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  1. Did this turn into anything? Searched for some News, but there was nothing to be found It won't let me quote Pete properly, it was the rumour about Alli not being eligible.
  2. He has seen Kisenosato's troubles, I really don't understand why he doesn't opt for surgery. Maybe his injury isn't as bad as it looked on TV. I can still see him sitting out Natsu, but only time will tell.
  3. First of all, @Cristobal easily won DVDR board 2019 with this thread alone. Second of all I remember a discussion about the Viking wedding a few months back. The sensitivity of the topic for some board members was brought up. Now I'm totally afraid WWE is going to turn this into something very insensitive... I'm 100% terrified they'll talk shit aka "raising against oppression" or "getting rid of their slave names" or something equally horrible.
  4. I was totally out of it once they started that stuff with that vice / tool that I don't know the English word for, sorry. Loved their three match series which culminated in Hell in a Cell, but this one I skipped through as soon as they did the nonsense mentioned above. When I saw the sledgehammer later on and it appeared to have been a part for the match for an extended period of time I was almost at a point where I wanted to stop watching entirely. I really don't think it is the match for me.
  5. I didn't spoil myself all week until I was able to watch it on Friday. As soon as I saw the main show was 5:30 hrs I knew I'd skip loads of this. And I did. First and foremost: I'm a big fan of the entrances. Yes, they are cheesy, but HHH as Conan is one of my alltime favourite moment. This year's "big Entrances" I really didn't enjoy too much, outside of Balor's. As somebody else mentioned, I was also a little weirded out that EVERY champion seemed to enter first. Brock vs Seth was what Brock's matches tend to be, which isn't good. At least he got beat after taking three consecutive finisher's this time. He has done more for Rollins than for Reigns. Loved Beth's Entrance and I was very dissapppointed when it got cut short by the shitty new Hart-theme. Match itself I wasn't into too much, basically skipping through it. Kofi vs Bryan is one of the best matches I've seen during the last years. It had an organic story and mostly genuine seeming involvement from the crowd. Of the course there was the one *clap clap clap* chant (I really dislike those most of the time), but generally everyone wanted the good guy to win, the bad guy to loose and it was DONE RIGHT (which is also a rare feat for WWE these days). Bryan is a great Wrestler. Drew v Roman was worked well, but it fell flat and the finish confused me. I was 100% sure they'd put McIntyre over in defeat at least, but he just lost easily. You bet I skipped HHH vs Batista. Angle went out on his shield. Broken down old vets in their retirement match should get the L. Therefore no problem with the end. I may be the only guy in the world who thinks Corbin has sth going for him, though. (Admittedly haven't seen him reigning over Raw...) I liked the Main Event. As somebody who met "Rebecca" , it is fantastic to not only see "Becky" win both titles at Wrestlemania but also see her doing it in the actual main event. Almost all of this seemed impossible in 2006.
  6. I think that is pretty much it, yeah. I also get all the stuff mixed up. So many bodies, loads of commitees etc. The YDC convenes after every tournament and very often they comment on both top ranks, it is very understandable to assume their influence on both, Yokozuna and Ozeki rankers.
  7. That was actually the kiyokai, the actual Sumo association, from what I understand. The YDC only suggests Yokozuna promotions* from what I understand. *in theory
  8. It is hard to grasp, and I had the same initial reaction. Sumo is however deeply enrooted in tradition an viceversa. To a degree, the YDC is right to point out behaviour they found to be odd, in general their only job is to nominate a new Yokozuna candidate for the kiyokai to confirm. I think the association should have simply told Hakuho that it wasn't ok, slap on the wrist, yadayada...
  9. With the tournament in the books, a major topic of discussion has been Hakuho's extraordinary Yusho Interview. After conducting said Interview, Hakuho acknowledged The special occasion that was the end of the Heisei era and asked the crowd for three claps to signal for the end of Sumo under the reign of the recently abdicated emperor. This in return lead to the Yokozuna Delibaration Council to convene and furthermore to rijikai (council of Sumo elders) to bring in the Yokozuna for questioning. An only recently formed compliance commitee did the same, questioning Hakuho and his Oyakata for 90 minutes about the matter. The compliance commitee will decide on a punishment. It's not the first time he did sth out of line during a championship unterview, in November 2017 he commented on the unfolding Harumafuji scandal and then asked the crowd for three chants of Banzai. Back then he got warned, but received a two month Suspension of payment because he was present during the incident between Harumafuji and Takanoiwa, but didn't step in early enough to prevent it (Kakuryu got a month's Suspension of pay for the same reason). So yeah, there's also Drama between Bashos.
