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  1. It WAS Lonce!! And Raven still does a good deal of writing, and has stuff on Amazon. For the record, I’m not Raven, and he didn’t pay me to tell you this. A good memory of the board was the telethon thing, but I don’t recall what brought it about. It was some kind of calamity, but my memory is faulty.
  2. As a very long time lurker, I have to say it’s been really nice lately not having to read OSJ make literally everything about himself, regardless of topic. Surprised no one has shouted out Raven (Mack, not the ECW wrestler), as I feel like his writing in the old DVDVR’s was ahead of it’s time.
  3. I started playing a few months ago, and I love it. Like you said, it's a great time sink, plus you can play it on your phone. I can't recommend it enough if you need something to scratch that booking itch.
  4. I never really listened to Ryen Russillo until he joined The Ringer, and I’ve grown to like him a bit. That said, I can totally see him having a blow-up with Simmons eventually. I listen to the pods they do together, and I could totally see Russillo hanging up the phone and thinking “fucking Simmons just can’t stop interrupting me to make his stupid points.” I could see it ending badly is what I’m saying.
  5. I swear when I saw they signed him, I thought “oh is he coaching or something?” for a moment before realizing he is still playing.
  6. Man, of all the people you could pick to be on your show to discuss the Coronavirus, picking pseudoscience king Malcolm Gladwell is a CHOICE. At that point if you're Bill Simmons, just have one of your college buddies on to discuss it.
  7. David Roback, producer and multi-instrumentalist, and the person in Mazzy Star who wasn't Hope Sandoval, just passed at the age of 61. If you only know them for Fade Into You, check out the rest of the album So Tonight That I Might See for some incredible playing. (Or Ride It On from She Hangs Brightly). So glad I managed to see them live when I had the chance a few years ago. RIP
  8. This guy gets it. Best performance in a movie full of great musical performances. I get goosebumps every time I watch it.
  9. Likewise, I've been trying to branch out and watch more non-NJ Japan stuff, specifically NOAH and AJPW but YouTube kinda sucks in this regard unless there's a good account I'm just missing. Where is the treasure trove of modern, preferably free or cheap to watch modern puro?
  10. Dean, you’re truly doing the Lords work, as lately I’ve been trying to get a little more into current NOAH and All Japan, and both are a mild pain in the ass to find. Thanks dude!
  11. It was a Jimmy Rave-related joke. When he was in the heel group The Embassy in ROH, his manager Prince Nana would constantly accuse people of knowing nothing about shrimp cocktail. I don’t wish this on you, as that would be a pretty mean curse to put on someone.
  12. It's gonna suck being 45 and not knowing anything about shrimp cocktail, as well.
  13. As a fellow Giants fan, you haven’t missed much.
  14. There have to be some good shirts based on the YLT album "I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass."
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