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  1. Now, now... at least the pilots had already made the sacrifice.
  2. Definitely, multiple spectacular bouts a day and some interesting developments so far. I sure hope it'll stay that way til the end, the last few Basho tended to fall a little flat at the end.
  3. Mitakeumi and Terunofuji are in the lead after 10 days with 9 wins each. They are already starting to mix up the schedule a bit, it's Mitakeumi vs Shodai later on today. Abi is still in the hunt with an 8-2 score and might get matched with both leaders aswell in the remaining days.
  4. Yeah, Watts switched between DiBias and DiBiase, although it is not as evident as with Doogan/ Duggan.
  5. I don't like the modern plunder street fight matches. I don't think blood/blading hurts matches, but sucky apronside table bumps, kendo sticks and hours of setting up shit just sucks imo.
  6. I think that you do a very good job at trying to differiantiate and try to see all sides here. You are a better person than me for it. Maybe I don't know enough about the political climate in Australia, especially regarding visa and immigration politics. Since I'm a guy on a message board I still have an opinion, though... I thought the major issue behind the revoked visa was that Djokovic (or his agent) either provided false information or outright lied in the documents to obtain a visa, though. Which imo is reason enough to revoke a visa even without the whole anti-vaxx discussion. Also, I won't feel any sympathy for Djokovic. It's an opinion, but with all the stuff surrounding his "medical exemption", I'm 100% sure he and probably the Serbian Ministry for Public Health forged documents in an attempt to get him into the tournament. I'm very sure at least some of those involved feel like this, but nobody will outright say it because it wouldn't be diplomatic to go "We all know your story doesn't add up, Djokovic!" And as a personal note, although far away and never been to Australia: I took many restrictions because of the shitty pandemic. I'm by far not the man who had it worst during this whole thing, but like many people I was and still am OK with putting the needs of everyone before mine. Djokovic even 2020 held his own tournament series and subsequent parties with tennis players from around the world just for the sake of it. Of course a lot of people got infected, Djokovic flew home without testing. Guess who had the fucking virus?! And if you criticized those events, you were instigating a witch hunt, according to the guy. Later on, while people were still dying to the virus, he claimed Serbian people were protected against Covid because of "Lion genes". So yeah, that dude is no victim, he's a lunatic conspiracy theorist and major part of the problems that still arise handling this pandemic. It's his right to be an idiot, but the consequences are also his to bear from my p. o. v.
  7. Very good calls. Sid (Justice) and (Kona) Crush had the same theme aswell, Crush's was a little slower. Edit: Forgot to mention, but Kid/PoP really blows my mind.
  8. I recently heard a Mashup of the Taz- and Roman Reigns-WWE Theme. Now I can't unhear it. Great. Are there other themes which are similar like those?
  9. A few good matches so far. Terunofuji's 23 match winning streak ended today, Tamawashi steamrolled him. It will be interesting to see how he deals with this.
  10. I really like Punk, and I'm interested in Wardlow. But in no way was this anywhere as crisp an Inside Cradle as Bret vs Diesel.
  11. He came back and beat Takakeisho, put up a good fight against Terunofuji. Hope he's alright. Takakeisho went kyujo... Damn...
  12. A friend of mine sent me a few screencaps from a pay walled German newspaper article, I have no idea if those are true... the writers seemingly used a QR Code provided as proof by Djokovic. It was from the Serbian health Institute which led to certificate which said Djokovic's test was negative (which would mean he wasn't immunized). About 90 minutes later, the same certificate showed a positive test result...it's so stupid that it has to be a joke, but I'd still like to bring it up.
  13. Yeah, I was so pre occupied with other stuff, I nearly forgot. Watching live now, after me neighbours started some weird handwork or something. The only thing I was aware off was that Takayasu is out because of Covid within his stable.
  14. Fuck dat Novax DjoCovid guy. Seriously, he has been unlikeable before, but his behavior during this whole pandemic disgusts me.
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