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  1. Well said. That Luger comparison is spot on, IMO.
  2. Lol I knew Slater and Valentine were in there somehow.
  3. Yeah Orton's landing made me cringe...damn. Big Dave should've done a better job clearing the monitors.
  4. Weren't Valentine and Slater the last US tag champs? Or was that Terry Taylor and Greg Valentine? Too lazy too Google...but that was around the end of summer 1992.
  5. Didn't the keep Orndorff on standby just in case Andre's health acted up?
  6. Pollock and Bauer touched on the Mauro subject in their last podcast. He does have some mental (bipolar?) issues and a super hectic schedule, and has gone dark on social media. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious and he's back on TV soon.
  7. I think it was HIPLOCK!!!!!! HIPLOOOOOCK!!!!
  8. Kurt Angle, RAW GM post-Mania? Well...he does have GM experience...
  9. If it's widely known the night of that Goldberg isn't contractually extended past Mania, what are the chances of the crowd turning on him like at 20?
  10. WWE really fucked up not having Roman go over Brock at 31. Give the babyface a memorable win. Seth could've cashed in when Brock got his rematch instead.
  11. After all these years on this board, I'm not sure if the dolts that put these threads on the road to being locked are really really stupid, or an asshole. Or both. SMH.
  12. Is that being uploaded today?
  13. It would be great if Lawler had the pull to get Lance into the WWE HOF while he's still with us.
  14. You're right. I totally remember JBB being gone around when Vader left. My bad.