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  1. In my experience, Game Pass streaming has worked way better than PS Now. And Game Pass streaming worked well on my phone and the Series X.
  2. I still think Reed is the most likely choice to buy the former Avengers tower, but I do think Kingpin is for sure involved in this. It's either that, or again feeding off of fan speculation so it's not so obvious that Lalo is the big boss and the one who shook Maya's hand. Best episode yet though. Lots of good action and comedy. PIZZA DOG
  3. I fucking love Halo Infinity and I'm excited based on what the Giant Bombcast folks have said about the single player/co-op.
  4. Here's a tip for them, make a Battlefield that has a single player as good as Bad Company 2 and a multiplier that's basically the same as Battlefield 4. There. Problem solved.
  5. Couple other thoughts... Punk and Eddie was probably the best promo in the last 10 years. My US MotY is either Hangman vs Kenny, Bucks vs Lucha Bros, or Punk vs Eddie. I lean towards the latter because I love a match that is just two motherfuckers fucking fighting.
  6. Morbid take, I was hoping to see the knife get used, but in a safe or gimmicked way.
  7. I was fine with the flaming table spot. I had more of a problem with Cody dressed in wrestling gear when Andrade came out looking like a boss.
  8. Weird as it may sound, JDS is deserving of some recognition for being RotY. He wouldn't win it, but for a guy with zero matches going in to this year, I would now love to see more of him.
  9. I don't think the show sucked, but the angles and feuds following their PPVs that lead into angles and feuds for PPVs are always hit or miss. It's pretty clear they're trying to work in new talent for this transitional period, but more of it isn't working than it is. And I'm not feeling this MJF "look at me try to replicate the heat between HBK and Bret by making Sunny Days comments" bullshit. Fuck that. Don't fuck with people's relationships outside the ring. More over, stop burying talent. What I would like to see more of are some more PPV feuds, like Punk and Kingston, continue on past their PPV match. It doesn't have to be all 50/50 shit, but there's more of a story to tell with some people to fill the post-PPV void.
  10. So many positive thoughts about this Dynamite, but I'll just say that I dug Darby and Sting looking like the biggest Wes Borland fans.
  11. I'm already over the trigger feedback in the dualsense. It's a neat gimmick, but it honestly causes me to experience some kind of fatigue while using them and I just want triggers to function like triggers.
  12. As someone who now owns a PS5 and a Series X, I think I would be content if I only had a Series X. The biggest downside is that I built up a pretty decent library on the PS4, but Game Pass is great, I have always thought the Xbox controller was better than Sony's, the resume feature is pretty neat, and I think games look better on the Series X weirdly enough. However, the Xbox UI is dogshit. It's really fucking bad. It just looks like a bunch of jumbled crap with no rhyme or reason for why something is where it is. The Playstation UI is much, much, much better.
  13. If you stop at certain points in this new preview then you will see some spoilers. That said, LFG!
  14. The Horror Thread might be the most looked over thread in the history of the board.
  15. 12 teams seems like too many, but I would be down for 6 or 8 teams. Probably 6.
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