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  1. ReiseReise


    Looks more like DJ Hyde to me.
  2. ReiseReise

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    Dortmund beat Bayern 3-2, Reus x2 and Alacer outscoring Lewandowski's brace. It is indeed notable that Bayern lead Dortmund twice during the game. Only saw the Highlights, but Bayern seemed to dominate the first 45. Dortmund went on a tear in the second half, though.
  3. ReiseReise


    Fat as fuck Chris Hero was kind of uncoordinated and reckless in the ring and broke a some (German) kids neck in Switzerland. It wasn't by any means his fault alone, but he was neither the athlete nor worker he turned into after receiving better training. Super Dragon quit AJPW dojo I believe because he couldn't deal with running. Danielson was a freak even back then, I'll always give you that.
  4. ReiseReise


    To be fair, I'm pretty sure Punk didn't nearly have the amount of training any NJPW dojo Student had at that time. That being said, early 2000 Indy-darlings were mostly shite regarding their level of training, both athletically and ring-psychologically.
  5. ReiseReise

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    I hope they will add one or two wrinkles. Other than that, this looks good.
  6. ReiseReise


    They could try finding a way to ratcon Kevin Bacon into a remake...
  7. ReiseReise


    "GREAT MUTA IS Great Muta SPELLED IN ALL CAPS!" *TENAY VOICE On a real though, I believe he actually was just named GREAT MUTA with all caps spelling. Almost forgot about him... It's ridiculous how much I like 2001-2006ish Mutoh despite him seeming bored and lazy a lot of the time. Such a cool dude. A few years back during Rumble season WWE named him as one of their top 5 or so legends who never competed for (W) WWF/E. I managed to convince myself he'd enter the rumble as No. 27 to hit everybody with Shining Wizards. I'm so sad it never happened.
  8. ReiseReise

    Survivor Series 2018

    I think it is fairly likely they have forgotten that they already ran Lesnar vs Styles last year. Or that they will hotshot the belt onto sb else. It could have been WWE simply not wanting Braun's first major singles title win to take place on Saudi-Arabian soil with all the bad press surrounding it... then again, this is totally wishful thinking on my part.
  9. ReiseReise


    I think with tape trading days being over, we can stop giving a shit about Dave's opinions once and for all. Most of us are able to see with our own eyes, almost everything is available. Wrestling-quality will always be down to opinions, but nowadays we can all make up our own minds about matches within a reasonable timeframe after they occured. Therefore we can easily ignore provocative trolling-bs like this.
  10. ReiseReise


    A legit 35 k paid is a great number. Destiny might have been in the same ballpark, but I really don't remember. Maybe TWO has a few legit numbers. I recall both NOAH crowds seeming livelier than New Japan's crowd up until Sasaki v Kobashi, after which they.appeared somewhat drained.
  11. ReiseReise

    Roman Reigns has leukemia

    First of, lots of thoughts for all those who lost loved ones due to cancer. It was really touching to read about some of your experience. As for Reigns: This is shocking news. I really want him to overcome the odds. I wish him all the best in his Battle against this shitty sickness. He seems well liked and respected by his peers, he is a young man with a family... I think lots of people are rooting for him. It is really hard to comprehend that this got turned into a part of the TV programme. They probably checked with everyone if it was okay to go all out publically, but it just baffled me. Not condemning anything or judging, just genuinely surprised. If it helps raising awareness, good. Maybe I'm just afraid of this turning into bad taste like Eddie back in 2006...
  12. ReiseReise


    I tried three times answering to that, everytime I somehow erased my reply. Anyway... I was a pretty avid member of the puro community String Style Spirit back then. Crowds (or the lack thereof) for Tokyo Dome shows were a huge topic of discussion back then. I remember the thinking, that New Japan claiming 50 000 was considered something like maybe high 20ks in attendance with at best 20 k being paid. IIRC, NOAHs first show sold sth like low 20 000s. There were apparently sources or at least some weird pseudo sources for this. The second Show sold considerably better, my brain wants to convince me it was over 30 000. But my memory doesn't provide any sources for this. No idea how many actual fans were in attendance. I do remember NOAH while on their European Tour in 2005 giving out official numbers that were at least 2x the actual maximum capacity of the location, for whatever it is worth. I personally think the second show had the higher level in regards to wrestling. I still prefer the first show because of the fact that it felt less supercardy for me. There were wrestlers from other promotions, but there still was the weird old men match to open the show, and a NOAH main event. You also had Scorpio all those funny, whacky gaijins like Modest, Morgan and Richard Slinger.
  13. ReiseReise


    Such a great time to watch Danielson grow. Also, European referee legend Tassilo Jung looking as if he had time-travelled to the future from the German 1980ies.
  14. ReiseReise

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    I'm really happy that I mostly watch Highlights on YouTube. Batista scorching HHH and the reaction from all the Evolution members was amazing. But had I watched the show as a whole, I might never have enjoyed this as much.