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  1. I did everything I could to sabotage Jae by picking up his injured player's backups, and he tried to sabotage himself by getting a goose egg at TE and not playing Jacobs, but it doesn't fucking matter if my team has its worst week of the season. Great timing and all that. No idea how I am going to pay Victorious, he still doesn't have Paypal but I reckon we will figure out something.
  2. Figures I may lose because Devin Bush decided to get 10 points in the first two minutes of the game. Fucking Chargers.
  3. i'M aLrEaDy ReAdY tO gIvE uP oN tHe DvDrR lEaAgUe, fantasy sports matches real life sports, always over-reactions after Week 1
  4. DVDVR Pay League is in its 11th season and in Week 1 I broke the all time single week points total. Ready to re-claim my title. (point total is different because of a stat adjustment and Yahoo is dumb)
  5. What in the actual fuck @RIPPA
  6. Sure, what could possibly go wrong This could be the year of REDEMPTION. Like in Survivor when a returning player comes back after five seasons and destroys everyone. Speaking of which, you doing the Survival League this year, @RIPPA?
  7. This reminds me.... I am really late posting this, I've just been bogged down at work and other things going on. We still need one player for the non-keeper Official DVDVR Pay League on Yahoo this year. Draft is Tuesday at 7 PM EST. No cut list, FAAB, 1 QB, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 2 IDP, no weekly waivers, uhh I think that's the important stuff. Only "rule" is that you log in each week to swap out players on a bye/injured so teams don't get in essence automatic wins, it pisses off everyone else since its pay league. Of course, the more active you are, the better. Since I waited until the last minute, not going to be super picky so if anyone in the league has a friend that wants to play, let me know. I'd rather it be someone from the forum but we only have four days before the draft. Entry is only $25, its a low cost pay league since most of the members are poor.
  8. If Lawler wasn't out for a second, putting his arm from Askren's head to a dead limp by his side wasn't a great idea. They gotta make some type of constant motion so the referee knows, that's not the time to play dead.
  9. Isn't that potentially a bit misleading though? There is a seven day free trial, how many of those signed up just to watch the event and will now cancel. If they stick around then its certainly a big deal as I wouldn't have expected it to do so well.
  10. Lawful Metal has always had a weirdly obsessive hate-boner for Cyborg, I wouldn't pay him any mind. I wasn't surprised by the main event but it was still depressing. Alexander Gustafsson just didn't look like he had much heart there. I hope that Jon Jones can at least string together three or four fights without any injuries/suspensions so we can see how good he still is. He may still be the GOAT, but I'll need to see a bit more before giving him back that crown. Amanda Nunes was amazing though, I love her. I don't think women's MMA is in the tank yet. Some divisions in the UFC have gone periods of time with just one or two stars in it, as long as its replenished within a couple years there was no harm done. At least they have a couple popular/well-known fighters (Cyborg, Nunes, and Thug Rose), and a handful of established fighters fans know (Holm, Shevchenko, Joanna) to prop it up while they see if new stars emerge. I don't think they will be main eventing PPVs and I think starting a third weight class was a mistake, but its still solid enough that I don't see it disappearing anytime soon. I mean two years ago, who knew that Nunes and Rose would be what they are today. It may not ever be a top-three division in regards to popularity but I think it will always have a place unless the well completely dries up.
  11. I just want to say that my RBs are so good that at the moment I have Phillip Lindsay on my bench as my 4th best RB. Its actually a bit of a burden trying to decide which ones to play but he has had a rough couple weeks and I don't want to risk him in the Finals. If only my WRs were as strong.
  12. I just can't fault the NFL for this one. They tried to get the video (by legal means, not 'paying off a cop and the hotel' TMZ means) and were told no, they tried to interview the woman/her friend but they never responded. Yea they could have interviewed Hunt but he would have just denied it so that wouldn't have helped. The issue is based partly in that the police don't go after misdemeanors hard enough to subpoena for the tapes, and the hotel wasn't going to hand them over since Hunt I am sure paid a fair amount of money to stay there. That headline is just click-bait since it doesn't include that the NFL tried to interview the woman, the NFL is a business, they can't force anyone to do anything. While I think they dragged out the Ezekiel Elliot investigation too long, at least in that case the accuser did talk to the NFL, without that its difficult to form a conclusion without some other type of proof which in Hunt's case there was none at the time aside from a police report that gave two very different versions of the events. I think Hunt will play again but the fact there are two other instances of his temper leading to violence (in January and June) won't help as that shows its a pattern and not a one time "I lost my cool" situation. While he is a great player, running backs are the least difficult position to plug in a new player and get decent results so if his eventual suspension is long it may be the last we hear from him. It may depend on what comes of his other incidences and if he can convince people he has changed, voluntary therapy would probably help and if I was his agent I'd be strongly recommending that.
  13. Bad luck there. On my end I do hope that Melvin Gordon heals up before next week, although at least I am pretty stacked at RB. Picking up Lindsay and Cook at least affords me some wiggle room.
  14. Haha that's so bizarre, I had no idea they did that. I knew they had a version with all DLC that came out like all games do, I didn't know they ramped up the difficulty for the entire game. I guess that would kinda suck for people that didn't play Dark Souls 2 proper first, what a thing to do.
  15. That could be a difference, if they did adjustments with Scholar of the First Sin since I played the original. I really didn't find Dark Souls 2 nearly as hard as the others so that may explain if the complaint is that its too hard.
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