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    No, he was actually working as a babyface. Walking out with Fujinami's old Macho Dragon theme. Kendo Kashin I mean, not Bradshaw.
  2. ReiseReise


    He seemed to be considered a bad pro wrestler (and I'll have to admit I thought along those lines). But having seen him ages ago in Hannover I can say dude knows wrestling. He is not necessarilly what is widely regarded as strong style, but he damned sure knew how to get the crowds (Krauts) going.
  3. ReiseReise


    I've been a part of the "defend it awkwardly" - camp. I was also aware of the show-aspect of it, but always pointed out how athletic these people were and how everything was great entertainment. I started to become a true fan right around King Mabel's big Moment in the sun, so yeah...it was an uphill struggle. I had seen wrestling before, late Hulk Hogan years and such, but my parents prohibited me from watching for as long as they could. I'd start to talk really fast and my ears turned Red whenever the talk turned to my hobby. I remember one particularly weird dialogue with an uncle I really only ever saw on Christmas Day, who knew I was a fan and who had seen Bret Hart inside cradling Diesel for the World Title at Survivor Series recently (the shows came with three to Four week delays over here back then. And he even managed to ruin it for me in hindsight: I perceived Bret winning as an against all odds thing and was a huge fan of his. I had seen his title win at WM X on tape, but this was "my" title win. And when he started talking about the match he'd seen, my cousin joined the conversation asking who had won. My uncle didn't even pause, he went: "Bret Hart, of course!!!" I felt shocked and tried to argue against this. Diesel had been champion for a year, was taller and heavier and even knowing it was a predetermined outcome I believed Bret only had minor chance to win his belt back. In my mind, at 12 years old, my suspension of disbelief was poisoned that day and died a slow death. It took a while until I got to read spoilers and such online, but that instance really made me feel gutted.
  4. ReiseReise


    I have narrowed it down to somewhere between June 13th and Halloween Havoc 99. He came in as bodyguard to Macho at the GAB that year. I really have no idea when he started powerbombing undercarders during their matches with his own ref holding up signs saying 84-0 and such though... Edit: Also, was Sid v Goldberg really good or do I just wish for it to have been good?
  5. ReiseReise


    Oh, knowledgeable folks of DVDR... I have a question for you. I recently watched lots of Sid Vicious / Justice videos. When precisely did the whole Millenium Man Deal go down? I remember it to be one of the best things in an otherwise not too good WCW. But when did it start?
  6. ReiseReise

    PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU! - Raw - 1/28/2019

    I think they would be dumb not to use the Rumble win and a title switch to Rollins one on one over Lesnar in sth that is at least billed as one of the headliners. Despite a regular push, they took ages finally putting Reigns over Lesnar, feeding everyone else with momentum quite unceremoniously to Brock in the process. They seem to have faith in Seth, the fans seem into him aswell. They should pull the trigger on the guy, if they ever want to make their roster look like they are worth the fans' money. Edit: And I want to stress that they should totally go with Rousey v Lynch as true main event.
  7. There really only are three (or more) Sekiwake in one particular scenario: When two Sekiwake exist while one (or more) Ozeki get/s demoted. It happened twice in 2017 for instances, when both Kotoshogiku and Terunofuji got demoted. The interesting part about it was that Takayasu got promoted after an 11-4 from Komusubi while Kotoshogiku got his relegation. Maybe it had something to do with Kotoshogiku getting a shot at winning back Ozeki with ten wins. When Terunofuji got demoted, the situation was different, with both Mitakeumi and Yoshikaze defending their Sekiwake ranks while Terunofuji had earned consecutive Makekoshi and thereby lost Ozekihood. Since Takakeisho didn't get Ozeki and Mitakeumi "only just" scored eight wins, no hands are forced to open up a sanyaku imbalance (two Komusubi, two Sekiwake is the norm). Mitakeumi will be "promoted" to the east, though. Regarding Takakeisho, I can see where they are coming from, but I was still a little gutted. It would have been very interesting to have a young Ozeki for the first time in a while. I was impressed by him nontheless, and impressed I mean by his last three tournaments even. He gave the upper rankers some real trouble in September last year, and after his Yusho had another strong showing. I hope he keeps it up. Goeido is a strange cat, maybe even infuriating and frustrating I admit. I think what he has over anyone (but Hakuho) among the Ozeki and Yokozuna is his tenacity. I admire that, but tenacity in sumo to me is not as fun to watch as strength (Tochinoshin), ferocity (Takayasu) and especially technique (Hakuho, Kakuryu). @Brian Fowler I like the idea of a Sumo thread and I would gladly participate. It should be noted though that there would be six to eight week periods with down times between bashos, with little news and such. We seem to have quite a few people with interest & Investment in the sport.
  8. ReiseReise

    PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU! - Raw - 1/28/2019

    I will never get this. There is always the "pass out" from a submission hold. It is such an easy finish. Four (five if you count Natalya) of the featured women use submission moves as a finish. A stoppage or pass out, especially if the move is "upgraded" makes so much more sense. It doesn't have to be every time like with Scott Steiner's "Recliner", but on occasion it would help.
  9. The conclusion of the Hatsu Basho 2019 saw the 4th (!) debutant to win a top division Yusho in a row at that particular tournament. January seems to be a good month for surprises in the sumo world. Tamawashi made it clear that he didn't want to risk a Playoff, straight up beating Endo and improving his record to 13-2. Since his lone rival for the tournament victory Takakeisho sat at 11-3, it was clear that the Mongolian Sekiwake had won his first top division title at 34 years of Age. Double congratulations are in order, since this glorious victory conincides with the fact that Tamawashi's wife gave birth to a Baby boy today. With the main question of the basho answered, Takakeisho looked without focus for the first time in a while and fell to Goeido's Ozeki pride in a very short encounter. According to Sumo elder Ounomatsu Oyakata the heads of the Sumo World will wait out Takakeisho's performance in Osaka's Haru Basho (talking place in Match) before giving him consideration in regards to an Ozeki-promotion. Too bad for the little canonball... Goeido and Takayasu, the two competing Ozeki, were able to finish with 9-6 records after horrible (Goeido) and bad (Takayasu) starts. Hokutofuji seems to finally be in line for a hard earned Komusubi promotion. He had some bad luck near the top, but this time there is no way he gets passed over for a sanyaku debute.
  10. Enho is one exciting up and Comer, despite his huge size difference to the majority of other rikishi, he manages to make bouts very interesting with a variety of techniques. He is Hakuho's pupil after all. Speaking of the GOAT, Hakuho has now withdrawn from Hatsu 2019. Have yet to find out which injury is cited for this, but he had a worrying loss of form in the last three days. Hakuho will finish the basho with a 10-4-1 score, one of the losses coming by forfeit. This also means that Goeido, after an abysmal 0-4 start, picks up a Kachikoshi in the easiest way possible.
  11. Hatsu Basho, here we go. Up until day 11 it looked as if this could turn into yet another zensho for Hakuho. As I told you, he lost to an injured Mitakeumi. What followed might surprise all of you, because arguably the greatest rikishi of all time lost for the first time ever to Tamawashi AND Takakeisho. He stands at 10-3 now, and while a Yusho is still possible, he needs 11-2 Tamawashi to slip up within the remaining days for some catchup. Tied with Hakuho is Ozeki hopeful Takakeisho, who at the very least has extended his run, another win would surely bring him Ozeki, beating Hakuho coupled with another strong tournament might already be enough for him. There is no "hard" requirements, only general guidelines. Kisenosato and Goeido both got promoted with 32 wins, e. g. Returning Mitakeumi won 8 out of 9 he actually fought, but forfeited one and sat out three bouts. Truly makes you wonder what could have been. The two remaining Ozeki scratched and clawed their way towards two 7-6 scores when Goeido beat Takayasu today. Tomorrow Takayasu faces of with the still injured Mitakeumi, Goeido gets the reeling Hakuho. Takayasu v Hakuho and Goeido v Takakeisho will be the very likely pairings for the final day for the flu/injury-ridden Ozeki. Tomorrow could already decide the Yusho: Tamawashi (S, 11-2) v Aoiyama (M#5, 7-6) Head to Head: 4-5 Hakuho (Y, 10-3) v Goeido (O, 7-6) Head to Head: 37-6 Takakeisho (S, 10-3) v Okinoumi (M#4, 6-7) Head to Head: 2-1 Very excited!
  12. ReiseReise


