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  1. Or in other words, stop treating everything Dave says as gospel. He's good at reviewing wrestling. He's not a logistics person, he's not an analyst, hell, he's not even that good at thinking up wrestling angles considering his weird defenses of WWE angles and thinking a WWE angle is something it isn't. He's good at making estimates of buyrates based on a number of factors, but that's not even anything special because anyone could do the same. Hell, I'm not even sure if he's that good at that because he bases that stuff off of Google searches and feedback on his website, so it's not like he even understands that the data he's using is flawed.
  2. He was and if Niners listened to him on the podcast he'd know that was tongue in cheek or is just using people in queue as an example. It's an extremely crude way of looking at the number of people in line and saying what they could have sold out. For example, why even mention Rogers Centre? The point of it is not so much where they could sell out, it's just that if you have that many people in line you could. It's also just Dave seeing everything in black and white and extremely basic terms. "There are X amount of people in line - of course they could sell out an even bigger building." That's not him promoting AEW, it's him not understanding the logistics of the situation because he sees things very literally.
  3. The first couple times I saw Orange Cassidy I was like...ok...this is cute. That's the best word to describe it. Cute. But cute has a very short shelf life. It's like the rule of thirds. You do something funny that first time and it lands. You do it a second time and it gets better. You do it the third time and it's perfect. Anything after that, like us driving a joke into the ground each month, and it's no longer cute or charming. And then I watched a couple other matches where he's not moving in slow motion and his opponent isn't moving in slow motion and it's like, man, he's so close to perfecting this. Like, the hands in the pockets is fine for an entrance, it's fine for a couple other spots like his hands in the pockets dive (which is also fucking scary), but beyond that, he needs to be more creative with the "I'm too cool for this shit" stuff. He can really make this work and it only needs a little bit of fine tuning, but if all he's going to do is just the same shit all the time then it's going to die soon.
  4. You at least got the notifications drop-down to work again. So you're part of the way there!
  5. I was going to say, Rudy has to be one of them even if Corby's looks different now than it did then. Hell, the last time I was in there almost 10 years ago or more it looked a whole hell of a lot different than the first time I went there since a big chunk of it has pizza ovens in it. And while it's not a movie, Parks and Rec feels a lot like the South Bend area and many areas of Indiana really. There's so much in it that feels like South Bend or West Lafayette (Purdue) or Bloomington (IU) or Indy (and surrounding areas like Carmel and Fishers).
  6. Nite 3 is the one I still haven't watched yet, but I know that Johnny V was around because there's pictures of him with others from Giant Bomb and just others who were there in the commons room. That's disappointing if he doesn't show up on the video stream. He's one of the things I look forward too each year. Each year I know I'm going to get Jeff interviewing Phil Spencer on night 2, Johnny V and Cowboy will show up at some point, and lately we're going to at least get Austin Creed on there and last year he was there with Samoa Joe.
  7. This idea that Dave doesn't like WWE and is completely in the bag for AEW is pretty funny. I mean, have any of you actually read the Observer or regularly listened to WOR? I'm guessing for many it's no and you just see others report on what was said on WOR. If you did regularly listen to WOR and read the Observer, you'd know how Dave frustratingly defends WWE constantly. Alvarez is the one who really doesn't like WWE and Dave is always arguing with him about it. Even when Dave tries to compare WWE to WCW, he still winds up defending it, sometimes in the same breath. Regarding AEW, Dave is always bearish on their success. He didn't think All In would be an immediate sell out, thought that DoN wouldn't sell out immediately and said it would probably do 7000 to 8000 seats the first day, he predicted a much lower buyrate for that show, and he again thought All Out would only do 7000 or 8000 seats the first day. Even on Friday he couldn't flat out say that this company is selling out like they are because they're that good or people want it. It's always couched with a statement like "a lot of these people aren't WWE fans so I don't know how they're doing it" or "scalpers will probably make up 2000 of the seat buys." He's also been realistic about how they're probably not going to do this when they're putting on a show each week. I will say that yes, Dave is more excited for AEW and he probably sees that as the better promotion, but damn, it would be fucking weird to not say that. AEW is doing almost everything right while WWE is sitting the bed more and more each week. If one of my duties is to review the product, I don't see how you could heap that much praise on WWE lately, but even then Dave still tries to comment on something good or tries to defend a booking decision or whatever.
  8. Full games rarely see big deals on the Switch, but the eShop and other places are arriving games up to 50% off. Skyrim was still $60 on it, but now it's $30. There's tons of deals right now. Too many to list here.
  9. So from what I can tell, this sold out in under 10 minutes.
  10. I get why they chose the Sears Center for All In, but after running it the first time and having so much success there, it would be weird to not run it back one more/last time. Next time they run Chicago, they need to book the Allstate Arena.
  11. If you want a laugh, look at StubHub prices. Welp, watching at home on PPV is fine too.
  12. Nevermind. I'm in. There's nothing available. SOLD OUT EDIT: Even choosing 1 ticket at best available yields no results.
  13. Shit, I might actually be able to get tickets for this. 1615 people ahead of me right now. I'll be in to purchase tickets in 4 minutes.
  14. You could be like one person on twitter who is in the 40,000s.
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