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  1. When did Ryan Tannehill become a good QB?
  2. Lol that's Cottonelle soft bro. Brushes his beard and he dramatically tossed his head back. But Lowry actually gets hit in the face and it's the biggest flop of the year. Riiiiiight.
  3. Even the ones where he clearly wasn't touched and throws his head back dramatically? Lol Please explain the call vs DeRozan @ the 1:13 mark.
  4. Here are some Academy Award examples (Lowry is nowhere near the acting levels of Harden and Lebron lol) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RP9wFKh55xg&t=39s
  5. Dude no Harden mark should ever complain or point out others flopping lol
  6. That was before Graves became "Unbearable Raw/SDL Corey" tho
  7. Maybe if Harden shot better than 11/38 and 4/20 from 3 (and Westbrook 7/30 & 1/6) last night, no one would be bitching about one missed call.
  8. I agree...Clay Matthews not being a HOFer is a glaring omission.
  9. Pretty sure the Rockets lost tonight because they crapped the bed in the 4th and were outscored 34-18. Motherfuckers cost me $$$ for not playing D and not closing out a 7-14 team...nevermind one bad call lol
  10. Harden has 44 so far tonight...but on 10/33 and 4/19 from 3. That really isn't that impressive. Is this what his stat line is usually like?
  11. SUPERSTARS shouldn't have to be worrying about mortgage payments.
  12. Who would do play by play?
  13. Sucks that they're making the cruiserweights JTTSs. They couldn't find a hometown jobber ( or 2) for Drew to destroy instead of Tozawa?
  14. So who is this Grogan/Logan dude? Where has he worked? Does he have any indy street cred?
  15. What about Dijakovic as their heater?
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