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  1. I'm still confounded at what the fuck is happening with Becky's hair. That is some PS2 level shit.
  2. BTW, Neal Brennan had a very interesting take on Joker. He didn't like it and he felt like he wasn't going to like it going in. The main thing he pointed out is that Todd Phillips is trying to make the jump like Adam McKay did, except Adam McKay already was good at making satire and could translate that from comedies to dramas well. Todd Phillips on the other hand excelled at party movies and has a spottier track record and so when he goes to make something like Joker, everything feels off. Regarding the rest of the box office talk as any sort of indicator for who's winning a pissing match, all I'll say is that a fuck ton of people paid actual money to see Jurassic World and did so repeatedly week after week. People are fucking dumb. Meanwhile, Booksmart made about nothing in the box office, very few saw it, and it's probably one of the better movies I saw this year.
  3. Now THAT'S the fucking stuff right there. Fuck yeah.
  4. I mean, their third is a lucha dinosaur for fucks sake. They wrestled a match against a team where one of the guys is a ghost ninja who stops every match to slowly take off his glove and more than half the time his opponents let him. This is like all the bitching about CM Punk taking on Brock and how that wouldn't be believable. Or Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles vs Brock. Or Jeff Hardy way back when taking on Undertaker. Or Rey Jr. winning the World title. Not to mention that Jungle Boy is probably a buck fifty soaking wet. I get that there's suspension of disbelief, but it's wrestling and suspension of disbelief can be nearly infinite based on the efforts of the individuals involved. I think I was the first person in the AEW threads to say I didn't want them to sign Marko and then I groaned when they signed Marko, but when you lay out the match like they did on Wednesday then I can't bitch at all. They deserve all the props in the world At the same time, I wouldn't be shocked if some of these people complaining are the same ones trying to get JR fired for saying "Jungle Boy Jack Perry." People are fucking dumb.
  5. One of those castings in the spoiler tags pointed to Aaron Taylor Johnson playing a character when he's already Pietro and Vin Diesel has wanted to be Black Bolt for years now. Some of the spoiler tagged stuff looks plausible and others don't make any sense.
  6. Yeah, Sutter kinda sorta walked away from running the show, but remained as a producer or EP. He would still make somewhat frequent visits to the set and from the sounds of it 2 or 3 weeks ago it was like Vince McMahon showing up, thinking everything was shit, wanting to tear up scripts, and all of that. Sutter still has his contract with FX though, so expect another show from him in the near future where he either shoehorns in Katie Segal or music from Katie Segal or both.
  7. Yeah, even though my ex-wife isn't what I would describe as a good mom and she's garbage, there's still a lot here in the trailer alone that hits home and bums me out. Particularly the stuff with there being a kid in the middle. I also had a therapist who was very Alan Alda-esque and I loved that guy. He guided me through one of the roughest parts of my life. Miss that dude.
  8. Thinking about Marko more, I don't want to hear a fucking word about the guy anymore. We all accepted Spike Dudley and countless others, but Marko, who isn't even doing power moves, is where people draw the line? Fuck that.
  9. I'm not reading a single thing into what gains viewers. It's fucking random. There's no rhyme or reason to it.
  10. No stamina for the job eh? Sounds like someone needs some BLUE CHEW! Use the code 83Weeks and get your first dose for only $5!
  11. Vince/WWE of the last 10 years hasn't met an amazing talent he couldn't completely fuck up yet.
  12. I bet those slots have better graphics than WWE2K20
  13. My wife described Ortiz last week as looking like the crazy hyena from the Lion King. I think she's right. Or, maybe he's more like this:
  14. That's fucking amazing. I wish they left that in for the broadcast.
  15. I'll have to re-watch it, but it looked to me like Aubrey called the match and less like Allin giving up.
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