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  1. I had my first encounter on a Tarantula island in the wee hours of the morning. The island was shaped like an octagon and the tarantulas certainly treated it like one. I must have been bitten 18+ times. Luckily you wind up back on the dock with the pilot giving you a pep talk. Wound up with 30+ tarantulas at the end of the session. Flick, the insect lover, was back on my island and I was able to get 300,000+ bells from him. Paid off my 2nd loan with haul. Now we've got the Bunny Day stuff going on.
  2. I messed up the ID, sorry. It's actually MA-8710-9921-9931 Also added a Black Flag shirt and a KISS shirt.
  3. I uploaded a few of my custom designs on AC:NH today, since the tailor shop opened. So far I've done a WWF scratch logo shirt, Supreme hoodie, Creeper (Minecraft) tank, and a Dodgers cap. Couldn't get the WWF vintage logo to look right, so I'm taking a break from that one. Will be doing band shirts as time (and creativity) permits. My creator id is: MA-8710-9921-0031 https://imgur.com/a/gQktLCT
  4. I have ordered the 3rd room to my house, so now I'm over 500,000 bells in the hole to Tom Nook. Not to mention the iron bridge that the residents have to fund to travel between sections. I'm sure I'll be paying most of that, too. It was nice to see Lloid.
  5. If anyone in this thread gets a friend request from Gusto T, that's me!
  6. I don't really get into time traveling on Animal Crossing. If I did it would make it too obsessive for me and defeat the purpose I have for playing the game in the first place. My code is SW-7663-6457-2793
  7. Use your Nook ticket and go to a random island. They're great for grinding for bits you need. I finally have enough bells to pay off my home expansion, so it will be ready tomorrow. Which is great because I've maxed out my home storage slots.
  8. Did you get the same grin I did when turning on the Nintendo gift? It's all about the details. Nintendo gets that.
  9. I have never played an Animal Crossing game. Anytime I have seen one of the characters I thought they were for small children. But the new game, New Horizons (3/20), just looks like it would be a load of fun. Seriously considering a day one purchase.
  10. Some titles have good deals, others not so much. Most are still a few dollars more(!) than Amazon normal price.
  11. I can only imagine what the MSRP is going to be on this beast. From the stuff I've read it seems they're actually putting some work into this as opposed to the old Mill Creek 30 film special.
  12. If you can afford 157 lbs, you can afford a plane. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
  13. I am amused by the replay official using an Xbox One controller on the replay.
  14. To be honest, I haven't taken mine down either.
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