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  1. Craig H


    Bears and Colts win again!
  2. Craig H

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    Daniel Bryan with what might be the promo of the year: https://streamable.com/4xmht
  3. If I had to guess at what a big angle would be to drive ratings it would be them redoing the pipe bomb promo, but with Rollins this time. Or something else entirely, but it won't be an invasion angle. Vince doesn't have the patience to do it nor does he have the confidence in NXT callups to do it.
  4. Craig H

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    Tom and his sister are the only ones in that family with the common sense to keep their mouths shut.
  5. Craig H

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    That would be Jimmy.
  6. Craig H

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    Unfortunately? Fortunately is more like it.
  7. Craig H


    I am someone who talked a lot of shit about Hello Games and how they completely blew it with No Man's Sky. I thought the radio silence from the head game dev there amounted to taking the money and running even if he was upset by how everything turned out. And eventually that game turned into something pretty special and Hello Games made good on damn near all of their promises. It took a lot of time and a lot of money, but they did it. So given the humble pie I had to eat with that, I'm not about to count this thing out even if it doesn't look good at the moment. At the very least, we have Fire Pro on the PC and PS4.
  8. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that SDL was better than Raw again. Actually, I really liked this episode tonight. Good stuff all around.
  9. Craig H

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    I am laughing too hard at the Rollins/Tracy Flick comparison. Pretty spot on and I'm a fan of Rollins. Dolph may be an even better comparison.
  10. Craig H

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    I figured McCutchen would be a target for Theo, but maybe not at that price. Although if that's how much they're spending for Cutch, maybe the Phillies are out of the hunt for Harper.
  11. Craig H

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    Remember when you had to take the Authors of fucking Pain to hell and back to even try to beat them, like the Revival and DIY did? The Revival and DIY had to set aside their hatred to fuck up these two giants and that didn't even get the job done. It took the craziest and maybe most brutal people on the roster at the time, Sanity, to take down the Authors. So when they keep losing like they do, I think to stuff like that, and I say fuck this dumb ass show.
  12. Craig H

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    New title belt designs?