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  1. I say this as someone that owns an XBox One, but at what point does the discussion start that the XBox One was at best a big disappointment and at worst a failure? It has sold half as many units as the PS4, and about a third of what the XBox 360 sold. Halo 5 is the worst selling of the main series (which seems to have peaked at Halo 3) and Gears of War 4 sold half that of any other game in the series (I mention those two since they are Microsoft's more blockbuster exclusives). The XBox One is by far the least played of my four systems, which is partially because I prefer the PS4 controller and that is what my brother has so any multi-platform game I get for PS4. On top of that, their 'upgraded' version coming out this fall I think will be too high-end for most gamers, so while it will sell I don't think it will really boost their numbers. In 2017 in regards to software, the XBox One has only one game in the Top 20, which is Ghost Recon at #10. I don't think the XBox One truly recovered from the bad press it got at the E3 before it debuted, and Sony did the right things out of the gate and just never looked back. I'm not sure where the Switch counts in regards to console generations, but I have little doubt that ultimately it will pass XBox One in sales even if it takes a few years, since it doubles as a handheld. I have no idea how much longer Microsoft and Sony will keep doing this, as both kinda went from "gaming machines" to "ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS" back to "gaming machines" so I am not sure what their long term plans are. I think this will probably be the last cycle I am so fiscally irresponsible to end up with every method of playing games, I'll probably take a more "wait and see" approach and see if the different options offer something different enough to justify it. I know XBox has their own VR coming out next year but I can't do VR (yet) anyway due to motion sickness issues, so it will have to be something better than that down the road.
  2. That last run by Jericho was really long, and he is getting up there in age. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him in another program for a bit, although I am sure he will be wrestling for years to come. Funny from reading his books and how it started in WWE that he is the veteran that got the "come and go whenever you want" card, but congrats to him for being able to get it.
  3. I wouldn't call this a barn burner, but its my favorite match from GAEA on 5/14/95, their second show.
  4. Not much details yet, but... So one of the hammers has fallen. They haven't said officially that it is getting a Western release but common sense says it will. Since the game is basically an HD port with some added stuff, I am guessing it won't take too long to complete. I haven't played a Monster Hunter since 3 Ultimate on the Wii U back in 2013, so I'm excited.
  5. I got tickets, what I don't understand is the tickets have a seat number but they have no seating chart that shows what seats are what.
  6. Far Cry games aren't really connected with each other, so I'd say just play any where the locale sounds interesting. I liked 3 more than 4 personally.
  7. I buy every Far Cry game because it pretty much plays into what I enjoy in video games pretty much perfectly. So I'll certainly be getting it, hopefully in a cool collector's edition.
  8. I think there is some misunderstanding there, the interview I read said if purchased, the game becomes part of the person's "permanent library," implying the service isn't needed if the game is purchased. Which makes more sense. I don't mind downloading the games since I'm not capped and that way I can play even when my Internet is a bit sketchy, but I can see that annoying anyone that has a low cap on their data.
  9. NFL

    Kaep saying now he is happy to be a backup doesn't mean in March that Kaep was telling teams he would be happy to be a backup. Since he was a starter in 2016 it would make sense he'd first try to find a place where he could compete for a starting job. But plans can change depending on what is being offered, I'm sure at this point he'd take just about any contract and act excited about it.
  10. Viper is solid at what she does. If she was in the tournament, I could see her crushing someone in the first round and then losing in the second round to someone they wanted to push further.
  11. I need to jump in just to see if they have any games I haven't played that I can beat in two weeks. I think the deal is fine (although they really need more games) but my backlog is already epic and I have PS Now which has a lot more games in it. So I doubt I'd keep it, I may wait til they do what PS Now does and have a sale for a lower price.
  12. I'll give it a go. Not sure if I'll be able to get off work yet but if I can't make it I'd find a use for the ticket somehow.
  13. Any idea based off the UK and CWC tournaments how fast tickets will sell out? I am considering going but if all the best seats are gone in 30 seconds then I wouldn't bother. But I have no idea if NXT has that type of rabid "buy tickets the minute they go on sale" crowd like WWE PPVs do or if its more casual.
  14. I think that was many people's theory when Arisa quit JWP last year, that she would be in the tournament. Which turned out not to be the reason but both of them fit the mold of what they'd probably want in the tournament. I don't think they'd sign either long term unless they do plan on doing a separate women's show like they did with 205 Live, but both would be good candidates for the tournament.
  15. I guess that's better than a Patriots fan.