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  1. I think Hawk's last high profile match from that run was teaming with Sting vs the Nasty Boys for the tag titles at Starrcade 1993.
  2. Don't really watch college fb...where is Pickett ranked as an NFL prospect in next years draft?
  3. I'm sure you're going to get some good stuff to go along with what's already announced. Hope you have an amazing time!
  4. Chargers unis look dope af today
  5. Marcus Semien is tied for most home runs by a second baseman, ever. He must be up there for one of the best free agent signings, ever. And probably the best ever to perform on a one year contract....well actually second to Robbie Ray lol.
  6. Wasn't Checkmate from World Class billed from The Isle of Man?
  7. My dream is them coming up to Toronto and doing a show at BMO Field.
  8. I think they have shown that they need a bigger venue than Hammerstein. And would they want to deal with all the union bs?
  9. Re: Cody How could they NOT boo someone with such an obnoxiously long cape??
  10. Yeah the timeslot is rough. I wonder how they are going to sequence the matches...will Punk bat leadoff like Kenny/BD did last night? Or main event, given that the show is taped and they can shuffle stuff around?
  11. It will be interesting to see how close to a million they get on Friday night.
  12. That's right. At the end of the day Jr is still a tag guy. He has time to grow and get better. MJF needed to get back some asshole shine after the Jericho stuff and this short program did the job.
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