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  1. I stopped by earlier and left a buyer's fee in your front yard. Thanks for the heads up, your price was 20 bells cheaper than mine.
  2. Congrats on the blue rose. Flowers have been my biggest weak spot so far.
  3. If anyone is interested, turnips are at 197 this morning. Also, Flick is visiting. I'll leave my gate open until noon ish if anyone wants to drop by.
  4. So he gets 8 games for that? Guess they're going to protect the Astros heavy this year.
  5. A few days ago I saw my neighbor, Biff, had thought bubbles going on so I checked to see what was the matter. Sure enough my ignoring him paid off and he was looking to explore his options, so I wished him luck on his endeavors. Thing is Biff had only been around for what seems like a month and after I sussed that he was a jock I knew I couldn't keep him. I had made the mistake of leaving an empty lot open for too long and he moved in on his own. So on the 2nd day after he left I used a Nook's Miles ticket and met Kitt the kangaroo on the first island I visited and invited her over. Now I don't hate jocks but it seemed that all I was getting was jocks early on. I'm actually fond of most of my neighbors at the moment, but if Apollo showed up I might have to make a tough decision.
  6. I probably entered one of Monday's numbers wrong because I didn't have a spike yesterday. Now turnip profit is showing Thursday AM as being between 190-570. Buzz is staying at my campsite today. Gulliver is stranded on my beach. My turnips are at 175 for the PM today. End of update.
  7. There's a chance I'll have a small spike Tuesday afternoon .
  8. Instead of going with a Create-a-team name and logo this current plan is the best for the team. Saying that, they'll probably reverse course by next week and be called the Washington Flamers and have a purple, red, and blue color scheme with a dragon on the helmet. Or that's what I'd have done in creative mode.
  9. This season of MLB should be free to view and they should pray people watch. Goodwill is hard to get and MLB could sure use some.
  10. I'm not sure where I'm at with Peacock, so it's too early for me to comment on their service. But have you checked out the new Roku channel with "live" TV? It's got a lot of the same stuff you get elsewhere, but the guide is better to surf, IMO.
  11. Not sure that's saying much.
  12. They should go ahead and announce the Eagles and Phillies won't be allowed either.
  13. They gotta do something to disguise the trash cans being beaten.
  14. Don't know how I missed the announcement, but I just read that Battlefield Earth (2000) is getting a blu-ray release from Mill Creek coming out in September. The theatrical cut is rumored to be on the disc. One of my favorites. If you think of it in the pulpy context of 50's sci-fi, it's a hoot. (Even better with the Rifftrax treatment!) Can't wait for HD dutch angles.
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