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  1. There have to be some good shirts based on the YLT album "I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass."
  2. No particular order: Terry Funk Arn Anderson Daniel Bryan Bobby Eaton Lex Luger Dustin Rhodes Randy Savage Ric Flair KENTA Sabu
  3. Meltzing Pot

    NJPW G1 2019

    Neil's entire ongoing blog was fantastic, and honestly enhanced my viewing of it by a lot. If you guys missed out on following along with it the first time around, go back and read it.
  4. Ryen Russillo is leaving ESPN, and going to work for The Ringer full-time.
  5. In what universe was Brad Armstrong anything less than very good? Do people just not understand the concept of the Mendoza Line?
  6. Yeah my bad I got a little ragey there. I'm better now.
  7. I've been lurking on here for probably like 15 years at this point. I rarely post, because I like to read stuff, but don't really care to argue, but how on Earth are you going to say Sean Waltman of all people is the Mendoza Line, when he was a tag team partner of Justin Fucking Credible? Has the level of conversation and thought on DVDVR sunk so badly that Sean Waltman isn't a good worker anymore? Unrelated, Rippa, thank you for repping for Bobby Eaton, as Bobby Eaton is indeed God.
  8. Christ almighty, it’s like I’m sittin’ here playin’ cards with my brothers kids or somethin’! Nerve-wrackin’ sons of bitches!!
  9. As Cage goes, add Face/Off to the list for me.
  10. As a Knicks fan, I feel like this is the ultimate test of Dolan, and I'm afraid we're going to be locked in to 4 more years of Russ. The pieces have aligned too perfectly, and Dolan's gotta Dolan. Please someone, trade for Russ before we do, and I drive into a lake.
  11. I don't have nearly the same patience for long run times that I did when I was younger, and I definitely don't feel like it dragged on too long. Its not a spoiler to say the fact that it's entirely filmed in daylight contributes to the disorienting feeling for the viewer, and I'd argue that the movie being a little longer helps with that, as well. I was wary of the run time too, but I don't feel like the movie drags, it's deliberate.
  12. The Lakers would be better served buying $16 mil worth of PCP, but Klutch gotta Klutch.
  13. Okay yeah, you might be on the something there.
  14. I’m also in favor of naming their shows after Ryan Adams songs, similar to when Chikara would name their shows after Talking Heads or Ben Folds Five songs or albums.
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