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  1. It's going to be better than that last trash Star Wars flick. @me nerds
  2. Saw it. Movie moved so fast I sometimes couldn’t even process what was going on. Now I have,and I didn't really dig it. Not horrible, but not my favorite. I'm part of the problem too. My negatives *Opening scroll - Palpatine is back. Okay. I wonder how? I wonder why? *Pace - In some ways this might have been a positive when I saw it because there was no time to think about mysterious daggers and lost memories. *Stakes/Consequences - The Chewie fake out felt unnecessary. I would guess most fans of the franchise and/or people who enjoyed the movie didn't want to see Chewie die. Fine. Why even tease it then if you ultimately didn’t have the teeth to go through with it. The resolution to it also felt clunky because they resolve it so quickly while his apparent death is still fresh and just keep moving forward to the next scene. See also: C-3PO sacrifices his memories. *Finn has to tell to Rey something before they die - Why did they keep bringing this up, especially if they weren't going to address it? If it is as lame as "he's force-sensitive”, which isn’t explain in the movie, why would he need to tell Rey this alone? The trope is to declare love or feelings for someone in those dire situations, but they didn’t even play off of that trope. I’m just confuse. *Side Characters - I'm guessing some of them will have a Disney plus future, but man, did they squeeze-in characters in this one who don't get much shine. Zorii and Jannah stand out in that regard. Things I just didn’t like, but I understand why they did it *Rey is Emperor’s Kid. – Eh. I prefer her having no parents of fame or just bite the bullet, and make her Obi-Wan’s abandon kid. I sort of get why they went the way they did even if I don’t agree. * The Kiss - Eh. I felt like they have more of the romantic chemistry vibes in TLJ. I didn't get that vibe by the end of this movie so I wasn't feeling it. Someone let out a "What?" (or maybe it was "No!") in my theater audience, which was more dramatic than the moment. I'm sure others loved it though. Not too stirred up about it. My positives *I like the actors in the main trio and they have chemistry when they are actually in scenes together. It's probably the main reason why I liked Force Awakens the first time I saw it, despite it rehashing old Star Wars plots. *I think Adam Driver was better in the previous movies, but maybe I was just down on Rylo/Ben’s whole redemption arc in this film. However, I did get a kick out of him running into Palpatine’s spot in a black outfit straight out of Kanye West’s clothing line near the end of the movie to assist Rey. We got to see Ben’s fashion style. You wanted answers. *DeathStar scene looked cool. Burning Man scene looked neat. Whether I like the movie or not, I can definitely acknowledge that the set design and costume crew put in work on this film. This movie blows through sets at the fanatic rate and those motherfuckers had keep up and create all of it. *General Armitage Hux - I don't know how I feel about his arc in this one, but the actor playing him seems to be having a good time in this one. Tough break – getting shot as proof he’s not a traitor, and then again shot again for being one *Rey’s yellow lightsaber. Good choice.
  3. Yeah, it's one of caveats (RT isnt the most reliable). I think the TROS audience score will go down because the people most jazz about seeing it are saw it the first and likely the most willing to let people know how they felt. Still, it'll probably be higher than TLJ. I didnt know it was making the internet rounds already. We all want to form a narrative and/or make a hot take ASAP these days. Heh.
  4. Maybe, but probably not. I was curious and took a look at the rotten tomatoes critics and audience scores for The Last Jedi versus The Rise of Skywalker. It's earlier for Rise of Skywalker, but: Almost polar opposite critic and audience scores. Obviously caveats: rotten tomato is not the end all be all of how a film is perceived, of course, and it's quite early to conclude a stable overall audience viewpoint of Rise of Skywalker, but between some of the posts in this thread and other early reviews, I'm not sure about unity with this one either.
  5. I understand a decent amount people still love the show as a whole even now, but people still defending the last season of LOST might get me to open up that old wound. That whole last season was useless imo (dont even care about the ending that both sides harp too much on). One day I'll be over it. Haha ...as for Stars Wars, I might be a bit of a TLJ apologist. It obviously didnt do everything right (I hear yall; those casino scenes/plot were not my cup of tea either) but at least it took or at least attempted to go in weird directions and take some chances. It might be because I'm not a true Star Wars head but I wanted the trilogy to get weird and try out of canon things. Everything I'm reading sounds like Rise of Skywalker went the safe route which what I expected and fine for Disney's bottom line, but I was still hoping against it. However, maybe the overall fanbase who disliked TLJ will dig this one, even if the overall critic sentiment is less than enthusiastic about it. I mean, the overall critic sentiment was positive about TLJ so... Anyway, my low expectations might help my viewing experience.
  6. I hope Jim Boylen lasts as long as possible just to have more "we couldn't tell this story while he was the head coach" anecdotes that will come out after he's gone. Sorry, not sorry, Bulls fans.
  7. On a softer note... Steph is great but I would have been surprise to see him get through this season in particular without injury and missing games. I don't think he's built for this type of workload in a 82 game season now. All eyes on Draymond now.
  8. The Rockets is a league pass team for all the wrong reasons imo, but I just can't look away.
  9. It's early, but Pascal Siakam has been ballin so far this year. Hope he keeps it up. Not sure how the Celtics came back in the Bucks game because they were down by like 18 when I watched for a few minutes. Bucks season is one to watch out for this year. The Rockets and The Wizards are going for 300 combined points. Defense ain't dead.
  10. Most people likely remember the first Hangover movie fondly. Most people likely don't think about the sequels at all. I dont think there's anything complicated or revisionist about it.
  11. Daniel Bryan's run > CM Punk's run. Forever and ever.
  12. Here for Lawful Metal's face turn on Russell Westbrook next season. Also, here for Daryl Morey's potential sad twitter updates on the Rockets' win-less record against the Warriors next season and his Westbrook/Harden Co-MVP campaign.
  13. Load management and health will be a big theme next season with all the top heavy teams. The number of minutes Lebron has played and AD's injury history are legit concerns. Kawhi and PG aren't exactly examples of perfect health either. PG's MVP season went to hell after his shoulder stuff and if there's one mystery left with Kawhi, it's his injuries. Who will be closest to 100 percent during the playoffs is obviously key but a lot of that will depend on if the supporting cast can hold up w/o them during the season. Kawhi had that in Toronto last season. PG and Lebron did not. Waiting to see how Clippers fill out the roster. Also they'll still be moves to make midseason.
  14. Also no one reported/knew Paul George requested a trade until today? Jeez...
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