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  1. That's why that Hulk game on the Xbox was fucking cool. I thought that pretty well captured the feel of the Hulk. In a game like this, you can't do any shit like that. Although, all of the shit for Thor looks pretty cool and almost makes me wish this were a Thor game. Or at the very least, don't include Hulk.
  2. I was actually thinking about Cody today and the lack of crowds. I wonder if they had crowds this whole time if Cody would have fully turned heel. As it is, they don't have much to go off of, but I'm willing to bet that more and more people would have started to boo Cody. Prior to the pandemic, Tony and everyone else showed they were pretty flexible with changing directions and listening to fans. I bet this would be a case where they would have pushed Cody more and more towards being a heel.
  3. Man, if you guys want any more evidence that WWE is completely hopeless, then listen to Rusev talk about his time there.
  4. I think Stipe has this as well, but there's no way I'm counting DC out or would be surprised to see him win. Meltzer was saying DC feels like he's in great shape, but so many fighters say that and then afterward you hear how much they were hurting.
  5. I've watched more than a few streamers and YouTube gaming channels and I'm really underwhelmed by what I've seen of Avengers. Nearly everyone has the same thing to say, which is that it looks really good, but it plays like it's almost on rails with how scripted the game is and no one is quite sure how multiplayer is going to work when the game is as heavily scripted as it is. The other thing nearly everyone says is that the waves of enemies is more boring than in something like Destiny and your attacks on them lack weight. I'll give the beta a shot, but I feel like I've already played it with how much I've watched.
  6. I'll never forget how poorly the E3 went for the Xbox One. A lot of that was because of how fucking dumb Don Mattrick was and is and why Microsoft even went with him and not Phil Spencer to begin with. And then Sony gives their presentation and eats Microsoft's lunch. Notice how long Mattrick lasted in his role after that E3. I don't see anything similar to that happening this time around because Phil Spencer isn't out of his element or anything, but I do think that both companies are struggling with selling a system in an incredibly unique year without any system sellers. For the XSX/XSS the system seller is going to be bundled Live/Game Pass/xCloud. The Giant Bombcast was doing some speculation that with Halo getting delayed, they wouldn't be surprised if xCloud only worked on the XSX/XSS and Android at first, with PC and Xbox One following soon after. I'm still not sure what I'll do, but I think I'll just wind up holding off on buying a PS5 or Xbox this fall. The only thing that might force my hand is if my PS4 dies in the next couple months (I tried cleaning out the inside of the system and that didn't help) or if xCloud looks really awesome. There's a bunch of Xbox One games I missed out on since I never had one and if I can play those then I'll make the jump.
  7. I'm hoping they don't cut PAC. It was a pain in the ass to get him away from Dragon Gate to begin with. Doing that a second time would probably be impossible. I don't know how it would be possible, but it would be dope as fuck to see PAC as a surprise run in on someone to start a feud. Actually, have him assault Kenny since that's who he was taunting before all of this shit happened.
  8. Oh boy, Delirious is back as head booker. I guess they think it's better to go with the devil they know instead of someone else filling in as head booker while Marty is out.
  9. I liked Dynamite last night because for the most part, everything delivered. The tag matches were all really good to great, FTR turned heel and they got me with Dax's faked knee injury, MJF was cutting a good promo up to a point, Ortiz and Santana sounded awesome, and there's probably something else I'm forgetting. What wound up being disappointing was Cody vs Scorpio and Jericho vs OC. Cody vs Scorpio was just kinda there. I didn't think it was a great match, but it really felt like this should have been saved for the PPV or built up to more than they did. Jericho and OC were really having an off night. OC still saved the match for the most part, but Jericho looked rough, his selling was really fucking weird, and the finish was kinda botched. To add to that, OC was going very light on his kicks and punches to Jericho. Nothing looked like it was actually landing and that kinda took me out of the match. I'll give them a pass because they've shown me they can deliver, but this could have been so much better.
