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  1. Takayasu has been doing really well, considering that he's fought practically all of his matches going backwards.
  2. No Hakuho, no Kisenosato, although there's still Kaku-who? Takayasu lost his first two. IT'S YOUR TIME GOEIDO! Been following on Jason's channel, so I've just been watching the top five or six each day. Is it just me, or is there way more Hatakikomi wins than usual?
  3. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    That's how it came through for me, sorry. What did he do?
  4. And the Banzuke's out. Tochinoshin joins Mitakeumi at Sekiwake, Ichinojo and Chiyotairyu at Komisubi. Abi and Ryuden go up seven spots each after 10-5 Makeuchi debuts; Aminishiki and Takekaze down to Juryo.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft

    Let's see people say his hand gives him an advantage on *that*.

    What's the scene like outside of the top leagues in the US for professional sports? Are there other, like local or state level leagues that these kids can play in if the NBA/NFL/Whatever dream doesn't work out? I know Baseball has a ton of Minor Leagues. Compare to Europe where most big towns have a professional soccer team, even if they don't play in the Top League; so there are still avenues for players of all skill levels. I actually know a few people who play (or have played,) semi-pro.
  7. Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    I wouldn't have said so until I heard about a baseball player with more than twenty kilos of the stuff. He had enough for a few grams a night for the next eleven years.
  8. Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    Can we agree on it being way too much beak?
  9. The Big Game, v.52

    To me, the first one was worth a look: the ball shifted in his arms, but it looked like it never came out of contact with his body or arms. The second was a travesty of broadcasting, the question that needed to be asked was "when did Ertz catch the ball?" and at no point did those morons commentating even think to ask it. The BBC's Rugby broadcasts have it right: get the audio from the video referee and show the replays they're looking at as they're making the decision.
  10. Ichinojo, who got ten wins from Maegashira 1, might get the other Sekiwake spot instead. I hope Tochinoshin gets it, but there's no telling sometimes. To be honest, I just hope they both keep it together in March. At this point, Tochinoshi getting a Kachi-Koshi from a Sanyaku rank would be only the second time in a nearly twelve year career.

    Okay, but only because it's you.

    This is incredible. Is this not why we developed nuclear weapons? To blow up MSU and leave the grounds uninhabitable for generations.
  13. Someone was saying Kakuryu needed 10 wins otherwise he was looking at getting squeezed out. He's got his ten wins, at least...
  14. I'm catching up through Jason's channel. Used to follow Sumo, but not for a while. Takayasu is my new favourite wrestler.

    Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't Billy Wagner have walked out to Flight of the Valkyries?