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  1. Are you talking about the J-Lo episode? I was very disappointed in it as I like her very much as an actress and thought the writing didn't really give her much. But I'm not connecting with your criticisms.
  2. I finally watched Cole vs. Tozawa, it was more of a TV main event style but good to see Tozawa in a match given some time (for him). This would have been better on a Takeover with more time but this is probably a good middle ground on not having a 40-minute kick-out fest that can stretch believablility. Overall it was a decent show but nothing to make me want to see Evolve again, but I don't really have the time or interest in current wrestling anyway.. 3 matches in the **1/2-*** range.
  3. First time seeing Evolve since Mania weekend of 2018 Briggs vs. Retro AG turned out well. At first I thought it should have been a squash for Briggs but as it kept going they won me over. Briggs looks to have a bright future but rough around the edges. The heels actually got over as heels. This was venturing into the "they've done too much" territory by the time it ended. The 4-way was quite indyriffic. Wolf is really the only one that impressed me. At least they hit a move and went home instead of dragging his out. Ruas/Henry was rough at spots. I've never been into the worked shoot stuff but Ruas seems pretty good at it. I've only seen Henry a few times and he seemed a bit reckless although he has improved his look. But if he's at this point 16 years in, I think someone should sit him down & tell him to move on from wrestling. Another match that went home on time. Shotzi/Lauren I didn't care to watch Babatunde/Corino was skipped as well The tag was good spotfest that got over. Nothing you haven't seen before though. Fox continues to have a death wish. For fat dudes that are surprisingly good, I much prefer Gacy (who I had never seen before) over Drake. Riddle/Gulak turned out pretty good but again not a big fan of the worked shoot stuff but I guess I can see why people like these guys. Drake/Theory didn't do much for me so I skipped a good portion of it. I like the idea of Drake but I couldn't get past someone letting him go out in front of people in those pants. Theory showed me a lot of promise back in 2018 but now just seems like a generic indy guy who will probably make it due to his body. Basically like an early ROH era Mike Bennett. I haven't watched the main yet but overall I'm kind of feeling like I should have gone with my original inclination of just watching the main only.
  4. So who's actually excited about their team for this year? I'm starting to think I should be more of a casual fan as the more I seek out critical analysis of my team (Braves), the more negative I get. I guess it's the sports world we live in but I feel like if you're into a team enough to do a podcast about them, you should at least be positive about their prospects. Last season ended on such a high note, like we were ahead of schedule & that it was the start of an ascent to a new peak. Now that the season is here it feels like the peak is gone already. Other teams in the division have left us in the dust and the season hasn't started yet. Someone cheer me up here.
  5. He did call her Julie as he was getting the water. I don't think he was faking it though, I think he did lose it & that part of truth did slip out. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and was completely engrossed. Any unanswered questions don't really matter at this point.
  6. yeah that was by far the best ep of the season so far
  7. I had zero knowledge of Stranger Things. My wife was at least aware that it was based on a real thing but seems like such a niche thing that anyone would have been aware of for the sketch to have much affect.
  8. Aside from a couple jokes on Weekend Update, SNL was pretty rough this week.
  9. I largely agree with what MapRef wrote about the Richmond show. About what you would expect I guess from a house show. Guys were very much in body preservation mode. I got some really good pics of Asuka so I'm happy I went but I'm not sure I would care to go back. It seemed like everyone there enjoyed it though. Place was pretty full and I was surprised at how many families were there and also how "smart" the fans in general seemed. It was kind of odd to sit at a show and randomly hear people talking about one wrestler "carrying" another. But for $30 I'm sure I will be much happier with most of the other shows I will probably see Mania weekend. Also good to see DEAN sharing a live show with his youngest.
  10. Was there a vote of confidence made? I heard all the swirling rumors that today would be the day they replace Fredi with Eddie Perez.
  11. I heard some discussion on the radio this morning about this. My thoughts are good for him that he can afford to put family first and walk away. But it also sounds like he really had been pushing the limits for years now. I have no backup on these claims, just going by what I heard on the radio but supposedly he had the White Sox make a uniform for the kid, and supposedly the kid was in the locker room DAILY when he was with the Nationals and they were playing at home. There was speculation that maybe the kid is why he's changed teams so much in recent years. So it sounds like this may have been a long time coming. I don't know for sure how I feel about kids being in a locker room in general but I'm sure it's not the worst thing in the world for players to have to clean up what they talk about in a locker room.
  12. That was the best skit on this show in YEARS. They even had a good bit with Gosling & Moynahan on the news. It seems the best stuff anymore is when the cast cracks each other up.
  13. Explain to me how Ticketmaster charges higher fees based on the ticket price. They aren't doing any more work on their end regardless of where the seats are located. There was a $25 fee per ticket on the highest priced seats for the Chix show. I downgraded my seats to something I was more comfortable with paying. No longer under cover, but still reserved seats. Still $250+. It better not rain & I better still be able to take decent pics from where we are.
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