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  1. OH SHIT! KATHRYN HAHN! I had no idea she was going to be in WandaVision. I'm infinitely more excited for that series now.
  2. I never watched any of the original Utopia, but that US version looks really good.
  3. I wound up installing this on my new gaming computer and I'm able to run everything at its highest settings. It looks and plays simply amazing on the PC. It's one of the best looking games I've played and I think I may prefer this over the PS4. The only problem is that the keyboard layout for all of your actions is mapped weirdly. I have a Razer mouse that has three different sides for regular use, MMOs, and MOBAs. I might try the MMO or MOBA side to map item use or melee actions or finishers to the mouse. And the expansions on PC wound up being cheaper than the PS4. I got the expansions
  4. Well, either way, I'm loving it. I feel like I'm in a much better position returning to D2 because I have fresh eyes, I'm not a jaded long term player, and I'm astonished at the amount of stuff there is to do. It's really fantastic. I've also managed to convince some friends to return as well.
  5. So, is Beyond Light basically Destiny 3?
  6. I think AEW gets a lot right, but I think their divisions are becoming very cluttered with a bunch of dudes treading water. The goal feels like it should always be a title. I understand 6-man titles aren't much of a draw, but WWE and AEW could both make it work better than other promotions could and neither seems like they want a 6-man title. Now they have the World, TNT, FTW, Tag, Women's, and NWA Women's titles in the promotion. It should just be World, TNT, Tag, 6-man, and Women's. The FTW title is pointless and I get why the NWA women's title is there, but it just adds to the clutter.
  7. I just finished episode 3 last night and my jaw hit the floor for the shit at the end. Looking forward to watching 4 and 5 tonight.
  8. I hate Final Fantasy X almost as much as 8. We've had this discussion many times over, but I still think 8 is fucking garbage. X is nearly as bad. It's more linear, Tidus is nearly as unlikable as the dorks in 8. 6 is the one I want re-made more than anything else. It has one of the best villains that any game has ever seen. And he wins, which is bananas. The 3D of 7 put it over the top for me back then and 7-R is nearly a masterpiece, to me anyway. 9 is great and a lot of fun. It's maybe the easiest FF game to get into and it's the reason why I never finished stuff like Skies of Arcadia
  9. I'm weird, but whenever I think of Tatiana Maslany, I think of her more for her really short stint on Parks and Rec more than Orphan Black. Also, I didn't even finish season 1 of Orphan Black. I probably should.
  10. I really loved FF7-R. I thought it was probably the perfect blend of ATB meeting an action RPG combat system. If FF16 plays like that then I don't think I'll mind, but my bigger concern is that this looks so much like the Witcher. You have this powerful, sword wielding guardian that also hunts giant Final Fantasy monsters and guards an ultra powered child that a kingdom is afraid of. I love the Witcher, but I don't want FF games to be...that. I doubt you're going to have the main hero fucking prostitutes and witches, but it's practically the only thing that's lacking. I really don't think
  11. Daaaamn. Everyone going in on Flip Gordon these days. https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearHelplessDotterelTriHard Since it won't embed, it's Evil Uno and Colt making fun on Flip while trying to explain 4chan to Brandon Cutler.
  13. Holy shitballs. AEW ranked 3rd in the demo. Their highest since their debut or the week after their debut.
  14. It wasn't Riddle, it was Baron Corbin who referenced it. And yes, it's pretty fucked up because Vince and Bruce are both scumbags.
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