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  1. Holy shit was Shida vs Baker ever good. Baker's bloody, crazy looking face was fucking awesome. That might be my favorite AEW women's match. Rest of the show was a lot of fun. Jericho and Skee-a-vone killed it all night even if it was a little weird to hear Jericho cheering on Kenny. Suge D and that pineapple shirt. Way to go and stand out dude. That's like Christian levels of standing out a ton when you're given nothing to do.
  2. Nothing with Hangman. All of this stuff wasn't taped at Daily's Place.
  3. I'm in the exact the same boat. I even liked their initial feud, but it got very overdone. I could do without ever seeing another Gargano vs Ciampa or Gargano vs Cole match ever again. In fact, in both cases, my problem is with Gargano. Ever since his matches against Andrade he just does the same shit over and over again and it's just...man, it's just time to freshen it up.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if I should just get this for the PS4 since the last time I played it on my PC it would ton sluggish at times. Any of you playing this on the PS4?
  5. I guess it's possible she's not breaking kayfabe if she's featured on the NXT tapings.
  6. Just realized that if they have episodes taped through May, those are all without Hangman. That's a long time to go without the Hungman especially when he was establishing himself as one of the best parts of the company.
  7. That DualSense looks pretty cool, but I still hate the thumbstick layout and probably always will. If there was a way to use an Xbox controller on the PlayStation I'd be in heaven.
  8. @Dolfan in NYC for whatever reason the board just now notified me that you referenced me in a comment, but you think I'm a Michigander?
  9. I'll be honest, when I saw that spot the first thing I thought of was that they fired Daniel Bryan for choking Justin Roberts with a necktie and now Edge and Orton are doing this shit. That and John Cena still did it best the way he beat Umaga. The way Benoit killed himself didn't cross my mind until people on here mentioned it and until Meltzer and Alvarez mentioned it.
  10. More Witcher 3 talk. Man do I hate Skellige. For starters, there's way too much fucking water to traverse and there's not remotely enough signposts available when you go there. To add to that, most of the quests and contracts you get are so spread out that you wind up having to walk or ride for entirely way too long. I seem to recall from the Giant Bombcast when the game came out that White Orchard is where the game dragged because it's such a small area and it's kind of boring, but after those few hours, the game really opens up. That's true, but I feel like Skellige is going so much slower than White Orchard. I think I just hate all the traveling you have to do and how spread out everything is, which is impressive because it's a smaller map than Novigrad or Velen. The other problem is that the area is so mountainous and climbing in Witcher 3 is a chore. This part of the game has definitely bottle necked the experience for me. Another problem is that I'm running into a lot of broken quests and contracts. Like, I can't complete some of them for whatever reason, but I find that if I meditate for a couple days away from the area where the NPC is at then I'll be able to finish the quest or move onto the next part. One final issue is that the level of difficulty doesn't make sense. For instance, I decided to work a contract to find out what happened to a father's son. That leads me to a fiend and fiends are fucking huge. The last time I fought one it wiped the floor with me and it was only maybe 6 levels higher than me. This time around, I was at level 21 and the fiend was at least level 29. I hit it with an enhanced devil's puffball bomb and wipe the floor with it. Even when he blinds you and you can only see a foot in front of you I was able to easily kill it. Previously, if I happened upon a griffin or something like that I'd run. Now, it feels like everything is many levels underneath me even when something is nearly 10 levels above me. If it isn't that, then it's still running into level 1 to 6 enemies that I can one hit or all of the supposedly level 19 wolves that I can one hit. The game and level design definitely takes a hit with Skellige and the sooner I finish this part of the game and never have to return there, the better. Oh, one last thing, sorry. So in addition to there being so much water to traverse by boat in Skellige, the main castle and the other areas are like a maze and it's a pain in the ass trying to figure out how to even get around. I was trying to go to a question mark on the map and there was no way to get there from the main castle, so I took a boat to go around the island. No joke, it took me at least 20 minutes to sail by boat around the island to try to figure out how to get to the question mark and I never found a way because each side of the island is a giant wall that you can walk up. This is why I like Novigrad and Velen because there's mountainous areas there, but you can traverse those areas and much of the surrounding lands are flat or marshy.
  11. Ohhhh ok. I saw the vast amount of question marks in the sea and thought that all looked annoying to travel to by boat and then I wondered what it could all be for. My complaints for the game are few and far between and always have to do with movement. Like, this would be the best game ever if you could climb like you can in Breath of the Wild. Other than that, some of the close fighting gets weird when the camera loses track of what's going on and traveling by boat is so slow. Also, some of the short falls you take that kill you are really annoying.
  12. I am so fully addicted to the Witcher 3. I realize I'm really, really late to playing it, but I bought it and all the DLC from PSN for $15 forever ago and never really started playing until just after we finished watching the Witcher on Netflix. I play this thing for 2 to 3 hours a night and I'm currently level 21. I have no idea if my build is good or not, but I'm having so much fun with it. I think what is most surprising is just how engrossing all of the storylines are. Some of the stories are super dramatic and I never expected that or the voice acting to be as good as it is. I also just now went to Skellige. The reason why it took me so long to go to Skellige is that I just have to visit every single question mark on the map to see what's there. It's rare that a game grabs me like this where I have to see everything, but this one has somehow done it. I also love having to find recipes for armor and weapons in order to create them. Right now I have the full set of level 18 Griffin armor and swords. Next step is to start finding the next step up from this level of gear. I also made my choice between Triss and Yen. Triss forever. That seems like a better relationship for Geralt. Hitching my wagon to Yen seems like it would just be very frustrating so I don't think I'll be romancing Yen when I have Triss waiting for me back at home. See, shit like that is stuff I never expected to write about for any game. I'm not sure why I'm so invested in who Geralt winds up with, but here I am. This is just such a good fucking game.
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