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  1. The Tochinoshin vs. Asanoyama call was shocking, yet somehow not the worst piece of officiating in this tournament. He was never going to be ready for a rematch, and I'm pretty sure I've only ever seen the Dead Body Rule ever involved on people who have come down below the plane of the dohyo. I'm gutted for him, though. Hope it's not serious, but that if it even might be serious that he stays out.
  2. WALTER vs. Dunne was never going to be as good as the first, but they did a reasonable job of building off the first match. I'm not sure that WALTER should need a goon squad, but it's good to see Barthel and Aichner regularly, so I'm going to wait before I actually complain about that. Heel Dar is the best Dar. The Scottish crowd being unable to boo anyone Scottish did kid of put a dampener on that, although for some reason I just find their partiality pretty funny when they're cheering for Gallus. Banks' face when he name dropped Coffey to a cheer was the most personality he's ever shown. Nina Samuels buying herself "Congratulations" cards already was fun, too. Trying to put my finger on what's wrong with Connors, and I think it might be that he comes out so shiny with that grungy looking coat. Compare him to James Drake who does that look better, he looks a little skeevier, plus Drake seems to be aiming for (and hitting) "Wanker" a lot better, while Connors going for "Psycho" is a little flat.
  3. Tochinoshin is a). Back in Purple, and b). A Destroyer of Worlds, and I am on board with both of these things. How long has Mitakeumi been in that orange? I'm sure he started the tournament wearing his usual deep red. Takayasu never seems to screw it up at the end, mostly because he's already screwed it up at the beginning.
  4. Tochinoshin is back to looking like an unstoppable destroyer of worlds. Must be that purple mawashi. Gutted to hear about Takakeisho: needs three weeks of treatment for an injury in the match against Mitakeumi. Speaking of Mitakeumi, that was indeed a fun match against Tamawashi; although Enho looks so much fun when I get to see him.
  5. Enho looks like a child in the ring, it's insane.
  6. I think the Jordan & Williams thing isn't done yet. I'm really surprised by how much I actually wanted Kenny to win the titles, but not without Amir. As you say, it was a fine match. The Grizzled Young Vets Evil Foreigner act is great. Gibson is the one with the funny voice, and Drake mugs for the camera like he can't speak English himself. I liked how Trent maybe not quite scared, but certainly a little unnerved by the Hunt. Also, I was a little surprised that they let a hometown wrestler win. I thought the WWE never did that. I guess things are a little (only a little, because of the Tag Title result) different in NXT UK. All in all, an enjoyable hour of pro-wrestling.
  7. I'll see if I can track it down. I saw the first OTT title match between the two linked somewhere else on these august boards and really enjoyed it.
  8. Does this mean Hakuho actually plans to wrestle? I don't know the details, but I'm not sure that's actually a good idea. There's a whole list of sumo wrestlers who have been stupid about injuries.
  9. Mansoor was the most fun I've had in a Travis Banks match. Banks is exactly what Gibson is moaning about when he goes on about "kick pad wrestlers." I remember the first TV show had a Nina Samuels promo, which I enjoyed, and I hoped that she'd win the match, but that was before I knew who Toni Storm was. I liked Reina's Stan Hanson cos-play. Not sure she's quite there, but I would love to see her do the Hanson AJPW entrance through the crowd. That she never will is one of the bad things about wrestling in the 21st century. Devlin vs. WALTER was a load of fun. Devlin wanting no part of WALTER's chops was great. I love WALTER's very basic style.
  10. It seems to me that it might be more useful as an indicator when the reverse is true. It might be worth giving a chance to a guy who hasn't been getting the hits, but has a generally pretty high exit velocity; or it might be worth sticking clear of a pitcher who seems like he's doing well, but is giving up a bunch of hard hit balls.
  11. Banzuke is out. Mitakeumi remains in Sanyaku, Tamawashi falls to Maegashira 3, below M1 Kotoshogiku, but above my boy Abi at M4. Aoyama is back up to Komusubi. As my esteemed colleague @ReiseReise predicted, both Shimanoumi (M12) and Enho (M14) make their top division debuts. Tokushoryu makes his return, whilst Terutsuyoshi (M15) hangs on in there. Ikkioi, Toyonoshima, Yutakayama and the injured Chiyonokuni all drop out.
  12. There are people who could learn a lot about cutting promos from Jinny. They also seem to be going for WALTER vs. Devlin which could also be good, based on their first OTT title match.
  13. He sounds like he needs to be teaming and feuding with Aleister Black.
  14. Next weekend in Glasgow. Guess they've got some Worlds Collide stuff for next week?
  15. Hakuho has torn a muscle in his arm but has refused surgery. The Japan Times has him quoted as saying "It will take time if I have surgery. I’ll get stronger if I rest." He's on the regional tour, doing dohyo-iri, but not wrestling. Personally I doubt if he'll be back for the next basho, but who knows? He might try it and wind up knackering his arm completely.
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