kingston is great; everyone else was okay. I wasn't into JD Drake's babyface schtick. Love me some big boys (Trent Seven is my favourite thing in the 'E right now,) but something about him just rang false to me. "You can't hit me harder than life has" was dokey as all hell. There's just something about him that just isn't that likeable; despite what should be a very sympathetic story he's got there. Overall, I guess I'd watch it if it was on the Network, but nothing here really made me want to see more EVOLVE, although there was some good stuff in there.
  6. Toni vs. Candy Floss was my favourite Toni Storm match so far. I'm amazed Nina Samuels managed to find someone to say that she was their favourite wrestler. Has no-one told Dragunov that he's not built like Joe Coffey? He's still a load of fun though. WALTER vs. Trent in Cardiff, please and thank you.
  7. Last time out he got off to a good start, 7-2 through 9, but then hurt his thigh and lost his last five for a makekoshi. In Nagoya, he's got a strapped up shoulder, but he's won his first three in typically Enho fashion.
  8. Hakuho pancaked Hokutofuji today. Hokutofuji gave him a good go, but what are you going to do against Hakuho? He just sees the Matrix. Has anyone ever had three Mono-i in two days before like Takayasu? I thought he was robbed in the second Ryuden bout and the first one today; although if we're being reasonable, Ryuden should have been given the win first time up yesterday. Tochinoshin is not looking any better today. Gutted for him.
  9. Jeez, Takayasu must be nearly crippled if he's taking days off. Nobody ever got rich betting on Hakuho; although the Ozeki are frustrating, and hurt and inconsistent. That leaves a huge gap for the two Sekiwake to maybe add a second Cup to their respective mantlepieces. Hard to see shin Komisubi winning, when they're going to have to fight all of the top guys early.
  10. Enho stayed up at Maegashira 14. As my esteemed colleague @ReiseReise predicted, Tamawashi made Sekiwake and Abi made Komisubi. He didn't predict Ryuden getting the other Komisubi spot; but really it was between him and Asanoyama. Fun piece of trivia, Abi and Ryuden also made their Makuuchi debuts in the same tournament. DESTINED RIVALS?! Chiyonokuni is down to Makushita, sad face.
  11. Two weeks for me to catch up on; because I usually watch this stuff with a mate, and that jerk was at Donnington Park last weekend. Give me thirty seconds garbled intense nonsense over Travis Banks' whole sentences any day of the week. To be fair Mastiff is also someone who just needs to shut up and look hard, and just let Joe Coffey talk all the shit he wants to, whether there's a microphone near him or not. Speaking of promos, I dug the Dar & Williams stuff. I didn't think I'd like Kenny, but he's got some decent babyface charisma, and he's come off like a decent chap in all his promos. Dar vs. Williams should be fun when it comes. (Cardiff?) Matches were all fun, really dug Williams vs. Ohno, but whoever said that those BR finishes need to go away was spot on.
  12. That's a tremendous idea, which of course is why it's never going to happen.
  13. Don't tease me. Wild Boar is Welsh, so why not have that match in Cardiff?
  14. The camera getting knocked over in the brawl was the good kind of silly. It was nice to see it as a twist on the old brawl in the ring getting out of hand. I'd be quite happy if Barthel did all the talking for Imperium. Two minute segments are as long as anyone needs to do anything. More of them, please. I hope we get a status update on Amir Jordan soon. WHO ATTACKED HIM DAMMIT?!
  15. The Tochinoshin vs. Asanoyama call was shocking, yet somehow not the worst piece of officiating in this tournament. He was never going to be ready for a rematch, and I'm pretty sure I've only ever seen the Dead Body Rule ever involved on people who have come down below the plane of the dohyo. I'm gutted for him, though. Hope it's not serious, but that if it even might be serious that he stays out.
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