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  1. DangerMark

    Robert Kraft - The Dirty Old Man Thread

    I think you're talking about the wrong sort of "fuck you" season.
  2. It could just be that he's about die for our sins at the hands of WALTER.
  3. DangerMark

    The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle

    It was Ireland they beat so confidently, on their own patch. Far worse a sign than if they beat Scotland in such a fashion. It's looking like the only thing standing between the forces of darkness and a grand slam are Wales in Cardiff. Now, if there's one game that Wales will be up for, it's England in Cardiff but their performances so far have been nothing inspiring.
  4. DangerMark

    The Big Game, v.53

    I was wondering if it might be something related to the Pats having more confidence in their back-ups than Indy and Denver, and not having to feel like they've got to rush their #1 guy if he's not 100%; but I had a look at some numbers, see if I could support that. Manning's back-ups actually threw more passes in games that he started than Brady's back-ups threw in games that he started; although year on year, Manning had more years where he threw all of his teams passes than Brady; although some of those have to do with trick plays. In short, it's a feeling I've got, but not one I've got any numbers to support apart from the Matt Cassell year.
  5. Gutted for Takakeisho. I have a feeling if there were only 2 current Ozeki, they would have given him the spot; which supports my stance that Goeido needs to be launched into the sun. I can't explain it. I find Takayasu's surliness endearing, but Goeido rubs me the wrong way. At any rate, if Takakeisho gets 10 next time up, and they don't give him the nod, I'm probably going to give up on this stupid sport for another five years. Congratulations to Mitakeumi on his Shunkun-sho. Hopefully he hasn't knackered his knee too much to get it. I presume that's to make up for the fact he's not going to be a Sekiwake next time out. Technically, they can promote him and have three Sekiwake, but I doubt they will, if they won't promote Takakeisho to Ozeki despite getting 33 wins over three tournaments. Hokutofuji was the only person Maegashira 1-5 with a Kachikoshi. He surely will go up to Komisubi and join Mitakeumi.
  6. Takayasu looked hurt on Day 9. I hope it's nothing serious. Goeido just looks bad, by which I mean he doesn't look obviously hurt; but I could just watch that guy lose forever. Are we going to get three Kadoban Ozeki in March? I kinda hope so because I like chaos, but I also like Takayasu, so I hope he pulls through. At least getting one, and possibly a second with Goeido. I also don't particularly like watching Ichinojo. He's the very model of crushing inevitability when he gets a belt grip, but if he comes up against any kind of pushing or thrusting attack, he just looks so lost. Oh yeah, Hakuho is still pretty good.
  7. DangerMark


    This the same Serena who beat an 18 year old so badly that she wound up in tears?
  8. DangerMark


    The Pats have 10, which would be 26 total between those three teams.
  9. He has two arms. I think one was just injured for that tournament. Oh, and while I'm here, did Ichinojo ever take Goeido to the deep water today. Figuratively speaking. Goeido was blue in the face by the end of it.
  10. Without a camera at Dohyo level, it's impossible to see who was below ground level first; but I thought Hokutofuji was hard done to not to get the rematch at least. When you're the best, you get the calls, I guess. Aoyama did get his fingers in Onosho's hair, but I really don't think he did enough to pull him down.
  11. So far this tournament, Hakuho has let someone get behind him *and* underneath him, and he's still unbeaten through three days.
  12. As long as they take Kisenosato as their role model and not Kotomitsuki, they should be fine. Have they really decided to run Takakeisho vs. Mitakeumi on Day 4? I'd have thought they'd save that a few more days. It's a shame to see Kisenosato go, but he clearly hasn't been there for a while now. Is Hakuho human, or a sumo wrestling robot? It feels like he could just wrestle in Tokyo and rack up at least two yusho per year for another five years. When he's healthy, he's unstoppable. Still.
  13. I don't quite know the origin, but the song is "Shoes off, if you hate Gibson" to tune of Go West.
  14. I really enjoyed the show; thought the main event was great (although as my esteemed colleague pointed out, it could have been a little shorter,) loved how everything seemed like a struggle. Zack Gibson is such a knob. Wonderful stuff. Shame I have a deep seated hatred of moustaches, otherwise I'd be quite into Seven and Bate. Is Toni Storm really the best female face in Britain? Jeez, she needs to work on some of her expressions. Speaking of which, Eddie Dennis needs to lay off the gurners, too. Fun garbage match with a MAXIMUM FATNESS finish. The Balor match was what it was. The crowd were hot for it, and that's really all that mattered for the second match on the card.
  15. DangerMark

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    You mean Saxon fans?