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  1. I'm liking the Drew and Sheamus duo. A babyface champion with friends on the roster may be a revolutionary idea for WWE but it was one of the things that made seem Hogan likeable, especially at the beginning of his run. I could dig Sheamus being the loyal, ass kicking best buddy for an extended period. They better not pull a nonsense turn in 3 weeks.
  2. No classic episode drop this month?
  3. I see know problem with Page being an Anxious Millennial Cowboy. His evolution has the potential to be a fantastic story and his transformation into Confident Ass Kicking Cowboy Ace could be $$$ if done right.
  4. Perfect season > fantasy football, pal.
  5. Another 4th quarter Wentz INT. Like clockwork lol
  6. Couldn't the Niners game have been played at 830 or 9pm local time so they could've staggered the games instead of having 2 games head to head?
  7. Fuuuuuuuuck Deshaun is my fantasy QB. Not good.
  8. Considering the political leanings of the top brass, she might get a raise lol
  9. Is this show available in full? Did anything notable happen on it other than that entrance?
  10. He meant Mike Evans, I was just busting balls lol
  11. And poor Lee Evans wasn't even playing!
  12. Remember I told you guys about my friends who produced those cool videos that AEW featured on Dynamite? One of them, Harv Glazer, directed a movie on Sweet Daddy Siki, which is now available on the American version of Amazon Prime. Y'all should check it out! Edit: here's the link to the trailer
  13. To that point, I had never seen Flair as a vulnerable, underdog babyface. It really humanized him to me.
  14. That was absolutely ridiculous.
  15. So if a player contracts Covid outside of the building, is it still deemed a football injury? Would they get paid still even though they got infected through their own negligence?
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