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  1. This actually might be a winner. Good point.
  2. I agree that the only way for this dumb tournament to gain any sort of momentum was for England to win it. English sports Media are the ones to generate trends and influence opinions the most regarding this sport. That being said, not even the yellow press would have gone as far as putting the World Cup on par with this. I really think it is dumb that everyone has to play qualifiers anyway. The only argument pro Nation's League - to me at least - with some merit was the idea to shorten the blown up qualifiers. Now every nation plays them anyway, only to check in the end if they might make it through divisional shortcuts. So basically everyone plays more games? Or at least as many? I'm totally at loss what exactly the idea behind all this is supposed to be.
  3. I literally sent an eight minute voice message to a friend explaining why NOT doing it that way is proof how far away from Wrestling WWE has gotten. Hell, you can even have the heel getting dqed by using a foreign object, knocking out the babyface and have the "Manager" Shane straight up PIN the out-Cold babyface if you don't want to pull the trigger yet.
  4. I know Taker vs Goldberg was "You're not getting booked" levels of bad. But the way Shane McMahon is portrayed nowadays has me screaming at my TV. He is a wrestler wrestling actual "workrate Matches", he's having back and forth matches with 2,99 kickouts and shit like that. Did this start with the programme vs Kane and is only now apparent because he is a regular? It fucking sucks.
  5. It's been on and off for me for a long time. Started with WWF in the very early 90ies, but couldn't watch regularly because of bad scheduling for elementary school kids and my parents not wanting me to watch. There were extended periods where WWF/E wasn't on German TV, but I really consciously stopped watching in a gradual progress. And one point, Wrestling didn't feel like Wrestling. Of course, there were also real life getting in the way, Jobs, me going to college (at a later than usual point in life), relationships. But overall, Wrestling grew apart from what I considered to be Wrestling. Everyone but few exceptions seems to be "happy to be there" and it's truly hard to consider matches and storylines meaningful. I still like watching some old stuff or some documentaries about old stuff, but yeah... even if new Wrestling is athletically impressive a lot of the time, I really don't get into it most of the time. And when WWE tries to put emphasize on dramatic moments, you get shit like badly acted movie dialogues like in HHH vs Taker Hell in a Cell...
  6. Really happy for Klopp. I just really like that guy and I think it would have sucked for him not to win silverware this season. Congratulations to Liverpool FC!
  7. I think the weather was okay during the South African World Cup, it might really depend on how far down South in Africa you go. Northern hemisphere summer is southern hemisphere winter, right?
  8. Thanks @DangerMark, I'm always disastrous at getting dead Body right and I think you did a good job at setting stuff straight. Much appreciated! Donald Trump paid his visit today, watching three bouts and handling out an impressive new trophy called President Cup. The president did a good job on Asanoyama's name pronounciation and showed good and respectful demeanor. Asanoyama could not celebrate the Yusho with a 13th win. He won't be too sad with this in light of the tournament result. His performance is very likely to earn him a career high Komusubi rank, which means he will face the top dogs in Nagoya. Mitakeumi, who was too much for the tournament winner today, will be a Sekiwake in July after a 9-6 score, so both will meet again. Enho sadly couldn't secure Kachikoshi. Hampered by an injury during the last three days he was unable to turn another galant effort into the much needed W. Grumpiest man alive Shohozan was too much for him in the end, getting his own much needed eight victory. The results are quite likely to give us Tamawashi as the second Sekiwake and Abi as a Komusubi (which I like a lot!). Tochinoshin already got his needed tenth win for his Re-promotion yesterday, he will join the other three Ozeki, with the unfortunate Takakeisho being the only one having to battle kadoban. Tokushoryu, Ishiura and Chiyoshoma are the clear choices to be relegated. Kaisei should be too high up the charts, but will definetly experience a bad drop. From the Juryo division, I expect Takagenji, Toyonoshima and Kotoyuki to make it up into Makuuchi.
  9. Asanoyama won his hard fought match against Goeido! Today also saw Tochinoshin beating Kakuryu via henka, the Georgian regains ozekihood. Asanoyama wins his first Yusho and will get the trophy tomorrow. Enho will very likely Makekoshi now, with a last shot tomorrow, but also an injury and a loss of form. Sad!
