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  1. It's almost like Long Island is a big maga shithole...
  3. I can't even think of the last time I saw a White Castle, let alone stepped inside one. I figured they went out of business until I saw that post.
  4. Yeah, I didn't see it that way, but I could understand why others would. Credit to everyone making this show for making me feel bad for these complete and total pieces of shit. I think I may like Tom the most, but he's so fucking spineless. Still, that ending with Roman. Wow. Also, the ultra creepy moment between Shiv and Gerri.
  5. There's a bunch of ripped looking little dudes in wrestling. It isn't special. Abs and a muscular body just isn't unique now. What makes him any more unique than Gargano, Pac, how Ortiz has looked lately, Ciampa, Silver, etc.
  6. Yeah, I saw those too. It's just remarkable how little he stands out and how much he just looks like everyone else. Honestly, he'd be better behind a mask and a different name. Tony Nese is the name of someone would be the 19th best CPA in the Long Island area.
  7. Actually, the shorter version is that Tony Nese is a blander and more directionless Shawn Spears.
  8. Tony Nese is the blandest, most milquetoast motherfucker. I hate this signing so much. It's like if the Cubs signed another outfielder for $1 million. Just because they're cheap and are talented enough to play doesn't mean you should hire them because ultimately they're nowhere near as talented as other people already on the team and you're just wasting money. Nese is no better than any actual AEW talent. Like, great, he kinda looks like Roddy Strong, PAC, Silver, and others. Oh, and he wrestles a generic indy style, except he poses and flexes his very middle of the pack in wrestling body. Other than that, he has nothing else going for him.
  9. In my experience, Game Pass streaming has worked way better than PS Now. And Game Pass streaming worked well on my phone and the Series X.
  10. I still think Reed is the most likely choice to buy the former Avengers tower, but I do think Kingpin is for sure involved in this. It's either that, or again feeding off of fan speculation so it's not so obvious that Lalo is the big boss and the one who shook Maya's hand. Best episode yet though. Lots of good action and comedy. PIZZA DOG
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