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    I think both are catering to their respective audience. Cody to those who are annoying, entitled crowds since those are enabling careers outside of WWE these days. Dustin to WWE Management because it enables careers inside WWE. Both make points about audiences and their treatment respectively which are good. Imo, WWE these days almost always shows a huge disconnect to their fanbase, but wrestlers in general seem to have lost the ability to generate real emotions or "manipulate" crowds in general. Crowds don't get worked the way they used to, but there seem to be lots of fans who try to be too cool for "wrasslin". If I bring a beachball to a Show, there is a decent chance I don't give a f*** about certain aspects of it. I wouldn't say those guys aren't wrestling fans by default, though. They subtract from the presentation in my opinion, and I really don't get their motivations a lot of the time.
  2. ReiseReise

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    I'm pretty positive they asked for "The announced with the Cowboy hat and the announcer with the crowd" anyway...
  3. I would argue there have been numerous great bouts, Takakeisho vs Mitakeumi surely among them. I'm prefer Belt Sumo a little bit over pushing/thrusting, and I'd tend to say Kisenosato vs Tochinoshin was my favourite match so far. The fact that the big guys put in extra shifts makes this basho special. Tomorrow will be a huge day for Sumo. Mitakeumi v Kakuryu, Kisenosato (at 7-2, looking for Kachikoshi) v Endo and Hakuho against struggling Sekiwake Ichinojo. The two Ozeki Goeido and Takayasu face each other aswell, both having a 8-1 score. Both Mongolian Yokozuna are with a spotless 9-0 record at the moment. Mitakeumi experienced a few setbacks over the last four days. He was surprised by - admittedly very strong - Ozeki Goeido and lost for the first time in his career to then 0-7 Ikioi. A great but losing effort against Hakuho followed today and at 6-3 Mitakeumi can only afford one more loss while still having to face two Yokozuna and the strong Ozeki Takayasu. He will probably scale back on his own expectations a little and really focus on getting eight wins+. Who ever wins between Goeido and Takayasu will remain in the Yusho race. Both have shown strength and technique and both seem able to upset the perfect Grand Champions in their Direct match ups. Over the last few tourneys, no Ozeki stayed firmly in the Yusho race, let alone two of them. Takayasu scored two runner up performances in Januar and March, but was never really in the mix due to dropping matches very early. He was also heavily rumoured to be badly injured before this basho. Goeido seemed to be mainly struggling to keep his rank, also occasiionally hampered by injuries. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Tochinoshin seems injured. The Georgian really needs to win and he needs to start with this NOW. He needs three Ws out of his last six. Tochinoshin will have to face Hakuho, Kakuryu and Takayasu, all of which seem unbeatable for him atm. Tomorrow he will battle Kaisei, the big and heavy Brazilian who showed tremendous tenacity and still has a decent enough shot at capturing a sanyaku rank. After Tochinoshin, he will only fight lower opposition. He needs four wins in six matches.
  4. ReiseReise


    I could pull an Angle ("The French don't count."), but I seriously have no idea why I was blanking on Andrè ending Hogan's Monster reign. I remember a pretty good Argument as to why Andrè never needed the NWA title by Jim Cornette, maybe that's why.
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    Naw, I wasn't. I simply forgot that Bruno was an immigrant. His spirit will powerslam me into Nirvana, probably. But the be first European born World Champion of WWF-days part could still be right.
  6. ReiseReise


    I feel so weird for immediately remembering the fact that Kane was actually born in Spain. And probably the first European-born WWF World Champion.
  7. ReiseReise


    Maybe WWE's logic is that if Bayley is actually half-Spanish, she isn't a Hispanic, but but a half Spaniard or something.
  8. ReiseReise


    Sorry for being dumb, but I had to Google Wendy Barlow... She is 58??? She looks half that age.
  9. ReiseReise


