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  1. Raptors were undefeated at Oracle this year. Plus, the Warriors took two games in Canada. I haven't looked it up, but this is the Finals with the most road wins? Maybe. The key to winning the NBA title next year? Get Patrick McCaw on your team. Three-peat NBA champ. With Klay and Durant injuries, the West might be wide open next year. NBA teams might be a bit more aggressive too after Kawhi win too. Interesting stuff.
  2. Kawhi carried them to the finals, but it must be said: VanVleet was money this series and against the Bucks. It has to one of the most dramatic turnarounds a player has had in a short amount of time. Before his child was born during the Milwaukee series, he couldn't hit the side of a wall at the start of the playoffs. Klay was on his game 6 warpath. Tough to see him go down, and the Warriors injuries during this run finally caught them. I'm not surprised by the outcome of the series since I thought that Raptors had the deeper team with their defense keeping them in every game. Even with Durant out, it still wasn't easy. I thought the series was more entertaining than people were initially giving it credit for, but I think that has turned with the last two games. I wonder if Draymond would have been suspended for game 7 with that last timeout technical? Just kidding...
  3. Durant injury subplot is going to be something. They definitely needed all his points (he can out shooting) while he was out there, yet the decision to play him wasn't a good one no matter who had the call. Offseason stuff going on another level.
  4. People are already going in on Nick Nurse's timeout during Kawhi's last run. I'm not second guessing it because even in the moment I thought it was a strange timeout. However, Nurse has done some out of box things that have worked. Tough.
  5. Wow. This game will be dissected forever. Every nerd dreams.
  6. ESPN says Kevin Durant is playing. Drama at a 10. I cant believe I didn't bet Toronto before the series after all my posts and bolster about them. It better be loud as hell in Air Canada (superior name).
  7. They better liquor up and cortisone shot Durant soon to get him back on that court. Draymond's plan A.
  8. No Durant the first two games. Home field advantage for an East Conference Finals team for the first time against the Warriors. JR Smith isn't on their team. The Dinosaurs can't really ask for better circumstances against the Warriors other than having a healthy OG Anunoby on their team.
  9. Fuck it. Dinosaurs in 7*. *or 5 if you are a believer and not just a hoper like me
  10. First NBA Finals game in Canada, I believe. Happy for Toronto fans and even our own Lawful Metal for getting a win this postseason with Giannis' exit. There's your gift. Hot takes on Giannis have begun. Hope the Raptors grab both of these Durantless games in Toronto. Their best shot.
  11. That dunk... Good ending coming up.
  12. I don't believe in most of the Raptors supporting cast to be consistent on the offensive end, but they have a better personnel of players to build a wall against Giannis than the Celtics, who had a decent game plan for him. Even while hobble, Kawhi is still a monster on the defensive end. Both teams seem to go through awful offensive droughts during the game, which made me squeamish about what the Warriors are going to do them. Van Vleet's threes really saved the day. I don't want to jinx it but I wish I had the balls to bet on the Raptors to make finals before the playoffs started. Don't blow it, Toronto.
  13. These Blazers are pretty much teflon in Portland this year after the Thunder and Nuggets series. Good run. However, this version of their team has nothing for the current Warriors. Nothing. I don't even think that's a vulgar thing to say considering how good the Warriors have been, but I think they'll have to wait for the Warriors to be on the downside of their run to ever be seen as a valid threat to them. 5 straight finals for the Golden State. Not bad...
  14. Damn. The writers lean so hard on Peter Dinklage to do most of the heavy lifting that episode. Somewhere in the second monologue sequence, I imagine the writers giving him a script titled, "Our thoughts on Game of Thrones" and turning a camera on.
  15. My favorite response to Morey's tweet: Twitter has some usefulness.
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