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  1. All you have to do is beat Ball Fondlers by 70+ points this weekend and I think you're good to go. Also even though I haven't technically clinched since my Points For crushes everyone I am safe
  2. As its the final week of the DVDVR FFL, if you are in the league make sure you pop in and update your line-ups since most of the playoff spots are still up for grabs. Looking at @CSCin particular.
  3. Wonder if they're just going to give him the season to prove himself and if not pull a Cardinals and draft another QB with a high pick next year. I'm all for giving young unpolished QBs a chance to grow but at some point they have to show the growth.
  4. They should do double headers with different teams in each game but each game is only 30 minutes long and they shorten the field to 75 yards. Just go all-in with the wacky.
  5. Since I got it ten days early, I've gotten a chance to hold the PS5 controller. First thing I noticed is the weight - its not "heavy" but its noticeably heavier than the PS4 controller for those that are really used to the PS4 controller which I am. It also feels really really nice, I can't test the input lag of course but the buttons and everything feel right. Now I just have to wait til next week to use it. One complaint is it doesn't come with a charging cord, which you'd think for $70 it would. I actually don't have any USB-C chargers as I have an old Android phone so I'll have to get
  6. You're supposed to rip off their helmet and then punch them, not boop them in the stomach and then punch their helmet. Hope he gets an extra fine for just being dumb.
  7. I guess at least its only 21 days, if they had delayed it until February I probably would have cancelled my pre-order and said fuck it until it came out and I read some reviews first. I trust CD PROJEKT RED mostly because I adored Witcher III, if this was Bioware or something I'd have already thrown in the towel.
  8. Guess that means I get to play Assassin's Creed first. They did some really poor planning with their timeline, I am all for developers making sure games are done before releasing but having so many delays shows a deeper issue. I just hope the game delivers.
  9. In theory maybe but in reality I've never seen a team care about that. Its not like the Jags would pass on Lawrence if he has an equally good year next year just because he passed on playing for the Jets the year before. But I think its likely just fake news, the injury risk wouldn't be worth it.
  10. I see Chris 2.0 has left and Chris 1.0 has returned.
  11. I've gotten to the point where if a game doesn't have a good fast travel system I'm probably not going to play it. Its 2020 and I'm a 37 year old that works 70+ hours a week, if I have an hour to squeeze in some video games I don't want to spend half of it walking (or riding) slowly from place to place. I know they do it for artistic reasons but as far I am concerned they can use that artistic creativity in a way that doesn't waste precious minutes of my life
  12. I've really brought into the hype for this game so I hope it delivers, really excited for it. I love long games but only if they make it interesting. Witcher 3 was my favorite game of this console generation, I found every minute of the 150 hours I played it incredibly fun, but Red Dead 2 bored the hell out of me and I stopped playing 20 hours into it. So I'm not advocating all games to be super long but if they can pull it off I love getting that type of return on my investment. That being said, if all told its a 60 to 80 hour game I'm fine with that, I just don't want a 10 hour exp
  13. My only thought is they figured with no practice time with the 1s that the veteran would be better prepared to go in at the last minute. They forgot that the veteran in question was Brian Hoyer.
  14. I think it was the second push and not the first that probably sent the referee over the edge to throw the flag, he didn't reach for the flag until he pushed the second referee enough to send him a bit off-balance who he clearly could see was a referee. Still, I think in a pro game you have to just let that slide. I know they want to draw a hard line on referee contact but I he didn't mean anything by it.
  15. Plus it depends on how much uh flexibility we are giving. In the old days, games weren't upwards compatible, so if a killer N64 game came out after the Gamecube was out, it obviously didn't help the gamecube launch schedule. But are games like Cyberpunk and Assassin's Creed immediately disqualified from being considered launch titles even though they are playable on PS5 and apparently at least on some level will be 'optimized' to take advantage of the more powerful consoles? I'm not arguing they should count as launch titles since the box will still say PS4 but it just adds a bit of an ex
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