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  1. I hope Jim Boylen lasts as long as possible just to have more "we couldn't tell this story while he was the head coach" anecdotes that will come out after he's gone. Sorry, not sorry, Bulls fans.
  2. On a softer note... Steph is great but I would have been surprise to see him get through this season in particular without injury and missing games. I don't think he's built for this type of workload in a 82 game season now. All eyes on Draymond now.
  3. The Rockets is a league pass team for all the wrong reasons imo, but I just can't look away.
  4. It's early, but Pascal Siakam has been ballin so far this year. Hope he keeps it up. Not sure how the Celtics came back in the Bucks game because they were down by like 18 when I watched for a few minutes. Bucks season is one to watch out for this year. The Rockets and The Wizards are going for 300 combined points. Defense ain't dead.
  5. Most people likely remember the first Hangover movie fondly. Most people likely don't think about the sequels at all. I dont think there's anything complicated or revisionist about it.
  6. Daniel Bryan's run > CM Punk's run. Forever and ever.
  7. Here for Lawful Metal's face turn on Russell Westbrook next season. Also, here for Daryl Morey's potential sad twitter updates on the Rockets' win-less record against the Warriors next season and his Westbrook/Harden Co-MVP campaign.
  8. Load management and health will be a big theme next season with all the top heavy teams. The number of minutes Lebron has played and AD's injury history are legit concerns. Kawhi and PG aren't exactly examples of perfect health either. PG's MVP season went to hell after his shoulder stuff and if there's one mystery left with Kawhi, it's his injuries. Who will be closest to 100 percent during the playoffs is obviously key but a lot of that will depend on if the supporting cast can hold up w/o them during the season. Kawhi had that in Toronto last season. PG and Lebron did not. Waiting to see how Clippers fill out the roster. Also they'll still be moves to make midseason.
  9. Also no one reported/knew Paul George requested a trade until today? Jeez...
  10. Woke up and I was totally confused about this news. None of the NBA insiders had this possibility on their chart. Haha. I guess more should have been made of the report that Kawhi may have contacted Kevin Durant about teaming up with the Clippers before Durant signed with Brooklyn. If true, it gives you a little insight on what Kawhi was asking for from the Clips. The leaked stories that will come out of the Lakers and Raptors camps now will be entertaining and likely spiteful. I can already see Kawhi's camp pushing "He didn't want to create another Superteam" angle for the Lakers and he never wanted to stay in Toronto, but I'm not buying the leaked stuff was a factor. Kawhi's camp was playing the game behind the scenes, it seems, and got (mostly) what they wanted from the Clippers; I can buy that version. He knew about the Lakers and Toronto situations at the start of free agency so to hold off telling them the last couple of days, makes me wonder if they were being used as leverage to get the Clips to make a move. Clippers need to "load manage" the hell out of Kawhi and Paul George. Same with AD/Lebron. Those guys (well, not Lebron until recently) whole season depends on them being healthy during the playoffs. And yes, Beverly, a healthy Kawhi, and a healthy Paul George is a scary sight on the defensive end. Sweet nightmares. Next season will be grand. New favors everywhere in the NBA. And...we need to talk about the Russell Westbrook situation.
  11. I'll admit I haven't watch a full episode of the Lucifer tv show, but I know I would get bored with it fast. I normally don't get too riled up about tv/film adaptations of books I enjoy because no matter what, it doesn't change the story you enjoyed so why not? However, Mike Carey's Lucifer comic series was very good (it's been awhile since I read it admittedly, but there are things about it that I like even more than Sandman) that I know I would get bored with a "loose" CW style adaptation, even if Netflix owns it now. I would not mind then using Tom Ellis(I heard he has a following so the more eyeballs the better...) to play Lucifer as a nod to the connected universe but if they do, I hope it's a different version of the Lucifer from the show. Yeah, the best thing about this it will inspired me to read the run again. The Endless casting will be fun too.
  12. Season of Mists is my favorite volume too, and I hope they get a proper Lucifer. That volume would be one of the more difficult to translate into tv/film medium.
  13. It was just Celtics Great, Kevin McHale, trading former MVP of the league, Kevin Garnett, from Minnesota to McHale's former team for...I don't even remember. But that, of course, is the right way to form a "superteam" so it doesn't get the same ire.
  14. While going with an unknown may be wise, if Netflix really is putting a ton of money behind it, a bigger name might get attached to play Dream/Morpheus for their adaptation. Adam Driver/Tom Hiddleston types?
  15. I posted the Neil Gaiman "Sandman" to Netflix as a TV series news in the Comics Section, but I wanted to discuss it here too since it'll get more traction. Not sure if it works as a live-adaptation, but at least they did the right thing by making it a television series. Excited.
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