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  1. I really hope they never offer a collectible replica of that ring package. I might have to kill me before my wife does.
  2. I've had the Halloween Collection set for a while and never watched anything on it outside of 1-3 and the Rob Zombie universe films. Decided it was time to inflict them on my wife, who had no idea any of them existed, and watched the Thorn Trilogy and H20 over the weekend. The Thorn Trilogy is brought down by whatever cut of #6 that you choose. To waste a good character in Jamie for two, not as bad as they could have been, films to treat her to #6 is criminal. H20 was fine and should have been a (semi) satisfying ending to the franchise. I did want most of the cas
  3. Watched Vegas Vacation for the first time over the weekend and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the flick. Had heard how bad it was for years and just avoided the mess. Turns out it was not an embarrassment, *cough* Christmas Vacation 2, and got a Sid Caesar appearance to top it off.
  4. Travis Sheldon


    RIP I can't add anything to what's already been posted.
  5. I can get in to the 30s/40s, but the times that I revert to trying to play Pac-Man are what sink me more than anything. The explanation for what's going on continues to be vague, just like Mario 35 and Tetris 99. Or maybe I'm old and can't keep up with the busy display.
  6. Paul Ritter dead at 54 of brain tumor. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/apr/06/friday-night-dinner-star-paul-ritter-dies-of-brain-tumour-at-54 I hate this news. Friday Night Dinner is one of those special shows I can throw on in any order and chuckle. Martin was one of those characters that's super relatable. And the fact the he's close to my age doesn't help.
  7. If that is the Ultimate Iron Man armor, I guess the budget for red paint wasn't there. And those arc reactors look weak.
  8. More class from the NCAA. They kicked Oregon State out of their hotel and sent them packing in the middle of the night after their loss to Houston. https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/oregon-state-beavers/ncaa-kicks-oregon-state-beavers-out-hotel-middle-night-after-elite-8
  9. I just wish I could have 3-click swing back in a PGA game. Hated the swing mechanic in The Golf Club.
  10. I haven't been a stathead for a long time. The 80s and 90s were my prime years interest-wise for sports. Getting older and losing most of the friends I ran with for sports had a lot to do with my disinterest. Last week I got the urge to play a baseball game, so I checked out the upcoming games. My research hasn't yielded good results. RBI 21 has numerous graphical glitches that take me out of the game and I feel that simming with it would probably be a bad experience. OutOf The Park 22 has too much munutiae and I feel it would be hard for me to pick up.
  11. Turns out it didn't matter that I forgot about the Sanrio cards. I've had enough of the PS5 tease for one week.
  12. I'm happy for all that were able to get the consoles. I'm putting a pause on my search as I have some big bills coming up. Probably get back in the hunt next week.
  13. I found out about the PS5 direct late so I only had to close out of the queue after 20 minutes. So Target, Gamestop, and Sony had drops today. I guess that's looking better... Maybe?
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