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  1. Not plastic. You could hear them clanging around in the bag.
  2. I'm honestly surprised that we didn't see anything about Wolverine in the State of Play. I remember that being a talking point too that we didn't see anything about it and maybe that's a red flag. At the same time, it's Insomniac so I'm not that worried?
  3. I don’t understand why anyone would even play this game online.
  4. Holy shit. Now this is a motherfucking promo. This dude is going to quickly turn himself face again with promos like this. I’m on Team Hangman.
  5. He was really ripped in the Good Place also. So was Chidi.
  6. There’s no way Hangman would lose again. I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this Hangman heel/tweener run. Basically a Hanger driven by absolute hate for Swerve to do things he doesn’t want to do, like joining the EVP side for B&G, shunning all friends to do everything for himself and the livelihood of his family, etc. Basically a modern day DTA Hangman Page. Given enough time, he’s going to be a bigger face than he was before.
  7. Acclaimed aren’t officially on Team AEW yet. They could have just as easily been building up to their tag title match against the Bucks since the Acclaimed beat them in a title eliminator.
  8. I think it is absolutely ok for MJF to do the job to Ospreay. He’ll be fine and can take the loss. And I’m totally fine with an even darker Hangman being the one to dethrone Swerve. Hangman and Swerve are perfect for each other. They can face each other as many times as they want.
  9. We’re now about two months in with really good to great episodes of Dynamite every week. Like I said before, just keep doing what you’re doing, don’t flinch at ratings, and don’t change it up. And last night ruled. I like that Hangman isn’t purely an attack dog for the EVPs. I was getting Steve Austin vibes from him.
  10. If this doesn’t play like crap, I think it may rival The Show.
  11. HNNNNNNNGGGGG Stop! I can only get so erect.
  12. Wrestling wise, I think Hook is close for as young/inexperienced as he is. For someone his size, he’s strong as fuck. He should be positioned as the giant killer and get in a feud with Brody or something. Promo wise, he needs a lot of work, but pairing him with Joe is brilliant in the way that pairing Batista with Benoit was brilliant. You can already start to see Joe rubbing off on him in ring. I think if you can have Joe try to influence Hook’s promos and presence and Hook takes to that, then man, thethe sky is the limit for him.
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