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  1. Since 2016 Hatsu Basho has provided first time winners. Daeisho is the lucky guy in 2021, but beating all Sanyaku opponents put before him, he is a deserving winner. Takakeisho's Yokozuna run ended with a whimper, an 0-4 start, followed by 2-3 over the next 5 matches, November's winner looked sluggish and slow, forfeitting the tournament on the 10th day. The two kadoban Ozeki Shodai and Asanoyama went 11-4, securing their ranks and getting runner-up placements, Shodai even managed to stay in contention until the final day, but dropping his last two bouts meant no second Yusho for h
  2. Seven Makuuchi and nine Juryo division wrestlers will be out of Hatsu 2021. Over 60 across divisions (read 66 or 65) Covid related, I counted 97 in total. Sumo association still wants to get going with spectators. Not sure about this, as much as I like sumo.
  3. Hakuho probably out because of Covid19, Miyagino-beya (his Heya) including Enho & Ishiura tested negative so far, yet likely to be kyujo as a precaution. Wakatakakage, another top division Rikishi, tested positive on New Years Eve and his whole Arashio beya did aswell. In September 2020, 19 members of Tamanoi stable tested positive for the virus. The whole stable went kyujo, their ranks got protected. As off now, the Basho will take place, admitting up to 5.000 spectators per day (although apparently less tickets were sold). Edit: Kakuryu kyujo, nagging back and leg injur
  4. I'd agree with the sentiment that Tenryu was a) always pretty damned good, having great matches in the 80ies, 90ies and 2000s & b) was already past his physical prime when he started, simply because he had a pretty long Sumo career (made it to the top level aswell) and sumo tends to wear its fighters down quickly. While thinking about it I realized that Mick Foley had his biggest success within the last 16 or so months of his career as a fulltimer, he probably didn't have his greatest matches in that time frame, though. Taker could be an answer, he looked shot in the late 90ies
  5. To be fair, I can't say to have ever seen Mojo and Mongo in a room together. Maybe they are one person after all!
  6. It's not a rectangle, looks more like a bad knot. It's a training mawashi, 100% sure.
  7. Interesting. They didn't dominate domestically like they used to, but got really close to winning CL. He didn't seem happy with the idea of signing an extension, maybe that's the reason? Although extremely stupid, probably buying him out of the remaining contract instead of waiting for the summer.
  8. ... also probably the hurdle that kept him from retirement. Really happy for him. Kakuryu is a good guy, seemingly, but he is really dragging himself from tournament to tournament.
  9. Well, sure as hell was never boring. He was one of my earliest memories in football. Great player, while I always had a certain dislike for the way he was portrayed / portrayed himself.
  10. Apparently, Isegahama oyakata was very quick to put the kibosh on any hopes for a soft promotion, only a Yusho will put Takakeisho into the Yokozuna rank, and not a "low level yusho" (I don't know what that means, 12-3? 13-2 when no Yokozuna are around?). It would be fitting, seeing how Takakeisho needed extra miles to get Ozeki. Go for it, little bowling ball!
  11. Maximum drama alert, as Terunofuji first beat Takakeisho spectacularly in regulation to force a playoff, only for the Ozeki to turn around and pulverize Terunofuji's offense in the ketteisen, shoving the Mongolian off the dohyo. An exciting tournament ends a whacky 2020. Takakeisho will be on a run for the tsuna in January. Since he is coming of a Jun Yusho - Yusho, maybe another runner up finish can help his case already? It will be fun to see. I'm 100% certain they won't promote him now.
  12. Takakeisho and Terunofuji meet tomorrow to decide the Yusho. Takakeisho is the sole leader with 13 wins, Terunofuji one win behind. Takanosho, shin Sekiwake, secured kachi koshi today. As did Kotoshoho, the young hope, who is at his career high Maegashira 5 rank. Terunofuji is guaranteed to be Sekiwake in January, with Mitakeumi going makekoshi today after being 6-2 after 8 days. Enho will be relegated to Juryo, he is at 2-12, which is a shame. There is another small Rikishi coming up in Midorifuji, though, who is at 10-4 in the promotion zone. Ura has secured kachi kos
  13. I apologize for not being able to post as frequently as is the norm... Some Juryo, haven't seen all of Makuuchi yet: Kotoshogiku rides off into the sunset. It was about time, and he will be remembered for his great career making Ozeki and breaking the 10-year-Japanese-born Yusho drought. Farewell, giku-zeki! Shohozan at 1-6 and Ikioi at -2-5 (with five consecutive Ls) after seven days could be the next in line. Ura is not breezing through competition, but he's at a solid 4-3 score now. Step by step. Some of the bumps he took looked horrifying, but he got up and did well
  14. Yeah, another wide open Basho. Not sure if it hinders or helps the change of guard... Ura is back with a pink mawashi, it was so good to see.
  15. The major story of Ozeki Shodai broke right after the Basho, now we got the whole banzuke. Takanosho leaps into Sekiwake, congratulations to him. Two former Ozeki, Terunofuji and Takayasu, are back in sanyaku at Komusubi. Kagayaki at a career high Maegashira 3 East. Kotoshogiku's, Shohozan's and Ikioi's careers are winding down, all of them down in Juryo. Naya at Makushita #1 West will hope to take that final step to make it out of Juryo. Makuuchi rankings taken from sumoforum Hakuho Y Kakuryu Takakeisho O Asanoyama Shodai O  --- Junior sanyaku
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