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  1. This set has the best flavor of all time. The way they were to bring out the story with all of these cards is nothing short of remarkable. They did a very impressive job. This card in particular just makes me hear the YUB NUB song from Return of the Jedi:
  2. I was about to say...Y'all are referring to some interview Jeffrey/Vile One did with someone else regarding the TV deal. It's not exactly what I'd call reputable. I don't think anyone quite understands how close they're keeping this shit to the chest and the one person who did know and blabbed about it (JR) I'm guessing was told to stop talking about since he hasn't said anything about it since. I wouldn't exactly trust any word coming out of anyone not WITHIN that company.
  3. Right. When he got into town (which was way the fuck outside of town) he knew everything would be closed every night when he was done with meet and greets and other stuff so he bought 8 doubles from Wendys to stick in the fridge and eat every night along with buffalo wings and other stuff from the hotel. But still, it's good he's down in weight.
  4. I can't stand Cornette's podcast. I like Corny and all, but his takes on modern wrestling are garbage. I was listening to his review of WM35 and this was about the umpteenth time he had a problem with the champion not being handsome and dressed in a suit and whatever the fuck. Like, that shit just doesn't work that well anymore. Anyway, him talking about buying EIGHT double cheeseburgers from Wendys was something else. The cherry on top was saying you can't go with the triple because when you try to reheat it later the bun falls apart.
  5. You must have missed Morelock calling everyone idiots then.
  6. I'm fucking blown away by a number of things with that post. I'm not sure what bothers me most: Saying it was a really good moonsault (I guess is looked good), she adjusted in midair (she didn't), ignoring that she crushed Nattie, that it's on par with Kobashi's moonsaults (it wasn't), or that Charlotte's aren't good (they are).
  7. Wait, the moonsault she crushed Nattie with was a really good moonsault? In fact, here's the video! Go to 1:56. She fucking destroys Nattie. There's no shift in midair. There's no adjustment. But she sure as shit didn't overshoot. More over, you say she adjusts in midair when Nattie was out of position. She doesn't. In fact, she's looking at Nattie right before she does it. Nattie is in perfect position.
  8. The current year is probably the best one where enough changes were made to really set it apart. The previous years were all great, but they were all also about as good as The Show 2016.
  9. The Chargers twitter has some real nerve to make fun of others for their look after the whole debacle with their new logo and look.
  10. Was going to say the same thing. A lot of the reason for why I can't get with Jay White is because Devitt was a far, far, far, far better heel and his edgelord shit was creative and not this "breathe with the switchblade" shit that sounds like it was scribbled all over the back of a sophomore's notebook along with a bunch of daggers and lightning bolts. I think with time, people forget just how fucking good Devitt was as a heel in NJPW and they just think of him more for all the cosplay gimmicks, stuff in Progress, etc.
  11. I know the feeling is that Fast Five was like the Saints Row movie, but holy shit, they went and made a Saints Row movie.
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