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  1. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    I forgot to show off my Undisputed pulls. I only got one box this year, very proud of myself as in the past I went a bit crazy as I love on-card autographs and the design is nice. But this is what I got from one box, I was satisfied. The Charlotte is /10. I sold all of them except the Kairi, that went into my collection. I also got an Aleister Black signed card but it wouldn't fit in the picture.
  2. Kevin Wilson

    2018 NFL - WEEK THREE

    Conte having flashbacks after that last drive.
  3. Kevin Wilson

    2018 NFL - WEEK THREE

    Arizona is now the worst team in the NFL, our teams are off the hook.
  4. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    I got them from Yahoo Auctions, using buyee.jp. Japanese cards very rarely come up still in boxes or packs, even 2018 boxes are hard to find as they just don't seem to make very many of anything. I don't check every day (which makes it harder as really short auctions are popular there) but try to poke around once a week or so as I don't want to miss anything.
  5. Kevin Wilson

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    Super reminder - if you can't make it, if you can at least remove injured people like McKinnon from your draft pool as I dunno if Yahoo will be smart enough to do it. Also, be sure to log in before Thursday night to change defensive players since Yahoo still has no idea how to draft defensive players.
  6. Kevin Wilson

    Collecting and Selling Sports (and Wrestling!) Cards

    Probably the prettiest card I've ever pulled, already sold it for $85 (got it in a $6 pack of cards). A die-cut pink prizm card numbered /4 of Ezekiel Elliot. Stuff like this is why I have such a hard time breaking this habit.
  7. Kevin Wilson


    If you want to make me one too, I'll accept it in lieu of FFL dues
  8. Kevin Wilson

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    I hate to dilute the top prize any more than I already have since I want the overall winner (ie me) to get a meaningful amount of money, if it was a higher pay league I'd be open to giving a prize for 3rd but I have enough trouble as it is collecting $25 from people I only added a prize for the consolation bracket winner to keep people engaged/caring longer which I think has worked pretty well so far. For Defensive Points, I didn't do anything too drastic but I did add TFL and assisted tackles since that seems to be standard, I upped the "force fumble" up one and upped the "pass deflections" up .5. I didn't do everything I found recommended as I didn't want to jump it up too much but it should get the defensive points more in line with other positions so every week it isn't a bunch of players in the 5 to 8 point range like it has been.
  9. Kevin Wilson

    The All-Purpose Funko POP! thread....

    I was lucky enough to get the regular one and Walmart one online for retail, I paid a bit extra for the Target one since it is harder to find but it was only $33 shipped which I felt was worth the slight premium to not stress out trying to find it.
  10. I thought they'd give it to DJ on "champion's advantage" but I can't argue with the result. Really great fight.
  11. Kevin Wilson

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    Nah, except I am going to find some 'recommended settings' online somewhere to tweak the defensive points. I wanted to get rid of the TE position since 95% of TEs suck and we have TE in the flex but was told not to do that so I didn't.
  12. Kevin Wilson

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    Another year, so a new general thread is needed as drafts begin. I mean its crazy early for drafts but I know some leagues for whatever reason draft while preseason is still going on. If you are in the DVDVR Paid League, I already re-started it with the same participants as last year as its just easier that way so when you log into Yahoo it should be there. If you don't want to play this year just let me know and I'll remove you so someone else can join, the $25 fee is needed by August 15th ideally, normal way to pay, I'll send out reminders a few days before. I feel the need to point out that I have won the last two years so I hope that you guys bring your best this year, I'm getting kind of bored
  13. Kevin Wilson

    The All-Purpose Funko POP! thread....

    I find it too risky to sell Funko Pops on Ebay. Not that a profit can't be made but some collectors are so picky about the boxes, I'm always afraid there will be some ding I didn't notice or it will be damaged in shipping somehow. I got mine off Ebay but I got a discounted one since the box was damaged, I take mine out of the box anyway so it doesn't matter to me.
  14. Kevin Wilson

    The All-Purpose Funko POP! thread....

    I got all the important ones.
  15. Kevin Wilson

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Ha severely out of date I am sure, I used to have a guy that sent me all the details for those smaller promotions but I don't think I've heard from him since 2012 or so.