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  1. When I think "Gunther", I think barista from Friends.
  2. Probably a vacuum cleaner he bought too lol
  3. Random story I thought I'd share. So I was in Twitter...and I saw someone with the name Nilton. Which reminded me of the Observer writer Nilton Fernandes, who passed away. I did a quick search, and found that Nilton died in 2002. Crazy how time flies.
  4. Darby having fun in traffic after the show The fact that Darby and Sting are travel buddies warms my heart.
  5. Mox's return was so great. Punk's squash was spot on. Black and King were killer...love their music. Cody can be a really good promo when he wants to be. Archer and Kaz went too long...but Hangman looked fucking good standing up to Lance. And Sting....what a run he's having. It feels so good to be happy and excited for weekly pro wrestling like this...can't wait for Friday night!
  6. Another amazingly fun 2 hours of pro wres!
  7. I hope they touch on that neither MFJ or Spears wished Wardlow a happy birthday today.
  8. Godlike is the only KMFDM song I know...it was pretty dope
  9. JCP did a TV taping in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on February 16th, 1987. Any idea which shows these matches aired on? Were they for Pro or Worldwide?
  10. I saw on Twitter that someone did some research and found that there was a Gunther Stark who was a nazi war criminal...so I'm pretty sure WWE didn't vet the name. Or did they?
  11. Just saw the layout for the venue they're running this Wednesday and Friday. From the looks of it, they are going to shoot the shows like the Miami shows. I really love that they aren't married to one specific way to shoot a show.
  12. Totally differently structured companies...comparing apples and oranges.
  13. Hold up... Thurston is one of us? Cool!
  14. Alex spent time in the Hart dungeon, so he gets my respect...and given his training he probably would take a spike piledriver like a champ lol
  15. Vince would've pushed him to be a heel, obviously.
  16. The thing is...does a regular viewer know the difference between an unintentional elbow or hardway juice and "self mutilation" when they're both in the content of a fight?
  17. Yeah, but the thing is that Vince doesn't have a moral high ground given how he had no problem with "self mutilation" when he feels like making it part of his own company's stories and matches historically.
  18. I dunno...the refs gave the Bengals that TD even though it should've been waived off because of the whistle. The incompetence affected both sides lol.
  19. My favorite tweet today regarding WWE's stance on self mutilation lol
  20. Sounds alot like the same pearl clutching bullshit Vince cried about WCW a generation ago lol
  21. They had Tomasso Ciampa (after they Just For Men'd his beard) on Main Event this week. Seriously, fuck this company.
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