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  1. Craig H

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Just find out. My God...I feel awful for everyone involved. Kobe, his daughter, everyone. Not sure what else to say other than that. RIP.
  2. Sad. This is the first time we're seeing the wife in a wrestling marriage with the one with brain trauma. This must be hard for Cody.
  3. Loved this show. Really, really fun. TUE vs Imperium was the match of the night. That match felt like it lasted forever and I'm not sure that was a good thing or not. At least it was hard hitting and entertaining the entire time. That Wolfe KO was sick as hell. Roddy and Walter squaring off was awesome. DIY vs Mustache Mountain was also great. I think the only disappointing match was Ripley vs Storm. Love watching Ripley. She's freaking awesome. The match just didn't gel very well. Whatever. It happens.
  4. I think everyone doing a Destroyer or Code Red or cutter variation is what annoys me the most. Everyone was doing superkicks, then it was tope suicidas, and now it's these three moves that everyone does. It also reminds me of when Elix Skipper started doing the Play of the Day and then a bunch of dudes started doing the same finisher or variations of it.
  5. I don't get the problem with Pac losing to Mox or pointing out that Mox had one good eye. That's like the point, that Mox had to overcome impaired vision against a top tier opponent to move on to Jericho. Also, you can say "bastard." It's not a banned word or anything...
  6. Yeah it is. I didn't care for the newest season as much, but it's still good.
  7. Jervis has always looked like a creep to me because of that fucking mask. I'm almost numb to this news based on that. It's just kinda what I expected.
  8. Every season of Ray Donovan feels the same for me where Mickey always lives, everything is utterly depressing, Ray will never be happy, his kids will always be fucked up or flat out written out of the show like his son, etc. The stuff that happened at the end of the finale felt like their way of writing out a character that I don't think anyone liked. Next season needs to be the absolute final season and Mickey needs to fucking die already. He should have been killed in the last 3 or 4 seasons now, but they continue sticking with him. I was happy to see Alan Alda back because I LOVE Alan Alda. For his entire career he's had the epitome of the grandpa voice that's really soothing and hooks me in to listening to every word he says. He also sounds like a couple of my uncles, which is kinda neat. I hope they use him more next season if Alan Alda feels like he's able to do it, but Parkinson's is a bitch as I've learned from everything my mom has gone through.
  9. They would never, ever do it, but I'd eventually like to see the MCU deal with a Carol that's become increasingly more and more powerful and maybe unstable.
  10. I'm totally expecting a "You treat me like a dog and expect me to smile...You remind me of a JACKASS" moment from Page. It's crazy. I'm getting more Steve Austin vibes from Page at this point than Moxley.
  11. Can we please, PLEASE end whatever this Britt Baker experiment is? She's not good in the ring and she is the absolute dirt worst on the mic. Props to Tony for selling it and playing along, but even he couldn't get over Britt's completely zombified delivery of her lines. It's rare, but she doesn't have no charisma, she has negative charisma. Some sit her down in front of a stream of promo work Clockwork Orange style until she stops sucking so much. She was the only low point to what I thought was a really fun and great show. The Hangman Page storyline may be my favorite one in wrestling right now. I think they're doing almost everything right, although Kenny could stop acting like such a goody goody dork. Hangman crowd surfing and drinking beer along the way was awesome. I'm sure Austin watched that and thought, "damn, why did I never think of that?" I really do hope it's the Bucks that turn on Kenny and Hangman and Hangman continues being a loner with Kenny doing what he can to gain Page's affection. Also, holy shit was that tag match good. They did a great job considering their restraints limiting dives to the outside. I really loved all of the false finishes. I thought the SCULater finish was it because Page was blocked and Page shoving Scorp into the pin the break it up was something you don't see that often, but made a ton of sense.
  12. No hate from me. Him and the rest of the Giants ending the Patriots perfect season is one of the most memorable Super Bowl moments ever. I still don't know how he wasn't tackled.
  13. I forgot that Chris Sabin was the TNA champion. EY I'm fine with being champion because they built to that for a long time and he was such a mainstay in TNA. I'm also fine with Vince McMahon's run as champion. Bray's run as champion is still better than Jinder's. It was clear they were trying to recapture what they did with JBL with that Jinder run and it just didn't work. Jinder as champion would have been a whole let better if he didn't go from being a jobber on Raw to immediately in the world title picture on SmackDown. I would have liked it more with Jinder building up more wins, being angry that he wasn't being given a shot, people telling him he hasn't beaten anyone, him saying he would prove everyone wrong, notching some signature wins, and then winning the world title. That's months and months of build and WWE creative doesn't have the patience for that, but had they done that and never, ever, EVER done the Punjabi Prison match then I think Jinder's run would be better than it was.
  14. I don't like Swole and I still don't like Marko that much. I think Marko is better off being the third wheel in that group where he's more or less a mascot that an active, participating member of the team.
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