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  1. Ricochet is kind of like Jeff Cobb. They seem to have more physical charisma when they are masked. I'd also draw a comparison to Brad Armstrong, who was a great worker but super bland but seemed to be better at playing a character under a hood as Badstreet and to a lesser extent as Arachniman.
  2. @Dolfan in NYC Fair and wise, like King Solomon
  3. I think that the door was made of super lightweight material...although I'm sure it still stung. Edit: looking at it again, probably what hurt the most was the impact with the buckle of the strapping.
  4. No...sorry I should've been a bit more clear, that post wasn't directed at the Cardona shirt, it was more a general statement on some of the designs I've seen in this thread.
  5. You know there's an ignore function on the board where you can actually not see any of his posts, right?
  6. I'd love to see the sales stats on some of these shirts lol
  7. The thing about Facebook, and pretty much any social media, is that you can curate your own experience. Follow who you want, friend who you want, like what you want. I keep my social media experience as positive as possible by doing my best to ensure that my timeline matches my own energy as much as possible. For example if I have friends on Facebook who have a run of negative/anti my energy posts, I have no problem giving them a 30 day snooze lol. I'm not saying that I live in an echo chamber...I think it's important to be exposed to well thought out opposing views, to a degree. For exam
  8. I really like Darby, but him being the hot tag against a team with Archer and Cage wouldn't be the best way to book that match.
  9. I know they were doing Dead Presidents...but Santana looked like old Great Muta too. Fucking dope.
  10. Maybe related to his competitive eating?
  11. Its gonna be weird when Mia Yim is revealed as a member after they jumped Keith Lee.
  12. Raptors sign COTY Nick Nurse to a multi year extension.
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