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  1. Since you asked, of the 13 primetime games this year, only three were decided by three points or less. None of the Week 4 games were, in fact all were at least 10 point victories this past week. 4 out of 14 if you want to include the England game that no one watched. That's.... not a lot, if you think the NFL is fixing they are doing a really shitty job at it. I think that people watch one or two primetime games and work themselves into a shoot, without looking at the bigger picture. Its not a real thing.
  2. I hope Project Polaris comes out before I die. I know they lost a lot of goodwill due to Cyperpunk, understandable, but I love Witcher very much and want a new one to play.
  3. The funny/awful part is Ruby's injury wasn't from anything Sammy did, but from another incident within the same match. Poor Ruby. She deserves better.
  4. I continue to be surprised and will always be surprised that Brady came back after winning the TB Super Bowl. That was literally the perfect time to retire, he got a ring, proved to everyone he didn't need the Patriots, solidified whatever records he wanted to get. I know that "the game" is addicting, and he wouldn't be the first player to stay longer than he probably should have. But he had it all wrapped up for him with a bow on top.
  5. Also don't forget he has a Daboll connection from their Bills days so he knows the offense better than someone else off the street. Maybe.
  6. I won't ever be convinced there is a gambling conspiracy in the NFL. I would be on-board at the college level if there was some actual proof, or lower level sports, but the NFL cares too much about the "integrity" of the game. Hell, one could argue its the only thing Goodell cares about besides profits, they have too much to lose if word got out that anything was off-board. And to pull it off, waaaaay too many people would have to be in the loop, which would then leak. Officials have made bad calls since the beginning of time, you'll never find a season that ended where fans said "yep, refs were really great this year," they are always the scapegoat and have been since the NFL existed. The Bills lost against Miami because they had 3049 injuries and were melting, even Bills fans don't blame the referees for that one. Every week you can pick and choose 'close games' that were near the spread but there are always spreads wildly wrong also. But I know people love their conspiracy theories in general, if that is what keeps people's brains engaged then more power to them. But the more you think about it, the number of people that would be involved, the number of really really bad calls they'd need to make to keep a game close that shouldn't be, its not particularly logical.
  7. I like to buy art of my favorite video games (especially if they are pretty) but prefer to get officially licensed prints if I can. A site I use sometimes, Cook and Becker, finally got a deal with Elden Ring and added ten prints today. Limited numbers. I don't LOVE any of them as they aren't of my personal favorite locations or characters, but I did find two I liked. Just in case anyone else was interested: https://www.cookandbecker.com/en/artgallery/3002/elden-ring-fine-art-print-collection.html
  8. They also got on the field during the Rams/Bills opener. Security a bit lax in CA it seems.
  9. I texted my brother that I was going to pick up Zappe in FFL. He responded back "didn't he only get a fluky TD today?". I waited. A few minutes later he texted "Oh, Zappe is a real person, I thought you meant Zach Wilson and typed it stupid." Anyway I am also pro-Zappe.
  10. Since baseball LOVES their random stats, I wonder what the statistic is for a team to be in first for the least number of days during a season, and then win the division. The Braves (I haven't done the math) will be at something like six or seven days all season leading the NL East before winning it, sounds like that could be a record but baseball teams do weird things sometimes.
  11. I prefer this one but I may be biased. At least he threw a dart to an open receiver.
  12. There will be a lot of questions after that Ravens/Bills game. It was far from perfect as they were sluggish on offense but the defense really stepped up and kept the Ravens scoreless in the second half to give the Bills a chance to do just enough.
  13. Honestly I think the Mets can beat the Dodgers if deGrom and Max pitch at their highest level. But my hope for the Braves in the playoffs is that some other team deals with LA so the Braves don't have to. Also just to note - MLB doesn't re-seed so regardless of the Cards game, the winner of the 4/5 seed game gets LA.
  14. Braves going to make the Mets earn that division win, if they are going to get it. Braves beat the Mets tomorrow and it doesn't clinch it for them, but makes it about as sure a bet as possible without an actual clinch. Big game.
  15. Still a little too vague for my liking, I'd feel better if they found exactly what caused the lapse in policy, and exactly how they are going to fix it. Saying in the same statement "we are not concluding there were errors but we are making modifications" doesn't make a lot of sense, they must have found something. It also seems to be at odds with Miami's entire "it was a back injury" line since there would be no need to change a policy if there was no concussion in the first place. But its going in the right direction anyway, even if it was just due to public uproar, the end result hopefully with be positive.
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