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  1. I love how the German commentators praise this of the triumph of technique over brute force and as a fine bout. Fun and obscure match.
  2. They better be called Shawn NIKEals, or else... (I won't accept "copyright issues" or "different Brand" as a counter-argument!)
  3. That main event was the same as a WWE gimmicky shitfest down to the smallest detail. Even the commentaries fake laughter was there. Some of the spots were funny, but I'm really not sure how to take anything those ten people di seriously anymore, aside maybe from Hager. Although he has probably fallen into some kind of abyss, since he was gone after the buckshot but nobody tried to go for a pin.
  4. This is tragic, may he rest in peace.
  5. Big, elderly Scott Norton tearing up got me. I'm really afraid of next weeks episode, but I really want to see it. Positively shocked to learn about all those wrestlers from Minneapolis, since I pretty much liked all of them.
  6. Okay, everyone calm down. Aleister Black is a higher vampire and will be alright. Rey Mysterio's fall is just a setup for him coming back with his old theme. No need to worry.
  7. Demon was in Dark Carnival aswell and got bullied by Vampiro. Wasn't Sullivan behind the Benoit title switch in January 2000?
  8. I'm not one to backseat moderate, but whoever thinks Shane McMahon should be bought back in any capacity deserves a time out. Okay, I kid. But I never want to see a character like Shane be booked like he was last year again.
  9. Cancellation of Natsu 2020 is official. Nagoya is postponed until further notice. It's the best solution to a messed up Situation, still a little sad about it.
  10. I would 100% buy Dr D to be a bad, bad man I didn't want to mess with, no matter if I was unsure about the business itself. And when the Business got exposed in the early 90ies it tanked pretty hard. Seriously, I don't know anyone who ever thought Wrestling was 100% legit. But the wrestlers in it those I bought at a time. Strictly speaking as tough and crazy guys. I loved this episode and I think the crazy redneck came across way better than Mainsfield and Stossel. And of course it is hypocrisy to treat people differently for almost identical actions. Hogan letting Belzer just drop instead of carefully placing him down is a way more disturbing visual than Stossel getting slapped.
  11. Ligue 1 finished, by point average, PSG declared champions, two teams get relegated. There may be a precedent for BPL if matches can't continue.
  12. Amazing Video by Chris Gould as always!
  13. I'm pretty sure it will be July. No way the kiyokai can justify a "sumo" special treatment now that several Rikishi tested positive for Covid 19. The Banzuke went about the way most expected. If Terunofuji's condition holds up, he is going to wreak havoc on the lower end of the banzuke. I'm really curious to see how Kotoshoho will do, he seemed really promising, not only judging by results but also the matches I've seen from him.
  14. The video is really great. The spells where you simply see Asaahoryu's picture, then Hakuho's because they basically won every tournament is amazing. Really puts into perspective how good Harumafuji was, winning a tournament amidst both guys and going on to win three zensho with Hakuho in his prime being around. Crazy aswell are the 90ies / early 2000s and the simultaneously Takanohana, Akebono and Musashimaru. Musashimaru might be my "I forget how good he was everytime" guys. Similar with the early 80ies and the Chiyonofuji and Kitanoumi rivalry.
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