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  1. I still remember trying that delicacy and wondering how they could fuck it up so badly.
  2. Even though I hate the thought of putting a dollar in Phil Anselmo's pocket, this lineup should be ineteresting. Although it's hard for me to believe that Zakk Wylde can play a song without 50 pinch harmonics, so he'll have to keep himself in check.
  3. I can't imagine the monetary loss he will suffer from the sale. I'll check into starting a gofundme for this brave man.
  4. Judge uses Old Spice every day, whatchutalkinbout?
  5. Whenever Henry Silva was in a film, I knew I was in for a treat. One of those guys that just had that air of importance. Also, another legend that I thought died a decade ago.
  6. Shocked, aghast, and appalled. I'm sure no one could have imagined any REAL consequence for his vile actions. He's a good man and he's deeply saddened by his previous actions which may have triggered some more sensitive people. I mean Silver can't break NBA precedent can he? What, who's Donald Sterling?
  7. Dude is seriously approaching X-Pac levels of apathy.
  8. A good friend of mine was from New York, but he was a Pirates fan. His nostalgia for Sterling's voice made him tune into satellite radio to the Yankees broadcast because he could not live without Sterling's stellar calls. There was a woman that would come on for a few innings that was just as cringe inducing (to me). I would rather listen to Harry Carey's worst on repeat than listen to Sterling. Hell, Joe Nuxhall was more coherent than Sterling.
  9. Congrats to Bubba Wallace for kicking ass in his 2nd win. I know it won't shut up his haters, but there was no rain stoppage or any other excuses for them to use in this race win. (Even though I know that won't stop them from spewing.)
  10. That dude Cruz has a body that reminds me of Barry Bonds. The original Barry Bonds.
  11. I'm in, just have to examine the list.
  12. I have, perhaps wrongly, assumed that everyone featured in one of the commercials would be available at some point. Hence my earlier Miz comment.
  13. To be fair*, it was always the same cigarette with Fred, the damn thing was permanently Stickum-ed to his fingers. *insert Letterkenny clip here
  14. I've had back problems for many years and could relate to this injury.
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