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  1. Craig H

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - 2019 and Beyond

    If you're going to have the cat talk and call him Goose, then he needs to be voiced by Anthony Edwards.
  2. Craig H

    Star Wars Episode IX

    I loved both movies.
  3. Craig H

    Magic: the Gathering

    It's probably my shit luck, but I've played against nothing by the fog/mill deck lately.
  4. Masahiro Batista was the best Batista.
  5. BTW, the notion that Edge is more important than Daniel Bryan is fucking laughable, and I love Edge. Also, using the argument that Daniel Bryan didn't pop ratings or buyrates or whatever is extremely flawed considering that no one and nothing brings in viewers with any kind of consistency. Not Brock, not Ronda, not Vince, not Cena, etc.
  6. Craig H


    Don't project your own life and struggles onto those of others and twist it into making a judgment call. I don't think that's really fair. Also, no one is asking for sympathy. It's empathy that would be more important here anyway.
  7. Craig H

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    Played a lot of Apex Legends last night with two friends and we wound up coming in 2nd a few times. Each time we were just completely undergeared for the final fight. No smokes, low on ammo, low on shields, and my ultimate to call down supply drops never yielded anything helpful. Just really unlucky. Our last game was our best chance to win because the enemy was holed up in a building. We grenaded the shit out of it, circled it, sent inside, but it was full of smoke. They picked us all off one by one.
  8. Craig H


    Jesus, Corey. Get help. Please.
  9. Craig H

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    I also tend to think Trump fueling the collusion against Kaep would have been really bad for hom as well. I think the owners basically had to cover their asses and president fuckstick's as well.
  10. Craig H

    Star Wars Episode IX

    Actually...I may be most excited for Captain Marvel, but I'm also excited for my daughter to see it. Endgame 2nd, then Star Wars.
  11. Craig H


    This is fucking fantastic.
  12. Craig H

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - 2019 and Beyond

    Ain't no way I'm watching the fucking Oscars for an Endgame trailer. Like JT said, I'll just watch the shit on YouTube.
  13. Craig H

    Star Wars Episode IX

    If not for how awesome Infinity War was and wanting to see how Endgame wraps up 22 movies worth of buildup, then Episode 9 would be the thing I'm looking forward to the most this year.
  14. I played through all of the main campaign and now I'm helping my daughter with some of the tougher parts. Unlike me, she managed to find all of the memories and now she's making her way through the expansion pass content before moving on to Ganon. So it's clear we both love the game, but the weapons system and not being able to repair weapons is the dumbest and most anti-fun thing to happen to any video game. It's as bad as constantly being overencumbered in Skyrum or Fallout. Shit, I would take encumberance over unrepairable weapons.