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  1. "Well I know that's Daniels out there in the Suicide mask, but who's that impersonating Daniels?"
  2. Hmm, well. No-one wants to hear my thoughts on race, so I will confine myself to two points. First, it is a dumb thing to not play international cricket over. Second, Temba Bavuma being SA's first Black permenant captain got me wondering about England in this regard, as far as I can tell, there are three people who may not be considered white who have captained England: Nasser Hussain was the regular captain for a few years at the turn of the century, Mark Butcher led them for one (1) test a few years later and Moeen Ali has captained England for one (1) T20 match.
  3. Didn't he get the sweet Frying Pan money when he was sponsored by a cookware company whose products he couldn't tear in half, or am I thinking of someone else who used to go round wrecking frying pans? I may have dreamed the entire affair.
  4. Well no, because England lost four wickets chasing down that target; Mohammed Rizwan tried to launch the third ball into the Persian Gulf (he actually got one into the second tier later on in the match,) and didn't look back from there. Not even Rishabh Pant knocking sixes with one hand could save India. I made a comment earlier in the year about freewheeling wicketkeepers hitting it wherever and Rizwan is absolutely part of that. Mean Johnny Bairstow is not.
  5. Apropos of absolutely nothing, this is a wonderful turn of phrase.
  6. How very gracio-ARRRRGHHH (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  7. I told ALL OF YOU to Boo this man, and you didn't. THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE.
  8. I haven't even thought of that show in years, but now that you mention it, it makes a ton of sense that they fill these shows with my favourite thing: Disappointment.
  9. Jay Cutler took them on a playoff run within my memory and was then pilloried for being far too banged up to get back in the game. Things have gone downhill, somehow.
  10. People don't get Jerry Jones rich by paying for their own jillion dollar stadia.
  11. No, I don't know why they'd want the all time greatest out of their sport either, but that seems to have been the case for a while. I kinda hope he sticks around just to piss the association off, to be honest.
  12. In the immortal words of Spider-man: "that's what you think, Melon Head."
  13. It's easier to believe that Nagy is just a total melon head.
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