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  1. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    That Rock thing doesn't look like the most legit twitter account.
  2. Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't think it would make a lot of sense from WWE's perspective to 'team up' or make a deal with a Japanese promotion, if they wanted a wrestler from Stardom they'd just wait until their contract was up and sign them. They haven't done a deal with a Japanese promotion since the mid 90s and I don't see them doing it now, they take what they want. I can however see Rossy as wanting to go to the events/get pictures/etc. as that type of thing can make press with wrestling magazines in Japan and publicity is rarely bad in the wrestling world. It makes him look like he is part of the global wrestling scene and important, which is an appearance any wrestling promoter would want. I mean Kikutaro got pictures with Stephanie and Shane, I doubt he'll be signing with them. I can't tell with Google Translate if REINA is ever coming back or not. I know its technically "suspended" but that can mean different things. I just made a large order from their shop of DVDs while it still exists, be a shame if they did disappear and all those events that never aired are lost in the void. Even though I had it mailed to a Japanese address they must have realized I was American from my name since they emailed me in English. I wonder if they find it odd some random American is buying 7 REINA DVDs.
  3. I agreed with the winner of the women's championship match but not necessarily the scores, 49-46 seemed a bit lopsided.
  4. Anyone that thinks this was planned is missing a brain cell or two. And a billion dollar company with a full staff of video editors pumping out a video in 24 hours certainly isn't unusual. I wasn't sure when we'd see Conor in the UFC again anyway, now I just find it even less likely it will be anytime soon. Its easy for UFC to turn the other way when Conor drops some slurs or flaunts around in his fur coat, its a whole different issue when his behavior injures other fighters. Every company/promotion has a tipping point and I think Conor finally found it, they won't fire him but I don't expect to see him fighting for awhile if ever for UFC again.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft

    I scored a 41 on my Wonderlic, I'd be a great quarterback.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft

    While I don't think the Wonderlic is particularly important, especially for some positions, it is still interesting to look at for quarterbacks since its generally the position that requires the most advanced thinking. So that last score if true isn't ideal. Although I am still surprised they have players take it though since I've never seen it have any impact on draft status. Wonderlic scores for 2018 QBs Josh Allen: 37 Josh Rosen: 29 Sam Darnold: 28 Baker Mayfield: 25 Lamar Jackson: 13

    I don't even see how that makes sense for anyone but I'll have to assume he didn't have a 5 year 100 million dollar contract on the table and took what he could get.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft

    Its a fair trade but not great for the Bills since the Colts were the most obvious team in the top 5 willing to trade down. Can't blame the Colts for trading with a team that also gets them the #6 pick. Not sure the easiest way for the Bills to get into the top six or so without over-paying for it, they may now wait until draft day to see if non-QBs are drafted early and a trade into the later Top 10 will get them whoever they want.

    Considering how much Watkins got, who was outplayed by Woods and Kupp last year, I'd say its a weak WR market. Chiefs taking a 19 mil and 21 mil cap hit in the second and third year for a receiver with 39 catches last year is crazy.

    Bills slowly climbing up the ranks in the draft, it'll be even easier now to get a package together for a Top 5 pick which I assume is their motivation for the trades they've made in the last week. Hope Glenn can stay healthy.
  11. The Best Open World Games?

