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  1. Restarted Deathloop. It makes so much more sense now. Being able to actually pay attention to it without distractions was helpful.
  2. Installed the SSD. Only took maybe 10 minutes. Yay more storage!
  3. Jesus. ND is fucking terrible.
  4. I think Flair is the only one who is going to face some issues over this. Tommy has said a whole bunch of dumb things over the years and is all CTE'd out so what he said isn't surprising or anything.
  5. Colts are such a milquetoast team. Who knows though, maybe we'll get pilled up Jim Irsay making a scene in every episode.
  6. I came so close to rage quitting and uninstalling Deathloop last night. Backstory, I have a nearly 4 week old daughter, but she'll lay on me like a sloth at around 10 pm and I try at that time to give my wife a few hours head start on sleep. So I feel the time between 10 and 1 by watching TV and playing video games. Usually it's just an hour for video games, which sounds like the perfect amount for Deathloop. So, Deathloop has a very infuriating thing to it in that there is no map and I have no idea where the fuck I'm going. I assume I'm still in the opening tutorial, kinda, and as I'm wandering around Updaam, I find a pile of junk to climb onto. That leads me to a rooftop, a foot bridge, and through a window into an apartment. It's apparently my apartment though? I don't know. Pretty sure it is. I go through the shit in the apartment and then this message pops up saying that I can move onto the next area if I want or I can keep exploring Updaam, but I'll keep coming backto Updaam so I may as well just go to the next area. I choose to do the latter like the game recommended, but, uh, I was still just stuck in my apartment. What's worse is that a bunch of bad guys were just milling around outside and I had zero lives left. If I died, I'm restarting. I cannot find a fucking way to go to the next area. I wind up leaving through a window, which just triggers a bunch of bad guys to swarm on me, and then I'm dead. I come back to life and I'm at the next area with two more lives and now it's noon. Uh, what the fuck? Ok...That's not how I thought this worked, but whatever. I'm supposed to go to the control center. Having no map though and only a vague waypoint on screen just causes me to wander around more. I eventually wander around enough to find the control center, but there's also an armory. I choose the armory, which has a bunch of combat in it that seems impossible to get through without murdering everyone so stealth is pointless, I find an interesting battery puzzle, and I'm still just wandering around aimlessly not knowing what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing. At some point, when I'm in a warehouse, there's an area I enter underneath a metal platform and I get stuck. Just totally stuck. I can't escape. Along the way I had actually found a bunch of trinket things or whatever for guns that I think lets me spawn with those guns. There is literally no way out for me though. It's just a broken part of the map. So I have to go back to the main menu and start all over. I lose...everything. I start back out in the next area and it's still noon, but I don't have any of the shit I thought I would have wound up keeping. I had wasted an hour and a half doing nothing, being as clueless as ever, and I made zero progress. And then my kid woke up. What's worse is that I'm even more confused because everything I read said that you can go to whatever area you choose and you're in control of when the day progresses, except it automatically moved me to noon, it moved me to the next area without being able to go back to Updaam, and I feel like I should just start the whole game over. This game not having any kind of map or overworld is really frustrating. It made me start thinking about how I would even attempt to beat the game if all I'm relying on is memory for where everything is because my memory these days is totally shot. And yet, I still have a drive to go back and play it some more.
  7. Oh yeah. They're really capturing the casuals.
  8. Wow. Tommy Dreamer. You may never want to speak to a camera or microphone again.
  9. Oh man, that motorcycle chair. But yeah, the two barber shops I go to for beard trims are exactly like that. They're all very nice people.
  10. S&M ring gear aside, the way they dress outside of the ring perfectly lines up with most new butchers I've seen. Hipsters isn't the right word for them, but it's the only thing that comes to mind. It's another one of those jobs that younger people have started moving back to and it's lots of people with beards or fancy mustaches, large gauge rings, sleeves of tats, suspenders, etc.
