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  1. As a Doctor Who fan, I'd take bad Who over most TV, but this sounds like they took late JNT-era Who and mixed it with Dracula 2000. I'll still watch it, though.
  2. Dear Red Sox, Please hire Curt Schilling as your new manager. Sincerely, Me
  3. Hopefully Manfred will send the Dodgers an arrangement from 1800flowers.com for the 2 straight years they were cheated. #notsponsored
  4. They sure have made a good point of making the once all powerful Galifreyans into a defenseless welp of a race.
  5. Fifteen years of mediocrity with the Predators. That's Trotz's legacy? He's a great coach, but he won't going into the HOF because of his Preds tenure. As I said it, was all due to Poile being a horrid GM.
  6. The Preds problem is David Poile, who has been able to cover for his ineptitude for years by just coasting on the good graces of Nashville sports fans. But winning, or almost winning, has brought in a new crowd that doesn't have the patience like coaches of yore could count on. The era of the Jeff Fisher and Barry Trotz being able to be mediocre and the fans goings "Aw, shucks. We're just glad to have a team." is over. But anyway, fuck the Preds.
  7. Might be the 2nd greatest now. Saints lobbying hard for a pushoff by Rudolph. Nah, it's over.
  8. With the nonstop stream of dreck that is legacy broadcast TV these days, it is impossible to know or have seen everything, but some of the big stuff that people eat up that I can't fathom includes: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Any show with "Real" or "Housewives" in the title Any show with "Ghost" or "Paranormal" in the title (I do make an exception for "Ghost Adventures" as I can still laugh at their brouchieness - that's a word I made up to describe bro-culture douches, feel free to use that but give proper credit.) Shows about inane jobs, i.e. Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Most Unhygienic Stripper Poles, etc... I don't believe in guilty pleasures, you enjoy whatever you choose with no shame, and I count these among my favorites: Botched - the plastic surgery guys from Beverly Hills. (Blurred boobs are better than no boobs at all) Dr Pimple Popper - having seen more than my share of videos like this on YouTube and experienced it in real life, it's nice to see a professional at work. Sister Wives - can't really explain why I like this show, I'm against religion/marriage in general but I eat this up. My wife does, too. BTW Does the original or the reboots of In Search Of... count?
  9. Is the Pluto TV app available where you live? If so there are MST3K and Rifftrax channels that run on there.
  10. How did Jeff Fisher never coach the Lions? Seems like a match made in hell.
  11. Does this finally mean the end of Coughlin's reign of error in the NFL? I do realize this is pro sports and once you're in you're in, but enough with this guy's bullshit.
  12. Saw GWAR in '95 with The Meatmen and another band opening. Meatmen were up to GWAR's level without the stage set, but Tesco Vee did have a sweet cow suit he wore.
  13. Let me throw in that people don't pay attention at games anymore. It's just another hangout spot for many.
  14. I'm waiting for the Nintendo Switch port.
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