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  1. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    According to BAHU's site, he used that name from 3/27/00 to 7/22/00.
  2. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    My attempt to get this thread back on track failed, start an old baseball thread @Captain Kronos I took a bit of a gamble and purchased a box of FMW 2001 the other day. Finding boxes of older puro sets is borderline impossible, I never had seen a full box of FMW for sale before. And it was only $50. My autograph card was a solid one: And I got some shiny cards: I was hoping for a Hayabusa autograph of course but still satisfied and it was fun looking through the older cards.
  3. Kevin Wilson


    Nothing spoiler-y, I had a lot of fun at the show. It was my first ROH event ever, I had heard horror stories about ROH tapings but I thought they kept it going at a decent clip as we got through four TV tapings, two dark matches, and an intermission in about five hours. The four way for the title (which I don't consider a spoiler since ROH has already tweeted about it and added the match to their website) was great and the main was an entertaining spotfest. Also I obviously enjoyed the Stardom wrestlers a lot, I was glad the crowd took to them.
  4. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    I got one box, I got extremely lucky and pulled this: Which I promptly sold for $200 on Ebay. I like the card design, I wish that WWE wasn't flooding the market so much as they put out way too many sets per year for the exact same wrestlers. I'm afraid they will burst their own bubble but only they have access to their sales so I guess it is working. If it was me doing it I'd have two "normal" sets a year (spring and fall) the premium set (Undisputed in the summer) and a NXT in the winter. Four sets a year would be plenty, their turnover isn't that high to justify the nine sets they had in 2017. For awhile I was collecting all the Asuka autograph cards but with so many sets it just became excessive so I stopped.
  5. Kevin Wilson

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I got to meet Hana, Kagetsu, Hazuki, and Mayu last night at the ROH show. All were really friendly and seemed appreciative to have some fans around (it didn't hurt I had on a Kris Wolf shirt which got reactions from all of them). Aside from them all being nice the most notable thing to me was I had no idea that Hana Kimura speaks English so well. Not just on an entry level but she was able to have actual conversations which none of the others were. For example, she unprompted asked my brother to take a video of her (which he did) in perfect English. I'm not much of one for wrestler's personal lives but I'd have to assume that Hana has been hearing/learning English from a young age to be so efficient at just 20 years old.
  6. I'm way too excited about this game, it looks right up my alley. Hope they don't mess it up somehow.
  7. I've been watching UFC for 25 years and I don't think I've ever seen a match called by submission after the bell rings.
  8. Kevin Wilson

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    That Rock thing doesn't look like the most legit twitter account.
  9. Kevin Wilson

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't think it would make a lot of sense from WWE's perspective to 'team up' or make a deal with a Japanese promotion, if they wanted a wrestler from Stardom they'd just wait until their contract was up and sign them. They haven't done a deal with a Japanese promotion since the mid 90s and I don't see them doing it now, they take what they want. I can however see Rossy as wanting to go to the events/get pictures/etc. as that type of thing can make press with wrestling magazines in Japan and publicity is rarely bad in the wrestling world. It makes him look like he is part of the global wrestling scene and important, which is an appearance any wrestling promoter would want. I mean Kikutaro got pictures with Stephanie and Shane, I doubt he'll be signing with them. I can't tell with Google Translate if REINA is ever coming back or not. I know its technically "suspended" but that can mean different things. I just made a large order from their shop of DVDs while it still exists, be a shame if they did disappear and all those events that never aired are lost in the void. Even though I had it mailed to a Japanese address they must have realized I was American from my name since they emailed me in English. I wonder if they find it odd some random American is buying 7 REINA DVDs.
  10. I agreed with the winner of the women's championship match but not necessarily the scores, 49-46 seemed a bit lopsided.
  11. Anyone that thinks this was planned is missing a brain cell or two. And a billion dollar company with a full staff of video editors pumping out a video in 24 hours certainly isn't unusual. I wasn't sure when we'd see Conor in the UFC again anyway, now I just find it even less likely it will be anytime soon. Its easy for UFC to turn the other way when Conor drops some slurs or flaunts around in his fur coat, its a whole different issue when his behavior injures other fighters. Every company/promotion has a tipping point and I think Conor finally found it, they won't fire him but I don't expect to see him fighting for awhile if ever for UFC again.
  12. Kevin Wilson

    2018 NFL Draft

    I scored a 41 on my Wonderlic, I'd be a great quarterback.
  13. Kevin Wilson

    2018 NFL Draft

    While I don't think the Wonderlic is particularly important, especially for some positions, it is still interesting to look at for quarterbacks since its generally the position that requires the most advanced thinking. So that last score if true isn't ideal. Although I am still surprised they have players take it though since I've never seen it have any impact on draft status. Wonderlic scores for 2018 QBs Josh Allen: 37 Josh Rosen: 29 Sam Darnold: 28 Baker Mayfield: 25 Lamar Jackson: 13
  14. Kevin Wilson


    I don't even see how that makes sense for anyone but I'll have to assume he didn't have a 5 year 100 million dollar contract on the table and took what he could get.