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  1. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I started watching Hush months ago when people were talking it up, and finally finished it this afternoon. Holy shit, the villain in that movie is such a magnificent bastard. So many horror movies have charismatic bad guys that you wind up rooting for, but between the writing and the acting job of the two leads, I can't imagine someone rooting for that dude. If you haven't seen Hush, for the love of God, do so.
  2. Payback V

    I find myself listening to WOR a lot less lately, just because Alvarez seems to somehow be getting worse. They were talking about TNA tapings results last week, and he kept harping on how there was no explanation for Josh Matthews coming back, and you'd have thought they were talking about someone committing war crimes. As challenging as it can be to listen to Dave sometimes, at least he knows not to expect 1985 Watts level of storyline continuity and kayfabe maintenance in 2017. Alvarez is basically Skip Bayliss at this point.

    I don't care how fat or wacky he gets, Val Kilmer is always awesome.
  4. Heartbreaking Deaths in Movies/TV (SPOILERS)

    His killing Tony B was a mercy killing. He didn't know what hit him. Yeah, he might've done it himself to mess with Phil, denying him the chance to get revenge himself, but Phil would've probably tortured him. Tony B had to go, and that was the most humane way to do it.
  5. 2017 The Stuff About Sports Media Thread

    Man, whenever I see Mike Lombardi is going to be a Bill Simmons guest, I shake my head. He's not egregiously terrible, but he's kinda the worst combination of a blowhard and also kinda boring. Strangely, the Simmons guests I like the most are just the random dudes he went to school with. (JackO, Joe House, and even his dad.)
  6. The Youtube Show Thread

    I have a YouTube web series that mostly but not exclusively focuses on geese and ducks just chillin'. The episodes are typically around 2 minutes long, and if I had to describe the vibe, it would be tranquil and serene. Check it out, it's called Xing. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJared323
  7. Scurll is actively terrible, and that finger-breaking spot is actively terrible, too. What makes it dumber is that no one really sells their fingers being broken once their match with Scurll is over, so he's basically breaking people's fingers in some shitty vacuum. Reigns is actively good, and wins this easily.
  8. 2016 Wrestling Observer Awards

    I really hope "make Bix do it or something" becomes a meme.
  9. The Grindhouse Report

    Piranesi, how is it possible that you've never talked about the great Zombi Robb on here?

    Favre definitely kicked a dog after hearing that. "I'm the one who's just having fun out there! I'm the one playing like we're in the schoolyard, damnit!"
  11. Didn't they have a tournament of just British dudes this year? I vaguely recall that they called it BOLA, or something like that.
  12. Life Events Thread

    "We know who that is!! It's Madison Plus!!!"
  13. HORROR MANIA 2016

    I watched a movie called Solo (not the Van Peebles one, this one is from 2013) on Shudder the other night, and despite its strange plot set-up, I quite enjoyed it as a movie to turn your brain off for 90 minutes. Basically, a girl is a new camp counselor, and as part of her training, she has to spend a few nights alone on a woodsy island, because sure, why not? Anyway, creepiness ensues, as you'd figure. If you need a simple movie to fall asleep to, it's not bad.
  14. 2016 TNA General Thread

    Pisces Iscariot has both Obscured and Starla on them, so...
  15. HORROR MANIA 2016

    I watched We Are Still Here at your suggestion, and thought it was really good. Didn't overstay it's welcome, was clever but not too clever for its own good, just a good little horror movie.