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  1. I wonder how many people tuned out of Game 3 since it looked pretty obvious Denver would win.
  2. Is FF7 Rebirth the first game to need two discs for this generation?
  3. This is one of those rare moments where it would be neat if hell actually existed and Robertson is currently in the process of having an 11th red hot poker shoved up his butt.
  4. Someone please tell me that the Americans just has season one-itis where it's slow going or not that interesting and then things really take off in season 2 and beyond. I'm struggling to stay interested in this series, but I've stuck with it for 4 episodes now just because of how much praise it received. It's still not the slog that the Wire or Leftovers season 1 was, but I do find it hard to give a shit.
  5. I'm not really building a whole lot either, which makes me feel like I'm missing out when I see the flood of video posts on Reddit of everyone's contraptions. I can build some very basic shit when it's necessary, but that's about it. And my playthrough is vastly different than everyone else's. Every shrine is evokes that, "OOH! SHINY QUARTER" response in me so I'm up to 14 or 15 hearts and only one stamina upgrade. I've only done one temple, that being the wind one. My daughter on the other hand has 7 or 8 hearts and has nearly completed 4 temples. I don't want any spoilers, but is this game really that short? I spent a long, long time playing BotW and had a challenge with each Divine Beast. I'm watching my daughter breeze through each temple and each temple boss. Like the puzzles aren't that hard and she's barely had any trouble with the bosses. So is this basically like BotW then where you beat the 4 temples and just go right on to the final boss because if that's the case, that's pretty underwhelming. It makes the sky islands and the chasms feel totally irrelevant then. They're just a side show if all you're doing is clearing those 4 temples and then going right on to the final boss like in BotW. Now, if there's more to it after that, then that's fine, but my previous take of this being one of the best games I've ever played is taking a hit considering the level of difficulty seems easier than BotW and the game appears shorter unless there's more to do with the sky islands and chasms beyond being a completionist.
  6. Wouldn't be THC as that's just a fine. So it would be for something else.
  7. No. I'd settle for Punk vs Great-O-Khan. EDIT: And really, we need GOK on the show just for his tales of debauchery in Toronto alone.
  8. Sadly, we know from Steve Austin that Rude wasn't going around fucking a bunch of women. He was just going back to his room and getting stoned as fuck. I don't think I would have ever guessed that Rude was such a huge stoner.
  9. I just hit 32 with my Barb and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm having fun! Part of the reason I say I don't know what I'm doing is because my YouTube algo has been flooded with, "BEST EARLY BUILD" or "DO THESE THINGS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE" or "DID YOU PUT 5 POINTS IN ANYTHING? WELL, YOU'RE DUMB" types of videos. So far my greatest enjoyment has been when there's a huge swarm of enemies and I jump into them, hit Iron Skin, hit my stomp to stun everyone, and then whirlwind everyone to death. The thing that has been the most annoying is that as a melee character, there's no way to avoid enemies who drop poison or toxic AOE stuff and it doesn't matter how much protection your gear has, that stuff just melts you. So I've had to play some fights a little carefully by engaging, running away, and trying to kite enemies away from their AOE.
  10. When do they talk about it on the podcast? It would be cool if more podcasts would time stamp their discussions like Nextlander does. Always makes it easy to just jump to subject I want to hear people talk about.
  11. I also started watching the Americans. I wanted something else to watch since about 12 different shows had a series finale. It was either the Americans or Mad Men and Mad Men is no longer on Netflix. It's on Freevee with ads and the quality kept dipping, so fuck that. So I only got through the first few episodes of the Americans. I really don't know how I feel about it yet. It's only been a few episodes, but there's something about Matthew Rhys' face that I don't like. He looks like someone mashed together Jason Clarke and Chris O'Dowd and if it came down to it, I'd rather see Jason Clarke than Matthew Rhys in the role. This is probably the biggest of nitpicks, but yeah, it's like that line from Step Brothers, "there's something about your face that really makes me want to punch it." OH! The short rape scene was really unexpected. Usually TV shows will warn you about that when they present the TV-MA thing. So thanks a lot FX.
