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  1. Is it possible that Malakai's "unfulfilled promises" are related to Cody? When Cody left, things changed? HOB have certainly been featured as prominently in AEW as 90% of the roster, so it isn't like they have been buried. It also might have just been unrealistic to put a title on someone held together with baling twine and gumption. I support people taking a step back, if needed, to recalibrate and recharge. However, if this turns out to be a ruse on Black and Buddy's part to rejoin WWE, that would be low. At any rate, I am all for Brody King and Julia Hart remaining together. Brody is an absolute delight, and it is fun watching Julia get more comfortable with her character with every appearance. .
  2. Have you seen Larry? He hardly screams "killer". He is like the canine version of CM Punk.
  3. As an animal lover, if Kenny Omega's main role in all this is that he passed Larry to Megha Parekh to keep him safe then God bless that man and straight up fuck crazy eyed Ace Steel and thin skinned CM Punk. The man should be lionized, not suspended.
  4. I don't know if this has been covered already, but during the Hangman/Danielson match, William Regal talked about how he does not know Hangman. He stated that he has never talked with him. Was he throwing shade at Hangman and lending credence to what Punk said about Hangman not taking advice, or am I reading too much into it?
  5. I think you too greatly elevate the influence fightful has to be a needle mover. Whether they stirred the shit or not, it all goes back to Punk's unprofessional reaction. How are you going to be in a business like pro wrestling and be that thin skinned? The issue should have been handled more professionally, if Punk truly does care about "the boys in the back" like he purports. He intentionally made the focus of the PPV weekend about him and not the company and the workers who put on a good show. He totally killed the buzz for MJF's return. He totally shit on the hard work of everyone involved. Those are not the actions of a professional, even before throwing hands entered the equation. Also, unless Ace Steel is a world renowned chair flinging marksman, it makes no sense that he would be flinging furniture in the same room where he is worried for his wife's safety. I just worry for Larry's mental health through this whole ordeal.
  6. Your takeaway from all this is that SRS needs to be held accountable for the actions of a thin skinned individual? Nobody forced Punk to bring up Colt Cabana. Nobody forced Punk to throw hands. If you were in a staff meeting and started talking shit about your co-workers and superiors in front of your boss, then became involved in a physical altercation with your superiors, would you have an expectation that your actions would be seen as sympathetic or justified, or would you expect to be suspended/fired/arrested? Even if someone did leak information about Punk/Cabana, so fucking what? It boils down to whether you are a professional or not. Punk shit all over his co-workers, took the wind out of every raised sail after the PPV, and basically did not put his company first...all over something that should have been addressed back in May, in a staff meeting (not like the one in my scenario above). And, all over something that the majority of fans had no idea was even a thing, nor cared about if they did.
  7. So, I have been thinking about the possibility of an AEW Women's show. I was against it originally, as I felt that it segregated the performers from the main show. Now, however, I am of the mindset that it is a great idea. Have a women's only YouTube show, with weekly recaps on Dynamite and/or Rampage. The women end up getting more exposure, more reps, and greater character development, and the recaps take less time than a full match. Of course, big matches would still be on PPV. My only caveat is that TK needs to keep his hands off this show. It needs to be booked and produced by others. Thoughts?
  8. After watching the media scrum, my illusion of AEW as roses and sunshine has been shattered to say the least. Whether the words Punk spoke were actually true, his truth, or just bullshit, the place to do it was not during a media event. Let's not even get into the fact that Punk basically confirmed the stories about him considering taking his ball and going home were true ("jeopardized a million dollar gate"), but what hypocritical horse shit to talk about how you want to help a company and its young stars only to completely bury them, along with the person sitting next to you who employs you. There are those who say this is a work, but what sense does it make to bury everyone in the company so aggressively? What is the payoff? It didn't feel like Punk was raging against the machine to advance an angle. It just seemed like he is very thin skinned. Kicking against the pricks when you sharpened them yourself is never advisable.
  9. Jamie Hayter was the absolute star of the women's four way. I agree that Hobbs needed the win more than Starks, but that one hurt. The ladder match had some moments, and I was glad to have been proven right as to what Stokely was recruiting for the past weeks. I did not see The Acclaimed and Joe getting the biggest non-CM Punk pops of the night. The Acclaimed are super over, but are they over enough to not NEED the titles?
  10. I think the main take away though should be that something big should be done with Ricky Starks, and soon.
  11. Okay, I'll bend. Add Allin and drop Yuta. I was going for a fresh start kind of thing, but I can't deny that Allin is a huge part of AEW.
  12. I realize he is not everyone's cup of tea (British reference), but I like this Will Ospreay dude. He has "it". Starks, Yuta, Ospreay, and Garcia for pillars. Forget those other scrubs.
  13. Dear God, please no. Miro is a monster and needs to stand alone. Look what happened to King Kong. It wasn't the planes or the fall that killed him, at least according to Mr. Wax Poetically at the Scene. It was beauty.
  14. Danhausen has come close to getting him to break. Somebody will, and it will be awesome.
  15. I have watched wrestling for over 40 years; and there have been few sequences better than the beginning of the FTW championship match to the end of Ricky Starks being vertical and conscious. Masterful work, and the lions share of credit easily goes to Ricky Starks. I don't like to throw around ultimatums, but this better be the start of something big for Starks and Hobbs or I will flip tables like Jesus in the Temple.
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