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  1. Craig H


    Gullible me thinks I should give it a chance because Jumanji was awesome. Smart me remembers Rampage. Not sure what to do...
  2. The look in his eyes after the dragon screw leg whip was awesome. He looked like a killer. And yeah, I too wondered if he's being built up for his dream match with Lesnar. That would be something else, but I almost hope it doesn't happen. Lesnar was reckless as hell with Cena, dumping him on his head and neck multiple times. I can't imagine how careless he'd be with Bryan given how light Bryan is. I'd have to go back and watch the AJ vs Lesnar match to see how that went. I can't remember much from it, but at least AJ survived it.
  3. I noticed that too with Bryan. Apparently by new style it's "be as vicious as possible and just kill dudes." I'm totally fine with that. Can't wait for Joe vs Bryan. I wonder if they do something special for the WWE audience to let them know what's up.
  4. Craig H


    Like I said, I understand all of that and I didn't have a problem with Bryan losing to Rusev. I'm just pointing out why other people may have been annoyed with seeing Bryan lose. Rusev desperately needed a big win like that though and I wouldn't be surprised if he won MitB. Seems like the type of booking WWE would go with.
  5. Craig H


    I've been happy with all of that, but I think some of the complaints come from using Bryan to put over Rusev who creative clearly has no plans for except to stomp out any chance he has to get over and AJ/Nakamura hasn't been the feud it should have been given their history. Nearly each match of theirs has had screwy finishes and the feud has been put on the WWE treadmill where it's dragged out and not in a good way. Again, I've been fine with a lot of it, but even I sat there last night thinking that they killed Nakamura. At first the heel turn seemed like a good idea, but the dude no longer feels special. Some other complaints I've seen have had to do with where Sanity is and how the women's division is booked on SmackDown. Despite that, there's still a lot of positives that go overlooked, like the tag division on SmackDown, the matches you highlighted, the other potential matches we have, and more.
  6. Craig H

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I've tried, but I can't get into the Terror at all. I'm just not a fan of that period and I don't care for the premise. My wife thinks it's scary and good though. I just don't think it's scary and felt it was overhyped.
  7. Craig H


    Raw has been pretty decent for a little bit now, but when it's bad, it's really, really bad.
  8. Craig H


    I loved Dead Space 1 and 2. 3, not so much. 2 gave me one of my biggest scares ever though. The way my family room is setup is that it's at the back of the house and there's a row of windows that let you look out at the backyard. It's also night out. There's a part in Dead Space 2 where you get to another derelict ship and you walk along for a long time without anything happening. The longer I walk the more I feel like shit is going to hit the fan so I really slow down because the tension has built a ton. I way into the game at this point. Suddenly my motion sensor light outside flips on as my dog walks by the windows. Freaked me the hell out. Jumped and dropped my controller and everything. Made the jump scare at that part of the game easier to handle though.
  9. Craig H

    MCU Trilogy Battle.

    I went with Avengers as the best and Thor as the worst, but Ragnarok is sooooooooo good. If every movie in the Thor trilogy were as wild as Ragnarok then that would easily win. Captain America is a close second to the best trilogy for me. Iron Man 2 and 3 are both pretty forgettable for me, but they're both better than Thor 1 and 2.
  10. Craig H


    Hahahaha, Lio's response Nowhere near as scorching hot as Dream's, but I still liked it. I love these guys.
  11. Craig H


    The replies to the tweet are just as priceless proving once again that wrestling twitter is the only thing good about twitter. Well, that and the official twitter accounts for MLB teams. EDIT: I read it again and all I can think of is Paul Mooney's line from Chappelle's Show - "White people like Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X."
  12. Craig H


  13. I just assume they all have a Word doc they just copy and paste this shit from.
  14. Two asses got kicked on the episode of 83 Weeks this week. Bischoff kicked Russo's ass up and down and Conrad shut down Bischoff pretty hard when Bischoff tried dragging Meltzer's name through the mud. Bischoff did the same tired "Meltzer doesn't know anything because he's never run anything and has never run a wrestling promotion." Conrad brought up how Meltzer does run a podcast, website, newsletter, etc., but then also dropped a hammer on Bischoff saying, "apparently you don't know how to run a wrestling company either - you lost $80 million dollars!" and then he got Bischoff to concede that he basically didn't give a shit about WCW.
  15. Craig H

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    Also, I must be lucky. I started watching Raw a little after it started, which gave me some leeway to fast forward through stuff. And then at some point I figured I wanted to get the dishes done so I could just enjoy the Braun vs Finn match. I completely missed the Sami segment. It sounds fabulous though. Aside from the main event, the thing that really stood out to me is how fucking over Seth Rollins is. As much as I love Braun and think they have something special there, they've clearly cooled him off. He's still one of their hottest acts, but it's been a long time since I've seen crowds go nuts for someone week after week like they do for Seth. It's completely moot now since WWE is swimming in money, but a heel Roman run with Seth and Braun both chasing is fucking money. The chemistry between Seth and Roman in the ring is questionable, but Roman would avoid getting cheered as a heel if he's paired up against Seth. We already know that Roman and Braun have insanely good chemistry together. I wish these guys could be feuding over the Universal title to prove who is the best. Too bad that Brock has that title.