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  1. He won't be over as in cheered for necessarily, but the character itself as unbeatable monster will be over as long as they don't mess it up somehow. Fans like to watch monster wrestlers that are competent, I haven't seen anything from him that would give me doubt that he can keep it up and keep growing.
  2. I purchased this lot of Stardom cards for a stupidly high price, but some really rare cards in here: Its a small picture since I don't have them in hand yet, but it includes four Io Shirai autographs (a single, two duals, and a trio), two Kairi Hojo autographs (one single and one dual), and two additional Mayu Iwatani single autographs. Its virtually impossible to find these cards, some I have never even seen pictures of before, like the Io Shirai/HZK/Momo triple auto. So I'm pretty excited.
  3. NFL

    First one of the year? Chargers rookie Mike Williams perhaps out for the year: He was the 7th overall pick. Some theories that he hurt his back during the combine or pro day but kept it under wraps, officially it was hurt during the first rookie practice. Rough deal.
  4. NFL

    That's the only thing I don't like about the rule. Generally, I think its a good idea and I think it has helped. But if a team didn't plan to do any interviews and already knew who they wanted, what's the point of doing fake interviews.
  5. Ezekiel needs to get him a keeper. I don't think he has reached the Dez-level of needing to be watched 24/7 but someone already on the cusp of probably being suspended should know better than to get into another incident. Maybe the guy deserved to be punched, who knows, but it isn't a good look.
  6. I know she is 17 but she looks even younger than that. Like 14. So she fits in well in Stardom.
  7. I found it, it was late 2014, soon after she started making it more... exotic so her aim was even more iffy. It was the planned finish, as Kairi just went right back up and it it correctly the second try. I think it looks safe most the time as usually she lands next to the person with only an elbow on the chest, as designed. But sometimes she doesn't judge it and literally lands on the person, like she did to Mimura a few months ago. So I could understand on that ground why WWE wouldn't want her doing it every week, she's never hurt anyone that I am aware of but they tend to not like risky moves. She could just use the Sliding D, its a cool enough visual.
  8. NFL

    If I was Cousins, I'd play out this year and just retire. 40 mil in two years, even after taxes and agents and shit he made at least 10 million, plus whatever he made before. Buy a nice house somewhere in the woods and just chill the next 50 years.
  9. That's another issue with me personally, and why I didn't even bother mentioning an amp or expensive quality speakers. I rent a basement apartment, and while it is quite roomy, I do have the landlord living over my head. So I can't really blare music anyway I figure if I get the basics now, once I get my own place I can upgrade as needed. My records still haven't shipped. Grumble.
  10. That is kinda the interesting thing about Kairi's elbow drop. When I first heard they may not let her use it, I didn't think it was because Bayley uses it, but rather becase sometimes she crushes people with it. She gets so much air that either it looks like the most amazing move ever, or it looks like she is going to injure someone. I remember one early on, maybe 2014, where she was going to land directly on someone's head but luckily they moved out of the way (even though it was the planned finish) since they saw they were about to be decapitated. I personally love the move, its a great visual and that sense of danger is fun since I am not the one taking the move. But I would understand if they only wanted her to use it for big matches and not be dropping them every week on NXT.
  11. As the boss stated above, this isn't the thread for these types of questions, you can try making a new thread in Land of Confusion but I assume Phil would close it within three posts since its not generally the type of topic they allow here. We have five more weeks to go to keep this thread focused, we can do this! (I reserve the right to delete any posts after this one that aren't at least loosely about the boxing match)
  12. MMA fighters seem to adapt pretty well, at least in modern times. I think due to the way they train (practicing moves without actually locking them in), if the matches are strength and mat based they seem to do fine. Its only an issue at times when they try to throw strikes, since it takes more practice to learn how to make a punch look real without hurting someone.
  13. Anyway... Now that the press tour is done (I think?), wonder if both will just go to their own ends of the world to train for a month or keep at it on social media. That was getting a bit tense at the end (fake or real, I dunno, but they couldn't have done too many more at their pace) so a cooling off period before jump starting again may be a good idea. I know they have to hype the fight but it was going a bit off the rails.
  14. I love Shayna and that she has a different offense/skill set than 90% of the wrestlers that come out of the PC. So they can push her to the moon for all I care. This is just a Network Special tournament, they are going to use it to push their agenda since they are the ones footing the bill, its not an indie darling tournament. Rousey is still extremely relevant so anyone saying otherwise doesn't really pay attention. Rousey being at this event made ESPN, I think its another case of some wrestling fans just being too far in the bubble to understand why Rousey having a role in WWE is a bigger deal to them than unknown wrestler Candice LeRae winning a match.
  15. I think Phil will make a new thread for today's tapings, so be careful about spoiling today's results in case someone doesn't want to know anything beyond the first round.