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  1. Honestly, I'd be happy with that. Let this core group get a couple more kicks at the can and then have a ton of cap space to build around the youngsters or a total rebuild.
  2. Ah I get what you're saying. I don't picture anything out of the big cities in Florida as being very cultured lol. But it not like your staying there for a week. Have a couple meals, watch the show, and sleep in your hotel, and leave. And I'm sure the actual AEW crowd will be diverse and cool...that's where you will have the most interactions.
  3. Daytona is pretty tourist heavy. Why do you think you wouldn't be welcomed?
  4. No more Cornette? I wonder if there will be any venom towards MLW or any of their talent on his podcasts in the near future.
  5. Soooo....word on the street is that Kawhi enrolled his daughter at a school in Toronto for next year.
  6. Wrestling 2 extra matches to not wrestle one match sounds like some classic Steiner math lol
  7. I dunno. If all the teams are in the tournament, what's the point of "win this match so you don't have a first round match"?
  8. Maybe they'll do a US title defence for Mox in Dallas?
  9. Infinit

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    Are the stories I've seen about Kota having vision issues after the Naito match legit?
  10. There are quite a few wrestling hotbeds / tourist destinations where they could theoretically run TV 3-4 times a year and draw strong. Off the top of my head, Chicago, NYC/Philly/DC, North Carolina/JCP region, New Orleans/Mid South region, Vegas, and of course Toronto. Plus various spots in Florida, Cali and Texas. And then fill in the blank dates and build underserved markets.
  11. I think TV will be fine if they book mid sized/intimate/cool looking venues, at least for the first while.
  12. I'm reporting you to CSIS. Your Canadian citizenship is getting revoked, pal
  13. I was just in the middle of the madness at Yonge and Dundas. At a loss for words. Just awesome. I can't stop smiling.
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