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  1. We could be here all year trying to list all the people who would have been better.
  2. Given some of the players in the league who still have jobs, I'm going to guess not.
  3. Aha, that figures better than my dumb guesses.
  4. My guess would have been Choshu in the middle, Hogan at the top. Hansen definitely, it might be Taue but maybe Tenryu? Front right looks like Kikkuchi to me, but he wouldn't fit in with the rest.
  5. I was actually listening to that as it happened. Second best bit of TMS commentary in the last year or so, just behind someone explaining to Carlos Brathwaite what the Shipping Forecast was, then letting him read some of it out on air. https://twitter.com/bbctms/status/1287719789339848705 Meanwhile, in Galle, Sri Lanka struggled to score and England struggled to take wickets. The Hosts finish the first day 229-4.
  6. Wow, Griff Garrison is moving up in the world if he's being invited to the Dynamite post show.
  7. This test has been my go-to thing to listen to when I wake up in the middle of the night to try and go back to sleep. Not the smartest thing this morning with India only three wickets down at tea. Woke up again in time for the last ten or so overs and the ex-player in the commentary box (maybe Stuart Clark?) trying to persuade himself that the Aussies still had a chance when Thakur went down "and these last three, they can't bat!" To be fair, India was batting like they agreed with him, trying to send it to the boundary instead of playing remotely sensibly. Oh my goodness that was somethi
  8. He seems like a good sort, but no-one under twenty five needs to have suffered nine confirmed concussions.
  9. What do you mean that wasn't Jungle Boy?! ... Have fun with the body.
  10. What you say sounds reasonable, but if you think that it's going to stop us piling on any Australian cricketer given half a chance, you are mistaken. Sorry, but I don't make the rules. I actually like Australia and the Australians I've met, but I would quite happily root against any Australian national side in any sport you would care to name against any other country on the planet. Except England (with the notable exception of Cricket. England Cricket selects Welsh players. I would rather a terrible Wales team than to be stuck pulling for England, but this is the world we find ourselves
  11. Turns out that the reason Tim Paine's teammates like him is because he can come out and, with a straight face, say that Steve Smith was just being Steve Smith and not deliberately scuffing up the pitch in the fourth innings of a match he'd already batted twice in. Come on, man. To be fair to our Australian members, Smith had scored two hundred runs in this test and this is nowhere near the level of sticking sandpaper down his pants.
  12. India bat out the fifth day in Sydney to cling on to an improbable draw despite, as my esteemed colleague points out, the best efforts of Steve Smith. Oh well, at least Tim Paine's team likes him. Even if the umpires don't.
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