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  1. Wow. Crazy. Really disgusting knee. Aljo looked surprised to even find out he was the champion.
  2. So, if we're REALLY overstating the HoF thing, then I could see Aleister Black be signed, but he hasn't done anything HoF worthy yet. Couldn't be Akiyama because he's champ, old as fuck, and no one would know him except for us. BUT...but...Akiyama vs Kingston! The coolest, WTF, holy shit signing that wouldn't make sense is CM Punk. The coolest, WTF, holy shit signing that would make sense is Daniel Cormier. Angle is probably the likeliest though, but I'm going to hold out hope for DC.
  3. I also notice thigh slaps and hate weak looking submissions. Skull End and the STF drove me up a fucking wall.
  4. And honestly, aside from CM Punk, Daniel Cormier is the only "HoF" signing that would even mean anything since Cormier can actually work a match instead of being ANOTHER manager.
  5. Fuckin' Elsavajeloco got me all excited for Daniel Cormier now.
  6. As an adult who can make his own choices, I'm totally looking forward to getting high, eating a large bowl of pasta or fancy mac and cheese, and watching Revolution. Followed by dieting on Monday.
  7. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING I really enjoyed the ending and looked at it in the same way. This was the main way for the series to end - with Wanda processing her grief and coming to terms with her loss. Well, except when you're an all-powerful being who can maybe summon them back by using what you learn from the Darkhold.
  8. BTW, this has to be a very positive sign for Revolution. They pop a nearly 1 million viewership for the go-home episode and it's widely regarded as another very good episode. They should do another 100k buys easily. I wonder what rating the Road to Revolution show did afterward. Did anyone else watch that and is it worth watching? I have it recorded, but I just don't know if I want to spend the time watching it.
  9. Considering Ellsworth is a creep, I doubt it.
  10. Cena doesn't even have time to do shit for WWE and he's basically a WWE lifer. What would make people think that he'd instantly start having time for AEW that he doesn't already have for WWE? I suppose it could be Brock, but I don't see him wanting to travel back and forth from one end of the country to the other. No way it's CM Punk with Colt in AEW. I can't even begin to think of a HoF signing that's a woman aside from Lita or Trish and I have no desire seeing either of them wrestle. So yeah, it's probably Kurt, which to me is a disappointment. He's going to wind up being
  11. Front loading Dynamite and a multi-week build worked. 934k viewers.
  12. I feel like this has been said many times, but Christian has supposedly already signed with WWE.
  13. Honestly, my first thought was Charlotte, but I believe she re-signed not too long ago. Obviously, my dream pick would be Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, or Becky, but they're all locked down. Io just re-signed as well I think. I think any of those 5 are hall of fame worthy even if they're not in the hall of fame and only Io isn't a major star.
  14. And part of me wonders if it could be a huge signing for the women's division.
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