  10. Naw, I'm gonna keep it. And Toch is going to be 400 pounds of fury tomorrow. Kakuryu won't even know what hit him. I don't care for Trump, unless ge flies me to Tokyo, gives me a nice chunk of his money and his seat. I'm no American, though, and it's kind of nice he will visit the basho as a foreign head of state.
  11. Uuuuffff... Tochinoshin got robbed today. He should have gotten win number ten and with that back to Ozeki. Everyone knew, even his opponent, man in the lead Asanoyama. Everyone but the judges. There is no way this call should have gone like that. Takayasu remembered how good he usually is and manhandled Kakuryu in a way I didn't think was possible. This means Asanoyama (11-2) will stay in contention until the final day at least. Kakuryu is in second with a 10-3 score, followed by Goeido, Tochinoshin, Tamawashi and Meisei (all 9-4). Goeido meets Asanoyama with a shot at pushing the door white open, Tochinoshin can break said door of the hinges if he defeats Kakuryu tomorrow. This outcome would put at least three rikishi at 10-4 while keeping Asanoyama at 11-3. Enho could have gotten hurt. I really hope it didn't happen, but looked like a harmstring injury. Poor guy also could have gotten a dead-Body-rule call or at least a redo...
  12. ALMOST everyone. Asanoyama the sole leader with 10-1. Defininetly the Underdog, but he just might be able to dodge the high rankers. Might get junior sanyaku opponents during the final days. Takayasu worries me. He looks to have lost a step or five lately. Both Tochinoshin and Kakuryu got overwhelmed. Tochinoshin looked very tense with the carrot of a tenth win dangling in front of him.
  13. To be fair, Aoiyama has looked one legged a lot of the time aswell. Still not convinced it's a good move by Takakeisho. We will see if he can do anything. It looks like a two horses race, with both Kakuryu and Tochinoshin flawless after seven days. Tochinoshin really wants that Ozeki rank back. Enho lost today in a spetacular Battle of tiny dudes against Terutsuyoshi. This is remarkable since it's his second loss against a relatively small opponent, while he beat the dudes virtually twice his size. Mitakeumi is looking strong so far. He really likes sanyaku. Ichinojo looks a little hopeless right now. He has rallied in second weeks in the past, but the loss of form is somewhat staggering. EDIT: As of day 8, Ichinojo has announced his withdrawal from the basho, citing an arm-injury. This means that two free sanyaku ranks are very likely, since it will cause Ichinojo to drop back into Maegashira ranks. Kaisei also dropped out, arm-injury aswell. If he doesn't reappear during the tournament, he will drop to 3-12, which means a ranking very far down the banzuke in the next tournament.
  14. The day @The Magnificent 7 chances his username or avatar is the day I will quite the board I swear. Bundesliga, for the first time in ten years, has a final matchday scenario were the team in the lead (Bayern, 75 points) can loose the championship to second-place (Dortmund, 73). It will also be only the second time since 2011 that the Champion will have under 80 points. While 80 in a 34-game-season may not sound too much in light of the last couple of EPL seasons, it was first 2011/12 since the inauragal 1995/96 season that a champion collected 80 or above. It has since become championship norm, but I'd argue that it's mostly due to Bayern's dominance. Anyway, for today, Dortmund needs a win in Moenchengladbach and for Bayern to loose at home to Eintracht Frankfurt, since their GD is much worse. Both Gladbach and Frankfurt have a shot at grabbing the last Champions League spot, Frankfurt needs a win to make 100% sure they will stay in Europe though. This makes this all extra-spicy. It will probably be another Bayern championship, but the general concept of not everything being decided a few weeks ago is a good thing. I really hope it is not just a one - off season...
  15. Takakeisho's injury is indeed tragic. I really hope taking time off will help him getting healthy and be back to his usual self. Not even going to lie, Takayasu is a huge disappointment this Basho. He looks like his head is not into it. Tochinoshin looks fantastic. He still has to face the Ozekis and the Yokozuna, but atm this should mean almost guaranteed 2 out of 3 with only Kakuryu looking convincing. And just because... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3L-30GRF_8E
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