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  1. The government should bust them up and other ones like them too. However, they also rolled this out wisely, generated positive buzz, and obliterated Apple's service announcement. They were going get a lot people's money even if it was 15 dollars a month due to the properties they own and people's fanaticism over them. The price point gets them more positive headlines/buzz and grabs casual and fringe interested parties. You can always slowly hike prices down the line anyway. I don't necessary want to support them either but I don't know if this is where I would draw a line in the sand when I'll be buying a ticket for Rise of Skywalker (bad title) one month later. All depressing and hypocritical.
  2. Is it weird that Brock Lesnar lost the title at Mania by pinfall and it doesn't sound as if it's even of Top 5 things of interest in show? No? Okay. Moving on. I doubt they'll give Kofi a long reign but more interested in how they'll frame it within the New Day team.
  3. I'm willing to bet this is more likely to happen in the future than cutting the show to 3-4 hours. People should be moving that idea more because the annual "the show is too long" Mania complaints doesn't seem to be moving the needle with the WWE.
  4. I like Dream's character more, but Riddle impressed me with his athleticism (first time I've seen him wrestle in full) I don't think jaedmc's comparing Riddle to Kurt Angle was a compliment (and I'm not disputing the comparison), but I actually think that's exactly why he could (emphasis on "could") work on the main roster, especially if they go the frat bro/elite athlete heel version at first.
  5. Reading the Royal Rumble 2019 thread and then this one is sobering. The Askua takes and predictions are a bit different.
  6. Finally saw Spiderverse. Favorite one. Spider-man confirmed as the best superhero. Don't @ me Batman/Squirrel girl stanleys.
  7. I have little interest in watching a Triple-H vs. Batista match in 2019, but I am interesting in popping in and watching segments to a overall storyline based around their feud, especially if they are going to let Batista do this thing and just be the bad guy here. Give me the storyline and I'll do taxes during the match or something. Strange.
  8. The Asuka booking will be quite interesting next couple weeks because I remember the debates and even optimism in the Royal Rumble thread on here directly after Askua tapped out Becky. I thought after you go with the tap out ending you should push Askua hard leading to Mania because she is a clear next opponent for one of the losers (or even winner) of the triple-threat Main Event at Mania. We'll see.
  9. Maybe it's time to let the old ways die.
  10. It's over now. Jessica Jones and Punisher canned on Netflix.
  11. Thread delivered. I mean, there's a damn side conversation about Eminem's Stan song and it's contribution to the American lexicon (yes, "stans" has been a thing for a long time now). Plus the DVDVR poster battle lines are drawn and defined on the upcoming Becky/Charlotte/Rhonda Wrestlemania debate. I love it. Reminded me of old green DVDVR. 10 pages plus and all.
  12. It's not fair for me to judge where they're going with the storyline before they even do the first Smackdown afterwards, but I agreed the "Becky passes out and Askua wins" option sounds the best on paper. You can still do all the Askua taunting stuff and plant the seeds for a future "Becky still hasnt beaten Askua" feud yet it still keeps Becky looking tough. It's been long enough; you can crib this Austin moment without fear.
  13. Asuka's clean tap out and win over Becky yesterday only makes sense if they are pushing Asuka in a similar sense to what you described. Does nothing for either otherwise. If they forget about it in 2 weeks, that's all you need to know about their plans.
  14. This Bumblebee movie is still getting rave reviews. What is happening?
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