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  1. @Lawful Metal your Harden fervor is making me look so forward to basketball coming back. Cheers!
  2. The past couple months he's been one of the best defenders in the league.
  3. Im talking about in the context of the top dogs taking their teams to the promise land. But ok lol What about Finals MVPs?
  4. What if the metric is NBA Championships and Finals MVP Awards?
  5. At one point wasn't there a rumor that WCW was going to bring in Lawler in 91 when Flair left?
  6. The problem with the QT thing...what's the payoff? Allie turns on him and makes him look like a geek? QT turns on Dustin...and then what? I don't think anyone cares enough about QT right now for him to be anything without being affiliated with the Nightmare fam. Too early for dissention in the tag team.
  7. It's crazy that Harley Race was only 44 when he wrestled JYD at Mania 3. He seemed so much older. He wasn't even 50 when he was managing Vader and seemed ancient.
  8. Didn't El Matador have a clean pinfall win against the Undertaker in Spain?
  9. Is there a vid online of the Headshrinkers squash where Fatu splashes the jobber on the floor from the top rope?
  10. As David stands by and proclaims, "THEY LIKE IT! THEY LIKE IT!!!"
  11. As a Steelers fan, I'm supposed to hate everything Bengals...but this Joe Burrow seems like a good kid.
  12. Am i the only one that is bothered that Taz says "Brother" instead of "BROTHA" now?
  13. Maybe to build to Tyson vs Jericho at All Out?
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