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  1. Fitz will always have a special place in my heart for beating the Patriots in 2011. That's how easy it is to win over Bills fans. Just beat New England once and you're on the Wall of Fame.
  2. Honest of them to admit it was a non-event nothing match. Not sure what they are going to do with Nunes, she's right now clearly heads above everyone else.
  3. Its hard to believe that two years ago the Texans were in the Divisional Playoffs and now they are a literal dumpster fire that if they lose Watson will likely be the worst team in the NFL next year. Things can change so fast in the NFL.
  4. I've tried quite a few Souls-like games and its a hard formula to get right. Dark Souls were *hard* but they rewarded patience and an understanding of how the game works, both with upgrades and game strategies. I think some other games just try to be hard for the sake of being hard to try to get into the genre. Mortal Shell felt more like that to me, it wasn't a bad game but it was such a Dark Souls clone I am shocked they didn't get a cease and desist.
  5. Someone lied to you, haha. I found Mortal Shell harder than the Dark Souls games, nothing about it screamed an easier way to do anything to me. I feel like we say this every few months but its sad the games Nintendo has at their disposal and an offering like this is what we get every few months. Nothing particularly interesting to me at all.
  6. "Free" feels like the right price for that game, may be entertaining for one long sitting.
  7. I'd be more tempted to buy it if it actually came with the game too.
  8. I haven't played the ME games since each one came out so this is a really easy buy for me. The problem is I know I am going to have the same love interest as Jack is my favorite video game character ever. So even though I should do something 'new' for different dialogue options and what not, I know I'm not going to. Still mad she wasn't a regular playable character in ME 3.
  9. Wait, Google spent a lot of money to start a new business/concept and then suddenly closed it not long after? Who could have seen this development. I just hope the developers were paid really well for a year and it was worth the trouble. As it was set up, Stadia was a bad idea and continues to be a bad idea.
  10. Watson has the No Trade clause, so the second question is arguably just as important as the first question.
  11. Yea that's the part I dunno if people are thinking through. Not only are the Jets not good now, but the Jets would be even worse as they stand now if they have to give up picks and defensive players. That's a trade you are excited about if a team is just that one key piece away from being a SB team. The Jets are about sixteen steps from being a SB team. Yea, Watson would help but it wouldn't help much if they give up lots of picks and quality players in the process. The idea of him wanting to go there is hard to figure out so I refuse to believe its true.
  12. Goff is such an oddball that I don't think we'll know for sure til next year how this will turn out. But if the Lions use their first pick to get a QB that works out and Goff is just a competent bridge, I'd consider that a win for both Stafford and for the Lions. Either way I can't see it as a win for the Rams since now they won't have a first round pick for a millennia and have a QB that is very very good but not a transcendent one that will change the franchise dramatically. Stafford is better than Goff but its not such a huge difference that I think its worth the picks they gave up, but we'
  13. That almost feels like an initial rough draft just to spur conversation and get the ball rolling, there are a lot of odd picks on that list. The chances of the Bills drafting a RB in the 1st when they have major needs on the OL, DE, and possibly LB if Milano isn't re-signed is virtually nil, unless they are in pure BPA mode which is doubtful.
  14. Slightly off topic but I am fascinated by some Dolphins fans and media already turning on Tua. I agree the timing of when they decided to start him was off and Flores deserves some criticism for that. But Tua was *the* guy just two years ago, maybe not Lawrence level but not too far below. Then he got a bad injury, missed all of offseason and preseason of his rookie year (not that there was much of one), and got thrust in the offense with a limited playbook or practice time with the 1s. At least wait until he has a full offseason to learn/train/etc as the starter going into next year before mo
  15. Not to go back too far in the thread, but here is my issue with games that do this - getting the weapons, even with a guide, is time consuming. By the time 99% of gamers are doing it, its towards the end game, or after the end game. When I beat AC, I could have been dual wielding a branch and a butter knife and killed anything I wanted. So, basically gamers are taking hours and hours to get admittedly cool items, that they don't even need since there is no challenge in combat left anyway. So they use them a few times to kill a bear and say "wow that was cool!" then they have to wait for the DL
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