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  1. FUCKING FINALLY! Scored a PS5 disc version off of Sony. Now watch our covid symptoms get worse where we wind up in the hospital.
  2. I'm listening to the Wardlow podcast now and he may have the best voice ever.
  3. Honestly, they just need to follow through on it even if it's to start promoting something that's two weeks away. Even with bad angles it gets annoying when they introduce something and then drop it because the initial reaction is lukewarm or poor. I appreciate TK and anyone else booking for abandoning shit that isn't going to be good, but you can't do that stuff all the time.
  4. BTW, have they already dropped the Shaq thing?
  5. Also, I thought the whole episode was pretty great. Even the most meh match, Jericho vs Kaz, was decent enough, but I'm kinda over all of the Inner Circle drama. It's all watered down and I just want to see Sammy and MJF fight and Hagar and Wardlow fight.
  6. Not going to lie, Tony's "IT'S STIIIIIIIING" brought a tear to my eye. Main event fucking ruled and was legit surprising.
  7. Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora both just flat out released from the Cubs. Wow.
  8. My head cannon was that Peggy snatched it for him as a gift and Cap held onto it until it was time to give it to Falcon.
  9. Jim Harbaugh is also a loudmouth idiot.
  10. Day 1 was coughing and having to clear my throat like I was going to have a chest cold, day 2 added on my body feeling sore, but that could also be due to me getting very little sleep going into yesterday and lifting a bunch of heavy stuff in my garage. Day 3, today, is more of the same, except now I have a headache and a 100.2 temp. Oh, and chills yesterday and today, which is annoying.
  11. Honestly, we're pretty ok for the most part. Feels like a cold, but I've also managed to go 2 years without having a cold. I think this is my wife's first cold in over a year too.
  12. Welp. I have COVID. Or at least my wife does. My rapid test came back negative despite feeling like shit yesterday and today. I'm almost totally sure I'm positive. I don't see how I couldn't be.
  13. I learned from Jericho's Friday podcast with the Young Bucks that the Bucks and Cage were all really good friends with Kanyon. Cage does the "who betta" line as a tribute to Kanyon and to keep that phrase alive.
  14. To put it another way, imagine season 1 of Breaking Bad, but that's what season 2 was like and then that's what season 3 was like. That's suddenly a very dull series that's just dragging you along without ever feeling like it's going somewhere. I typically give the first season of tv series a break because they're finding their footing, but you kinda have to start pushing the envelope and reinventing yourself to prevent what you're making from growing stale.
  15. EVA is killing it. This has been a good dissection of what the series is and why, at least to me and others I know, it's something of a bust. A couple other friends already checked out of it. My one friend who likes a lot of Star Wars stuff made the joke that when they go to the writers room the question comes up what is Mando going to do in this episode and the response is, "I don't know, uh, ditch baby Yoda and go hunt bounties?" If their goal is to be like Doctor Who, and to be completely honest, that's how I've started thinking about the Mandalorian before Matt D brought it up, then I
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