  10. I really don't get Dortmund this season. Or Bayern. German football is quite deep in the shitter. Ah, well... Back to ignoring Bundesliga.
  11. Any Word on Inductors besides Mouth of the south? I was especially curious to see who'd induct DX and Neidhart (I don't think Jimmy Hart will do double duty)... Other than Hart, are they even going to have Inductors this time? Surprisingly hard to come by Information....
  12. Breaking News: Takakeisho promoted, Hakuho zensho winner in last Basho of Heisei era The headline pretty much tells the Story. Takakeisho beat Tochinoshin convincingly today. Ounomatsu Oyakata and Hakkaku Rijicho both confirmed that Takakeisho will be fighting at Ozeki rank in May. Rijicho is the head of the rikkikai, who are the sumo elders deciding about everything in this sport. Happy to hear it, it's deserved. Hakuho meanwhile managed to win the Osaka tournament with a perfect 15-0-record, fending of Ichinojo's (14-1) challenge by overcoming a spirited fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu in an epic bout. This means Hakuho has won at least one Makuuchi Yusho every a year since 2006. The unfortunate News is that he seems to have injured his arm in the process, needing help to receive the gigantic trophies on the dohyo. Sanyaku is hard to call. Of course demoted Tochinoshin will be at the eastern Sekiwake spot in Natsu Basho, Ichinojo will join him on the western side. But then it gets tough to call. Mitakeumi's narrowing of the Makekoshi deficite might be enough to keep him at Komusubi. Aoiyama has a very promotable 12-3 record, but is all the way down at Maegashira #7. Chiotairyu (M #5 East), Okinoumi (M #6 East) and Abi (M #6 West) are all ranked higher than the Bulgarian, but not by much and they all scored bare minimum Kachikoshi. There is also an outside shot of both Komusubi staying at their ranks, Hokutofuji like Mitakeumi finished on 7-8. Hatsu Yusho winner Tamawashi finished at 5-10 and will be out of sanyaku in May.
  13. We are entering senshuraku, Hakuho in the lead with a spotless record and Kakuryu in front of him. Ichinojo at 13-1 may achieve the very rare feat of going 14-1 and not even get a shot at a ketteisen, should he win his bout with Kachikoshi-seeking Daeisho. The latter has a shot at making sanyaku with a winning record. The biggest story on final day is the match between kadoban Ozeki and wannabe-Ozeki Takakeisho. At 7-7 and 9-5 respectively, both need to win their match to make it to their respective goals: Avoiding demotion and achieving promotion. The head to head heavily favours Takakeisho at 5-1, but he had a similiar advantage against Ichinojo today and lost in a blink. Tochinoshin is probably going to put in his all. Maybe even another henka? Lots of potential demotees from Makuuchi. Ikioi, who is clearly a walking hospital, is very likely to get demoted at M9 and 2-12. Toyonoshima (4-10, M#14 west), Yutakayama (3-11, M#16 West) are all but confirmed. The 6-8-gang of Ishiura (M#15 east), Kotoeko (M#15 west) and Daishoho (M#16 East) aswell as Terutsuyoshi (5-9, M14 east) COULD all get demoted with losses on their final day. Chiyoshoma at the very bottom rank of M#17 is 7-7. A loss should also mean demotion for him. The luck of a lot of the potential demotees is the lack of upper rankers in Juryo performing well. Shimanoumi, winner of Hatsu's Juryo basho and No. 1 East of the second division, has secured 12 wins, the tournament victory and a guaranteed spot in Makuuchi in May. I haven't seen too much of him, but back to back Yushos in Juryo is quite strong. Chiyomaru should be back aswell, having a 9-5 score going into the final day from Juryo #1 West. I would say Enho (J#2 West) should be in with his eight wins, if only by virtue of a boatload of demotees. I've been wrong before though. Would love to see that little guy in Makuuchi, but at 1,65 m and roughly 100 kg he'll be dwarved by EVERYONE.
  14. Honestly, I am a little afraid for his promotion. His loss to Goeido was a bad one. Maybe bad enough for the kiyokai to ask for 11 instead of 10 wins. Takakeisho gets Takayasu tomorrow, who does not only win, but look good and is nominally still in the Yusho race. Tochinoshin always has a chance of getting a grip, and that would be all she wrote. I really hope I'm wrong, but I don't like Takakeisho's chances. Neither Mitakeumi's. Dude has to win out to stay in sanyaku, and he'll face Ichinojo tomorrow. There may be lots of shuffling around in lower sanyaku, with an possibly unexpected customer in Daeisho.
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