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  1. Fantasy Football 2K17

    I won all 3 of my leagues. Thank fucking goodness. I started getting worried in my one league. I was up by almost 60 and my opponent had Dak and Dez. Then it started looking like Dak was going to go off. That TD pass getting called back probably saved me.
  2. WWE No Mercy 2017

    lol turn them all heel. Shit, they would turn Ambrose and Rollins heel and still keep trying to push Roman as a face. I'm just astounded. Is this the most stubborn push Vince has ever given someone? It has to be. Even with dorks like Lex Luger he eventually bailed. This is just the most Sisyphean task. At what point does the boulder roll backwards and crush Vince?
  3. WWE No Mercy 2017

    I, ugh, what the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK.

    Oh, and after his bit on Raw Talk, I'm now in the Hate camp for Enzo. That fuckin' guy...

    I'm trying to think...Surely there had to have been a weekend where there was more than one movie in the theater that opened in a specific weekend and I managed to see both in that weekend. Part of me wants to say the Matrix. And actually, after a quick look, Matrix came out on a Wednesday and so did...10 Things I Hate About You. I know for sure I saw both of those in that Wednesday to Sunday span. I love the Matrix and irrationally really like 10 Things I Hate About You. The Matrix I'll call a classic, the other not so much, so that comes close for me anyway. There must be others though...Perhaps something around the time Return of the King came out?

    I don't hate Brock. It's probably not his fault he's still champ and I'm sure whatever road agent works with Lesnar is just like, "do a lot of suplex city and then one F5 will finish because we need to get that over as a one hit kill because when Roman kicks out of it, it will be a big deal." Ziggler though...Who is worse than Ziggler? This motherfucker's assault on our ear drums is worse than Sexy Star attacking one wrestler's arm. It's practically an ear drum and eyesight holocaust. His style is the Big Lots of wrestling. Everything is super generic and a mishmash of so many other looks and styles. From the fucking lame as shit Megadeath patch and all the other patches on that denim vest, to looking like Brian Pillman, to then looking like a hair metal rocker, and none of it with any amount of self-awareness to play it up as a joke...Just fuck him. He fucking sucks in the ring too. His current shtick of being the best performer and how no one gets it is maybe the worst gimmick to come along in a long time. No one gets it because he sucks. And people like me are to blame. There was a time where I didn't want to see Ziggler leave. I thought he still had potential. Then came that Miz feud and it was like, holy shit, maybe he really is salvageable. NOPE. He sucks. He's the note worst.
  7. Destiny 2

    Be thankful. On the PS4, it wasn't just that Destiny would experience downtime, but PSN was constantly under attack from hackers. PSN got hacked and was taken down within a week of Destiny's release. Then it was attacked multiple times after that. One of those times was when PSN was down for almost a month. So if Destiny 2 is only down once a week for a short time on Mondays, then you're getting off lucky.

    I could swear I heard Meltzer say something similar with the opening of Raw setting up the Shield reunion. Because that's honestly the last bullet left in the chamber to get Roman over - a Shield reunion. At this point, they've burned up any good will with the crowd that I'm guessing the crowd cynically shits all over that too. A Shield reunion to just do the Shield vs Miztourage? I'm a fan of 6-man tag matches and the Shield always brings it in those. If the Shield and the Wyatts could put on MOTYC, then Miz, Bo, and Axel should get the same or even better quality matches out of the Shield. My only problem is that it's just not that interesting.
  9. 2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    Wow. Darren Sproles broke his arm AND tore his ACL on that same play. Jesus.
  10. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Man, those last 3 matches...bad booking, weird match structures, bad wrestling at times... Everything was fine until then.
  11. 2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    Literally every expert DFS pick/stack has failed today.
  12. 2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    Dalton's hair style is somehow shittier than his ability to read the field.
  13. 2017 NFL: WEEK THREE

    This is my first time hearing Romo call a game. Dude is really good at his job.

    You likely have, but didn't realize it. Billi has been passing along false rumors and other bullshit that for whatever reason get way too much traction for awhile now.

    Sportskeeda FINALLY fired Billi Bhati. Good fucking riddance. As obnoxious as rovert is, Billi is miles worse. I'm not going to look to it here, but basically Billi was bragging about how women should be objectified and Aleister motherfucking Black put him in his place.