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  1. I get how some people may not be interested in the card because it might have had some uneven storytelling leading up to it. But the way I see it...there has really never been a PPV card like this. A company has never had to build to a PPV like this before. Yes, AEW has introduced alot of NJPW talent over the past few weeks on American cable tv. Those introductions were to i) build to the PPV and ii) introduce them as long term characters in the "AEW Galaxy". I think the potential high quality card we're going to get on Sunday (especially considering NJPW talents haven't really worked in front of hot vocal crowds in 2 years for the most part) will offset whatever shortcomings there were in the storytelling leading up to the card. I'm super pumped for what we are going to get to watch on Sunday night, and what the success of the card will do to future AEW/NJPW co-promotions.
  2. We're getting Miro vs Malakai vs Pac vs Ishii. Why aren't we more excited about this??
  3. Confirmed!
  4. Just announced for this Wednesday
  5. The fucked up thing is that Vince is going to get a hero's ovation tonight.
  6. Holy shit Vince is going out in a blaze of glory tonight lol
  7. Sasha was released...so we're talking about that. I don't think anyone is purposefully ignoring Naomi. When there is new information regarding her contract situation, I'm sure there will be attention given and discussions had regarding that.
  8. What are some good wrestling books that are available as audio books? Just saw that Mox is now available, with Mox as the reader. I'm thinking of picking up an audio book or 2 for my many flights this summer. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!
  9. I wonder if Bruce is pissed that Vince didn't share with him?
  10. I might be dealing with a few (in their 20s lol) shorties that sing this song
  11. Dax was announced as AAA tag champion and wore the belt for the match vs Ospreay. I guess that was ok'd because Dax lost?
  12. I'm sorry...but I think Judge Wapner is dead Another freaking super fun show! More thoughts later
  13. Daaaamn isn't Johnny L still married to the Bella Twins' mom?
  14. Imagine if the had Pillman as Sting's partner instead of News.
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