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  1. The closest Best Buy that has Conan Exiles in store is in Knoxville. I am in Nashville. Guess the quickest I can pick this up is Thursday if I order today. Currently watching Conan Exiles streams. Not pleased.
  2. I was going to ask about microtransactions, but think I'll wait until later.
  3. Conan Exiles looks beautiful, but I'll be damned if I know what type of game it is. Thinking about picking it up at Best Buy since I've got a reward balance.
  4. Travis Sheldon

    Random music thoughts

    I sure wish I could score some tickets in that price range, but every show I check has only $50+ tix left.
  5. Travis Sheldon


    Super Mega Baseball 2 is just the Co-ed Fantasy Baseball game I never knew I needed. It was released today and it's FREE on Xbox Live. I D/L'ed it this morning and have been having a blast.
  6. I've never played a Tomb Raider game, but that trailer is legit.
  7. Travis Sheldon


    I had to take a break from Bloodborne as it's busting my balls fierce. So I went to Best Buy and picked up Everybody's Golf since it's on sale this week. Loving it so far.
  8. Travis Sheldon

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017... err... 2018 now

    Trackmania Turbo is mindless fun racing. Most races are single lappers. You gain awards for placing in each of the top 3 spots. Tracks are varied between stadiums, desert, etc... Cars react differently to each type of track, so you have to adjust your driving style. It was on XBox Live some time ago and I have played through quite a bit of the game and still seem to have lots to do. At first I compared the game to Trials Fusion, but it's much better than that gameplay wise.
  9. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    I used the coins and TPs to power up my Lawler. He's now my 2nd best Trickster, right behind Arn Anderson.
  10. Travis Sheldon

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017... err... 2018 now

    I'm going to need to find a deal on PS+, since they wouldn't let me use the 20% code for the one year subscription.
  11. Travis Sheldon


    Hasn't he been "Woken"? He might crash his car on the way to the game store.
  12. Travis Sheldon


    I've officially joined the Fortnite frenzy. I'm LoveMonster70 on XBox One.
  13. Travis Sheldon


    I think I'm going to get back into the Sony ecosystem and get a PS4 Pro with the 15% off Target discount. Not sure what I'm going to get first for it, though.
  14. Travis Sheldon

    The Criterion Collection

    If this would mean a John Waters box set I would be all Steve Austin "Hell Yeah!", but this is awesome just the same.
  15. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    I don't have an Austin, so I probably won't even try.