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  1. Piranesi, how is it possible that you've never talked about the great Zombi Robb on here?
  2. Favre definitely kicked a dog after hearing that. "I'm the one who's just having fun out there! I'm the one playing like we're in the schoolyard, damnit!"
  3. Didn't they have a tournament of just British dudes this year? I vaguely recall that they called it BOLA, or something like that.
  4. "We know who that is!! It's Madison Plus!!!"
  5. I watched a movie called Solo (not the Van Peebles one, this one is from 2013) on Shudder the other night, and despite its strange plot set-up, I quite enjoyed it as a movie to turn your brain off for 90 minutes. Basically, a girl is a new camp counselor, and as part of her training, she has to spend a few nights alone on a woodsy island, because sure, why not? Anyway, creepiness ensues, as you'd figure. If you need a simple movie to fall asleep to, it's not bad.
  6. Pisces Iscariot has both Obscured and Starla on them, so...
  7. I watched We Are Still Here at your suggestion, and thought it was really good. Didn't overstay it's welcome, was clever but not too clever for its own good, just a good little horror movie.
  8. God, Coughlin would be ready to burst into flames with all of these stupid penalties today.
  9. Apparently once it is closer to H-Ween, B-Movie TV just marathons all of their horror stuff 24/7. I am ready for this.
  10. I've been out of the B-Movie TV game for a few weeks, and I think maybe I need to tune in for Midnight Sleaze tonight. This thread has inspired me.
  11. Woj reporting Wade has informed Chicago that he is signing with them.
  12. I wish they'd drop the price of the season pass too, because I am cheap.
  13. That one particularly annoying dude that Simmons had on the NBA pod on Friday sounded like Willie Aames.
  14. They brought Ian McShane in for one episode?? I mean, he talked about slitting someone's throat, so it was like having Swearengen back for a bit, but still, one episode?
  15. Holy shit! That just happened! Bisping knocks him the fuck out IN THE FIRST ROUND???? Are you kidding me? Also, God, Rockhold is just so punchable.