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  1. What an amazing comeback by the Dodgers. I'm hopeful they can get their injuries healed 'cause the Rays aren't going to roll over without a fight. I was really hoping the Asstros would get in for some sweet revenge, but they didn't have the jam. Go Blue!
  2. I started this one also. Haven't gotten past the first couple tutorial missions but it seems alright. Having issues with my Dualshock 4 that I need to fix before I get too involved in gaming any more with the PS4. Shot a video on my Nintendo Pro Controller drift issues and fix. Will probably do the same for the Dualshock 4.
  3. I've never stuck around long enough to get that many. Just got luck last night.
  4. I got 20 star fragments, 5 large star fragments, and 5 libra fragments. Still have yet to make anything with star fragments, though. Last week Midge told me she was thinking of moving on and I told her to follow her heart. Midge was probably my 4th or fifth neighbor and I actually liked her. I took to long to find a replacement and today I spotted that Tom Nook is moving Becky in to take Midge's spot. Guess I'll meet her tomorrow. Just ran into Wisp and got a zig-zag dress for my trouble.
  5. I might pick this up if it hits $20. So glad I didn't give in on release day.
  6. Thanks for the stuff. Had a personal record catching them, final tally tomorrow.
  7. Celeste just informed me I have shooting stars tonight. Gate is open if anyone wants to hang. Also, Saharsh is here.
  8. Kentucky was a decent track, never was a fan of Chicago. I had no idea that the "Nashville" track was still intact, figured it was a weed field by this point. It really should be called Mt Juliet, but Nashville has the $$ connotation.
  9. If anyone wants KK Slider songs I can order most of them. Still need 4 to finish them off.
  10. Helen Reddy dead at 78. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/helen-reddy-obituary-1068639/
  11. I finally made beds for the different flower types and everything's cataloged. Had to break out a notebook old-school for my lists. Even did KK songs I need. (I'm 4 short) If I keep this up I'll be getting the graph paper out and mapping the island D&D-style.
  12. I just read that Sterling Magee passed away on the 6th of September. He was known for his work as a solo artist and studio musician. Also known to most as one half of Satan & Adam.
  13. If it's the Versus I'm thinking about the keywords would by suicide forest, spiders, gun fu, batshit crazy.
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