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  1. I collected until the Nashville flood of 2010. Lost my small collection and haven't looked back.
  2. Last year I was replaying Marvel Ultimate Alliance when my DualShock 3 battery stopped charging. Still haven't replaced it after all this time. To assuage the MUA thirst, I've gotten back into Marvel Future Fight on my tablet. Not the same... So looking forward to MUA BO
  3. Glad you had a good experience with them. I am a fan of their company.
  4. Wonder how much Play It Again Sports gave them for their gear?
  5. Are they the Tommy Thayer of DVDVR?
  6. For the past six months I have been trying to let Hollow Knight put it's hooks in me. I watched numerous YouTube videos with gameplay footage and I liked the visual style . But here I am after numerous attempts at playing it and it still leaves me cold. Does anyone think Salt and Sanctuary would turn out the same for me? I see that Best Buy has the Switch version on sale and it would be $16 + tax after GCU discount.
  7. Want to pre-order the Guacamelee One-Two Punch that comes out in May, but my backlog is looking at me like "Really?".
  8. UPS dropped off the GOTY Edition for PS4 a couple of hours ago. Game looks good and plays smooth. Will probably burn through much more of it tonight. Of course the first thing that pops up is an ad and pre-order links for Borderlands 3.
  9. So the PS4 version of the Remaster/GOTY is showing back up on 2K's website and I just pre-ordered.
  10. I assume 2K is sold out of PS4 versions since that option is grayed out on the order page. Don't really want it on another system.
  11. You'll probably receive the game sometime this summer.
  12. I was out of line and apologize for my poor choice of words. As for Baer, he grabs her wrist and leverages her over to the ground, IMO. I have no candy for him or his apologists.
  13. Then school me. Who in your opinion thinks his actions are A-OK?
  14. Only MRAs think this guy was just grabbing his phone. Video don't lie.
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