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  1. I really liked this tournament I have to admit. Terunofuji looked good against the upper echolon, still too bad Asanoyama fell for Terutsuyoshi's tactics on Day 14...I certainly would have liked to see a playoff. Mitakeumi made the mistake of easily giving up the grip on the Mawashi, as opposed to Shodai, who avoided a belt Battle and used great footwork combined with pushing attacks. Still highly entertaining basho. It will be really interesting too see what happens in... September (hopefully)?
  2. Terunofuji beats Asanoyama in a toughly fought match and gets one step closer to a miracle Yusho. The Mongolian will face Shodai tomorrow, Asanoyama is up against Terutsuyoshi. Shodai got a fusensho today, thanks to Hakuho dropping out. I think it will be likely for Asanoyama to get Shodai and for Terunofuji to face Mitakeumi on senshuraku.
  3. Not only did Hakuho loose his second in a row, he also seemingly got injured in the process. Hope he is okay! Asanoyama and Terunofuji lead the field at 11-1. And they will fight each other tomorrow!
  4. Would be sad to see him go, but he already was on very thin ice. Asanoyama and Hakuho getting Ls in consecutive days means three men at 10-1: Hakuho, Asanoyama and Terunofuji. Takakeisho saved his rank, the very lucky call he got against Mitakeumi today meaning his eighth and much needed win. It also spoiled the latters chances to be part of the Yusho race. My personal favourite match of the tournament was the insane power battle between Tochinoshin and Terunofuji today. Also very entertaining: Kaisei vs Tokoshoryu, a clumsy but charming back and forth.
  5. Apparently, Abi was forced to sit out today after going out partying and drinking with a group of sponsors without consulting with his stablemaster (as in without permission). I really like Abi, but that is just so stupid. The forced kyujo serves not only to punish, but to protect the health of the other rikishi in case of a Covid19 contraction. This also means Mitakeumi will move to 7-0, if I remember the schedule right. Terunofuji, Kotoshoho and Myogiryu are at 6-1 as Day 7 is live right now.
  6. Hakuho's victory lap had me in stitches. Hakuho and Asanoyama seemed more on the backfoot today, put looked resourceful, which wins you a Yusho from time to time. Mitakeumi's win looked more decisive today, after yesterday's spectacular desperation kubinage. To go back to my own thoughts before the basho... I don't think we have the old Takayasu back. Kotoshoho deserves some praise, the kid is fighting well. Edit: I kind of reverse-jinxed Takayasu, who fought really well today.
  7. Asanoyama impresses me, his Sumo seems calm and collected. Hakuho looks close to what is his best currently at his age and state of career aswell. Kotoshoho and Terunofuji look good down the Banzuke. If Ichinojo is really healthy, I assume he will wreckt Juryo. Down in Makushita, Ura (who is one my favourites) started 2-0, hopefully he can keep up his progress after two ACL injuries. I'd love to see him back in paid ranks with - hopefully - his bright pink Mawashi.
  8. With the extra rest, due to raw ability, everything but a Hakuho zensho would be borderline sensational. If he was ever to regain his form, Takayasu from Maegashira 13 has to be considered.
  9. Not only will the "Nagoya" Basho Start next Sunday (in Tokyo), it will take place in front of 2,500 spectators. Not sure if this is a great or an awful decision tbh.
  10. Bremen avoided Relegation after a goalless tie at home and a 2-2 away. Away goal rule be praised, especially in empty grounds.
  11. Meowsawa! Meowsawa! (I don't care if it's another Tigermask!)
  12. Bundesliga Relegation Playoff will be Bremen versus Heidenheim. It could have been Hamburg vs Bremen, but Hamburg lost 1-5 at home to make sure this wouldn't happen. Weird season, for obvious reasons. It looked as if maybe, just maybe Bayern could have gotten multiple challengers under normal circumstances, but as it was, it turned into the usual boredom once play resumed. I hope the whole thing had at least a few positive aspects outside of the sports world.
  13. I'd like to think he may get a shot in New Japan, although I'm not sure since he isn't a shootfighter per sé. Maybe he joins Pride?
  14. That wasn't clean, he used a dirty Karate thrust to the throat.
  15. It's probably the best Wrestling Match I've ever seen and it turns 25 today. While it's weird to see Kawada slim and happy, I'm glad about it. It just seems as if he got out at the right time and in the right state. I hope he is as happy as he seems.
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