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  1. Wow...I remember that dude Gery Roif when he posted at Wrestlingclassics back in the day. Pretty cool that he started a promotion.
  2. They are also taping in the 29th and 30th in Toronto. That's...alot of TV tapings for one week lol
  3. Good for Josh. I got to see him and Pete Dunne have one hell of a match and he more than held his own.
  5. Given that AEW tv is supposed to start in October, isn't the next couple months the best time to ask for a release? Even with a 90 day no compete, there's plenty time for shocking TV debuts.
  6. HOLY SHIT! Kojima and Nagata are coming over for War of the Worlds!!! Did I mention I got front row seats??? Oh and GoD and Goto are confirmed for the tour so far too. Toronto is getting PCO challenging for the ROH title too...that should be pretty fun!
  7. Looks like the Super Smash Bros are headed to AEW! So happy for them.
  8. Owen teamed with Ricky Morton in WCW too. Pretty sure the match is up on YouTube.
  9. When is the next set of tapings?
  10. Re: ROH signing those 2 jagoffs to multi year deals To quote Randy Orton... "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!!!" And there's no way NJPW would want them on the War of the Worlds shows, right? The shows are in 3 weeks...hope they start announcing NJPW talent and matches soon.
  11. My only concern is that Columbus stole the first 2 on the road last year as well and then lost in 6 lol
  12. So who had Columbus up 2-0 leaving Tampa??
  13. If there were fan plants sitting alongside Enzo and Cass, you would think that they would've had someone take some good cell phone footage of the whole situation so it could've been "leaked" without it being ROH footage. But that makes too much sense.
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