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  1. That and he has wrestled in Continental Europe, UK, Japan and the US regularly. Lots of Styles which differed for a quite some time, maybe up until the last few years.
  2. I thought Cross turned her head away from the ref and Asuka pulled Cross' hair over here face, so I think it was done in the best way possible. I really thought the Tornado Tag was the best match on the show. I wasn't too high on Becky vs Sasha (and I'm a huge Becky Fan), but it was pretty much what people praise in modern wrestling so I can see what people liked about it. Edit: The main Event is amazing. It killed multiple finishes, two characters, a few thousand eyesights and an entire crowd.
  3. An exciting Basho is followed by shitty news: Takakeisho has injured a pectoral muscle in his Playoff bout against Mitakeumi. He is very likely to sit out Kyushu Basho in November. It's supposedly not as bad as Kisenosato's injury, but it still really sucks. Hopefully he can recover and can compete in January.
  4. The first Aki Basho of the Reiwa era is in the books. It's winner was a young Sekiwake, getting a second Yusho in his career. Mitakeumi, in the process, overcame Takakeisho in a needed Playoff, after both men finished on a 12-3 record. Mitakeumi will be on an Ozeki run by default, but he will need consistant double digit numbers to convince those in charge. Takakeisho finished in second place of an exciting tournament that saw no Yokozuna making it into the second week. He might take a little consolation in having secured a return to Ozeki. Tochinoshin finds himself in the same situation Takakeisho was in this Basho, after a disheartening 6-9 score he will be a Sekiwake, needing 10 wins for an immediate return to Ozeki. He is no stranger to this, managing this exact result in July. Tochinoshin's demotion will probably prevent a lot of movement among the well performing Komusubi Abi and Endo, which in return will prevent a possible Komusubi promotion among the well performing Maegashira, first and foremost Hokotufuji, who beat Hakuho at the Start, dropped six Matches in a row only to win 8 to Finish at 9-6. He will very likely stay at Maegashira #1 East. Not the first time he has bad Banzuke-luck either. On a positive note: Both Enho and Ishiura secured Kachikoshi, Enho even went 9-6 in the process. Both will assist Hakuho in his November Ring entrance, which is really cool.
  5. I totally agree. I kind of hope for this to be a signal for other rikishi and maybe even the kiyokai that soldiering on is not always the solution. Maybe it's time to rethink about a protective ranking kind of deal.
  6. Takakeisho, quite easily and with 3 Matches in hand, reclaimed Ozeki today securing win numbers 10 against Myogiryu. At 10-2 and with Meisei falling to Okinoumi, he now leads the field in the Yusho race. There are numerous Rikishi only one of the pace, though. Current Pursuers with a 9-3 score: Mitakeumi, Meisei, Okinoumi, Tsurugoshi (very impressive in his Makuuchi debut), Takarafuji (who silently crept into the picture denying Enho his Kachikoshi today) Asanoyama sitting at 8-4 pretty much dropped out of the group with back to back losses. There is still a mathematical possibility that 4 losses will suffice to stay in the Yusho race on day 15, it happened exactly two years ago when Goeido blew a three-match lead to loose the Yusho to Harumafuji due to losses in regulation and the ensuing Playoff. Tense final three days. Goeido got his winning record in a good match against Ryuden. This means he saves his Ozeki rank once more. Tochinoshin on the other hand has no margin for error and needs to win out to keep Ozeki. He doesn't seem to be in the condition to do so, though.
  7. The Drama of both those guys trying hard and struggling is so intense. So is the Yusho race. Whacky Aki. Tomorrow it'll be Takakeisho vs Tochinoshin. Good to see Enho back to winning ways.
  8. Eight days gone. Hakuho and Kakuryu are out. The unexpected leader is Okinoumi, who is 8-0, followed by Meisei at 7-1. In third there are six Rikishi at 6-2: Mitakeumi, Takakeisho, Endo, Asanoyama, Tsurugoshi and Ishiura. The basho is wide open. Tochinoshin is clawing and scratching, but at 3-5 he is in deep trouble. Resident board favourite Enho is at 5-3, putting on some impressive escapes. Quite a few others are 5-3 aswell, among them Goeido, Abi and Tomokaze, who is at a career high & still never suffered a Makekoshi.
  9. Two days are already in the books, and we are off to an interesting start to the whole affair. Promising to some, worrying / disappointing to others. Promising includes three of this year's Yusho winners: Tamawashi, Asanoyama and Kakuryu collected wins, and really convincing ones at that. Kakuryu looks very cool and collected. Also 2-0 are Aki expert Goeido and the returning Takakeisho. I still think the little Bowling ball faces an uphill climb, but maybe he can get into the groove. Disappointing is Hakuho, who dropped his opening match against Hokotufuji (VERY decisive win), then dropped out of Aki with an injury on his right pinky finger. Too bad! Good thing about it: Abi collected a free win. Worrying: One of our favourites, Tochinoshin is back to the wall once again. 0-2 start against low-rankers and he can't seem to be able to generate any of the power so crucial for his Sumo. Long 15 days, if he even makes it that far.
  10. Apparently, Takayasu is kyujo for Aki. He injured his arm in Nagoya, but managed to record 8-2 before he dropped out. Damned shame, but a wise decision. Another big name kyujo is Yoshikaze. Second kyujo in a row for the former Sekiwake, and with him ranked Juryo 7, this is a sure-fire demotion to Makushita (out of the salaried ranks). I'm convinced this will lead to another intai. Kisenosato, Takekaze, Aminishiki... quite a lot of the old guard seems to be crumbling away.
  11. Sorry to hear about the torn ACL. Tochinoshin seems to be at a very crucial point and his style, spectacular as it is, doesn't do his broken down body any favours. At his Age, he is not likely to take another extended break from Sumo. Hakuho apparently got granted Japanese citizenship yesterday. This is an important move for him to stay in Sumo after his retirement from competition. It will be interesting to see if he'll enjoy the politics involved, especially with him planning on keeping the Hakuho name alive as an official and stablemaster while starting at the bottom of the hierarchy after being on top for so long. Takanohana had huge trouble adapting, if anyone remembers.
  12. Hokutofuji has had some really bad luck regarding shots at sanyaku. He will get his chances though. He is still young, but carries himself like he belongs. I just read up on the YDC soken, which is an open training session of the Yokozuna Delibaration Council. Apparently Goeido was having a lot of Training bouts. Takayasu and Tochinoshin were merely present. Takakeisho went for 5 bouts in total, looking good regarding the injury, albeit not in good form. Goeido was in twelve bouts, I have a feeling we won't see Takayasu. He didn't do any practice bouts up until now and he has the luxuary of lacking the kadoban burden. Fair enough if he sits out, although I would have loved for him to finally get that Yusho. Tochinoshin and Goeido will try to get eight. I didn't hear anything about Goeido outside of the fact that he went for 12 Matches at the soken. Tochinoshin seems out of shape, his knee apparently doesn't heal. It's going to be really tough watching him go 0-5 and then drop out. Poor guy. The Yokozuna seem okay, which means both Kakuryu and Hakuho have to be considered heavy favourites. Maybe somebody we don't expect to do well can add some flavour to the mix. We had the surprising Yusho of Tamawashi and Asanoyama this year. Maybe it's time for another one of those? Would be cool to see Mitakeumi step up, but he just seemed unable to get some consitancy going. Well, not the right wording, since he is at Sekiwake & Komusubi for a long time, but his Sumo isn't quite Ozeki - level on a regular base.
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