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  1. _MJ_


    I saw A Star Is Born and yeah...that "Shallow" song at the very least will be nominated.
  2. _MJ_

    James Bond XXV

    I'm intrigue by the Fukunaga news, but if anyone has the odds on him also leaving the project over "creative differences/finance concerns", I'm ready to place my bet now.
  3. _MJ_


    I may be alone in this opinion, but out of all the things I didn't like about the Justice League movie, I thought Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman finally hit the proper tone (admittedly, my prefer tone so my argument is bias here) near the end of the movie. I thought they finally found the balance of corny, moral boyscout who has to restraint himself from fully unleashing his all-consuming powers, which I largely haven't seen in any Superman movie. The "corny but don't fuck with him" balance, if you will. Basically, Bruce Timm's Superman.
  4. _MJ_

    Oscars 2019.

    These changes all boil down to DISNEY owning almost all of pop film now, right? I mean, ABC broadcasts the Oscars. ABC is owned by the Mouse. There is gossip out there in the dirty sheets(?) focusing on ABC pushing the Oscar people for changes. Dots can be connected. I'm sure the ratings for last year's show is a factor too. I think the Oscars could use a lot of updating and shots in the arm because who, under 25, gives a damn about the traditions of a Hollywood awards show? However, this one feels lazy and depending on how they define "popular" kind of insulting to films in the Best Picture category and some of the films that will end up in the category itself. Oh well. They should release the voting numbers though.
  5. _MJ_


    I'll give you Shazam. It looks like a good mix of fun and lightness (no, not Marvel levels necessarily), but that Aquaman trailer, not so fast. I don't know who in marketing thought ending the trailer with, slight paraphrasing here, "REDHEADS, THEY BE CRAZY, AM I RIGHT?" was the best line to use to sale the movie and leave a lasting impression, but I obviously disagree with their strategy. Also, the other bits didn't thrill me either. We'll see, but not high on my rotten tomato list next summer.
  6. _MJ_


    I'm not going to pretend I'm not going to watch the Buffy reboot pilot, at least, so I'll just say good luck....okay, just one thing - I think if they went with a Buffy spinoff with a black lead doing her own thing it would be a smarter move
  7. _MJ_

    Disney buys Fox confirmed.

    Oh this won't have any consequences. Don't worry. Shut up. Here's a sparkly thing.
  8. _MJ_


    I get wanting to trade DeRozan or Lowry. Not sure I would do it for Kawhi even for the cap space if he leaves. Cap space doesn't mean much when preferred destinations also have it and free agents aren't flocking there. You end up overpaying for someone like Tyler Johnson or Dion Waiters.
  9. _MJ_


    Any lingering Y: The Last Man heads on this forum? They might finally be doing it. A real life adaptation:
  10. _MJ_


    I saw SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and I'm still gathering my thoughts...but definitely worth viewing. It's weirder than the trailer and takes swings. Feels new. Give it a shot, people.
  11. _MJ_


    Tim Duncan wasthis close to teaming up with Grant Hill and T-Mac in Orlando. This one is great because it would have been T-Mac and Tim Duncan's prime years so no one can do the whole "they were chasing rings when they were old so it's okay" excuse. Doc Rivers blew it though. I await the Anthony Davis rumors soon.
  12. _MJ_


    It's only different because Lebron, a free agent, got to choose where he wanted to play instead of some old rich white dudes. I mean, that's what it comes down to really. If the claim is that this is Lebron's fault because he didn't stay on that Cavs team then it's a poor one and ignores history. I think there's a much more interesting story on looking into the start of "HOF player A doesn't have rings, which means he's a choker, overrated, not as good as HOF player B, etc". Power to do it is one thing. Why they(players) do it might require fans and the sports media to look at themselves and their role in it, which isn't as easy as blaming Lebron, Durant, even the goddamn Celtics.
  13. _MJ_


    Kwahi's health too, which it seems to be still up in the air weirdly. Both risks but gambling is going to be legal in California soon. Also I think Kevin Love is capable but I think his injury history says relying on him to be the number one will catch up with you.
  14. _MJ_


    This particular NBA conspiracy(and there are a couple) is odd to me because I'm always waiting on someone to give me a reasonable explanation why the league hasn't done the same for their legitimate most valuable franchise, the Knicks, over the past two decades. I guess you could argue they don't need to but even when the Knicks sniff excitement (Linsanity or that 50 win Melo/Amare team), the coverage is over-the-top.
  15. _MJ_


    Celtics management should be helping Lebron pack as we speak and squealing in glee. Raptors flying the plane. Jeez. The Eastern top teams need to go all in. I selfishly wanted him in Philly because with Leonard that could have been a defensive monster, but I'm sure he went the family happiness route. Can't hate. Oh yeah, and congrats to the Warriors.* *If they stay healthy