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  1. Travis Sheldon


    I know this movie was in the Halloween Havoc thread, but in the interest of not being a necromancer I will talk about it here. Watched Mandy (2018) with my wife last night. She was okay with it, but she prefers her gore offscreen, and I'm still processing. I'm confident that I saw a vision inspired by lots of magic mushrooms, Jodorowsky, George Miller/Mad Max, Celtic Frost, and Rob Zombie. I do know that I will have to pick up the Blu-Ray and study it further. Probably my favorite Cage role. (I'm a fan of old-school Marvel character Ghost Rider, so I gave him a pass for those two films.) I really don't know where to begin or end with my feelings on the film. The visuals and audio alone were enough for me to get lost for the 2+hour runtime. The only question I have about the film is whether the Black Skulls were demons or aliens. I now have to go listen to some King Crimson.
  2. Travis Sheldon


    I happen to like the spicy double chalupa, so I've bought some of the boxes. Still haven't won anything.
  3. Recently found out Kino Lorber have released The Master Complete Series w/Lee Van Cleef on Blu-Ray
  4. Travis Sheldon

    Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    Not sure what you mean by 'Quantum Leapy'. The Doctor has been visiting historical moments in time since Hartnell days. My only gripe is I wish they would start trimming the companion fat, so to speak. Three companions is fine, but I'd much prefer they handled it the way they did with Eccleston/Tennant and have some of them based on Earth and bring them in when needed. That's also one of my main gripes about the Davison era. I hated Rose Tyler until midway through the Tennant run. Coleman I hated until her last season with Capaldi.
  5. Travis Sheldon

    Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    Best start for a new Doctor in many regenerations, IMO.
  6. Travis Sheldon

    The Justin Newbould Memorial Christmas Chaos pre-thread

    I'm in and I have something in mind that the reviewer will probably hate.
  7. Travis Sheldon


    Horror Express was one of those titles that was ubiquitous in the 80s and early 90s, as everyone had a copy on VHS. When I got my first standalone DVD player in 1998, Horror Express was one of the first titles I picked up. I believe I still have the Image DVD of this title in storage. Looking on Amazon it seems that Severin put out a Blu-Ray some years back. What an amazing atmosphere of dread this movie portrays. Something about that train speeding through the snowy landscape that gives it such a feeling of isolation. When Telly hits the stage, though, it's all bets are off. One of my all time favorites.
  8. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    I got 20 sharts of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. WooHoo, just 780 to go.
  9. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    Too bad I don't have enough to power him up to be competitive in the Zombie Rush tourny.
  10. Travis Sheldon

    Banging the head that does not bang

    Horrible news, horrible disease. I wish him well. If I can get some overtime in the coming weeks I'll try to shoot him a few hours worth. What a great band they continue to be after all the lineup changes through the years.
  11. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    I think I got most of what you did, but The Revenant Steve Austin was in there for me.
  12. Travis Sheldon


    My wife and I are trying to slow roll this and not burn through it in one night, but it's so good. We're half way through and it's been nuts.
  13. One day we'll be back on CRTs with our VCRs and region-free DVD players.
  14. Travis Sheldon


    I played a couple dozen or so games and can say that the current interface demolishes the old one. I've won a few, but lost at least one because of my own confusion. Liking it so far. Will probably spend the $4.99 and pick up the welcome deal this weekend when I have more time to play.
  15. Travis Sheldon


    I'd like to get into this, but I've been away from that community for many years. Plus the amount of toxic people into the IRL MtG puts me off.