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  1. Is Cain Velazquez still under WWE contract?
  2. Didn't Cena already put out that he's filming a movie currently so he wouldn't be available for Wrestlemania? I think that would rule him out....?
  3. Shaq needs to really sell this vanishing act and not show up for all star weekend.
  4. As of now, the HoF worthy signee and last ladder match entrant are theoretically not the same person.
  5. That would be awesome but I think the New Japan Cup rules out any big singles stars coming through the Forbidden Door this month.
  6. So who do we think will be the final entrant for the ladder match??
  7. That Brandon Walker guy from Barstool has was on the last Takeover pre-show and was on Dynamite tonight. Do you think Vince or Paul invites him back to Orlando...? Lol
  8. Dug the show alot! Shaq took a great table bump. ONITA TULLY JJ JJ'S SHOE...! Freaking SURREAL! REVOLUTION is gonna be a blast....literally and figuratively.
  9. Please please please . That's the show with Pillman/Liger too, right?
  10. I'm sure NBC must've laid down parameters and expectations regarding content when they signed the deal.
  11. I remember them in Montreal. International Wrestling had a working agreement with the AWA so I thought the Long Riders coming in was part of that. Thanks for the info
  12. How was Scott "Hog" Irwin's death handled on TV? Was he still teaming with Bill as the Long Riders in the AWA at the time he passed or had they moved on by then?
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