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  1. Why not? He's youtubing as Spider-Man. He's still under a mask. His personality under the mask is different than when he's Peter. That's like saying he can't maintain a secret identity while still being in the public eye, except he's very much in the public whenever he's fighting crime.
  2. Much to my disappointment, it really does seem as if middle school to high school kids think their lives should be vlogged. I was at a friend's house and his kids and nephew were having a sleepover. The nephew was in middle school and was just video recording everything until my friend sternly told him to not record another second of video. That ended that. What's weirder is that you go into Toys R Us and they sell these YouTube kits to record yourself, so it makes kids as young as first graders think they could be YouTubers and they know more YouTube personalities than TV or movie characters it seems like. So Peter vlogging as Spidey makes sense to me because it's very much a product of it's time.
  3. So I suppose a couple of my friends who went to law school at Notre Dame might not be making as much money as I figured they were. I honestly wouldn't have a clue since one moved to New Jersey and the other to southern California and I don't talk to them that much these days.
  4. Damn. That's a depressing read.
  5. Bananas makes money for showing up at bars and Punk has made more money than Bananas will ever see in his life. Advantage Punk.
  6. Woah. Double woah because Billy's fuzzy hounds tooth jacket looks hideous.
  7. So no one wants to say or no one has been able to tell this whole time? Ok. I'll say it. EN090. I mean, his name on here is Thibs. And if I'm wrong, I'm sorry.
  8. To me that sounds like a GTA session devolving into me running around trying to get my star rating up as high as possible or doing stupid shit with vehicles. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
  9. The Steam controller is really weird. I get what they were going for, but it's tough to compete with a Dual Shock or an Xbox controller. As for the Steam Link, everything Raziel said is correct, but I want to add that you need a good machine to make sure you have as few hiccups as possible with streaming. You don't need to best computer to do it, but it helps to have something pushing enough power. And even then, the Steam Link has various issues depending on your video card, CPU, or the rest of your setup. I borrowed a friend's Steam Link because he thought it was a waste of money. His computer had a newer AMD chip and a newer Radeon GPU. My computer has a 1st gen (I think) core i5 and a GTX 560 Ti. Despite my computer being significantly older than his, my computer was able to stream content to the Steam Link better. It also helps if your computer and the Steam Link are both connected to the internet with an ethernet cable as opposed to wifi.
  10. I've never played a Far Cry game, but I've always been tempted to. If I wanted to jump in, would it make more sense to just start with the newest one coming out soon, or try a different version first? It's basically an open world FPS, right?
  11. Yeah, BCS is making me have similar feelings. Jimmy was clearly into some shady shit before meeting Walt, but nowhere near the level of shadiness that Walt would introduce him too. Jimmy foolishly crossed that line though, and took a gigantic risk doing so. If he never meets Walt, I doubt Jimmy ever winds up having to disappear. At worst, maybe he gets disbarred.
  12. Maybe. That, or he really was paying the entire mortgage on Chuck's house, along with the groceries, water, sewage, and gas. That probably doesn't leave Jimmy with much left for himself. I wouldn't think that Jimmy had a ton of debt because he was a scam artist back in Illinois, presumably got most of his shit for free, and when he was walking the straight and narrow, they established that he paid his own way through law school.
  13. Hmm, that's different than what I was reading on one of the gaming websites last night. I went to Xbox's Game Pass page and it says there too that the game stays in your library. That's cool then. I wonder if the website misunderstood or was reporting on old information.
  14. BTW, I didn't understand how Jimmy could be so broke back then. He lived the most modest of lifestyles. The rent for his "office" couldn't be that much, his car was a piece of shit, and he basically lived with his brother. Even if he was taking care of his brother, he should have some money to afford a new car or a better office. It's established that Jimmy made $700 per defense and it's made clear that he's at the court every day or nearly every day. If he's there every day and taking a case every day, that's $700 per day or $3500 per week. This is also years ago, so that's an insane amount of money. It's almost like they misrepresented just how much Jimmy makes. They portray him as someone who looks like he's pulling $70 per case, not $700.
  15. The gf and I are going back through Better Call Saul because she's never seen it. Finished up with the second episode of the series last night. It may be hard to think back that far, but in that episode Nacho presents Jimmy with an offer to take $1 million from that idiot family, with Jimmy getting $100k. Jimmy, despite being broke because he takes care of his brother and had to pay for the two dumb brothers broken legs, refuses to accept Nacho's offer because he doesn't operate on that side of the law anymore. He may dance along that line, but he doesn't necessarily cross over to it. Flash forward to this season and increasingly, Jimmy is pushed to cross that line because unlike back then, he can't even function as a court appointed attorney. He has nowhere left to turn now and it's going to be interesting to see just how far he goes. One other thing that sucks to think about...From the very first episode of the series, Hamlin suggests that Jimmy change the name of his business because people may associate Jimmy's business with HHM. Jimmy protests because, hey, it's his name and why shouldn't he be allowed to use his own name. Now you begin to see just why Jimmy may abandon his own name and it's because of his own brother. That's just sad.