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  1. Normally I'm in agreement with disgraced former US Senator Al Franken when he said that "Jazz is the music of idiots" but I can make an exception for this, that dance is spectacular.
  2. It's not quite the same without the incredible outfits the band wore on stage.
  3. I did know it was possible, but only because I've seen the promo(s) in question. She truly was the secret ingredient in the Cauldron of Madness.
  4. All this nonsense with Punk has been completely corrosive to my interest in AEW, but a gif came across my twitter feed of Bakery Yagi 2k22 getting booted in the face and I'm back on board.
  5. I was on a half day today, finished at noon; and those lazy gits were done before I was.
  6. Well, as someone who railed against four day tests, that we might get another result in three is gonna make me look stupid. On the other hand, this test has lost two days, and four days scheduled would not give us a result. At any rate, this is madness and it's great. EDIT: England started the day 36 runs ahead, ended their innings within fifteen minutes 40 ahead.
  7. "Golf is a game for people who don't hate themselves enough in their daily lives." - Lewis Black.
  8. "The great thing about not writing any of the rules down and relying purely on "tradition" is that you can do whatever the hell you like." - JSA
  9. It is indeed. For reference, their opponents South Africa scored 151. Both sides will get the opportunity to bat again over the next three days.
  10. South Africa outsmarting themselves at the toss by walking straight into a good seam attack in perfect conditions for seamers to attack helped England. England resume this morning 40 behind, 111-3. The most shocking part of this is that Ron Weasley's big brother Zac is still batting. Are we about to hear the end of "it's been x innings since he last got a fifty?"
  11. No wonder childhood obesity is such a big deal, who the hell wants to play sports with that nonsense going on?
  12. It's a T20 franchise league with extra twiddly bits and twenty fewer balls but those extra twiddly bits aren't enough to ruin it. Not sure they add too much to the game, but they don't ruin it; and T20 cricket is pretty fun to begin with.
  13. There's one difference in that the NFL's case is not bullshit this time around. NFL Discipline is a complete mess. The ruling accepts pretty much the entire facts of the case as presented by the league and all but laughs out Watson's defence. However, the suspension is pegged to as similar cases as they could find and also notes "the NFL’s post-hoc definitions of the prohibited conduct at issue." The NFL likes to make rules up after a massive outrage instead of trying to get them sorted in advance; and I would have thought that maybe they would have sorted this shit out once their pants were pulled down by the whole Ray Rice thing, but clearly not.
  14. The biggest LOL of the day has to go to Aiden Markram, run out before he faced a ball. England's 50 Over Side is still in turmoil, but since that was only 9 more than a T20 game, they were sweet.
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