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  1. This is why I'd be shocked if we saw Punk in AEW again. If what is required is him being at least a bit apologetic/compromising/etc he isn't going to do it, its not in his blood. If he can come back with just a blanket "the past is the past, we can move past it" then I think he can probably pull that off, but there won't be a locker room speech or anything like that.
  2. I have bad news for Cam, there are 32 better QBs than him. Now I am less sure there are 64 better QBs than him and he deserves a shot if he is willing to be a backup, but he's looked pretty rough the last few times we saw him as a starter and he's not getting any younger which doesn't help.
  3. I thought Singletary would do a bit better than a low one year contract as a backup on a team that isn't going to the playoffs, the Bills must have really not wanted him back. Harris is pretty solid, don't see it as a drop off, curious to see what his contract is.
  4. Thielen to the Panthers, three year deal. He'll be a solid veteran hand for their rookie QB but I hope he isn't their plan for #1.
  5. My main complaint is they still have wrestlers do moves they don't do. I'm not a sim guy luckily but I can imagine it would be annoying to be watching a sim match and both wrestlers keep doing random shit not really in their arsenal. For my first match I played as Asuka (of course), went to the top rope and did a diving hurricanrana. I can assure you that Asuka has done exactly zero diving hurricanranas in her career, should have been a missile dropkick. Maybe I'm just a nerd, who knows.
  6. I hope everyone made some Funko Pop purchases before the landfill got them. I got some Star Wars ones I need for between $3 to $5 on sale at Amazon. Shame that they over-produced so many, feels like a fool-proof business model but companies going crazy during the pandemic and then going 'oh shit' seems to be a common theme.
  7. This isn't a 'spoiler free' thread, we can discuss wrestling results. Plus I believe it streamed live anyway for those that wanted to watch it unspoiled. Ice Ribbon results, via Puro Love: Ice Ribbon "ICE RIBBON MARCH 2023", 19.03.2023 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 409 Fans 1. Hikari Shimizu and Kaho Matsushita defeat Nao Ishikawa and Rina Amikura 2. Amu Yumesaki Debut Match: Tsukina Umino defeats Amu Yumesaki 3. 8 Woman Battle Royal: Eiger wins 4. Sumikaba Yanagawa and Misa Kagura defeat Asahi and Chie Ozora 5. International Ribbon Tag Team Title: Makoto and Hamuko Hoshi defeat Hikaru Shida and Ibuki Hoshi (c) 6. ICEx∞ Title: Satsuki Totoro defeats Saori Anou (c) Feels like another reset, at least a soft one. Got the belts off the outsiders (Anou and Shida) and tighten up their spending. I'm not a big fan of Satsuki but she's a vet at this point and is probably loyal, so she's a safe bet to put the title on. I don't know if anyone that still posts here is a regular Ice Ribbon viewer but I'd be curious how their fans feel about the changes, or if it just felt inevitable.
  8. The eras argument is certainly legitimate and one I agree with, except no one will ever agree for sure where the "eras" start and end (and obviously players with long careers could end up in two different eras). I don't think Mahomes is a great comparison to use as he's already won two MVPs/two Super Bowls and is likely better than Rodgers anyway regardless of era at his current pace, but the point certainly stands. Players like Carr and Cousins have enjoyed this era and the stat padding with them is real. The main stat impacted by this of course is passing yards. Passing yards is a pretty useless stat these days when comparing past to present. All the 'modern' QBs debuting after say 2015 that start at least 12 seasons will pass every QB that finished their careers in the 90s and earlier in passing yards except Marino since he was on his own special level. HOF voters and fans will just have to get smarter when comparing QBs by looking at other stats (things like TD%, INT%, and even QBR which I don't love but still at least tries to factor in 'everything' and discourages stat padding). MVP is a fair metric as well since players are being compared to their own competition.
  9. Why do teams keep trading for Cooks If a player is traded on average every other year, there is probably a reason for that.
  10. I'm comparing like to like, which isn't hard to sift through. Comparing ratings on ABC vs. ABC, ESPN vs. ESPN, and FX/EPSN2 vs. FS1 (similar number of homes) and the ratings are down across the board this year. Their only saving grace is they are on ESPN+ which could help bridge the gap, but we'll never know those numbers to know how much it helps. But its doubtful they were hoping for sub-500K numbers when they booted back up. I like the concept of a Spring league and have watched some games on ESPN+, but the US as a whole seems disinterested.
  11. I am impressed with the sizes of the crowds and how into it the fans are. I think this kind of event is always at risk of looking like an exhibition to those in the US, especially this close to the regular season, but clearly the fans are really into it and the players are as well. I know it makes MLB fans nervous, and the injury to Diaz shows why, but anything that gets fans excited about international games I think is a good thing for the sport.
  12. I finished Marvel's Midnight Suns today. This went pretty under my radar, I had heard about it but not as much as one would expect since I am usually plugged into the latest games. Anyway it combines two things I enjoy (deck builders and XCOM) so I liked it, even though I'm not a big Marvel guy and hadn't heard of a handful of the characters. I imagine the game is even more fun for Marvel fans. Its already showing up at a greatly reduced price, it wasn't a A+ MUST PLAY or anything like that but was worth the 40+ hours I put into it.
  13. For a wrestling board, there is shockingly little discussion about XFL ratings. Turns out - not good! Much lower than it was for the 2020 XFL version. The two games last week on Saturday averaged 405,000 and 343,000 viewers on FX, while the Sunday game on ESPN getting 691,000 for DC-Vegas and 572,000 for St.Louis-Arlington. This past thursday's late game was on ESPN and got 256K (48th for the the night in the "demo" on cable), going against March Madness was probably not a great idea. One reason maybe for the lower ratings is all games stream on ESPN+ (which is how I watch them). Course, ESPN has the internal numbers to know if that is a significant number of people that stream it or a fraction. Either way I assume they were hoping for better ratings, the USFL starts up in a few weeks and I'm pretty confused on who thought it was a good idea to have multiple Spring leagues.
  14. Nintendo should have just added these and hoped no one noticed, rather than announcing it and expecting anyone to get excited. Four "classic" titles were added to Nintendo Switch online: Game Boy Kirby’s Dream Land 2 BurgerTime Deluxe Super NES SIDE POCKET NES XEVIOUS Its like they are going out of their way to not add the games people want, very Nintendo.
  15. The end of the Virginia game was golden, that's why I watch this shit. I don't follow college basketball during the season but once March Madness hits, I am glued to the TV.
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