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  1. Man, those or two vastly different body types.
  2. That would have been the smart thing. Say nothing and let it blow over. She works in Impact so she's already laying low. The best thing would have been showing some contrition. She did neither.
  3. There was a response to everything from this weekend... What Tessa said sure as fuck wasn't it.
  4. Lindelof said on the Watchmen podcast he wouldn't be returning and he didn't think it would continue.
  5. Since the Cubs are doing jack fucking shit while Tom figures out ways of funneling money to Emperor Cheeto, all of this has made this a very fun off-season for me. BAN THEM ALL
  6. And AEW drew another 940k viewers and was 5th in the key demo for the night.
  7. And the wins really need to come on Dynamite. It doesn't need to be against Cody or PAC (yet), but get him some wins and then some signature wins. Maybe do a rematch against PAC somewhere down the line and have him win that.
  8. Chucky T is the shit and I won't allow any besmirching of his good name. @Technico Supportthe announcers said that Moxley was on his own because he doesn't have any friends. I think my biggest complaint all night was probably Mel and Shida in that tag match. Shida at one point was being held down by Mel and Shida threw what were, I think, the weakest looking punches ever. She barely even touched Mel, if she even did, and Mel is selling each one. I thought that was a bad look. Thankfully the rest of the night was awesome.
  9. Another TV show concerns me. Bischoff has offered pretty sound business advice for AEW so far and it sounds like he's really liked what he's seen, but he said the worst thing AEW could do would be to expand to two nights of TV a week. I think one night of TV is perfect enough. It's been part of the appeal for AEW. And that's even more shit for them to produce and they sound like they're spread thin as it is.
  10. Usual caveat of this might not be true, but here's the supposed leak/breakdown of Trevorrow's script. This is the movie I wish we got and I say this as someone who still liked RoS quite a bit.
  11. I corrected my post. I said Hinch because he was on my mind, but it was Luhnow's. It was some Nixon-esque shit.
  12. The statement that Luhnow put out there is the biggest load of bullshit. It's essentially Rick James denying he stomped on a white couch before admitting he stomped on a white couch.
  13. That main event was an example of good Heyman booking where stories, feuds, and wrestlers wind up getting intertwined in ways that make sense. Loved Buddy sitting out there catatonic until Seth was like "HELP US!" That in turn should also wind up roping in Black and wind up elevating Buddy and Black. Good ending to Raw. And Kevin Owens is fucking insane. He comes so close to splattering his brains on the concrete and I still wouldn't be surprised if he got his bell rung.
  14. To make money, duh. Also, because Morbius was a cool as fuck character back in the 90s?
  15. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! DAT ENDING THO! That actually looks pretty good, but it being a Sony thing makes me pretty bummed we'll never get Blade vs Morbius.
  16. No, but dude, people he talked to said differently.
  17. We NEED OC and Kris as an on screen couple. Also, I know BTE storylines don't matter, but more and more I get the feeling that Page won't turn heel. I think he does what a couple others and myself said and he forges his own path and goes it alone. Maybe he has a match with Kenny to prove himself, but I don't think he becomes a fully fledged heel.
  18. And not even nominating Taron Egerton this year when they just gave the fucking award to Rami Malek poorly lip syncing through Bohemian Rhapsody is just as dumb.
  19. No Eddie Murphy is fucking DUMB.
  20. Don't forget, they'll bring back some older women wrestlers or "divas" for the Rumble as well. Maybe Victoria this year? I wouldn't be shocked to see Steph enter as well.
  21. PWI is now also reporting that Cage has a torn bicep. That guys looks like a walking torn everything.
  22. He could not expect it last year and then given that Marty never showed up in AEW, that he was still taking ROH dates, that it became expected that he would re-sign with ROH. That's the feeling I got anyway. That day 1 he didn't sign with AEW made me concerned he wouldn't be coming in. And then days turned into weeks and then it started feeling more and more like he wouldn't be going to AEW. I'm still surprised and disappointed he re-signed with ROH when ROH sounds like a such a dumpster fire. I guess maybe he feels he can turn that ship around.
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