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  1. Omega/Yano was a hoot. Goodtimes.
  2. I was thinking more about (after a quick Google search) Jeet Rama and Kishan Raftar, who debuted on the India tour in January 2016.
  3. There are 2 Indian guys in NXT no? Could they possibly part of Jinder's crew in the future?
  4. Thanks...I totally spaced on on that 90/91 WCW stuff. The reason I asked is because I saw a short clip of the Hayes interview with JBL and he mentioned that Robert Gibson got him his first job in the business in Pensacola. Weird that at some point in the 80s that the Birds and RnR didn't have an extended feud.
  5. Did the Freebirds and Rock and Roll Express ever have a major program anywhere? I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  6. How many NWO members are still active? Are Big Show, Tenzan and Kojima the last 3?
  7. Glad to see the writers finally got Seth to do something to make his character seem likeable. They really need to create a dominant heel stable/faction on Raw that would warrant a reunion of the Shield...the pop is gonna be nuclear and it should be a license to print money.
  8. That makes sense, given he lives in Canada...
  9. Photo

    I got to meet and hang out for a minute with Kushida after the ROH show here. Super nice guy. Officially one of my fave NJPW dudes.
  10. Charles and Lido!!
  11. I'll take 2 years of Marleau being a veteran leader for the young Leafs.
  12. We're spring chickens compared to wrestlingclassics lol
  13. We're spring chickens compared to wrestlingclassics lol
  14. Photo

    Wasn't she ummm "moonlighting" on the side, which got her fired? Or am totally misremembering that?
  15. GIF

    Those Nightmares knew how to have a good time!