  10. This is sadly not surprising. My wife is a RN who left oncology to do dialysis treatments and now she manages the area around here. COVID is a huge struggle with all patients coming in for emergency dialysis or coming in to a treatment center. Obviously, different companies and locations are run differently. I know my wife runs a tight ship, but who knows what the case is elsewhere. It's also possible the cardiac arrest could have been related to his treatment or general physical condition and less COVID. I've heard a bunch of stories about patients crashing while on dialysis.
  11. He rolled a 1. His critical miss meant he had to join the Dork Odor /zbyszko.
  12. I mean, this basically just re-releasing the game with some updated graphics and maybe loading times. God, it's been forever, but was Mass Effect the game that disguised loading screens as trips in an elevator? Anyway, I'm not expecting anything more than the recently re-released Saints Row games and honestly, that's all I really want just so I can play 2 and 3 without having to dig out my 360 or signing up for EA's service.
  13. They definitely could have monetized it and sold it better than they did. The season pass and DLCs were all very confusing and expensive. I thought it was a lot to ask for even from hardcore fans of Fire Pro who knew what to expect. Anyone more casual than us was not going to buy in on a full priced 2D game and DLC that cost more than AAA titles.
  14. I only played through 1. I started playing 2 and didn't get far because I got distracted by something else. And 3 I never even tried. For whatever this remaster is, I hope you at least have the option of skipping 1 entirely. I thought 1 was...good?...but there's a whole lot of shit that's frustrating about it. Namely very samey environments no matter where you went, driving the tank, and some combat stuff. I started to just use head cannon that there was probably a gigantic corporation that developed a very quick way of developing and deploying facilities across multiple planets, like modular homes, which is why everything was the same. For what I remember from 2, the combat and gameplay felt much better.
  15. Possibly? It's been running really hot for a long while now. Even watching the WWE Network makes it run hot. It also either hangs on startup or crashes more than it should, but that could be due to whatever games I'm playing. I'll at least crack it open to clean it to see if that helps. I wouldn't be surprised to see the inside crudded up with dust or cat hair that got sucked into it somehow.
  16. God. I may have to buy this game the way you're all talking about it, but I fear it's going to meltdown my regular PS4.
  17. Yeah, Halo Infinite getting pushed out like this basically seals me not getting a new console this fall. The problem is, I think my PS4 is starting to die. It's not a launch PS4, but it's one of the PS4s before they even released the slim version. The fan is almost always running high and the system feels hot to the touch all the time. It's one of the big reasons I was looking at getting a PS5 or XSX. I don't want this shit to die, buy a PS4 Pro or some shit, and then get one of the new consoles later. I guess I'll just try to hold onto this shit for a little while longer and see what happens.
  18. Man, how in the fuck was New Jack not part of Talk N Shop a Mania?
  19. I support this and hope Natural Born Killaz plays the whole time.
  20. It reminds me a little of what happened with Halo 2 where they had that big E3 demo that showed a bunch of gameplay in New Mombasa, the game was due to launch that September, it gets delayed for unknown reasons at the time, it gets delayed by more than a freaking year, at that point you can deduce that the demo they showed was either old and nothing from Halo 2, and then Halo 2 comes out and sure enough, it contains nothing from that demo and maybe half of the features they announced would be in the game. Then even later you find out the entire engine was scrapped, they couldn't do everything they wanted to do, features had to be dialed back, ALL of Warfare mode was cut, etc.
  21. Yeaaah...that's not good. Like, at all. Man, does the XSX even have a system seller at this point beyond it just being a new system and the bundled Live/XCloud/Game Pass thing? Although to be fair, I have no idea what the launch system seller for the PS5 is supposed to be.
  22. Now I eagerly await Hair vs Rey's Other Eye.
  23. "LISTEN UP YOU SHORT MOTHERFUCKER!" I fucking died. As always, the Dark Order shit is the best. Uno, Brodie, Silver, everyone is hilarious. "You fuckin' throw like a BITCH!"
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