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  1. For those who have been to AEW shows...what is the tshirt selection like their stands??
  2. Saturn was another guy who was pretty good as both a serious and comedy guy in WCW.
  3. How did he get that into the stadium??
  4. Suns lost 134-124 at home last night to a team that was 7th out of 10 teams in the Australian Basketball League last year.
  5. Shane had the entrance with the girls dancing with him. Had a killllller finisher. Plus those great matches. Had WCW got bought by Fusient, he could've blown up.
  6. Finally got my Dynamite tickets so now I'm going to both Toronto shows! So who else is going?? We gotta have some beers and take a family photo!
  7. Didn't Kerry Von Erich accidentally blade himself while getting ready for his SuperClash match vs Lawler which caused my to bleed so profusely during the match? Or is that a wrestling urban legend im misremembering?
  8. That's probably a hotel room
  9. Poor Justin Herbert. Dude is gonna have PTSD by the end of the season.
  10. Wasn't Malakai's back messed up for a majority of his AEW run? Not sure he had enough time healthy on the roster to have that many promises broken.
  11. This might be the most WTF suspension ever. A whole year? Why not just fire him?
  12. He had alot of fun stuff as Killer Kross. I thought his AAA run was really good.
  13. Jesus Murphy...close your eyes and it's Jesse Ventura talking lol
  14. The ROH 6 man titles are still a thing? Dalton and The Boys wrestled as the champs last night on Elevation.
  15. Are there really that many of them?
  16. I don't get why there us so much emphasis on who "starts", in a sport where players can be subbed in and out at will.
  17. What about that Steelers D????
  18. Sack and Pick 6! Freaking tremendous start by the Steelers D!
  19. I see what you did there. ️️️️️
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