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  1. Craig H


    This could be awesome...Daniel Cormier is going to a try out to be a WWE commentator. I like him calling fights in UFC. I bet at some point in the next year DC wrestles at least one WWE match even if it's a tag match.
  2. Craig H


    That was my thought exactly. I'm thinking, who wanted Quiet Storm? My next thought was, was Quiet Storm the guy with some form of dwarfism.
  3. Craig H

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    Oh my! THAT'S NICK CHUBB'S MUSIC! Carlos Hyde traded to Jacksonville.
  4. Craig H


    I had a dream where SDL also became 3 hours and it was terrible. SDL being a 2 hour version of NXT wouldn't be the worst thing, especially with the current roster. I mean, the roster as it is now is amazing for a sports build. Now watch them re-draft and send most of these guys to Raw and then give Jinder another run at the top on SDL.
  5. Craig H

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    LOL I missed that about Leftwich. The Sleeper notification didn't mention that part. That is indeed the best part. Look, being the OC of the Cardinals is a cakewalk. Hey, you see that running back there? His name is David Johnson and he's really fucking good. Hand the ball of to him a handful of times, run some screen plays, go deep to Fitz or Kirk. And then just keep doing that. If all else fails, get the ball in David Johnson's hands. Sometimes we call him DJ.
  6. Craig H


    Also, just to point one last thing out, Keuchel was asked how to prevent a World Series hangover like the one the Cubs had and his response was "we're not the Cubs." Their season ended the exact same way the Cubs' season ended last year, losing 4-1 in the LCS. I just thought that was funny/interesting. Also, I don't necessarily think there was any kind of hangover for the Astros. Some Cubs openly talked about there being a hangover effect. It's just the outcome being the same is what stands out.
  7. Craig H


    Do the people at Fox know what they bought? It's like they thought they were buying a Tesla off of eBay, but what they're going to get is a Segway with a funny horn attached. Jesus, this is going to get cancelled or shipped off to FS1 so fast.
  8. Craig H

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    Mike McCoy has been fired as the Cardinals OC.
  9. Craig H

    NXT TAKEOVER: WARGAMES II - 11/17/2018

    Called it.
  10. Craig H


    Regarding jokes and sitcoms and sensitivity, I HIGHLY suggest listen to the Armchair Expert podcast that had Michael Schur on as the guest. This was during the "Good Place" week. Anyway, he talked about his philosophy when it comes to joke writing and it was very thoughtful. There's a reason why damn near everything he touches is gold. Anyway, it ties in nicely to what was being discussed on the last page and it's a great examination of what comedy is now, at least on TV, in this day and age.
  11. Craig H


    I thought Joe did say that he would have been Umaga. Basically it was something along the lines of WWE wanted him earlier on, right around the time before they created Umaga, and Joe said he wouldn't have been able to be Samoa Joe though. He would have had to be this other guy and that guy sounded like Umaga.
  12. Craig H


    Black Ops 4 is indeed a lot of fun. Treyarch somehow perfected what battle royale should be. Everything just works and there's no bullshit getting shot while you hide behind trees or rocks or whatever like in PUBG since Bluehole will NEVER fix the fucking desync problems or adjust the hitboxes. The other non-Blackout modes are fun too. It's Black Ops without the wall running, but you pick from about 8 different characters for multiplayer and each person has an ult. Quick sidebar: None of this is original. I'm not sure if credit should be given for blatantly stealing from R6 Siege or Overwatch, but it winds up being almost more fun than R6 Siege. Anyway, everything just works. I do wish there were more characters to select from. For non Blackout, there's nothing really new that I can think of so someone could have put more work into providing more characters. Other than that, I will say that I did enjoy the multiplayer modes and the gameplay in Black Ops 3 more. All of the futuristic shit, the wall running, boosting, etc. felt perfect. The maps were the shit and probably the best they had ever been. I really don't like the maps in 4 and I especially HATE how spawning is all fucked up. Basically, there's no diversity for where you spawn, which leads to one team eventually spawn camping. I also liked how in 3 you jumped in multiplayer and each game you played was something different. Sometimes it would be Domination, other times Control, but it was always changing and it got you used to the different modes. So was 4 worth the $99 to preorder the deluxe edition? I don't know. So far, I'm pretty addicted to it, but for $99 it's pretty lacking. I almost wish I waited and just bought the $60 version, but then I worry about paying out the ass for extra shit that was included in the Deluxe edition. That said, if this drops to around $40 around Black Friday, that's going to be a perfect price point for people wanting to check this out. It's probably worth $60 if you want to roll the dice on having to pay extra for stuff later on, but $40 is about perfect for anyone curious enough to check it out.
  13. Craig H


    Just a reminder, but the Astros did win the World Series last year.
  14. Craig H


    You would be wrong. Moises has said multiple times he would have had it. He said it again as recently as last year. He also said he would have had it in the documentary about that 2003 series. http://www.espn.com/mlb/news/story?id=3423732 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5SqQ1vEMYM If you watch the end of the video, he talks about the false reports that he said he wouldn't have had it and is adamant he would have had it.