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  1. Travis Sheldon

    Every poet is a thief

    Fixed that for you
  2. Travis Sheldon


    I can only suspend my disbelief for so long and it went over the line. I would be pleased if I could find a GPS that would allow me to drive with no windows cleared like they did in the film, because mine is like a couple of seconds off and I would wind up in a ditch/wall/river. It should be seen, but it's nowhere near as epic as the hype made it out to be. Much like The Haunting of Hill House, but that's another story.
  3. Travis Sheldon


    I await your next series of religious studies entitled "What's Up With This God Fellow, Anyway".
  4. Travis Sheldon


    Watched Bird Box (2018) over the weekend. The first 15 or so minutes were reminiscent of the Dawn of the Dead reboot. But as soon as the group get holed up, I was ready for a volcano to open up and end our misery. Gary was spotted coming down Broadway, and I was on the verge of cutting this film some slack when the drawings came out, but they whiffed on the follow through. I have no qualms with any performance as they were all good, but the story was the letdown. 5.5/10
  5. Travis Sheldon

    Recommend TV Shows Not From The States. The Sequel

    A classic. The film was such Americanized dreck. Picked up the BluRay Remaster of this for the holidays. Haven't busted it out, yet.
  6. Travis Sheldon

    The Justin Newbould Memorial Christmas Chaos

    Bad taste is timeless.
  7. Travis Sheldon

    The Justin Newbould Memorial Christmas Chaos

    Wilder is one of those directors that someone like me should like, but everything I've ever seen of his came off as workmanlike. The cinematography on The Apartment was nice and the lead roles were spot on, I just couldn't vibe with the story. Sorry.
  8. Travis Sheldon

    The Justin Newbould Memorial Christmas Chaos

    About how I felt about it while watching.
  9. Travis Sheldon


    Anyone played or playing Everspace? I became aware this was a thing since it was recently released on Switch, but has been available for a bit now on PC. It's pricey for a blind buy for me on Switch, but it's on sale for PC and PS4 on Humble and PSN. Normally I would go for the cheaper PC/Console version as they're superior, but I've really taken to the portability of the Switch.
  10. Travis Sheldon


    Their crimes are many...
  11. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    I guess it just randomly says stuff at the top because I checked every version of Flair in the roster and had none of their shards. Then I checked the Tozawa box roster and there was no Flair that could be pulled, so I got somebody's shards just don't know who.
  12. Travis Sheldon

    WWE Champions

    So I just spent 500 cash for a pull from the possible Tazawa box and the card for the wrestler didn't show up but there was "Woooo" across the top of the screen. I waited a minute or so thinking the card would show. I was assuming it was a Flair of some sort, so I went to my roster and no new wrestler was there. Searched through the list at the bottom of wrestlers available to check to see if I just got Flair shards and nothing. So I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them.
  13. Travis Sheldon


    I've only played SSB on the Wii one time years ago. I'm not a fighting game fan, with exceptions for Injustice Gods Among Us and One Must Fall 2097, so the appeal isn't there for me. Plus the issue of having no IRL friends to play it with doesn't help. But SSB does look pretty damn amazing from the videos I've seen. Just not sure I want to take a $60 gamble at this time.
  14. Travis Sheldon


    I dragged my feet and listened to the negative reviewers and now the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Console Bundles are gone everywhere. Guess I'll make do with a regular console and the light up dock I saw at GameStop. I refuse to look for the Diablo 3 bundle as I think 4 times is plenty to buy one game.
  15. Travis Sheldon

    Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    Review bombing is in these days.