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  1. Maybe it's worth noting, but in an alternate universe AEW had or has both Flip and Scurl on their roster and things are significantly worse with those two on the roster. So maybe all of this Twitter bitching isn't so bad?
  2. His name is Kip Sabian and he's been there since the beginning.
  3. Weirdly enough, I liked John Cena's springboard cutter/stunner just because of how silly and bad it looked to have this giant of a guy doing a move like that.
  4. Garcia is totally turning on Danielson. This has been a long con from the start leading to Danielson restoring the honor to ROH by winning the title. At which point ROH still won't have a TV deal
  5. This makes me happy we have a bunch of locally owned Mexican restaurants in town with one making the best burrito I've ever had that wasn't made in LA. The burrito winds up being the size of your head and is enough for two meals, but it's awesome. Anyone that could make that on the show deserves a handshake.
  6. Brian Cage looked like he was being setup perfectly for the ROH Reboot with Tully as his manager and then Tully bounced.
  7. I don't blame Sammy one bit for the Tay stuff, but I do think he's just a young and dumb kid to go lightspeed from dating, to engaged, to married in the span of a year. But hey, what's a wrestler without making boneheaded relationship decisions?
  8. I think when this looked like it was between Sammy and Garcia it was a work. My thought is that Andrade though Sammy's comment was about him, said what happened, and then Sammy got shook and decided to talk shit about Andrade. The other reason I think this stuff between Sammy and Andrade isn't a work is because they're not working each other, they don't have a program together, and you have Ricky Starks out there asking if his co-workers could shut the fuck up.
  9. lol I meant more in Star Wars. But that's a good shout out.
  10. And for what it's worth, I don't think Andrade is completely innocent either.
  11. Sammy should be licking the Young Bucks' boots every day that he has a job and national TV exposure in AEW. Good wrestler, but he's not all that different from plenty of others out there and he can't talk without saying some Russo-esque shit on TV. One of the four pillars he is not.
  12. I said it in the general thread and probably should have said it in here instead. But guys, once again, this Sammy kid may be a problem.
  13. Sammy is taking the Raylan Givens axiom of "you meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. You meet assholes all day, YOU'RE the asshole" to new heights. Ricky Starks FTW though by asking if all of his co-workers could just shut the fuck up. He shouldn't have deleted that tweet. Fuck it. Fire Sammy and just let Andrade go while you're at it. But before Sammy goes, he needs to get a proper beating from Eddie one more time.
  14. Started watching Andor, really just the first two or three episodes, and this is so wildly different than anything I've seen from Star Wars since, well, Rebel One I guess. But this is even grittier than that. The events of the first episode that kick things off were shocking. And then there's nearly a quasi-sex scene. Andor being on the run is some harrowing shit and the introduction of corporations as law enforcement is fascinating. Like, I'm fine when they get back to Jedis and shit like that because it's Star Wars and it's inevitable, but stuff like Andor shows just the breadth of scope that exists within this universe that car be explored.
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