    Is Flair marrying again? And Hayes suit... I have no words.
  10. So, the Aki Basho is five days in, situation is as follows: 5-0 Kakuryu, Hakuho, Kisenosato, Takayasu, Mitakeumi, Hokotufuji, Yoshikaze The top guys seem very strong this basho, all three Yokozuna and Ozeki Takayasu having spotless records after the first third. Mitakeumi shows that he is on his Ozeki run for a reason, beating three underneath guys (one of them sanyaku mainstay Tamawashi), Co-ranker Ichinojo and Ozeki Tochinoshin. Maybe even more importantly, he is beating everyone with really good and calmly executed Sumo. So far, Kakuryu and Hakuho look convincing. Wide array of well executed techniques, deserving wins against opposition that looked game. Hakuho had a big scare against Takakeisho today, but regained balance and was able to use the eager young Komusubi's momentum against him. Kisenosato, the third Yokozuna, might not (ever) be back to his former self. He definetly looks to be in competitive shape and is going all out on the dojo, scoring emphatic wins and electrifying the crowd. I will point to especially his encounters for the days 2, 3 and 4, great dramatic matches. Takayasu is the second big surprise among the top guys, barely having trained because of severe back pains. After two somewhat shaky wins his sumo improved over the last few days, looking like the guy he is when healthy. In the lower ranks, Hokotufuji set his top division tournament starting record when going 3-0 and has been improving it since then. Having been in the upper Maegashira ranks before and dropping out of these mostly due to injury in early 2018, he seems back to form and underranked at Maegashira #9. Same can be said for Yoshikaze, who went 2-13 in July, barely avoiding a drop to Juryo (second division) with two wins after being 0-13 already. One of the pace - 4-1 Goeido, Asanoyama, Sadanoumi, Ryuden Despite an opening day loss to Kaisei, Goeido seems to have really taking a liking to Aki. He looks powerful and well balanced so far. Asanoyama is at his career highest and therefore has to be applauded for his performance so far. His main goal has to be scoring four more w's for kachikoshi. Sadanoumi and Ryuden are quietly building nice records, especially Ryuden looking very solid (I probably jinxed him now). Other noteworthy developments Tochinoshin is clearly not at a 100%, getting 8 wins is not going to be easy with two in-form Ozekis and three in-form Yokozuna. The Georgian superman is at 3-2. One of his losses came to Mitakeumi, though. So he has the toughest non-top-guy out of the way. Some of the upper level Maegashira look horrible with 0-5 and 1-4 records. This was, however, to be expected with fit Yokozuna and Ozeki performing up to their skill level. Some of them put up great performances against highly skilled opposition. It will be interesting to see who can rally from the first-week-thrashing. Yutakayama unfortunately won't be able to. He is out after sustaining and elbow injury. He is not the only casualty in the top division, since Kyokutaisei already dropped out after injuring both meniscii. Hope for a speedy and complete recovery for both men. This was a lot of text, but it's a great Basho aswell. I will continue updating as the tournament goes on.
  11. ReiseReise

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    I guess the way it's described is less explicit in the books than how it happens in the games. Which is partly also due to the medium. I repeat that I think the sexual content in the books is mostly classy, but I definetly agree with you that it's prominent. With this and the success of GoT in mind I'd say that we are quite likely to get our sex scene every episode.
  12. ReiseReise

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    Well, every news outlet reporting the Ciri casting get it wrong aswell. It was quite clearly stated that the books will be the foundation. I hope it will be better than the Polish small screen adaption. Albeit not every five minutes, sex and erotic content was still a big part of the books. Although I thought in a mostly classy way.
  13. ReiseReise

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    UEFA is apparently discussing a third club level competition, which might be starting from 2021. It's widely considered appeasment for weaker leagues, who also want to take part in European competition. The last time we had three European Cups was 1999. Back then we had CL, UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup.
  14. ReiseReise

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    With good enough makeup, this will work lookwise. Cirilla's cast seems to turn into a problem, since they are apparently look for a black or Asian actress (which is simply not very respectful to canon) and seem to be willing to change her background story with it.
  15. ReiseReise


    No, this shit is seriously racist bs and doesn't belong anywhere near 21st century thinking. It is also not how I tried to claim the incident went down.