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  1. Maybe whoever argues otherwise are the people venting at artists asking prices for commissions, wanting to pay for their work with "exposure"...
  2. My favourite memory of a life show ever. I believe it was after what seemed like a knee injury related retirement, the cancer came afterwards... But I'm a mess right now, Dude was great as a human being and an incredibly hard working dude. Just devestated.
  3. As somebody liking Basketball a lot, but having very little knowledge... were there many players winning rings with both, Celtics and Lakers? Curious with Rondo having a shot and all...
  4. Confirmed today. Shodai leapfrogs Mitakeumi to the Ozeki rank. Ura is back in Juryo, which means the great Yokozuna Taihos grandson Naya (no shikona yet) stays in Makushita for now.
  5. Well deserved Yusho for Shodai, what a dramatic bout between him and Tobizaru. Takakeisho blasts Asanoyama off the dohyo for the Jun-Yusho. It will be interesting if the governing bodies reward Shodai with a promotion to Ozeki or if they wait another tournament.
  6. Akiseyama is the kind of guy who you like to see succeed, if only because he seems to overachieve all the time. Dude has been in Juryo for 30+ Basho but looks to have the worst of all Sekitori. I think you're spot on with the day 15 matches. They have been doing this in the last few tournaments without Yokozunae.
  7. Asanoyama kind of climbed out of the hole. Also, my prediction of 13 wins being enough became true on day 8, when the lead was shared at 6-2 by numerous Rikishi. Lead at 9-2: Takakeisho, Shodai, Wakatakakage and Tobizaru In pursuit at 8-3: Asanoyama, Terunofuji and Onosho. On paper, Terunofuji has the easiest schedule, having faced upper rankers during the first week. Wakatakakage and Tobizaru will meet in another "play-in" match, I'm sure the winner will get tested against Terunofuji. Scheduling will lead to Asanoyama getting a shot at Takakeisho and Shodai, but the low
  8. Ura scored his fourth win today and depending on other results, this could be enough to get back to Sekitori level. This makes me extremely happy. There is a group of six Rikishi with a 5-1 record leading the Yusho arasoi. Most impressive so far (to me) are Shodai and Takakeisho. The six are followed by eight Rikishi with two losses (Mitakeumi, Terunofuji and Takayasu among those). Thrilling competition so far.
  9. It's really early, but Asanoyama seems troubled. Two losses early on definetly seem a big hole to climb out of. It's going to be interesting to see where this will go. Basho is wide open, no clear favourites. 12 or 13 may be enough to take the cup tbh.
  10. Both Hakuho and Kakuryu will be out for Aki. Kakuryu will be on the chopping block for the next Basho, per his own Oyakata.
  11. I still have an Ura-background on my Phone, for three years or so. I really hope he snatches a Juryo promotion. Naya's ranking progress has slowed down, but he is really young an upper Makushita is no joke, especially with only seven matches each Basho. Mistakes can be very crucial. I have to admit I wasn't to convinced by his first few performances I saw, but I haven't seen Taihos grandson in a while. A severely underranked Ichinojo might very well be an outside Pick to take the Yusho, but he wasn't as convincing as Terunofuji in Juryo. It really depends on his health (back especi
  12. I can see it happening either this or next year, maybe it would have already happened without the pandemic. Stuff is really weird and hard to evaluate at the moment. Kakuryu was never lucky with his health, but he surely seems to be feeling his age aswell these days.
  13. Vladimir Kozlow entered without music before he got Russian Rammstein
  14. I honestly think this season as a whole was pretty much unpredictable. But yeah, I could see Bayern among the final four after releasing Kovac. PSG does have the potential, but usually flakes out in ko's. So... kinda surprising indeed. The Red Bulls I simply do not rate. No matter how exciting they will play, I will always view them as the bane of all football, but German football especially. So yeah, I wouldn't have called it. And Lyon are out of left field for sure. Edit: Since I had sworn myself to quit posting should Red Bull win the Champions League, I am happy the
  15. Well, he wasn't wrong about the first part, no Bundesliga team conceeded 8 goals to Bayern all season.
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