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  1. Bam's block was beautiful and if he ever gets a shoe deal it should played in slow mo for his commercial. I jolted up when I saw it in real time because it was so clean. Tweet from Mike Beuoy (@inpredict) Mike Beuoy (@inpredict) Tweeted: Nuggets series win probability: Game 5, down 13, Q3 1:25 : 0.2% Game 6, down 19, Q3 10:10 : 0.4% It's currently 95%. https://twitter.com/inpredict/status/1306070492952977413?s=20
  2. I didn't want to say shit so I didn't jinx it but Denver winning this is an all timer. I gave them very little chance to do it at the start and next to nothing after Clippers went up 3-1. Wow. This is a big one. After Pat Beverly huff and puff all season too. Nothing is over.
  3. https://twitter.com/dmorey/status/1301920092901474304?s=20 Morey is going to send the league office another 100 plus page report on how the Rockets would have won the championship if Danuel House wasn't busted.
  4. I just started feeling bad for Siakam at the end there. He didn't give up but he's limited offensively and Boston figured him out. They still had a shot to win it even with his play.
  5. They definitely put on the game earlier due to NFL game. There was a story on ESPN, where some of the Lakers were complaining about all their consecutive late night starts so they should been happy about it.
  6. Veteran presence factor can't be measure by analytics and nerd numbers.
  7. NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) Tweeted: Jamal Murray is shooting 26-68 (38%) from the field against the Clippers in the semifinals https://t.co/JSzTI6WvTH https://twitter.com/TheNBACentral/status/1303908778849566721?s=20
  8. Clippers sleepwalking through whoever came out of the Utah/Denver series was highly predictable. I have been talking (whining) about in here for a bit now. Averging 40 plus points from Murray/Mitchell was nice and all between two "happy to be there" teams but Murray wasn't going to average that against the Clippers wings. Denvers had its moments in this series but I just can't see them winning this with their roster right now.
  9. Hats off to Nuggets for getting one tonight. Win is a win.
  10. Coach Budenholzer is definitely going to get the majority of the blame. You can already see it coming from the NBA media/twitter/analysts. There are things he should have answers for when he talks to management: Why wasn't Giannis playing as many minutes as possible to win this? Why isn't Wesley Matthews playing? Etc. It's obviously not all his fault though. He wasn't the one bricking all those threes late in the 4th tonight. Giannis' jumper was MIA tonight too.
  11. Incredible win for the Heat. The Bucks getting beat like this needs to be a bigger story.
  12. Conely's last second heeve was pretty damn close to going in though. Jeez. A huge misake by Denver there.
  13. Yeah it was a fun series. Yet this is why I said either team is food for the Clippers next round, barring injuries. I hope I'm wrong though.
  14. The Mavericks are a fun little story and all but they arent winning this series without Porzingis playing and playing well for that matter.
  15. Porzingis is out again. Very bad break for the Mavericks. I wonder about Porzingis long term health going forward.
  16. Kawhi was playing amazing defense on Luka late in the fourth. He wasn't giving him an inch. Even Morris was giving Luka problems near the end. Yet, the Clippers switches led to Reggie Jackson(maybe Lu Williams once too) on Luka in a couple of key moments. Obviously not the matchup the Clippers want in those situations... Lu Williams is just an offensive machine and nearly cover for Paul George's terrible shooting night. Kawhi knows how to get to his spots(also knows how to use push offs to lose defenders) and just hit shots. I believe after tonight's game Maxi Kleber is shooting 1-17
  17. Ain't nothing better than great fucking basketball. That OT had everything. Oh SHIT
  18. Yep but did they show how he recovered from the "What's is Reality" episode? My memory is foggy. The Riddler's Reform episode is a fun one to bring up because if Riddler really was trying to reform (yeah yeah, he wasn't....I know) but if he was, then Batman is just stalking him at that point and being one of those "you're always be a felon to me" type of folk with authority. Which I guess is what some of you are gleefully talking about in here in regards to Batman.
  19. That Riddler episode on B:TAS with the maze was one of the best. Although it should have basically eliminated him as a villain on the show.
  20. The quality thing for using Vimeo was something I thought might be a reason too. I was trying to "follow the money" by doing half-hearted Googling to see if Warner Bros/AT&T had some type of partnership with Vimeo's parent company (IAC) and/or if Warner Bros/AT&T had beef with Google (Youtube's parent company) recently. Nothing stuck out but I wasn't trying hard on this holy day.
  21. Wait, that's Matt Reeve's verified Vimeo account? I now need to know why Matt Reeves used Vimeo to host the teaser of all places.
  22. Luka getting legitimately hurt this time (this man can ball but he is on the ground at least once per game after contact) probably bails the Clippers out from having a tougher series now. Sigh. Oh well. Hope Luka isn't done but we'll see. Also, I'll admit I haven't watched ever second of this series but has Maxi Kleber ever made a three? This is reaching Rockets missing 27 straight threes status (sorry Lawful Metal).
  23. Not at all confident in this "3rd Seeded" Nuggets squad even if they rally in this series, which I think is still possible.
  24. Mavericks offense is usually good, but they blow too many big leads for me to have any real faith in them. That said, they have played the Clippers tough both games, one of which Porzingis got thrown out, so I hope they keep proving me wrong. Their bench showed up today. Boban had some damn moments and a fun interview with Inside the NBA crew. Good win.
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