  11. For what it's worth, since they started stadium updates, they haven't let anyone's marching band on the field. It's not just about singling out Purdue and their drum, but people need a story or something. Oh, we're losing tomorrow unless Purdue gives the game away or unless Kelly goes with Buchner and lets him do his thing.
  12. I'm so happy that Dark Side of the Ring aired if just to hopefully be the last thing to put the kibosh on bringing Ric in. This is why it would be cool if promotions could work out contract trades. Trade for Zelina Vega. We'll give you Brian Cage and a player to be named later for her.
  13. Cage was also close to Kanyon and Kanyon was one of his favorites, hence Cage doing the "WHO BETTA" thing as a tribute to Kanyon.
  14. Well, Raw also got thrashed by football more than I thought they would have. Next week will be interesting.
  15. I was leaning towards the WD Black since that's what I have in my gaming pc and it's been flawless so far.
  16. Yeah, count me in for always thinking the latex looking paint rubbing off looked dope as fuck. It reminded me of how Spider-Man's mask would be in tatters after huge battles. Like when Sting or the Road Warriors had barely anything left on their face, you knew it was a good match. I didn't see a whole lot of Sting in TNA, but I at least think the grease paint started when Sting had his WWE run. As for the Elite, again, just like 2point0 finding money in being wrestling's Bulk and Skull, I fucking love that the Elite are wrestling's version of Ski School movie villains. Inject all of that shit into my veins.
  17. BTW, I recently learned that on the PS5, it was installing PS4 and PS5 versions of games and you could feel free to delete anything tagged as PS4 as long as it was also in there for the PS5. I went ahead and deleted all of those PS4 versions and freed up a ton of space.
  18. Nah, no CoD for me. I was planning on getting BF this year though.
  19. Oh hey...I've had a real shit day so far and I'm in the mood to spend a big chunk of money to try to feel better. So let's talk about memory expansion on the PS5. Do I go with just 1 TB for around $189, or should go for 2 TB, which is nearly $400. It's hard to think off the top of my head just how much space games are taking up. Part of me feels like I should just get the 1 TB option. If I remember correctly, Deathloop was under 50 gb, so that's pretty good for a AAA game. That would be around 20 more games. Yeah, maybe I'll just get the 1 TB. Now it's a decision of the WD Black or the Samsung 980.
  20. If Dante Martin were in Tony Hawk Pro Skater, he would get so much hang time you could bust out multiple 900s.
  21. This Tales of Arise game...I can't tell if I would like it or not...It makes me wish rental stores were still a thing so I could rent it.
  22. Other random things... I love that Fuego's new car is some 2014 Ford Fusion from the looks of it and he's so fucking proud of that thing. I don't know why, but that killed me in that moment and it puts a smile on my face typing that out. My problem with the Panama Sunrise is that Cole always looks like he's going in slow motion when hitting it. It just looks weird. That's in addition to the setup being a guy needs to be close to a corner and Cole needs to be on the second rope. The Final Shot and Ushigoroshi are way, way better finishers/moves. Plus, everyone does a Destroyer. To my knowledge, I don't think any of the men are busting out the Ushigoroshi with any sort of regularity. I'm pretty sure I saw it in a recent women's match, maybe Kris vs Britt? The Gunn Club video was actually pretty decent. Hobbs' clothes were fire. Dude looked like someone who got pulled out of a Final Fight or Streets of Rage game.
  23. Hah, they just talked about this on AEW Unrestricted. So Britt kayfabed Tony in the back to rib him, but there was a specific cue for Tony to hear to leave the ring and he was only supposed to leave the ring once he heard it. So that segment plays out and Tony isn't leaving the ring and then starts to leave the ring, but very slowly. Cole was way late with delivering the specific line. TK had told Tony once he got back there that he took way too long to leave the ring and then explained that they kayfabed him and Cole didn't deliver the line. The story is funnier than that description.
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