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  1. I think that I remember the username of the guy who pissed off Mrs. Norton on the puroresufan boards. Was it Troy? I also remember @Eivion having a surname at one point. Put me down as someone who occasionally lets DEANisms into their regular speech.
  2. Norton would have actually put up a better fight than the house.
  3. I remember some NJPW then young guys, Kojima, Tenzan, Liger and a few others having a match against a house one time.
  4. What if the umpires go within six feet of a player to argue? Seriously, MLB Umpires are the most argumentative officials in all of sports.
  5. Refresh my memory, this must have been before he mailed his half of the tag titles back to AJPW? As I recall he held with Nagata, but they didn't get two out of the four belts back until after the decision match for the new champions, so the new champions had to get one belt each.
  6. Who needs drugs when you had an avatar of the snake god running round mind controlling everyone?
  7. MIKAMI's just gutted that his ladder got more over than he did.
  8. I would buy all the DEATH RHOMBUS merch there is, though..
  9. You might have a point. Could always update the shape to the number of people, but Death Square is a stupid kid's game and Death Pentagon would just be confusing.
  10. That article is from 2011, so I figured I've have a look what he was up to these days. Welp.
  11. Some kind of daffy joke match is probably the only way they can climb down from this without losing too much face when it sucks; which would require more self awareness than anyone involved has ever showed.
  12. I love the intent behind the rule, but so far it seems like it has let teams keep the pressure on the defenders and run away with games. I saw Thursday and Friday's matches and they started close and turned into panellings by the end, and the only team who deserved it was Gold Coast. Hopefully teams will adjust and we can get some close games.
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