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  1. Mitakeumi losing Ozeki is a surprise generally, but not when seeing his (probably injury hampered) performances during the last three bashos. Aki being whacky as always, basically Tamawashi's Basho to loose, the man looks like Doomtrain from Final Fantasy 8.
  2. I really hope he sits out. He was always on borrowed time, but I had hoped that it wasn't running out yet. Tamawashi vs Hokutofuji today. I lean towards Tamawashi, but I'm not sure he can win out in this tournament. It's an interesting finishing stretch.
  3. Tobizaru beating Terunofuji by yorikiri is a huge WTF-moment. Mitakeumi seems to be in better condition, beating a very game Ichinojo. A few great bouts already! Shodai v Kiribayama was the best one up until now.
  4. I always tend to think that it's best to think in eras than to think about a single G. O. A. T. Serena certainly had her own era which she dominated. If you want to restrict it to one person, Serena will always be in the discussion.
  5. Nice start with the tournament, Takakeisho the one to fall on Day 1 among the top guys. Shodai actually won which is a huge surprise.
  6. If people believe that, it is their choice. If I want to go the opposite way, this is three EVPs and the second in command of the company getting a dog who would probably defend its owner out of the way in an attempt to get the advantage in the situation, then failing to capitalise. I think Punk is a thin skinned asshole, but very upfront about it. I also think Bucks & Omega are plotting assholes, but goofballs (likeable to some). I think no one is totally in the right or wrong here, the majority of people who follow the thing have made their mind up, though, putting it all on one party. EDIT: Or so it seems. There are probably a lot of grey areas people don't see. I have the same problem regarding Cabana. Don't care if he shares bank accounts with family members, I have been doubting the dudes honesty years before the public fallout between him and Punk. It takes me a way bigger effort to see Punk's bank account comment as a dig or even a cheaoshot for that reason, but it may very well be. To me, the focal point is that the shared bank account is in a greater context of e. g. the diffamation law suit. So yeah, I think we all sit here with a perception of what is true or rather what we want to believe to be true. I really just hope Tony wakes up and re-thinks his leadership-style
  7. Both Kingston and MJF are great at coming across real, they would make this a great memorable feud. The situation itself is crazy and I heard very different versions of how it went down. I'm honestly thinking there is no way in hell two or three guys confronting one guy in his lockerroom after a press conference like that just to talk. Everything else I find impossible to comment on regarding the brawl itself, some versions make it seem like this is all Punk's fault, some make it seem like a very worrying event, seemingly a set up with higher ups involved. One major fallout should be ending the EVP experiment. That was stupid from the get go, no matter who would have been chosen for those roles. I think Punk should (and would) have put MJF over. Just like with Cody, it's really sad for AEW that a programme won't get finished, only this time with even more drama surrounding it.
  8. That one I would never have come even close to predicting had I tried. Lower sanyaku seems almost totally contrary to what I would have thought it would look like. My sympathy to everyone playing Guess the Banzuke.
  9. If he can get a good to great payday from them, I won't blame him. Deep down I also would hope the company has changed a bit, but yeah, he seemed appeased with whatever they had to offer.
  10. Totally with you. If my memory serves me correctly, they went out of their way to downplay the racist stuff after initially "going there", but even if my reaction might have been overly sensitive, it was just badly booked. It felt like I graduated University between the Pedigree and the three count aswell. Something that happened about 13 years later. One of the worst non-fuck-finishes I saw, maybe the worst.
  11. I didn't like NWA-style Champion HHH back then, but a World Champion should beat The Hurricane in a few minutes. Beating Booker T with what felt like three Wrestlemanias passing after a borderline racist programme which only redeeming potential did not get fulfilled is a bigger issue than beating a comedy mid carder in under 5 minutes to me.
  12. Does it always hit like that with Sarray landing on her opponents neck while the opponent is hanging upside down / sliding out of the ring? The way Brookside's neck bends right at the apron with a lot of Sarray's weight on top of her looks really bad. I have seen seated drop kicks looking really vicious before (some way too up close), but this is the first time I found them to look really dangerous. I am glad and relieved to hear that there is no track record of serious injuries.
  13. Wow, I have no dog in this, don't know any of the two. But that's some reckless shit to do...
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