    I'd take a one on one victory for whoever wins the belt off Rousey. Simply because I think a first defeat of someone portrayed and perceived as a big star (and special attraction) should be done in a way that creates the new star. It's a chance to show how WWE's women you see on TV every week can compete one on one with a supreme athlete and superstar. Of course a three way dance would be entertaining and a good match. But I think this is a rare chance of creating the next big thing on the biggest stage. My biggest fear of adding both, Lynch and Flair, would actually be it leading to one beating the other instead of one beating Ronda Rousey. Or Rousey's defeat / being pushed to any kind of limit explained away by the odd /special circumstances. Or even worse, Ronda coming out on top holding onto a peerless status up until everyone's fed up and the eventual win over here not meaning that much. If Rousey gets a Brock Deal, it would be cool for someone to get a decisive win before the whole thing gets reignsed to Death. And yeah, I'd personally prefer Becky Lynch getting the nod over Charlotte Flair. I still think the decisive one-on-one win is the path they should take, no matter with whom they go, though. The moment is going to be WrestleMania. But maybe WWE will surprise me and be able to elevate both Flair & Lynch in one fell swoop.
  13. Hakuho has looked good, but he seemed distracted (?) today and lost to a one-legged Mitakeumi. Mitakeumi forfeited one and sat out three Matches, a win over the Yokozuna puts him at 6 wins. Hakuho is the sole leader with a 10-1 score. Fellow Mongolian Tamawashi is in hot pursuit with a 9-2 score, and both leaders will face each other on Day 12. Tamawashi is 0 for 13 against the Dai-Yokozuna though. If he aims for a Yusho, he has to Pull out all the stops. The remaining Ozeki Takayasu and Goeido seem to rally somewhat, especially Takayasu who scored two convincing victories over a game Takakeisho and an on-form Okinoumi. He needs to go 2-2 to avoid kadoban in March. Goeido has to win three of his remaining four matches which could mean beating at least two out of the trio of Takakeisho, Takayasu and Hakuho. Quite the task... Takakeisho won a very spirited oshi-match with Hokutofuji today. He collected losses, but bounced back in a strong fashion and it is still possible for him to get into consideration for Ozeki or at least keep his run alive. 33 wins near the top of the banzuke over the span of three tournaments is generally considered enough for a promotion. Takakeisho has collected 30 so far, could be a candidate with three more wins.
  14. Halfway point reached in the basho and Hakuho seems in charge with 8-0. There are a few lower rankers with great 7-1 scores. Kaisei, Chiyonokuni and Makuuchi debutant Yago to name them. Kakuryu and Tochinoshin with drew among the top rankers. This will mean Kakuryu being back on the chopping block, and Tochinoshin being kadoban for the second time in his first five basho as Ozeki. Takayasu and Goeido both had subpar outings so far, both battling for Kachikoshi. Mitakeumi, after a 5-0 start, got injured while picking up his first loss. Apparently, a minor ligament tear, might return later in the basho (which I hope he doesn't, he should recover properly).
  15. Today was unbelieveable. With everyone else on the tawara, Hokutofuji would have taken that W. It could very well turn the same way as Aki 18, where Hakuho looked very shaky early on, yet collected a Zensho in the end. I have severe dislike for Aoiyama and his Sumo, but I really don't think that was a hairpull against Onosho. Mitakeumi won against Takakeisho and looked very convincingly in doing so. I sure hope second week fatigue won't catch up to him. Takayasu might be over his flu, as he looked his usual powerful self for the first time this basho.