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  1. Thought this was a great movie. So much emotional depth compared to most other comic book movies. Even Namors little wings didn't seem too stupid. Although the impalement was a little WTF.
  2. I loved it, I thought it was so much fun. Like Ragnarok, it was a comic book movie in the truest sense. I was a little nervous beforehand that the Lady Thor stuff was going to be cheesy but it was really well done. This is easily the best Portman has been in this series.
  3. I hadn't heard of him either so it was a bit of a surprise to find out he went to high school near here. I'm very happy for the guy and wish him the best but as J.T. said the actors were never the problem. I have high hopes for RTD righting the ship.
  4. Saw it this morning and loved it. We went to the 10:45 show on a Thursday thinking it would be quiet, totally forgetting its an inservice day because lots of schools are used as polling places. So it was packed with lots of chatty little shits with their troughs full of smelly snacks. Anyway, I loved the film. Really dug the aforementioned midpoint reveal (and the little bit of music with it). Mid-credits has me pumped for the next one. This movie has the coolest murders in all Marveldom. I really didn't care for the first Strange movie and I didn't really warm to him in any of his subsequent appearences but I did like him here. I'm going to chalk it up to the director. And Wong. Always more Wong.
  5. The best part of that episode was the trailer for the next one. And I don't really mean that the episode was too bad, it was fine. Just nothing special. But I am stoked for the October (?) episode.
  6. Over the last two or three years lucha has made up about 80% of all my wrestling viewing, so coming up with names wasn't too hard. Outside of Santo and Casas I'd say my top ten (in no particular order) is: El Dandy, Super Astro, Satanico, Blue Panther, Rey Misterio Jr, Psicosis, Eddy Guerrero, Gran Apache and Silver King & El Texano. Others I keep an eye out for are Villanos IV & V, Dos Caras, Los Destructores, Los Diabolicos, Espanto Jr, Skayde, Tzuki and Mascarita Sagrada. And, for my sins, I've always had a soft spot for Mil Mascaras, but as all of his best stuff is in Japan (vs. Destroyer & Jumbo) I've went with guys who had lots of great stuff in Mexico as well as other places.
  7. I got a chance yesterday to see this. We were going to see it a couple of weeks ago but the cinema had a power cut right before we went in. Sort of good timing for us I guess but that must've sucked for the people already watching something. I know its doing very well at the box office but I was still surprised by how many people were at our screening. I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was great seeing all the various actors appear and it had some great action but what I enjoyed most was when characters were just sort of hanging out and talking - especially the three Spideys on the statue.
  8. If you've read my other posts in this thread it won't come as much of a shock that I didn't enjoy the finale. I just don't "get" it. Like, I really don't understand what I just watched. Am I really dense? The first of the final three for Jodie is New Years Day called "Eve of the Daleks".
  9. My biggest issue with Bishop is the constantly exasperated scouse delivery, I find it grating in a series that also has Jodie's hyper, breathless speech. I should add that I don't blame the actors for this, it's a decision that comes from above. I was excited for Walsh as well. I've been watching him on tv for about 25 years and he is one of the most naturally funny people ever. He is also a really good actor. But you wouldn't think either of those things watching Dr Who.
  10. I have to say I rather enjoyed this weeks episode. That may or may not be because there was a little less John Bishop to weigh it down.
  11. Just watched the third episode of Flux. Felt like I was the one caught in a temporal storm, it just kept going. Absolutely not a fan of the timey-wimey shit.
  12. The best wrestling book I've read in a while is "Falls, Brawls and Town Halls: The History of Professional Wrestling in Northern Ireland" by Nick Campbell. It covers wrestling on the island throughout the 20th century including the effect The Troubles had on the business. It has lots about the Finlay family, not just Fit but also his mum, dad & sister and aunty and uncle who were all involved in some way. Other names are Eddie Hamill (Kung Fu), Wild Angus Campbell and Orig Williams.
  13. Finally got a chance to see it today. I had a great time. I thought the action was top notch. Cant say Katy was too bad, I thought she might be really annoying but that passed after a few minutes. She wasn't nearly as annoying as Ned. Happy to see Trevor back, really liked his parts especially the apes. Trailers for Spidey and Eternals. I'm looking forward to both of those. Also saw the trailer for Venum 2 which didn't really do anything for me though I've still to see the first one so maybe I'm being too fair.
  14. The JJ Dillon and Gary Hart books both have (brief) sections about Detroit in the 60s/70s.
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