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  1. That might be the nicest thing you've ever said about a non-Rockets player. Softy. Next season: a lot depends on the health of the Nets' stars and the Warriors' stars on the competition front. Clippers have to try to make moves too because Kawhi/PG could bolt if things end the same way. I don't see Kawhi leaving honestly but PG if things go bad again...
  2. The NBA playoff bubble produce some grand games and there was no damn COVID-19 outbreaks while they were in it. Fuck what you heard. This was fun as hell. Happy for the Lakers too. They played hard especially on the defensive end. Earned this title. Lebron is Lebron. AD was a defensive monster this year. Rondo and KCP were Lakers third/fourth best players in the NBA Finals after their signings were the stuff of jokes for as long as I can remember. Kuzma ...well Kuzma had some great IG pictures during the run.
  3. I'm probably in the minority, but I actually remember liking the Marvelous Marc Mero heel run. I thought he was a good mid-card heel and it made sense he would become jealous of Sable, storyline-wise. Hats off to him for selling those Sable powerbombs.
  4. It's funny because, outside of Lakers fanatics/Vogel, I didn't see much outcry about the refs when Lebron had 2 free throws and Jerami Grant had like 12 free throws in Game 3, which at the time (before Game 4, of course) was more free throws in one game than Lebron had the entire series. Game 4 comes along and now I'm seeing much more concern about the refs. There were definitely bad calls (just like in Game 2, which was more favorable to Denver than the Lakers), but you know what really would help The Nuggets in Game 4? Grabbing a damn defensive rebound. The Lakers got slaughtered on
  5. I never get the Draymond suspension one as if it knocks down the three straight wins because it's still a hypothetical. The facts? He played in game 6 and 7. Matter of fact Draymond was awesome in game 7. Few people want to hear about the injuries to Wade, Kyrie, Love, and Bosh during those runs as excuses for Lebron so Draymond suspension gets too much rub imo.
  6. Bam's block was beautiful and if he ever gets a shoe deal it should played in slow mo for his commercial. I jolted up when I saw it in real time because it was so clean. Tweet from Mike Beuoy (@inpredict) Mike Beuoy (@inpredict) Tweeted: Nuggets series win probability: Game 5, down 13, Q3 1:25 : 0.2% Game 6, down 19, Q3 10:10 : 0.4% It's currently 95%. https://twitter.com/inpredict/status/1306070492952977413?s=20
  7. I didn't want to say shit so I didn't jinx it but Denver winning this is an all timer. I gave them very little chance to do it at the start and next to nothing after Clippers went up 3-1. Wow. This is a big one. After Pat Beverly huff and puff all season too. Nothing is over.
  8. https://twitter.com/dmorey/status/1301920092901474304?s=20 Morey is going to send the league office another 100 plus page report on how the Rockets would have won the championship if Danuel House wasn't busted.
  9. I just started feeling bad for Siakam at the end there. He didn't give up but he's limited offensively and Boston figured him out. They still had a shot to win it even with his play.
  10. They definitely put on the game earlier due to NFL game. There was a story on ESPN, where some of the Lakers were complaining about all their consecutive late night starts so they should been happy about it.
  11. Veteran presence factor can't be measure by analytics and nerd numbers.
  12. NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) Tweeted: Jamal Murray is shooting 26-68 (38%) from the field against the Clippers in the semifinals https://t.co/JSzTI6WvTH https://twitter.com/TheNBACentral/status/1303908778849566721?s=20
  13. Clippers sleepwalking through whoever came out of the Utah/Denver series was highly predictable. I have been talking (whining) about in here for a bit now. Averging 40 plus points from Murray/Mitchell was nice and all between two "happy to be there" teams but Murray wasn't going to average that against the Clippers wings. Denvers had its moments in this series but I just can't see them winning this with their roster right now.
  14. Hats off to Nuggets for getting one tonight. Win is a win.
  15. Coach Budenholzer is definitely going to get the majority of the blame. You can already see it coming from the NBA media/twitter/analysts. There are things he should have answers for when he talks to management: Why wasn't Giannis playing as many minutes as possible to win this? Why isn't Wesley Matthews playing? Etc. It's obviously not all his fault though. He wasn't the one bricking all those threes late in the 4th tonight. Giannis' jumper was MIA tonight too.
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