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  1. Everybody knows it was over 93 000, but roughly 15 000 were swallowed by the void created when Hogan slammed 60,000 lbs André. Hogan then danced with John Belushi.
  2. I remember some board member telling how his Grandpa said wrestling was not real, but he actually meant the matches were computer-generated. I got told right away that wrestling was "show" by my parents, in a futile attempt to get me away from that "monkey business"... meanwhile a friend told me that the Undertaker had legitimately killed Kerry von Erich. There was a weird delay (maybe it was a classic?) and he had seen the angle where Taker put Kerry in a bodybag shortly before the German announcers talked about Kerry being dead. The German shows were a little weird, I saw an episode where it was all WWF TV while NWA/WCW Champions and wrestlers were listed in some sort of Interpromotional rankings.
  3. I respectfully disagree. Both versions are equally intimidating, but each in their own way. WALTER has the look of someone who steamrolls opponents and overpowers them, GUNTHER seems like a guy who can wear you out and sadistically pick you apart. He carries himself in a way that makes me worried for his opponents. Also, people need to go back and watch that Survivor Series Match Walter was on a few years back. He was facing Drew McIntyre and both looked the same height, but Drew looked physically more impressive. I'm a huge Walter fan and considering among at least the top 3 wrestlers in the world at the moment on any given day and my personal best in the world on most days. But Walter won't be towering over the star guys in WWE, who are all also around 6'3'' or 6'4''. Being in shape might just prevent him from being the New Year's Baby, a dancing bafoon or both. Plus it looks not enhanced in a worrying way, making me think it is possibly better for his health than his earlier look.
  4. I have not seen too much of the Pre Hogan era stuff. I think there is lots of memorable good stuff during Hogan's first reign, which is a four-year-period within that seven year era. Thinking it through, this is probably the best ratio. It's probably my favourite era where almost every featured guy felt like a star. 1997 is my favourite WWF year ever, 1994 has a good main event run for Bret between Wrestlemania and Survivor Series. 1993, 1995 and 1996 are mostly terrible overall years, despite the occasional good or even great stuff. 2000 and 2001 until Wrestlemania had many good PPVs, but I really never liked the overall direction of the WWF. Yet those were mostly exciting times with probably WWF's biggest draws on top with Rock and Austin. 2002 to 2007 was mostly dull to me and a downer after the excitement, although it often had. My memory says that the wrestling was more solid during that time than during most of the Attitude era, but again...I could never really get behind the direction the company was headed in.
  5. Thanks, I was about to rant how Dave should use some filter or background Video-Chat-Apps have, but then I was afraid he'd use something custom made.
  6. Was this actual footage or is it an - admittedly funny - Photoshop? I can't believe this is real, even for Dave this is an incredible miss.
  7. I get your point, but with the amount of people they had on their roster they may end up paying 1.05 $ dollars worth of royalties per dollar they make without the blurrjobs.
  8. This some GoT-level shit, and Nick Kahn seems to be amazing at it. Guess Steph had enough time with the family. Is Vince on Smackdown going to be him reminding the people how he heroically fought terrorism when he had a Smackdown show after 9/11?
  9. WWE is petty af, but this might be an actual legal issue, who knows.
  10. One could say that probably, but the stuff I meant shouldn't be a political issue in the 21st century, I'd say.
  11. Wouldn't be the only (or most important) thing they are wrong about right now.
  12. Nations League still sucks balls. And I say that after Germany beat Italy 5-2 in what's considered a competition...
  13. So... Devon Allen is a pretty decent hurdles runner...
  14. I actually thought it was the match plus all the other last matches (Michaels, TNA) until @Stefanie the Humanclarified.
  15. I'm European, never use that zero. Thank you for your explanation. I was honestly brutally confused by that.
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