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  1. They will have to find another home when baseball season starts.
  2. The thing I'm looking most forward to when fans are back for WWE shows is the end of the in ring hocus pocus nonsense.
  3. I'm pretty sure every territory's TV worked that way.
  4. I honestly have no clue what's happening in the other divisions lol
  5. I like it. I have no problem with Rogers spending $$$. Next year Jordan Groshans should be major league ready so a one year flier on Semien makes sense.
  6. Everyone should check out the Rougeaus and Garvins feud from Montreal. I was about 7 when the St Jean Baptiste Day Massacre happened and was one of the most memorable angles and feuds of my childhood.
  7. Shouldn't the WWE's pre-pandemic house show attendance be viewed as the canary in the colemine when figuring out how healthy their business and popularity is?
  8. I wonder if Fox will push back on Peacock being heavily promoted on their network. And if they do, how Vince & Co will handle it.
  9. Imagine if the Packers drafted someone like Chase Claypool instead of a backup QB in the last draft.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the surface, isn't paying $9.99 for the Network (with its archives) and commercial free Peacock a great value?
  11. I hope that it's a one time experiment. Saturday PPVs are so much better.
  12. And the Jets have to wait 14 days for PLD to quarantine too...how many games does he miss?
  13. Laine to Columbus, PLD to the Jets! https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/jets-trading-laine-roslovic-blue-jackets-dubois-blockbuster/
  14. So about those Nets...if last night is any indication, it looks like defence might be a problem for them lol.
  15. Oh most definitely...being Canada's team really expands the fan base. I just think that most Americans really don't appreciate the size and population of the Greater Toronto Area.
  16. That's why I have no issue with Rogers overspending lol
  17. Canadian pay among the highest cell and data rates in the world. So why should I care if the Jays have a 150mil or 200mil payroll?
  18. Rogers owns the team, the stadium and the TV and radio networks that the team is aired on. A winning team would mean huge $$$ for Rogers through many different streams, from tickets to concessions to ad sales.
  19. Toronto is actually bigger. The GTA's most recent numbers put it at over 6 million people.
  20. The Challenge episodes have been an amazing throwback to my childhood! I hadn't seen those neon stylized portraits they used to announce who was on the show in years. I've given a few shows some quick scans, will have to make time to sit down and watch them in full soon. One of the highlights of my scans was a super fun Kamala/Moondog Spot match
  21. I hope tonight marks the end of politically focused Wednesdays.
  22. To all of you in the US, congratulations on the fresh start that begins today
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