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  1. So...Raw drafted Bliss and Cross separately, when they could've drafted them as a package, thus wasting a pick. Then they trade them so SD for nothing? As Booker would say... WHUT THA HALE???
  2. I haven't paid attention during every entrance for all the shows with the double tunnels...have they been consistent with one being a face tunnel and one being a heel tunnel?
  3. As much as I love Corny talking old school and don't take his views on the modern product very seriously, I do like him breaking down tv shows from a technical standpoint, given his experience writing, formatting and producing wrestling shows.
  4. It's a damned shame that NJPW World doesn't have more peak 92-94 Steiners matches uploaded.
  5. The Bills are a game behind without the Texans and Chiefs on their schedule. I think it will matter if the Pats are the same world beaters they are now when they play teams with winning records.
  6. Mox's AEW theme doesn't hold a candle to his NJPW theme.
  7. That Philly, Dallas, Houston, KC stretch will tell us what kind of team the Pat's are.
  8. They've also played the Dolphins, Jets, Slurs, a depleted Giants team with a rookie QB and a bad Steelers team.
  9. Vader's powerbomb was never called the Vader Bomb...that's why Vader and Sid were called The Masters of the Powerbomb. It was always the second rope inverted jumping splash for what I recall.
  10. RE: Tony and the Vader Bomb. I'm pretty sure the Vader Bomb was called the Vader Bomb in 93 when Tony was calling Vader matches in WCW. Weird that he made a point of being surprised that it was called that.
  11. Are we sure the Pats are that good? Only good team they played, the Bills, they barely beat. I'm pretty sure the game tonight would be way different with all the injured Giants playing.
  12. That was a fun, fast 2 hours. Really hope they pull a great rating.
  13. Bottom of the sixth now. I can see it done on time with a few quick innings, given that it's a blowout.
  14. If this was WWE, Orange Cassidy and Isaiah Cassidy would somehow be relatives lol
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