  12. I am far too addicted to Diablo 4. It's so freaking good. It took them long enough, but it seems like they figured out from their time of owning Bungie to looking at what Lost Ark and Path of Exile were doing for how to make a Diablo 4 live service game. One thing I really like is that you're always vulnerable from the start to just about the end game. Potion management is a must. In Diablo 3 I could basically sleepwalk my way through the entire game. It was just way too easy. Now though, even on the second difficulty level, there are fights that are really tough and I'm relying on the dodge button a lot. The one thing I don't like is that for whatever reason, it's the only PC game I own and play that makes my PC sound like a vacuum cleaner. Hopefully future patches optimize how it's using resources, but my god, the heat on my CPU and GPU ramp way up while playing it. It hasn't caused a hard shutdown or anything, but I wind up playing D4 with the door to my PC open just to get a ton of ventilation in there. I have one large fan in the back of the case, 2 on top, 2 in the front, and an aftermarket cooler on my CPU. It's really making me consider getting an all in one water cooling kit.
  13. Ok. It's official. AI is writing movies.
  14. They really need to go the No Man's Sky route and release a patch to include a creative mode and let people go nuts without worrying about batteries, resources, enemies, etc.
  15. Alright, so what system is everyone getting this on. I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to have cross play or if it does it will be some kind of bullshit. I figure I’ll get this for whatever system most of you get this on so we can do some matches online.
  16. I hate to break this to you, but...
  17. I haven't played an NBA 2k game in what feels like forever. Maybe not since the Dreamcast. I'm tempted to give that one a shot since it would be free and all.
  18. I doubt it happens, but if that Expanse game is successful, it would be neat to do a season 7 of the show in video game form. I would imagine all of the actors would be on board for doing voice work since basically all of them are free except for Cara Gee because she has her role on Strange New Worlds.
  19. Britt was doing so well for awhile and then fucked up her back. Even with the time off to second Hayter, I think she's still working hurt and it's not doing her any favors. I get TK probably wants her on TV and I'm sure she wants to be on TV, but go and get healed up and get back to where you were when you were the champion. Sometimes it looks like she's moving at half speed and she's working overly cautious, which makes her movements and moves and selling look weird.
  20. Adam Cole is fine as is. Jesus Christ the amount hand wringing over his size takes me back to the arguments that CM Punk or Bryan Danielson wouldn't be credible opponents for Brock and lo and behold they both got very good matches out of Brock.
  21. This Dynamite rocked. That crowd was so there for everything and it made a world of a difference compared to the lethargic Las Vegas crowd. Don Callis got the most amount of heat for a heel that I've seen this year. In any promotion. That was nearly an all timer for heel heat. It was so, so, so awesome. About every match was good to great. The three way was so much fun and Big Bill has definitely improved. I wouldn't have had a problem if he won the match. And now it looks as if Swerve is going to be the next champ. OC is at his weakest especially... after the mega ass beating he took from the Gates of Agony. That was an awesome tag match with too big dudes beating the shit out of two very small guys. Everyone worked perfectly and I loved the stuff near the end with using Kaun and Toa against each other. Size isn't everything and you have to be nearly perfect to beat Darby and OC. Tony Schiavone got his steps in last night. He was always going out to the ring for an interview and I thought every interview or talking segment worked really well. I especially liked the tease from Hangman about Kenny not being in Canada. Now come back with Ibushi and even let Okada tag along to make MJF pay for his comments at the media scrum.
  22. That finale for Dave was fucking wild. A total departure from the previous two finales, but the big cameo in that turned into a guest starring role was fucking awesome.
  23. I think there's a 100% chance Wynn Duffy and his eyebrows show up in this. Wherever there's trouble, he's not far behind.
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