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  1. This also makes me wonder about how salty EA is over this. You'd think they'd happily accept a purchase of their company so someone else can right their busted ass ship.
  2. Yeah. If anything is "exclusive," then it will be Xbox players getting first dibs on DLC content whereas before it was sometimes a question of which console would get exclusive content first.
  3. Yeah - get out of Florida.
  4. They are living beings. The robots line from Kingo seemed like a flippant way to describe what they are, but they're still living, breathing beings. It's not like they're all Visions or Ultrons.
  5. To be fair, I think the Eternals were probably as clueless as everyone else as to what was going on. The main fight of Infinity War took place in Wakanda and that place is pretty off the map. Unless you knew, then you weren't going to be there. They obviously got clued in to what happened after the fact when 1/2 the population of the universe disappeared. Now why they didn't help in San Francisco during Endgame, I don't know. It also makes me wonder how not one Eternal on Earth got blipped. That's astoundingly good luck.
  6. Something tells me that Sony will never give much of a crap about backwards compatibility.
  7. OH, I remember what they were thinking now. Their thinking was that the only one that would maybe make sense was Valve, but the purchase price for Valve would probably be insane.
  8. The only way I would buy this WWE game is if reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the gameplay was tighter, back to basics, and closer to No Mercy, DoR, or maybe even Here Comes the Pain (which I tend to think is overrated after playing it again recently).
  9. I think it was 2 or 3 weeks ago on the Giant Bombcast that they were talking about how rumors were going around that Microsoft was going to purchase one last big publisher, but no one thought it would be Activision. That's bananas.
  10. This is a bummer to hear. For those that may not know, this is Will Smith of Maximum PC, Tested, Giant Bomb, and Brad and Will's Tech Pod fame. I was hoping his game would be good. I'll still give it a shot though.
  11. In addition to all of that, he's a Chicago dude. That's just the cherry on top for everything else.
  12. That's not Hard Work Bobby Walker....
  13. WWE had a match where someone removed another wrestler's eyeball. But sure, they're totally innocent.
  14. I recently went to go see Spider-Man in the theater where there was supposed to be social distancing, but there clearly wasn't. I wound up wearing an N95 mask and not getting any snacks or drink so I wouldn't be tempted to remove my mask. Not many others wore a mask in there, which made me feel kinda nervous being there. Funnily enough, I was the one person in that auditorium who was coughing at times because I had either bronchitis or a sinus infection. At least I wasn't infectious. Anyway, that's in an auditorium with 200 to 300 seats that was maybe 2/3 full. There's no way I'd risk going to an arena with thousands unless proof of vaccination was required at the door.
  15. His character is super douchey, but he grows up as the series goes on. Kinda.
  16. From the video, I thought, "so this was inspired by TRIBES, right?" Then reading that description, it definitely sounds inspired by TRIBES and Planetside, except with hoverboards! It also looks like a free to play game. I can't imagine spending actual money on that thing. Valorant and Halo Infinite multiplayer are both free. Anyone releasing a multiplayer shooter today needs to check themselves because bullshit like Battlefield 2042 and even the mess that SW Battlefront 2 was for months isn't going to make people want to drop $30 to $70 on a multiplayer FPS. I'm so glad I didn't pre-order Battlefield 2042. I came close, but wound up watching enough videos to realize that it was a mess. This game at least looks pretty clean, but still, any amount of money for it is going to be too much.
  17. Not going to lie...That post from Emi lead to me getting Jimmy John's for lunch. It obviously wasn't as good as whatever that was in her picture.
  18. That sandwich she posted looks outstanding. Also, I had to do a double take at her typing out 4chefs. I thought it was 4chan at first. Now I want a site called 4chefs that does good in the world.
  19. I can't tell if this is an improvement from every third release being a battle royale shooter or not. Or is this a battle royale shooter? It looked team based to me, but I watched that with the volume off. Plus, there's a whole of chaos going on for it to be a battle royale game. It would be nice though if there were some kind of innovation for shooters these days. I love Halo Infinite if just because it dials back on a lot of the junk that gets released now. It's weird that going back to what worked in the past is "innovation." Valorant may be the one "new" shooter that I really like because it takes a lot of what worked in MOBAs and Overwatch, refines those mechanics, and bundles it with very tight gameplay.
  20. Finished watching it and I actually thought it was pretty good. It did seem weird that Tiamut was able to make it to the surface of the planet without, you know, there being any sort of major destruction...or that now there is a stone statue protruding from the core of the earth, but whatever I guess. The fighting at the end looked pretty cool. Of the cast, Brian Tyree Henry, Kumail, Barry Keoghan, and Angelina Jolie stood out the most. I didn't care much for the performances from anyone else except maybe Lauren Midloff and Kit Harrington. Post credits scenes were good and I'll echo that, man, JUST SHOW BLADE!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! CGI for Pip did look a little bad I suppose. I would say that a sequel to this would be welcome. It was good enough for it.
  21. I only made it through a few episodes of Invasion. It was so boring. Hey, a series about an alien invasion where...nothing happens. Cool. Ted Lasso is awesome. My wife and I really loved Foundation. Mythic Quest is good, but if you only give it a shot for one episode then you might not like it. It takes a little bit to get its wheels spinning and it's far more heartfelt than I thought it would be. A couple episodes made me pretty teary eyed. And while it's a funny show, it didn't really make me laugh a lot if that makes any sense. Wolfwalkers may have been the only movie we've watched on there, but it's extremely good and the art style is pretty cool. Oh, and the wife and I also loved For All Mankind.
  22. I'm about a million times more excited for this that I was for the Deadwood movie.
  23. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS But...limited series
  24. BTW, it might be too silly, but I would love it if we could get this used in an episode: Even an instrumental version because . Use it for a montage of the various shit Fett's gang/syndicate is doing or something. Anyway. I'm really digging this series and how vulnerable Boba is. Dude is getting his ass kicked every episode like he's Benjamin Linus. It did feel like Krrsantan went a little light on Fett. He looked like he should have ripped Fett's arms off and beaten him to death with them. I doubt that's the last we see of the twins, but I also wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Other random thoughts about the punks Fett hires...I'm not sure why a speeder bike or any vehicle for that matter would need 8 or so side view mirrors, but whatever. They also gave me some vibes of the dorks Palpatine hires to show Vader he's replaceable. Guessing at some point we get a Darth Maul tease unless Maul would be dead by this point. I didn't watch any of the Star Wars animated shows.
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