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  1. Escape From New York 4k released today and I had to have the film. One of those that I've rebought too many times, but it still holds up. Looked great.
  2. I am sick of the ads for this show. Not a big Costner fan, and the bombarding of Yellowstone hype has me totally cold.
  3. I get the feeling @OldSchoolJohn, would have appreciated you using the word "cromulent".
  4. The Reds could have gotten a win if only their fans would pony up some dough.
  5. Got the notification e-mail to order the Steam Deck I reserved last year. Since I haven't had any luck finding a PS5, I'll probably go ahead and order. Was thinking about upgrading my Diablo-themed OG Switch with an OLED this weekend, but if I get the Steam Deck I can't justify the expenditure. Probably be better off not getting either and buying a Floyd Mayweather NFT instead.
  6. Wow! How bad are his finances that he needs their blood money? Unbelievably tone deaf take.
  7. I hate to agree with The League on anything, but this was a 50/50 call. Oshie did raise his shoulder slightly, buy Bennett screwed himself by putting the stick directly in front of his face and seemingly homing in on Oshie's shoulder with his head. Bennett should have met Oshie with his left shoulder and let the chips fall where they may. Instead, Bennett opted for a deer in the headlights approach.
  8. The nicest thing I can say about Barry Trotz is he has a .55 higher lifetime win percentage than Jeff Fisher. I know he won a cup, but I saw plenty of his, and David Poile's, mediocre choices for too long in Nashville.
  9. Well there's something they haven't tried since Know Your Role.
  10. The past few weeks have put me into the position of having the photos of 4 of my current neighbors. Last night Avery told me he was leaving, so that number will be down to 3. Starting my search today for his replacement.
  11. Pretty easy to learn handoff 3 times in a row.
  12. Honestly not well versed on Spurgeon, but in my research I see that he is a Masterton Trophy nominee. So I guess that explains why he didn't go for a hit any higher on the body.
  13. In my world he could get started on his golf game, but in NHL reality he's likely to get 1 game. My wife broke her ankle years ago and still has ill effects to this day. It's really triggering to see someone try that.
  14. Yes it is. I got into this series back in the 90s and it is brilliant to watch McShane chew the scenery .
  15. That was certainly a Jeff Fisher game. Watched some of the Stars and Maulers game today, which was much more competitive. I'm sure the 35 people in the stands were entertained. The Pittsburgh Maulers have the worst name and logo. They couldn't be bothered to take a fantastic creature nickname like a wyvern or a dragon. Or literally any other animal. The logo of the guy swinging a hammer is the prototypical create-a-team look. Pittsburgh Builders would be more apropos.
  16. Been waiting years for this announcement. Looks to be a nice set.
  17. They didn't try very hard to match the color.
  18. Arrow's Easter sale is going on and I am SO tempted to get the HG Lewis reissue set. it's one of those things where I know there are only a couple of films I like, but it's such a nice set of crap.
  19. It's been a bit since I saw the old VHS, but none of the excellent effects work seemed to have been cut.
  20. I'd be happy if they would release a (mostly) finished game with no microtransactions, but I realize I am old and live in a fantasy bubble inside my head.
  21. I used the IMDB Roku app for the first time last week to watch Don't Go In The House (1979) . It had the normal oddly placed ad spots, no nudity, and some of the dialog was censored/TV version. The print looked good, though.
  22. What a glorious PPV! The only drawback would be Goodell would be the one with the bat.
  23. Who would have guessed that Cam Newton is a meathead?
  24. Friday's did have some great musical guests. The Plasmatics played on Friday's and SCTV.
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