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  1. Leafs put up a great fight...I'm excited for what's to come for this group. And I'm happy that the Habs lost. And I'm happy that the Pens are probably gonna steal the Cap's lunch money again lol.
  2. Holy shit...I'm doing a European trip this summer, and my first night on the other side of the pond is Saturday July 8th in London. Which happens to be the same night as the British J Cup. I wasn't planning on doing anything wrestling related, but I just might check it out.
  3. Because Toronto rocks??? So who else is going to the Toronto show?
  4. She's clearly doing an Elaine Benes gimmick.
  5. Bravo to John Cone for one of the best ref bumps, ever.
  6. Remember all those "hockey experts" that said that the Caps would manhandle the Leafs...?? It looks like we have a series, BAYBAYY!
  7. Re: the Mr 450 situation Yeah, DV situations are not the best webs to be entangled in. But by reading what we all did, someone could've let her stay in their room, if she was banging on doors asking for help, until authorities arrived , IMO.
  8. Have they announced anything for the Toronto show yet?
  9. Eddie was also Sting's buddy/second in 1989 during the Muta feud. So him being the Scorpion and turning on Sting could've been understandable, theoretically.
  10. PN News didn't debut in WCW until May 91.
  11. I read that JR is back with the WWE on a 2 yr contract.
  12. At first glance, the bottom of HHH'S jacket looked like "The Defecator" lol
  13. Barton and Steele had some great matches with Tenzan and Kojima in 01
  14. I posted this in the main March thread and totally spaced that this would be a better spot. My buddy Randy Reign was booked for the NOAH Global Tag League this year, teaming with Cody Hall. I'm super excited for him and looking forward to seeing him match up against the NOAH crew!
  15. Dawson and Dash better have jumped Ricky right after that picture was taken.