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  1. It is not even that he sucks. He has all the components for success except the ability to make anyone give a damn either way about what he does. Complaining by proxy about his position with the company when he was given every opportunity to get himself over didn't help matters any either. I still say the best use for him would be as MJF's silent enforcer once Wardlow's inevitable face turn happens. Stick him in a suit with a Masked Assassin style mask and just make him as mean as the person 12th in line at a Black Friday sale.
  2. Dammit, it really does look like it says "Hos Champion". Also, welcome back Hangman, and well done.
  3. The last part of this aged like a jug of milk on a beach.
  4. I am not given to hyperbole, and I trust TK's booking. Having said that, if Hangman is not the Joker, I will flip a damned table like Jesus. The new BTE drops momentarily, and I would hope that there is a bit where Adam Cole tracks down Hangman to catch up and he convinces him to return.
  5. Yeah, the Yuta heel turn practically writes itself. I hope it happens sooner than later so we can get Danielson vs. Yuta on Dark or Elevation. I am fine with OC being Boogie Woogie in this scenario, so long as I don't tune into BTE and see any glass coffee tables.
  6. It appears that Jake Roberts' health continues to decline. I'm not sure how long his COPD has been so severe, but 40 to 60% of people with severe COPD die within five years. At least I feel confident he is in the right place to get the best possible care for his condition. Say what you will about Tony Khan and AEW (and many of you will), it is indisputable they take VERY good care of their employees and employees families. Lets send some positive vibes his way.
  7. Maybe she could hook up with some catch as catch can women from Texas, and they could be called the Ruby Shooters.
  8. WWE is not professional wrestling, by their own admission. Punk was correct in his statement.
  9. I guess your non-answer would make you the Jerry O'Hearn of DVDVR, then?
  10. So, I'll ask again. Anybody know if Jake Roberts is okay? If he has been seen since July, it is not by me.
  11. Apologies if I have just missed him on the B-shows or if this has been covered, but is everything good with Jake Roberts? I haven't seen him (that I can recall) since his interview with DDP and a Dark appearance in July. Also, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I came over to this board from RSPW (if you want to talk wild west) more years ago than I would like to recall, had some nice interactions, had to start a new account seven years ago (lost the original...not banned, just disappeared). Some of the names mentioned when discussing Non-stick and the sleaze thread provided me with immeasurable entertainment, despite their overall divisiveness. There is a place for all voices though, even if some of them just help you confirm that both Darwin and PT Barnum were right.
  12. There must be a huge internal struggle going on right now between super fan TK, businessman TK, and solid human TK.
  13. Yeah, curse Vickie and that nun costume making me feel stuff below the title belt.
  14. So, assuming that Ric Flair will play JJ Dillon to Andrade's Ric Flair, who else rounds out the group? I don't see the Lucha Bros. turning heel, but would be intrigued (as others have mentioned) with PAC turning on the LB and aligning with Andrade. That leaves a couple of open spots. Are there any non-American tag-teams or singles that could be a part of Horsemen International?
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