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  1. So I gave up on watching the PP match, but when I later read that Khali came out, I had the biggest "oh fuuuuuck this" reaction. Jinder fucking sucks. His gimmick is shit. He's a shit wrestler. And you could stick anyone in this evil foreigner that's better than you role and people would boo it or shit on it because it's lame. Meanwhile, on Raw, Samoa Joe and Brock have had one hell of a program and now it looks like we'll get Brock vs Roman vs Braun vs Joe. What a difference a year makes because last year SDL was way more entertaining than Raw.
  2. There could have been a guy on fire and Hogan could walk up with a bucket of water in hand and Heenan would still question if Hogan would put the fire out. That's just who Heenan is. In hindsight, one of my favorite parts about Hogan's heel turn is that it vindicated years and years and years of Heenan pointing out that Hogan was a scumbag and every other face announcer thinking he was crazy.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the show is moving too fast? When they had the scene with Dany and Tyrion, talking about sending a raven to Jon Snow, I instantly made a "one hour later..." remark to my wife. AND THEN IT WAS THE NEXT FUCKING SCENE. So now ravens travel at the speed of a text message. Despite the speed of the show at this point, there was still a lot to love. Jon should have left Ser Davos with Sansa though. I don't think Brienne is enough to remind Sansa that she knows Littlefinger is a scummy piece of shit. Plus, I really want to see Ser Davos smack Littlefinger around. By the way, Littlefinger admitting that he loved Kat and now loves Sansa was so gross. He got off light considering that the King in the motherfucking North only choked a bitch. I would have run him through and put his head on a pike.
  4. I gave up trying to watch the main event a couple minutes in. This PPV sucked. A Nakamura match ends in a DQ? KO and Styles can't sleepwalk their way into a good match? I mean, ugh, just what the fuck. Did Ryan Ward go to Raw or something?
  5. If the fight does happen, I hope Cormier smashes Jones. I don't think there's anyone in MMA I hate more than Jones and I've felt that way even before the first Cormier fight. Jones has always been fake as fuck from the first moment he tapped his giant Philippians tattoo. Fuck him. The other driving factor in this intense dislike for the guy is that not one person has been able to put him in his place and actually humble him. I just want to see him get fucked up and stop getting rewarded for being a fuck up over the last handful of years. That said...I don't know if Cormier will have it in him. He should have steamrolled right through Silva, right? Not only didn't he do that, but a couple times Silva looked like he could upset Cormier. So will he have a better fight in him this time around?
  6. I'll call out Thursday for the day the fight is cancelled.
  7. TV

    I saw that pop up a couple days ago. I just need to find the time to get into it. Yeah, it's really good. I was expecting the first season to be like Go Tigers! and it's not quite like that. It's also not as anger inducing as a couple other documentaries on Netflix where the focus is on kid athletes. At least with Last Chance U, I don't feel like throwing something.
  8. I still think of GRRM's comments about Lost and seeing similarities between this and Lost. So in that sense, I think the White Walkers and Wights win, but time travel fuckery by way of Bran gives our heroes a second chance. No one sits on the Iron Throne because fuck it. Who needs it. Rule from wherever.
  9. Oh shit. If this movie is this wild already, I wonder what the chances are for Beta Ray Bill showing up.
  10. Oh shit. This went from looking pretty good for Weidman to really, really bad.
  11. Movie

    There's a DeLorean. I really hope licensing isn't capped at BttF, Tron, Iron Giant, and Nightmare on Elm Street, but still, there's a DeLorean.
  12. Curious...Steppenwolf referenced the Lantern Corps.