    I can see that and wouldn't argue the point if someone didn't agree and left it off their list. In the terms purest form it probably isn't open world but it allowed for enough world exploration and side mission branches that in my brain it counts since that was one of the elements of the game I liked. I left off GTA completely but its open world too, I think to a degree there is some flexibility for interpretation.
  12. This became a topic in the Switch thread but I think its worth having its own thread. Open World games are my current favorite type of game to play. I've been gaming for 30 years and I go through waves on what I am playing. Sometimes I just crave sports games, other times fighting games, but for the last five years or so I generally have been gravitating towards open world games. For the sake of my own preferences, I have a pretty wide range of what I consider open world, to me it is any game that has a big ass map that I am free to explore and do missions as I see fit with limited restrictions. I'll list a bunch to get the party started but I know there are many more. Of the Fallout series, Fallout 3 is my favorite. I played New Vegas pretty early and of course it was broken in places. I do not know if that impacted my enjoyment, I still loved the game but it didn't have that fresh/original feel that I got from Fallout 3 and that is something that matters to me. Fallout 4 felt... weirdly empty and I didn't like the main storyline, I still beat it but never went back and played the DLC, again I played it early on before it was patched. Fallout 3 I played after patches which may have helped. I never was as high on Red Dead as many on this forum. I thought that the Mexico portion dragged and it was completely illogical that my character would be playing along and doing those missions instead of focusing on his own story. I beat it once, but when I tried replaying it a few years later I never got past Mexico. I still consider it a good game, but it doesn't touch Fallout, Zelda, or Borderlands to me. Speaking of Borderlands, I absolutely loved Borderlands 2. I loved the art, the story, the characters, the gameplay, everything. I never played the original, and I thought the "Pre-Sequel" had too many holes, but playing Borderlands 2 co-op with my brother is one of my most enjoyable video game experiences ever. I also enjoy the Far Cry series but it peaked with me with Far Cry 3, wasn't as much into 4 or Primal. Curious to see where 5 goes. I think Zelda is great, it had its issues as it went at times a bit too hard at being "realistic" (like the rain), and I thought the Beasts were too similar. But I think it combined elements from other open world games while putting its own unique spin on it. Probably my second favorite Zelda game as while I thought it was great at times it did feel a bit like a grind. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of my favorite games of 2017. Thought the story was great and pretty original, characters were solid and it felt like a fresh experience. I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't tried it. Assassin's Creed as a series is A+ but so many of their games when I think back on them blend together and its hard for me to really pick them apart. But Black Flag was great, I haven't played the new one yet but I've read good things. I absolutely loved the chief/ranking setup of Shadow of Mordor, it felt really original and the gameplay was smooth. From gaming for so long I just have extra appreciation for games that do something different, and do it very well. No Man Sky did something very different but very poorly, its key to get both things right. Shadow of War feels significantly less original but still enjoyable. I've only played Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series, at the time I'd have ranked it as my #1 but on a replay (and since new games have come out) it has slipped a bit in my ranking. Still, I probably put the most hours in Skyrim, lots going on with it and the side missions generally hooked me in. I probably spent 40 hours just creating shit to wear which I normally don't do in games. If I had to rank the Open World Games I've played of the last ten years or so, and this of course is only games I've played, I'd rank my Top 5 as: 1. Fallout 3 2. Borderlands 2 3. Horizon Zero Dawn 4. Zelda 5. Shadow of Mordor Always interested in other opinions of course, I think its a great genre and I am always interested in seeing what new aspects game developers come up with. For the sake of my list I am not including the Mass Effect or Dark Souls games as while they are at times open-world ish I don't think that's their primary genre, but if others want to include them I won't be offended.
  13. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    My guess, based on absolutely nothing legitimate, is if they keep trying to get PSVR to work they will start including one PSVR game each month. So I'd guess four games total, three PS4 (probably one AAAish and two indie games) and a PSVR game. If they did it now people may look at them funny but they can hope to sell enough by next spring that it won't make people made/would be a good promotion. They will have to do something to match the quality or they will lose a fair number of subs, I know they see the numbers and we don't, but I've read that PS Plus is the only reason some people still play their Vita at all.

    Nah, moving Tyrod cleared up 10 mil in cap space, I still expect them to get a mid-tier vet in free agency and draft a QB. It may just depend on how high they trade up (if they do) if the rookie will be the starter or unknown veteran. I just hope its not Yates again. If I had my way they'd get a free agent that is start-ready and not trade five picks to move up to get a QB as the Bills have plenty of other holes to fill. Maybe still draft a QB, just not mortgage the entire draft for one.